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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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p this is the fox 13 news at pnoon. p florida's governor is coming pto a hillsborough county to talk pabout a florida's plan for pdealing with the zika virus. pgood afternoon everyone i'm plinda hurtado. pwe're going take a look at this pin just a moment. pbut first we're tracking some pshowers moving in as the florida pstate fair gets under way. pso let's get right to pmeteorologist jim weber. pnot raining quite yet p>> not raining yiet yet everyone pyear we can a forecast within pthe when rain will come, the pfirst day of the florida state pfair. pyou can see all the clouds over pthe fair right now. pit's dry right now, but as we go
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pwatching for the rain moving in. pthe gulf of mexico. pit just continues to inch closer pto at coastline. prunning anywhere from about 20 pmiles off the coastline to off pthe coast of a pinellas, robable about 35 to 40 miles poff the coastline. pa little bit of a lightning in pthere as well. pyou can see over the past 20 pminutes we've had about a 25 pstrokes of lightning in some of pthese stronger cells out into pthe gulf of mexico. pand some of the moderate to in psome cases heavy rain has been pnorth. pup towards gainesville, north of pocala you can see some of it pjust starting to make its way pinto extreme northern citrus pcounty. pthen just kind of lingering off pthe coastline. pbut you can see it's inching pcloser to the a coastline. pand even as you head down ptowards manatee and sarasota. pa bit further off coast at least peverybody stands for a pretty pgood chance of seeing some pshowers maybe a few embedded pthunderstorms in there as we go pthrough the afternoon into this pevening. pand then, those temperatures, pthey take a big, big tumble talk pmore about that coming up in a
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p>> thank you, jim. ptoday governor rick scott plans pto talk about zika virus and psteps being taken to prevent the pspread right here in florida. pa briefing is scheduled for this pafternoon at the florida pdepartment of health in phillsborough county. phillsborough is one of four pcounties where governor declared pa health state of emergency. pour wet forecast and warm ptemperatures make it easy for pmosquitos to breed. pfox 13's shayla reeves has pinformation that you need to pknow to prepare. p>> we have a rain in the pforecast, and when you add in pthose already hot and humid pconditions here in florida, it pcan make for the ideal scenario. pfor mosquitos to breed. pso experts want to make sure pthat you have some information, psome tips that can help you out pif you're looking for ways to revent the spread of the zika pvirus. pso here's what you aneed to pknow. pthings you can do to prevent the pspread include getting rid of pstanding water around your home. puse screens on your windows and pdoors or air conditioning when pyou can. prepair any homes in your home pavoid mosquito bites. pwear long sleeves and pants. pwhen you have children, cover
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pwhen you're going to have your pchildren out in a stroller maybe pa baby carrier or crib the cdc pencourages the use of mosquito pnetting. pinsect repellent is recommended pbut not for babies under the age pof two months old. pthere are no vaccines to prevent pinfection, and no medicine to ptreat the zika virus. regnant women are urged to use pcaution if they are traveling to pan area where cases have already pbeen reported. pright now hillsborough county phas a couple of cases already preported. pand we're told those cases did pnot involve pregnant women. pso these are just a some easy ptips you can do to try to stay psafe as we learn more about the pback to you. p thank you, shayla. pdr. jo will be going to that pnews conference with the pgovernor and she joins us now. pout? pwhat exactly does public health pemergency means. pwe do have documentation that ptalks about using the state phealth officer or the surgeon pgeneral dr. john armstrong he's
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phe will be point person. pthen the execution of whatever pit is that they need to do pshould they detect additional pcases here in the county. pi know a the love those things pare already in place. pi know i've talked to people a pmo 62 to control here. pwe've got very robust public phealth group here in phillsborough county. pwhat exactly additional is this phealth emergency going to really pgive us? pand again, those are all pquestions we're going to find pout today. p>> and what do we know about pthese mosquitos? pyou know the 80s mosquito are pnot that dusk to dawn mosquito pwe think about mosquito control pand a trucks that come by they pdo that fogging mosquitos are preally not going as affected by pthat kind of control. pthey talk a lot about backpack pspray in this where they are pgoing house to house. pgoing in a yard or environment. pnecessary. pthese guys like to hang out in atios covered areas. pand guess what they like biting phumans. punlike some of the other pmosquitos we're just an
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pso all of those things you know, pin mind, you know, we have to rotect ourselves. pagain it's going to begin in our phome what you heard from shayla pvery, very important. pdrain, any standing water. pthey really don't need much pwater to really multiply. pthey can lay their eggs even if pthe contain drys out legs can plast for 8 months and all they pneed is a little rain and some pwater, to go ahead and grow. pand again, linda, a female ptime. pthat's scary he and we do have a prain on way. pwe have information good the pzika virus in prevention at p>> in other news there's a psearch for three female robbers pcitrus county deputies say they probbed two people last week pincluding elderly woman. pthese surveillance photo taken pfrom publix in inverness. pthree followed the woman into pthe store and two of them just pstarted talking to this woman pwhile the third grabbed a wallet ptaking off with $500 in cash, pand all her debit cards.
