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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for more delicious recipes visit p from tampa bay's number one psnuz news station, this is p"good day tampa bay." p>> alcides: do you recognize pthis man? phe's accused of assaulting a plittle girl at a bay area mall. p may or break primary in new phampshire. pseven republicans face-off, but psome aren't likely to survive. p>> alcides: good sunday pmorning. pi'm alcides segui. p>> i'm crystal clark in for panjuli davis this morning. pwe look at the weather outside. plindsay milbourne is here with pthe sunday forecast. pgood morning. p>> lindsay: good morning. pit's a chilly start, but the esky rain from yesterday is
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pit's 46 in brooksville, 50 pbrandon, 48 degrees this tampa, p54 in venice. pso when you look at these pnumbers compared to this time pdifference. pbut the thing is, we have a pbiting wind out of the pnorthwest, gusts upwards 20 pmiles per hour. pthese windchills mean business. pit feels like 39 in crystal priver, 38 in bartow, and a pchilly 43 degrees in tampa. pwinds stay elevated today, but pwe drop the rain chances. pthey're 10%, 20% this morning he pis spshl ecially south of tampa bay pwhere we have a few pesky pshowers. phere are sprinkles from palm pharbor this morning and patchy pbut light rain making its way pdown i-75 from venice to pinglewood and north port this pmorning, but that's it. pour low is here and quickly pracing to the east, so on the pbackside after we get rid of esky showers, we bring in psunshine but it stays cool and pwindy all day.
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pand by lunchtime loads more sun pand windy. phighs today only in the upper p50s, guys. p>> alcides: developing right pnow, a man attacks a 6-year-old pgirl in a bathroom stall, and pthe search is on to find him. pit happened at the currentside pmall in clearwater. pthey say the man barged into the psame stall as the girl on friday pnight around 8:00. pyou can see the picture of him pright there. paccording to police he pushed pher to the grand and put his phand over her mouth. pher screams scared him off. pthe girl was unharmed. phe was spotted with two women, pas well. p>> our hope is somebody sees pthat picture and recognizes pthat's my neighbor, that's the pguy that lives down the street, pi see that guy at the pwhile. pthe image is pretty clear. pif you know that individual by precognize him. p>> alcides: anyone with pinformation about this man is
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p a deadly shooting at a tampa pstrip club is caught on camera. pa man's cell phone recorded the pmoments gunshots were fired at pclub rain on north nebraska pavenue shortly after 2:00 a.m. psaturday. ptampa police say there was a pdispute inside the club, and one pman opened fire. peight people were shot. p21-year-old marvin lancaster was pkilled. pamong the seven other victims, pfour were underage. pno arrests have been made as of pthis morning. pif you have any information, pcall crimestoppers. p seven republican hopefuls pface off three days bring a pmake-or-break primary in new phampshire. p>> last night's debate could be pa game changer. p>> we had a very interesting pdebate last night that could pshake up the field. pwe had marco rubio surging into plast night, but what happened to phis rivals, in particular chris
6:04 am
pin a very interesting way. pchris christie attacked marco prubio for reciting the same pcanned statements over and over pin response to questions. pin a follow-up to the line of pattack, rubio said something he psaid about obama just a few pseconds before. p>> let's dispel once and for all pfor this fiction bment obama pdoesn't know what he's doing. phe knows what he's doing. phe's undertaking a systemic peffort to change this country pand make america more like the prest of the world. pthat's why he passed obamacare, pthe stimulus, and dodd frank and pthe deal with iran. pit's a systemic effort to change pamerica. p>> that is a moment that left pmarco rubio brudzed with the pmomentum he had, that could pblunder it heading into the pfinal hours before new phampshire. pyou combine that with the fact pthat rubio is very close with pted cruz and john kasich in the olls and jeb bush as well and pchrist pchristie.
