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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 8, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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phighs today in the3 like a rock star. donald trump sold out a **big venue in tampa. find out when he's coming. p>>russell: donald trump sells pout a big venue in tampa. p>>laura: and sore loser. pcam newton walks out after the psuper bowl. p>>russell: and not being ptruthful about money. phigh percentage of couples who pcan relate. phey, everybody. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pthat ahead and a whole lot more. pfirst we need the forecast from pdave osterberg.
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pi know how cold it is. pyou don't because you're just pwaking up. pdoesn't that look cold over plakeland? pit's pretty but we've got ptemperatures in the 30s, a lot pof us are in the 30s this hour. pwe have 39 degrees in wesley pchapel. p37 in lakeland. p39 in brandon. p33 in brooksville. ptampa is in the upper 40s but pstill, cold. pgrab the jackets. pyou'll need them until late this pmorning. pwe'll get back in the mid 60s pbut beginning this afternoon, pthere's a cold front moving into pthe state. pthe wind is going to pick up and pwe could be looking at wind pgusts 35 to 40 miles an hour ptonight. pi'm not kidding. pwind will be an issue later ptoday, tonight and tomorrow. prain won't. pwe'll talk about why in a few pminutes. p>>vanessa: we'll be watching pbridged when the winds do come. pfor the meantime, overall icture things look good on the proadways. pwe're keeping an eye here on one pof the biggest delays out of the
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inellas county, sky fox is pmonitoring the crash we told you pabout in the last hour of "good pday." pthis is southbound u.s. 19 at pklosterman. pwe still have the three left planes blocked. pyou can imagine as those volumes pare picking up, the travel times pare really, really picking up. pso we have all those drivers pfunneling into that right lane. pyou have lots of backups we're pseeing in that area. pas we check the road sensors, plooks like we have lots of red pand lots of yellows accident psouthbound 19. palternate 19 for the time being plooks like it's pretty clear. pgot some green sensors so we'll pcheck those out. p>>laura: thank you. pyou know, by the time we vote phere in florida next month, pthere might, might be a handful pof presidential candidates left pto choose from. p>>russell: this field keeps pdwindling. pdoug is in washington with the platest where we are in the race. phey, doug.
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pwe're talking specifically about pnew hampshire this morning and pthe primary there is tomorrow pand there is a huge block of punned voters heading into this. pif you're the frontrunner, prepublican or democratic side, pthat is disconcerting news. pgives you heartburn not sure pwhere the voters are going to pturn. pfor those polling so well, it's pa reason for hope. pthis is retail politics in new phampshire. pdoor to door. p>> we're volunteers with donald ptrump's campaign. p>>reporter: it's also the case pof donald trump volunteers ptrying to succeed where the iowa pcounterparts came up short. p>> a lot of these volunteers say pit's not important who you vote pfor but you have to go through pthe process. pi feel differently. pif you're not going to vote for pme, do not vote.
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p>>reporter: it comes after psaturday's debate that scrambled pthe g.o.p. field. p>> this notion that barack obama pdoesn't know what he's doing -- phe knows exactly what he's pdoing. p>>reporter: that exchange left pmarco rubio reeling. pif you don't think there's a ileup for second place in new phampshire, look at this. pall within two points of each pother. ptwo democrats, meantime, pactually left new hampshire over pthe weekend. p>> democratic socialism. p>>reporter: bernie sanders pappeared on saturday night live pwhile hillary clinton travelled pto flint, michigan to address pthe water crisis there. pbut that was after she called pout her rival's foreign policy pcredentials. p>> there really isn't any kind pof foreign policy network that pis supporting and advising psenator sanders. p>> if you go back to 2008, this pis exactly what the clinton eople were doing to senator pbarack obama. pthey were attacking him.
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pand et cetera, et cetera. p>>reporter: the fact that you phave both leading democrats, phillary clinton and bernie psanders, willing to leave new phampshire over the weekend just pin advance of the primary there pshows the degree to which pthey're looking down the horizon pin the contests that are yet to phappen. palso looking down the road pfurther, donald trump will be in pflorida later this week. pshayla reaves has more on that pthis morning. p>>reporter: well, if you want to pattend friday's rally, you may pbe out of luck. pwe checked online and found all pof the free tickets already preserved and capacity in the sun pdome, about 10,000. pthat comes from officials with pthe university of south florida.
