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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> they are giving out a different ticket. >> from tampa bay's number one news station this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening. welcome i'm kelly ring. i'm mark wilson. first up at 6:00, a judge under fire now for taking a questionable gift. he could be removed from the bench for raking ray's baseball tickets. it should not be a problem but it was he was precising over a case the attorney was involved with. and kimberly kuizon talks about the lapse in judgment. >> the judge will remain on the bench until the supreme court skied decides what happened to him. they have to be held to the highest standard. that's a no brainer. >> it is important that the public have confidence and confident it is a fair process and they are not buy crossed or
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the judge is no exception. the qualifications commission filed a complaint finding cause that he violated the code of ethics. he took tickets to a ray's game from a law firm on a case he was overseeing. he is a top rated judge. >> he is not the top of guy who would blow his career over the tickets. >> the time something the issue at hand. documents show that after it came down from a jury trial, the judge requested tickets to a ray's game. the firm send five but the judge only used two and threw three away. over the course of several days he took tickets three more times from the firm. he did admit to taking them and took himself off the case. but it is a lapse in judgment that will result in some form of punishment, he is a very ethical and thoughtful judge but that's the shame of all of this, you
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mistake. he had a lapse but that would not be a punishment fitting of the crime. >> the judge's attorney aid the -- said in the next week he will file a response to the commission charges. in manatee county. kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> thank you. >> we reached out to the firm that gave the judge the tects they did not respond to our calls. the governor has declared a health emergency in four virus. hillsborough is one of those counties, miami-dade, lee and santa rosa are the other three. all nine cases of zika virus have been determined to be travel related. let's bring in dr. jo to talk about this y did the governor declare this health nj. >> i have it here. this is the order that he signed today and what he is saying here we have the kind of mosquito that can spread the virus.
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they have all been travel related. can you see them there. santa rosa, lee and miami-dade. we have the concern it can cause a serious birth defect in babies and a syndrome called in other individuals so because of the seriousness, this has been signed. what they are proposing to do is circumstances. a lot has to do with mosquito control, department of agriculture, fish and wildlife it calls in all of the individuals under the guidance of a health official and officer. the health department will be involved but kelly the bottom line is that if we get any transmission they can go in and backpacks to spray and guidelines they can mitigate it as effectively as they see fit, what will we see the general
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>> we probably will not unless someone in your area, your meet environment has zika virus or comes back, you may see more spraying. and the control here is wonderful, they do an amazing job. but we could see more of that, more control of this mosquito. this is the day time biter. this is the urban mosquito that can you get in a patio t is the '80s mosquito. the fogging and things they do to control the other kind of mosquito the dusk-to-dawn are not as effective. i think what you could see is the backpack spraying the other things the drain and cover and push we empty our yards to reduce the population. and to protect ourselves. we should do that there are other things circulating. >> there are. we'll watch for that.
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>> thank you, dr. jo. the burglary victims are getting things back all the stuff was found inside of a lakeland apartment. police have arrested two men for a string of break ins and fox 13 is live outside of the sheriff's office with more. how did they find them? >> that's right. they identified the thieves from surveillance video and they followed them to a home in pasco county where they were caught and arrested. they are behind bars. harry day mon and his acquaintance are facing grand theft. they uncovered $200,000 in stolen jewelry, electronics. heir looms and other items. the victims were able to reclaim some of the items stolen while
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did it are behind bars. >> i was devastated. more for my we've jewelry than anything else. we have been married 45 years and our anniversary is this month. the stuff she came up with that we i bought her over the years. >> they case the locations if someone was there or not there, and go back to the house kick the door in take what they wanted and flee. the problem is that if someone could be there you can imagine what would happen if a homeowner was there especially the fact when weary rested them, they were armed. >> the hillsborough county sheriff's office said they have linked the pair they arrested to more than 30 burglaries in the area. they expect that number to increases that that continues. kelly cowen. >> our viewers are say hog is
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welcome. >> thank you. well, we want to tell you about a hang gliding accident under investigation in marion county. deputies say thomas venbekus was at the marion county airport. witnesses say during take off it rotated right and turned down causing the hang glider to i hit the ground. very scary and sad. >> a 16-year-old boy is facing criminal mischief charges. remember this. this is cameras catching him throwing his skateboard into an elevator door last month. it was at sarasota's parking garage on state street. he caused $5000 in damage and now he has to pay for it. a reel life real feel training when faced with a shooter incident. and police in the partnership hosted the drill at the port this morning.
