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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 new this morning ... a man is shot in the face at p>>laura: new this morning, a man pshot in the face at a super bowl arty. pno arrests have been made. p>>russell: with new hampshire a pfour-way race for second, donald ptrump turns attentions to pflorida. pan event here in tampa already
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p>>laura: and you know they're pthe real stars of the big game, pthe commercials, right? pdid you see this commercial? pwe'll meet one of the super bowl pbabies. p>>dave: almost 6:01. p44 degrees outside at tampa pinternational. pyou go inwland, north, crystal priver had 32. pfreezing temperatures in citrus pcounty this morning and we're prunning from four to 13 degrees pcolder than yesterday. pyeah, grab your jackets, grab pyour winter gear this morning. pit is going to be a fast warmup. pi do anticipate us in the mid p60s but beginning this afternoon pright through tomorrow night, we pgot a lot of wind coming at us. pgale warnings offshore, high psurf advisories, all of that in pa few minutes. pat least the winds are quiet
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p>>vanessa: i wonder how they pwill affect the sunshine skyway. psounds like folks will be safe pwhen the winds come but as far pas weather concerns right now, pwe look good. pthis is really the only notable pincident right now. pit's a live look in eastern phillsborough county. pi-4, eastbound lanes near pmacintosh road. pthis is reported as a vehicle pfire. pthe fire truck has arrived on pscene, partially taking up the pright lane. pyou'll want to use the move over plaw as you pass through but preally, we're not seeing major pdelays at this point. p>>russell: a man is shot in the pface at a super bowl party in ptampa. phappened near east 93rd avenue pand north 20th street. pthat's just north of busch pboulevard. phe's in critical condition. pwe're working to update how he's pdoing this morning. pofficers are still looking for pthe shooter. pthey've not released a pdescription. p>>laura: pasco deputies are plooking for a fugitive they say ptried to run a deputy over with pa car.
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pjake williams put his car preverse and accelerated at the pdeputy. pdeputies are looking for a light urple colored infiniti. phe has multiple felony warrants pand faces charges on attempted phomicide. p>>russell: also this morning, pcoast guard searching for a pmanatee county couple who pdisappeared while boating on plake okeechobee. p72-year-old john russ and p62-year-old wife diane were last pseen saturday. pstoem rolled in and a front pcalled for help. pcoast guard crews found a vessel pwhere the couple was reported pmissing. pstill not clear whether it was ptheir boat. pcrews will be back on the water ptoday to continue the search. p>>laura: it is 6:03 and two pdeadly nightclub shootings in ptwo days. pone in tampa and another in porlando's busy tourist corridor. p>>russell: a total of three eople are dead, more than a pdozen wounded and still no parrests in either case. pfirst happened early saturday
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pgun fire erupted in club rain on pnorth nebraska avenue. pcell phone was recording what phappened. p21-year-old marvin last caster pwas killed and seven others pshot. pgunning the victims, four punderage people. pif you know anything about the pshooting, call tampa police. p>>laura: orlando police are pinvestigating a deadly shooting pat a universal boulevard pnightclub. ptwo people were killed at club pglitz early yesterday morning. pat least 10 people were hurt but pnot all shot. pone person is still in critical pcondition. pofficers are looking for as many pas three shooters. pclub's parking lot was the scene pof another shooting back in poctober. p>>russell: 6:04 right now. olice in clearwater are psearching for a man who attack a p6-year-old girl in a bathroom pstall. ptake a good luck. phe followed the girl in a pbathroom stall at countryside pmall and tried to hold her down. phe pushed had her to the ground
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phe was with two women before the pattack and they hope to track pthose women down as well. pthe girl managed to make it out psafely and get to her father. p>>laura: three children were pkilled in a horrible crash psaturday night and the weather pmay have played a big part. pthis was on cypress parkway pabout 9:00 saturday. pdeputies say this a 25-year-old pman lost control of his car, pfishtailed and hit another car phead on. pthe roads were wet at the time. phe was taken to osceola regional pmedical center in critical pcondition. pboth cars carrying three adults pand two children. p6-year-old was killed as another p6-year-old and 8-year-old. p>> it's a tragedy upon a tragedy pto see three children die in the pcrash. pi can tell you very difficult pfor all of the first responders pand i'm certain everyone else pthat stopped to help.
