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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is the fox 13 pnews at noon. p>> anchor: now at noon, phillsborough county makes a itch to at tampa bay rays. pgood afternoon and thanks for pjoining us everyone. pi'm linda hurtado. phillsborough county leaders are pup to bat laying out what they pcould offer to an entice a move pfor tampa bay rays. pfox 13's aaron mesmer is live in ptampa with more on this. phi aaron. p>> p>> reporter: linda yeah we just ptalked with rays coo brian ford pafter ward.
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pthis stadium to be state of art psomething that they've never pseen before. pin baseball. pnow on the other side, county pcommissioner ken haag unused a pwords cautiously optimistic. psomething that may eventually pget done. pnot whole lot was going to go pdone at this meeting more a ptable setter if you will to try pto layout what booth sides here, pwhat team and what's sfe leaders pneed and want moving forward. pnow even before the they sat pdown here today, we did get a review of what the rays are plooking for. pyesterday team odd lined vision pfor new ballpark at least 20 pacres accessible to major proadway and population centers. pand closing and future mass ptransit option ps at that city pleaders laid out some potential psites like near ybor or pfairgrounds. pthey are confident that psomething they find may peventually meet the rays needs. pbut mayor bob buckhorn says that pwas really not discussed much ptoday. pthis is the beginning of what
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puntells us could a one to two pyear process. p i would characterize it as pvery productive and pcollaborative meeting. pcertainly a reaffirmed our pbelief it's going to be a plong-term process moving pforward. pwe're going to do everything we pcan to compress the time line pbut reality is it's not going to phappen overnight. p>> and potential financing did pnot come up during the meeting pbut after ward haag unand pbuckhorn were clear there will pnot be any referendum to raise ptaxes for potential stadium pconstruction. pyou dealing they say funding pwould come from a combination of pfinances from the rays or rivate financing. pnow keep in mind though that inellas county is going to have pto make their big pitch also pthat's expected to come within pthe next six months or so. pthat's the time line that they plaid out when they agreed with pthe rays to allow them to search pfor sites just good a month ago pgive or take. pbut one linda, everyone involved pin this says keeping the rays in ptampa bay whether that pinellas
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pcounty, that is what's most pimportant. p>> anchor: thank you, aaron. pthat is certainly something peveryone can agree on. pwe're following several pdeveloping stories new york city pfirefighters are on scene of a pdeadly crane collapse in lower pman had fan. pone person is dead and two other pare seriously injured. pthe crane smashed roofs of arked cars as it broke in half pand crashed to the street. pthe cause of that accident is pstill under investigation. p also developing this pafternoon the search for a pmissouri couple suspected in pcrime spree ended with deadly pshoot out right here in florida. pthe couple spark ad massive pfour-day manhunt after police psay they committed a string of pcrimes in four different states pincluding a series of robberies pgeorgia. pthe chase ended early this pmorning in the florida anhandle. pin hail of gunfire. olice shot and killed blake pfitzgerald brit me harper was p. pno officers were hurt. p>> a jacksonville man has paccepted a plea deal related to pdeath of a toddler. pruben plead guilty this morning
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pslaughterser child neglect lying pto police in tampering with pevidence. pofficials say he and boys mother plana barton found toddler dead. pinstead of calling police the ptwo hid the body and lied about pwhere he was. phe was sentenced to 20 years for pmanslaughter and 11 years for pother charges. p student day at the fair, psounds like a lot of fun. pbut on february 7th, 2014, it pwas anything but. pyou may remember niece pictures. phundreds of teens ran wild as art of a student day tradition pcalled wilding. pand dozens of kids got thrown pout. pone of those students was p14-year-old andrew joseph the pthird. phe got hit by an suv while ptrying to cross i-4. phis parents say he was not one pof the troublemakers now they pare suing. pas fox 13's shayla reeves pexplains, safety and security phave been increased at the as a presult of this day. p there will be more psurveillance cameras and more pdeputies to monitor the grounds pif this year's state fair.