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pfriday night but the doors open pat 5:00. peveryone hoping to get a chance pto see republican presidential pcandidate donald trump. pstudents already talking about pthe rally on campus. p>> i do think more people will pbe opposing trump than psupporting him. p>> i do think that u.s.f. is one pof the more politically active pschools around here, especially pin the bay area. pwhether or not people are psupporters of trump, i think pthey'll see what it's about pregardless. pi think there's a lot of pexcitement for the trump rally. p>>reporter: if you secured a pseat for friday's event, here's pwhat you need to know. pagain, those doors open at 5:00. pthe event gets underway at 7:00. pif you plan to come while the ptickets are free, we did learn pthat you will have to pay for arking. arking is expected to be about p$20 per vehicle, cash only and plarger vehicles may take some
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pto see all of this information pon your computer screen, you can phead right to our website, and we'll link you pto all of these details on the p"seen on tv" section of our pwebsite. pback to you. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. pnew this morning, super bowl arty turns violent in tampa. p>>laura: a man was shot in the pface and police are looking for pthe gunman. phappened at 12:30 this morning pat 20th street north of busch pboulevard in north tampa. olice say a group of people pwere at the house to watch the pgame and after it was over, pshots were fired and a man was pthe face. phe is in the hospital in pcritical condition. phis name has not been released. pno arrests have been made and olice still don't know who ulled the trigger. p>>russell: pasco county pauthorities are searching for a pfugitive they say tried to run pover the deputies. pwilliams is wanted on multiple pfelony charges and now attempted phomicide. pdeputies were trying to arrest
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pcar in reverse and drove towards pa deputy. pdeputy was not hit. pother deputies shot at his tires pand he still got away. phe's driving a light purple pinfiniti. p>>laura: coast guard is psearching lake okeechobee for a pmissing couple from manatee pcounty. pjohn ross and his wife diana pwere last seen riding an air pboat on saturday. pan empty boat was found pyesterday near the northeast psection of the lake. pwe don't know if that boat pbelongs to the missing couple. p>>russell: and clearwater police pwant to find this man. pthey say he followed a p6-year-old girl into a bathroom pstall at the countryside mall pand tried to hold her down, even ptried putting his hand over her pmouth. pdidn't work. pher screaming made him stop and phe ran away. olice think the man was with ptwo women before the attack and pthey want to talk to him as pwell. pthe little girl is okay. p>>laura: the rap sheets keep pgrowing for a couple accused of pstealing $10 worth of candy from
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pdidn't leave the scene of the pcrime. olice say they just sat there pin their car outside of the pstore eating the candy they pstole. pofficers got permission to psearch the car and they found a pstash of drugs. pmeth, marijuana and drug pair pfirn ail a -- paraphernalia, too. pthey've been in jail a total of p48 times. p>>russell: valentine's a week pfrom today. phow much the average person is pexpected to spend. p>>laura: and a secret that might pcause marital problems. p>>reporter: a suddeny reveals phow many americans have hidden a pbank account from their spouse. plove and money is coming up. p>>dave: 7:09 and 47 degrees poutside at tampa international. preally is a nice, nice start to pthe day. pwe have 30s all over the place. pinland and north. pwe're shifting to a fast warmup, pin the 60s for today. plater this afternoon and
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pmore on become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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p>>dave: almost 7:13 and it's a retty start to the day. pwe're beginning to stream in psome high cloud cover. pwe were clear all night and now pthe high clouds begin to filter pin. pit's a very cold start. p30s and 40s. pfor today. pbeginning this afternoon, a plittle wind is going to start to ick up and i'm not kidding, peither. pwe're talking about winds of pgale force along the coast. pwe could see gusts over 40 miles phigh surf as well. pthis is all ahead of a cold pfront so you would think there pwould be a lot of rain but pthere's not. pit's so dry in the lower levels pof the atmosphere. pdeal. pit's going to be the wind that's pgoing to get you and just in pgeneral, seasonably cool ptemperatures are going to last pall week long. p41 in west chase.
