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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 4, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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p7:003 ((russell- tiny menace. mosquitos become a big problem. the effort to p>>russell: tiny menace. pmosquitos have become a problem. pthe effort to stop the zika pvirus from spreading in florida. lus -- p>>reporter: more republican pattrition after the iowa pcaucuses. ptwo candidates have dropped out. pi'm in washington. pwe'll have more from the pcampaign trail coming up. p>>laura: and more popular than pever. pthe ashley madison website. pwhat they're doing to help pcheaters avoid -- what they're pdoing to help cheater as void pgetting caught.
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p"good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pwe have a lot ahead but the pweather is front and center. plet's get to dave. p>>dave: right now it's nice poutside. p70 degrees. pdew points in the upper 60s. pwe're coming off the record high pyesterday of 84 degrees and we pstill have a southeasterly wind. pwhen is the rain going to get phere? pit's still a ways off but ever pso slowly, it's starting to make pthat march toward our west pcoast. pmaybe a few more hours before it pgets here but anticipate once we pget in the afternoon hours, pyou'll need an umbrella. pwe're not anticipating severe pweather which is good news in psome spots, especially north of ptampa. pa lot of us get a good soaking. ptemperatures make the mid 70s. pcolder air settles in tonight. pmany of us are going to wake up pto the upper 40s tomorrow pmorning so don't go away until pyou get your seven-day forecast pin a few. p>>vanessa: sounds chilly. pthank you, dave. phere at 7:01, we want to check pback in on i-4. pstill going to be the biggest pconcern for drivers so far this
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pthis is a live look west of mlk, pjunior boulevard. pwestbound direction crawling pstill. pthis crash that was blocking the pother lane moved on to both pemergency shoulders. ptravel times aren't bouncing pback as quick as i had hoped. pyou can see the backups are now pstretching all the way to the pdover area. pstill quicker to take phillsborough avenue. pif you have to, reenter i-4. pyou can do so at 50th street or ptake the selmon expressway. p>>russell: thank you. pmore rain in our forecast pmosquitos. pnow. p>>laura: not at all. pzika virus emergencies are laying out across the nation. pshayla reaves is here to tell us pabout the way we can protect pourselves and what the governor pis doing, too, right? p>>reporter: you're right. phe's going to be here in phillsborough county this pafternoon. phe's going to be talking about pthe zika virus but also some
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pdeal with it. pgovernor scott is going to be pjoined by the state surgeon pgeneral, dr. john armstrong. pthey'll be speaking here in the pflorida department of health and phillsborough county location and phere is what they want everyone pto know. pof course, when we talk about pthe zika virus, this is a virus pthat's spread by mosquitos and pso far hillsborough is one of pstate of emergency has already pbeen declared. pnow, some of the symptoms of the pvirus include fever, joint pain, pred eyes. p>> what people need to know that pwe do not have zika virus spread erson to person, within phillsborough county. p>>reporter: in fact, the cases phere in hillsborough county, we plearned they've come from a pcouple of people who have ptravelled outside of the country pand in fact, those two cases are
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phere in florida. pthe others have been in lee pcounty. palso miami dade and santa rosa pcounties as well w. more rain in pthe forecast as you mentioned pand of course, coupled with the phot, humid conditions here in pflorida, that makes for a erfect breeding ground for pmosquitos. pso some things you can do to pmake sure you're protected or a plittle bit safer around your phome, you can get rid of any of pthat stagnant water around your phome and also make sure your pscreens on your doors and your pwindows are up and working and pdon't have any sort of holes in pthose and if you do have any psort of holes in your home, make pwell. pback to you. pimportant information to know. pit's not just mosquitos that plearned. psex can do it, too. psomeone in texas now has the pvirus because of sexual prelations with someone who came pback from venezuela. pthat person got bitten by a pmosquito in latin america. p>>russell: a substitute teacher