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punder the age of 16 will not be pallowed to be unaccompanied by pan adument if it's after p6 o'clock in the evening. pthese are some of the changes pmade after one teen did not make pit home an um could have years pago. pandrew joseph the 3rd died ptrying to cross i-4 after pdeputies kicked him out of the pfair and he tried to return to pthe grounds. pnow it happened as deputies say phundreds of teens took off prunning through the fair, psomething joseph's parents say phe did not do. pthe couple filed a wrongful pdeath lawsuit on behalf the phonor student. pthe suit allege deputies made punjustified arrest, racially rofiled teen and released the pknow. pthe josephs say they want the psheriff's office the school paccountable. pall three of the agencies naumd pin suit have not been able to pcomment. pall of them citing policies that revent them from talking about ending litigation. pof course we'll continue to
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pthrough the court today at the pfair the parents of joseph plan pto be outside for a protest this pafternoon. preporting at the florida state pfair, shayla reeves, fox 13 pnews. p thank you, shayla. pone man apparently really wanted pa drone. roblem is he didn't want to pay pfor it. psarasota police say he walked pinto at hobby marketplace in psarasota square mall, picked a p$1,000 drone off the shelf, and pthen walked away. pthe surveillance video is really pclear and hopefully someone precognitions him. p four days to go to the new phampshire primary and you can preally feel the tension in the pair. pfox's joel waldman reports paccording for a new poll the prace is growing even tighter for pboth parties. p bernie sanders back out pburning up campaign tra ahead of ptuesday new hampshire primary plast night final debate on msnbc pbefore the big day, sanders psticking it to rival hillary pclinton for accepting huge
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pclinton taking exception to a psanders's suggestion she could pbe bought by special interest pgroups p>> so i think it's if i am to pend the very artful smear that pyou and your campaign have been pcarrying out in recent weeks. p>> some people might think yeah, pthat had something influence. pthe evening lags of words pmirroring a race that turned pinto a nail biter. pa new national poll by queen pee pbe aing university shows clinton pclinging to two-point lead over pvermont senator. pa huge swing in sanders's favor pconsidering back in december the psame poll by 31 points. punder a republican side donald ptrump remains in first place ted pcruz second and a marco rubio pcoming on strong this third. ponly poll that counts is going pto very soon, right? pa couple days on ninth. pone candidate who slipped in the olls is carlie fiorina. ponly one of two candidates in pthe only woman in the republican prace not invited to saturday
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pabeating chris christie and john pkasich in i wap when it comes to arty we've gone out of our way pin historic fashion to insure as pmany voices of our candidates pcould on stage a possible. pon republican side new hampshire premains anyone's game. olling there showing about half pthe voters are still undecided pheading into tuesday's primary. pnews. pour political editor craig atrick will map the road to new phampshire this sunday night at olitics. p>> atlas 5 rocket successfully plaunched aefrlier today. pit's carrying a military psatellite into space. pit's the final piece of the 12 psatellite series. pthe project will upgrade gps psatellite capabilities of the pair force this was a first out p2016 cape canaveral. panother launch scheduled next pweek out of california. pred. pit's all for a very good reason. pthis is national wear red day. pand it's to raise awareness pabout women and heart disease.
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pneed to know plus jim is pfracking some cooler ptemperatures. phey jim. phey there i'm sure you noticed pthose much cooler temperatures pthis morning. pcold front swung through the pair. pwe had rain last night cleared pout schools through overnight phours also brought in some much, pmuch colder temperatures. pwe saw the 30s, and the 40s. pwe've got more active weather pover next couple of days.
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pgoing to wikileaks founder julian assange should be set free. this, according
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pthis according to unit nations anel which says at wanted man phas arbitrarily detained in pembassy in london. pfox benjamin hall is in london pwith more. p one step clo ever to leaving pecuadorian embassy in london. pa un panel routing we can leaks pfounder has arbitrarily detained pdecember 2010. p>> being detained now, without pcharge in this country, united pyears. pthat's five and a half years pwhere ooi had great difficulty pseeing my family asaung taking prefuge in june 20ths 12 in an peffort to avoid extradition to psweden. pwhere prosecutors want to pquestion him over rape pallegations that he denies pseparate criminal investigation premains open in the u.s. p>> i consider the outcome this pthis case to be indication. pswedish and british authorities