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pnights to a certain extent. pthat could create a situation pwhere you have a five-way rice pfor second place. pfirst place, donald trump back pon the debate stage. phe basically committed no pblunders or significant errors. phe ultimately holding his own, pbut he had a very interesting pexchange over the issue of peminent domain with jeb bush. pwatch this. p>> a lot of times that's all of phis donors and special interests pout there. pthat's what it is. pand by the way, let me tell you, pwe needed tickets. pyou can't get them. pyou know who has the tickets to pthe television audience? pdonors, special interests, the eople that are putting up the pmoney. pthat's what it is. pthe rnc told us. pwe have all donors in the paudience, and the reason they're pnot loving me, the reason
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pis i don't want their money. pi'm going to do the right thing pfor the american public. pi don't want their money. pi don't need their money, and pi'm the only one up here that pcan say that. peminent domain, the keystone ipeline. pcould you consider that a rivate job? p>> you hear the crowd booing pdonald trump, but that may be pone of the rare moments in a pdebate where you want people to pboo because he pointed out pthat's the gop donor class pinvited to the debate. pwith that, he's self-funding and phe's not depend enlt on money pfrom special interests. pthat is one point at least pscored for donald trump. pentering the stretch run here to pthe primary on tuesday, donald ptrump declared front-runner, and pafter this debate who knows who pwill be second, third and pfourth. pwe will continue to follow it, pof course, with live results on ptuesday night in a very special p"money, power and politics" ptonight at 1 1:30. pwe will bring in matt towry to pbring us the latest projections
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pwe show you which issues drive pvoting behavior and how we pexpect to play out on both sides pof the aisle. pfor now, craig patrick, fox 13 pnews. p dozens of people marched in pthe rain to protest. pdregsed in yellow ponchos and pcarries crime scene tape they pgathered in tampa heights, one pof the businesses that would be pdemolished if the project goes pforward. pyellow chalk traced the rotesters' path showing roperties and homes knocked pdown. pthe florida department of ptransportation has said the pinterstate must be rebuilt. pnow, those whose properties pwould be destroyed in the rocess, obviously, disagree. p>> something we can't afford. pit won't solve any ptransportation problems. pi think it's the biggest pboondoggle that we've had in pthis town for 50 years. p>> this is the first protest
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pthey're set to gather again in pmarch and in seminole heights in papril. p today is an american holiday pfor a lot of folks. pit's super bowl sunday. p>> alcides: of course it is. pcoming up, a look at this year's phall of fame class and a preview pof the game. p i'm having a hard time pmaking my pick for the game. pcoming up we have adorable plittle pups helping to pick this pyear's super bowl. plindsay, you have to love that pto start your morning. p>> lindsay: wait until you hear ptheir names, too. pit ties in. pthe steady rain for the most art is done, but some of us see pnuisance showers to start out pthe day. pit's chilly and we're in the mid pto upper 40s. pthe wind is up, so windchills as pcool as the upper 30s. pbundle up. pthe clears line is not too far poff. pwe talk afternoon sun and a cool
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3 the n-f-l names p>> alcides: the nfl names their p2016 hall of fame class, and the pbroncos and panthers get ready pfor super bowl sunday. phere's kevin o'donnell with your pmorning sports headlines. p>> it took over nine hours to pcut the list to a final eight. ptony dungy was likely to make pthe cut in his third year of peligibility, and we can now say pit's official. pdungy is heading to the hall of pfame in canton, ohio. pwell deserved. phe joins an impressive class.