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probbing a clerk at sally's pbeauty supply in crystal river. pif uf agoing to irs website to pfile taxes you may have hit a psnag. pas fox 13's alcides segui preports the agency says it's phaving problems with some of its pcomputer systems. p>> reporter: the problems pstarted yesterday. pit is continuing today. pissue. pit's affecting the processing pirs stopped accepting pwednesday. roblem. pthe irs is currently in process pof making repairs, working to prestore normal operations as psoon as possible. is still available palthough a number of the pservices on the site are pcurrently off-line. pif you already filed your tax preturns, you will not be pimpacted by the outage. pthe irs said they expect most if pnot all will receive their prefunds within three weeks. pkeep in mind, if you want to get pa head start on your return you pcan still continue to do your aperwork, send it all in to
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pcompanies will hold on to it puntil the irs has their computer psystem back up and running pagain. pearlier this morning we spoke pwith a gentleman who received phis w-2s before from the post pmissing. plisten in. phalf was gone like that. pjust like that half was gone. pand the department that i was psupposed to turn into, internal prevenue, that the part the they pthose are receipts that are pgone. pi'm not sure if someone got it por what? pi don't know. pand so i'm kind of up in arms on psomebody going to already got me pon my identity theft as for pmr. holland he's at the irs pbuilding here in tampa trying to pfigure out if he's a victim i phave dent tee theft. pirs is still working hard to fix pthat computer glitch. pas soon it comes up we will keep pyou up to date on pin tampa, alcides segui, fox 13 pnews. p thank you, alcides. p>> well pasco county deputies
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pdrinks. pdeputies say this past friday pthe person on your screen walked pinto the publix on land o'lakes pboulevard and filled the cart pdrinks. pthen left without paying. pthe same person is suspected of phaving done this a several other ublix locations in both pasco pand hillsborough county. pwithin 24 hours. p>> a lot of energy drinks. pthe takata airbag recall is pexpanding. lus, there's one spot in pflorida that's always 32 degrees pand filled with penguins. plook a jen having a blast. pwe will take y now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home.
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3 honda is expanding it p>> honda expanding recall of a ptakata airbags. pauto make is recalling more than ptwo million honda acura vehicles pto be repaired for takata pinflater problems. pu.s. safety regulators say pdrivers airbag inflarter can pexplode and also curl shrapnel pinto passengers com part. polder model dating back to 2005. phow n today will notify pcustomers of an affected pvehicles more people ordering pfor home food deliverying and pearning season rolls on lauren psimonetti has the midday market preport. p>> the government says a more eople apply for unemployment pbenefits last week the labor pdepartment says weekly papplications for a jobless aid prose to 285,000. pgovernment's january jobs report pcomes out on friday. pgo pro new gadgets are failing pto catch on with customers.
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prevealing a loss of $34 million. pholiday quarter. pit also provided a forecast well pexpectations. pa couple of big retailers, also preporting losses ralph lauren psays it's revenue pell about 4 ercent and cut sales outlook pfor the year and kohl's logged plower than expected overall psales unusually warm weather hit pmuch of the northeast. pand a more people ordering pdinner online. pgrub hub says fourth quarter pearning rose almost 5 percent pand revenue rose 36 percent in pthe quarter. pgrub hub charges restaurants a pcommission on orders booked pthrough service. pin addition to name sake brand, pgrub hub also owned seamless all pmenu and menu pages. pthat's business for more log on pto in new york pi'm lauren simonetti. pthis an assignment that got our pjen epstein very excited. pi haven't seen it and i wasn't pwait. pit was a special experience with enguins a she shows us it was
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p>> there's a land miles and pmiles away. pwhere the penguins swim and lay. phow does it feel to be a enguin? p>> no, this isn't beginning of pfairy tale, it's a start of my pone tank trip. pi know, i know i was feeling the pexact same way. pmy heart is pounding i'm so pexcited. pthese are real life penguins. pthey are. p>> 32 degrees and snowy. pit's the perfect climate for pbirds. pwe make 20,000 pounds of snow a pday you don't have to travel pacross the globe to see these pcold weather creatures. pjust one tank trip to see pseaworld antarctica empire of enguins. p>> such an amazing exhibit. pyou know it brings guests right pinto the middle of the animal's
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p280 penguins, waddling through ptheir icy caves and diving into pchilly waters, yeah they stay pbusy. pand their visitors do too. ptheir empire of penguin exhibit pwhere guests get a close look pwhere penguins play. por there's a more private tour pwhere you come face to face with pa penguin. pcalled penguin up close tour. poh my gosh, look at all of them. pthat's right. pi got to go on the ice, and pspend some quality time with the enguins. p>> we limit it to about 12 pguests. pwe will bring you down the phallway, tell you about penguins pin general, what it's like to ptaking care of them. pwhat it's like raising the pbabies. pit's easy for see why tj loves phis job. pan absolute wonder of a job to pcome in here every day and know pthat you're making that a little pbit of a difference as i tear pup. p>> sure he surrounded by a pcouple hundred penguins every pday.