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with officers to role play, if you will, durings scenario, real officers played the role of the shooters confronted by others with pellet guns. they went through a drill. the event here was aimed at teaching business leaders what to do if someone comes in and starts shooting. officers taught people to run first if they can and barricade themselves in a room or hide f that's not possible the last option is to fight. the governor is having fun while he is rallying for jobs in tallahassee. the governor tossed bean bags playing corn hole in the rotunda with lobbyists and the senate president. the fame features bags to highlight the request for 1 billion in tax cuts. 250 million for recruitment incentives. both are really essential to keep the economy strong. >> year and making sure that the they will be cuts and get more
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that's the important thing we can do is make sure they can get a job. >> the senate has included the business recruit many funding and initial budget. some residents are rewarded for doing the right thing. they are on a campaign right now to remind people to look their -- lock their doors to not have items stolen. and police went to lake village mall and gave movie tickets to everyone who locked their doors. >> we picked lake side village, they give us 30 movie tickets. we have cups. we'll give these away as a reward to help spread the message. >> a place that's not like your home that presents more problems. >> lock up your stuff. >> out of the robberies in lakeland, 80% of them were a result of cars that were left unlocked. still to come here.
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look at the damage now and the weather changes that are heading our way. that's you, mike? >> big changes coming with rain but in terms of temperatures. temperatures may not get out of the 30s for us. for the morning lows. and the 7-day forecast is coming up. features florida shrimp and clams. first saut\ olive oil, vegetables, and sausage,
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a line of storms brought a mix of bad weather overnight to the southeast. tornadoes touched down in alabama and mississippi. a line of storms brought tornadoes to alabama and mississippi. it was caught on camera. a funnel cloud and this is in aliceville 45 miles west of tuscalusa. some escaped by hiding in a shelter but that's scary. and it hit across the state line. one tornado confirmed there. trees up rooted. the weather damaged a housing complex for students and church. and despite the damage there are no reports of deaths or injuries. as the storm moved northeast
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a driver was rescued who whose car was submerged. the black suv was pushed 100-yards before it lodged against a bridge. crews backed a military vehicle in to reach the man and rescue him. they had to break the window to get him out and to safety. a powerful storm dumped a lot of snow on the plains states a foot fell in the rockies and nebraska. several schools and businesses are closed for a second day as workers tried to reopen the snow covered roads. the weather canceled flights in the midwest. let's go to mike and find out what is to come. kind of scary. >> this is typical of a blizzard. you get the snow and the south side you get the weather. the difference for us being this time is that area of low pressure is north where we're not going to see the weather
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here is a riverview lapse from today. got through that and saw the sunshine as we rounded out the afternoon. highs 84 in tampa. that is ties a record for the day. le 6 up in brooksville. and 81. the mid-to-upper 80s. warm and muggy into the evening hours. and to the north and shifting the storms as well we are drier and cooler a little murky out there.
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and 76 and west chase to the north. 7780. >> and 7 2 now. can you see the clouds and it is a slow moving system opposed to the last couple of systems we have seen rolling on through. this will take time to get here. they are extending up to long island and boston and through the out into the gulf. and seeing the showers and along with it.
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everywhere you see green showing up. the blocks of green here. they are flood warnings. this is dropping some may pick up. warm and 59 down in atlanta. we take you through. warm and muggy. and the rain -- rain holds off. throughout the day by 6 p.m. the rounds of showers and some embedded thunder. that lingers into friday night. by the morning we clear things out and get rid of that. as far as the temperature goes. not bad to start the day.
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by tomorrow night around midnight into the 50s. most areas in the 40s. a huge change. and 69. and the sea fog. the forecast shows 76 tomorrow. cooler on friday. there is the uncertainty into sunday. some of the models showing models into saturday night. and others pushing everything off to the south and the east. we are cooler and brees er next week. >> it's not a rivalry until the nhl says it is. national television.
