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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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. right now at 6:00, the search is on for the man in this photo. what he did when they were trying to arrest him. >> just rips your heart out to see babies lose their lives. >> lloyd: a head on crash took the lives of children as two families grieve tonight. they indicated they absolutely were going to be arrested haleigh haleigh protesters refusing to back down wind up in handcuff. what fweling the group that
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@ @. @>> lloyd: good evening, i am @lloyd sauers. @>> haley: and i am haley hinds. @police are asking for your help @to find this man wanted on @felony charges and we are told @he tried to run over two @deputies trying to arrest him. @williams is reportedly driving a @light purple chameleon painted @infiniti. @deputies shot at his tires but @he got away. @anyone with information that @could help track him down should @call the hillsborough county @sheriff's office. @ tragedy out of polk county @where three children were killed @in an overnight crash. @it happened before 9:00 in point @sienna. @two cars, both of them carries a @set of adults and three children @crashed head-on. @other drivers and emergency crew @other drivers and emergency @crews tried save all ten people. @but tragically, three young @lives gone tonight. @>> haley: fox 13's chris at @that time clark explain why @deputies believe the weather may @have been a factor. @>> reporter: a few yards back
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@sienna, three children lost @their lives on cypress parkway @saturday night. @deputies say the rain and slick @roads may have been the cause of @the crash. @you can still see a few car @parts littering the roadway. @according to the polk county @sheriff's office, a family in a @silver four-door lincoln heading @west on cypress lost control of @their vehicle. @witnesses saw the car spinning @into the eastbound lane. @it crashed head on into a jeep @patriot. @both cars had two adults and @three children inside. @we identified the driver of that @lincoln as 25-year-old @lincoln as 25-year-old javier @agular and taken to the hospital @in critical condition. @one three children in the back @seat were killed, 6-year-old @anthony rubio. @the driver of the jeep, richard @presard of point sienna is in @critical condition. @he had to be freed from the car. @two young family members @believed to be his daughters
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@a littlea and 8-year-old nayley. @a heartbreaking situation for @everyone involved, first @responders, drivers who @witnessed the crash, and the @family members who survived it. @>> there were ten occupants in @the two vehicle and death to two @families in each vehicle. @i can't begin to tell you how -- @how horrifying the entire event @was and how sad we are for the @family @families involved. @>> reporter: a 15-year-old girl @in the jeep is in serious @condition. @three other people are in good @condition. @unfair if anyone will face @charges in this deadly crash. @in point sienna, crystal clark, @fox 13 news. @>> lloyd: most of the victims @are recovering at osceola @regional medical center tonight. @as they can see, all of the @young children in the accident @were properly strapped into the @car seats. @ the latest on the deadly @shooting at a tampa strip club @we first brought you yesterday. @the man's cell phone was @recording the moment gunshots @were fired.
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@ @ @>> haley: scary scene unfolding @at club rayne on nebraska avenue @at club rayne on nebraska @avenue. @tampa police say a dispute @inside the club and at least one @man open fired. @21-year-old marvin lancaster was @killed and seven others were @shot. @police say among these seven @other victims, four were @underageso far no arrests have @been made. @ police in clearwater are @still searching for a man they @say attacked 6-year-old girl a @bathroom stall. @investigators say a man on your @screen barged into the staple @stall at the countryside mall in @clearwater. @pushed her to the ground and put @his hand over her mouth. @the girl's scream scared aim @off. @the suspect was with two women @that police are looking for. @>> our hope is that someone @recognizes picture, that is my @neighbor, that is the guy down
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@the convenience store once and a @while. @the image is clear and if you @know that individual from the @photo, would you recognize him. @>> haley: the father of the @little girl does not want to @speak to any media outlets and @he released a few words to @police and wanted to let people @know that his daughter is an @amazing little girl and she has @been awesome through all of this @been awesome through all of @this. @anyone with information is asked @to call clearwater police. @ in hillsborough county, four @protesters have been arrested at @the florida state fair. @it started at the black lives @matter protest. @a group of demonstrators gather @a group of demonstrators @gathering to call attention to @the life of andrew joseph iii. @joseph died in 2014 as he tried @to cross interstate 4 on foot @after he was ejected from the @florida state fair. @the teen was more than 100 @people kicked out of the event @after deputies say a stampede of @teenagers rushed through the @midway. @deputies tell us most of the @protesters asked to leave the @fair today complied, but a few @refused to listen. @>> the majority of the group did
