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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 republican candidates come out swinging in new hampshire.. we'll have a full wrap up of last nights debate.. 3 plus.. it's super bowl sunday!.. we'll have all the latest from california this morning.. as the broncos prepare to take on the carolina panthers.. 3 and.. tax season is here.. we'll talk to a c- p-a who can help get your finances in order.. 3 3 good p>> crystal: good morning and pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pthat's me. pit's 7:00 a.m. on sunday. pi'm crystal clark in for anjuli pdavis. p>> alcides: it is you. pi'm alcides segui.
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pwelcome, everybody. p>> lindsay: yesterday's rain. p>> alcides: it was horrible. p>> lindsay: it was a day you pwanted to stay in pajamas and pdidn't want to love the house. p>> alcides: i slept for three phours yesterday. pit was perfect. p>> lindsay: you want to get poutside this afternoon. pa lot of us are running to the pgrocery store and grabs food to pcook for the super bowl. pwe have changes today and not pyet. pstill cloudy and not raining at pthe florida state fairgrounds. pby lunchtime the clouds are gone pbut the winds stay up today. pit's cool and windy in morning. p43 at crystal river, and 45 in pwinter haven and 52 degrees in pbradenton this morning and 48 pdegrees in tampa. pwith the windchill and gusts it pfeels a little colder. penough that we have some pwindchills in the upper 30s from pwinter haven to bartow. pstill a little lingering rain pespecially south of the bay from pvenice to northport and arcadia pand lake placid, you see it. pthis is the back edge of that pmoisture on the backside of pstrengthening low to the east. pnotice the clouds are quickly on pthe move, and so i am convinced
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pas we head through the day ptoday, 57 degrees and that's it. pthe rain chances on monday and ptuesday, that's monday night and ptuesday morning. pit stays chilly for how long on pthe seven-day. pwe discuss coming up. p>> alcides: we have breaking pnews coming out of the orlando pthis morning. olice there are investigating a pdeadly shooting that happened at pa nightclub. psix are hurt. pthis happening at the club glitz pon universal boulevard. olice are not releasing any pnames. pthis is a very fluid situation. pas soon as we have more pinformation, we'll bring it to pyou. p a significantly reduced prepublican presidential field ptook the stage in new hampshire plast night. p>> the police cal landscape may phave changed since the last pdebate, but the gloves still pcame off. p>> got hit about a massive psnowstorm two weeks ago. pyou didn't want to go back. pthey had to shame you into going pback.
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pand left and came back to pcampaign. p>> the shame is you would pcriticize somebody for showing pup work to plow the streets and pgetting the trains on time when pyou've never been responsible pfor that in your entire life. p>> definitely heated there. pwords went back and forth again pflorida senator rubio and chris pchristie. prubio had a decent night on pstage, but will be ridicules for pseemingly repeating the same pline over and over. pall the candidates including ted pcruz seemed to shy away from pattacking donald trump. pformer governor jeb bush went pafter him over his use of peminent domain. p>> without eminent domain you pdon't have roads, highways, pschools, bridges or anything. pso eminent domain, it's not that pi love it, but eminent domain is pabsolutely -- it's a necessity pfor a country. p>> the difference between peminent domain for public urpose, as donald said, roads pand infrastructure, pipelines
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urpose. pwhat donald trump did was use peminent domain to try to take pthe property of an elderly woman pon the strip in atlantic city. pthat is not public purpose. pthat is downright wrong. p>> alcides: the debate did pbegin on a bizarre note with pseveral candidates including ptrump and dr. been carson pintroduction. psomething that dr. carson pactually addressed right after pthat debate. p>> the acoustics backstage were phorrible, and there was too much pnoise out front. pyou couldn't hear it. pi kept listening for my name and pdidn't hear. pi think the same thing happened pto john kasich. p>> alcides: in a few days we pfind out which candidate made pthe most compelling case in new phampshire. pvoter begin their primary on pthis tuesday. p>> crystal: the death toll in psaturday's earthquake in psouthern taiwan now stands at p19. pa toll that could still rise ptoday as 130 people are still pmissing. psearch crews continue to search