12:14 pm
pconsiders himself a speaker of pthe bishdz. palways monitoring them and pmaking sure they have the most pfulfilling life possible. p>> something clicked. pthis is what i wanted to do. pi had to figure out how can i pget to seaworld how can i be one pthe lucky people taking care of phim. pand only very, very special eople like me get to actually psit on the ice with them? p>> just like me. pit's, it's, it's super cool to pbe able to share this with you. pan awesome opportunity. pi feel penguin nipping me in the pbud right now and i don't really pcare. pthat is just awesome. pand as you can tell jen loves pher penguins i just love the pfact thee was acting like a pchild again. pyou can too you can radios choos pfrom variety of tours based on pyour love enbegins first include pwith regular admission and takes
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ptime oh close up tour which ptakes you behind the scenes and pas jen did allows you to pactually touch one of the birds. prain or shine, the florida state pfair's in full swing starting ptoday in hillsborough county. pinspectors were out checking pgames and rides this morning pjust to make sure that peverything is in good shape for pyour kids. pthe fair opening means plenty pincredible food too. pyou can expect the usual fair pfavorites but great new things pto a try like bay i don't know pbomb burger. pour charley belcher will take plook at some of the great fair pofferings. pyou don't want to miss that he's pcoming up. pbut first we have to check in pwith jim because he's going to ptell us about the weather. pyou might need to bring one of pthose cheap plastic rain pslickers tonight perhaps? p>> you certainly do. pyou know, seems like we talk pabout this, we joke about it pevery year don't we? pabout first day of the fair, pit's going to rain. pseeing right now. prain lingering right off pcoastline but it will continue pto work its way on shore as we pgo through the afternoon. pas you look over florida state pfair right now just lot of cloud
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pin fact going to be quiet as far pas rain free, at least for the pnext say couple of hours. pnext few hours. pbut once we get into say mid pafternoon hours, we're going to pstart to see some rain working pits way on shore and pushing pinto the interior. pright now heaviest portions pstill out into the gulf of pmexico. pbut you do see some of this has pbeen moving on shore. pup into extreme northern part of pcitrus county, stretching up ptowards gainesville. pjust some of that moderate and psome cases some heavy rain. pa little bit of lightning in pthere as well. pbut, really the overall trend phas been as this works it is way pcloser to the coastline we have pbeen seeing it weakening. pso not really expecting any pstrong thunderstorms. pcan't rule out maybe a couple of pstrikes of lightning in there as pit works its way on shore. pbut most of this, just going to pbe that light in some cases pmoderate rain that pushes on pshore throughout the afternoon phours. pand moves down to our south by plate tonight and ushers in some pcooler air.
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pdew points up there at 68. pso it has that muggy feel to the pair. pthe winds are out of the south pat 13 miles an hour. preally been seeing some fairly pbreezy conditions throughout pmorning hours. pthose will continue. pin fact winds will pick up ptonight, they are just going to pswitch armor towards a northerly pdirection as that cooler air pstarts to sweep in. p80s just down to our south. psebring is 82 degrees. pwauchulas a 79. psarasota 77. pst. petersburg's currently at 75 pdegrees. pthere's the front. pnow still sitting back to our pnorthwest. pbut you can see all cloud cover pand some of clouds they work ptheir way in first thing this pmorning. pso at least for the rest of the pday. pwe're going to continue to see lenty of cloudy skies and some pshowers working tln way on pshore. parea of low pressure continues pto push on towards the north. preally pulling a lot of energy paway from this system. pthat's why we're not seeing pbigger thunderstorms moving on pthrough. pand then behind this, you do see pclearing skies. pbig area of high pressure.