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p20-year-old brian jermani is paccused of having sex with a p14-year-old. phe told her to lie about it pbecause it would ruin his life. pthey think she was the only pvictim and she was not one of phis students. phe's out of jail now after osting bond. pbradenton man accused of kid pmapping and murdering a couple pin manatee county is faces pcharges. pduane cummings now faces two pcounts of murder and kidnapping. pdeputies arrested him last month pfor fatally shooting john ptuxford at least five times and pthan 30 times. pthe bodies were found in pseparate locations an hour papart. pthey stole about $800 from pcummings. p>>laura: citrus county deputies pare looking for three women psuspected of robbing an elderly pwoman at a publix in inverness. pwe're told that the two of the pthieves distracted the woman pwhile a third stole her wallet. pthe trio walked away with $500
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pthose cards were quickly used to prack up another $1,000 in pcharges at a nearby office max. pit's believed that the same pthieves robbed a clerk at a psally's beauty supply in crystal priver. pthey used the same tactics to pget that clerk's wallet and then pused the debit cards at the same poffice max in inverness. pif you have any information, pyou're asked to call the psheriff's office. ptwo more republicans drop out of pthe presidential race. p>>russell: while the two premaining democrats square off pin new hampshire. pdoug has more in washington. p>>reporter: rand paul and rick psantorum are out and one of them palready big endorsement. pamong democrats, hillary clinton pand bernie sanders are playing pthe expectations game in new phampshire. pwhile hillary clinton and bernie psanders made separate pappearances at this town hall pshow last night in new phampshire, they clearly had ptheir sights set on one another. p>> good ideas on paper are pimportant but you've got to be
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paction to get results for eople. p>> i do not know any progressive pwho has a super pac and takes p$15 million from wall street. p>>russell: p>>reporter: and sanders still psticking a bit in iowa. prepublican donald trump going a pstep further, accusing iowa pg.o.p. winner ted cruz of pcheating by sending out official plooking mailers urging wayward pvoters to caucus. p>> what he did is a disgrace and pit's a disgrace to the electoral rocess to be honest with you, pbrother. p>>reporter: and while cruz and prubio try to build on their pmomentum heading into new phampshire, two others have given pup. prand paul's messaging never pcaught traction and national psecurity became a focus and rick psantorum, who won iowa in 2012, pis also out, throwing support
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p>> it is the new generation and psomeone that can bring this pcountry together not just pmoderates and conservatives but pyoung and old. p>>reporter: rubio's youth is psomething we may see more and pmore. p>>russell: and we had this for pyou. pit's hard to know how long jeb pbush can and will stay in the prace. pand there's thought he's prebounding a bit in new phampshire. pbut so far, he's having a hard ptime connecting with the voters. pand he actually had to ask eople to applaud during an pinterview yesterday. plook at this. p>> i think the next president pneeds to be a lot quieter but psend a signal we're prepared to pact in the national security pinterests of this country, to pget back into business of pcreating a more peaceful world. lease clap. p[applause]
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pgovernor did not do well in piowa. pmonday. ptuesday. p>>laura: wow. psome travel trouble for donald ptrump. phis boeing 757 had to make an pemergency landing in nashville pon wednesday because of engine roblems. pthe engine problem is under pinvestigation. p>>russell: unclaimed lottery pjackpot. p$63 million. pcoming up, why someone said that pmoney belongs to them. p>>laura: and millions of people pcannot resist the temptation of phaving an affair. pthe website ashley madison is pgrowing in popularity. psee how they're trying to rotect the cheaters. phey, dave. p>>dave: good morning. p7:09 and off to the west, a line pof showers ever so slowly but psteadily making its way toward pthe coast. pit's going to rain the next hour por so in cedar key. plate this morning, early pafternoon, expect the rain to pstart and then beyond that, it's
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pthere's your look at bayshore pcamera where we are mostly pcloudy. pwe'll keep the showers around pthrough the latter portion of pthe day and then clear it out ptonight as temperatures make ptheir way back to the highs in pthe 60s for tomorrow. during this extended visit from your extended
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p>>dave: check this out. pthis is a view from space that pyou won't see very often. pthe great lakes without much ice pcover this time of year. pless than 6% coverage. pthat is far below the first week pyears. pit's been warmer than usual in pthe great lakes area. pit's the el nino pattern that phas kept things warmer than pnormal. pi don't remember if it was last pyear or the year before, peverything was ice covered. pnot so much this winter. pa line of rain sitting off to pour west. pdoesn't look like a ton. pwe're going to have to deal with prain late this morning and going pinto the afternoon hours.