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p17-story high-rise after life pdetectors found at least 29 eople still alive trapped pinside. pnow, hundreds of people were pinjured when the 6.4 magnitude pquake shocked taiwan saturday pmorning. p>> alcides: also developing pthis morning, north korea says pit launched a satellite into porbit, and their state-run tv pnetwork says the country will plaunch more. pu.s. secretary of state john pkerry has condemned the rocket plaunch calling it a, quote, pflagrant violation of u.n. psecurity council resolutions. pchina, the main ally, has pexpressed regret at that rocket plaunch. p>> crystal: new this morning, a pcab driver from sarasota is precovers after he was carjacked plast night. pmanatee county deputies say that paround 8:30 58-year-old john phopkins was flagged down by an punknown suspect in flont of the pmadison city grill. phopkins began to drive and ended
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pterrace east where the suspect pstated he had a gun and demanded phopkins give him his wallet, pcell phone and the taxicab. phopkins complied, and the psuspect got away. pif you have any information as pto who that man may be or where pthe cab is, you're asked to call olice. p>> alcides: police in pclearwater are still searching pthis morning for a man who they psay attacked a 6-year-old girl pin a bathroom stall. pinvestigators say the man on pyour screen right there on the pleft and right side attacked pthat girl in a stall, very small pone. pa girl stall on friday night. pthe countryside mall in cleert pclearwater. phe pushed her to the ground and ut his hand over her mouth. pthe screams apparently scared phim off, and he escaped. pthankfully she is unharmed. pthe suspect was spotted with two pwomen, both of whom police are pnow looking for. p>> our hope is somebody sees pthat picture and recognizes, phey, that's any neighbor. pthat's the guy that lives down pthe street. pi see that guy at the
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pthe image is pretty clear so if pyou know that individual, i pthink by looking at the photo, pyou would recognize him. p>> alcides: the father of the plittle girl doesn't want to pspeak with the media but preleased a couple of words to olice. phe wants people to know that his pdaughter is an amazing little pgirl, and she's been pretty pawesome through this entire pordeal. panyone with information about pclearwater police department. p>> crystal: a deadly shooting pat a tampa strip club we brought pyou yesterday is caught on pcamera. pa man's cell phone recorded the pmoment gunshots were fired. pnow, this scary scene untodayed pon club rain on north nebraska pavenue shortly after 2:00 a.m. pon saturday. pat least one man opened fire. pyou see that cell phone video pfootage there. p21-year-old marvin lancaster was pkilled, and seven others were pshot. olice say among the seven other pvictims, four were underage. pno arrests have been made as of pthis morning. p still ahead, a chicago
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pkilled a teenage boy is now psuing his estate. pwe'll tell what he claims. p>> alcides: plus, it's super pbowl sunday. pwe go out live. pwe're going live to california pfor a preview of today's game. pwe'll tell you who got into the ro football hall of fame coming pup. p>> lindsay: it's going fob a pbeautiful day for the game out pwest. pimproving in our cloud pdepartment today. pthis morning it's still really pyucky out there. pcloudy and a little damp. pit's chilly and windy. p48 degrees. pwe have 47 in brooksville and peven colder air to the north and pwest, and that's the direction pof our strong winds today. pa couple tiny showers well south pof the bay, but sunshine will be phere before we know it. pa cool day, though. pwho is going to hit 60?
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 the water crisis in flint, michigan has been p>> crystal: the water crisis in pflint, michigan has made pheadlines in recent weeks, but panother area further south is pblaming its water supply for pserious health issues. p>> alcides: people in southwest phouston, texas neighborhood are pdemanding answers after dish pabout why so many residents have pdeveloped cancer. pmany people living there believe pit's because of radiation in the pwater. pthe city of houston changed the pwater source after the test prevealed high levels of pradiation. pnow some politicians want to go pafter those responsible with a pclass action lawsuit. psome even saying that the pfamilies deserve compensation. p>> i would definitely like to psee something addressed for the pfamilies that have been put in pthis situation. pboth financially and pemotionally. pi think that, you know, it's a
7:11 am
p>> alcides: it's not clear how pmany people have developed pcancer or how long the water was pradioactive before the city pswitched from groundwater to priver water in 2010. p>> crystal: a $10 million plawsuit has been filed against pthe estate of 19-year-old la pgrier by chicago police officer priahlomo. phe maintains he shot la grier pafter he swung a bat at his pheads. pbetty ie jones was also shot and pkilled as well. pan attorney calls the lawsuit a pnew low for the chicago police pdepartment. p>> alcides: have you seen this pvideo yet? pit's incredible cell phone pvideo. pno answers as to why that p650-foot crane tumbled down on pthe streets in new york on pfriday. pit left one man dead and pseriously hurt two others. pcrews have removed that downed pcrane.