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@only four members of the group @remained; however, they did @chain themselves together and @sat down on the pavement as you @saw. @>> lloyd: cars backed up to the @entrance of the fair as deputies @tried to get the protesters to @move. @those four protesters have been @charged with trespassing after a @warning which is a misdemeanor. @ a polk county teacher is @facing dui charges tonight. @deputies tell us they arrested 5 @deputies tell us they arrested @51-year-old anthony stancio of @winter haven after he crashed @into a mailbox heading home from @a mardi gras parade. @it happened after 6:00. @he told deputies he is a math @teacher at bartow high school. @when authorities stopped him, @his speech was slurred and they @could smell alcohol. @he was booked into the polk @county jail and released on its @$5,000 bond. @ republican hopeful donald @trump will be holding a rally at @usf in tampa this week. @trump's campaign officials say
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@dome this friday, february 12. @the rally is free to attend. @the park log cost you $20 per @vehicle, cash only. @doors open at 5:00. @the rally starts at 7 p.m. trump @the rally starts at 7 p.m. @trump's campaign said attendees @need to register for the tickets @need to register for the @tickets. @go to @ one year after their church @was destroyed by fire, a @congregation has reason to @celebrate. @>> what this brand reopening @means to those who call that @historic church home for many @years. @ hey, mike. @>> mike: hey, haley, plenty of @sunshine that came with the cold
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@ @. @ new at 6:00, members of a @tampa area church finally @interest @have a place to call their own. @>> haley: a year ago the salem @baptist church in hyde park @burned down and they determined @it was an electrical fire. @they gathered wherever they @could. @spent a few weeks worshipping in @a bingo hall. @they rented another church for @the rest of the time. @a year later they are back on @their feet with lots of room. @this weekend the church held a @grand opening and dedication at @its new home on five and a half @acres in temple terrace. @>> for me, i think it shows that @no matter what you go through in @life, if you just persevere and @wait a while, it will come back @around and you will be @victorious. @haleigh it is located on north @78th street. @reverend carter says it is so
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@finally call their own. @ still to come, an incredible @gift from one super fan to @another. @>> lloyd: why this teenager and @his friend are in the stands
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@we'll this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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@. @ earlier this week, bronco @super fan alex walt her a dream @come true. @he got a visit from former 49er @and current bronco vernon davis. @walker has endured nine heart
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@transplant and is now undergoing @cancer treatment at children's @hospital. @the meeting between him and @vernon dhaivd week caught the @attention of levi stadium @officials and yesterday davis @went back to the hospital to @surprise the montana teen with @two tickets to the super bowl. @in a spirit of giving, alex's @mom gave her ticket to someone @else. @>> i will send a friend at the @ronald mcdonald house. @a big football player, college @football player and him and alex @has been friends so alex will @take him to the game haleigh @alex who is described as a man @of few words told his mom he is @very excited about the game. @. @>> lloyd: hope that alex gets a @great game to see. @a great opportunity. @you. @>> haley: smibing with us. @it has been so long -- i can't @remember the last time we did @our weather trivia. @>> lloyd: some people are @excited about the super bowl, we
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@>> mike: can't wait for weather @trivia. @>> lloyd: a lot of parties @going on. @>> mike: with that, we have @this here. @i don't think could you read it @on camera there, but a @certificate of excellence. @i -- i didn't have a color @printer, but it was in color, @and you got a little flying @woman with the umbrella there. @and some weather symbols there. @and there you go. @haleigh i will frame that. @>> lloyd: it has your name on @that. @>> mike: the official document @lloyd tlooid is last year. @moving into a new season of @weather trivia. @>> haley: february. @we are starting fresh with it. @proynts 0-0 now. @>> lloyd: @. @>> lloyd: okay. @>> mike: to start the year. @>> haley: all right. @>> mike: this one has to do @with the super bowl itself. @the forecast for the kickoff of @this year's big game is 71 @degrees. @that is pretty good. @one of the coldest temperatures @for an outdoor super bowl
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@>> lloyd: outdoor. @>> mike: 34, 39 and 44 degrees. @>> lloyd: i know it was 68 in a @dome one time and that was @really cold. @>> mike: usually with 70s @answer to 10:00. @and the teen that and see who @won the super bowl. @something like that. @okay, let's check it out, guys. @the time lapse from today. @hilton, clearwater beach cam @kind of a miserable start to the @day. @cold, cloudy, windy. @the sun came out and look at the @water though. @that is incredible just how @windy it was, and the surf that @we got going up on the beach set @us up for a nice-looking sunset @but it was developed. @almanac 58. @48 the low this morning and well @below average in those @apartments. @stay below average for really @the next week. @current temperature 53 degrees. @dew point of 51.