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lant city where the temperature pis 36 degrees, hovering around pfreezing. pcrystal river, inverness, pbrocksville, dade city at 39, pbushnell at 35. ptemperatures in the low to mid p40s from bradenton southward so psarasota, venice, myakka city in pthe upper 30s. pbartow in the mid 30s. pit's cold. peverybody dealing with this pchill first thing this morning pbut it's very, very dry as well poutside this morning and so the pdry air will warm up quickly and pthen the wind are going to turn pto the west and really going to pstart to pick up as we get into pthe afternoon and evening hours pas this cold front approaches pthe area. pnotice the clouds you see stream pin so enjoy your sunshine that pwe're getting first thing this pmorning. pi mentioned gale warnings are pout for tonight and for tomorrow pas well as quiet and calm right pnow. pit's going to turn much windier plater today into the night.
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pvery windy tonight. pmaybe a shower accident mostly pcloudy, 40 for a low. pwind kicks in tomorrow, variable pclouds and look at the high ptemperature, only 57 degrees. ptoday. pit's 20 knots this afternoon pwith seas running close to 10 pfeet tonight as those wind will pbe picking up. p25, 30, again, i would not be psurprised to see a wind gust of p40 miles per hour along the pcoast late tonight or early ptomorrow morning. pwe should rebound ptemperaturewise but into the pweek, we're back in the mid 60s. pby saturday in the upper 60s but pthere are hints it turns cooler pagain next week. pthat's february for you, right? p>>vanessa: keep the jackets out pfor awhile. pspots. pa report from f.h.p. that pthere's construction completely pblocking an intersection in the peast ybor area. p36th street at 87th avenue so ptake a detour or plan extra time pso you can follow the posted pdetour signs.
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preports here, f.h.p. is preporting a crash with complete plane blockage and intersection pblockage out at the sarasota pcounty area, more specifically pin englewood. pi'm mentioning it because we do phave reports this might involve pa school bus. pbut in the meantime, we can tell pyou the crash involves pintersection crashes as well as pinjuries. pthis is happening clawson road. plooks like we've got some usual pcongestion 275 southbound, pbearss avenue to i-4 is at a 23 pminute ride. pdrivers i-4 westbound plan for p14 minutes from the 75 exit to pthe interchange and then 17 pminutes is your scheduled ride pat least right now out the door, p75 southbound from the junction pof pasco to i-4. p>>laura: gas prices have been plow lately and they're down a pmonday. pthe new average for a gallon of pregular grade in tampa bay is p$1.72. pthat's three cents cheaper than
7:15 am
pit's 36 cents less than this ptime a year ago. p>>russell: money can cause parguments in a marriage, pespecially when you try keeping pit a secret. pjerry willis tells about a psurvey with surprising results. p>> my information is better and pi'm married 24 years and that's punfortunately, you know, the preality. pthere is some honesty to a pcertain extent. pright on the edge. p>>reporter: money is emotional pbut if you're trying to make pfinancial decisions as part of a pcouple, you probably already pknow that. p>> we share everything. pthat's why we remain such good pfriends and good lovers for so plong is because we don't let pmoney get in our way. pa lot of people do but we don't. p>>reporter: a report shows that p13 million americans are hiding pbank or credit card accounts pfrom their spouse or significant pother. p19% have spent $500 or more and pkept it a secret. p>> about the same number of eople who said that they had
7:16 am
pthey would be okay with their pspouse spending about that much pmoney, too. p>> he makes the money and i pspend it. p>>reporter: men are almost twice pas likely as women to have spent pmore than $500 without saying a pword. pand millennials and seniors are pless likely to spend over 25 pbucks without their spouse or artner's knowledge. eople between the ages of 30 pand 64. p>> you can have discussions pabout maybe one partner pays one pthe other. p>> honesty is important in a prelationship but especially when pit comes to money because pbudget. p>> the spouses or partners spent p$500 or more without having to pbe in the know. p>>laura: valentine's day is less pforget? pdon't worry.