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pcritical to good. pdeputies say both drivers and pall passengers had their seat pbelts on and the kids were in pcar seats. p>>russell: authorities arrested pfour protestors at the state pfair yesterday. pthe group was gathered to call pattention to andrew joseph, iii. phe died in 2014 when he tried to pcross i-4 on foot after being pejected from the fair. pyesterday the protestors were pasked to leave. pmost of them did but a few prefused to listen. pfour arrested after they chained pthemselves together and sat down pin the pavement. pthe group has been charged with ptrespassing after a warning. p>>laura: leading up to the new phampshire primary, donald trump phas a commanding lead. p30% of likely republican voters psay they would vote for him. pfour candidates trailed trump in pa virtual tie. pthey are ohio governor john pkasich, marco rubio, jeb bush pand texas senator ted cruz.
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pmore than a month away but trump phas his sights on winning the psunshine state. p>>laura: this coming friday, phe'll be here in tampa. pnew this morning, tickets are psold out. p>>russell: shayla reaves live poutside of the sun dome with pdetails on that. pgood morning, shayla. p>>russell: good morning f. pyou're hoping to get your hands pon one of those tickets, you may pbe out of luck. pall the free tickets have been preserved. pwe checked online and in this pcase, we're talking about around p10,000 tickets. pnow, that information has been pconfirmed by university pofficials here at u.s.f. pthis particular rally gets punderway friday at 7:00. pdoors to the sun dome open at p5:00. pthis is for republican residential candidate donald ptrump who is scheduled to speak pfriday night. pstudents are already talking pabout the event on campus. p>> more than anything, he's a pcelebrity again.
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pout and check him out. p>> i think it's wise for anybody pto get an early start on pflorida. p>>reporter: now, if you secured pa seat for this event, again, pthe doors open at 5:00. pthe event starts at 7:00. pwhile the actual tickets are pfree, parking is not free. pit's 20 bucks per vehicle, cash ponly and for some of the larger pvehicles, there could be an padditional cost. pif you want to check out all of pthis information, we made it peasy for you online. pjust head over to pand click on the seen on tv psection. pback to you. p>>russell: thanks. pturning back to new hampshire, pg.o.p.'s debate could not have pcome at a worst time for marco prubio. p>>laura: he was on the rise but pspent sunday doing damage pcontrol after an attack from pchristie. p>> that's what washington does.
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pmemorize a 20 second speech. p>>laura: rubio repeated a psimilar line four times pthroughout the debate. pchristie called him out for it. pattacks continued on fox news psunday. p>> he just simply is not ready. phe's a good guy but he's not pready to be president of the punited states. phe's a great speaker but he came pacross as totally scripted and pkind of row botic and just missed p-- the question was about pleadership. pcan you make a tough decision? pand marco is gifted but never phas had the chance to make a ptough decision like governors pdo. p>>laura: rubio stands by his pword. phe also said his campaign raised pmore money the first hour of the pdebate than any previous debate. p>>russell: jeb bush is hoping to psteal the spotlight. psuper pac raised more than p$30,000 to buy a new 30 second pspot in new hampshire during the psuper bowl.
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pformer president george w. bush. p>> the first job of the resident is to protect america. pour next president must be repared to lead. pi know jeb. pi know his good heart. p>>russell: similar ads started laying in south carolina over pthe weekend. pthat's the next state on the residential primary schedule. p>>laura: bernie sanders holds a p10 point lead over hillary pclinton out of the latest poll pin new hampshire and it could pcome down to money. pdemocrats have been going back pand forth debating the influence pof wall street campaign pdonations. p>> what the sanders' campaign is ptrying to do is link donations pto my political campaign or preally, donation to anyone's olitical campaign with undue pinfluence, with changing eople's views and votes. pi've never, ever done that. p>> i like secretary clinton but pwe have a corrupt campaign pfinance system.
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pwe have raised $3.5 million paveraging $27 apiece. p>>laura: the new hampshire rimary is tomorrow. pwe want you to stay with fox 13 pfor complete coverage from pbefore the polls open all the pway until the very last vote is pcounted. p>>russell: well, super bowl 50 pover but they're still sell pbriting in denver this morning. p>>laura: millions tuned in to pwatch the commercials and one is pleading to some very awkward pconversations. p p>>laura: the super bowl babies pwere some of the biggest pwinners. pwe'll meet with one of the pbrightest stars. phey, dave. p>>dave: 44 outside. pit's a cold start to the day. p39 is the dew points and we're pvery dry. pwinds are light. pright now you see the ptemperatures 30s and 40s.