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pdamaged street by sometime ptomorrow morning. p i'm so sick of the 1% pgetting this preferential ptreatment. penough is enough! pwe need to unite. p>> crystal: if you haven't seen pit already, comedian larry david pdoes a good impersonation of pbernie sanders. pthere he goes. plast night he came face-to-face pwith the real thing. pthe cameo from the democrat pcandidates is days before the pnew hampshire primary. pi think he's pretty spot-on. pi saw some of it. p>> alcides: did you? p>> crystal: yeah. pit's interesting to see them pstanding next to the person pthey're almost making fun of pyou, you know? phow do you do it? p>> alcides: it's great. p>> lindsay: their outfits pcoordinate, too. p>> crystal: very cute. p>> alcides: it was a little pstormy yesterday and not too pbad. pwhat about this morning? p>> lindsay: this morning still pcloudy with a little rain around
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pthe cooler temperatures don't go panywhere. pso if it was a little too damp pyesterday and you're ready for psun, it's back today. pnot yet, though. pcloudy skies over downtown ptampa. pit feels cold out there because pwe still have moisture around pand we have a slight breeze out pof the northwest. pit's 48 degrees here in tampa, pwhich by the way is still below pr on average low of 53 degrees. pit's 51 in st. petersburg, plooking over the bay today, pboating is tricky as our winds pare up out of the northwest and pour waves are up as well. pwe're at 51 degrees in pst. petersburg. p51 degrees in in pinellas park pand 48 in sun city center. pseveral 40s this morning and low p40s at that from inverness to pcrystal river to start out the pday. p54 in venice, 51 in lakewood pranch and 45 in bartow and 48 in plake placid. psustained winds 10 to 15 but pgusts near 22 in winter haven pand near 30 in venice. pwe know whether itsz cold and we phave the wind. pwe have a windchill involved in
7:14 am
pcurrent windchill values show 38 pdegrees in winter haven and pbartow, 39 in crystal river, pseveral degrees cooler in tampa, ptoo. pjackets, you need them. pumbrellas, maybe for another phour well south of tampa bay. pthat's where we have a few light pshowers that are rolling through pmyakka city and north port and psouth of arcadia you see that. palso lake placid and sebring pseeing light rain. pthis is at backside of this low pright here. plast piece of upper level energy pracing by. pnotice the clears line behind pthe clouds. pthat's the sunshine today but a pgusty day on the backside of the plow that brings snow to new pengland by tomorrow. pby noon 55 and a blustery day pand only 57 for the afternoon phigh and abundant sun after pearly morning run. pclouds are gone as the midday phour races on. pthis is a massive snowstorm peventually or massive winter pweather maker for parts of new pengland bringing snowshowers to
7:15 am
panother frontal system heads our pway bringing more snow to the pregion. pwe're reinforcing the chilly and pwindy pattern. pcold and windy today, but the psun is back. p57 for the afternoon high. pless wind tonight and colder. p44 in tampas means mid to upper p30s north of pam at that bay. pmostly sunny and breezy on pmonday but 64 is a slight pimprovement. pthere's that evening shower pchance. puntil late week boating is tough pbecause of winds. ptoday small craft advisories and prough bay and inland waters. pseven-day forecast shows 57 ptoday and not much improvement pin the mild air until late week. pi think the coldest morning is pon thursday where we could see psome frost north of tampa. p>> alcides: in sports this pmorning former buccaneers head pcoach tony dungy made it into pthe pro football hall of fame pdespite being fired after six pseasons with the buccaneers. phe actually helped to build the reviously struggling team into
7:16 am
pthe league's best defenses. pin 2006 he was the first pafrican-american head coach to pwin a super bowl. pthat was with the colts. pother notable names elected into pthe hall of fame last night were ptampa resident and former 49ers porange eddie debart low, green pbay packers star quarterback pbrett favre and late quarterback pas well ken stabler who was a praiders. p>> crystal: here's a giant pboost of confidence for carolina anthers quarterback cam newton. plast night he was named the most pvaluable player at the nfl phonors. phe received 48 of the 50 ossible votes from the passociated press. ptom brady and carson palmer each pearned one vote. pnewton didn't leave much room pfor debate closing out the pseason with 26 total touchdowns pand one interception in the last peight regular season games. p for the second time in three pyears, ron rivera of the pcarolina panthers captured the
