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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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don't have to buy a ticket to have fun. >> it's a lot of fun. i think it's really great that they have so many people who are not going to be able to afford to do super bowl things so this is really nice. i have seen a lot of local had people with kids and i think this is a great idea. >> the broncos and the panthers face off this sunday. >> and either a first for the panthers or another in the last for peyton manning. either way it's going to be a game. news. >> guys we are starting with this at 11:00, some legal florida state fair. >> they are demanding justice for their son. >> we have a very long ways to go still. >> andrew joseph was killed when he was forced to leave the fair. who his family says should pay.
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educator is now facing. >> i'm afraid they are going to hit again. >> no shirt? no problem for these clumsy crooks. >> we are beginning tonight with a legal battle over the death of this 14-year-old boy. tomorrow will mark two years since joseph andrew was hit by a car after he was thrown out of the florida state fair. tonight his parents are suing three different entities and our evan lambert is live for us outside the fair grounds, and his parents are fighting to hold someone accountable for his death, right? >> that's right, his parents say they hope will hold the people who attributed to their son's death accountable. >> my son was a vibrant young front of him.
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death at the florida state fair, andrew joseph junior relived every moment of the night his son andrew joseph iii was killed. >> if they had put him in they put him in a sherrif's office vehicle and transported him 100 yards away on the other side of the interstate. >> and when he tried to cross over to get back in, he was hit and killed by a car. according to his parents and a new lawsuit, joseph, an honors student was not in involved in the stampede, and the suit accuses deputies of making an unjustified arrest and negligently releasing the boy without letting his parents know. they say he was racially
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lawsuit they say is to hold the agencies accountable for contributing to their son's death. >> it was your sworn statement that you are going to do whatever you needed to do for the benefit of the community. >> all three organizations being sued told fox 13 they don't comment on pending lawsuit the. the fair and the sherrif's office have made changes after the death. they require some students to be with a parent after dark, picked up by a parent and other changes. >> we have a very long ways to go still. >> the josephs say more can be done to ensure student safety at the fair, like not allowing unaccompanied minors at all, even during the day. >> evan lambert outside the state fair grounds.
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more details about why a former pinellas county county was arrested last fall. 50-year-old robert celeste was charged with sexualive ci sexual activity with a minor after he got a 17-year-old pregnant. reports say he was with her at the hospital when he gave birth but then it took them about three months to match his dna with the baby's. his trial is set for next month. >> tonight we have a much better idea of the type of stadium that the rays want the city to build. the team put together a dream list and they used cam del used camden yards in baltimore mrd maryland as a
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the stadium they say must sit on at least 20 acres and be accessible to highways and walkable parking spots. because of a recent deal with the city, the rays can begin the semp for search for a stadium and more bub bob buckhorn has always said that finding that land in him the city would be complicated. >> and this pair ripped off a pair of sequence convenience stores yet morning and surveillance video shows us exactly what happened. i'm amazed he didn't trip. >> this is the rock that the burglars through threw through this door, and once inside, the
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necessarily of their faces but of one of the burglars' backside. a few times one of the burglar's white boxer short were clearly visible and you canine see the pattern on it. deputies believe this was the second store they knocked off on thunderbird thursday morning. >> his pants were riding down his hips and his white boxer shorts are hanging out the back as he is climbing over the counter. it's very obvious and hopefully someone who knows him would recognize that because it appears to be the way he wears his pants. >> how young people do this stupid -- why you not looking for a job? why you not looking for something better? >> deputies say they were determined the burglars and they
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store although the alarm went off. deputies say these pair will likely hit again and anyone who recognizes this man or his underwater underwear should give them a call. the burglars were smart enough to keep their vehicle out of view, but deputies say they got away with beer, cigarettes and money from the store they knocked off in oldsmar but not from this store. >> and from the boxers to this boxing match, face to face with four days to go. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head-to-head. clinton is facing an uphill battle in new hampshire where polls have the vermont center leading by several points so she