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with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 p>> and he's in the end zone for pthe touchdown. p>>russell: panthers came into pthe game with the league's best poffense but pitted against the pdefense from the broncos and cam pnewton did help the panthers get
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pof the game. eyton manning had no touchdowns pbut he got it done. pveiler got the m.v.p. award pafter causing cam newton to pfumble twice. pbroncos took the win 24-10. pand broncos fans are still prelishing their team's super pbowl victory. pthe win is extra special because pit was peyton manning's perhaps pfinal game before retirement. pthe party continues. phey, dave. p>>dave: good morning. pdid you watch any of it? p>>russell: a little. pvery little. p>>dave: i watched the whole pfirst half and then i couldn't psleep so i was in and out the prest of the game. p>>russell: what time did you get pto bed? p>>dave: after it was over. pi was back and forth. pi didn't go to bed until after pthe whole thing was over. panyway, 6:15 this morning and we pday.
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p36 degrees in new tampa. pbrandon at 37. pif you're way from the water, pyou are in the 30s this morning. pand sun city center at 36. pthen you go forth and you sneak pin some freezing temps into pcrystal river, inverness, pbrksville barely hanging on to pabove freezing this morning. pthey're at 33. pdade city at 39. pour friends in zephyrhills are psitting at around 32 degrees pthis morning. pit's cold. pit really is. peven at places that are near the pwater are cold. p46 in bradenton. p40 degrees in sarasota. p43 in venice and mid to upper p30s for the most part in polk pcounty. pa couple of spots back in the plower 40s. pnow, the way today is going to pset up, i want to talk about pcold fronts in general, every pcold front that comes through phere, no two are exactly the psame. pyou look at the map and say this pdoesn't look bad, right? pa little clouds, some tiny
6:17 am
prainfall, this is not going to pbe a big deal as the front comes pthrough later today. pbut it is going to turn big time pwindy. pone of those things where you're pgoing to notice it this evening pand go, what is that? pthat's the wind coming through pas the front comes sliding in. pwhile we're starting off mostly pclear right now, you can see pahead of the front the high pclouds are streaming in so we pstart mostly sunny, we will pfinish mostly cloudy. ponce we get in the evening pcommute, as that front moves pcloser, it's packing with it a pton of wind and those west winds pare going to pick up tonight. p20, 25, 30, yeah, 30 miles per phour. plook at the wind forecast. pright now it's calm. pmonday, 6:00 a.m., no big deal. pearly tomorrow morning, winds 20 pto 25 miles an hour, that was pjust a sustained wind speed with
6:18 am
pneighborhood of 43 miles per phour along the coast. pyeah. pthat's why the gale warnings phave been posted and even inland plocations, you're going to get pwind gusts tonight, early ptomorrow morning in the upper p30s so this front is going to be pall about the winds and the pwinds picking up later today. pclouds on the increase, high ptemperatures 64 degrees. ptonight won't be quite as cold pbut it will be very windy. plows near 50 degrees. ptomorrow windiness continues pwith a high temperature of 57. pi think by late in the day on pwednesday, the winds may die pdown. pi'm thinking this morning's pcommute, no problem. ptomorrow morning's commute on pthe bridges but it's going to be pvery windy. p>>vanessa: we'll have to watch pthat. pfor now it looks pretty good as pfar as the weather conditions pand their effect on the proadways. pwe're back here along i-4, pmacintosh road, an earlier artial lane blockage due to a
6:19 am
poff to the right shoulder. premember, you'll still want to pexercise the move over law. pyou can see visibly at this oint that the volumes are pstarting to pick up. pgood news is we're still premaining in the clear as far as pthe travel times. pi-4 westbound, branch forbes to p75 still sitting at about an peight minute ride. palso an eight minute ride pnorthbound along 75 coming from pthe selmon exit heading to the pfowler avenue exit. p nobody can forget this pevening p>>laura: a stampede of weiner pdogs, monkey in a diaper and poverprotective dad, the pcommercials ruled last night. pcompanies paid a reported $5 pmillion for a 30 second spot. pthat's up half a million dollars pfrom last year and one of last
6:20 am
pcommercials had to be the super pbowl babies commercial. pbabies born nine months after pthe super bowl singing and pcrying alongside grammy award pwinning singer and songwriter pseal. pwe have one of those super bowl pbabies and her mother this pmorning. pgood morning to you. p>> good morning. p>>laura: so how did this all pcome about? phow did you find out about this? p>> well, i'm in a choir at pu.s.f. and they asked for pauditions so i went to an paudition via skype and so as a pgroup, we sang a couple of songs pand they said, we want everyone pto sing individually and i pdidn't know that they were going pto do that so we all went up and psang individually and out of the pwhole choir, they picked two eople and i happened to be one pof them. p>>laura: that's awesome. pyou had no idea how this was pgoing to play out, right? pthis was in new york. psdmo this was in new york, yes.