12:18 pm
pwill be sweeping in here. pthat grading between high ressure and the low pressure, pconditions. pthen eventually, we're talking pabout a secondary area of low ressure right along this front. pfor the weekend. pyou can see plenty of cold air psitting just to our north, just pwaiting to swing on down across pthe southeast. pwatch it here on future cast. pnorthwest. pwe've got rain works its way pthrough here. parea of low pressure moves on ptowards the north high pressure pbuilds in. pclears out skies for tomorrow. pa good looking day is just on pthe cool side. pon the breezy side. pbut then by the weekend we've pgot another area of low pressure pthat will work it is way on ptowards the northeast. pwe will get another round of psome showers on late saturday, pand then that just kind preinforces that cool air. pbecause as that system pstrengthen it is will drag that pcold air back down around that
12:19 pm
pso as we get into next week, we ptrend. pin fact for today, 75. pbut notice how much cooler it is pall the way into the middle of pnext week. pso forecast goes like this, for ptoday showers, few thunderstorms pin there as well. pdaytime high of 75 degrees for ptonight breezy turn cooler povernight low of 47. pfor tomorrow mostly sunny, look pat that daytime high only at 61 pdegrees. pnow these winds will be pswitching are by tonight. pin fact a small craft advisory pgoes in effect for tonight. pas the seas will continue to pbuild through the overnight phours. phigh tide is a 1:09. phere's 7 day forecast. pyou see nice cooler temperatures pas we get into the weekend. pand the first part of next week. palso we kind of stay on the pbreezy side as well, linda. pthank you, jim.
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leaders from some seventy countries are coming together to pledge support for syrians affected by the deadly civil war . secretary them. he says the p secretary of state john pkerry is among them. phe says at situation in syria pgetting much worse at fox's pbenjamin hall reports un says p$9 billion in aid is needed this pyear alone. plondon. pthe united states pledging more pthan $925 million to help sire preason as affected by 5-year-old pcivil war. psituation on the ground is pactually worse. pnot better. pgrows. pit's not diminishing. pmore than 600 million will rovide essentials like food, pwater and medical care. p>> the 325 million is going ptoward development assistance. pwhich includes funding for peducating syrian refugees in pjordan end lebanon. pthis bring total commitment for
12:21 pm
eople are reduced to eating pgrass and leaves and killing pstray animals in order to psurvive on a day-to-day basis. pthat is something that should ptear on conscious of all pcivilized people. pconference comes day after punited nations spend theed platest round of peace talks as pfighting in country goes on. pnegotiations are expected to presume later this month. pthis is not sustainable. pwe cannot go on like this. pthere's more military solution. p11 million syrian as slb pdisplaced by war over 250,000 pkilled. palso allowed iesdz to take over plarge parts of the country. pin london, benjamin hall, fox pnews. p>> imagine hitting out for tampa pbay most popular beach and being ptold you casey anthony drive out pthere. por at best, you can't use new pfast lanes to a clearwater pbeach. pthat's called access rationing.
12:22 pm
pto give it some nouth. pfox 13's steve nichols tells us pthis need to ration was redicted actually 15 years ago. p>> at the moment only a whole plot of traffic gets in the way pof jumping in a car and driving pto clearwater beach. pisland transformed into a high pend destination under a master lan called beach by design. padopted in 2001, with one pcomponent forgotten or ignored pever since. pbeach by design suggests is that pwe consider some form of prationing of the access to the pbeach. pthat pepsi delivery, no the on pthe busy daytime. pspecial fast lane for transit pvehicles and a residents peveryone else enjoy the slow plane. pa few examples of rationing paccess to at island. pnever popular, never really pdiscussed until now. p>> are we at a point where we pseriously need to consider rovide priority access to who pgoes to the beach and then how pmight we do that?
12:23 pm
pcongestion never really goes paway. pthat said spring break 2016 pstarts this month and the pclearwater chamber of commerce pwants to quickly fire up a park pand ride program. pusing existing trollies and pdowntown parking gadgets to get eople to the beach. pit was really set up to use peverything that's available ptoday with no capital pinfrastructure. pcity council discussed long-term psolutions such a rapid trants ptransit fwusz and dedicated planes of memorial causeway and paerial transit and gondola and pstart up ferry service. psteve we need multiple ways of pgetting to the beach. pit's an end not an or. pbecause if the city starts prationing access to clearwater pbeach there need to be options pthe public can live with. pin pinellas county, steve pnichols, fox 13 news. p in clearwater the city pmanager can start a discussion pand provide information. pbut it's actually the city pcouncil that has to decide pwhether access to the island pshould be rationed.