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pit's not legally binding. pbritish foreign secretary hillip calls the decision pridiculous. phe can come out on on to avement any time he chooses. phe's not being detained by us. pbut he will have to face justice pin sweden. phe chooses to do so. putahs the right that he should pnot be able to justice no pcharges have been filed against phim in sweden an international parrest warrant remains in place. pin london benjamin hall, fox pnews. p a new case of the zika virus pis being confirmed in phillsborough county. pthat makes the three. pand total of 12 throughout our pstate. pgovernor rick scott already pannounce ad state of emergency pand discussed his plan of paction. pthe governor is asking cdc for pmore testing kits for sri can pvirus. pflorida has less unanimous 500. pthe state just bought 4 thousand pmore and governor scott asked pcdc to put a rush on a thousand pof those. ptesting would focus on pregnant
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pthe virus has linked to rare pbirth defect causing babies to pbe born with abnormally small pheads and brains. p this is national wear red pday. pthe 13th year the american heart passociation has been raising pawareness and thanks in part to ptheir efforts 90 percent of pwomen have made at least one phealth behavior change. pand death rates for women have pdecreased by more than 30 ercent. pdr. jo is here with us today to pdiscuss coronary disease in pwoman i know during your career pyou've seen some changes. pwhat should women know. pthat's true we've seen lots of pchanges. pgood news half of women have pchanged their diet. pthey've increased exercise. pweight. pbut when it comes to younger pwomen there is still work to be pdone. pwomen between the ages of 35 and p55 have not seen the same pdecline in death rates. pit's an especially true in pafrican american women. pthey tend to have more rediabetes, obesity and perhaps punder treated medical problems. pnow dr. theresa she's been
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pfor more than a decade. pshe says women need to realize ptheir symptoms may be different pthan those of men. p>> unusual or overwhelming pfatigue. pcould be flu-like symptoms. pjaw. pvery unusual. pbreath. pso my message would be to pay pattention to any risk factor pthat seems unusual and not delay pseeking care. pthat's really so important. pshe also says the reason the psymptoms may be different is pbecause unlike men, the small pblocked. pso sfoms are going to be more peasier to miss. pand linda to make matters even pworse when women have heart pattacks they are less likely to phave changes on their ekgs that pevents. pwow, jo i didn't know either one pof those last two things. pthat good to know. pany other specific concerns?
12:15 pm
papparently dr. becky says that pshe is concerned about the care pthat women get after their heart pattacks. pthat include cardiac rehab. papparently lots of insurance pcompanies don't cover it. pit may be skipped. pso you need to try to do psomething else to kind of psubstitute. revention also very critical. pbecause we don't know why pyounger women seem to do so pattacks. pthey and really all women, need pto try and stay healthy. pso again, it means exercise, pdon't smoke. pdiet, watch blood sugar. pblood pressure. pand of course your weight. pand dr. becky mentioned one more pthing. pshe said in those young women, pit seems like psychological and psocial stress may play a much pbigger role in their risk. pand linda, i guess it might be ptime for more women to embrace pmeditation, yoga and other ways pwith to cope with stress. pvery good idea. pwe take on so much. pall right. pthank you dr. jo. pand i've post ad link to pamerican heart association on my pfacebook page, if you're wearing
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icture on my page look for you can also ptweet me at linda hurtado fox. panother round of snow makes for pa messy commute in the tri-state parea this morning. pvisibility very poor. proads slippery. pthey can get 3 to six inches of pconnecticut. psome parts of long island could psee even eight inches. pnational weather service issued pa winter weather advisory for pseveral states. pby the way, we want to give pshout out to our jim weber on pthis national weather person's pday. palong with dave osterberg, plindsay milbourne, mike bennet pand paul dellegatto. pthey keepal us an in check daily pyou have your own day, jim. pwhat are you going to do on this pnational weather person's day? phang out with me for next 45 pminutes. pyeah. pwe're going to lunch later. p>> yeah sure i guess i have to ptreat too if it's your day p>> yeah. pyou know it's such a huge day i pgot confused i thought it was pyesterday. pi was going around. pwell nobody is saying anything. phow about that. pyou felt slighted.
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pbetter day for it anyway. pwe're looking a nice beautiful pgorgeous. pcooler temperatures. pand nice thing is cool ptemperatures if you like the pcool weather, it's going to stay paround for a while. pso you look outside right now, pwhat a gorgeous looking view pcompared to what we saw pyesterday. pa lot of clouds heading towards pthe fair. pnot just a picture perfect day. pdeep blue skies. pa bit on cool side right now pwe're sitting in mid 50s. pyou bundle up and just a pgorgeous day. pso, not a big problem there. plook at the morning lows this pmorning here in tampa we're all pway down to 45 degrees. p43 for wesley chapel. pwe did have some 30s into pnorthern citrus county. pcrystal river at 39 degrees. pyou can see that influence of pthe water. pwhich is currently running in pthe lower 60s. pso st. petersburg, just a touch pwarmer through the overnight phours at 49 degrees this morning pso outside right now we're at 56 pdegrees. pthat dew point, it's come down a plot.