6:21 am
pthe job and they flew us out on ptuesday. pwe did not know what the pcommercial entailed. pwe knew it was nfl and that's pall we knew. pwhen they got there, they pulled pthe parents aside and gave us pthe lyrics and wanted to make psure we were okay with our kids psinging. p>>laura: so here is this. pthis is the practice? pthe commercial? p>> yes. p>>laura: did you see yourself plast night in this? p>> yes. pi got really excited. p>>laura: is it a little puncomfortable for you to think pabout? pwhen we think super bowl babies, pwe think the babies conceived on pthe night of the super bowl pbased on excitement over the win por whatever p>> right. pyes. pwe have not put two to two ptogether.
6:22 am
pobviously a super bowl baby. p>>laura: so you go back to pschool this morning. pdo your friends all know? pwhat do they say? p>> i was on my school morning pshow the other day and so people pkept coming up to me saying, phey, aren't you that girl that's pgoing to be on that commercial? pand so everyone kept telling me pthey were excited to watch my pcommercial and stuff so i don't pknow what it's going to be like. p>>laura: you're how old? p>> i'm 12. p>>laura: so this was the -- p>> the only win they got. pthe bucs win. p>>laura: about how many others pwere there that were prepresenting the bucs? p>> there were about seven other pkids representing the tampa. p>>laura: you're in the top five. pthat commercial is in the top pfive. pthe ones we're talking about pthis morning. pvery nice. pthank you so much for being with pus today. p>> thank you. p>>laura: very fun. pvery fun. phey, russell. p>>russell: coming up, highlights pfrom last night's half-time show
6:23 am
pcoming to tampa. pwe'll tell you when you can buy pthe tickets. pand this is not a face of pbrotherly love. peli not looking so happy after phis brother's big win.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. p>>laura: welcome back. p6:25. pnow time to see what's clicking pon the web this morning. p>>walter: good morning there, pguys. panybody get any sleep? p>>russell: i did. pi'm sure you did, right? p>>walter: i did.
6:26 am
pand out. p>>walter: and that's what we're ptalking about. pit's super bowl, the game, the pcommercials, the performances. plet's talk about something else poff the field. peli manning's reaction to his pbrother's win. pthey solidify the lead and they pcut away to the manning family psuite. peveryone is excited exit for plittle brother eli. pthe stare, half hearted high pfive. pis it because his brother peyton pnow has the same number of prings? p>>russell: you're never going to pmake member that. p>>walter: i'm not going to pbelieve that, erpt ither. p>>russell: i think he's let's pnot celebrate too quickly. p>>laura: not celebrate what too pquickly? p>>russell: the win. p>>walter: until that clock reads pzeros, the game ain't over yet. p>>laura: that's it. p>>russell: we're all in
6:27 am
p>>laura: i was totally bothered pwhen we teased that story. pi didn't like that. pthe brothers are notoriously pquick. p>>walter: we settled it. pwe have to move on. ptouching moment at a children's phospital in texas. p a whole new world p>>walter: this is way better pthan any super bowl win. pshe was diagnosed with leukemia plast summer. pher nurse, brandon waterhouse, phas been there to lift her pspirits and it's not a very ptalented rendition of this song. phe's not a very good singer but psophia loves every minute of it. p>>laura: you're killing me with pthat one. p>>russell: i know.