12:24 pm
pgetting ugly now donald trump paccusing republican rival ted pcruz of cheating. pand awkward moment for florida
12:25 pm
eople - to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world ... p. p i think the next president pneeds to a lot quiet are but psend signal we're prepared to pact in national security pinterests of this country to get pback in the business of creating pmore peaceful world. p>> please clap. pawkward. pthings did get a little puncomfortable for republican residential candidate and pformer florida governor jeb bush pduring his town hall in new phampshire. pwe want to talk about this. pwe a lot of he almost looked
12:26 pm
phe was frustrated. phe also has a dry sense of phumor. pwe know this about former pgovernor bush. pthat may have worked in a pdifferent context. pbut when he's nailed difficult pdonald trump for low energy for plackluster crowds, when news pcamera therefore go to looking pfor people sleeping inevitably eople go to sleep nod off from ptime to time when it hot and pcrowded wait for hours. phere you've go what's happening phere the camera guy is not even pfollowing the camera guy fall pasleep on this? pwhat's going on jeb bushing prallies when camera guy can't pfollow him and you would have pseen a different shot someone pchild appearing to nod off. phe plays right into donald ptrump's hand. pthis one of those oops moments pwhen he said oops and for jeb pbush he was trying to funny it pwould of worked in different psituation but certainly not phere. pokay good. pcraig democratic presidential pcandidates hillary clinton and pbernie sanders announce they pwill have a debate tonight. p>> yeah. pwhat can we expect going to
12:27 pm
ponly two candidates with martin po'malley out. pand bet that bernie sanders and phillary clinton will try to get pafter democrats on who is most pdemocrat or who is most rogressive hillary clinton will pmake case she's served for pdecades within the democratic arty. pwhile sanders to a certain pdisassociated from bernie psanders will make case true rogressive in race reaching out pto progressive voters and phillary clinton is as he would ut it moderate on one day rogressive. pdepending on circumstances. pi think that will be the focus pof what we see tonight. pbut there also be a lot of pground to cover on the domestic pfront. pforeign policy as well this will pbe a good one to watch. pgetting ugly between republican pcandidates donald trump and ted pcruz. pyeah. pwith trump now accusing cruz of pcheating in iowa. pwhat's in an about? pfirst donald trump was graceful pmore he thought about it the pmore he learned he said my pgoodness there were problems in piowa caused by ted cruz as he uts it lying.
12:28 pm
psupporters erroneously notifying eople at the caucus that ben pcarson had quit to try to win pover carson support and ted cruz pyeah that did happen that was pwrong. pshouldn't have. pbut, donald trump is not willing pto let it go at that. phe says there are shannon began pthat is need to be called he's ptalk about potential for some pkind of lawsuit suing pursuing pcriminal recourse in this case. pyou know, politics doesn't a pbean bag a lot shenanigans every psingle year donald trumpcally it pout and staying on it. pcan cut both ways. ptraditionally, you would think pthat would work against him. ptime to move on to new phampshire. pbut what we have seen time and ptime again with the exception of pquitting fox news debate, punconventional tactic seem to ay off for him certainly do. pall right, thank you, craig. plook forward to more of your preports. pyou can also join craig sunday pnight at 11:30 for money, power pand politics, it's right here on pfox 13. p a criminal sex assault case
12:29 pm
pmoving forward a, two days cosby pattorneys in court trying to pconvince a judge to throw the pcase out. pas jackie reports, the judge pdecided not to dismiss the pcharges. p>> bill cosby on his way out of psuburban philadelphia courthouse pwednesday. pbut, in court, cosby held his phead in his hands as a judge pruled against him. prefusing to throw out a criminal psex assault case against the p78-year-old actor. p>> now, a preliminary hearing pset for march 8th prosecutor pwills have to show evidence that pa cosby drugged and assaulted a pformer temp university employee pback in 2004. pcosby was charged last year. pand deposition was made public pfrom kufrs 2005 civil lawsuit. pand an other women also made psimilar accusations. p>> this may be the only case in pthe country where bill cosby pwill find himself in courtroom pwith criminal charges. pnow, a legal battle lies ahead poveruse of testimony from cosby