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the lightning better be ready for this second half of the season.... tonight's test the lightning better be ready. it is not more challenging than the red wings. they are tied for second now in the atlantic division and they have been playing great hockey. and we have more from amalie arena. he can sentence. >> reporter: thanks, chip. this is the nhl season. and it is about the playoffs the
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about getting in and positioning. this is how tight things are in the eastern conference. 18 will get in. and right now, there are a 11 clubs within to get in the spots. the lightning have worked hard. winning eight of the last nine has given them a 1-point lead over new jersey who is out of the playoff spot. tonight's game is huge against the red wings t is against a club they are tied with right now for second place in the division and it is a tone setter for the second half of the season. the bolts like how they have been playing a strong indication of how good they are is the goal differential. that's the difference between goals scored and allowed. that is on the rise. >> that's one of the numbers we look and say okay where is the team at.
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it means you're not scoring. not winning but are you not scoring and the fact that it has grown is a good sign for us. >> tonight is a collision of the hottest teams in the western conference, the lightning have won 6 straight games here at amalie arena, the red wings have won 7 of their last 8 on the road. chip? >> all right. national signing day where recruits pick up the pen and sign their name to a scholarship. florida state comes on strong throughout the day and depending on what service you look at florida state has the top recruiting class in the country. they get manual from img but jim bow fisher a linebacker. jackson out of texas. he stole him from the long horns and line man and williams from washington, dc. and so, the noles has one of the top three recruiting classes in the country. >> we signed kids from ten different states.
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state being able to be out there and being very interested in being parts of the culture but that great job by coaches when you sign them outside of your areas to build and the high quality of players that we do that, that's hard to do. and a big high and low the first bonus let's take a look. and the wide receiver a four star recruit one of the highest was committed to houston and flips to florida. they lost that commitment though. that is the defensive tackle. manual as i said ended up with florida state. now overall, though. gators sitting in most recruiting services with the 18th ranked class which is solid a nice job by the staff. willie taggert and the bulls have a solid day recruiting. fourth in the conference that's
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you get a lot of attention. you bring in some more talent. and the defensive back michael hampton and duke signed with usf. the bulls get a four star receiver. and solomon and marshall and temple are making a push. it is a big commitment. >> darn sideline one heck of a talent. turn the film on and you see it. and they are difference makers. >> that's why they everyone in the country recruited them. you know. and the coaches did a great job. and have been in the relationship and getting the kids interested in south florida. they wanted to be here. they will make a difference. as a trend we want to continue getting them in the program. >> he puts it preventingly. nice day for usf. >> that's very good to hear. >> a fun day. >> thank you, chip.
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president presidential candidates is dwindling. and paying criminals to behave not everyone likes that idea. if this is a deal to pay criminals to stop being criminals, that would tell me that that the people that sponsored the bill is bankrupt. >> crime does not pay, that may
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dc it has a lot i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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3 it started at 17... it started at 17 but the numbered of republican presidential candidates slowly shrinking. right now there are 9 left. rand paul is the most recent to drop his campaign and he finished fifth in the iowa caucuses. and rick sanitorium will announce the end of his run tonight. all eyes are shifting to the primary. and candidates are swarming the state. it is an all out battle for votes. >> god bless new hampshire. >> fresh off the win, he is barn storming trying to pull off a upset against donald trump. but the billionaire is playing
6:27 pm
fraud committed by ted cruz during the iowa caucus, a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. jeb bush is hoping cruz stumbles, i applaud his victory and he deserves credit but new hampshire has a strange way of resetting races. >> and marco rubio is on the campaign trail selling himself as a party uniter, we must mom made someone who can unify the party if they want to win, i will suspend my campaign for the presidency i will fight on for liberty. >> and rand paul is the latest gop candidate to fall. >> for rand paul ted cruz stepped up and stole that mantel. the inside outsider. hillary clinton is hoping to pull off a upset against bernie sanders. i will be out here making my case, answering your questions. doing everything i can to
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vote next tuesday. >> sanders is not conceding iowa yet. the campaign said today think will review the caucus results that left him in a virtual tie with clinton n manchester, new hampshire. and while most of the polls were wrong, we predicted how the republican race would play out. and craig patrick shows us. >> where do you need to go. >> we'll see a surprise on monday night. >> mike huckabee did not take nov iowa but he was right about one thing, pundits up in new york will tell the iowa voters what they will do and they are always wrong. >> across the nation they predicted donald trump would win and cruz and then marco rubio a distant 3rd. but iowa proved that the pollsters were wrong with one exception. >> the poll something showing cruz adding to the numbers in most places most areas that we poll he is moving up some. trump is holding where he is.