6:28 am
pwhen you can just wrap? p this fantastic maid of honor wowed the crowd, p>>walter: fantastic maid of phonor with her rendition of ice pice baby. pshe even mixed in a few personal plyrics. pthe gentleman at that table pdoesn't seem like he's all that pimpressed or he doesn't precognize the song, one of the ptwo. pbut it looks like a fun event. p>>laura: i'm sure they had that pconnection. pthat is special for them. p>>walter: there had to be a preason for that. p>>russell: thank you for ending pwith that and not the middle pone. p>>laura: my makeup is all messed pup. p>>walter: we may see it again on
6:29 am
p>>laura: still ahead, an pincredible rescue. pa woman pulled from the rubble ptwo days after a deadly pearthquake. p>>russell: and chipotle shutting pits doors for awhile after that pbig health scare. p>>russell: good morning. pyeah. pchipotle, if it's your favorite plunch spot, find a new one for pat least today. pall the stores will be closed puntil 3:00 this afternoon but pcoming up after the break, i'm
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3 ((russell 2shot) it's 6:30 on this chilly monday morning.. i'm russell p>>russell: 6:30 on a chilly pmonday morning. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pgood morning. pit's going to be hard to crawl pout from under the covers.
6:32 am
pfor a look at the forecast. p>>dave: we're up. p30s and 40s are going to greet pyou when you walk out the door pthis morning. pit is cold, not to mention we've pgot places in citrus county pwhich are actually around the pfreezing mark, 32 crystal river. pbrooksville is going to be a pvery blustery day. pit's not windy now but later ptoday, let's say for the evening pwindier. phighs make it back to the 60s pfor today. pand then we'll drop back in the p50s for highs the rest of the pweek. plet's talk more about that plus pthe wind coming in late today. pcheck on the monday morning pcommute. p>>vanessa: the big heads up. psouthbound 13, we have sky fox pchecking out moving slow in that psouthbound direction. pas i mentioned before, this is pat the intersection of pklosterman. pit looks as though alternate 19 psouthbound is going to be a lot
6:33 am
pdelays we're seeing in and the attern with the delays, it plooks like 19 will be jamming up pmore and more as we go on pthroughout the morning until pthis crash clears out. pwe'll keep you posted. pin the meantime avoid southbound p19, klosterman. p>>russell: 6:33 and a shooting pin tampa overnight at a super pbowl party. olice say a group of people pwere in a home on north 20th pstreet when someone took out a pgun and fired several shots. pone man was hit in the face. pofficers found him in the yard. phe's in the hospital in critical pcondition. olice are searching for the pshooter. p>>laura: police in clearwater pare looking for a man who pattacked a 6-year-old at could pnoteside mall. phe followed the girl in the pbathroom stall, pushed her to pthe ground and put his hand over pher mouth. pher screams scared him away. pdetectives believe the man was pwith two women just before the pattack and they hope to track pdown the women as well. pthe girl made it out safely to pher father. p>>russell: who people dead, four
6:34 am
pmardis gras parade in pmississippi. phappened about 45 miles pnortheast of new orleans. pthere were about 50,000 people pin that crowd. arade is known as one of the prowdiest on the ptomorrow is fat tuesday. p>>laura: a year ago salem pbaptist church burned to the pground. pinvestigators determined it was pan ee electrical fire. pthey spent the last year meeting pat another church. pthe congregation held the pservice in their new sanctuary. pchurch is on north 78th street pand temple terrace. pgood for them. p>>russell: today for four hours, pchipotle is closing all of the pstores across the country. p>>laura: they are holding an punprecedented companywide staff pmeeting about food safety. pthat is following the outbreak pof e-coli. pthe company had to do something
6:35 am
pcustomers, right? p>>walter: absolutely, laura and prussell. pi think that's a reason why as pwe went to commercial break pthere, i mentioned that this may pactually be good news for the pexecutives of chipotle. pfor the first time since really plast july, this is a chance for pthem, for the restaurant chain pto start moving forward and pass pthe e-coli saga that lasted for pmonths. pthis thing made a lot of people psick and it robbed profits to a pa grinding halt. pall chipotle restaurants will be pmeeting this morning. paccording to the website, the prestaurants will reopen at 3:00 .m. and a news release, pchipotle co-c.e.o. said the pmeeting is being held to thank pemployees for their pextraordinary work, the pcomprehensive new safety program pand that program is going to be poutlined during the meeting. pthese were steps put in place pafter the e-coli outbreak that pmade 500 people sick last year.