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pto the north of us. pmaybe you'll hear a rumble of pthunder to go with the rain. pdon't be too shocked about that. pbut at the same time, we're not panticipating any severe weather pso notice how it's thicker, it's pheavier as you're getting up ptoward just west of jacksonville pand up into, say, macon, georgia pand areas to the northeast. pthey're going to see a lot of prain. pin our area, a half inch of prain, a little more than that pexpected so a couple of days pago, looked like a really big psoaking and now, the models have pbacked off a little bit on the pamount of rain that they want to pbring in. pnonetheless, it's going to be phere late this morning right pthrough the rest of the pafternoon hours. pi got 70s all over the place. pcrystal river, brooksville, pwesley chapel, brandon, pbradenton, sarasota, venice, all pthese areas are starting off in pthe lower 70s but unlike pyesterday where we made it to pthe mid 80s, the clouds, the prain, the wind shift late, that pwill keep temperatures down a plittle.
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pin the mid 70s for today. pas you go behind the front, phere's your big difference. ensacola is at 46 degrees right pnow. anama city at 50. pthere's a 20-degree temperature pdifference between panama city pand gainesville so tomorrow pmorning at this time, they're pgoing to wake up to a whole pdifferent atmosphere as we clear pskies out late tonight and the pnorthwest winds are dragging in pthe colder, drier air behind pthis front and it looks like our ptemperatures will drop back to pthe upper 40s come tomorrow pmorning. pso your future cast, it's pactually painted pretty well phere at the 7:00 hour. pso you fast forward that into pearly this afternoon and here pcomes your line of rain onshore pand it kind of hangs with us pthrough the rest of the daylight phours today. ptonight, once we get to 4:00, p5:00 in the morning, we'll start pthat clearing process with that pnorthwest wind.
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pair and then i don't think our ptemperature, high temperatures pafter today get back to normal pfor the next six or seven days. pcooling trend, dropping today, psqueezing through this afternoon pand then it turned breezy. pnorthwest winds tonight will ptake the 75-degree high and pbring it down to a low of 47 pdegrees for very early tomorrow pmorning. pand even when decent sunshine ptomorrow, the northwest wind pcontinues dragging in cooler, pdrier air. pthe end result is a high ptemperature of only 62 degrees. pboaters today, southeast winds pshifting to the southwest at 15 pknots. pif you were boating early this pmorning, it may be okay but be phonest, showers are going to pcreep up by midday, early pafternoon and the next seven pdays, 65 on saturday. panother quick round of rain psaturday. pthat shouldn't be a big deal, pthough. pback to 60 for a high on sunday.
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p>>vanessa: that is looking quite pchilly. pall right. pthank you. phere at 7:16, we have sky fox pchecking out the selmon pexpressway. pthere's a crash we're watching phere not blocking any lanes but pit is slowing some things down pin that westbound direction. pthis is really going to be just pbefore you get to 50th street pand as we take a look at one of pthe fdot cameras, that is a half pmile back from here, you can see pit is crawling. pwestbound direction approaching pthat lower deck. pupper deck looking clear. pwe want to check the travel ptimes since they're taking a phit. pnormal that westbound direction, pwe're hovering 20 minutes. pwe're up to 24 minutes from 75 pto gandy so give yourself at pleast five extra minutes out the pdoor and eastbound direction is plooking clear. p>>laura: all right. p32 million members of ashley pmadison had a scare over the psummer. pcomputer hackers knew the names pof all those cheaters and they pdidn't wait long to let everyone pelse know, too. pmost of those 32 million people pwere trying to be discreet about
7:18 am
pnow the website is offering pmembers identity protection. pjennifer epstein is here now pwith more on this. pgood morning, jen. p>>jennifer: good morning. pashley madison is making pmasquerade masks available to pusers. pupload a new picture and you'll phave the option to crop it and padd a mask. pthere's two colors to choose pfrom. pbrown and black. ptool uses facial recognition psoftware to determine the best pface. pcritics say this is nothing new. pthey say ashley madison has been pdoing this for a few years but pthe company says it's new. psome of those 32 million people pwho have had their identity pstolen was rich and famous. pone of them josh duggar from a pdeeply religious family. phe used the ashley madison pwebsite to cheat on his wife. preportedly had more than one paccount to attract women and his pwife was pregnant at the time. palso duggar was executive pdirector of a conservative plobbying group for family pvalues.