7:17 am
pshower your loved one with gift. pnothing says love like rocrastination. pstudies show 30% of people wait puntil the actual holiday to make pany plans. ptalk about last minute. pnot all valentine's day plans pare an after thought. eople start thinking about the lan 11 days beforehand. psome brewing up the idea of 20 pdays in advance. pso what should you get your psweetheart this holiday? paccording to a study, food and plove is the way to your lover's pheart. pgreeting cards and flowers were palso expected and how much pshould you spend? pthat depends on how long you've pbeen together. paverage american is willing to pspent a whopping $128 if they've pbeen married more than a year pbut people who just started
7:18 am
p$27. p>>russell: make the reservation pnow if you haven't already. p>>laura: that's right. pthis is fair warning. pright now. p>>russell: it's on sunday night pthis year, sunday this year. pthat means i think you can pcelebrate friday, saturday or psunday. pi think you can get away with pthat. p>>laura: you have a three-day eriod of time to make it work. p>>russell: food fight. pwhat it looks like when a crowd pof people are throwing oranges pat each other. p>>laura: and one of the best pcommercials during the super pbowl is a little freaky. pdid you see it? pfind out why they chose to pcombine a baby, a monkey and a pdog. pfirst charley belcher. p>>charley: i think i would like pto get that image out of my phead. pyeah. pthat was freaky, wasn't it? pa little echo-y in the hallway phere on this monday morning. pyeah. pyou see, school has not started pin pinellas county until 9:30 in pthe morning so the halls are pempty. pthe only thing making noise is
7:19 am
pthat's okay. pthe students will arrive pshortly. ptyrone middle school is where i pam. pit's our cool school of the week pand i will tell you about the pschool within the school that pmakes them both really cool. pstick around, everybody. plet's all make (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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(laura- welcome back to good day tampa p>>laura: welcome back to "good pday." pthe time is 7:24. pthe bomb that put a hole in the pside of a somali jetliner was precently inside a laptop. p>>russell: it looks like an pinside job. pthe laptop exchanged hands until assengers. phe was apparently a suicide pbomber and died when the bomb pblew up 15 minutes after ptakeoff. ptwo other people were hurt. ilot was able to turn that lane around and land safely. pthose two airport workers are pnow in police custody. pinvestigators think they were ptrying to kill everybody on pboard. p>>laura: the u.s. olympic pcommittee is now telling pathletes if they are concerned pabout the zika virus, they
7:23 am
pmessage was sent out last night. pif u.s. athletes decide not to pgo, this could have a big impact pas the country won the most pmedals at the last olympics in plondon in 2012. pziko is a mosquito born virus pthat is especially dangerous to regnant women and their unborn pchildren. p>>russell: rescuers found two psurvivors in a high rooiz pbuilding in taiwan after an pearthquake. pmissing. pthe earthquake had a magnitude pof 6.4. p>>laura: police are searching pfor at least three gunmen pinvolved in a deadly shooting in porlando. pit happened at the glitz ultra plounge yesterday morning. pthere were about 300 people pinside the club at the time, pofficers. pone person was shot and killed pinside the club. panother victim died at the phospital. psunday morning's shooting pfollows a similar incident at a ptampa strip club friday where
7:24 am
pothers injured. p>>russell: take a look at this. phundreds of people tossing poranges to each other non stop. pthis was in italy yesterday. pthe intense fruit fight is part pof an annual carnival pcelebration and this is the main pevent. pthree-day tradition is popular pand long standing dating back to pthe middle ages. p7,000 people dressed up in pmedieval costumes and hurled pcitrus at each ear. pit can be dangerous. p70 people ended up getting hurt pafter being hit in the head a plittle too hard. pwaste of good oranges if you ask pme. p>>dave: yeah. pdid you see the helmets they pwere wearing on the floats? pthat is what you've got to do. plook at lakeland this morning. retty start of the day. palso a cold start to the day in olk county. pmost areas are starting in the p30s now closer to home we're pstarting in the mid 40s or so. pbut looking for temperatures ptoday to slide up into the mid
7:25 am