6:36 am
pmany ingredients before they pship to restaurants, changes to pfood preparation and food phandling practices and new rotocol for marinating chicken pand steaks and employees have to pgo through extra food safety ptraining. plast week the cdc determined pthis e-coli outbreak was over pbut no one has been able to pfigure out how it started and as pi mentioned profits a little pwhile ago, they were down more pthan 40% in the fourth quarter pof 2015. p>>russell: thanks. ptalk later. pnew this morning, two people pfound alive two days after that pdeadly earthquake in taiwan. pone was found shielded under the pbody of her husband. pshe was heard shouting, here i pam as rescuers dug through the prubble to find her. pa man was pulled from a sixth pfloor section from a collapsed p17 story building. pat least 36 people we know died pin the quake. pdozens more are still missing. p>>laura: investigators are still
6:37 am
pjust before a bomb tore a hole pin the side of a passenger jet pin somalia. pit may have been an inside job. pnew surveillance video shows the psuspected bomber being handed a plaptop by two other men and one pof the men was wearing a psecurity jacket. p50 people have been arrested so pfar in connection with the pbombing. pthe side. p>>russell: south korea has begun ptalks about deploying a missile pdefense system in south korea. pu.n. security council held an pemergency meeting yesterday that pstrongly condemned this launch. pnorth korea said it was part of pa peaceful space program. pjapan called it a threat to the pregion. p>> this is a direct threat to
6:38 am
pkorea and also the country of pthe philippines. pthe sglen zone is in the vicinity. p>>russell: one rocket passed pover japan and landed near the hilippines. pits track was closely tracked by psouth korea. pu.s. said it posed no immediate pthreats. pit comes weeks after north korea pcarried out another nuclear ptest. p>>laura: we continue to monitor pthe threat of the zika virus phere in the u.s. plast week we told you about a pcase in texas where the virus pwas spread by sexual combat. regnant women are being urged pto talk with health care roviders by any potential pexposure their partner has it. pa condom is encouraged. pmost people infected with zika pdo not experience symptoms but
6:39 am
pit is linked with birth defects pin brazil. pto the numbers now, there are a ptotal of 14 cases here in pflorida. pmiami dade county has the most pwith five. pso far there have been no plocally contracted cases of the pzika virus in florida. pnone of the confirmed cases pinvolve pregnant women. p>>russell: president obama will psubmit his 2017 budget to pcongress and he's asking for pmore green money and the pcongress is expected to ignore pthe budget package and they're palready working on their own pversion. pthe budget year begins october p1. p>>laura: don't pack up your psweaters just yet. p>>russell: dave has a look at pthe forecast plus what started
6:40 am
pshoplifting turns into p>>dave: you're waking up on this pmonday morning to a pretty pstart. pit is quite chilly outside. pit's winter-like feel. plook at the 30s. pthey're widespread wesley pchapel, 38 in brandon, 39 pwauchula, bartow, lakeland, all pin the mid to upper 30s. pthen as you get up into hernando pcounty, we've got freezing ptemperatures, very close to pfreezing. pbrooksville 32 degrees.