7:19 am
p22% of men admit having at least pone affair during a marriage. pat least 14% of women admit to pthat as well. pa little more than 35% of all paffairs are with a co-worker and pthe average length of an affair, ptwo years. pashley madison said the pmembership numbers have gone up psince that hack over the summer. pthey claim to have 42 million pmembers now. p39 million back then. pback to you. p>>russell: the dangers of a desk pjob. pa new health warning for people pwho sit for most of the day. p>>laura: great. pand then starting a marriage. aradise. pwhere tampa ranks on the list of pbest cities for a wedding. p>>russell: you never sit, do pyou, charley belcher? pon your feet all the time. p>>charley: i swear i don't eat pas much as people think i do. pi don't. pi think it seems like i do. pall right. pi'm at the florida state fair. plook at this dessert. pit is a birthday cake cupcake,
7:20 am
pdeep fried and with sprinkles pand a little icing. pand then look at this. pit is a pizza funnel cake. pi've never heard of such a pthing. pit's a funnel cake on the pbottom, pizza on the top. p>>russell: what a great idea. pwhat a great idea. p>>charley: it's fantastic. pthat's fantastic. p>>russell: i knew it would be. p>>charley: there you go. pi swear i'm not going to eat the pwhole thing but i had to try pit's so light. pstick around. pwe'll tell you what's going on pfor the florida state fair.
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p i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day
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3 ((laura-2 shot)) welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. p>>laura: and it's 7:23 now. pwelcome back to "good day." pheadlines this morning, bill pcosby's effort to get the pcriminal charges thrown out did pnot work. p>>russell: a former district pattorney made a decision a pdecade ago, not to prosecute the pcomedian. p but the judge in this case pright now in pennsylvania says
7:23 am
psecret to allow a wealthy pdefendant buy his way out of a pcriminal case. pso cosby faces three felony pcharges of indecent assault that pcould send him to prison for 10 pyears. pmost of the cases are too old pnow to prosecute. p>>laura: robert durst has leaded guilty to a felony gun pcharge in new orleans. olice found the weapon in his photel room last year, a day pafter he was hurt saying, quote, pkilled them all, of course. phe didn't know his mic was open pat the time. pdurst won't be in new or leendz plong. phe'll be sent to los angeles in paugust to face charges in the pmurder of his friend. p>>russell: failure at the local, pstate and national levels. pthat's the words to describe an pevent leading to the flint water pcrisis. plawmakers heard testimony from a
7:24 am
oifrned. ptestified. plook at that picture. pone person stood in the halls of pcongress with a bottle of lead pfilled water and a clump of hair pthat fell out while she took a pshower at her home in flint. p>>laura: honda has announced pit's expanding recall of the ptakota air bags. pthey're recalling vehicles to be prepaired for inflator problems. pthe driver's air flag inflator pcan explode and hurl shrapnel in pthe passenger's department. psome newer vehicles which came pinto production this year also pmade the list. phonda will be notifying pcustomers of these affected pvehicles. p>>russell: look at this. pvery often. pyou're looking at the only known pwild jaguar in the u.s. pvideo shows it roaming around
7:25 am
pit's a 7-year-old giant cat pthat's been living in the santa prita mountains more than three pyears. pthis is the first time he's been pcaptured on video. pjust one of four or five jags to pbe spotted in the u.s. in the plast two decades. pconservationists say the jaguar phabitat is being threatened by a pnewly proposed copper mine in pthat area. p>>dave: it's 7:26. plet mow show you the wide view pof the skytower radar. pyou see a line of rain. peven parts of the panhandle, pwe're not going to get as much prain as those folks but you can psee how those lightning strikes pgo all the way back to the gulf. preally only a matter of a few phours before the showers start pto work their way onshore. ptemperatures today, last mild pone. p75 degrees for a high. pwhen i say mild, i mean what pwe've been dealing with the past
7:26 am