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pwe're talking about how humid it pwas outside. pwith that number up around 70, p71. pnow the dew points at 25. pso a much dryer air mass over us pwhich really feels very nice poutside. pso 56 here in tampa. pwesley chapel we're here at 55. pbrooksville has a 58. pnew port richey 56 degrees. pdown towards bradenton, 57. pand sarasota checks in at 58 pdegrees. pwhat a cold front this has been. pswept through last thieth. pso we're running between about p19 to up to about 25 degrees pcolder compared to this time pyesterday. pthat's a pretty significant cold pfront in just shows you what pchange and a what huge cold pfront that really was that moved pon through the area. pand also continuing to bring pdown much cooler temperatures. pbecause you see these winds. pall coming out primarily pnortherly direction. pjust helping to usher in more of pthat cool dry air that dew oints across the state, teens
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pa little bit more moisture down pto sour out. pstill you head down across psouthern part of the state dew oints in 40s, 50s it feels very pcomfortable outside. pand that's going to be the case pa we head through weekend. pwe're watching that front which pcontinues to slowly work its way paway. pwe've got that area of low ressure moving across atlantic pstates and that high is moving pin. pwhich will continue to keep us pclear for today. palthough some clouds will start pto work it is their way back in pby late tonight and tomorrow. pnot a problem. pbecause we'll see still, mild ptemperatures during the day. pbut cool during the overnight phours. plook across the northeast. pyou can see the snow, look at pthat, picking up a couple of ptwo, three inches of snow across pthe mid atlantic states. pup into the northeast. pthen that cooler air will pcontinue to just kind of filter pin across the eastern half of pthe country as we go through the pweekend. pso watch that high, that shifts pon towards the east. pwe're watching another area of
12:20 pm
pthat, that will give us showers pfor late tomorrow, tomorrow pnight. pmainly down to our south. pthen reinforces that cool air pover us into next week. ploads of sun for today, daytime phigh 59 degrees. pfor tonight a few clouds around, povernight low of 46 degrees. pthen for tomorrow, we will see pmore clouds around. pmaybe an isolated shower late in pthe day. pdaytime high of 60 degrees. phigh tide comes up 1:43 this pafternoon. pthere's a small craft advisory pout for today. psee winds, they will stay up pthroughout weekend as well. phere's that seven-day forecast. pslight chance of a couple pshowers for saturday evening. pbut notice those temperatures pthey stay on the cool side all pthe way through the middle of pnext week, linda. pthank you jim get ready for psupernatural scares tonight on pfox. psleepy hollow returns.
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pfor fans when we co3 3 good news for fans of the fox television series "sleepy hollow." the popular show pgood fuse news for fan fox. opular shows returns tonight's pjulie has a preview for you. pthe supernatural scare action acked thrills and century jump pjokes of sleepy hollow return on pfox. pthe story picks up where the mid pseason finale left off. pwith a big question over abbey pmills's fate. pwe left at the mid season finale preally big cliff hanger with a pabbey seemingly sacrificing pherself and rest of sleepy phollowworld entire. pso we're definitely going articular picking up with
12:22 pm
p>> stars lindsay greenwood and pzach appleman say they love at pthe heart of show really strong prelationships. p>> my favorite thing about psleepy hollow along side all psupernatural wild crazy pelementsths rooted in really, preally strong realistic prelationships with abbey and pcrane and jenny and joe. plet's be honest. pa major part of sleepy hollow is pthe monsters. pask i & i love monsters. pso that's actually one of my pfavorite parts. pthey shared a fun behind the pscenes fact about their monster pco-stars. pthe guys who they bring in, and pgirls sometimes to play the pmonsters, are always like the pnicest people in the world. pso you'll see them onset and pthey are like grotesque phorrible, they are like six foot p5 and terrifying you meet then pthem in lunch line have you ptried chicken great behind scene hotos just sort of half dressed
12:23 pm
p>> and an expectant old demon. pwe do see kin dred. pthat's was big fan. pso i'm i'm really happy to bring pthat back. pand jersey devil. pjersey devil. palways been an awesome contrary pto accounts colonial not stupid. pfind out what's in store as psleepy hollow airs friday on pfox. pin new york, julie banderas, fox pnews. p we're expecting statement pfrom president obama about the peconomy.