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@winds out of the west-northwest @at 12 miles per hour. @but obviously gusting higher at @time. @53 in clearwater. @53 in new port richey. @52 in bartow. @55 in arcadia. @57 in lake placid. @winds gusting out of the @northwest. @now sustained, there are 10 to @15 miles per hour, occasionally @higher right along the coast @here and folks off to the south, @but you look at the gusts, these @gusts today at times have been @above 30 miles per hour. @they are starting to come down a @bit, and this is a sign of what @is to come as we get throughout @overnight hours. @by tomorrow morning, most of the @area -- the winds will be pretty @light and variable. @high pressure moving over us @will @us willets set the stage for @calmer winds at least for the @morning. @watch what happens in the @afternoon though. @the winds start to kind of gust @out of the west there. @by later on tomorrow evening, we @are right back up there. @winds gusting above 30 miles per @hour, and this carries us right @into the day on tuesday and @potentially even on into @wednesday as well. @pretty windy the next few days
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@thanks to this area of low @pressure, strengthening area low @pressure continuing to move off @the carolina coastline but @bombing out as it does so, @dragging in that cooler, drier @air high pressure off to the @west will zip along, be over us @as we head toward tomorrow @afternoon, but then continue to @move eastward, and that means at @our next weather system starts @to make that approach. @will set the stage for windy @conditions on tuesday. @futurecast, that reinforcing @shot of that cooler air. @maybe a couple of showers out @there late tomorrow evening. @better chance of showers @overnight monday night into @tuesday morning. @then we dry out behind that @front. @we are cooler and windier as we @head into wednesday and really @we stayed chilly right on @through the end of the workweek. @we recap for tonight, 44 degrees @we recap for tonight, 44 @degrees. @that's all we are going to pop @out at. @clear and cold. @patchy frost out there north and @inland. @usual shelter location. @64 for tomorrow windy with @increasing clouds and the three @is there for an evening shower.
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@off to the north. @heading into the day on tuesday, @58, windy and cool a morning @shower, otherwise not too bad. @a cold and windy day. @marine forecast for tomorrow. @winds out of the northwest 5 to @10 knots in the morning becoming @25 knots in the afternoon. @3 to 5 feet. @those seas will inclose. @rough out of the bay gulf @temperature @ @high tide 12:50. @the seven-day forecast, @temperatures really are a roller @coaster ride. @58 on tuesday. @60 on wednesday. @down to 57 on thursday. @mid-60s friday. @upper 60s toward next weekend. @look at the overnight lows. @lows in the 40s. @some areas will be in the 30s. @hey, kevin. @>> kevin: an ugly day for the @usf men's basketball team. @a really, really tough day @inside the sun dome. @plus, we told but this coach and @the last time, you might know @her dad right away. @a family with some deep coaching
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@ @ no, it is not a super @sunday for the south florida @men's basketball team. @they lose for the 20th time @season. @really the problem with this @team, they just can't shoot at a @high enough pace to keep pace @with their conference @competition and that competition @has been tough. @they get the ac's -- and smu. @12th ranked mustangs were locked @in 60% of the game. @knock down 5 out of 10 in three @knock down 5 out of 10 in @three-point range. @lead the mustangs, moore. @and a 22-point lead. @mcmurray led the bulls with 18 @points.