phere is the deal. ptonight, tomorrow, going into pwednesday, the wind is really pgoing to pick up, especially ptonight. pwe have a few days of wind pcoming at us. pchance of rain tonight into pearly tomorrow morning and after p>>vanessa: thank you. pa couple of new crashes we're pfollowing starting off in dover pcity. pdover road just north of sydney preported. pblockage. pwe're working to get the final pon that one. lan a few extra minutes out the pdoor if you head this way. pin polk county, we have a crash pthat's reported along county proad 540 a east of carter road. pwestbound direction as you're papproaching that carter road pintersection. plane blockage reported so you pcould see some delays as you pmake your way that way. pin the meantime, speaking of pdelays, we're starting to see pthem in a severe manner psouthbound direction and then plightening up in the area of phillsborough avenue along the
7:26 am
ptravel times right now looking pabout 30 minutes in the south pbaund direction. p11 to 12 minutes if you're pheading to work. p>>russell: advice from hall of pfame coach tony dungy. pwhat he told peyton manning pabout retirement. p>>laura: and a popular prestaurant chain that won't be popen today. paaron is covering that story for pus. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. pfirst they had this e-coli poutbreak at chipotles. pthat lasted about six minutes. pthen the profits tanked at the pend of last year. pnow every restaurant is going to pbe closed for four hours today pbut that might be some good news
7:27 am
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3 3 (russell-2 shot) welcome back to good day tampa bay. p>>russell: welcome to "good pday." ptime is 7:31. pdon't schedule your day, your plunch around chipotle. pthe restaurant chain will not be popen between 11:00 and 3:00. p>>laura: they're having a four phour food safety meeting for all pemployees. pthe move follows an e-coli poutbreak that sickened hundreds pacross the country. paaron is covering that story. pit's an unprecedented move for a
7:30 am
pthis is really unprecedented but p-- and i think what the pexecutives are hoping for here pis that this is finally a time pfor them to move forward from pthis e-coli outbreak that pstarted july 1 of last year in pother parts of country and plasted about six months. pfinally the cdc taking that the poutbreak has now come to an end pand made a lot of people sick pand made the profits for pchipotle restaurants tank in the pfourth quarter of last year but ptoday. pall chipotle restaurants will be pclosed companywide for that pcompanywide meeting this pmorning. paccording to the website, prestaurants will reopen at 3:00 pthis afternoon. pchipotle's co-c.e.o. said this pmeeting is to thank employees pfor their work implementing the pnew food safety program and that rogram is going to be outlined pduring the meeting. pthese are steps that were put in lace to response to the e-coli poutbreak that made about 500 eople sick last year.
7:31 am
ptesting of many of the indegreed pyent p-- ingredients and employees are palso going to have to go through pextra food safety training. pas i said, the cdc now says this poutbreak has come to an end. pthey have not yet, though, pdetermined what exactly caused pthe outbreak. pwe're not sure if we're going to phave an answer to that and those rofits, they dipped 44% in the pfourth quarter of last year. pthat's how hard this company was phit by that outbreak. p>>laura: thank you, aaron. prussell? p>>russell: now before you know pit, we'll be voting for resident. pflorida primary is march 15 and pfour weeks from now, but first pnew hampshire and a handful of pother states. pbret is in new hampshire to talk pabout this next primary and what pis ahead. phow are you doing? p>>reporter: good morning. p>>russell: from what we
7:32 am
pway ahead in new hampshire. pi think we are going to put up psome numbers and see where folks pare right now. pthis is a cnn poll we're looking pat right now that puts trump at p33, rubio at 16, ted cruz at 14. pit should be interesting after pthe debate over the weekend, pthough, to see if any of that pchanges, right? pthat's right. pand really, the story line here pin all the papers, in all the pfocus has been rubio and the pfallout from that debate. pin fact, this is the union pleader today that says rubio on pdefensive as rivals close in. pthe boston globe's headline pyesterday said, choke. pso it's a big deal after that pdebate for marco rubio. pthe question here is, how new phampshire residents digest all pof that and whether they side pwith, you know, a lot of the ress that has been covering it, pthat it was a bad night for prubio.