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pwhen3 fox 13 investigates claims that state leaders are crushing the working poor.. pfox 13 investigates claims it pstate leaders around crushing pthe work working poor they fall pbehind this their cart payments pand lose their drivers licenses pa punishment. pmany times there are debts are pinfractions often have little or pnothing to do with driving
12:25 pm
pour chief investigator craig atrick found out why. p>> this is a bird sally is four pyears old and love her book of pfairy tales. phe just kissed her. pand her parents love her. pcelebrating is important. peverybody's happy. pmore than anything they want to pmake her happy and nine-year-old pson and their new son they are pexpecting next month. p>> we just skipped a page. pand an agreed to a pay around p$5,000 around small claims pcourt. pi put in half payments from pthere i lost my job. p>> with no job, he fell behind pon his payments, so the state pyanked his driver's license as unishment. phe said he could not find work. pand a kids played for him on ptheir birthday and christmas. p>> last year we couldn't provide
12:26 pm
pchristmas is main one. pkids get excited. pthat is dismissed suspect. pwe first met him in traffic pcourt a watched him for beg for phis license p>> i have no criminal record. pi have an associate's degree. pit's real painful. pi mean to was tonight provide pand not be able to. pit's difficult. p>> i'm going to take it out of pcollections. pthe state also suspended his plicense because he could not pafford fee and court costs for pimproper tag and no proof of pinsurance. phe's a navy veteran and pcommercial truck driver or at pleast he was in the they took phis license three years ago. p>> i don't care how good you pare, you ain't go not license he plost his job and times lost his phealth. pi was in the hospital stomach pfull of blood. p>> this courthouse is filled pwith similar stories of people pwho struggle with money then pfell behind and lost their pdriving privileges as a result.
12:27 pm
pwant to go oh payment plan it's p40 percent to go on payment man. pstate senator says florida pshould ashamed because it psqueezing working poor until pthey can't drive to work then plose it all. p>> it was an additional way to enalize. pbut what it has become is way to pfund the court system. pand that's what i find so phorrendous about what has phappened. pstate records show florida psuspended more than million plicenses last year. pmore than 578,000 for failing to ay fines. p>> they thought courts need to pbe fund so let courts raise pfines and fees. pthe people who can pay the fines pand fees and costs just do it pand get on with their lives. pthey don't lose their licenses. pso it's affecting the very poor. p>> many times it has nothing to pdo with driving at all. plast year the state yanked plicenses from nearly 4 thousand pstudents for skipping school or ossessing tobacco. arents can pmuch more.
12:28 pm
p>> i definitely think it should. pi think there's got to be a pbalance here somewhere. p>> the center will be in order psenator is trying to change the plaw. pand torrez is still trying to pget his license back because his pappeal did not play out as he phad hoped. ponly thing going on with small pclaims, child support or panything i can't touch ordeal pwith. pit's really frustrating. pseven for reform bill scheduled pto to go into committee next pweek. pwhen while state driver's plicense suspension across pflorida and offered some art palternatives you can rethat full pstate report on punder seen on tv. p>> a fox news alert president pobama is giving a state pstatement regarding economying. plet's go to the white house and plisten in. p>> our businesses added more pjobs than any time since the p1990s. pmost importantly, this progress pis finally starting to translate
12:29 pm
pover past six months wages have pgrown at there's fattest rate psince the crisis. pand policies that i'll push this pyear are designed to give worker peven more leverage to earn raise pand promotions. pso unemployment deficits, gas rices are all down. pjobs, wages, and the rate of the pinsured are up. pi should mention by the way that psince i signed obama into law pnearly 18 million americans have pgained coverage and our pbusinesses have created jobs pevery month since on net all of pthem full time jobs. pso as i said, my state of union paddress, the united states of pamerica right now has the pstrongest, most durable economy pin the world. pi know that's still inconvenient pfor republican stump speeches as
12:30 pm