6:12 am
pniners owner and it footballing pin nine seconds to vote in brett pfavre and marvin harrison, kevin pgreen, orlando pace, ken pstabler, and dick stanfield. pdungy finished his nfl career as pa winner. phe was the first pafrican-american head coach to pwin a super bowl. pseven of the eight in front of phim are already in the hall. phis contribution to the game has pbeen incredible, and the pcoaching tree he's created has pdeep roots. phis character, integrity and pleadership really unmatched. pi've been honored to know tony pfor 20 years. phe's a good friend and earned pthis honor to be in the pro pfootball's highest honor i pshould say. pira kaufmann was one of the pselect voters in the process and pbelieves it was dungy's time to pget in. p>> tony dungy is a tampa icon pand deserves to be. phe's done so much for this pcommunity. pi think there will be a
6:13 am
pit won't surprise me if the pglasers make a second ring of phonor nomination to go along pwith john lynch and it would be ptony dungy at a different date pthan lynch like last year. pi don't see how you ignore a guy pthat just made the hall of fame, pkevin. pthe history of the bucs is if pyou make it canton, you're going pto be a ring of honor nominee pthat season. p>> that would be great to see. pjohn lynch comes up short in the pthird year but gained ground in pthe voting. phe finished in the top ten, pwhich says lynch will make it pnext year as the bucs continue ptheir run to the hall of fame. plast year. phe'll be in the ring of honor pthis year. p a shocking upset last night. pjameis winston did not win the prookie of the year. pthe writers gave it to rams prunning back todd gurly. pwinston won the fan voting on
6:14 am
phe would sweep this weekend. he pto throw for over 4,000 yards. phe was just the second buc pquarterback ever to break that pmilestone. phe also set rookie records in pyards and touchdowns w ptouchdowns and no interceptions pbecoming the second rookie in pnfl history to achieve that. pthe writers picked gurly over pjamieson. pstrong numbers but not precord-breaking stats like pwinston put up. p the practice is over for the psuper . panth psmiling for the cameras for ptheir official super bowl pic. pcarolina will hit the field ptoday in san francisco as a 5 p1/2-point favorite. pthis is a match-up of a-hur owered offense against a pstubborn denver defense. pthe big question is can cam poutmaster the old man in peyton pmanning? pwe're about to find out later ptonight. pthis has to be peyton's last
6:15 am
phe turns 40 next month and hysically he's beat up. pthere are reports that manning pneeds hip replacement surgery pafter he calls it quits. phe will give everything he has pleft to win another super bowl pring. phis brother has two for the pgiants and peyton is driven to ptie him up at 2. pi still like the panthers today pto win by 4 points. pthat's a look at sports. phave yourself a great day. p>> alcides: lon is back from pthe hugh mate society. pwho do we have? p>> this is cam like cam newton. pthis is carson palmer. punfortunately they didn't make pit. p>> they're up for adoption, pright? p>> they sure are. pthey're eight weeks old and both phound mixes and been fixed and phave the first round of shots pand have been microchiped and pready to go when we open at p10:00. p>> they're adorable. phe's relaxing, and now he wants pdone. pthese pups are going to select ptoday.
6:16 am
p>> it's going to be the carolina anthers and the denver bron pco-s. p>> you have cam. p>> if he's smart he'll go for pthe panthers. p>> carson palmer, i don't know. pwe'll see. plet's see how it works out. p>> all right. p>> go get 'em, carson. p>> carson picks the panthers. p>> i won't say what he's icking. pall right. pit looks like carson picked the anthers. pthey both picked the panthers! plook at that, juan. p>> i guess we know who is pwinning. p>> tessed it best, carson and pcam picking the panthers. pthe denver bron broncos are psitting lonely. p>> poor peyton manning. p>> he could have went out with a pbang. p>> crystal: there you have it. pmore adorable pups practicing pbefore sunday's big game, but pwe're not talking about the psuper bowl but the puppy bowl. ptwo teams of cute puppies taking pthe field for a scrimmage. pall of them named after
6:17 am
pthe puppy bowl is more than just pfun and cute puppies. pit's a way to remind people to padopt pets from the local pshelters. pthis year there's a puppy hall pof fame and promote adoption of polder animals. palcides, those pups know pretty psure. p>> alcides: that muches philarious. plooking at video from the puppy pbowl, a couple teams are from olk county. p>> i love that. p>> alcides: so neat and padorable. pi don't think we can get enough pof puppies, when talk about pfootball and puppies. p>> crystal: it's the best psunday ever. pthe only thing to make it better pis good weather, right, lindsay? p>> lindsay: for the big game pout west they have the heat and ptemperatures nice in the mid-70s pand the sun is out. pwe'd like to see sun of our own. pwe will see it. pit will take some time. pi promise you, much brighter day ptoday, but don't expect a warmer pday. lenty of clouds overlooking
6:18 am
