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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pall next at noon. i'm home! we're following several developing stories right now. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm linda hurtado. a teen who p>> anchor: worry following pseveral several following pseveral developing stories a pteen who caped center phillsborough county juvenile pdetention center has just been pcaught. pdetectives tell us they found panthony bays hiding inside a pvacant house on david son avenue pnortheast in st. pete. pthey say he initially gave pofficers a false name and then pcommitted who he really was. pbays escaped from falkenberg pacademy just over at that week pago he was being held on groaned pcheft charges. pdetectives oar still looking for panother escaped teen anthony pcook.
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pcoast a cruise ship sailing pthrough serious rough waves. pyou really have to take look at pthis video. pa passenger of royal caribbean panthem of seas sent it us to. pthe waves have forced people to pstay inside their cabins wow plook at that ship is head to ort can and a half reel set psail from cape liberty new pjersey. pso here's the some pictures panother passenger sent us. pa big plant or knocked over but proyal caribbean says the ship is psafe. panother photo shows the wind pspeed 66 knots. pthat's equivalent to about 75 pmiles per hour. pand one more video to show you pjust how rough it is watch the pbottle and so today can fly pacross this table. pthere they go. pso passengers have been given pcomplimentary access to mini pbars not that you'd want to pdrink in this kind of a weather pconditions have calmed down now. pso this is a big storm system pthat creates huge waves you saw pfrom massachusetts all way to pflorida coastline meteorologist pnasty weather. pwouldn't want to be stuck on pthat trip i'd have to say.
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phave calmed dune simply because pthisser moving away from center pof this storm as they move pfurther and further to the psouth. pyou look at the big wide view phere, you can see that very pstrong area of low pressure, pthis area developed off our east pcoast over the weekend. pit is now really cranked up and pmoving on towards the northeast. pyou look places like nantucket, pwinds are currently at 39 miles pan hour. pgusting to 52 miles an hour. pso this is a very powerful psystem. pit request will n it work its pway on towards the north and pnortheast. palong the east coast they still phave the very gusty winds at pleast for the next several hours pinto this evening. pwe really series off fronts pwhich will work its way off the peast coast. pso you can see how high these pwaves are right now. p21, 29, 20 feet as you get pcloser to the a coastline you pstill seeing some pretty rough psurf conditions. prough surf look the east coast pwill continue in fact as it psystem continues work their way pacross the country, we're going
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phefty winds and some rough surf. pwe have a gale warning out for pare this evening. prip currents and big, big pchanges for us as far as much pmore windy weather. pwe will talk more about that pcoming up in just a little bit. pexactly when all that will start pand how long it will last coming pup in a little bit. pthank you, jim. pwe're just getting video in from psarasota police they want to pfind car highlighted in pconnection with deadly hit and prun from january 31st. pthis is from red light camera pvideo a metallic slate gray 2014 pto 2016 toyota corolla. olice say it hit bicyclist in parea of north washington pboulevard. panyone with fgs in is asked to pcall sarasota police. p don't make plans for pchipotle for lunch. pwhy. p closing every single one of pchipotle's restaurants is really pan unprecedented move for pretty pmuch any kind of business. pand executive have got to be phoping this finally brings to an pend this ongoing e.coli outbreak psaga that began at the beginning
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pand lasted through the end of pthe year. pwhat this means for today is all pchipotle restaurants will be pclosed during a company wide pmeeting all morning. paccording to their website the prestaurants are going to reopen pagain at 3 o'clock in the pafternoon. pin a news release chipotle pco-coo this meeting being held pto thank employees for pextraordinary work implementing pchipotle's comprehensive new pfood safety program. pthat program is going to be out plined during the meeting steps pthat were put in place to that pe.coli outbreak that made about p500 people sick across the pcountry. pthose measures include new dna ptesting of many ingredients pbefore they are shipped to prestaurants, changes to fruit rep, and food handling ractices. pchicken and take. pemployees will also have to go pthrough extra food safety ptraining cdc determined this pe.coli outbreak has finally come pto an end they still don't know phow it started or where the pe.coli came from. pas for chipotle's profits they