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>> i think we should be talking about what we want to do for the country, but if we are going to get into labels i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady bill five times or to vote to give gun makers and sellers immunity. >> not only talk the talk but walk the walk. i am the only candidate who does not have a super-pac. >> and when they got on to the issues one thing that hillary clinton attacked was sander's idea of universal health care paid for by the government. she says all analysis shows it's not affordable and said it could be a shame to undo the affordable health care act. >> senator sanderring wants us to start all over again. this was major accomplishment and it's helping people right
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plunge back into a contentious national national debate that has little chance of succeeding. let's make the affordable care act work for everyone. >> every other major country has managed to provide health care to everyone as a right and they are spending significantly less on health care than we are. >> he says there are still 20 million americans with no health care. and this also came out tonight. clinton was asked if she would release transcripts of her paid speeches to wall street interests and clinton said they would look into it. she struggled yesterday to explain why she had accepted thousands for three speeches to goldman sacks. >> we have to ensure that the
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going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and we are going to do everything we can to stay ahead of the zika virus. >> that is the surgeon gem and the governor talking about the zika virus. the number of cases in the state has grown from nine to 12, and now there are five counties under a health state of emergency and scott asked the agriculture department to figure out how much funding is available for mosquito control and asked for the health department to purchase 4,000 test kits to show if people have had the sigh cyrus. >> sigh cyrus. >> virus.>> during the first trimester or the early part of the pregnancy,
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>> for now pregnant women are being advised not to travel for effected counties. the virus causes a head deforeman ti in deformity in babies known as hydrocephaly. >> and why would one want hundreds of energy drinks? >> the thought is that this person is stealing energy drinks like this one not just to consume but to resell. deputies say these pictures were taken january 29. the person in these shots walked out with more than $800 in red bull. deputies also say this person did the same as a few other publix locations in pasco and hillsborough counties.
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steal, but the best guesstimate is they are going to resell a lot of what they took. >> take another look at your screen, if you recognize this person contact the pasco county sherrif's office. in land o'lakes, i'm josh cascio for fox 13 news. >> coming up a rapping waging war against innocent college students. >> it just saddens me that you take time out of your day to screw up someone else's life. >> you have to see the tweet he posted that forced some students from their homes. >> and cyber execute fears on campus. what hackers got their hands on, and paul, it's a nasty night out there. >> and we have high pressure
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sunshine and chilly >> man, don't you just love that music? another big loss from the world of music, maurice white of earth, wind and fire. died today, after a battle with parkinsons disease which had forced him to stop touring. he was 74, and seems like we lost a lot lately in music. and tms sports reporting that
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dave mirra died today of a self-inflected gunshot wounds. >> he is huge in the world and a big loss here. and tonight we are following a major data breech at the university of central florida. a hacker got their hands on tens of thousands of student social security numbers. >> and school officials are taking steps to tighten things up. >> this student found out today he could be one of thousands of students and staff whose social security enforce was hacked. >> i think i fall into one of the categories. >> the school found out about the incident in january and reported it to law enforcement, and launched an investigation with the help of a national him
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so far just social security numbers were accessed and not credit card and grade information. >> this week we confirmed exactly what today is data is involved and who is impacted and now we are moving into notifying those involved. >> how is it one of the nation's largest universities could be so vulnerable? >> they have state of the art security they say but it's impossible to keep up with current hacking. >> we keep up with our protocols and our training and we want to make sure we are doing everything we possibly can to protect information. >> they launched a website with information about the breach. for now swan says he will be keeping an eye on his credit reports and if he is among those