lays in new hampshire. pi guess you cannot please peverybody. pthat does not mean that we don't phave more work to do. pthere is softness in the global peconomy. pchina's going through a ptransition. peurope's economy is still slow. pa lot of emerging markets are pchallenged. pso that's all creating head pwinds for a lot of u.s. pcompanies who do business poverseas. pit makes it more difficult for pus to sell exports. pso we've got to pay attention to pthis and take some smart steps pthis year to continue progress. pand we also have to do more to pmake sure that the progress that pwe do make is broadly based and pimpacting folks up and down the pxhk scales. pbudget that i sent to congress pon tuesday is going to make sure pthat we can continue that rogress. ptalking down the american peconomy by the way does not make pthat progress. pmy budget's going to offer more popportunities for americans to
12:31 pm
ptraining that they need for a pgood paying job. pit will autograph new ideas for pbenefits and protection that is rovide folks with basic sense pof security. pwe'll create more good paying pjobs, not by a sub dieing the ast but by investing in the pfuture. pthat's why we're going to be lacing a big emphasis on clean penergy, private sector solar pjobs for example or growing 12 ptimes faster than the rest of pthe economy. pand new pay better than average. pthat's one reason why my budget pis going to double our pinvestment and clean energy presearch and development. pthat's going to help businesses pcreate more jobs faster, going pto lower the cost of clean penergy faster, it's going to phelp renewable compete with pdirty fuels across america in a pmore effective way. pthose are some of the steps that pare going to make sure our pfuture is even stronger. pfuture that is worthy of the phard work ask determination of
12:32 pm
pthe progress we've made going pfrom 10 percent down to under 5. pthat's at testament to american pworkers, american businesses, pthe american people being presilient and sticking to it. pand my hope is that, rather than phinder or progress we're going pto continue to help them make rogress. pwith that enjoy the super bowl pi'm not telling you my pick. pbecause the bears aren't in it. pbut i'm hoping for around great pgame. pwith that josh, is he back pthere? pjosh, take it away. p>> seem to imply you don't get penough credit. plet me take a couple questions. pwhy not? pjust what the heck. pi'm in a good mood,ths friday. pit's friday. pso, you were implying yesterday pin a joking way that you don't pget enough credit
12:33 pm
p>> okay. pso wher you again referring just pnow to republican and their pmessage? p>> all right the president is ptaking questions now. pyou've listening to him give a pstatement on the economy. pwall street by way talking pgovernment latest jobs report pand fox's lauren simonetti has pmore on that in the midday pmarket report. p>> the january jobs report lands pwith a thud u.s. employers phadded 151 thousand jobs last pmonth, education, temperatures pand temporary worker, but hired pother in manufacturing, retail pand food services. pthe unemployment rate dipped to p4.9 percent low's level since pearly 2008 and wages jumped two pand a half percent to about $25 pan hour. pzika fear haves bug spray maker repping for an expected pincrease in demand. ps c johnson maker of off plans pto have factory running full pcapacity by end of the month
12:34 pm
prepel, has received request pretail partner to move orders up pat least 30 americans have been pdiagnosed with the zika after preturning home from countries pthat have had outbreaks. pfrom runway to your closet in a pclick of a button luxury retail pbur berry will let customers buy pitems off catwalk. pcompany says move closes the gab pbetween fashion shows and retail paccess. pshoppers can start surfing bur pberry runways in september. pthat's business. pfor more log on to pin new york, i'm lauren psimonetti. pone colorado school won't pcelebrating denver broncos just pahead of super bowl.
12:35 pm
just days away... p the sup sup bowl may be just pday was fans in one colorado pschool aren't celebrating. pthat's because a students are pnow banned from wearing payton pmanning jerseys. anthers fan. pjersey aren't allowed on campus pbecause of the number on it. pthe district has a strict dress pcode which prohibits students pfrom wearing certain numbers. pthat that is because gang passociations and mannings number p18 just happens to be one of pthose numbers. olicy now has some mixed previews. p>> i have number 18 jersey. pit's kind of bad when i can't pwear it to school. pi know there are lot of football pfans and really excited this pyear but it's unfortunately just pa safety issue. p>> go embryo broncos. pthey can make an exception just pthis one time if you would i'm psure everybody would appreciate pit. p>> by way rule was put in place pa year before manning joined the
12:36 pm
pif you drive drunk you simply ut around short sighted utterly puseless oxygen wasting human pford of pollution. p>> wow. pi wonder how she really feels. pso all star advice for super pbowl weekend. pdon't drink and drive this pbudweiser commercial star helen pmirren is pretty impressive. pfoou not convince budweiser has pgreat offer they will give you pfree ride home. ptow to go program returns this pweekend a tow truck driver to ptake you and your vehicle panywhere within ten-mile radius pthe program starts today and it pends at 6:00 a.m. on monday pmorning. phere's a live look outside right pnow of the fairgrounds. pmeteorologist jim weber will phave another check on your