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ercent from the previous year. p>> in tampa, aaron mesmer, fox p13 news. p thank you, aaron. pa super bowl party turned pviolent in tampa. pman was shot in face now police pare looking for gunman. phappened 12:30 around 20 street pnorth north of busch boulevard pin north tampa a group of people pwere at house to watch the game pand after the game was over, pshots were fired and a man was pfound in the front yard shot in pthe face. phe is now in the hospital in pcritical condition. phis name hasn't been released. pno arrest have been made and olice still which don't know pwho pulled the trigger. p>> polk county deputies are paccident. pthis happened late saturday pnight on cypress parkway in oint sienna. pdeputies say a family lost pcontrol of their vehicle and pspun across the road. ptheir car crashed head-on into pan suv inside each vehicle two padults and three kids. ptwo little girls in the suv pdied. pa six-year-old in the other pvehicle was also killed. olk county county grady judd
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psituation with everyone pinvolved. pvehicles. pthere were death to families in peach vehicles. pso i can't begin to tell you phow, how horrifying the entire pevent was. pand how sad we are for all the pfamilies involved. p>> deputies say the rain and pcrash. pinvestigators say it looked like pall children were properly pstrapped in car seats. pright now just unclear whether peither driver will face charges. prepublican front runner donald ptrump has drawn crowds a rallies pacross the country and this pfriday he'sing an event usf sun pdome. pfox 13 shayla reeves reports. p>> if you want to attend pfriday's rally, good luck pgetting a ticket. pwe checked online and found all pof the free tickets already preserved. pthat's close to ten thousand. pnow this rally is still days paway and happening here at the pusf sun dome. prepublican presidential
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pscheduled to speak friday night. pstudents already talking about pit on campus. pnow if you are lucky enough to psecure a seat for the event, phere's what you need to know if pyou go. pdoors open at 5 o'clock, the pevent gets under way at p7 o'clock. pand while the tickets are free, pit is not free to park. pin fact parking is $20 per pvehicle. pand you have to pay in cash. pwe're told larger vehicles could pface some additional costs for arking. pand again, this all gets under pway as 7 o'clock on friday. pif you like to so all the pinformation yourself you can phead to our website online,, and click on pthe seen on tv section we will pling you towel a details you pneed to know ahead of donald ptrump's friday rally. preport here at the usf sun dome pshayla reeves, fox 13 news. p political editor craig atrick joins us now. pcraig, this area is always pimportant. pbut how important is it the ptampa bay area for trump? p>> well it's critical for trump
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pespecially march do rubio and pjeb bush. pall are still around march 15th pbecause we're talking of course pabout the largest media market pin all of florida. pwhen you combine it with broader pi-4 corp doer this big one a pdispro prorgs nate voters still pin play. pso very, very important to both arties on march the 15th. pand whoever gets the nomination pin each party will be critical pand specifically tampa bay and pi-4 corridor, this what's known pto swing elections which when pyou swing the state of florida, pelection. pthat's what away found time and ptime again. pbecause florida is the ultra pbattle ground state. p>> craig, let's talk about this ast weekend's gop debate. psome expectations of marco rubio pseemed to fall a little short. p>> that's probably one the pkindest things i've heard about pmarco rubio debate performance. pyou listen to the pundit tree, pit basically spells narrative he pfelt flat on his face he was pabsolutely lost. pclearly this much occurred he
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pbefore. pthree, if not four other times pat the very moment that chris pchristie was pegging him for pgoing to canned statement pinstead of addressing the pquestion in the moment and that pwas unof those promotes brit phuman compared him to dan quale pwho gave a miserable performance pin 1988. pthis was bad night for marco prubio when a voters around pkeying in late deciders may be pmaking their decision. pmarco rubio has aced all of the pother debates and certainly pturned in a strong performance pon saturday, except for that, phim. p>> wonder if it was just nerves pwe won't know. pcraig this, final full day of pcampaigning before voters head ptomorrow. phow could this help narrow the pmore? pif you look polling right now pyou've got 5-way battle it pappears for second place. pand all of those 5 are not going pto be able to make it out oh of pnew hampshire still standing. pin fact john kasich has already
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pon tuesday night he's out. pand you have to look at chris pchristie and jeb bush, and marco prubio. pthere fortunes may may be tied pto how well they perform same pcould setted dem contact race if phillary clinton exceeds pexpectations where a bernie psanders is expected to dominate. pthat too could shake up the pfield as it were even though pthey are down to two. pand democratic race as well. pso look in particular, on the prepublican side for more prepublicans to drop out. pyou have to wonder about carlie pfiorina. pyou have to wonder about kasich. pwell. pall right, thank you, craig. pwe'll see where candidates are pjust ahead of new hampshire pcoming up and some say she stole pthe half time show. pyou know who i'm talking about? pnot singing superstar beyonce is lans to come to tampa.