6:22 pm
@not terrible, but they don't @have the shooters to stay in the @game. @smu built their lead to 34 @points. @multiple times in the second @half. @usf never in this game and drop @to 5-20 in the season. @92-58. @ miami hurricanes have been @struggling on the road 1-3 in @conference play. @the 'canes playing catch-up @against georgia tech. @down by 3. @jaquon newton. @the alley-oop slam, and the @'canes would head into the @locker room up by 1. @this is as close as really most @of the way. @adam smith comes up with the @steal and gets the finish on the @other end. @jackets down by 1. @five and a half to play. @three minutes. @check this out. @newton nailing the three pointer @just before the shot clock @expires to give miami control. @'canes win it 95-78. @ kids don't always follow in
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@dad does for work uricly doesn't @work for his children. @that is not the story with this @family. @this daughter is following in @her father's footstep. @part of a family tree with roots @in coaching. @merissa lynn has the story. @>> reporter: before she ever @realized it, coaching was in @kaley cutter's blood. @>> i don't think i even thought @about it at all. @i -- it never cross mind mind. @>> reporter: kaley never had to @think about it because it is who @she is. @>> more inclusive. @>> reporter: as a player from @the university of tampa from 20 @the university of tampa from @2010-2014, her teammates looked @to her for guide spans i was @definitely not an impact player. @ i didn't start. @i was a leader in the film room. @i -- we had an all american @middle who was like -- kaley, @give me your point. @>> reporter: even from a @distance, kaley's parents could @already hear a coach in her @voice. @>> i would take to my dad on the
6:24 pm
@that we get off the firestone me @and say it is crazy how much a @coach kaley sounds like. @>> i think it is a natural for @her. @i think you say it is in her @blood lines, but i think growing @up with a dad who just things @up with a dad who just thinks @that way. @>> reporter: kaley's father know @>> reporter: kaley's father @knows a thing or two about @coaching. @>> gives me my distinct pleasure @to introduce you to the new @coach of the buccaneers. @>> reporter: some that i kaley @followed in her father's foot @followed in her father's @footsteps. @he followed her to tampa. @>> i decided that in november of @2014. @like january 2015 is when my dad @came down as offensive @coordinator for the bucks for @the bucs. @that was like a cherry on top to @have family here. @>> reporter: reuniting with her @family. @kaley works herself up to @fulfilling her goal to be a @college volleyball coach. @>> i wouldn't change any of it. @it is definitely really surreal
6:25 pm
@of it because hopefully again i @am going to start moving up that @ladder and who knows where that @will take me. @>> reporter: working a few miles @away from her dad these days, @there is a new closest between @them. @generation after generation, the @cutters have become coaches. @>> i grew up wanting to be my @dad. @from the time i was very little. @>> my dad would say that about @him and his dad, and i said that @i never even crossed my mind, @but as soon as i got into it and @really enjoyed it, i knew that @it is. @>> reporter: coach something @definitely in their blood. @merissa lynn, fox 13 sports. @>> what are the odds. @she comes to tampa to get away @from the family and get out on @her own and they all follow her @here. @will be a nice season with her @dad being the head coach now. @>> lloyd: a you cool story. @>> kevin: where she gets her
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@ up next. @>> social spichl what is the @difference? @>> a huge difference. @>> haley: campaigning with @confi lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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@ @ well, when the debate is @over, the campaigning is in full @swing as the clock ticks down to @the new hampshire primary. @the candidates are using @everything from humor to @holiness to win over the @undecided. @>> haley: fox's ed henry has @the latest from new hampshire. @>> reporter: "saturday night @live" is proving once again they @are a force to be reckoned with @when the major political parties @continue to choose candidates @that look and sound like @prominent comedians. @>> sounds like socialism to me!