6:41 am
pcoastline but everybody has pquite a chill this morning. pnot only us but around the state pwhere you have some freezing ptemperatures in tallahassee. pmid 50s in the keys. ptrust me, that's cold for those pfolks in the keys, getting down pto 55. pmiami this morning with ptemperature of 50 degrees. pwe are starting off with a psliver of cloud cover but we're pgoing to work our way from pmostly sunny skies, to mostly pcloudy skies. pyou see a theme of all the high pclouds just pushing across the pgulf so enjoy that sunshine pearly as we're going to get to a psetup where the clouds and all pthe moisture are pushing through plater this afternoon. pto the north of us, you can see pa cold front on its way. pit's so dry in the lower levels pof the atmosphere that we're preally not anticipating a lot of prainfall from this front. phowever, as it moves into the
6:42 am
pto start to pick up and that pwind is going to whip around pwith tonight and tomorrow and penough so that we have gale pwarnings for offshore and for ptampa bay itself. pso it's going to get very windy ptoday as the front moves pthrough. pwe could pick up and again, this pis tomorrow morning, a few tiny pshowers as that front is psqueezing but that west wind is preally going to do most of the pdamage as you're going to notice pand feel just how windy it is poutside beginning late this pafternoon. pso right now, wind forecast for pthis morning, calm. pquiet. pthen you get to the afternoon pand evening and all of a sudden, ptomorrow morning you're going, pwow. pwind 20 to 25 miles per hour pwith wind gusts tonight papproaching, if not touching 40 pmiles per hour. pthat's big, right? pthat's big. pso that's why the gale warnings phave been posted along the pcoastline and it's likely we're pgoing to get the lake wind padvisories tomorrow, giving you
6:43 am
pit's all quiet right now. pit's going to be very, very pwindy late today, tonight and retty much all of tomorrow as pwell. pthe clouds are rolling in with pconditions turning windy late ptoday. p64 degrees and then mostly pcloudy, windy, maybe a shower ptonight with this front coming pthrough. pit's not going to be rain. pit's the wind that i think is pgoing to be the dominant factor pwith this cold front going in. pnotice after today, 60, tomorrow pback in the upper 50s. pit warms up again for the first art of the weekend but another pcold snap is coming next pweekend. p>>vanessa: thank you. p6:45, as we suspected would phappen, we got worsening delays palong u.s. 19. pthis is sky fox checking out pu.s. 19 southbound at the pklosterman intersection and we pstill have three lanes blocked, palternate 19 looking even more plike a good alternate because pyou can save about 10 minutes or
6:44 am
pu.s. 19 at this point. pwe'll check on travel times. pusual delays southbound 275 pcoming from bearss avenue and ptypical delays as well. pi-4 westbound between mlk and pthe interchange. pit's about to switch over to p6:46. pcheck with charley belcher and psay good morning. p>>charley: good day. pi'm a little sleepy this pmorning. p>>vanessa: i don't blame you. pme, too, a little bit. p>>charley: monday morning after psuper bowl is a rough one to be pon the morning shift. pit's funny. pi have friends that work in pknoxville in radio and i saw on pfacebook at half-time during the psuper bowl, they were all psaying, all right. pgood night. pgot to go to bed. pcan't stay up. pthat's what i should have done pbut i just can't. pi have to see the super bowl to pits completion just in case psomething crazy happens or i pthought there might be a cam
6:45 am
p>>vanessa: there wasn't. pit was a little sloppy. p>>charley: yeah. pit was. ptheir defensive oriented for psure. preminded me of buccaneers of pold. pnot exactly highlight reel kind pof super bowl, right? pworked up a little defensive lays. pnot much there. pcongratulations to peyton pmanning and the broncos and all ptheir fans. psoak it up, enjoy. pall i'm thinking about right now pis the bucs are undefeated. pwe have a shot. p>>vanessa: that's true. pstart fresh. p>>charley: new season. pbucs are undefeated. pi'm all ready for next year. pmeet and greet at the fair, the pweather didn't exactly pcooperate. pa little rainy, a little chilly pbut -- p>>vanessa: it was good, though. p>>charley: all the smiles of the pbest viewers of the world made pthe rain go away. p>>vanessa: dedicated. p>>charley: it was nice. pthat is always a humbling pexperience to have people come
6:46 am
penjoy the show. pcome and say hello saturday pmorning. pwe all truly appreciate it. pif you couldn't make it out, pwe're sorry. pwe'll catch you somewhere else. pi have a cool school for you pthis morning. ptyrone middle school is where i pam in st. petersburg and they've pgot kind of a school within a pschool. pa magnet program and this is the pfirst year so we'll see how pthey're doing this first year. pemphasis on technology, a room pfilled with computers behind me. pwe'll talk about technology and phow they're using it here to pteach our youngsters and how pthis magnet program, we'll tell pyou how it works, who it works pfor and how well it's working in pthis inaugural year. pthere we go. pi'll wake up, have a couple of pcups of coffee. p>>vanessa: find the teacher's pbreak room. pthank you. p>>russell: emergency training pexercise at macdill today. pcrews will find out what will phappen if a plane crashed in the parea. pall part of the six mobility pwing's accident response
6:47 am
pfirst responders will prepare pfor a plane crash situation and ptreat injured personnel. pshoplifting bust turns into pmore. ptwo stole about $10 worth of pcandy from circle k. pthey sat in their car right poutside the gas pump eating it pand when deputies showed up, pthey hit the drug jackpot. pdeputies say the two have been pin jail a combined 48 times. pstarting today, olympic pqualified world championship praces will be taking place in pthe waters off clearwater beach. psome of the world's best pathletes will be competing in pthe fastest two person boats to pbe used at this summer's polympics. pspectators can watch from pier p60. pchampionships run through psunday. p>>laura: just about 10 minutes pfrom the top of the hour now.