6:29 pm
>> our pollster and his son nailed it and that helped me predict the story from iowa before the voters spoke, that's where ted cruz may have an edge. the wild card is going to be marco rubio. don't be surprised if marco rubio exceeds expectations tonight. >> so while cruz and marco rubio scored the headlines, our pollsters and with the advantage made headlines as well. they got credit for producing the only poll to show that trump may lose to cruz and ruinyo would place a very close third. they had marco rubio behind and finished in third one point behind. we used that with the experiences on the trailed in iowa to predict record turn out and a surge. >> do you expect any upsets, we could see a surprise in the turn out. look for rain marco rubio to make a move.
6:30 pm
need to make a move to keep going. we'll bring you the numbers on tuesday and beyond. craig patrick. there is a big loss in court for bill cosby. a judge denied the request to have charges against him thrown out. lawyers for the enter teener said the state declined to prosecute the case ten years ago. one ofs his accusers accused the former tv star of assaulting her in his philadelphia hoax in 2004. he was charged in december. he is denying the allegations. he is being prosecuted because suit. the president made his first visit to an american mosque as president today. he is hoping to highlight growing anti-muslim rhetoric t is easier to con front extremist by working with the muslim community instead of viewing all as threats. the white house said it was
6:31 pm
rhetoric from the republicans. the president is urging americans to reject intolerance and beg outtry. >> we're one american family. when a part starts to feel separate or second class or targeted it tears at the fabric of our nation. >> in the visit come as week after the president game the first president to speak at the embassy where he warned of the dangers of semitism around the world. federal and state officials are pointing fingers now over who is to blame regarding the lead water contamination in flint, michigan. the administration told congress that officials failed to heed the federal warnings about the crisis and delayed telling the public about the risk for months, the health risks. and scientists at purdue are working to see how dire the crisis is. >> we're trying to figure out if you have contamination of copper
6:32 pm
it take to clean them out, the government switched the supply to the detroit system but it could take months for people to have clean water. michigan's governor wants to give resident as 56% credit on their water bills dating back to april 2014. that's the time the city switched the water source to the flint river. investigators are saying they have found no evidence of criminal activity behind an explosion on a airliner. the plane was bound for the country. jabudi but made an emergency landing after taking off. video on the plane shows the hole blown in the side of it. the pilot said he believes that a bomb went off but they have found no evidence of that. a report on the investigation is expected later on this week. >> they say crime does not way. that may not be true.
6:33 pm
of committing a crime not to. >> reporter: violent crime was the lead story this past summer. shootings, people gunned down, promoting leaders to take action. and the crime bill they have agreed on is now causing a up roar, paying criminals not to commit crimes some say that does not make sense. >> can you tell us what you're tacking -- thinking about it a lot of people do not understand it. i wonder what you make of it, i understand that it has a significant price tag. that will have to be accounted for. >> and the stipend programs in california and 79% of those in the program have not been suspected of gun violence since joining the program. a community activist has dedicated himself to turn around
6:34 pm
he says that paying criminals is not new in washington, dc but it was done when he ran the dc funded pizza haulics, we took the shooters causing the violence and retrained them to go back and be mediators and gave them $150 every two week we know they're on the corner selling drugs. tough replace that. >> and a one official who backs the stipend said this is an out of the box effort to reduce dc crime. >> it is a different approach. thinking outside of the boxing. >> i think we'll be better off. >> that proposal by the way was mostly ounce mouse. a long time activist was the only person to testify against the program saying it would be a waste of money. driving to clearwater beach can be a hassle. the city may have a way to get
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with snap beans and strawberry parfait. from dinner to dessert it's easy to serve scrumptious florida meals. visit for tasty recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. imagine heading and imagine heading out for the pom eye lar beach and being told you cannot drive out there and you cannot use the fast lanes to the beach. that's access rationing. and the council will give it thought and this need to ration was predicted 15 years ago. at the moment only a hole lot of traffic is in the way of jumping to clearwater beach. and transformed into a high end destination under a plan called beach by design adopted in 2001
