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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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@ @ @an overnight shooting leaves one @person dead, seven others hurt @at a strip club in tampa. @the latest on the investigation. @plus, a great first year on the @field for jameis winston. @now he will have something else @to boost his confidence heading @we will explain. @ the republican candidates @face off once again tonight. @>>announcer: from tampa bay's @number one news station, this is @"good day tampa bay." @>> alcides: good morning, @everyone, welcome to "good day @tampa bay." @7 a.m. on this saturday morning.
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@i think a sing is off but we @have lindsay milbourne with us. @>> lindsay: are you ready for @the state fair? @>> alcides: i think everybody @is ready. @yesterday was horrible but today @we have some time. @today, rain drops well. @start off the day cool, and @breaks in the clouds. @, and clouds will be thickening @up. @the live look over downtown is @looking pret geed. @now it the time to get out and @about. @grab the jacket. @wind will be lighter today but @windy by tomorrow. @as i take you through the @current temperatures. @these are new ones as of 7 a.m. @no major changes. @52 in st. petersburg. @46, crystal river. @49, winter haven. @and 49 in sarasota. @look at the clouds and eventual @look at the clouds and @eventually look at those light @returns, and see residentially @we will be dealing with some @sprinkles as early as midday, @but the clouds will move in @first. @here is look at sky tower and @the closest rain i have to show @you, 70 miles offshore. @not a lot of it just yet. @patchy light rain to start.
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@that 10 to 20% chance midday. @by 5 p.m., 40% and we should @start to see steady @start to see steadier but light @showers especially inland and @south. @only 61 today. @if you have big plans today, i @will look at future cast and you @can plan accordingly coming up. @ let's go to that developing @story we have been following all @morning long. @one person is dead. @seven others have been shot at @club rayne strip club on north @nebraska avenue. @fox 13's crystal clark is live @there at the keen. @she has been there for several @hours working very hard. @crystal, what can you tell news @is. @>> reporter: well, alcides, at @this point the body has been @removed from the club. @from what family and friends say @on scene is they believe this is @a 21-year-old man who was shot @inside this club. @he is the only one who died; @however, seven other people are @in the hospital this morning as @well from their injuries. @you can see this club behind me @on north nebraska avenue. @it is fairly small; however, @from what police are saying, @they believe there are close to @300 people inside at the time. @ shooting.
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@toward the door when someone @came inside shooting. @now a worker inside that club @tells us that this all happened @around 2:00 in the morning. @she tells me when she was in @there working toward the back of @the club, she saw someone come @inside, didn't see that person @get into any sort of @confrontation with others inside @the club; however, shortly @after, that person pulled out a @gun and started firing at @everyone inside. @that the point we are hearing @female. @we don't know if there was some @sort of issue between the people @who were shot. @seven people were taken from @this scene to a local hospital. @we are told an 8th person was @later found to be one of the gun @later found to be one of the @gunshot victims from here at @another hospital. @that person actually had friends @and someone drive them to @another hospital nearby. @now at this point, tampa police @are really just looking for @leads. @they tell us they do not have @any suspects arrested as of yet @this morning. @they tell us there are a lot of @unanswered questions in terms @of, again, why that shooting @happened.
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@people inside, someone had a @cell phone out. @they are hoping that someone was @rolling, captured some sort of @video of that suspect to help @them find them this morning. @there is at least one vehicle @here on scene that i have seen @police officers guarding @throughout the morning. @they won't tell me for sure if @this is a victim or a suspect's @car; however, that is something @that appears to be of interest @to the officers own scene. @now the club owner or at least @someone who work there is have @come outside within the last few @minutes to pick up some of the @debris scattered out front. @we will try to get a hold of him @within the next few minutes. @and alcides, we will let give it @back to you. @>> alcides: alex who is in the @producer booth found video of @what and to be early this @morning inside of club rayne. @people were trying to find out @if people were shooting video. @we want to let you know that it @is available online and i am @sure those detectives are @working hard to find out. @>> reporter: definitely, @alcides.
