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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he was a beautiful kid, on saturday night around 8:40 the 6 year old who loved x box was ripped away from the world in an instant. >> he was pressure. very outgoing. >> anthony, his two sisters, his mom brittnay collins and boyfriend were traveling down signous parkway on saturday night when it happened. the car fish tailed on the road and hit another car head on. anthony died at the scene. two children in the other car, ages 6 and 8, were killed, you get phone calls in the middle of the night and i don't like phone calls in the middle of the night, they are not good phone calls. we got the phone call saturday night. >> they believe that javier was driving in critical condition. brittnay will recover, but this
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family. brittnay's sister was killed in a car accident following bad weather. >> five years ago when we lost ashley a daughter to an accident, i put an a around my neck in honor of her. >> now we have to honor him now. >> theying cling to hope they are asking for prayers to pulled them through. >> i'm hurting i lost a big part of my heart when my daughter died now the other part is going, i have a big heart but it is getting voids in it. >> the deputies confirmed that of the accident. all the children involved appear to have been in car seats and wearing seatbelts. back to you. involved. it was a steam sell-off on wall street and seemed to improve by the end of the day. the dow plunged and the nasdaq dropped nearly 80 points and the s&p slipped 26 points. the market was affected by a al
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technology shares. and an art caper, someone stole this piece from the glass collection t is worth thousands. and steve nichols is there with more. so many questions, steve. >> a lot of questions on this one, linda, the guess is that this was stolen after the crudes thinned out. the be a accepts was noticed by the cleaning crew. and dale chihuly does pieces. and it only 8 inches tall and stood in a row of smaller pieces dating back to the 1980s, this one made in 1993. pitt was not just sitting there. they are glued to the pedestals that did not stop the crime. >> we have been here six years
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a breakage in the collection. the piece was secured to a pedestal, the pedestal gave way. >> reporter: the tiles under the piece came off the pedestal and went with the piece. the value somewhere between 20 and $25,000. the big concern now iset getting it back. the director said a similar crime happened in denver a couple of years ago it was kids involved in that one when they found out the high value of what they stole and the fact the police were looking for it, they destroyed it. the hope is that does not happen here. >> live from downtown st. pete, steve nichols, fox 13 news. developing now an accident that left six people injured is underway in connecticut a bus overturned in madison this afternoon. police say there were more than 50 people on board the bus at the time. around 30 were taken to the hospital for treatment. they are trying to figure out if weather played played a role in
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and police say the roads were slick. >> the last thing we need is another bush there are other people in government that are just bad. it's gotten totally out of control. one of the reasons is, some of them are smart, he's not. oh. now donald trump is on his way to jeb bush's home turf. this friday donald trump is coming to usf. he leads the polls by 20 points and hopes to appeal to more millennials. and kelly cowen paid a visit to trump's much anticipated and polarizing visit. >> thank you. >> no one craw -- draw as crowd like donald trump and with the hopeful to appear at usf this week, they are expecting a sell-out. >> they will do everything to make sure it is packed in terms
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the floor, the stage, they want everyone who want as chance to go to give them -- wants a chance to go able to go. >> reporter: he leads by a 20-point cushion in florida but political experts say this stop in tampa is critical to his cres. >> -- success. >> 1/4 of the voters in the state live in the ten-county market and the most competitive market, the most evenly divided between democrats and republicans, lot of independents. it is said as this goes so goes florida and so goes florida goes the nation. >> and she believes that trump must do more to win the millennial vote the largest voting block in the country. they favor the rival marco rubio. trump will try to win over those young voters while on campus.
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not be easy. >> it is a polarizing person and no other candidate has come on campus thus far, they have been around toom but not on campus. it is a different feeling. >> reporter: kelly cowen, fox 13 news. >> tickets are free and still available as of now. we have a link on just click on seen on tv. new video from sarasota police show as car they believe was involved in a deadly hit and run crash. they want to find the car that circled in the video. it is a me metallic slate gray, a toyota corolla. they believe that it hit and killed a man. the car will have front edge damage. anyone with information is asked to call the police. no arrests in a shooting at a tampa strip club.