6:48 am
pthis week but that doesn't mean
6:49 am
pstreet. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
6:50 am
3 stocks in asia have been very volatile recently .. p>>laura: stocks in asia very pvolatile lately. p>>russell: it's wall street we pneed to be worried about this pmorning. pjoining us is lauren simonetti. pwow. phere we go. panother monday, another selloff pto talk about, right? p>>reporter: there are three pthings that are green today. pgold because investors are pnervous, japan the only major in pasia that was open today for the plunar plunar new year and my dress.
6:51 am
palphabet, all down in a big way pand this morning it's happening pagain. pdow futures down more than 200 oints and nasdaq futures down p-- i don't have my quote at the pmoment but down more than 50 a pcouple of moments ago. pthis is a big selloff. pwednesday and thursday, we get pearns from viacom, disney, you pname it. pand retail sales on friday. pso there's a lot of data but if pit's not good, that sell button pis going to continue to get ressed. p>>russell: it's shaping up to be pa rough year. plet's talk about something else phere, something we can all be pexcited about. pit will pull us out of our funk. pnew menu item the attack at taco bell. p>>reporter: they come out with pconcoctions and usually taste pgreat and they're huge sellers pfor the company. pthis is the latest one. pthey teased us with this on the pmystery menu item.
6:52 am
phalf chalupa and sx and half pquesadilla. pand did you guys see what peyton pmanning did in the post game pinterview when you mentioned bud pand when he kissed the founder pof papa john's? pdid you happen to see that? p>>russell: i heard about it. p>>reporter: yeah. phe had mentioned unpaid for $3.2 pmillion plus in advertising prevenue, if you will, for pbudweiser and then he goes and pkisses the papa john's founder pbefore his wife. phe said he's going to kiss his pwife and this is why peyton anning is a dream come true for pmarketers out there. phe knows who butters his bread. phe's going to retire and this is phow he gets his money. p>>russell: good point. pwe'll talk later. p>>reporter: all righty. pbye-bye. p>>laura: he's going to be psinging the nationwide pcommercials for a long time to pcome.
6:53 am
pwhere to find the fox business pnetwork in your area, go to fox finder. p for the land of the free pand the home of the brave p>>laura: lady gaga playing it pstraight as she stole the show plast night. pshe sang the national anthem pbefore the big game sporting a pred suit, blue shoes, blue and pwhite pshe'll be back in the spotlight plater this month singing a ptribute to david bowie at the pgrammys. pshe wasn't the only show stopper plast night.
6:54 am
p>>russell: after headlining the phalf-time show, beyonce pannounced her new world tour pkicks off in april in miami. pshe's going to be raymond james papril 29. ptickets range from $65 to $300. p>>russell: when she comes on the pstage, no one else matters. psuper bowl weekend was not good pfor the box office for obvious preasons. pkung fu panda 3 is still the pnumber one in america. pit made $21 million in the psecond week. pthe new movie "hail ceasar" was pnumber two.
6:55 am
prelease of the cohen brothers. p>>russell: the director of the prevanant won the top prize of pthe directors guild award. pthat was some movie. p>>laura: i saw it. pthat spotlight -- p>>russell: i saw it again. p>>laura: it looks really good. p>>russell: makes you proud to be pin our business. p>>laura: donald trump is coming pto u.s.f. this week to campaign. pyou want tickets? ptoo bad. p>>russell: and we're talking pmoney and marriage. pfind out how much you could psecretly spend without making pyour spouse mad. p>>laura: and this is probably psupposed to be fun but ouch. pfind out why these people are phurling oranges at each other. pit's ahead at 7:00.
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pit's in the 30s along way shore
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