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@video and unclear if that exact @moment was caught. @that is something that they are @looking at. @>> alcides: we will check back @with you in about 25 minutes or @so. @thank you. @ tampa bay police are on the @scene of a fatal stabbing @situation not too far away from @where crystal was at a short @time ago. @took place 11:00 last night on @east 20th avenue. @police is a suspect in custody. @traffic in both directions at @east floribraska avenue have @been shut down as this @investigation continues. @big news for one buc at least, @the first-round draft pick has @proved to be a big winner. @we know that. @jameis winston has just been @named this year's nfl pepsi @rookie of the year. @the award is voted on by fans @via @stwhoin a great rookie year @passing for 4,000 yards, 22 @touchdowns. @both franchise records by a
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@the week in weeks two, five and @eleven. @keep in mind that winston is @also a canned for the associated @press offensive rookie of the @tonight. @good luck. @we are learning more of the two @la planes that collide over the @ocean off the coast of @california. @the coast guard said three @people were on board when the @planes collided. @they do not believe anyone @survived. @no word yet on the cause of that @crash, but investigating @crash, but investigators say @both pilots were experienced. @ meanwhile, over in taiwan -- @have you seen this? @a strong earthquake has left at @least 11 people dead including a @newborn this morning. @the magnitude 6.4 tremor caused @17-story high-rise complex to @just collapse and you can see @the damage there. @so far 221 people have been @rescued. @it is feared that more people
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@ and later on tonight, seven @of the eight republican @candidates for president will be @back on stage tonight in new @hampshire. @we are just three days away @before people there head out to @vote. @carly fiorina is the only @candidate who will not be on @stage. @she is failed to meet the @mandatory requirement to be part @of that event. @the former hewlett-packard ceo @harshly criticized the political @system and called it rigged @after she was cut out. @meanwhile, florida senator marco @rubio is picking up more @endorsements. @just last night on fox news's @"greta" he earned another from @former presidential candidate @and governor of louisiana, bobby @jindal. @>> he can unify our party and @win this election in november. @we can not afford four more @years of.president's disastrous @policies. @>> alcides: always follows @marco rubio's better-than @marco rubio's @better-than-expected finish in @iowa. @he will be hope @he will be hoping for a good
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@tuesday. @ there is a saying during the @new hampshire primaries, if you @want to know what is going to @happen, all you have to do is go @to belknap county. @kind of interesting in 2012 and @2008 @2008, belknap mirrors the @statewide republican results @within one point. @>> donald trump still has my eye @eye. @chris christie still has my eye. @if jeb bush were higher in the @polls, we have my eye. @>> alcides: belknap has a @healthy economy and the region @is plagued by drugs and income @disparity between wealthy @landowners and hourly work hers. @ehow this works out. @ a big event in clearwater @clearwaterwater and implications @show that some of the people in @it have a chance to go to the @olympics.
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@we will sit down with one of the @sailors coming you next and @explain what it means for the @city of clearwater. @ and around tampa bay this @morning, 7:8. @it is on the cool side. @still somewhat bright out there. @sundayrise is on the works. @eventually giving away to light @rain. @47 brookdale, bayshore with a @east wind. @pushing 60, 61. @there are those shower icons at @5 p.m. with the 40% rain chance, @but if you have plans this @morning, don't be too concerned @with the rain later today. @a live look at our satellite and @radar imagery.