7:33 am
pthing, russell, about new phampshire is that independents pcan vote here and it's 40%, even pmore than that, they can decide pwhether they're going to vote pdemocrat or republican that day pand they could swing this pelection. p>>russell: let's talk about the pdemocrats. pbernie sanders still has a huge plead over hillary clinton in -- pi'm looking at 58% to 35 in the pcnn poll. pshe's still got a lot of ground pto cover, doesn't she? p>> she does. pthere's one poll that is within p10, though, that's just come out pin the past day or so. plisten. pif she closes at all, i think pthe clinton campaign will be phappy because they look at this pas a neighboring senator, home pcourt advantage for bernie psanders. pthat said, she loses by 25, 30 oints, red flags will be going pup in the democratic pestablishment. p>>russell: and i found it
7:34 am
pdays, you've been listening to pbernie sanders and he's starting pto play down that neighboring pstate advantage he has, right? phe's saying expect it to be a plittle closer than that. pi guess you don't want it to plook like you're that far ahead pgoing in, right? p>> sure. pit's a game of expectations, pright? pyou don't want to come in saying pyou're going to win huge and pthen sweep one out. pi think bernie sanders is well ositioned to win here. pclearly he has a lot of young eople behind him and the pmomentum seems to be on his pside. pthe question for his campaign is pafter in nevada and south pcarolina, whether he can, you pknow, mobilize people in those pstates. p>>russell: all right. pi know you're there and we'll be pwatching later, okay? p>> sue ee you, russell. p>>laura: 7:36 now. eyton manning adds another psuper bowl to his collection. pthat's two so far. pit might be the last if he pdecides to retire.
7:35 am
pi know you're excited about pthis. p>>walter: a little sleepy? pvery sleepy. pthat's okay. pyou know, you thought this game pwas going to be a match of pquarterbacks but it was denver's pdefense ta made the difference plast night. pthey were dominant. pdenver got the first touchdown pof the game off the sack from pmvp linebacker miller. phe made cam newton fumble. pcarolina is down 10-0. pthis is the first time they've pbeen behind in the post season pand they just couldn't come pback. pdenver defense would not let pthem in now but the game is pover. pit is in the books. pdenver super bowl champions. peverybody is wondering if peyton pmanning will play again next pseason. phe says his former head coach, ptony dungy, gave him great padvice padvice. p>> i talked to him last week and phe called me and said i need to
7:36 am
psome good advice from dick, i pthink maybe bill cower as well pbut not making an emotional pdecision one way or the other. pand so i thought that was good padvice. p>>walter: it's been a little pdrought for the broncos. pa couple of decades since pthey've won a super bowl. pyou remember that was under the pelway year. pthis is the third lombardi ptrophy for the franchise. ponly second loss of the season pfor panthers. pcam newton didn't feel like ptalking about it. phe gave reporters yes or no panswers after the post game pconference. pformer mvp finally got up and pleft the room. phe's not very happy, is he? pit was his worst game of the pseason statistically. pstreets in downtown denver were pin orange and blue. pthey were out celebrating the pbig win and it was pretty eaceful. olice didn't encounter any pviolence. pfans will get another chance to pcelebrate. pvictory parade for the champions ptomorrow morning. plaura?
7:37 am
pask you, what did you think of pthe half-time show? pcoldplay, bruno mars, what did pyou think? p>>walter: i thought it was pfantastic. pevery super bowl half-time show pis fantastic but this is a great pmatchup of a lot of genres. p>>laura: and coldplay started, pand i'm a fan of the band, i pthought it was good. pthey went classic, played it pstraight. pthe fanfare around them was pbeautiful. pit was really a spectacle. pbrown omars did a great job. pwhen beyonce came on the scene, pshe stole the show. p p>>laura: chris martin did a pgreat job hanging in there, pholding his own. pi think it would have been easy pknow. ptogether. pit was unlikely mix and they pmade it work. p>>walter: chris did a fantastic pjob of allowing her to steal the pshow. phe kind of took a step back and
7:38 am
p>>laura: he didn't seem at pi think that's what made it work pand his voice is just great. eople who know him and like phim, it is smooth. pall right. pthanks, walter. pand let's stay with this for a pminute. psome people went to twit to her pcriticize coldplay. pchris writes this. plet's be honest. pbruno mars and beyonce took over pthe half-time show. pcoalplay looked like the backup pband. pcoalplay and bruno mars are peating into beyonce's time. pi hate it when opening acts do pthat. premember, beyonce was the second pone asked. ptwitter user who goes by the pname god says i love the phalf-time show except for the art with coldplay. pbeyonce took her moment to pannounce she's coming to tampa pas part of her world tour.