pwe'll go 62 for a high tomorrow. p65 on saturday. panother rain chance on saturday pbut it's not going to -- it's pgoing to be a half of really pwhat we're expecting for today pso not a huge deal for the pweekend. p>>vanessa: thank you. p7:26. pwe want to check in on some ptrouble spots on our majors. pof course, we still have pconcerns that i showed you in pthe last report, westbound along pthe selmon expressway. pthe delays are worsening so i pwould even administrator than pfive minutes at this point to pyour added travel time if you phave to head that way. pwestbound selmon expressway once pagain, a crash on the shoulder pnear 50th street. pmeantime, we're watching delays pthat are persisting westbound palong i-4. pthis is a live look at 301 where pyou see the traffic crawling. pwest of the mlk exit, we had ab pearlier crash on the shoulder pthat really seems to be slowing pfolks down. pmaybe they're slowing to take a eek as they pass by. plook at the travel times, really
7:27 am
p37 minutes that -- from that 75 pexit. pi mentioned the selmon as one of pthe alternates because of the pslowdowns there. pi would stick with hillsborough pinstead. palso looking a little bit on the pheavy side but not extravagant pfor what we see this time of pmorning, bearss avenue to i-4, p26 minute ride and looks like pmaybe 75 northbound travel times papproaching i-4 are maybe psuffering from what we're seeing pon i-4 in that area. p17 minutes is your time from the pselmon expressway to the i-4 pexit. p>>russell: sticker shock for pbucs fans. pticket prices are going up. pthe seats are getting more pexpensive. p>>laura: and then a glitch that pmight delay your tax refund. palcides segui is covering that pstory. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. phave you filed your tax returns pyet? pif the answer is no, you may phave to wait a little bit plonger. pthe i.r.s. having some computer pissues and we'll discuss it pnext. prussell? p>>russell: and it's ask a lawyer pday here at fox 13. plawyers will be here until 9:30
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3 3 (laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the t p>>laura: welcome. pit's about 7:32. phopefully you're not in too much pof a rush to get your tax prefund. p>>laura: the i.r.s. is trying to pfix a computer problem and at a pbad time to do t. they're pcalling it a hardware failure. palcides segui is in tampa to ptell us what this will mean for ptaxpayers. pgood morning, alcides segui. p>>reporter: good morning to you, plaura and russell. pit means they'll have to sit and pwait. pif you already file your tax preturns, no issues at all. pyou will receive your money on ptime like you would normally. pbut if you have not filed your ptax returns, you're just going pto have to sit and wait. pthat means millions and millions pof people have to wait until the pi.r.s. fixes the issue. pthe problem actually started pyesterday and continues this pmorning. pit was on the website a short ptime ago and it still is pexperiencing delays. pthe i.r. schl says it's a
7:31 am
paffecting the processing system. pas of right now again, it's pstill unavailable. pthe i.r.s. stopped accepting pelectronically filed tax returns pcomputer problems. pthe i.r.s. is currently in the rocess of making repairs and pworking to restore normal poperations as soon as possible. is still available, palthough a number of services on pthe site are still offline. preturns, you will not be pimpacted by the outage. pthe i.r.s. said they expect nine pout of 10 taxpayers will receive pthe refunds within about three pweeks. pi.r.s. issued a statement in preads, taxpayers can continue to repare and file their tax preturns as they normally would. pin other words, send your aperwork to your e-file rovider. pthese companies will hold on to pthat paperwork until the i.r.s. pis back up again and running. pagain, no word yet on when it's pexpected to be fixed, although pi'm expecting at some point ptoday it should be back up and
7:32 am
pkeep it here to fox 13 and we'll plet you know. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. p>>russell: in tallahassee, a phouse panel approves a bill that phas about 20 tax cuts. pthat includes a 10 day back to pschool sales tax hole bay plus pone day tax holidays on pcomputers, cell phones, rifles, pfishing supplies. pthe bill also reduces the tax pbusinesses pay if they rent roperty but only cuts taxes by p$350 million the first year. pthe governor wants a billion pdollars cut. pin the meantime, house passed a pbill that would let lawmakers pcarry concealed weapons on the pchamber floor and at committee pmeetings and owls they debated pthe measure for three hours. pdemocrats claim all those guns pwould be bad for tourism saying pthat we're not the sunshine -- pwe're the sunshine state, prather, not the gunshot state. pthe republicans were strongly in pfavor of the legislation saying
7:33 am