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pbrand new restaurant here called pgray salt. pnot only a fantastic place to peat but brain child of one pcelebrity chef mark murphy. pwell done. pcongratulations on the new pspace. pwell thank you very much. p>> why tampa? pwhy here? pwhy gray salt? pi mean seminole hard rock are pjust fantastic a great partner pin doing a projects like this. pthey invited me down. psaw the area that they said what pdo you want to do mediterranean, pof course the gulf great fish pand great seafood coming out of pthere. pgreat produce here. pmy background i was born in pitaly my grandparents were pfrench. pi grew up a lot in europe. pit was sort of i wanted to just ptake all of these flavors in pmediterranean and bring them to ptampa. pit's, it's really cool to have pyou here. pyou made name for yourself in pnew york. eople from chopped i'm sure. pbut to have your pedigree in ptampa bay, that's, that's good
12:40 pm
pwhen i first came down here and pstarted checking food scene phere. pgetting pretty amazing down phere. pyou've got great chef and great prestaurants. pi thought well, let me come down pand see if i can help out and do psomething hi moo self. ptell me about menu at gray salt. pgray salt is a finishing salt a psalt that used a lot in pmediterranean it is gray. pa great crispy sort of crunchy pwhen abite into if appear great, pgreat finishing salt. pwe use a lot menu lamb flat pbreads sort of a reference to pthe northern part of africa, in psense, in that area spices warm pspices that go into that lamb pdish, then we've go the you know plike just plain grilled gulf pshrimp with a little rub. pwhich is a recipe my grandmother pused to make all the time when i pwas a kid. pso sort of reference that. pso much fun we took everything pon top of wood and coal. pwhat do you want to let's do
12:41 pm
pthought they were going say no. pcan we do wood burning and try pthey said sure, whatever you pwant. pi was like really? pi mean so we bought these two pgrilles with rotisserie. pwe rotisserie the chicken brine pit. pgorgeous gorgeous stuff. pthen you've got great room here pnice little private room you can phold function charity events or pwedding parties or whatever. pwe've already done a fair pamount. ponly been open three months i pthink we use this room at least ptwice or three times a week. pwe did a little wine dinner last pnight. psurrounded by wine. psurrounded by wine. pwe love wine. pi love wine. pin new york, we don't even do pwines by glass there we only do phalf bottle and full bottles pwe're big believer in half pbottles. pnobody really wants a glass of pwine. pthere's two and a half. pso what the heck. pwhat are you going to have? p>> you got a full bottle pcocktails, and a tell everybody pwhat's inside there. pthat is barrel aged type of a pdrink.
12:42 pm
pof you take begin out and put pbourbon on there it's fantastic. plunch and dinner seven days a pweek. pabsolutely. pgray salt a great place. pyour best bet at the casino. pi guarantee you come and enjoy. pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. p thank you, charley. pso today, is just gorgeous jim. pi did hoping for something psimilar to fair day tomorrow. pwe're all going to be there pbetween 11 and one greeting peverybody our fans. pam i going to get anything close pto this gorgeous day? p>> you know a the good part of pday is not going to bad probably pa few more clouds. pit will be cool. pgoing to be rain free. pbut once we get towards the pevening hours. pthat's when we might see a plittle bit of rain heading in pthere. pbut still, you know, be sure to pcome out. pgoing to be a fun time. peverybody from fox 13 going to pbe out there from 11 to p1 o'clock at the florida state pfair. plook outside right now what pgorgeous looking today. pthere you see bright blue skies. pbeautiful there. pyou can tell it is a bit on the pwindy side.
12:43 pm
pwaves you can see got a little pmore height on those waves pthere. pa little more surf. pnot too many people out there. pjust because that temperatures pthe air temperature running in pthe 50s right now. poutside right now we're at 56 pdegrees. pdew points at 25. pso a much dryer air mass has pworked under the circumstances pway down state. pthat humidity is gone. phumidity in fact is at 30 ercent. pwinds are currently out north, pnortheast the 7 miles an hour. pbut we have seen some gusts. pfrom time to time. p57 for wesley chapel crist will priver is 57 as well brooksville p58 degrees. pst. petersburg your 54. pclearwater, at 55. pyou head down to bradenton down pinto sarasota. pboth sitting currently at 58 pdegrees. pcold front last night into pevening hours. pby say about 9, 10 o'clock last pnight, rain was basically done. pwe had to get clearing skies povernight hours. pand now the cool temperatures pare here.