phanging on from leftovers of pyesterday's nuisance rainmaker. pit's chilly and 48 degrees and pwinds picked up while you slept pout of the northwest, which is a pshift. pwhile 10 miles per hour is pnothing we can't handle, it's pthe gusts i show you in a second pthat make it feel oh, so chilly pout the door. pwe have 47 in new tampa this pmorning. pmaybe 1 to 2 degrees cooler from pdade city to inverness compared pto yesterday's 6:00 a.m. temps. pit's the woind ind factored in that pmakes it feel quite chilly. p45 in bardo tow and 47 in pfrostproof this morning. plook at the gusts out of the pnorthwest. p26 in venice and 21 in bartow. pi'll throw out the windchill map pthis morning. pit feels cold and jackets are pnecessary. pit feels like 38 in bartow and p39 in crystal river. pit's still raining for some of
6:19 am
pwe've seen a couple tiny little psprinkles roll through portions pof pinellas county and northern phillsborough county this pmorning. plet's see where they're left. pmaybe a small sprinkle near ploots. pwe have steady and light showers pracing from west to east to pvenice and north port and areas psouth of arcade yaw. pour atmosphere moistened up and pa couple of disturbances rolled pthrough the region. psouthward. pit was light rain around all pday. plow pressure that cranked up to pthe south yesterday, it pcontinues to strengthen to our peast. pon the backside some cold air. pso with that maybe some pwinter-like precip for parts of pthe carolinas briefly. pthen this moves on to new pengland. pbehind this system we scour out pthe clouds and bring in dry air, pbut it's going to stay cool. plet's time-out the rain exiting. pby noon sun is shining and it
6:20 am
plet's track the system if you ptravel. pit's a one-two punch for the pnortheast. pas we head into the overnight pand early monday, perhaps snow pon the backside of the low. phere's a new one attached to preinforcing cool air locally. pmonday night and tuesday pmorning, low-end rain chances. pthe winds are back and it stays pcool. pthere's that winter weather pracing out to sea. pit's a tricky forecast for panyone traveling across new pengland the next few days. ptemperatures not too tricky for pus. pwe know they will stay cool. pin the morning and lunchtime phours, already squeezing out the pmid-50s and by lunchtime that psun is out. pwe don't really warm much today, pup to 57 for the afternoon high pin tampa. pmore like 60 the further south pyou live. povernight gets quite cold, and pwe wake up on monday morning in pthe upper 30s north of tampa bay pand in the mid-40s in tampa. pincreasing sun today, but very pwindy out there. pwinds gusting over 20 and a high pof 57. p40 for tonight, less windy and
6:21 am
pstill a bit breezy and plenty of psun throughout the game. pas the afternoon progresses, a pfew more clouds and there's the pevening shower chance during the pday tomorrow. pnot boating today? psmall craft advisories are in lay through the evening hours. pthe wave heights are 8 feet in pspots this afternoon. pmodels not agreeing lately. pi was hoping on a warm-up by pthursday and friday. pi keep it milder for now, but pit's all about the wind and the pcool temperatures through the pearly part of the week, guys. p>> crystal: that's, lindsay. pan emotional reunion for a pmiddle school student in pfairfax, virginia. pit was a big night for tre key. phe was starring as mafasah in p"the lion king." pwhat he didn't know, his dad was pon a new mission, one to reunite pthe family. pnobody in the family including phis mom and sister knew he was pthere. pafter the show the director pstarted to ask tre some pquestions and that's when he prealized that his dad was in the
6:22 am
p>> honestly, i still can't preally believe it. pi'm excited because we just got pthrough our premiere, and this pjust made it 1,000 times better. pi'm so, so happy. phe told me he'd be here in pspirit, and i wore a little pin pto remind me of him. pnow i have the better thing in erson. pshow. probert kooe spent the last pseveral months working in pdepartment. pthey didn't expect him back home puntil the summer. palready probably the nerves from pthe show but to know your dad pwas watching. p>> alcides: that's so awesome. pthanks for your service and pwelcome back. p>> crystal: coming up, snow in pflorida? pit's not that cold outside, but pit is a reality. p>> alcides: is it a reality? pwe'll find out. pwe take a one-tank trip to get pan up-close and personal look at psome penguins. p a very sick dog is making pheadlines for his inspiring pbucket list.
6:23 am
pdog touching so many people's phearts. p>> crystal: go ahead and look pat this. pif you're celebrating a birthday pon this super bowl sunday, pyou're in good company. phere's a look at the famous eople born on this day. p"good day" continues right after pthis. (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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6:26 am
pfor a king. p>> they know his adventures pleave them broken-hearted but pit's all worth it if it makes psome dog owners aware how some pdeaths are easily avoidable. p>> the second i saw his picture pi knew exactly what was phappening. phe was going through congestive pheart failure due to heart worm pinfestation. p>> reporter: knowing he only phad days left to live didn't pstop keller from opening up her phome and heart to this pit she pnamed king. pthe pair set out on an adventure pthat's fit for a -- well, you pget the reason for his name. eople from all over are pfollowing king and his bucket plist. pover the last few days king has phad steak, shrimp, a puppichino pfrom starbucks and ice cream. p>> we went to mcdonald's and pburger king and chili's. p>> reporter: his bucket list pincluded a trip to the beach.