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advantage of a credit monitoring service that the school is awferg. >> i offering. >> i got a wake-up call that there is probably more they could be doing. >> letters will be going out tomorrow to everyone effected. >> and one of the stories of the night, a seminole county woman who won a scratch-off ticket has been ordered by a judge to give some of her winnings to an ex-boyfriend. but she said they broke up before she bought the ticket, but this time the judge sided with the ex-boyfriend and awarded him $291,000 as you can imagine, he was happy. >> this is a blessing, man. thanks to jesus christ, he watched over it and was able to
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was supposed to be. the lottery and the commitment -- the promise that we was going to share the ticket. >> but wait a minute, although browning was given the money, the question is whether the woman has any of it left and if so, where is it? i don't know, paul. i would think a lot of it went to attorney's fees. >> i would think so, and when did she win that? >> 2007. >> oh, that money is long gone. >> maybe she invested it. >> probably has a nice mutual fund going on. >> and bands of rain whipping in from the gulf. the rain is gone and it's a completely different day, and also chilly weather. tomorrow's temperatures running about 10 to 15 below average, and we still have rain and for
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counties, it's raining pretty good still, in lake wales and down u.s. 27, into highlands county, and sections of desoto and arcadia. by 1:00 or 2:00 a.m., most areas will be rain free, and tomorrow, the sunshine should make a come-back. although it will be on the cool side with a chilly wind as well. and so low pressure goes up the east coast and on the back side it will drag down cool and breezy weather for us. the only forecasting issue i really have is on saturday where there could be a spell of clouds and maybe light rain or sprinkles. i don't really see it's going to
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we've got 50's now and don't forget the high was a record-high 84 degrees. we dropped about 30 degrees from the 84. zephyrhills is 53, and inland counties running in the 50's to low 60's. temperature change now compared to 10:00 or 11:00 last night, this is pretty significant. ocala 20 degrees colder, tampa 15 degrees colder. that, my friends, is a cold front and the cold air is rushing in on north and northwest winds. breezy tomorrow and not a good boating day at all. with a small-craft advisory up. low pressure is going to go up the east coast, and this leaves the eastern half of new england and downeast maine. and 42 in mobile and so this is
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in fact, tonight it will be in the 40's and low 50's and tomorrow, despite a decent amount of sunshine, the mercury only bouncing back to the 50's and low 60's. clearing late, and noticely cooler, with upper 50's and low 60's, and a spell of clouds on saturday and maybe a few light showers and 57. next week, most will be on the chilly side,-highs . highs every day in the 50's and 60's and so perhaps the coldest week of the winter season is coming up next week. >> well, still to come, you have to see this. a rapper's grudge is forcing some innocent college students out of their home.
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new at eleven... college students in >> new at 11:00, some college kids in minneapolis is caught in the middle of a social media war they never started. >> a rapper told his thousands of twitter followers to target these students' house and not exactly sure why, but it's left three students without a place to live. >> this is my caka sa now. she is small and cosy and not the warmest but it gets the job done. >> as a struggling college student, ashley is used to pretty tight quarters but never emergencien she imagined she would be living out of her car because she is too scared to go back home. >> there is a lot of activity going on and it's in our best
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in harm's way. >> on friday, this rapper queeted rappertweeted out the address of the house she rents with two rahm roommates telling his followers to egg the house, and so many people responded that squad cars had to be parked in front and in back until the commotion died down. >> i have heard about issues with a previous tenant but they are really endless and i don't have a solid reason why. i would like to but i don't. >> i heard someone say hey, where are them guys at. >> ashley's next door neighbor said he was robbed at gun point by two men looking for the occupant's yards, and he
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>> you have all of these knuckleheads that are looking for some type of name or claim to fame. >> it's a bit insane. >> she says even if keith didn't mean to leave her homeless, he deserves a bad rap. >> with over a million followers it saddens me that you take time out of your day to screw up someone else's life and not even make sure it's a person that you would like to screw with. >> maury glover reporting. police say because no actual damage was done to the home, no crime was committed although the students can file a civil lawsuit against the rapper. >> and here is the cover of the march issue of playboy. its social media star sarah
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