pfree zones to open fire. pthat thinking won out in the phouse. pcompanion bills will likely die pin the senate. p>>russell: whether you're stuck pat a desk or binge watching pnetflix, this next study gets pyou up and moving. psitting for long periods of time pincreases your risk of type two pdiabetes. presearchers tracked how much ptime people spent being psedentary and then measured ptheir glucose levels. pthose with diabetes spend 26 pextra minutes sitting or lying pdown than other people. pfor every hour spent sitting, a erson increases their risk of pdiabetes by 22%. pwhat's worse, it didn't matter pwhether or not they spent time pexercising. peven when people reported doing phigh intensity activities, if pthey also spend extended periods pof time being sedentary, their prisk of diabetes still went up. p>>laura: you can bet a lot of eople in california are digging pthrough drawers looking under
7:34 am
p$63 million lottery prize is at pstake and walter allen has that pstory. pgood morning. p>>walter: we're going to segue pinto ask a lawyer but we want to ptalk about this story first. pit's a lot of money, a lump sum, p$40 million before taxes. pdeadline to claim the cash is p5:00 this afternoon. pit was bought at a 7-eleven pstore in los angeles on august p8. pwinners have 180 days to claim pthe cash or else it goes to peducation. phere's an interesting twist pabout this story. pa man claims he had a ticket pwith the winning numbers on it. phe said he even got a letter pcongratulations from lottery pofficials telling him the check pwould arrive soon. pthen later, they told him they pcould not confirm because the pit. pthey haven't sent it back to him pyet so he's suing, demanding pthat they pay him money. pnow, thank you so much for pjoining us this morning. plet's talk about this.
7:35 am
psituation so here in florida, pwhat would be the case? p>> i think you may have a case. phowever, in florida the lottery prules specifically say you can't pmutilate your ticket. pyou have to show up in person if pthe prize is over a certain pamount to turn it in so there pare a lot of factors here in pcalifornia that we need to know. pthere's a situation in pcalifornia where you have to pvalidate the ticket. pwhat does that mean? pdoes that mean you show up with pan unmutilated ticket? pyou can mail it in? pthose are factors they're plooking at in california, pwhether it's a valid price or pnot. p>>walter: you're already pskeptical to begin with because pthis person just mailed off the pticket. pif it's $40 million, you don't pjust mail out the ticket, right? p>> i think of lottery tickets as pcash. pif i have a $40 million lottery pticket, that's a cash ticket. pyou should protect that like pgold. pyou should sign the back of it, phold on to it, you should walk pinto the lottery office with
7:36 am
pand all of your ducks in a row. pyou don't just mail in a form pand hope it gets to the u.s. pmail and lottery office and pcollect a check for $40 million. pyou need to make sure you follow pthrough. p>>walter: we talked about it a plittle off camera. pmy first thing would be to plaminate it, to put it in a psafe, to protect it as best you pcan. pand you said do not laminate it pbecause certain things you do pthat, protecting your ticket pwould actually be mutilation. pwhat are some of the things that pyou see besides lamination? p>> i know when i've had a plottery ticket, i've crumpled it pup and thrown it in the purse or ut it in your wallity. ity et wallet. pthe numbers, the codes are pimportant. pthe paper that the tickets are rinted on are special lottery aper. pyou need to make sure you phaven't manufactured that. pin california, they're seeing a plot of lottery fraud with the pcalifornia law enforcement
7:37 am
pdesigned to investigate lottery pfraud so they're investigating plike shop owners that own -- are pmaybe handing out tickets they pshouldn't be or validating ptickets they shouldn't be so pit's a big issue. pit's very, very important you ptake really good, secure care of pyour ticket if you win. p>>walter: i know you don't have pall the facts but just from what pyou've heard, would you take his pcase against the state of pcalifornia lottery? pi think it's very interesting pthat no one else has come pforward and i also think that, pyou know, there's a way to make psure that that ticket was sold pat the particular store at a articular time. pit's very hard to fraudulently pcreate a ticket like that. pso unless he had worked with the pshop owner our something of that pnature, it seems like it would pbe an excellent case to give a pshot. p>>walter: great stuff. pand now we do have some pinformation here. pthey're going to be here until p9:30 answering all the questions pnot only live but also on
7:38 am