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responders are getting ready 3 the "sixth air mobility wing" hosted an accident pthe six air mobility wing hosted pan accident response exercise pthey prepared for plane crash psituation and treat injured ersonnel. pair fest will take place at the pbase on march 19th and the 20th. pstar wars merchandise gives has pbro a boost. pfox's lauren simonetti has these pstories and more in your midday pmarket report. p stocks getting pounded on pwall street especially in some opular tech make facebook pamazon netflix and apple many of
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pgetting caught up in newest pselling wave. pthat pushing investors to gold pyellow metal trading a pthree-month high. pchinese markets closed this year pand most asian markets were pclosed today to celebrate. p>> has bro has strongest growth pin nearly five years thanks to pstar wars. pthe toy maker fourth quarter pearning report beat wall street pexpectations has bro line up pstar star wars themed toys phelped lead to 35 percent pincrease in as boys segment pmeant more offsetting 17 percent pdecrease in girlt's unit. peveryone is invited to attend pchipotle special all staff pmeeting on food state of today pvia twitter and periscope. pit will live treated by handle pand a viewable on live video at eriscope. pthis has mexican restaurant pchain is spending four housh to ptalk with employees on its precent health scares and efforts pto improve food safety. pthe chain will open for business pat 3:00 p.m. pthat's business.
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pin new york i'm lauren psimonetti. p whether you watch for game phalf time show or the pcommercials, most people are ptalking about the super bowl. pthe denver bronco took win over pcarolina panthers may have been pa favored going in they must phave a forgotten that offense pwins games. pdefense wins championships. pthat was definitely the case plast night. pthis was likely payton manning pfinal game he says he's waiting pa little longer to make his pdecision. pdecision. p pthe home of the brave things off last night .. she sang the pshe sounded great lady gaga pkicked things op and sang
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psport red suit and white blue pshoes. pgetting raven psing tribute to david bowie. pgaga wasn't last night only show pstopper though. performing with coldplay and bruno mars during the halftime show ... pafter performing with coldplay pand bruno mars beyonce announced pnew world tour. pkicks off this april in miami pand will be raymond james pstadium in tampa on april 29th. ptickets range from $65 to resale tickets for american pexpress holder go on sale for ptomorrow and tickets for general ublic go on sell february 15th pa lot of talk about winner super pbowl and all half time show pwe're really not hearing much pabout commercials this year
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paccording to usa today ad vr padvertisement motor votes phyundai commercial ryanville a ptown full of nothing but ryan preynolds playing every pcharacter. phe fourth place dorito dog pcommercial dogs dress like human pto get what they want. pthird place was that commercial pyou're watching right now doer pradio to commercial featuring a psound. pi can't keep up hienlz wean ear pstam pete. pand a first place, another phyundai commercial, this one pabout a father making his pawkward. pi'm so sad i missed that one. pliked that. pthat kind of is where my kids pare in age. p>> you know, starting to ask to p>> yes. p>> commercials are always great. pthem this year. p>> you know i of got to so i pdidn't see all of them. pbut once ones i it i wasn't pnearly impressed. ploud.
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pto expect we're going to see pbest commercials. pand it's, yeah. pexpectations maybe too high pmaybe we need to knock them pdown, three, four six notches pnext year it will be great. pnext year we're with going to plove it. pwe're talking about a lot of pchanges here. pweekend. pand we're looking at some very pway. pyou look outside. pand a right now you can see the pcalm before the storm the not pthe storm but pretty wint weed ptonight as we've got a series of pcold fronts moving across the pcountry down into the southeast. pright now variable cloudy skies. pwe've got seas, they are pstarting to build as these winds pare going to start to pick up by pthis afternoon into the evening phours. palready those winds are out of pthe south at 15 miles an hour. pright now, our temperatures 61 pdegrees dew point is 45. phumidity is at 56 percent.