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the video. >> there it is. that's scary at club rain after 2 a.m. on saturday. tampa police say there was a fight inside the club a man opened fire. marvin lancaster was killed, seven others were shot and among those seven shot four of them were under age. and crime stoppers offering a reward that leads to an arrest. police are looking for a man who assaulted a six year old girl. he followed her into a stall at macy's and tried to hold her down. he put his hand over her mouth. she screamed. they believe he was with two women before the attack they want to find him as well. and banning sex discrimination in housing failed to pass the stop in the legislature.
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killed the competitive workforce act. and employers and employees want to move to a state where everyone feels welcome. >> our argument is that this is about the state's economy and vitality of the economy. and so this is not about flag waving rainbows, this a green flag, flag of profitability, the flag of doing the right thing for employees. >> let's not deceive them into thinking it will stimulate the economy and bring jobs here. it is not. >> there was a motion to rye consider the bill could be heard again later this session. >> oh my god. >> look at this. can you imagine if you were in that state room watching this? videoing this, waves, big ones.
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into a storm and damaging state rooms. it is supposed to stop and as derrol nail decided they needed to go back to new jersey. >> in the video recorded sunday by a passenger, 30-foot waves can be seen outside of his cabin window from the ship anthem of the seas. furniture overturned in the lounges and ship caused by the waves and 100 miles per hour winds rocking the ship. passengers recorded objects off the tops of dressers after the captain ordered all to ride out the rough atlantic storm in their state rooms for four hours. as the ship wobbled through the storm, this message was posted to his facebook account saying he was hungry, fired and seeking prayer from all of you tonight. the anthem of the seas has been
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and the ship set sail but encountered the storm hundreds of miles off north carolina. royal caribbean tweeted the storm was unexpectedly severe and the ship is operating safely. anthem of the sea's captain planned to continue on to but changed course. royal caribbean ordered the ship to turn around and posted this message saying the forecast would likely have impacted the eye tin. tin rarery -- itinerary. and this video was posted of the calmer seas at the captain canceled the cruise and turned the ship around going back to new york. derrol nail, fox 13 news. senator nelson is calling on the ntsb to investigate the circumstances surrounding the decision to set sail knowing there was a storm out there. >> that's a good question.
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who got his parachute tangled in a line. the fire department was called in after a army sky diver was stick near the airport. the soldier was conducting a training exercise and following behind his squad when he hit the wires. power was cut off and he was not hurt. if are you craving a chipolte buritto the chain is open. it was closed nationwide today for a company-wide meeting about the recent e. coli outbreak. workers learned about food safety procedures and new dna testing of ingredients before they are shipped out and food preparation techniques. the food and drug administration cleared chipolte of the outbreak but they don't have a cause for why it happened. more jobs are coming to tampa. technology consultanting firm cohesion moved to tampa is
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the governor said there will be 100 new jobs and he is excited to see the growth in the area. >> they could have gone to ohio or georgia or maryland but they chose here and right here because taxes are lower. we have a great workforce a great place to live. >> the governor said in the last year tampa has added more than 40,000 jobs. she is charged with killing her boyfriend's 3-year-old son. disturbing testimony today from the medical examiner. could it seal her fate? solving real world problems with legos. wait until you see what these
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we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? pi'm gonna go with the one thatpdoesn't have the acronyms. pget that one without fillers. what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza. hey! no ingredients that you can't pronounce and no artificial flavors. and we're proud to announce pour new quality guarantee: plove your pizza, or get anotherpone, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99.
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at these kids are creating amazing things with legos.. we're talking robots! these kids are creating things with legos. they are elementary school students they are performing work that some would not do until college.
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>> we didn't have this. >> kimberly kuizon takes to us an inexpense competition. >> here in the school classroom. >> we need to change this. >> these students will amaze you. >> we're programming the mind storm robots. >> that's the talk of a college student but most of them are in the fifth grade. some are younger but they are building robots. >> not many kids have the chance to do this. it brings out the creative side of kids. >> this is the first lego league team. they are a team that will solve problems like repsych manying. they are using legoings and invent agro both. they rely on math, technology and science skills. >> it is stressful and fun at the same time. >> this group is going up against middle school students in the first lego league competition.