12:30 pm
padmitted to affairs obtain pconvey ludz to give to women he pwanted to have a sex with he pgave his criminal accuser pill pand reached into her pants. pcosby claimed it was a con psensual cosby's defense team pargued that a deal was made back pin 200 five, with this former rosecutor, that cosby would not pbe prosecuted in exchange for ptestimony in the accusers civil psuit. p>> they are saying because of pthat nonprosecution agreement pthey can't go forward with the rosecution. pbut, the judge wednesday prejected testimony from the pformer prosecutor who said in pcourt he promised cosby would pnever be prosecuted. p>> the current prosecutor parguing there's no legal pdocument showing a deal. pmeantime, there's no plea from pcosby yet. pbut if convicted he could face pten years in prison. pin new york, jackie, fox news. p former pharmaceutical ceo pmartin shkreli appears on
12:31 pm
pamendment right. ptwo pharmaceutical companies he pgained north rite for his sdoigs praise price commonly used drug pby 5,000 percent. phe was arrested in december and pcharged with securities fraud. ptoday is world cancer day. pa global event taking place pevery year on february 4th. pthe purpose, to save millions pfrom dying by raising awareness pand education. pimpressing governments across pthe world to take action and pfind new treatments for cancer. pmany of you know i did breast pcancer survivor. pafter winning that fight i've palso become advocate for other ptaking part in events that raise pmoney for cancer patients or pspread information. poften both. pcurrently 8.2 million people die pfrom cancer world wild every pyear out of with 4 million eople did i prematurely between pages 30 and 69 on this world pcancer day let's help raise pawareness i'd love it if you phead to my facebook page or your pbattle with cancer or loved pone's battle or share pinformation aprocedures or
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pmade you feel better i've also osted more information on world pcancer day. plook for fox 13's linda hurtado pdating apps. pthey aren't just college kids pany more. phow they are helping people of you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? we get it after the super bowl.
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order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50. better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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dating apps are no longer just a college student's game! ping apes no long area college pstudent's game. pas sally mcdonald shows as pdating demographic is shifting. plate nights, maybe there. pno. pno. pswiping messaging.
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pit's a net. pno way. pno way. pamazingly gorgeous. pvery real. pthis isn't where justin western ictured his life. pnot now. p>> you're flipping cards back pand forth. pyeah, you want to see how deep prabbit hole goes. phe was happily married at the pdawn of internet dating. pthen p>> earlier this year wife let me pfor a guy her dad's age super pheart breaking, a little creepy. pat they ten years and twin girls pto raise the founder of ptechnology company decided to pfinding new partner meant pfiguring out a new dating pclimate. p>> that's a match like all pright. pwe've got a match. phe's currently in test group for phouston developed app launching plater this year. pit's called peak. pit takes slightly different papproach mostly anonymous. pto where it does incentivize you pto get to a bar. ptheir 15 others with similar pinterests checked in into west pend bar. pbut he can't see their names or ictures.
12:36 pm
pare that might be your matches. pbut it kind has your head on a pswivel. pyou're looking around trying to. eople to date hasn't be a roblem. pit can a kid in a candy store psort phenomenon you wanted to phave date you probably could phere in houston, there are penough singles professional that pwould interested in that. pbut that can get exhausting. phe says okay cupid has yielded pthe most results cite detail panswers users provide. pwhile hinge lets you connect pthrough facebook with a friend pof a friend. pyou can see who the friend of pthe friend is. por call them. pmessage them on facebook hey i otentially match with this erson should i invest the time. pyeah a recent vanity fair particle blamed the apps for pwaging a dating apocalypse. p>> you have apps ruin dating pthat's complicated. pbecause in a sense you get to pdate more. pbut there really are no prelationships. pyou do go out with them there's pa good chance that they are pgoing to contact somebody else pfor the next site.