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@ @ starting tomorrow, they are @fast and sleek and they will be @in the olympics. @we are talking about some of the @fastest sailboats in the world. @here to talk more about this is @john craig, the c he shall o of @sail life. @he brought along the u.s. @sailing team representative. @gentlemen, thank you for being @with us. @>> thank you. @>> alcides: big event happening @the next couple of days in @clearwater. @talk a little bit about that. @john, i will let you start off. @what is this all about? @>> we have three world @championships and three u.s. @olympic trials that will be @occurring. @and clearwater racing starts on @tuesday and will finish next @sunday. @all the teams are currently @practice @practicing and training there, @and we will try get the racing @as close as we can to pier 60. @and as i say, it will be going @over the -- next week. @>> and this is for -- because -- @you are part of the u.s. sailing @team.this is for elimb pick @qualifications, right? @>> we have three class here's as
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@the two-person had men's boat, @the 49er, the two person's women @the 49er, the two person's @women's vote the 49 fx and the @mixed boat. @this will be the event who will @determine in those three boats @will go to the olympic games @this summer. @>> alcides: we have video of @the sailboats. @they are incredible. @incredible. @to see what you -- your team can @do on these things. @how many countries are involved @in all of this? @>> we have go over 35 countries @right now that you are in this @event. @and over 380 sailors. @and the big part for the area @for clearwater is that the -- @the exposure that we are now @getting internationally for what @is an incredible sailing venue @that has been underutilized. @>> alcides: why? @why is that? @>> something the infrastructure @over the last 10, 20 years has @kind of deteriorated and a
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@chivas and the city of @clearwater has kind of jumped in @and embraced this, and we are @now seeing international teams @train in clearwater throughout @the year in the winter. @teams from germany, spain, @canada. @>> alcides: it is really @interesting. @>> they all come down and train. @>> alcides: starts tuesday but @goes all week, several days. @you can see it out there on @tuesday. @i am running out of time. @it starts tuesday and what while @it starts tuesday and what time @we going to see best viewing. @>> best viewing pier 60, @>> best viewing pier 60, 12:00 @to 4:00 and the last three days @are kind of the medal race days, @the critical ones, next friday, @saturday and sunday. @>> alcides: next friday, @saturday and sunday. @the qualifications themselves i @guess? @>> yes. @>> alcides: going to be awesome @>> alcides: going to be @awesome. @good luck to you and your team. @that will be awesome. @john, thank you so much for @being with us. @appreciate your time. @>> thank you. @>> alcides: all right, lindsay. @ . @>> lindsay: great thing they @are doing. @good luck to them.
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@going to be a little tricky @because first clouds, rain and @big winds tomorrow. @today, our winds out of @northeast at 13. @as we look east over the bay @from all children's hospital @cams. @in. @the official boating forecast @today. @winds out of north at about 15 @knots. @still a bit choppy. @go with a moderate chop today, @but by tomorrow, winds upwards @of 20 knots and seas upwards of @5 feet. @for today, clearly the winning @boating day. @live look over downtown show @more of those clouds as @advertised. @by the time we wrap up "good day @by the time we wrap up "good @day" at 10 a.m., more in the @waive cloudiness. @49 degrees. @the dew points are 41. @that is a slight uptick in our @moisture values and still pretty @dry. @we will wait to moisten up the @atmosphere before we bring in @any rain. @52 in st. petersburg. @48 in westchase. @47 in plant city. @inverness, dade city, @zephyrhills, all in a chilly 46. @50 in venice and englewood.
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@lakeland. @look at sky tower. @60 miles offshore, we have our @first signs of eventually that @pesky light shower set-up. @not until midday that we see our @first wave of sprinkles full, @offshore before it is pretty dry @offshore before it is pretty @dry. @a sprinkle falling apart west of @venice. @so what we are track something @that moisture streaming in from @the south and west, and we have @some lift in the atmosphere. @we eee ventual alley will. @the impuvls upper-level energy @through east texas that will @swing through as well, and all @this meets up, a 40% rain chance @the second half of the day. @start as sprinkles and end as @more measurable light rain. @chilly side. @we have 64 with all that sun @yesterday. @today we will have the clouds to @contend with, with with 60 more @degrees in tampa. @60 in st. petersburg, 63 in @venice. @70 highlands county and you may @be one of the wettest locations @later today. @let's discuss future cast. @clouds thickening, by lunchtime, @overdoing it.
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@patchy light showers. @as the afternoon rolls on, we @may see wave of steadier and @still pretty light rain inland @and south. @as the evening progresses while @you are sleeping we will get rid @of not only the rain but clouds @as we have low pressure @deepening. @not sunshine, upper winds and @keep us on the cool side. @in terms of rain, most of it @light and less than a quarter of @an inch. @that model kind of overdoing it. @today, 61. @sprinkles and light rain develop @sprinkles and light rain @develop. @clouds will thicken as well. @keep an eye on our sky tower @radar app. @a nice day ahead of the state @fair regardless of the rain. @45 for our low tonight which is @chilly with that rain that i @mentioned but the sun is back, @and the winds are back tomorrow. @57 for afternoon high. @our average high is 71. @and i mention on the water today @and i mention on the water @today, a moderate chop. @we have a high tide -- excuse me @low tide right now at 7:04 on @the st. pete pier. @the seven-day forecast is an @extended stretch.