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ignored ever since. >> and of the access to the beach. >> that pepty delivery not on the busy day time and last lane for vehicles and everyone else enjoying the lane. a few examples of rationing access to the island. never discussed until new. >> are we at a point that we need to provide access? how might we do that. it never goes away that said it starts this month and the clearwater chamber wants to fire up a park and ride program using existing trollies and downtown parking garages. it is set up to use everything that's availabled to with no
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and discuss the solutions like rapid transit buses and dedicated lanes. and aerial transit. and the start up ferry service; we need multiple ways of getting you to the beach. it's an not an or. if the city rationing access to clearwater beach there needs to be options. and you will love this story a devoted dog breaks out of the ken toll comfort a few scared puppies. it was a pet motel and took in some foster puppies. they were not used to the life they started to cry. this sheperd named maggie who was recently separated from her litter when they were adopted. her mother instincts kicked in. she stayed by the cage until the owners arrived and they let her
6:40 pm
able to cuddle with the puppies and calm them down. >> that's beautiful. >> some of the cutest will tackle the turf at the puppy bowl. that's our first thing next to the super bowl. dogs will play in the bowl. this year stars of the show include animals with special needs. and lelo and stitch they used to suffer from seizures about out not any more. and consider is a sheathland sheep dog, stella a mix and countless and english bulldog. they are up for adoption at the little dog rescue in saint cloud. not leaving out the cat lovers there is a kitty half time show. it kicks off on sunday. can't wait. chris, what is going on. >> how do i follow the puppy bowl. serious stuff here. remember this when you write a check for more money than you
6:41 pm
they were called rubber checks. not any more. some people say that needs to
6:42 pm
who and expla dating apps are no longer game. dating apps are no longer a college person's game y professionals are swiping and seeing what is out there.
6:43 pm
for older singles on the 10:00 news. they cost us dearly and now uncle sam is looking at overdraft fees. >> let's go to chris chmura. what are they looking to do with this? >> they are looking to cut off the pipeline that lets you spend money you don't have. what is a overdraft fee? that's a service charge for when you write a check or swipe the card for more money than you have. homer and marge write as check for 100 smackers and they have 75 in the bank. the check clears they have to pay the difference plus a big overdraft fee and multiples if they write more than one or swipe the card a couple of times during the day. it is easy to do. that's why the feds say it needs to change. here is why. according to bank rate the fee
6:44 pm
when you figure that the day that you overcraft if you do it more than once you pay that over and over. that's why the protection bureau said to the 25 biggest banks you need to add an account that cuts you off or if you have it you need to advertise it. what a concept. it says you have 100 to spend. you will only spend 100. but a lot of consumers don't realize that they, a, have the option or b, they can add it themselves. what they are saying the bank does your part. give people the option of cutting ours off. >> i'll ask you. do you think your accounts have a no overdraft option. >> i have no idea. >> washington said that needs to change. give the option to spend what we have and no more. >> aside from paying the fee that's crazy, what happens when you overdraft is there a history for it? >> and this is possibly the case
6:45 pm
is that if you do it over and over can you be black listed and lose your deposit privileges, can you be black listed by the bank and not have that account and it transfers to others and you cannot get a bank account. the government estimates 10 million people don't have a bank account now. >> because of that? >> possibly because of that. >> you cannot explain why people don't have them t is a cycle. if you don't are you not responsible with your money it is cash or the weird cards. that's why the feds say it is important to ratchet down the allowances say no. you have 100-dollars to spend. you get to spend that and then you're done. >> we'll have to see how this goes. this is day one. 25 banks involved. >> interesting to see. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. mike now you have some changes coming our way i saw the radar.