12:44 pm
pbetween 19 up to about 25 pdegrees colder compared to this ptime yesterday. pand with the winds still coming pout northerly direction. pgoing to continue to reinforce pthat cooler and drier air over pus. pwe stay cool forrest of today. pin fact we're going to stay cool pinto next week. pthen we've got front sitting now pdown to our south. phigh pressure is working its way pinto much the southeast. pyou can you can see lot of clear pskies. pthat area of low pressure, pthat's working its way away from pus. pwhat we're watching is down to pour south. pyou do see some clouds across pthe southern gulf of mexico. pwe'll see yet another area of plow pressure impulse that will pride along that boundary. pand then that that will bring pclouds and some showers, mainly pdown to our south. pbut it will be close enough to pus that can't rule out maybe a pfew showers as we get into late ptomorrow. pthat's why we will keep that prain chance in there. pthere you see high pushes on ptowards the east increasing pclouds for tomorrow afternoon.
12:45 pm
ressure, that will just kind of pexplode and work its way up the peast coast. pfor us just a slight chance of a pcouple of showers. ploads of sun for today, daytime phigh 59 degrees. pthen for tomorrow, a little bit pon the for tonight rather, a plittle bit on chilly side with povernight low of 46 degrees. phere's the seven-day forecast. p20 percent chance of couple pshowers for late tomorrow. pand notice we just don't see pthat big rebound into warmer ptemperatures. pwe stay on cool side through pmiddle of next week.
12:46 pm
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pand lakeland, i had animal phospital hatch australian black pswan using inincubator. retty historic. pno documented cases of black pswan eggs being successfully pincubated. pthe city has tried before but pjust never worked out. pthe next big step is keeping pthese babies thriving. pthey haven't had any surviving pbabies in the past 7 years. psnow takes center stage in east pasia. pin japan thousands flock to pcountry snow festival. pevent feature mass have psculptures ice and snow one plargest exhibits is a model preplicating e ing h 5 train currently pin development. pflorida state fair has all the prides. pall the guilty food pleasures. pcarnival games you can think of. pbut at the heart of it all is pstill agriculture and livestock. pover the last 25 years, one erson is helped kids care for ptheir prize winning animals. pnow she's calling it a career pand will retire when this fair pis over.
12:49 pm
pservice in today's what's right pwith tampa bay. p>> hold your hand. pgotcha. pshe's no stranger to at pagriculture chao ur world. pi was born in agriculture. pi married a young man in pagriculture. pwe raised our kids in pagriculture. pafter 25 years, she is retiring pas director of a gri business at pthe florida state fair. pit's been awesome. pi've been so fortunate for work pin a job that i truly love. pshe grew up on a farm in iowa. pher family moved to hillsborough pcounty in 1960. pwe've got another one, if you pwant to put it up someplace. p67-year-old farm enthusiast pjoined the fair in 1990 and has pbeen there ever since. pwe've got to be able to work phere in fair livestock option. pthis is from cattle woman's passociation. pshe won numerous awards but most roud of the woman of the year
12:50 pm
pshe received it in 1999. pshe starts her day at 8:00 a.m. pand it doesn't end until p11:00 p.m. pso glad you're here. pwe couldn't do this without you pyou know that don't you? pnot to get up go to work in way pgoing to be kind of sad but fun ptoo. pi worked with her more than 20 pyears ago. pwhen i was a guest auctioneer pfor the fair. pagriculture is important to peverything from clothes you wear pto food thank you aeat. pshe's proud of the work she's pdone to improve the fair's pagriculture department. pi loved it. pbeen an agreed ride. pit has. psorry. pbut it has. phow nice don't forget to meet us pout at the florida state fair pthis weekend. pfox 13 tent will be up tomorrow pas 11 o'clock to 1:00 p.m. pwe'll be in the south dome. pyou can come see me and jim and peveryone else here a fox 13.
12:51 pm
pand the weather is holding out ptoday. pyou said it will be nice robably at 11 o'clock. pa little chilly. plight layers. pa little chilly bring your pjacket still a good looking day. pyou can see gorgeous out there pright now. psitting a 58 degrees. pjust a bright blue sky. pyou cannot beat a view like pthat. p7 day forecast, might get a pcouple showers by late tomorrow pafternoon into the evening. pbut notice you just not seeing pthat big warm up so if you like pcooler temperatures, it looks plike they will stick around for palleges while. pexcuse to wear sh sweaters. pyes finally get them out. pthanks, jim. pnews doesn't end here we will pkeep posting latest all day on twitter and pfacebook. lus look for more news, weather
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