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@another front gets us a few @showers and not until friday we @rebound to near average with @more sun and 70. @>> alcides: lindsay, thank you. @ police are calling the death @of six people inside a home a @targeted incident. @the motive @the incident could have occurred @during a robbery. @they found the bodies of six @family members, two men, two @women and two children. @police say it was possible that @one person was killed, and the @other five before taking his own @life. @there is no sign of forced entry @there is no sign of forced @entry. @the medical examiner's office @has ruled the deaths homicide. @ a sign of a murder of a @13-year-old girl in virginia say @she went to police with concerns @of the teen's inappropriate @relationship with an older man @before her death. @blacksburg middle schooler @carrie cook says 13-year-old @nicole lovell talked to guys on @social media and believed she
7:19 am
@boys online than at school. @cook said she was concerned when @she saw a screen shot of lovell @with a guy who looked older than @18. @she then went to a school @official to explain. @the resource officer told cook @her concerns who then looked @into them. @but about a month later, she @disappeared. @>> i remember this one guy. @he -- he looked older than 18. @and there were -- there were @dating, and -- it was -- screen @shots of how they were a cute @couple and how they were great @together. @>> 18-year-old david eisenhauer @has been charged with kidnapping @and first-degree murder of @lovell. @fellow virginia tech student @nicole keepers is under arrest, @accused of helping eisenhauer @body. @ hundreds of people attended
7:20 am
@respects for an arizona rancher @one of the armed citizens @involved in a standoff at a wild @involved in a standoff at a @wildlife refuge in oregon. @officers shot him during a @traffic stop along with -- along @a remote highway after they say @he reached for a loaded gun. @ a bizarre and freak accident @ a bizarre and freak @accident. @that is what investigators are @calling this in arizona after a @sinkhole left one man dead. @rescue workers worked through @the evening friday trying to @recover a dead body of a @farmworker found inside that @hole. @the 15-foot-wide hole formed as @the man was working, and @witnesses reported seeing him @get out of the truck and then @just disappear a short time @after that. @bizarre. @ release the details on their @silent war again the terrorist @group isis. @a social media company posted a @blog saying it has suspended @125,000 accounts on twitter @since the middle of last year.
7:21 am
@or promoted terrorist activities @or were linked to isis @supporters. @ coming up, the lightning are @on a hot streak at home. @last night they went up against @the pittsburgh penguins. @we will tell you how they did. @ a young coach at the
7:22 am
@unique coaching p (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
7:23 am
@ @ in sports this morning, the @lightning get you off to a great @start falling the all-star @break. @they beat the penguins 6-3. @some of the highlights. @palatn and scherman. @i think i pronounced that game @wrong, but that's right. @they scored and 8th consecutive @win at home. @congrats, boys. @the lightning will head over to @canada to play the ottawa @senators on monday night. @ the nfl former buccaneer @john lynch will find out tonight @if he will get into the him a. @he will be going up against the @bucs ring of honor next season @which is great news. @he is considered a long shot @though to make it to the hall of @fame next year. @ and former head coach tony
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@we are hoping too. @this is the third time he is on @the ballot. @the hall of fame voter also gath @the hall of fame voter also @gather in san francisco tonight @to determine who gets in and who @will not. @ an, of course, super bowl @weekend is officially hear. @the stadium is ready in santa @clara. @thousands of fans are spending @their days in super bowl city @taking in all of the nfl @experience. @it is always a lot of fun. @remember when it was here in @tampa. @less than 48 hours, the panthers @and the bronco also fight it off @for the title of the super bowl @champions. @the two teams got at least one @more practice in yesterday @before the big game. @got my money on the broncos. @ all right, kids, don't @always follow in their father's @footsteps but a dad does -- @usually what he does for work @doesn't necessarily work out for @the child, but in this case it @does. @fox 13's marissa lynn says this @daughter is following in her @father's footsteps. @>> reporter: before she ever
7:25 am