12:37 pm
pthey got on app just for just pthat, fun. p>> you met on tinder? pthat's nos scombrating do you pthink you think more socially pacceptable in definitely. pdefinitely this match has turned pinto a two and a half month long promance. pso app is now deleted. p>> yeah we're not on it any pmore. p>> swiped out. pmaybe romance isn't dead. pit just needs a reinvention. pagain how much how you use it, phow frequently you use it, what pis your intent in using it. pso a lot of that up discipline pof the user. pfor justin it's about forging a pnew life. pi sure hope so. pright? pwe'll see, i met really great pladies one of them to turn out pto be one who so say but you phave to dry. pthat's where my heart is right pnow sally mcdonald, fox news. p>> oh the rain is coming. phere's a live look outside right pnow. pmeteorologist jim weber will
12:38 pm
pfore p hey effected i'm xhb charley pbelcher coming to you from pflorida state fairgrounds for a pday one of a 12 days of fun. pit's the florida state fair, pkick off open right now runs pthrough february 15th. pyes. pyes. pcorrect. pand we've got everything out phere that everybody would expect pfrom the florida state fair. pbut it keeps getting bigger and pbetter every year. p112th year? pyes it sure is thanks for being pout here the fair has started pwe're going through pfebruary 15th. pwe have so much more to explore pas our theme says. pwe have concerts from robert kra pto cold ford. pwe have new attractions from the pwhite house experience for the pbutterfly encounter. pwe have new foods of course. pwith the chocolate pop to the pbacon bomb burger to everything pelse. pso we have it all we want people
12:39 pm
ptoday, on our salute to heros pday. pvery nice. pthere's many different reasons eople come out to florida state pfair. pfood is big one. pyou talk about i mean there's so pmuch food here, a lot of things pyou can just eat on stick lot of pthings aren't the good for you pfun fare food. pwho doesn't want to try a bacon eanut butter and jelly pquesadilla or a bacon peanut pbutter quesadilla with banana. pall vegetarians said i don't but pall bacon lovers say we have pbacon, bacon and bacon this year plot of people come out for rides pand midway in full swing as palways. pyou can expect to be thrilled, pas much as you want to be pthrilled. pwe've 115 midway rides this pyear. pwe've got new ones like the pstampede super cyclone. pthat difficulties psycho. pwe also have some new family fun prides too. pit's not just for the adults. pyou mentioned entertainment and pbig names.
12:40 pm
pand, what a neat musical family, preal good solid entertainment. pyou'd been surprised. p>> well people don't realize, ponce you get here, all of the pentertainment is free. pso you can go see matt's family pjam. pif you're here next saturday pnight go see robert kra. pyou're hear monday so i tent pavenue north. pif you are here next friday go psee gary puckett. pand all of that entertainment is pjust a price of your admission. pi love it give me hours how much pit going to cost me to get in ptoday we open ad 10:00 a.m. pand on the weekends we open at p9:00 a.m. pand then through the week p10:00 a.m. p$13 on the weekends. pfor adults, $11 during the week. p$9 monday through friday for pseniors. pand $7, six to 11 children. p5 and under always free. p>> and remember this saturday pyou can come out sxe see all the pfox 13 on air folks as we will pbe here from 11:00 a.m. to p1:00 p.m.
12:41 pm
pyou'll find us come to the fair. pand listen for my voice you'll pfind us. pyou'll able to meet all fox 13 pon air staff, and including the pone and only linda hurtado. pthat's worth coming out for at pthe inn state fair charley pbelcher, fox 13 news. pawe charley i hope i get to sit pright next to him he's always a plot of fun. pi hope weather is going pcooperate a little better. pi understand we may have rain psaturday? p>> you know we're going to have prain but i think it probably pwill happen after that. pwe're from 11 to 1. pso we scheduled this just right. phopefully we did. pwe'll keep the rain outer of pthere going to be on cool side pthough. pbut we always expect to see that pat the fair. ptoday, we're looking at some prain on skytower radar. pyou can still see it working its pway on shore up to our north pgainesville stretching down just pto the north of ocala. pand then, some of this is pworking its way on shore pthroughout citrus county, into phernando county as well. poverall trend has been as this
12:42 pm
preally starting to watch it pweaken. pso we've seen a little bit of plightning in there, but we're pseeing a lot of of it just kind pof falling apart. pso most of, just that light and psome cases moderate rain from pcrystal river all the way down ptowards bay port and had rain pjust a few minutes ago in spring phill. pall working its way on towards pthe north and east. pthen off the coast of pinellas pcounty, pasco county, sfarting pto see few little pop up pshowers. pyou have one heading towards pdade city right now. pfew in and around port ritchie pand new port richey. poff the coastline, probably pabout 15 miles off the coast of inellas county. pso, give it another hour, hour pand a half, we will start to see pmore of that rain working its pway on shore. pover towards florida state fair roshl going to see some rain as pwe get into the mid folate pafternoon hours. pvisible satellite over the pstate, we're seeing more and pmore of the cloud cover working pits way over the state. pso if you may have seen a little pbit of sun this morning, that's retty much done for the rest of pthe day. pyou'll continue to see mainly
12:43 pm
pand some of these showers. ushing out of the gulf of pmexico. pbut also you've got that wind pcoming up from the south. pso really feels on the muggy pside for today. pby late tonight, these winds pwill switch around for more of a pnortherly direction and cool pthese temperatures down. pright now we're seeing ptemperature running in upper 70s pand 80s. p77 for bradenton, down into psarasota. pyou look across the panhandle, pthat's the cooler air. pthat's working its way down the pstate. p50s low 50s back towards ensacola at 53 degrees. pthere's the front right now. pyou can see all the moisture priding along that front. plow pressure continues to move paway. pthen we will watch for that panother area of low pressure to pform along this front. pdown to our south. pbut that's going to help to pcontinue to give us breezy pconditions over the next couple pof days. pwatch it all kind of unfold on a pfuture cast. pfront to our north, that pushes pto our south. pwe've got rain for today. pby late tonight we clear out the pskies.