7:17 am
phe guided the panthers to a 15-1 pregular season record. pso, of course, those pachievements will be all the pmore sweeter if the team can pactually win the super bowl ptoday. p>> alcides: that would be pincredible. ptoday, of course, is super bowl psunday. pit's the denver broncos versus pthe contain line that panthers pin what is shaped up to a great pgame. pthe two best teams with the pbroncos and panthers. pjoining us live from psan francisco is anthony flores pfrom wjzy, our sister station in pcharlotte. pthanks for being with us, buddy. p>> reporter: you bet. pi tell you what, queen city is pbuzzing. pit's a big buildup to super bowl p50 tonight. pthe panthers take on the broncos pdown in saint nta clara. pit's a long week for the anthers in the south bay. pthey stayed and worked out in psan jose. pthese are likely the longest few phours of their careers leading pup to the big kickoff in super
7:18 am
pjust a handful of players have psuper bowl experience. pthis game has been billed the anthers with the highest pscoring offense in the nfl pscoring a franchise record 500 oints this season against the pnumber one defense in the league pin the denver broncos. pnow, the panthers all season plong have been relaxed, had ersonality, and nothing has pchanged this season or this week pas they build up to super bowl p50. pone of the highlights of the pweek came on thursday when prapper snoop dogg came to the anthers press conference and pinterviewed the players and had pa great exchange with cam newton pand was basically asking him, phey, are you going the same layer you've been all season plong? phe said nothing is going to pchange. pwe're going to be exactly who we phave been all season long pbecause that is what has gotten pus here to super bowl 50. p>> alcides: talk about the psecurity. pi imagine it's tight to get in pand out around the area, huh? p>> reporter: it certainly is,
7:19 am
pguys, fbi personnel with ak-47s pwalking around. lenty of security. pi think everyone has felt pretty psafe here because there is a plarge police presence in psan francisco. peven down in san jose and santa pclara. p>> alcides: talk to us about pthe halftime show. pwe were seeing some video on ptwitter courtesy of pepsi. pthey're obviously sponsoring the psuper bowl. pexpect to be pretty pentertaining. pyou have coldplay and beyonce pand bruno mars is performing as pwell. pwhat's the feeling and patmosphere out there? p>> reporter: well, there is lenty of excitement for the phalftime show. pi got to be honest, as for the anthers football players, a lot pof them were excited to see psnoop dogg there because they plove saying, hey, i listened to pthis guy growing up and the pmusic he generate for hip top p10, 15 years ago. pcam newton hopes things go well pthe panthers in the first half.
7:20 am
plet them out early so they can psee beyonce's performance at phalftime. pno doubt beyonce is the erformer that the panthers are pcertainly looking forward to pseeing at the halftime show if pthey're off to a big lead. p>> alcides: it depends on that. pyou're from carolina, but i'm psure you're going for the denver pbroncos, positive of that, pright? p>> reporter: oh, yeah. pi think -- i could probably say pthat here but wouldn't say that pback on tv in charlotte. pno, i think -- hey, i think pwe're just looking for a good pfootball game, and i think pwhat's being overlooked here is pjust how good the panthers pdefense has been. pthey led the league in take paways and did it in the ostseason. pthe defense played well and povershadowed by denver's pdefense. pi don't think denver has seen a prunning back like cam newton, pand i say running back because pwhether the game gets tight, pwhen it's third and short, third pand 5, third and 6, they're not phanding the ball off to jonathan
7:21 am
pgood luck stopping a 6'6" and p250-pound running back. p>> denver's defense is pretty pgood, though. panthony, stay safe and have fun pand go panthers. psee you buddy. p>> crystal: i love it. plook at this. pyou won't see footballs like pthese on the field anytime soon. pthese fashion footballs were pdreamed up by the council of pfashion designers of america. pobviously, this is to bring the pladies into the game. pit's all part of the super pbowl's 50th anniversary. pdesigners produced their own pbizarre, glitzy and glamorous ptakes on the brown leather ball. pamong the participants are big pnames such as tiffany & company pand betsy johnson, gold leafs pand tassels, metal spikes and pother extravagant embellishments pcan be seen throughout the pseries. peach piece is aubz ctioned online pnow through valentine's day. p>> alcides: if i bought that pfor my wife, she would kill me.