pso ask your questions. p>> thank you. p>>russell: it's 7:39 right now. pbucs have not had a winning pseason since 2010. pthey're getting better. pthat's probably the reason the pteam is raising the season pticket prices for the first time pin eight years. pit's pretty steep. pit's an average of 21%. pnew prices for the 10 game pmembership between $400 to p$1250. pthat extra money will help the pbucs fulfill a promise to help ay for renovations to raymond pjames stadium. pone of the home games is against pthe denver broncos. p>>dave: it is 7:40. pin sports, the lightning start pthe second half of the season pwith a w. pthat's right. pthey beat the red wings last pnight at home 3-1. pthis guy is having a great year. phe also had an assist on pjohnson's goal and ben bishop pmade 24 saves. pbolts have won nine of the last
7:39 am
entagon penguins at home ptomorrow night. pflorida state had very good precruiting case this fall. pf.s.u. second behind alabama, pohio state, michigan, clemson palso the top five for best precruits. pflorida 18th. psuper bowl 50 is on track to be pthe most expensive sporting pevent in u.s. history. ptickets are going for appear paverage price of $5,000. pthat's about $700 more than the paverage price for last year's pgame which also set a super bowl precord. pmost expensive ticket near the p50 yard line sold for a cool pokay. pof course, some of the people pwho could afford those prices pthemselves. phere's a look at some players' plifestyle. pthe two starting quarterbacks of
7:40 am
pvastly different homes. pdenver's peyton manning has a pseven bedroom, nine bathroom phome in denver. pit includes a heated garage. pcam newton lives a little more pmodestly in a condo he bought pfor $1.6 million. pthe coolest part, his neighbor pis none other than michael pjordan. peither way, they're both worth a plot more than where i live so -- p>>laura: that's right. psure is fun to look at, though. pthere's always the dream. psuper bowl commercials are as pimportant as the game, right? padvertisers are stepping up ptheir game for the 50th panniversary of the super bowl. pcommercial premiums are pbeginning to pop up on the pinternet and advertisers are pspending an estimated $5 million pfor just 30 seconds of our pattention hoping to reach an pexpected audience of 114 million pviewers.
7:41 am
pfor scantly clad woman and slap pstick humor. pthis year's commercials send a pmore somber message. p>> it's still early on. pwe may still see a viral hit but pi predict this year will be a plittle bit more tempered in part pbecause of the distraction of pthe political campaign and pbecause everybody is playing it pa little safe. p>>laura: the super bowl kicks poff this sunday in california pbetween the panthers and the phere's another live look outside pright now. pdave says rain is on the way. pand cooler temperatures, too. pwe have the forecast up next. p>> florida is getting people who pcan't pay debts by yanking pdriving privileges.
7:42 am
phe's ashamed a in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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pkind of muggy to start things poff on this thursday morning pwith temperatures running close pto 70 degrees. pour weather headlines, rain and pstorms moving through today. pstill a couple of hours away pfrom the coastline although pwe're not anticipating any psevere weather so that is good pnews. pwe got a little soaking coming pthrough for you this afternoon. pthen breezy and cooler weather pfor several days. pwe tied a record high yesterday. pmid 70s for highs today but pafter that, we're not going to pget above maybe 65 for several pdays in a row and it's looking pmore and more, even the latest pcomputer models coming in, they pgo arctic air plunging into the pstate. pthat puts question marks in it. pright now next thursday, friday pcould be quite cold with many of pus in the 30s for those pmornings. pnothing i would worry about pright now. pi'll just throw it in the back pof your mind that late next week
7:44 am
pthere's your reason -- rain back poff to the west slowly inching ptoward the coastline. pthe greens indicate the lighter prains and you get a couple of pheavier downpours. pi think in general, a good half pinch or a little more than that pis what we're going to get for ptoday. pheaviest of the rain, well off pto the north and the east. pdragging it all the way to the pcarolinas. pwe're going to get the back edge pof this but it will be here this pafternoon. pit may extend through the pevening commute so that's going pto probably be wet even though pthe morning commute wasn't. pthen we're going to start to pcool off after that. pso there's your 70, 71 in west pchase. p72 degrees starting things off pin brandon right now. plook at the difference behind pthe front, though. pnew orleans at 47. pbirmingham at 34 so when the pwinds shift to the northwest, pthey're dragging down much pcooler, much drier air.