12:44 pm
pnorth and northwest. pbreezy, cooler, but plenty of psun for tomorrow. pbut then watch down to our psouth, that area of low pressure pthat will form. pwork its way on towards the pnorth. pso another round of some showers pon saturday. robably saturday afternoon into pthe evening. pand then once that pushes to the pnorth, once again, just that pgradient between the low ressure and the high pressure. pthat will continue to give pchilly and breezy conditions pinto next week. pso warm day for today. pand look at that the tumble. pwe drop down into the 60s and pthe 50s by sunday. pwe may only see a daytime highs pinto the upper 50s. pthese are daytime highs over the pnext several days into the pmiddle of next week. pforecast for today, we'll see pthese showers maybe a couple pstorms mixed in daytime high of p75 degrees. pthen for tonight we will breezy pturning much cooler overnight plow of 47. pthen by tomorrow, mostly sunny,
12:45 pm
phigh well below normal remember, pnormal high for the date is 71 pdegrees. pso we're looking at 61 for ptomorrow. p7 day forecast shows cooler ptemperatures into next week pwindy weather will stick around pas well linda. pthank you, jim help for pstruggling moms and their pchildren.
12:46 pm
pinto a save hav they're helping homeless mothers to reach their full potential. what the alpha pthey are helping homeless pmothers to reach their full otential what alpha house does pis really amazing as kelly ring pshows us how they motivate young arents is what's right with ptampa bay. p this mommy go to sleep in
12:47 pm
p>> yeah. p23-year-old yvette daniel and pthree yaur daughter autumn have pfun playing together at home. pthree years ago she came down to ptampa from north carolina to plive with her grandparents. pautumn was few weeks old and pthey were homeless. p>> i never saw myself in redicament. pi was so young i was only 20 pyears old. pwhat am i doing with child i pcan't even take care of myself. p>> that soon changed when she pwent to alpha house a place of prefuge for single mothers with pno place to stay. pour mission is providing safe phousing and all of the wrap paround services so that our moms pare self sufficient and peffective responsible parents. pit's kind of like women building pup other women. por mothers building up other pmothers. pno, my wagon is in the closet pyvette had great strides in the rogram after getting her passociating degree she went to
12:48 pm
pand as full time student at puniversity of south florida. retty much i was able to turn pmy life around. pshe recently has gotten married. pal in a house impacted very yet pway she never thought possible. pand i have that passion to help pother young women, 68 and get pover that obstacle where they pfeel the mousy vulnerable. p>> changing lives of homeless regnant and young mothers, by pbuilding up their self esteem pwith love and care. p>> and next month the alpha phouse is having at alpha pchallenge a day full of fun pactivities for at family for are pmore information what kind of pactivities you'll have wee got plink on our page at pwell normally you hear stories pchild wanting puppies or kittens pa pet in texas we have tale of a pyoung boy his and best friend a pduck. phere's 19th monld tyler and his
12:49 pm
pto his parents they share a pspecial bond. pthere's even a facebook page pdedicated to their friendship pand of course the story is going pviral. ptyler's dad gave him the pduckling when he was nine monldz pold. pand they've been best friends pever since. plots of people are get ready for psuper bowl sunday. peven the manatees a mote marine plaboratorytoday resident manatee phue and buffett took their a pturns picking super bowl winner. pgot off to a little bit of slow pstart. ponce he headed straight to under pwater denver bronco. pno going back for him. pas for hugh, it looked like it pwas going to be toss up but he psplit the decision and then plook, look. phe went for carolina panther as pwinning record of 17 and one. pwhile hugh's record is only 5 pand 3. phey it's fun. p>> once he decide there had was pno hesitation at all.
12:50 pm
pwhich don't. pright there. p>> and you know what's going to phappen in terms of the weather. pyeah and going to the fair. pwe've got rain on the radar. pthat's going to working its way pthrough as we go through the pafternoon. pso expect to see some of that prain once that moves through we pclear out skies. pbring up that wind and we throw pout temperatures. pnotice by sunday, 59 degrees. pchilly. pchilly. pthe 92 u.s. does not end here we pwill keep postulatest all day on pon twitter and facebook. lus look for more news, weather pand sports beginning a p5 o'clock. paccess hollywood is next. pi hope to see awith us tonight pat 5.
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