@kaley cutter's blood. @>> i don't even think i thought @about it at all. @it didn't cross my mind. @>> reporter: kaley never had to @think about it because it always @has been who she is. @>> i was more inclusive. @>> reporter: as a player of the @university of tampa from 2010-20 @university of tampa from @2010-2014, her teammates looked @to her for guidance. @>> i was definitely not an @impact player. @i didn't start. @i was a leader in the film room. @we had an all-american middle @and that was kaley, give me your @point. @>> reporter: even from a @distance, kaley's parents could @hear a coach in her voice. @>> i would talk to my dad on the @phone, and my mom boo tell me @that i -- he would get off the @phone and say, it is crazy how @much of a coach kaley sounds @like. @>> i think it is a natural for @her. @i think -- you say it is in the @blood lines, but, i think @growing up with a dad that just @thinks that way. @>> reporter: kaley's father know @>> reporter: kaley's father
7:26 am
@coaching. @>> gives me distinct pleasure to @introduce to you the new coach @of the tampa bay buccaneers. @rick cutter. @>> reporter: many think that she @followed in her father's foot @followed in her father's @footsteps, but he followed her @to tampa. @>> in november of 2014, and, @like, january 2015 is when my @dad game down as offensive @coordinator for the bucs. @that was like a cherry on top. @i was going to have family here. @>> reporter: reunited with her @family, kaley is relishing the @moment as she works her way up @of fulfilling her goal to be a @college volleyball coach. @>> i wouldn't change any of it. @it is definitely really surreal @and just enjoying every second @of it because hopefully, again, @i am going to start moving up @that ladder, and who know where @is that will take me. @>> reporter: working just a few @miles away from her dad these @days, there is a new closeness
7:27 am
@the cutters have become coaches. @>> i grew up wanting to be my @dad from the time i was very @little. @>> my dad would say that about @him and his dad and i said i @never even cross mind mind, but @as soon as i got into it and @really enjoyed it, i knew that @it is. @>> reporter: coach something @definitely in their blood. @marissa lynn, fox 13 sports. @>> alcides: pretty picture @there. @ just ahead we will take you @back live of the shooting at @that strip club are one is dead @and seven others are hurt. @the latest on a possible suspect @the latest on a possible @ gasparilla may be long gone, @but what about all those beads? @in this week's earth watch, @lindsey will show you how two @young kiin @up. @ the national pollsters blew @it, our fox 13 pollsters are in @national headlines this week for
7:28 am
@>> the polling we are doing is @showing cruz adding to his @numbers. @>> we will reveal pro i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy
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share your story. publix. where shopping
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leaving one person dead.. and at 7 others injured.. 3 fox 13's crystal clark has been following this story all morning long.. and joins us now live from tampa with the latest.. crystal
7:31 am
3 suspect? 3 3 3 3
7:32 am
@ @ @phone the moment that shooting @happened and they are hoping @that maybe they captured that @suspect in a recording. @they want anyone who may have @been inside this club to reach @out to them. @they are taking plenty of @witness statements. @they have removed the victim's @body from the scene as well; @however, seven people are still @in the hospital this morning, @you. @>> alcides: you may know the @answer to this but i have got to @ask. @do they have a suspect. @do they have a description? @do they know who they are @looking for? @what do we know about that? @are tight lipped about the @suspect. @description. @we don't know for sure at this @point if it is a male suspect; @however, people on the scene @tell us that a man is the one @that open fired. @at this point, they may have
7:33 am
@i heard family members saying a @name of a person out here on the @scene. @we are not going to repeat that @at this point because it is @unconfirmed. @people they have been @interviewing them so far have @been given them a few clues. @they don't want that person to @know that they are actively @searching for him. @in this point in the @investigation, they feel it is @best to keep that among police. @alcides. @. @>> could simply be he is one of @the victims that was shot @earlier. @we just don't know. @crystal clark, we will check @back with a you live in the next @hour. @ buccaneers quarterback jame @ buccaneers quarterback @jameis winston has been named @this year's nfl pepsi rookie of @the year. @the award is voted bone the fans @at @winston is a candidate for the @associated press offensive @rookie of the year. @that award will be named tonight @that award will be named @tonight. @ hillsborough county @officials have officially begun @their pitch to the tampa bay @rays.