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pthose 50s and 60s. pwe just haven't seen a whole lot pof warming temperatures over ast couple of days just because pwe've either had lot of cloud pcover or we've had pretty strong pnortherly wind. pright now winds are out south pbut they are going to quickly pchange around as we go through pafternoon and evening. pyou can really see, if you look pclosely high very quick moving pcirrus clouds moving across pstate. pkind of shows you how strong the pwinds are in upper levels of the patmosphere. pwe've got storm systems which phave been marching across the pcountry. pthis one here developed off east pcoast has been raying on towards pthe north, that's the one that pcaused all the issues for that pcruise ship coming out of new pjersey. pstill seeing winds gusting over p50 miles an hour on along the pcoast of massachusetts and a pthis two other areas of low ressure which are going to pswing down across the southeast. pand that's going to bring us psome pretty windy weather pstarting tonight into tomorrow pand a lot of cold air behind pthat.
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pmeans we're just not going to pwarm things up over next several pdays really the story will be pjust the windy weather tonight pand into tomorrow. pin fact there are gale warnings pout along the coastline for ptonight and into tomorrow pmorning. pso if you're heading out in boat pfor any reason, right now, not pthat bad. pbut by later on this afternoon, pinto this evening, big, big pchanges as that front sweeps pdown across the state. pwill see these winds picking up p30 to 40 mile an hour winds. pthen we've got that reinforcing pcool air with at secondary front pthat will be pushing through phere. pgoing to keep these winds pretty pgusty as we go through the next pcouple of days. phere's the wind gusts right now. preally not all that bad. pbut notice, as we go into ptonight, you can see by pmidnight, 1 o'clock in the pmorning we're going looking at pthese winds coming out west pstarting to turn more towards pnorthwest. pvery windy weather expected for
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pyou've got that commute early in pmorning especially going over pbridge. pthat may end up being closed by ptomorrow morning. p64 degrees for today. pincreasing clouds and turning pwindy. pthen for tonight. pwindy, maybe a couple of showers pmixed in there as well. povernight low of 50 degrees. pthen we continue with the wind pfor tomorrow, daytime high preally not going up that much. pabout 57 degrees. ptonight. pright now the winds are out the pwest at 20 knots. pseas 4 to six feet. pchoppy bay waters. phigh tide coming up two:55 this pafternoon. pseven-day forecast, you can see ptemperatures pretty control all pthrough weekend. pinto next weekend. pstart to see more sun as we get pinto the second half the week as plinda. pthank you, jim. pup. pgreat cause. pwe'll show you how to take part
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pwoi wow a bird a plane a drone. pin fact a cutting edge high pspeed spor (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) hey candidates,
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3 everything you thought you knew about drones is about to change... fox13's mark plook p>> in this florida field a pmovement takes off. pyou go up to the line, you set pyour quad down in the start pline. pthink nascar means the wright pbrothers. ut your goggles on wait for pcount down. pand race is on. pusually it's eight guys taking poff at once. pfighting to hit through a group pthat 4 foot, 5 foot arch. pdrone racing next big spectator psmort. pcody is one of florida top ilots. pten years from now might not peven have props any more.
12:22 pm
pright and locked position here pbecause a wild ride is in. p and the moment we saw it, we pwere immediately in love with pit. pit's such a beautiful place to pfly. pthere's a beautiful even around pcystic side to this. pthis iconic building in lakeland olytechnic university is canvas pfor creation. pback on the field. pserious racing goes on. pit's all fun and bragging rights pbut in the future, the stakes pcould be high. pthere are some groups who have pbrought some big money to the ptable. pthere's a race in did you bay pwith million dollar prize pannounced for that event. pchris thomas runs world largest pdrone racing organization multi pgp based right here in florida. ilots that can finish the most plaughed without crash within pamount of time.
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oints will win the rags. pa higher calling to this support phe believes. psomething our country pdesperately needs. pthere's been a huge initiative phere in the u.s. to encourage pmore kids at the junior high and phigh school level to pursue a pcareer involving science and ptechnology. pso this is that magic bullet to pget those kids involved. pmulti gp plans to push envelope pfurther and faster as well. pat the end of the day they say pit's no the just a sport or a phobby. pit's a religion for most of us ushing technology higher and pfaster than ever before. p>> my husband and son would love pthat. porganizers tell us that safety pis the first priority. pit's an affected three people in phillsborough county. pnow with president obama's padministration is doing to take pon the zika virus. pat the airport it never delayed peach runway receives high
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pscenes see how the obama administration asks congress for money to combat the zika virus. fox's kristin fisher is at the white house with more. pthe on anyone come inextra crist pib fish fisher is at the white phouse with more. p>> the white house asking pcongress for more than p$1.8 billion in emergency funds pto combat zika virus both here pand abroad. pcdc reported active ptransmissions 30 countries in pterritories including puerto prico u.s. virgin islands and pamerican samoa. pso far there's no evidence of pmosquito spreading zika within pthe continental u.s. but the pspecific type of mosquito that pcarries the virus does live on pthe main land. p>> the epidemic in the united pstates is likely to be very psubdued compared to epidemic in pother areas of the world. pso it's not going to be poverwhelming. pbut if you're pregnant i mean pyou got to be careful.