6:27 am
pocean, but he loved the sand. p>> reporter: king loves peveryone he comes in contact pwith him. pthe sad part of his bucket list pis his death could have been pavoided if his previous owner phad spent just a few bucks a pmonth for preventive heart worm pmedication, king would have plived for many years. phe will more than likely day in pa few more days. p>> king's not mad or worried pabout the fact he's going to phave to be euthanized. phe's having the time of his plife. p>> reporter: keller is reparing for a heartache and phalf. p>> i'm an emotional wreck about pit, but this is truly about pking. pthe only thing that makes me psadder about what we have to do pwith him, is what what would
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ptime. pit's 6:30 and a windy start to pthe day. pchilly and still cloudy and praining in a few spots. pchange is coming before we know pit, and it will be a much pbrighter day at the florida pstate fairgrounds. pit's still damp out there and plingering ponding and some plingering muddy areas from a pnasty saturday. ptemperature-wise? pmainly upper 40s and a few 50s pin st. petersburg and sarasota, pbut the windchill makes it feel pnest. plakeland. pno windchill in sarasota pofficials but it feels colder
6:30 am
pwith winds 15 to 20 miles per phour. pin terms of rain this morning, pwe don't have much. pnow a batch of steady and light prain moving from west to east pfrom venice to northport and psouth of arcadia and lake placid pseeing a brief sprinkle. pthis is the backside of low ressure east of the state. plook how we improve the sky ptoday. pby noon mostly sunny skies and pmid-50s. ponly up to 57 with plenty of pwind around, and depending on pwhere you live, maybe a little pmilder in lake placid but poverall a really chilly sunday. p>> alcides: the time is 6:31. p a man attacks a 6-year-old pgirl in a bathroom stall and is pnow the -- the search is on to pfind him. pit happened friday night at the pcountryside mall in clearwater. olice say it's an isolated pincident. pif you know that guy right pthere, contact the police. p a man is recovering in the
6:31 am
pon the job in volusia county. pon the job in volusia county. pthe general manager says a woman pwas driving in for service but psomehow she sped right into the pshop and actually pinned him pagainst the wall. phe was taken to the hospital and pis expected to be okay. p if uz feel inspired adopt a pnew furry family member, now is pthe time to do it apparently. pthere are plenty of popportunities to do that in phillsborough county. pthe county petteri source center phosted a special pvalentine-themed adoption. pthey're offering $14 adoptions pfor ready-to-go cats and dogs pall month long. pit includes spay and neutering pand a microchip and more. p>> crystal: looking at world pnews, north korea launched a plong-range rocket. paccording to south korea that psuccessfully launched a psatellite into space. pthe moves condemned by the punited states. pthat rocket took off at 9:00 pa.m. local time.