6:28 pm
@>> a product socialism. @>> what is the difference. @>> huge difference. @>> reporter: hillary clinton @traveled to flint, michigan @where lead in the water has @poisoned not only the children @of that impoverished city but @also the political environment. @>> clean water is not optional, @my friends. @it is not a luxury. @i said weeks ago if what has @been happening in flint had @happened in gross pointe and @bloomfield hills, i think we all @know we would have a solution @yesterday! @>> reporter: fresh off of @saturday night's republican @debate, the candidates made the @rounds on the sunday talk shows. @>> up to me i would bring back @waterboarding and tougher i @would bring that back too. @>> reporter: senator marco rubio @>> reporter: senator marco @rubio's repetitive. @>> he is a great speaker but @came across as totally scripted @and kind of robotic. @>> last night what they saw was @instructive.
6:29 pm
@be seen and my strong leadership @needs to be seen and senator @rubio's robotic performance. @>> reporter: for hayes part @rubio is training his sights on @hillary clinton. @>> one of her, said there is a @special place in hell for a @woman that doesn't vote for @hillary clinton. @i am not making that up. @that is what she said. @this is what they are resorting @to now. @>> reporter: speaking of women, @senator ted cruz said political @correctness will lead to women @in foxholes. @>> political correctness is @dangerous and the idea that we @will draft our drawers to @forcibly put them into the @military and put them in close @combat i think is wrong. @it is immoral, and if i am @president, we ain't doing it. @>> reporter: a new poll by mon @>> reporter: a new poll by @monmouth university show on the @ground, bernie sanders has a @double-digit lead on the @democratic side. @on the republican side donald
6:30 pm
@ferro sis battle for second @place rubio, bush, kasich and @cruz. @in portsmouth, ed henry, fox @news. @ looking at world news, @despite warnings north korea has @launched a long-range rocket. @according to the north korean @state-run television. @the country successfully @launched a rocket into space. @the move was said to be @destabilizing and provocative. @took off at 9 a.m. satellite @time. @the satellite entered or bit ten @minutes later and many believe @the launch is a cover for the @missile test. @the un security council has @condemned that launch. @ rescuers in taiwan are @continuing their search for 100 @people still missing after a @powerful earthquake. @that quake struck friday @morning. @at least 14 people are confirmed @dead, hundreds more injured. @the earthquake causes a @high-rise residential building @to collapse. @2,000 fire fighters and soldiers @brought ladders and cranes to
6:31 pm
@survivors. @ five skiers are dead after @getting caught in a massive @avalanche in austria. @they were taking part in a free @riding camp. @two other skiers hurt and ten @rescued found unharmed. @authorities have warned that the @risk of a launches in that @region was considerable the @third highest on a five-point @scale. @ investigators are @investigating new ways to @control mosquitos to to control @the spread of the zika virus. @one area is to the use of @genetically modified mosquitos @that die when they reach @adulthood. @robert murphy with northwestern, @if proven effective this could @victim @the risk of the disease. @>> these mosquitos that they @have modified genetically and if @it is test and they do all the @tests appropriately and @determine that it is safe which @i think they can do. @that is certainly within the
6:32 pm
@is a -- it is a pretty good @alternative. @i mean, it would be a very @viable alternative that is very @effective. @>> lloyd: the center of disease @control and prevention are @advising pregnant women to avoid @virus. @ a georgia mother jumped into @action to defend her home when @three teenagers broke in with @weapons. @fox's trevor shirley explains @why she had what it took to keep @her family safe. @>> reporter: dekalb police say @inside the walls of a ellenwood @home that a mom under siege took @up arms to help her family. @>> three gunshots. @it was really loud that i heard @it through my headphones. @>> reporter: she lived down the @street where the or deal @happened. @three men broke into the house @through the back door.