7:22 am
pit would go to charities. pmaybe that's your angle there. p>> alcides: that's a good oint. p>> crystal: it's 7:22. pafter the break there's psomething you don't want to hear pabout unless you just won the plottery. p>> alcides: taxes are a part of plife. pwith recent problems at the irs, pwe're talking with a local cpa pwho has the answers on how to pmake filing for your taxes a plittle easier and safer as well. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all meals are under four dollars,
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vitamin c, e and active lha. it does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier. skinactive. the active way to better skin. 3 welcome back.. the internal revenue services p welcome back in. pthe irs is expected to receive pand process 150 million tax preturns this year. pmost of us probably haven't pquite got around to filing our preturns just yet. pso what do you need to know as pyou start to prepare your taxes? pwell, you're in lucks this pmorning. pjason hamlin from tampa is here pthis morning to help us get the pnumbers straight. pgood morning. p>> good morning. p>> thanks for joining us. ptax returns, obviously, are
7:25 am
eople who aren't dealing with pthese numbers every single day. pwhat kind of tips do you have to pget through this? p>> i think the biggest thing is pto hire a professional who can phelp you keep those things pstraight and help you maximize pyour tax deductions and to keep pmost of the -- the most amount pof your money possible at the pend of tax season. p>> one thing that i think a lot pof people are also thinking pabout this year is how to rotect their identity. pyou know, we've seen people who pgo to stores and someone ends up ptaking their information, or palso they file through the wrong pwebsite, and then their identity pis stolen. pwhat kind of tips duf for that? p>> the biggest thing is to be pvigilant about protecting your pidentity. pmake sure that you're using pcomputer hardware with solid pfirewalls, anti-virus software pand strong passwords and monitor pthe credit records and apply for pan identity protection p.i.n. pthrough the irs website. p>> definitely good advice that pwill come in handy yi
7:26 am
pa couple of days as well the irs phad computer issues. pdo you foresee anything like pthis happening again? pit sets you back as well to have pthe delay. p>> honestly it didn't affect us. pwith most software providers you pcan up load and e-file your preturn from the software rovider. ponce the irs website, if it has pa glitch again, is back up, then pthat software provider transmits pthe returns you e-filed. p>> lastly, i think one thing pthat's new for a lot of people pthis year or at least only the psecond year they had done it the pwhole issue with proving their phealth care information. pis that something you get a lot pof questions about? p>> yes, we are getting a lot of pquestions about that. phowever, conveniently most of pthe health insurance providers pare sending a form to each ptaxpayer indicating to them what pmonths they did have the papplicable health insurance for. pit makes processing a return a plot easier. p>> that's good to know. pthank you so much for your phelpful information this pmorning. pobviously, you probably get a
7:27 am
pnext few weeks hoping to get pmore help. phave a good morning. p>> thank you. pyou, too. p>> alcides: still to come on p"good day tampa bay," an update pto the modern day bonnie and pclyde story that met its end in pthe panhandle. p a big protest rolled through pa tampa neighborhood yesterday. pwhat they're fighting for coming pup. p we have a health crisis and pgovernment scandal that could pcost more than a billion dollars pto fix. pflint. p>> children were poifrned to
7:28 am
3 good morning. thank you for p>> alcides: good morning. pthanks for joining us on this psunday for "good day tampa bay." pi'm alcides segui. p>> crystal: i'm crystal clark. pa quick check of the headlines pthis half hour. olice in clearwater continue ptheir search this morning for a pman who attacked a 6-year-old pgirl in a bathroom stall. pthat incident happened on friday pnight at the countryside mall in pclearwater. olice say this seemed to be an pisolated incident. pif you know who the man is in pthe picture, contact police. p>> alcides: the republican pcandidates took to the stage one plast time last night in hamdz new phampshire. pit could be do or die for pseveral of them includes jeb pbush, john kasich and kris -- pkris yi. pdonald trump holds a wide lead pwith rubio running in second lace. p>> crystal: if you made it out pstate fair yesterday, you
7:29 am
pthe fox 13 tent was a great lace to stay dry. pour meet and greet took place pyesterday afternoon. pwe talked to viewers, and took ictures and signed autographs pand meet all the people into the pyou. pthanks to everyone that came out pto say hello to us. pto meet everyone. pi know a lot of people gave me a pthe hard time yesterday because pit started to rain earlier and pit was one of those days pyesterday when mother nature had pa mine of her own. pwe're cooperating today in a psense that i'm confident that pthese showers are exiting. pthe clouds are going to leave, pstay. pit's 50 degrees, florida state pfairground. pwinds are up. pif you're headed to the beach pnot only is it cool with the sun pcoming back, look at the waves. pwe're tracking a stronger wind poff the water today. pso seas buildings near shore pthis morning 4 to 5 feet. pit's chilly and 49 degrees in psebring, 46 in brooksville and p48 in tampa.
7:30 am
pnear 25 in a few spots, and it pfeels a little colder. psome windchill values push the pupper 30s in brooksville this pmorning. pclouds are in play but notice pbehind the clouds, panama city pinto the central gulf is the pclearing line. pwe have light showers south of psebring and arcadia, and those pare exiting as well. pthrough the day today, not a big pwarm-up, but a huge clearing ptrend by 5:00 p.m. nothing but psunshine and only 56 degrees. p>> crystal: the first in line pof monthly protests against the pexpansion of interstate 275 took lace yesterday. pon. pdozens of people dressed in pyellow ponchos and carrying pcrime scene tape took to the pstreets of tampa. pyellow chalk traced the path pknocked down. pthough the proposal is still in pthe community input phase, the pflorida department of ptransportation has said the pinterstate must be rebuilt. p>> alcides: two people are now pdead after a shooting at a pflorida mall in orange county.