7:34 am
@first time on friday to begin @laying out their vision for a @potential new stadium site. @hillsborough county board of @county commissioner ken hagan @said they didn't discuss @location or funding. @pinellas county commissioners @will make their case in the next @couple of months. @ 7:23. @-- 7:33. @grab a jacket. @out the door. @not as clear. @ clouds are on the increase @giving way to showers early as @midday. @50 at the florida state fair @50 at the florida state @fairgrounds. @what a great day to head out @there despite our rain chance. @it is low enough to leave the @umbrella at home. @52 degrees at our sirata beach @cam. @clouds thickening and to the @beach tomorrow with the clouds @back. @those winds we will have to @dodge. @59, sebring. @49 in tampa. @48 in brooksville. @running a little below our @average low of 53 degrees. @and as clear as it was @yesterday, we are going to do a @180. @into the afternoon those @sprinkles offshore make it into @our coastal counties first and
7:35 am
@that develops south of our area, @that develops south of our area, @with it by tonight, steady rain @inland. @still pretty light. @by tomorrow the sun is out. @we go from a 40% rains chance @and 61 and 57 and windy sunday. @not much milder non. @the week itself looks cool. @the seven-day in about ten @minutes. @>> alcides: looking forward to @it. @thank you. @ the pinellas county @sheriff's office took time of @their day friday to show their @appreciation to school crossing @guards. @the annual event recognizes @crossing guards with this year's @service, perfect attendance and @other special awards. @more than 100 crossing guards @took part in a ceremony. @one of the guards honored have @served the county for more than @20 years. @ and one man is dead and a @critical injuries this morning @after a shooting at the florida @mall in orange county. @police believe both victims were @shot in the parking lot. @a deputy says the injured teen @approached him while he was on @duty and then collapsed when he
7:36 am
@another man was found dead in @the vehicle and in the mall's @parking lot. @ two elderly passengers @recovering this morning after @their houseboat -- you can see @there -- crashed into a seawall @in melbourne. @authorities say the seas were @incredibly rough at the time of @the crash. @rescuers were able to get a 8 @rescuers were able to get a @81-year-old man and a @76-year-old woman out safely. @goodness. @they managed to tie the boat to @secure it, then broke a window @and pulled them to safety. @ well, it has been one week, @and gasparilla is now a distant @memory for some, but the beads, @they are still there, in the @grass and sadly in the water. @i met with two harbour island @residents who help the @environment by fishing for @gasparilla beads. h@the @earth. @>> reporter: the gasparilla
7:37 am
@and so are the colorful strands @of beads. @in the water. @most people miss. @>> reporter: in 2014, they start @>> reporter: in 2014, they @started a tradition of their own @started a tradition of their @own, fishing for gasparilla @beads. @>> so we were regular fishing @one day, and we saw some beads @on the beau bottom. @we decided to try to catch them @and our dad rigged up a special @-- a special smoobing just a @treble hook with a big weight on @it. @it goes all the waga @>> you think, yeah, you don't @even look. @the cast and reel like normal @fishing most of the time anyway. @>> reporter: the rods in their @favor. @they recruit friends to help out @too. @>> yesterday we caught about 10 @pounds. @we were out here for i would say @two and a half hours. @>> two and a half. @>> two and a half hours. @>> reporter: the beads concern @them. @>> arsenic, lead, cadnium and @really, really toxic for the @different animals.
7:38 am
@mistake the beads for food. @>> birds. @they like shiny things. @they will eat these and either @get poisoned or feel full and @not eat any real nutritious food @not eat any real nutritious @food. @we noticed a few dead fish @floating around here. @>> like a bullet earlier and we @saw -- @>> a red fish for something. @>> reporter: some of the bead @findings are shiny and new. @and others show their age. @>> at least five years. @probably some of these ten years @probably some of these ten @years. @they have barn kabuls on them @and worm she willle shells and @little baby oysters. @>> once you lose one species the @entire ecosystem can collapse. @>> sounds better than just @having them sitting there. @>> the ultimate goal stop @throwing beads into the water. @>> or make an alternative. @>> yeah, make an alternative. @>> lindsay: what a wonderful @thing those boys are doing. @they fish for beads year round @and they want to have a @gasparilla bead fishing @tournament. @how fun to get out with your @friends and fish out some of the
7:39 am
@>> i love, love that story. @lindsay, thank you. @animals. @what are we talking about. @course. @if you were planning on heading @out there, get ready to throw @those new year's diets out the
7:40 am
@isn't exactly quino a and kale. @ @ there is the food. @of course there is the fun. @we are talking about the florida
7:41 am
@that is the most popular burger. @the first weekend is under way @at the florida state fairgrounds @and this weekend so top of do @out there. @i am looking at this video @getting hungry. @i am looking that the table @getting very hungry. @laurie -- tell me your last name @laurie -- tell me your last @name. @>> hayes. @>> alcides: with the florida @state fair. @thank you for being with us. @>> i am happy to be here. @>> alcides: what is on the @table @>> the most popular thing is the @strawberry-stuffed amish @doughnut. @the sweetheart doughnut so @perfect for valentine's day. @>> alcides: a great idea, i @love that. @>> the amish baking company @which in sarasota. @a local favorite. @if that is too much for you, @they have regular doe nouts and @amish pretzel. @like a one-stop shop. @a twist on something that is @usually sweet is the funnel cake @pizza. @it starts with a traditional @funnel cake which is not sweet, @so it is okay.