12:25 pm
pdon't experience any symptoms. pbut health officials believe it pto be linked with birth defects pin brazil. pthat's why the cdc urging regnant women to ta away from paffected areas. ptheir partners also being told pto use caution since zika can psexually transmitted. pwe've also advised if male psexual partner comes back from pzika affected area until we know pmore, that he should use a pcondemn or on stain from sex puntil the pregnancy comes to pterm. pright now this is no vaccine or ptreatment. pbut people are still celebrating pcarnival in rio deja 93 ro and pinternational athletes are still lanning on competing baument. pu.s. olympic committee is ptelling those concerned about ptheir health to consider not pgoing to the games. p>> obama administration says the pemergency funds announced dad pwill go towards things like pmosquito control programs peducation, and vaccine research. pat the white house kristin
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p a deadly weekend across in 2 pshooting in two different night pclubs two days. pthree people are dead. pmore than dozen injured but no pone has been arrested. p early saturday morning police pwere called to club rain or pnorth nebraska avenue. p21-year-old martin lancaster was pkilled 7 others injured four of pthose under sage cell phone pvideo shows chaos inside club. pif you know anything about that pshooting contact tampa police pand a cash reward is being poffered. pthe other was sunday morning in porlando a night club along puniversal boulevard. ptwo people were killed. pclub glitzy in at least ten pother injured. porlando police say they believe pthey are looking for as many pshooters there. pthis isn't first time police phave been called out to that pclub for shooting club parking plot was scene of another one. pdeveloping in polk county, a pshoplifting bust uncover much pbigger crime. pdeputies say cindy mccloud and psean holly of auburndale stole pabout ten bucks worth of candy a
12:27 pm
pthen they sat in their car peating away while deputies came. pdeputies then searched car and phit drug jackpot. pmeth, marijuana, lots of drug araphernalia. pdeputies say the two have palready been in jail, a combined p48 times. p>> less 24 hours until new phampshire primary candidates are pdoing all they can to drum of plast minute support. pfox's molly line has more now pfrom new hampshire. p as clock ticks towards ptuesday, presidential hopeful paren't wasting a minute from ptown halls to coffee stops. pi have so much great support to prallies. p>> candidates are doing all they pcan to sway undecided before new phampshires primary. pwith iowa behind them they know ptuesday's results could make or pbreak some lagging campaigns. p>> lights get that bright, you peither shine or you melt. phoping to capitalize on verbal pjabs he through a senator marco prubio during saturday night pdebate governor chris christie pcontinues to criticize younger pwhite house hopeful.
12:28 pm
phave having a nice suit and good psmile and reading teleprompter pwell. pfact that is you need to have psome experience in doing this. pyou know, because it's nothing plike the united states senate. pgovernor jeb bush has turned his psights to new hampshire front prunner donald trump. pbush says the business man who pis still holding a double digit plead is not a true conservative. pand would not be able to beat phillary clinton. pwe're living in dangerous times. pand you can't say the eegz says pyou can't disparage people. pyou can't divide nation and pexpect to win. pdemocratic side bernie sanders pis still let hillary clinton in olls by doubling digits. pclinton has multiple eventually ptoday but she did slip away for pbrief visit to flint, michigan pwhere she poke with local pleaders about toxic water crisis punusual. pword that is clinton allies are pdown playing expectations here pin the state so that a closer pthan expected finish could be pviewed as a win. pin new hampshire, molly line,
12:29 pm
p rescue crew continue to psearch for survivor as two days pafter deadly earthquake in ptaiwan, this morning at least 4 eople have been pulled from prubble including eight-year-old pgirl. pat least 37 people were killed pwhen at high rise apartment pcollapsed during that quake. pmore than 100 other people are pstill believed to be bushed. pbomb that blew a hole in side psomali jet liner was inside of a plaptop. pthis looks like it may have been pinside job. psurveillance video shows laptop pexchanging hands until it ends pup with one of the passengers. phe was apparently suicide pbomber. phe died when the bomb blew up 15 pminutes after take off. ptwo other people were hurt. pthe pilot was able to turn paround and land safely. pthose two airport workers are pnow in police custody. pinvestigators think they were ptrying to kill everyone on pboard. pa stunt for upcoming movie is psome people in england very pangry this afternoon. pdouble decker bus was blown up pon london bridge yesterday. pit was filmed for the action
12:30 pm
pexplosion was all under control, pthe fire brigade was on stand by pjust in case something happened. pbut people living in working paround that area are complaining pon social media. pthey say they weren't told about pstunt beforehand. pin the times you can imagine pthat they were pretty scared pwhen that bus just blew up. p remember this video, a pcouple weeks ago a gainesville olice officer got a complaint pabout a kids playing basketball. pbut instead of making them stop phe decided to join in on the pgame. phis story went viral. phe quickly became a local pcelebrity. phe and kids even got a big psurprise visit from shaq po'neill. pone of shaq's former teams also phonored officer on sunday. porlando magic made him their phome town hero home game against patlanta hawks. pkeith reports the officer and psome of those gainesville teens phave the royal treatment. p>> if feels great to be a vip at pthe center nine young people pfrom gainesville enjoy first pever nba game magic host patlanta.