7:31 am
pshot in the parking lot on pfriday. pa deputy says an injured teen papproached him while he was on pduty. pthat teen later died of pinjuries. panother man was found dead in a pvehicle in the mall's parking plot. p>> crystal: the surviving psuspect in a multi-state crime pspree has been booked into the pescambia jail. pbrittany nicole harper faces pfelony charges of robbery, pkidnaps, auto sheft and home pinvasion. pshe's held this morning on more pthan $1 million bond. pher boyfriend, blake fitzgerald, pdied during a shoot-out on pfriday. olice say the couple committed pcrimes in missouri, alabama, pgeorgia and right here in pflorida. p>> alcides: in volusia county a pman is recovering in a hospital pthis morning after being run pover on the job. pit took place at the tire city pauto shop in holy hill. pa woman was driving in for pservice, but somehow she sped pright into the shop and ran over pthe employee and pinned him pagainst the wall.
7:32 am
pit's unknown if the woman will pface charges. p>> crystal: president obama pwill head back to his hometown pto address the state's general passembly passembly in the results of the pfirst major elections event that pcould shape the presidential pelection. atricia stark has these stories pand more in "the week ahead." p>> reporter: super bowl 50 pkicks off in santa clara, pcalifornia. pcam newton and the panthers pbattle payton manning and the pdenver broncos. ptuesday, presidential candidates ptake to the granite state for pthe 100th new hampshire primary. pfollowing his defight in the piowa caucuses, gop front-runner pdonald trump has the lead in precent state polls with 32%, pwhile ted cruz falls to third lace behind marco rubio. pon the democratic side bernie psanders has a commanding lead pover hillary clinton, 56% to pclinton's 37%. pit's seen a as real table setter
7:33 am
pfat tuesday marking the end to pnew orleans's mardi gras pcelebrations. peach year they flock to the pfrench quarter with crazy pcostumes. pit marks the last day before the plenten season begins with ash pwednesday. pon wednesday president obama pfeeling notice stall logic preturning to springfield, pillinois to address the general passembly. pit marks nine years to the date pwhen he announced his candidacy pfor president from the same pspot. phe plans to call for more punified politics in the nation. pon wednesday the big apple has pthe latest style trends and runs pinto february 18th. pthat's a look at the week ahead. atricia stark, fox news. p>> crystal: honduras is pcontinuing their fight this pmorning against the dreaded zika pvirus. pthey've launched efforts to pfight the mosquito thought to pcarry the disease. pmembers of the honduran army are
7:34 am
pthey declared zika an pinternational emergency. p>> alcides: look who let the pdogs out. pin brazil a doggy karn very well pwent down the streets in rio de pjaneiro. pthis is no joking matter. plook at this. pis lindsay in here? pshe's in the weather department. phow cute. psome pet owners went all out pdressing their furry friends. p still ahead, it's super bowl psunday, and while the nfl top pteams face off in the gridiron, pwe make sure that you serve ptouchdown-worthy eats coming up. p>> crystal: look at this. eyton manning may need a new phome after the game if he pretires, but this cute girl with pthe same name needs a home
7:35 am
i don't know what i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. go out of their way for me. right then, right there he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no
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switch to better.
7:37 am
p>> lindsay: good morning. pit's a sunday favorite. pwe have this sweet little puppy pwith a name we might recognize, eyton. p>> just in time for the super pbowl today. p>> i know who she's rooting for. p>> she's eight weeks old so pshe's now available to be padopted. pshe was spayed about a week ago pand microchiped and has all the pfirst round of puppy shots. pvery energetic dog. pa hound mix so probably about 60 ounds at the max. pshe's full of energy now. pnot right now. p>> right now she's nice and calm pand tricking the viewers. phounds, are they good with kids?
7:38 am
pand they love to run around the phouse and chase toys and robably chase their tails. p>> i love it. pi love your little nose, too, pthe colors. pshe has siblings as well. p>> we named them cam after cam pnewton for today also and carson almer. p>> i love that. pgive carson a little something pafter what happened a few weeks pago. pthey're up for adoption today, pand do you have anything special pon valentine's day next weekend? p>> we did. pnext saturday starting at 4:30 pis our valentine pub crawl. pyou can enjoy a nice, cold beer pand have your four-legged buddy pnext to you. pyou can buy tickets there for p$20 or get them ahead of time ponline for $15. pit's in the soho district. p>> perfect. pand your pup. p>> it is. pus. p>> love to hear that. pwe have two updates from pets of pthe week.