7:39 am
pfriday, the 29th. pshe made the announcement pshortly after the half-time pshow. ptampa will be her second stop. ptickets go on sale to the pgeneral tour next wednesday. p and the rockets' red glare pthe bombs bursting in air, gave roof through the night that our pflag was still there p>>russell: i still get choked pup. plady gaga wowed the crowds with pher rendition of the national panthem. poverall many people are calling pit perfect. psome even say they were psurprised at the usually
7:40 am
ptoned and down to earth and sing plike that. p>>laura: yeah. pit gives me chills listening to pit now. pshe was channelling whitney phouston who sang the national panthem and it blew everyone paway. p>>russell: it was here when she psang. pi agree with you. pi was reminded of it myself. pi went, this is of that quality. pthis is one of those that will pbe remembered like that. p>>laura: that's nice. pyeah. p>>russell: the other big reason pwe watch the super bowl, the pcommercials. pso which ad won? p>>laura: there doesn't seem to pbe a clear cut winner. pa lot of people are saying the pcommercials were lack luster but psome ads have people talking, pdew. p>> man, i might just chill ptonight. either way... it p>>laura: creepy?
7:41 am
peither way it gets your pattention. ptights of the ad, puppy monkey pbaby. pthe company figured the best ad phas babies, bonk monkeys or puppies pin them so why not combine them? pit has more than seven million pviews. panother one had the clydesdales, ptoo. p>>russell: steve harvey made phimself with the big mistake at pthe miss universe. phe said verizon was using last pyear's numbers to brag about pservice. p>>laura: that one was my pfavorite. p>>russell: yeah? p>>laura: humor, yeah. pgood sport about it. pdid you have a favorite? p>>russell: i didn't see very pmuch of the game. pi saw the puppy bowl.
7:42 am
pi can see the helen mira ad and pi thought it was brilliantly pdone and the point was on. p>>laura: that was one of the pmore serious ones that stayed pwith you. pall right. pwe'll get over to you dave. pdid you watch the super bowl? p>>dave: i did. pi think something is wrong with pme. pam i the only one that liked the pdoritos commercial? pi think that's funny. p>>russell: it was funny. p>>laura: we were talking about pit with the producers this pmorning. pi didn't see it. p>>russell: we're creepy so there pwe like -- p>>dave: we like to be pentertained, like to laugh. pthat was my favorite. p7:44 this morning. pgrab your jackets, your winter pgear. pit's 39 degrees, at least from pthat camera vantage point. pis. pit's not going to be this time ptomorrow, folks. pwe have a lot of wind coming at pus. pit's going to get windy by the
7:43 am
pwindy, gale warnings out for ptonight and tomorrow. p63, 64 for a high today but for the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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p>>dave: time now is 7:48 and pyeah, look at these temperatures pthis morning. pyou've got 40s and 30s out there pand everybody will be below pnormal despite the fact that pit's a decent start to the day. p37 in lakeland, 33 in pbrooksville. pcrystal river, you're down to 31 pthis morning and back up to 34. ptampa 37. p32 in clearwater. pwe're running 17 degrees colder pa noticeable difference. pwe had a stream of high clouds pbut i want you to notice as you pgo all the way back out to the
7:46 am
pclouds work their way in. pcold front sitting up to the pnorth of us is getting ready to pmove into the state so the pclouds are coming at us for ptoday. pwe spend the majority of the day pclouding up. psomething else you can notice, pthe winds will start to pick up pand boy, are they going to pick pup as well. phere is your front to the pnorthwest. pnow, this front is not going to ack a lot of rain with it but pit is going to bring something pdifferent and that's wind. pnow, your winds this morning, pthree, four miles per hour. pnothing. pi mean, not a big deal. pwatch as we get to tonight. paround 11:00 or so, 21 to p24-mile-per-hour. pthose are sustained winds. pi'm going to shift over and show pyou the forecast, wind gusts and pthose, this is what got me, 41 pmiles per hour, 37, 38. pwow. pthat's windy stuff and that's pwhy we have the gale winds which
7:47 am