12:31 pm
pfrom players and front row seats pto the game. pthe magic invited the teams and pgainesville police officer bobby pwhite because of a decision he pmade several weeks ago. pthis video from his cruiser dash pcam went viral with a 14 million pviews. pwhen officer white responded to pnoise complaint he filed some pyoung men playing basketball in pthe street. pinstead of scolding them, he layed ball with them. pmost of those videos are never pseen by anybody. pi was never expecting anybody poutside of myself or my agency pwould ever see that video. phalf time magic recognized pofficer white home town hero for pbeing proactive and building prelationships on the streets of pgainesville. pthe officer says he feels phonored. pit's been so awesome to see pthese kids get to experience you pknow, all that they've pexperienced just for me going pout and doing my job. pofficer white told young hoops layers he would bring more pofficers back for a rematch.
12:32 pm
po'neill heard about all this he pdecided to be part of rematch pgame. pstunning the teens and launching psecond viral video. pnow young ball players are pthrilled to meet the magic. pi can't even describe it. pjust amazing. pkeith landry, fox 13 news. p you t. may year of monkey pbut lions taking to the streets. pchinese new year is being pcelebrated in style today. pdancer dressed in lion costume pgoing around shopping areas in pother places. pentertaining people. pmonkey is the ninth animal on pchinese sandra day o'connor be paing camera they are monkeys pbelieved to be unlucky. pmay sound racy, that involved punderwear but all for a good
12:33 pm
pwhat this is all about with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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from classic to contemporary,
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3 looking for a unique way to celebrate valentines day pif you're looking a for unique pway. pyou can join hundreds of folks pin st. petersburg for this pyear's cupid's underun. plooks like fun. pa one mile fun run in your, some pfun legging as tutu all to raise pawareness for a disease that pcauses tumor to grow on pchildren. pand joining he now are race pdirectors katherine and aaron palong with jessica roberts. pthank you so much ladies. pwhat is the cupid undie run p>> one milish fun run in your punderwear if you want it to be pcure. pfor nf. pmost people at home may not know pwhat that is i know you have a erson reason for being pinvolved. p>> i do.
12:36 pm
pit is genetic disorder. paffects one in three thousand eople. pit is actually the most common pgenetic disorder out there. pbut it's the most unheard of pgenetic disorder at the same ptime. pso basically causes tumors to pgrow anywhere on your body where pyou have nerve ending which is pyour entire body. retty bad. pyes. pyes. pand so, it was your daughter. pit is my daughter clara now 7 pwas diagnosed when she was 15 pmonths old. pwe have no family history of it. pwe've never heard of it. ploop. pso one of the things you had to pobviously was get educated about pthe disease. pabsolutely. pget educated. ponce you realized what was phappen we can sit back and let pit happen or we can dive into pthis and try to help fund presearch and do something about pit. p>> and how is there treatment pfor this? p>> there is not currently preadily available treatment. pand there is a clinical trial pright now that showing progress. pand when my daughter was pdiagnosed there were 5 clinical ptrials now there are 27. pwow.