7:39 am
padopted right away. p>> when the segment started last pweek, whether he came to the phumane society he said he was pout the door before the segment pended. pe knew that was the dog for him. p>> love that. p>> he recently lost a dog. p>> he did. psix months ago he had a pug he plost. p>> i'm glad they have their erfect match. pbefore that we had dolly. pweek. p>> they came in, a beautiful plady with her daughter. pwas really happy to see dolly. p>> so happy to bring you both pthose updates. ayton is just loving on us, and pwe know she's going to get padopted. pso come meet her today before pthe super bowl, and keep the pname. pit will be a fun story to say. pwe'll see what team ends up pwinning. p>> definitely a conversation iece. pif you're interested in adopting pthis sweet little lady today, pmeet her today at the humane psociety of tampa bay. plook at that little face. p10:00 to 5:00 are the hours.
7:40 am
pwe'll bri here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
7:41 am
aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! 3 in orland p>> alcides: i want to tell you porlando. olice are investigating a pdeadly shooting that happened at pa nightclub. pwe're told two people are dead, pthis is out of orlando. pright now the medical examiner pis on the scene, and police pstill have the entire parking
7:42 am
pthis happened at club glitz on puniversal boulevard. premember, of course, this pactually comes just a day after p21-year-old marvin lancaster was pkilled at a strip club right phere in tampa yesterday. olice say four of the seven pothers who were actually hurt pwere under age. pone person was killed and seven pothers hurt. pthat was yesterday right here in ptampa. pno arrests have been made as of pthis morning. p if you feel inspired on padopt a new furry family member, pthere are plenty of popportunities in hillsborough pcounty. pthe county pet resource center pis hosting a special pvalentine-themed adoptions. pthey have $14 adoptions for pready-to-go cats and dogs all pmonth long. pit includes spaying our pneutering, vaccinations and a mb pchip and a whole lot more. pcrystal. p>> crystal: thanks so much, palcides. ptime for the sunday savings. pyou probably have your party pmenu planned out already, the
7:43 am
pare about wrapping up, and pyou've obviously got your team pgear ready to go, too. pthe national retail federation psays we will spend a record p$14.3 billion celebrating this pyear, and most of that money is plikely going into the food and pon your tv set. pso here so show us how to keep pthe costs down is katie kiefer. pthat you know for joining us. p>> you're welcome. p>> the first thing people are pconcerned about is the food. pit brings people to the parties pright? p>> right, and the commercials, pright? pthey're so much fun to watch. p>> that's true. p>> the first thing is figuring pout how to do this with an pinexpensive way, right? p>> exactly, yes. pmy first tip is to stay away pfrom the party trays. ptypically pre-made food costs pway more than it does to make it pat home, and it doesn't take pthat long. pjust grab your veggies, cut them pup, and be ready ahead of time. pyou have to do it a little bit pof planning to make it happen. p>> that's so true. psometimes we see the easy route pat the store and you grab it and prealize you paid double.
7:44 am
psave that money by chopping it pup at home. p>> i like that. p>> ten minutes extra, and put pyour kids to work even. p>> that's the key right now. pthe other big item is things plike chicken wings. pitself one of the biggest meat pitems on the menu, but that can pbe expensive, too. p>> definitely. pmeat is expensive. pone of the strategies that i pemploy is the fact that you pdon't have to use coupons all pthe time, but knowing when to pstrategically use them is key. ptoday -- in today's paper in the ptarget ad there's a $5 off, 5 poff 25 on meat. pyou can save $5 this week either pshopping at target or winn-dixie pand publix also take target pcoupons as a competitor. pcall up the store and say do you paccept target as a competitor pcoupon? pyou have $5 off. pyou will spend $25. pa pack of wings is 15. pyou're there if you add more in. p>> i never knew you could take pcompetitors to a winn-dixie. p>> or publix you can take, too. ptarget does not accept the
7:45 am
pthat. ptarget use their own coupon, the pbig deal. p>> they're offering it. pone way to save time as well is pfinding ways to cook faster. pyou have a crock pot, right sf. p>> yes. pemploy your crock pot. pthat way you don't have to stay pin the kitchen and watch the pcommercials or game if i was ploving -- i do love football, pbut these two teams are not pquite mine -- of course, i would pbe happy if the bucs were there. pi get chicken wings and cook pthem in the crock pot for high pand then pull them out and put pthem in the broiler. pit crisps they up. pyou dump the juice and put them pback in the crock pot and they pwill warm the rest of the day. pyou can do that with your dips, pmake a queso in your crock pot. pall the food that needs to be pwarm is staying warm while you pdon't have to be in there making psure it's safe, you know? p>> you have wings you made ptoday. pwere those made in a crock pot? p>> yes, they are.