6:32 am
p>> alcides: the rocket took off pat about 9:00 in the morning ptime. pthe satellite entered orbit 10 pminutes after that. pmany believe the launch is a pcover for a missile test. pthe move has caused an emergency pu.n. security council meeting. p>> crystal: rescuers if taiwan pcontinue their search for more pthan 100 people still missing pafter a powerful earthquake. pmorning. pat least 14 people are now pconfirmed dead. phundreds more have been injured pand the earthquake caused a phigh-rise residential building pto collapse. pabout 2,000 firefighters and psoldiers brought ladders cranes pto search the rubble of the p17-floor residential building pfor survivors. p>> alcides: five skiers are pkilled after a massive avalanche pin austria. pthey were taking part in a free priding camp at the time. ptwo other skiers were hurt and pten were rescued and found punharmed. pauthorities say they were warned
6:33 am
pregion was, quote, considerable, pthe third highest on a pfive-point scale. p authorities suspend their psearch for two missing small lanes. pthey collided in the ocean off pthe coast of los angeles. pthree people are currently pmissing. p>> crystal: the big question pis, what went wrong in will carr pis in los angeles with the platest. p>> reporter: investigators are pstill looking for answers they ptransition from a search for psurvivors to a recovery poperation after two planes pcrashed midair. pit up haed friday afternoon near pthe port of los angeles. ort police say they didn't have pto close the port but had to predirect ships for a time. pwitnesses say it was around 3:30 pwhen they saw a plane plunge pinto the pacific. pas a matter of fact, the faa preported seeing two planes on pradar disappear. pone plane is a beechcraft and pthe other was a stunt plane. pby all accounts the pilots were pexperienced and both were flying pout of zampirini field in ptorrance. pthis is what the coast guard has
6:34 am
p>> we found debris and other pmaterials. pwe found a logbook of one of the ilots to help us identify and pascertain that there would two ptwo male passengers in one of pthe aircraft. pwe've since learned there was panother aircraft that was poverdue expected into torrance pairport, and we believe that pthere was one female passenger pin that plane that may have been pinvolved in the midair pcollision. p>> reporter: it was a clear pday, so it doesn't appear pweather was a factor and most plikely neither plane had a pflight recorder. pit could be a real challenge to pfigure out what caused the pcrash. pin los angeles, will carr, fox pnews. pcondition it's 6:35. pswitching gears. pa little baby panda takes its pfirst steps in the great outdoor poutdoors poutdoors. pthis is bey-bey at the national pzoo. plook at that.
6:35 am
pmother, bey-bey had lots of fun pclimbing trees and playing with pbranches. phis name means precious in pchinese. p fair warning for the guys pout there. pvalentine's day includes you, pail side, is just one week away. p>> alcides: i have to get pready, trust me. rocrastinators like myself, pyou're in luck. pwe tell you how to score a plast-minute get-away for the big pweekend. p exploring the empire of the enguin with a little penguin plover as well. pcoming up we show you a very pcool experience what's just one ptank trip away. p first, here's a look at last pnight's winning lottery numbers. pno winners in either big pjackpot. pthe powerball draws is going for p$157 million. pthe florida lotto is up to 41 pmillion. phere's a look at the rest of plast night's winning lottery pnumbers. pthe time is 6:36. pgood luck, and good morning. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. p look at all of this. p>> crystal: it was a dream come ptrue for jen epstein. pthe biggest animal lover in the pnewsroom. pthey got to frolik and play with enguins. pas journalists there are stories pthat uplift up, challenge us, pand drive us nuts. pthis one is number of those pthings.
6:39 am
p>> alcides: jen epstein takes pus on a special experience just pone tank trip away. p>> reporter: there's a land pmiles and miles away. p>> you experience the cold pfirst. p>> reporter: where the penguins pswim and play. enguin? pthis isn't the beginning of a pfairy tale. pit's awesome, isn't it? pit's the start of my one-tank ptrip. pi know, i know. pi was feeling the same exact pway. p[ music ] p>> my heart is pounding. pi'm so excited. pthese are real-life penguins. p>> they are. p>> 32 degrees and snowy. pit's the perfect climate for pthese black and white feathered pbirds. p>> we make 20,000 pounds of snow pa day. p>> you don't have to travel pacross the globe to see these pcold weather pictures. pit's a one-tank trip to seaworld pantarctica.
6:40 am
pinto the middle of the animal's phabitat. p>> 280 penguins waddling through picy caves and into chilly pwaters. pthey stay visitors, and the pvisitors do, too. pguests get a close look at where pthe penguins play or a more rivate tour where you come face pto face with a penguin. p>> it's the penguin up close ptour. p>> look at all of them. pthat's right i got to go on the pice and spend some quality time pwith the penguins. pwe have 12 guests and we bring pyou down the hallway and tell pyou about penguins in general pand what it's like to take care pof them and what it's like praising babies. p>> it's easy to see why t.j. ploves his job. p>> it's an absolutely wonderful pjob to come in here every day pand know that you're making that plittle bit of a difference as i ptear up.