7:42 am
@sauce and cheese and pepperoni @if you want it. @>> did you try. @delicious. @>> alcides: because i am @thinking there is no way i can @have it. @approval. @this is awesome. @this is more my speed than the @big monster burgers although @they are very popular too. @>> alcides: the popular burger @was the bacon and more bacon. @>> bombs in bacon. @rolled in bacon, topped with @bacon. @>> alcides: what should people @expect to see at the fairgrounds @this year. @>> once they get done eating. @[laughter] @-- we have a white house exhibit @with a bunch of memorabilia from @the kennedy era on up. @actual things as well as @replicas. @we have a butterfly exhibit @where people can go in and @actually see the butterflies. @>> alcides: no kidding. @>> they give you nesters and the
7:43 am
@see them. @>> alcides: sounds like fun. @>> we have a blues ledge end and @gary puckett and the union gap @and colt ford who has been @around a lot. @he is actually mixes country @music with rap. @>> alcides: that sounds unique. @11 days left. @how many days do we have left. @>> throughout 15th. @>> alcides: @. @>> alcides: makes it easy @through the 15th. @celebrating 112 years. @112 free events to go to. @florida state fairgrounds. @we will be out here today from @11 to 1:00. @lindsay, you will be out there @too. @signing some autographs. @saying hi to all of our amazing @fans. @>> we are looking forward to @that. @ weather-wise, if you were @coming to say hi to us, we would @love to see you, but make sure @you have the jacket. @going to be cool all day but @kins -- i am going to show you @my favorite state fair forecast @graphic. @through the day today, clouds @thickening, maybe a few @sprinkles and isolated shower @after lunchtime at the state
7:44 am
@the radar itself, fairly quiet. @cool and 61 this afternoon @pushing 50 this morning and tiny @sprinkles well offshore. @we will
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@ @ a quick check on today's top @stories. @a bold thief in pasco county is @wanted for stealing two trailer @wanted for stealing two @trailers. @william thompson broke into a @storage facility on land o lakes @boulevard in december and made @off with a trailer full of @tools. @we are told he used his employer @we are told he used his @employer's pickup truck to all @this away in tampa where he @stole apparently a second @trailer as well. @ the cdc is changing up its @guidelines to help stop the fast @guidelines to help stop the @fast-growing zika virus. @the agency says even though @sexually transmission of zika @virus is now possible, mosquito @bites remain the primary way @that the virus is transmitted; @however, they are now asking men @who lived in or traveled to an @area with active zika and have a @pregnant partner to abstain from @having sex. @ and this weekend in polk @county, you can go offroading @with the sheriff.