12:37 pm
pgetting awareness out there. phow can people get involved if pthey'd like to looks like fun pevent. p>> we do. pit's wonderful. pso, you can run which is great. pyou can register go, tour pwebsite or fund razor donate. pwe accept all donations. plittle or small. pand all of the money like we psaid goes to the children's ptumor foundation which presearches a cure for nf. pso tell me a little bit about pthe day. plike if you go out and you pregister, then, what is there pfood? pis there it's a party. ptell me a little bit about the arty. pit valentine's day i'm sure eople would like to come out pwith their you know with their artners. p4-hour party with a brief run in pthe middle. pso doors open at noon. pyou come in, a lot of people plike to get a little liquid pcourage if they do plan on prunning in undies and just a ptwo-hour party brief run and panother two hour party. pfood lock restaurants available. p>> great. pand dress, tell me a little bit
12:38 pm
pif you're like me perhaps you pdon't want to wear bikini or punderwear out there, what else pis acceptable for the run p>> tutus pajamas. pwe have a get creative. panything you want is acceptable. pwear a we're a safe zone for peverybody it doesn't matter what pyou look like come on out have a pgood time that's all we'ring pask. pthank you ladies for coming and pjoining us. plet's tell all of you at home, pand you want more information we ost ad ling to group's website premember, promo code fox 13 to psign up i post ad link as well
12:39 pm
plook for3 ((linda)) you have less than a week p you have less than a week to pfigure out how to surprise your pvalentine and we'd like to help pyou. pone chef shows fox 13 jen pepstein how to cook up romance pin the kitchen. p>> valentine's day is just a few pdays away.
12:40 pm
pfor a romantic night at home pwith chef who is showing some pdelicious ideas for dinner. pgood morning how you doing? pvery good. p>> i'm good. pso what do you have for prepared pfor us today. pwe have rack of lamb because i pthink that rack of lamb is kind pof like nice and very fitting pfor valentine's day. pso rack of lamb and then some proasted vegetables to go with pit. pfor valentine's day i don't pthink you want something that preally heavy not thanksgiving pnot going to end up in front tv pother things to do. p>> yeah. pyes, you do. p>> so something light and phealthy. pi think p>> i think people get en tim pdated rack of lamb you say it ptooks was what 30 minutes. peasiest thing to do put it on pthe pan and broil it in the poven. pthat's about it. pwe have recipe on out website. pon seen son tv section by full pwebsite. pso show us what they created so
12:41 pm
pwe take a look, you know action pi put everything on the pan pright e. rocess here. peverything is ready to go. peverything ready to go. pso i have my, my rack of lamb pthere. pyou know the i like, medium rare pthere. pand vegetables shall we plate pthis? pwe plate it yeah. pyou know the it for me i'm going pto do it today. pokay. pto plate on the plate. pmake a puddle. pbut also off center it a little pbit. poh my gosh i'm so nervous. pthis is dew john mustard sauce. pright there. pboom. poff center a little bit. plike this. p>> yeah. erfect. pon the other side. pthe other plate. pvalentine's day advice than a pfrench chef, right? pready? pokay. pall right. pso then we have our medium rare plamb there we're going to put pcrisscross it. plike this.
12:42 pm
psignificant other. pso. pit's important. pand like a nice presentation. pthe it is on one side. pi have this, beautiful chopped pvegetables and sauces punderneath. pdijon mustard sauce smells preally good. pit does. pwith whole grain mustard there. pthis is one pot. pone pot. ponly one, one. pthe best is skillet. pif you have skillet at home, you pknow just on the skillet cast piron is just fantastic. peven though this is very easy if pyou're at home and saying yeah, pright you have a fabulous bus pcatering service that will do pthis for you. pright? pyou know. pand look, i'm not even wearing pmy chef jacket today. pkind of like casual at home. pmy wife loves when i cook. pshe could have married a lawyer por doctor she chose a chef. pa french chef. pall right. pthank you so much chef. pyou can have a valentine's day
12:43 pm
pall it takes an is few minute. pi'm jen epstein, fox 13 news phave a happy valentine's day p>> thank you jen love that. pwe want to give you update on pstory we reported at the top phours royal caribbean cruise pship that suffered minor damage psailing through storm will turn paround and head back to home ort of cape liberty, new jersey pcanaveral. pthe storm sent passengers to ptheir cabins for safety. pand we showed you some really phour. pi think i'm going post some of pthat on my facebook page. pthat one heck of a storm, jim. pit continues to work under the pcircumstances way up the pcoastline. pi think they are thinking it's robably trying to a kind of psneak in on the backside of this pyet another storm system moves poff the coastline. pso a little bit of race to try pto get back to port. pyou know passengers just went, pdisappoint. pdry land. pthat's what they want right now. pi'm sure a lot of them this will pbe an end of cruising for a plittle while.