7:46 am
pi will gladly eat wings for pbreakfast any day. pyou can add sauce and everything pin there, too. p>> add sauce and everything pfirst and cook them for an hour pon high and throw them in the pbroiler to crispen them up. pi like the crispy skin. p>> me, too. pit's the only way to eat them. pwe have the table decorated pbeautifully. pnot the team i'm rooting for, pbut it looks great. p>> that's funny. p>> tell us about this. pthis was really inexpensive. p>> for under ten you should be pable to decorate the whole pstore. pbasically the dollar tree, you pfeel rich with a handful of pones. pessentially you pay way more our licensed products. pif you get the colors of your pfavorite team at one of the pdollar stores, you can spend pless. pit's one of the top seven items pyou should never pay more than a pdollar for and less expensive pthan walmart. pthink of generic and the team
7:47 am
pcarolina panthers or broncos. pmy friend valerie palmer is a pbroncos fan, so we're rooting pforthem for her. p>> i'm sure she loves this table pright now. pyou keep it simple like you psaid. pdon't look for the things with pthe team logos when you pay the pmost money right now. p>> exactly. pyou got it. pyou go. p>> all right. pkait, i love this. pgood luck even though i don't phope your team wins. pgood luck with your party. p>> we're a split decision on the pfamily. pnext hour i show how to make pthis dip super cheap with our pdeal of the week. p>> i can't wait for that. pit looks great. p>> homemade french onion. p>> definitely stick around for pthat. pfor now we head over to lindsay pto look at the forecast. plindsay. p>> lindsay: maybe some of us pgrilling out this super bowl psunday as well. pwe want some nicer weather. pyesterday was just a mess. pit was cloudy. pit was rainy. pit was cool. pi'm trying to show you
7:48 am
pwind at 16. pwinds are up and the water is a pmess. pi don't know if anyone would pthink of a beach day. pif you were curious and ptricky. plook at the wave heights pbuilding 3, 4, 5 feet near pshore. pthey continue to up and level pinto the afternoon hours. pso small craft advisories not pjust today. pwe up these to probably gale pwarnings in the work week. pseas today are 6 to 8 feet. prough bay waters and winds pupwards of 25 knots. pnot a good boating day, but the psun makes an appearance i romise. pcloudy skies at brookdale and pbayshore. pit's 46 in lakeland, 45 in pbrooksville and 51? pst. pete and sarasota. pthe winds are up only 10 to 15 pmaybe 20 miles per hour. pit's the gusts that make it feel pcooler. pi have some windchills below 40 pin brooksville, mid-40s in a pcouple other so the pots.
7:49 am
pthe clearing line is here. pcitrus county sees breaks and plonger further south where we pstill deal with a little bit of plight rain. pit's exiting. phere are the showers south of parcadia, even a few into psouthern highlands county this pis after some of you saw nearly pan inch of rain yesterday after pthat light rain accumulated. pfuturecast shows by lunchtime pclouds are gone, sun is out. pit will be a chilly day today. pthis is all on the backside of pthis deepening and strengthening pstate. pwith it we have rain and with pall the colder air wrapping in, pa little bit of wet snowflakes pfor parts of north carolina. peventually some snow wraps ptomorrow morning. pwe have a second low that brings pblizzard-like conditions to the pupper midwest. pbehind it reinforcing cold air pinto the area on tuesday. pso while we moderate a little pbit temperature-wise tomorrow, pwe're back in the 50s on ptuesday. ptoday is 57 degrees. pit will be a windy and chilly pday, but increasing sunshine. pclear skies tonight and classic
7:50 am
p44 for the overnight low. pless wind north of the bay, and pwe're going to wake up tomorrow pmorning in the upper 30s. pmonday during the day sunny and p64 degrees and hanging onto the pwind. pthere's an evening shower chance pthat's in the wake of that front pi showed you, and that will give pyou a few more showers tuesday pmorning. pon the seven-day forecast notice pall those cool readings, lots of
7:51 am
plate in the week, though, upper welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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3 earlier this week -- broncos superfan alex walter had a dream come true.. p>> crystal: earlier this week palex walter had a dream come ptrue. phe got a visit from vernon pdavis. pwalter has endured nine heart psurgeries include a transplant pand is undergoing cancer ptreatment at a children's phospital. pthat meeting between him and pvernon davis caught the pattention of levi stadium pofficials. pyesterday he went back to the phospital to surprise that pmontana teen with two tickets to pthe super bowl. palex's mom gave her ticket to psomeone else. p>> i'm going to send a friend at pthe ronald mcdonald house. phe's a big football fan, pfootball player, college pfootball player. phim and alex have been friends, pso alex is going to him to the pgame. p>> crystal: alex is described pas a man of few words. pi told his mom he's very excited
7:54 am
phope he come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all meals are under four dollars,
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