7:48 am
@sheriff judd at the ranch in @bartow. @i love this event. @it really is neat. @the nonprofit helps family @members of deputy @members of deputies to host @layer hives in the line of duty. @sheriff judd will be on hand for @all of the jeep racing, food, @vendors and camping. @i heard that event is awesome to @go to. @can you imagine? @jeeping with judd? @i mean the title itself sounds @fun. @all for a great cause as well. @he is something else. @especial. @>> lindsay: i love it. @>> alcides: my favorite guy. @speaking of favorite, cold this @morning? @>> lindsay: if you like the @cooler temperatures you will @like the weekend forecast. @we start cool, and bring in rain @later today though. @the thing about our set-up is @that the rain moving in, still @pretty light in nature. @we are not talking about a blast @of showers and thunderstorms, @but some rain out on the horizon @but some rain out on the @horizon. @and those clouds that have been @moving in while we are sleeping, @they are there. @making that irway for a lovely @view from downtown tampa. @it is 49 degrees. @north-northeast winds at 9. @clouds thickening up later this
7:49 am
@state fairgrounds. @the gates open at 9:00 today, @and cloudy because of the @weekend, and the fox 13 family @be there from 11 to 1:00 to meet @some of new person. @i think they are mainly dry @through that meet and greet, and @we will bring in some light, @pesky showers. @not enough to cancel your plans. @enough that at times, you will @be outdoors and some sprinkles @will be passing overhead. @52 in sebring, 50 in wauchula, @49 in sarasota. @52 in st. petersburg. @coolest north of the bay, and @slowly bringing in some moisture @slowly bringing in some @moisture. @dew points are back in the mid- @to upper 40s which is a low @number, but as the moisture ramp @number, but as the moisture @ramps up along with the clouds, @you guessed it, a 40% rain @chance second half of today. @cloud cover starting to thicken @at first in our coastal counties @and give way to more of the @interior clouds as well. @in terms of showers this @morning, well, the one 5 miles @offshore is falling apart. @the ones 80 miles offshore are
7:50 am
@they arrive, sprinkles at best. @adios dry air. @a couple of ingredients coming @to play providing us with rain @later today. @first of all, it will pull that @moisture across the region and @this little upper level energy @in east texas that moves our way @as well combined giving way to @at least some evening steadier @light showers. @satellite and radar show just @sprinkles offshore for now. @cool, and high pressure to the @north giving us a northeast wind @and highs today including at the @state fair only in the low 60s. @pretty much there at lunchtime @and cooling with the patchy @light rain at o'clock. @tonight, temperatures will be on @the cool side. @41 for the low, brooksville. @41, bartow. @45 in tampa. @48 in lake placid, but cool @after we bring in that steady @rain. @model kind of overdoing this. @here is developing low pressure. @by 3:00 this afternoon, spotty @light rain. @then it becomes a little more @steady early this evening in the @interior county near the low @where it is closest, and the low @means our sky is clear and our
7:51 am
@so sunday will be a windy day, @and a cooler day. @61 for today. @that sprinkle and rain chance @primary @primarily after lunchtime. @throughout next seven days, the @winds will be up, and @temperatures will be down. @look at this, some ups and down @look at this, some ups and @downs, but still below average. @coolest morning of the week is @wednesday with a low of 43 @degrees. @ after the break, they just @opened their doors a few months @ago, and people are flocking to @get the taste of these noodles. @we will get an inside look at a the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
7:52 am
oh-oh, oh-oh
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. @ @ fox 13 "good day" local for @you all morning long. @ finally this hour at itchy @coral ramaramen. @the line is out the door and @around the block. @we take you behind the scenes at @this busy restaurant. @>> this is a ramen restaurant. @>> we are in seminole heights, @florida. @this is tampa's first true ramen
7:54 am
@>> not the normal restaurant @enough in area or in tampa. @>> this place stands out because @we take basically traditional @ramen, we add some tampa @regional influences in from the @richest ingredients to the latin @flare with everything that the @tradition of ramen has. @ramen is unique. @the long process to make the @broth, to get the noodles @correct. @high energy, natural idea to it @that encompasses how you eat it, @how we put in the bowl, and what @you get. @>> i love this job. @it is very creative and very @fulfilling and totally different @than what i have done before. @>> just the sheer amount of @excitement i have producing
7:55 am
@that day. @>> we actually serve customers. @they are greatly receptive. @everybody is super excited. @a giant open kitschson when we @are cooking you can see the @amount of ex--- kitchen so we @can see the amount of love we @put in our food. @>> ramen, coming to a @neighborhood near you. @>> alcides: a neat concept. @it is located near the corner of @hillsborough and florida avenue. @day tampa bay." @we are keeping a very close eye @on the shooting that happened at @one person is dead. @several others hurt. yeah i ride. one thing i've come to realize: there's no easier way to save on motorcycle insurance than switching to geico. saving money, that's something every rider should do. what is that? learned to make it
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