ptomorrow so we're going to go pvery light winds that we have pnow to some of the windiest pconditions we've seen in quite psome time and that's going to be pthe next 12 to 14 hours so just pto let you know, the wind is pcoming. pnot a lot of wind with this pfront. ptonight we're back to 50, windy ptomorrow. pi think tomorrow and wednesday, pwe'll be back in the upper 50s. pnicest day of the week will be pfriday or saturday, 65 to 68 pdegrees for high temperatures. pso i think tomorrow morning, pwinds will be an issue for your pmorning commute. p>>vanessa: we'll definitely pwatch that, especially the pbridges and how those fare. pmeantime here at 7:50, we get to pget you an update to an earlier pcrash. pwe thought this might be psarasota county area but after pdoing further digging, it's just pinto the charlotte county area pso just to satisfy the curiosity pfor some folks in the southern pviewing area, this is the crash
7:48 am
pand three vehicles were pinvolved, including a school pbus. pthere were some injuries as pwell. pwe'll see vehicles involved but pwe're hearing just some minor pinjuries. pso we'll get back up closer to pthe tampa bay area. pwe want to revisit this crash in inellas county, u.s. 19 psouthbound direction just north pof klosterman road. pwe still have some lane blockage pbut it has improved. pjust one lane blocked in the parea examine those delays are pnow down to five minutes or less pat this point. pdelays, though, persisting here pnorthbound 275. pcrossing the howard frankland pbridge heading up to i-4, that pjust updated now, bumping up. p34 minutes is the travel time pthere and also delays southbound palong 75, fletcher to the selmon pis a 19 minute ride. p7:51 is the time. pwe want to check in with charley pbelcher. phe's at a cool school. p>>charley: indeed. pwelcome banner is out, the plesson plan is on the board, the pgoal for the day, for us to have pa god good. pstick around. ptyrone middle school is the cool
7:49 am
pschool within a school. pfirst time they've ever had a pmagnet program here.
7:50 am
pcheck in with the principal whe p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher from st. etersburg this morning. ptyrone middle cool is our cool pschool of the week.
7:51 am
pjoins us here this morning. pi know something cool happening phere. pthis is the first year you've pbeen a magnet program here with pthe emphasis on technology, pright? phow is it going? p>> it's going extremely well. pthe students are actively pengaged to become more personal, ersonally responsible for their plearning and they've been pempowered to take ownership of plearning. pcertainly it can happen without ptechnology but technology makes pit easier. p>>charley: is it like a stem pthing? pscience, technology, engineering pand math? p>> that's our vision and also to pevolve into a school with pinnovative learning schoolwide. p>>charley: who is eligible for pthe magnet program? p>> it's open districtwide to papplicants. pwe have two schools who pcurrently have elementary pschools that have the same type pof program.
7:52 am
pbeaches have first preference if pthey choose to. p>>charley: and anybody in inellas county, if they think ptheir child, this might suit pthem, they can apply. p>> absolutely. p>>charley: just tell me about pit. p>> so the students here at ptyrone middle school have a one pto one device, our geography pteacher has been bold enough to plearn the mac platform and pwindows platform so the students phave also access to mac so they pbecome competent and comfortable pwith both platforms. p>>charley: there's even pcertifications they can achieve pas a middle school. p>> absolutely. pcurrently they can earn -- some pof our students have earned a pspark certification. pthink pby the time they earn the eighth pgrade year, they will have the pmicrosoft certification as well pand our teachers, we have some
7:53 am
pcertified at this time and we penvision both microsoft pcertified and apple distinguish peducator here on our campus at ptyrone middle school. p>>charley: and one of the plargest campuses and one of the poldest historic school here, ptoo. phuge campus. p>> on the corner of 66th and p22nd avenue. rime spot for those in pcommunity to take a look at. p>>charley: we'll continue to pexplore the school and tell you pwhy it's so cool as we have a pgood day, guys. p>>russell: see you then. pthank you. pscoring some points with your ploved one. pat 8:00 we have our recipe that pcould help you out this pvalentine's day. p>>laura: and then south florida pstudents are putting their pschool on the maps.
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