6:41 am
pcouple hundred penguins every pday, but he also considers phimself a speaker of the birds. palways monitoring them and pmaking sure they have the most pfulfilling life possible. p>> something clicked. pthis is what i wanted to do. pi had to figure out how to get pseaworld and be one of the lucky eople taking care of them. p>> only, very, very special eople like me sit on the ice pwith them? p>> just like me. pit's super cool to be able to pshare this with you. pit's an awesome opportunity. p>> i feel a penguin nipping me pin the butt right now, and i pdon't really care. phey! p[ music ] p>> crystal: that is just too pcute. pthe first one is included in pregular admission and takes you pinside the penguin habitat.
6:42 am
ptour that allows you to touch pthe birds up close and personal. pyou don't always have to go to psea world, they have a penguin pcam on the website. papparently they told jen she had pto leave. pyour time is up. pyou have to go. p>> one ticket doesn't mean stay pfor a lifetime. p>> lindsay: she got her pexperience out of it for sure. pgreat story. pnot great weather yesterday. pit was cloudy and rainy and pcool. ptoday, less rain but a lot of pwind. pcloudy skies this morning, and pit's 48 degrees. pwith the wind factored in it pfeels like 43 tampa, 39 in plakeland. pbundle up. pour clearing line is not too far poff, but we have sprinkles this pmorning. pwe talk about more sun before we
6:43 am
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6:44 am
ba da ba ba ba it's 6:xx, looking at today's top stories. >> alcides: the time is 6:46. pa deadly shotting at a tampa pstrip club is caught on camera. pit happened on the club rain on pnorth nebraska avenue saturday pmorning. ptampa police say there was a pdispute inside the club, and the pat least one man opened fire. peight people were shot and pmarvin lancaster was killed and pseven others hurt. pno arrests were made. p>> crystal: switching gears, ptoday is the big day. pyes, super bowl sunday, but it's palso time for the annual puppy pbowl, and this year five of the padorable players have some local pties. palcides told you earlier about pthis.
6:45 am
psome stars. pthey're from rescues in polk pcounty, and we cannot wait to psee them take the stage. p>> alcides: they're so padorable. p if you made it out to the pstate fair yesterday you praut pawn umbrella. lace. pwe got a chance to talk with pviewers and take pictures and pmeet the people who invite us pinto their homes every single pmorning, afternoon and evening. pwe love every single bit of it. pi was looking at the video. peveryone was there. peverybody was there, so it was pgreat to have the entire fox 13 pcrew out there and see some of pour fans. p>> crystal: awesome. pit's 6:47. pwe're going to look at the pforecast. plindsay, a little bit gray so pfar this morning. p>> lindsay: yes, continuing the pclouds from yesterday, but an pguys. pwe do a 180 and break out the psunday. pit's cool and windy on pimprovements at the florida
6:46 am
pif you head out there early, it pmay be a little gray. pby lunchtime there's the mostly psunny icon. p55 degrees and a strong wind out pof the northwest requires extra players. pi saw a couple of people walk paround with gloves yesterday and pumbrellas and today will be pnicer at the state fair. pit's great to meet you out there pyesterday. pthis morning jackets, you have pthem on still. p45 in lakeland, 46 frostproof pand near 50 degrees and 51 in pst. pete and sarasota this pmorning. pwe had backed some cold air into pthe region behind this northwest pwind. psustained winds are 8 miles per phour in sebring, 13 in st. pete pand those whip up a bit pthroughout the day. pwhen we factor it in with pmid-50s this afternoon, it will pfeel cooler and we have that pwindchill this morning feels plike 40 in frostproof, 39 in pbrooksville. ptons of clouds in play, but pnotice that clearing line not ptoo far off. pit's right about here. pso as the morning progresses pfrom north to south, we squeeze
6:47 am
psouth we're already ending the prain. pthe showers while they're steady pand light, they're mainly pmaintained to the southern pcounty. psay awe couple of springs pearlier. pnow it's light rain continuing pto ride along from west to east pfrom venice to northport to parcadia similar to yesterday. pit's light in nature this pmorning, though. psouth of lake placid, we have pshowers as well. pfuturecast shows how quickly the prain ends, though. pyou have to blink your eyes to psee it. puntil then, can't rule out a pcouple of showers south of tampa pbay. pwe're on the backside of the pstrong and strengthening area of plow pressure. pon the backside, that's the pcolder and windy side. pthere's that drier air that unches in. pwith all this moisture and penergy, notice some blues on the pmap for parts of the carolinas. pthat's winter weather whipping paround the backside of the low. pwhile today is winter pweather-free in new england, by
6:48 am
pmoisture boston near the cape psome areas picking up over 5 pinches of snow. pwe have a second frontal system pto swing to the east, and behind pit is rain forcing cool air. pwith it is the reinforcing attern we're in into mid-week. pmonday into the evening a few psmall showers and those linger ptuesday morning as well, but pit's the air behind it. pwe kind of continue to open the pdoor as waves of canadian air pdive south. p48 degrees in tampa and we're at p30 in atlanta. pthe weather out west looks pfantastic as we have the dip in pthe jet stream off to the east, pand that bubble of high pressure pto the west. p56 degrees in l.a. to start out pthe day. phighs today in the mid to upper p50s and a little milder south. ptonight that's when the winds pdrop and it gets cold. pwe wake up tomorrow morning at p44 in tampa, 37 in brooksville pand 47 degrees in venice. pso it's all about the chill pearly week. pwe're up to 57 for today, windy pand chilly but at least the sun pis back. pwith those clear skies dropping pwinds, cold tonight with that plow of 44. pa little milder on monday, 64.