6:33 pm
@spotted by the children who live @there who quickly told their @master. @she is a dekalb sheriff's office @corrections officer and open @fired on the home invaders. @>> good for her. @>> reporter: one suspect was @shot as all three left the @scene. @neighbors catching sight of the @suspects attempting to escape. @>> i looked out the window and i @saw one male riding down by my @neighbor's house that leads to a @cut. @and my mother said she saw two @other males by our back door. @>> reporter: dekalb police @caught the trio and had a bogus @story how one of them got shot. @the injured suspect was taken to @grady memorial hospital for @treatment. @the other two hauled off to the @dekalb county jail. @>> not the first time and @probably won't be the last. @you can't prevent things like @this to be safe all the time. @ although it is a year away, @preparation is under way for @next year's super bowl in @houston. @fighting terrorism in order to @keep the crowd and the city safe @is the prime focus for city
6:34 pm
@according to authorities, @houston is a prime target for @terrorism due to its port, @expansive population and @petrochemical complex. @ has irs county sheriff @hickman said they are actively @engage @engaging with the muslim @community so if trouble ensues, @communication and trust. @>> clearly the security is @different you now than it was @ten years ago. @we have got different characters @we have got different @characters. @different actors that might want @to disrupt the super bowl, but @the law enforcement at every @level is paying attention that @and will be ready. @>> lloyd: in preparation for @next year, harris county is @observing countermeasures at @this year's super bowl in san @francisco. @ president obama will head @back to his hometown to address @the state's general assembly and @the results of the first major @election event that could ship @that year's presidential @election. @fox's patricia stark have these @stories and more in the week @ahead.
6:35 pm
@super bowl 50 kicks off in san @francisco, california. @cam newton and the carolina @panthers are battling peyton @manning and den have broncos to @be crowned champons. @ the 100th new hampshire @primary. @following his defeat in the iowa @caucuses, gop front runner @donald trump have the lead in @recent state polls with 32% @while iowa falls to third place @behind marco rubio. @on the democratic side, senator @bernie sanders holds a @commanding leave 56% to clinton @commanding leave 56% to @clinton's 37%. @the first in the nation primary @is said be too real table setter @in the election going forward. @tuesday, let loose, it is fat @tuesday marking the end to new @orleans mardi gras. @thousands flock to the french @quarter with a day full of @parades, beads. @the last day before the lenten @season begins with ash @wednesday. @on wednesday, president obama @feeling nostalgic, returning to
6:36 pm
@the state's general assembly. @marks nine years to the date @when he announced his candidacy @for president. @mr. obama plans to call for more @unified politics in the nation. @ also wednesday, strike a @pose. @new york fashion week. @fashion world visionary @fashion world visionaries travel @to the big aisle for fashion @trends. @that is a look at the week ahead @that is a look at the week @ahead. @patricia stark, fox news. @ when we come back, new hope @for an injured veteran. @>> the struggles he faced when @coming home and the big change @his independence. @ while the national pollsters @blew it, our fox 13 pollsters @earned national headlines for @nailing the outcome in iowa. @>> the polls were showing cruz @adding to his numbers.
6:37 pm
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@. @ military veterans under went @surgery because of complications @when he was injured overseas. @>> fox's amber roberts reports @on his story and the lessons he @learned while on the way. @>> chance leary is visiting home @in wilkes county. @>> thankful. @thankful and hopefully making a @difference in some people's @hearts. @>> reporter: we caught up with @him at one of his favorite @restaurants @restaurants. @applebee's. @>> takes me a lot longer to do @things. @>> reporter: chance went through @a surgery that changed his life @forever. @part of his right leg was @amputated. @chance has had continuing health @issues after the humvee he was @in ran over an ied in 2012 while @serving in afghanistan. @those health complications led
6:39 pm
@>> hopefully will be getting my @stitches out soon, and after @that, i go back to the doctor @and he will say, yeah, you can @bear weight. @and then cast me for a @prosthetic and from there, i @will start using my prosthetic. @>> reporter: he is currently @staying in maryland receiving @care through the help of walter @reed medical center but he try @reed medical center but he tries @to visit home to see family and @friends when he can. @ @>> haley: hopefully he has a @continued recovery there. @>> lloyd: that's for sure. @a big issue locally in the state @about high school sports @participation. @kevin has that story. @>> kevin: and the florida @legislature i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that
6:40 pm
right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
6:41 pm
here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says...