12:44 pm
pwe're talking about m some wind pourselves and waves will be icking up we go into late this pafternoon into this evening a. pin fact we do have gale warning pfor late tonight. pright now look out there pvariable cloudy skies. pnot too bad. pbut these winds were really pstarting to pick up later on pthis evening. pthrough overnight hours. pand certainly, you're going to pnotice that wind picking up by plate tonight. plook visibility satellite loop. pwe started out with sun this pmorning now you're starting to psee more clouds working there pway over the state. pso we'll average out we'll call pit variable cloudy skies as we pgo through afternoon. pbecause, either had cloudy skies por we've had northerly winds oh pover past several days ptemperatures just really haven't pmoved all that much. pright now we're 61. pbrandon 64. pwesley chapel 63 degrees. pi guess you could say this pwarmer compared to what we saw pyesterday. pwe didn't didn't even make it
12:45 pm
pand pretty much the entire state preally has that cooler air psitting right over the top of pit. pso we've got cold front up to pour north. pin fact, we've got a series of pcold fronts. pthese will race down towards the psoutheast. psee the areas of low pressure psnow across ohio valley. pback into illinois. pback into the plains. pand we're going to see lot of pthis cold air and lot of oned pheading in our direction. pthere's that area of low ressure. pthat's the one that caused the phuge waves in storm that for pthat cruise ship. pthat continues to work its way pon towards the north and the pnortheast. pand along the east coast heading pup towards massachusetts, you pcan still see some very gusty pwinds. pwinds at nantucket right now are psustained out of the north at p35. pcurrently gusting up to 54 miles pan hour. pso still, a very windy day up pacross the northeast. pthe winds are going to pick up pfor us later on this evening. pas the series of cold fronts
12:46 pm
pyou can see winds in forecast phere by the time we get into ptonight we're seeing winds in p30s and 40s gusting up into 40s pthrough the overnight hours. pto our forecast goes like this. pfor today increase in clouds. pturning windy later on this pevening daytime high of 64 pdegrees. pmainly windy night. pand a maybe shower or two mixed pin there as well overnight low p50. p7 day forecast get you ptemperatures on cool side with psome windy weather over the next pseveral days. ponce the winds start to settle pdown and still going to be cool pthe at least we will get more psun we get into thursday, friday pand heading into the weekend, plinda. pthanks, jim. phow would you like a job hugging andas? pthe unusual position for hire pnext. pa boy born with a bad heart. pand a girl who had a heart of pgold.
12:47 pm
ptragedy and miracle. p>> i'm lloyd sowers, see how two plocal families found the
12:48 pm
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fios. it was "panda-monium" at the box office this weekend. "kung fu panda 3" took the top pit was pandemonium at the box poffice this weekend kung fu anda three took at top spot pagain raking estimated p$21 million in second week of prelease all star voice cast pinclude dustin hoffman jack pblack kate hudson.
12:50 pm
pchoose to so i hail cesar star pwars and. pa speaking panda an opening for pcuddly position in china. pyou have to go achina. pthey are looking for a pro eggs piffal pan la duggar. pkind of cool. pthey will come spend 365 days a pwith panda bears and, share ptheir joy and sorrows. pyou get paid for this, plus pthree throw meals a day and use pof company car. pjob requirements are really peasy. pbe at least 22 years old and phave a basic knowledge of pandas ictures. p>> we want to thank those of you pthat stopped by to say hi to pcrew a florida state fair on psaturday we were thrilled to pmeet you and appreciate you pkeeping it tune to right here pfox 13. peven the weather didn't keep our pviewers away i was so happy to psee that. pcolded and a little showers pstarting to work their way in pthere, still, they came out in pforce. p>> good thing. pyes, it is what do we have ahead pof us?
12:51 pm
pin fact we've got a gale warning pout along the coastline. pthese seas are going to be pbuilding tonight. pyou're going to notice these pwinds by late tonight into ptomorrow. pgusting up to 35, 40 miles an phour. pand just going reinforce that pcool air. pmore clouds, but notice these ptemperatures they stay cool for pthe rest of the weekend sure do. pnews doesn't end here we'll keep osting latest all day on, facebook and ptwitter and instagram.
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