6:46 pm
to the big band moving through tallahassee. the difference between this and the last couple of fronts that went through. we saw the storms rolling through this is more of a slow mover it is at tallahassee right now. and it is going to take all of the night and then some before it makes its way towards us on thursday. take a look at the view for today. hilton camera. not as much fog this morning more like low clouds but once we burn through the clouds, set up for a really nice day. a lot of sunshine out there and that loaded up the temperatures. look at the highs today. 84 and that ties a record. 86 for brooksville and brandon. mid80s inland. as we head into the day. it's not going to be as warm, we'll see more cloud cover but before the front gets here, the temperatures will be mild.
6:47 pm
79 in brandon and crystal river. to the south and east where the showers will take longer to get to you, you will warm up into the low 80s. it will be a warm day. it will be humid just not quite as warm as the last couple of days which have been incredible. 84 today. here is the nose dive coming. friday. 62. the second half of the weekend in the 50s. next weekend at this point looks to be chilly. and 76. dew point of 65. winds out of the south. barometer. and faulting. other temperatures around the area. 75 in bradenton and brooksville. 77 frost proof. a lot of the temperatures at 6:00 are warmer. go to show you how warm the day
6:48 pm
dew points in the 60s. that will not change until the first half of the day. gusting right along the coast line. but 20 miles per hour. and with that southerly winds. that pulls up the moisture and keep the temperatures on the warm side w all the moisture out over the relatively cooler gulf waters. we'll have sea fog redeveloping. you get the flow going into the early morning hours tomorrow and it may pull the sea fog on shore especially just off to the south and pinellas and sarasota. by later on the afternoon the front pushes through. that's heading into the day. there is the front back off to the west. a lot of rain and flood warnings and portions of the southeast. 2, 3, 4 inches of rain with the frontal boundary that pushes off showers likely. it may be heavy. a couple of storms maybe some
6:49 pm
kind of severe weather out of this. that pushes through. high pressure builds in. cooler and breeze er on friday. we get one dry day. saturday it looks like the front is lifting back north ward and areas south and east. rain developing by later on saturday afternoon. the recap. 69. more sea fog tomorrow. warm and muggy. not as hot. showers and storms shifting south throughout the day. here is the 7-day forecast. temperatures in the 60s on friday. we're back into the 60s a cloudy damp day. especially the second half of the day. and just morning showers around sunday and next week. looks chilly. highs tuesday and wednesday may not get out of the 50s. >> all right. thank you very much. tonight at 6:00. help for struggling moms and their children. see how a house was turned into
6:50 pm
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue
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coming up tonight at 11... he's the leader of a coming up tonight at 11, the leader of a group favoring men over women. now he is calling on his supporters to gather in tampa. in cities across the country to take a pro male stance. and we'll have reaction from the community and police. and against animal abuse how a county wants to stop adopting animals out to dangerous people. that's at 11. and thank you. they're helping homeless mothers reach their potential what the alpha house does is amazing and how they motivate parents is what is right with tampa bay. is mommy going to sleep in
6:53 pm
>> yes. >> 23-year-old yvette and her daughter autumn have fun playing together at home. >> look at this, three years ago she came down from north carolina to live with her grandparents. autumn was a few weeks old and they were homeless. >> i never saw myself in that situation or as a mother because i was so young. i was 20. what will i do with a child whenky not take care of myself. >> that soon changed with enshe went to alpha house, place of refuge for single mothers with no place to stay. >> the mission is providing safe housing and all of the wrap around services so our moms are self-sufficient cent and -- self-sufficient and responsible. >> they are mothers building up other mothers. >> my wagon is in the closet. >> she has made great strides. after getting a degree she went
6:54 pm
time student at university of south florida. >> i was able to turn my life around, she got married. >> it hats impacted her in a way she never thought possible. >> it caused me to realize that's something i want to do. i have that passion to help other women succeed and get over that hurdle, over that time in their life where they feel the most vulnerable. >> changing lives of homeless pregnant and young mothers by building up their self-esteem with love and care. >> next month there is the challenge a day full of fun activities for the family. for information about what kind of activities they will have we have a link on our page our fox 13 home page. look at seen on tv. >> another gem here in the bay area, they do so much for young moms. it is phenomenal. a great organization.
6:55 pm
we're on facebook, twitter and instagram when not on tv. >> see you at 10. next... have a great night... and we'll see
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