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@ @. @ well, bill 684 sounds like a @high school football play, but @insteads is a piece of @legislation if it passes in @tallahassee will completely @change high school sports @programs. @the proposal called chase in @sports has made its way out of @the senate committee and you are @about to see how this could @change high school sports @totally. @>> reporter: high school @athletes are on the verge of @becoming free agents. @lakeland senator kelly stargill @one of two legislators pushing @for a change. @>> i hope we are trying to hit @the target which is not allow @recruiting but at the same time @give the kids an opportunity @participate. @hopefully this will get done. @>> reporter: got the support of @two of hillsborough county's @winningest coaches. @>> i think it is a long time @coming. @i really do. @>> i am happiest here. @>> reporter: the new law will @give parents the ability to move @their kids into more successful @programs or better situations to @play. @often the motive is driven by @college scholarship s.
6:43 pm
@showcase events and playing for @a program can be financially @rewarding. @armwood head coach says just one @winner in the bill. @>> and i think that is where -- @the senate -- i think that's -- @that's where the focus. @meeting that need. @you know, allowing people to @choose. @that is what this country has @been great about. @>> reporter: the greatest @criticism with this bill is to @strengthen the haves and weaken @the have nots lake leto with the @worst high school record. @>> the high school is wild, wild @west. @my biggest worry that schools @like mine will suffer greatly. @we have our own talent and leto @and all of a sudden that one or @two compared to other school's @eight or nine start going let me @play with the eight or nine and @now you have super schools. @>> reporter: to prevent coaches @from blatantly starting @recruiting wars. @a $500 fine for any school found
6:44 pm
@>> i still don't believe -- that @anybody needs to be recruiting @for their program. @>> but in real life if the truth @be told, free agency forever. @>> the question i have how do @you prove it now. @>> reporter: the bill reads now, @not only allows free movement @but amove @meaning a high school athlete @can ultimately play for @different schools every season. @>> kevin: and it is not @finalized right now. @this thing will be tweaked over @the next couple of months but @they are expecting this to be @passed by may some time if it @goes through. @and right now it seems to have a @lot of support up in @tallahassee, guys. @>> lloyd: interesting stuff. @kevin, thank you very much. @a nice night to stay inside @watching something on tv. @>> haley: eating food. @lloyd has been showing restraint @lloyd you guys have been eating? @ @>> haley: just checking and @making sure they are okay. @>> mike: i am the food safety @inspector.
6:45 pm
@you tested the food. @>> mike: a chilly day, in all @all a winter day where you can @stay indoors if you could. @the time lapse view from today. @you can see this breeze from the @camera, the trees kind of @swaying out there. @wind gusts above 30 miles per @hour. @set four a really nice-looking @sunset as well. @highs today, look at that, only @got up to 58 in tampa. @59 in brandon. @to the north, 57 in brooksville. @55 up in crystal river. @61 -- that is the warm spot. @61 in sebring. @60 down in lake placid. @for tomorrow, we will bump the @temperatures up several degrees. @it will still feel pretty chilly @as the breeze picks up in the @afternoon. @64 for a high in tampa. @67 in brandon. @67 in arcadia. @66 in winter haven, and 64 in @new port richey. @again with that wind picking up @tomorrow afternoon will feel a @whole lot colder than mid-60s. @our weather headline clear and @cold. @winds will be dying down this
6:46 pm
@that sets the stage for what we @call radiational cooling. @daytime heating just escapes @into the atmosphere and allows @for a pretty cold night. @front approaching late monday. @monday afternoon and monday @evening expect the winds to pick @back up and they don't stop @until the middle of the week. @temperatures themselves will @stay below average throughout @the workweek. @we are watching several fronts @move through. @no big rain threat from these @fronts, but more just @reinforcing shots of cooler air. @52 um up in westchase. @51 in pinellas park. @5 1 in week key watchy. @53 in bradenton. @51 myacca city. @56 in sebring. @55 down in arcadia. @here is the satellite and radar @view. @strengthening area low pressure @off to the north and east and @you can see that rain wrapping @around, even a few spots of some @colder air locked in place @create @creating some snow showers @across eastern portions of north @carolina right now. @this area of low pressure @continuing to kind of push out