7:45 am
pas i mentioned, it kind of psticks around for the next pseveral days after that so do pexpect some showers today. pit could be a rumble of thunder. pwe're not anticipating anything presembling any severe weather or pthat. phigh 75 degrees. ptonight big difference as we pkick back to 47 and tomorrow pshould be a pretty day but pbreezy and cool day. phigh of only 62 degrees. panother quick moving storm psystem brings us a few snow pshowers on saturday and then panother one on tuesday. pnotice those temperatures, pside. p>>vanessa: certainly brings back pthe jackets for now. pthank you. pand it's been a pretty busy pmorning on the roadways. pyou. pthis is on i-4 as well but it is pin the eastbound direction. pthis is a live camera at i-4 peastbound in the area. pit involves an overturned pvehicle taking up the two right planes, just the left lane assing.
7:46 am
pdo see them extend back to pbuckman highway where the paverage speeds are 11 miles an phour. pgood news is, the only good news pis that this is going against pthe heavy flow of traffic so the pdelays are not going to be as pterrible as we saw them in the pwestbound direction. pjust give yourself a few extra pminutes. pdowntown clearwater. pa crash at belleview boulevard, pjust one lane blocked here. p love and marriage pgo together like a horse and pcarriage p>>laura: 10 minutes from the top pof the hour now. pif you're looking for the best lace to tie the knot, you don't phave to go far. pwallet hub just ranked orlando pas the best city in the country pto get married. pand tampa is not far behind. phere is the top five right now. pthe list is based on wedding pcosts, facilities, activities pand attractions. ptampa is number four on the plist. pnumber of attractions and pactivities in our area kept us
7:47 am
plas vegas, atlanta and pspringfield, missouri pinterestingly enough. p>>russell: charley having a big pmorning. pbusy morning, big morning, pgetting a sneak peek at the pflorida state fair. pgood morning. p>>charley: and we're covering it pfrom one end to the other. pwe're running all over the lace. pwe came to the expo hall because pthe florida state fair is not ponly about food and rides. pit's celebrating young people of pour state. psometimes when it comes to pagriculture, home school kids, pthis is a home school robot pbuilding club and they build probots. pthere's a competition happening pat the florida state fair. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked
7:48 am
hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
7:49 am
p>>charley: i'm charley belcher pcoming from the florida state pfair. pkicks off, a dozen days of fun. pit's about the rides, the panimals and wonderful young eople like this home schooled pgroup of robot builders. phigh schoolers there, our middle pschoolers and then elementary. pwhat is it that you built here?
7:50 am
pyou built that from scratch? p>> yes. p>>charley: and there's a pcompetition happening at the pfair and you're going to have pcertain goals to achieve. pwhen is the competition? p>> february 14. p>>charley: i would love for you pto win. psee what i did there? p>> yes. p>>charley: what is february 14? p>> valentine's day. p>>charley: high school kids, pthis is addie. pyour robot is larger there. pwhat did you have to build? p>> we built a double silo. pso it has two launchers so we pcan shoot the bottom launcher pand the top launcher. p>>charley: go ahead. plet's fire away. pall right. ptell me what it's doing. pfire away. ptell me what it's doing while pit's doing it. p>> it's starting up and it's pgoing to go really fast.
7:51 am
p>>charley: they're making every pbasket. plook at them go. pso this is like, you know, in pthe nfl, it's called the chuck pmachine. pthey throw out the footballs for ractice. p>> yes. p>>charley: there's a lot going pon there. p>> yes. pit's like -- p>>charley: sorry. pyou're on tv and doing that, ptoo. pit also rolls around and picks pit up? p>> right. pit can pick up a pyramid and pthen goes and shoots it. pthe green balls are worth five oints and the orange balls are pworth 10 points. p>>charley: you're competing the pday before valentine's day. plook at this. pin, score. pvery nice. pby the way, there are like 6,000 pof these clubs worldwide that pcompete. pthese guys are ranked fifth. pthat's a big deal. pcongratulations. pgood for you guys. psee? pthere upping. pflorida state fair, more than pjust food on a stick. peven i know that.
7:52 am
eople and talents and how smart pthey are and that the world will pbe okay with smart kids like pthis figuring out robots. p>>laura: i'm going to tell you pright now, abe would love that pnn. pthrow balls all day long and pnever have to do a thing. pall right, charley. pthank you. pcoming up at 8:00, we're talking pabout the legality of houses. pdo you have action, an option if pyour child takes a bad bounce? pand how to protect yourself if pthe party is at your house.
7:53 am
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