6:49 am
pthere's that 20% chance of an pevening shower. pi discourage boating today. psmall craft advisories are up. pwave heights are 6 to 8 feet. ptricky boating into late week pand a tricky forecast in terms pit of low temperatures. pright now i'm optimistic we pclimb into the upper 60s by pfriday and saturday. p>> we're one week out from pvalentine's day. pyou got your wife anything pspecial yet? p>> not yet. p>> crystal: don't tell her pthat. p>> alcides: i know. pi'm not going to tell her that, pbut i'm not worried about it. pwe have chris chmura and up next phe has last-minute idea for (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because
6:50 am
bum-bum-bum-bum aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
6:51 am
introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. p>> alcides: i like that graphic palready. pstill looking for something for pyour valentine? pwe have a week to go. p>> crystal: if you're looking pto get away, you're in luck. pchris chmura has some tips for pyou. p>> what could you more romantic pfor valentine's day than a room pfor two? pwell, a cheap room for two or pone where you save a whole bunch pof money. plook at the travel deals we pfound. plet's head to the beach. pwe found good deals with the photels out there. pyou might find a room for pvalentine's day. pmaybe not for valentine's day,
6:52 am
pvalentine's day to stay down the proad. pyou pay a premium to stay at a lace like this on valentine's pday. pthat's a couple hundred bucks. pfast forward a couple weeks or pmaybe delay it for a while, you psave yourself a whole bunch of pmoney. pi think that's important. pyou can give the gift that keeps pon giving. pdream about the vacation. pdon't stay just on valentine's pday. pset it up for the summer, a time pwhere you think about it for pseveral months and plan it all pout. pall right. pflights are a different ball of pwax altogether. pthose are not really budging. pthey are pretty darn expensive pespecially for domestic travel pright now. peven though the price of oil has pcome crashing down, they're not pexactly passing on those psavings, the airlines. pi will say this. pthere's one exception. pif you want to see overseas ptowards asia, the fares there pare fantastic right now. pfares to singapore are around p$600. pthere's a gift to keep on pgiving. pyou don't have to go right now. pi'm not talking about plast-minute travel, but give
6:53 am
phand over some airline tickets. psay, we're going on a fantastic pand exotic adventure where you pcan plan it out now and save pmoney. pif you want to really save some pmoney, i am a firm believer that pthe best value in vacations is ptaking a cruise. pright now is what's called the pwave season. pthis is when the cruise lines pare trying to fill up ocean pliners for the entire year, and pyou can find fantastic deals. psure, you might be able to find pa last-minute sailings right pnow, though i doubt about it. pagain, you can purchase the preservation now and plan it out pitinerary. pyou can dream about it for pseveral months. phere's a bit of a bonus. psome of the cruise lines are pbeginning to include the adult pbeverages on board if you catch pmy drift there and you read what pi'm talking about. pwhat we mean there is that what pused to be for many travelers a pbit of sticker shock at the end pof the cruise is now included in pthe package. pso keep an eye out for that. pwhatever you do, don't just make pan impulse buy.
6:54 am
pthat room for two. psave yourself some money to make pit the happiest of valentine's pdays. pback to you. p[ music ] i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
6:55 am
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