6:47 pm
@ing out at the same time, @meaning pressure dropping at @incredible rates and this will @bring hefty snow totals off the @coastal new england. @some portion of cape cod may end @up with a foot and a half by all @is said and done. @watching this area low pressure @over the northern plains. @trailing cold front. @that moves through here as we @get into late tomorrow night and @on into tuesday. @as far as temperatures go across @the country, you can kind of see @this big pocket of cold air @across the eastern half of the @country. @bitterly cold across the @northern plains and extends all @the way down to us as we get @into wednesday and on into @thursday, even on into friday a @bit. @the cold air starts to retreat a @little bit farther north as we @head toward next weekend. @so most of the workweek does @look to be below average. @your recap for tonight, @certainly a cold night out there @certainly a cold night out @there, 44 degrees. @could be patchy frost especially @with the winds dying down. @for the day tomorrow, 64. @warmer day @warmer day out there. @and evening shower possible. @windy in the afternoon. @increasing clouds in the
6:48 pm
@temperatures reverse course, 58 @on tuesday, winnie and cool and @a morning shower @a morning shower seven-day @forecast. @high temperatures will be a @roller coaster. @look at the low temperatures out @there. @temperatures for the lows only @in the low 40s. @even some 30s out there as we @head toward the middle and end @of the week. @certainly very cold week ahead, @guys haleigh mike, thanks. @ for toy makers around the @world a massive exhibition is a @few days away. @think new york fashion week but @for toys. @the international toy fair is @back. @dubbed the largest toy show in @the western @the western hem hemisphere. @they get to test the brand-new @creations for the public. @>> buyers from all over the @world expect 30,000 people to @walk those booths over four @days. @so really the place talk -- you @can launch a new product if you @are an existing company, but if @you were a small inventor, @really the place you can launch @your entire career you haleigh
6:49 pm
@the javitz center in new york @city. @ still ahead a culinary @delight for the senses here in @tampa. @>> haley: they just open their @doors a few months ago, and @people are flocking to get a @taste of their noodles lowe's presents: in your mouth. like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. sta-green fertilizer,
6:50 pm
i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be
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(husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better.
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@ @ we are wrapping up the 6:00 @news but we hope you join us @tonight at 10:00. @>> haley: all the sports @highlights and forecast for the @workweek. @ some florida teens got to @see their very first nba game in @style. @they met the magic players, got @seats. @how a baseball leend made it @news. @ finally tonight, at the @ramen restaurant in tampa, the @line is out the door and wrapped @all the way around the block. @>> haley: our fox 13 @photographer cole barksdale got @in and went behind the scenes at @the ramen restaurant. @>> this is a ramen restaurant. @ @>> we are in seminole heights, @florida. @this is tampa's first true ramen
6:53 pm
@not the normal restaurant that @enough this area or in tampa. @this place stands out because we @take basically traditional @ramen, we add some tampa @regional influences from @ingredients to the latin flare @with respect to everything of @ramen -- the tradition that @ramen has. @>> ramen is unique. @there is a long process it takes @to make the noodles, to get them @correct. @high energy, natural idea to it @that encompasses how you eat it, @how you put it in the bowl and @the experience you get. @>> i love this job. @it is very creative. @very fulfilling and totally @different than what i have done @before. @>> the sheer amount of @excitement i can have producing
6:54 pm
@customers for that day. @>> we actually -- our customers @are greatly receptive. @everybody is super excited. @we have a giant open kitchen and @we can see the amount of @ex-siment and love we get for @what we put out there for people @to taste. @>> great ramen coming to a @neighborhood near you. @haleigh they are open until 11 @p.m. and located at the corner @of hillsborough and florida @avenue. @>> lloyd: looks good haleigh i @want to try that. @especially on days where it is @cooler it will warm you right up @cooler it will warm you right @up. @the news is always on at @>> lloyd: "the simpsons" are up @next. @news tonight at 10 and 11. @have a great evening.
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