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programs and once we complete it, it is amazing. >> for the teachers it is amazing to watch them work. >> we're like goodness will they do all right. >> they take it in stride like it is no big deal they do this every day, they spend hours before and after class coming up with the solutions and getting ready for the next competition. it's not an easy task. >> it is daunting but these students have picked it up like second nature. they don't hold back they jump in. >> they all love it. >> believe in yourself. >> in manatee county, kimberly kuizon. >> fox 13 news. >> they evaluate the kids on behavior like they see them booing the other team, they get a lower marks for that. they are learning sportsmanship, too. don't you love that, paul. >> that's important. >> hi, how was the weekend.
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time at the fair now below normal this week. winds are up after a chilly sunday and you can tell things are moving along. look at the clouds off the gulf and that is due -- that will be the coldest week of the winter. we get a lot going on a couple of headlines. the temperatures are below average and probably all the way until the first couple of days of next week. wind. that's a monster east coast trough that will provide a chilly northwest wind. there will be one front going by. eye another front tomorrow. it is due to a monster east
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trough is pretty much going to stay in place all the way past valentine's day weekend. next week, the trough is the train track that delivers the weather. you get cold air kind of diving out of canada and moving over our state. there will not be much between now and next week but it will stay cold and there could be a freeze one night maybe later on this week but for now the temperatures will stay near or above freezing at night for most of the week. can you see the big instability. the white is snow. the green is some rain. it is continuing across the valley. blue ridge. here is the storm. that is up the coast. the news headlines about what happened with the royal caribbean ship, that storm was
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prior to it moving up. reports of being a surprise or, that does not make sense to me and of every meteorologist. we talked last week we would have rain on saturday and then jump to the coast and go up the east coast. that's what it did. i talked about that friday. right now chilly. we have 50s and 60s up and down the pence la the winds are pick -- the peninsula. the winds are picking up. 32 in tallahassee. 33 in panama city. this is the wind for later tonight as the cold front dives south. it is buy, the first one 2 a.m., the winds pick up behind it. reinforcing the front goes by on late tuesday and wednesday. we may warm up but the big line with the trough i don't think
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long time. wave heights are building the forecast has 15 to 18-foot waves off the coast with gail warnings -- gale warnings up. the winds will subsize and -- subside and the storm moves and waves diminish. dew point is at 48. satellite and radar the first front there is a second. >> and the weather improving later tonight. so for us partly cloudy. tomorrow.
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-breezy. check this out. and warnings are out. 20 and 25 nots. seas 10 to 14 feet. the water is rough. and 7:29 tonight. no 70s on the 7 day we may approach 70 friday and saturday and turn colder for vallen dine's night and monday with the temperatures. and one day later the half time show up next.
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3 the ads.. the halftime show.. the ads half time show and by the way the football game. and just under 112 million people tuned in a lot of people the third most watched program in tv history. the insider joins from us la. >> the buzzed about comments come from the half time show.
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bruno mars and cold play. let's look at the touchdowns and fumbles. >> can you describe what it was like in the field. >> people are so sweet and it felt amazing. >> the word was definitely ruled by chris martin and cold play for the time they performed solo. but in social media he fumbled trying to keep up with these two. >> okay, ladies. in formation. >> fellows, let's get the stadium shaking, my daughter said the sweetest thing yesterday. she said, dad the0 worse that can happen you will get turned >> and apple's fear came to fruition when he joined the two bs on stage. one crowned chris this year's
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a reference to katie perry's shark. and anna kendrick said chris martin is like what am i doing here. >> there is so much more where that came from. and back to you. >> that made me laugh out loud. >> the shark thing, we didn't find the ads to be that entertaining not like they are. >> some are period. >> strange, i missed the clydes dales. i love those ads. can you watch the insider gang every week night at 7:30 here on fox 13. >> more cases of the zika virus. what the white house now is trying to do to fight the virus. survival stories three days after an earthquake. among them an 8-year-old girl. details coming up.
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fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist pif botox can help pcalm your bladder. pvisit pand learn how botox pcan be a low cost option. 3 graphic and disturbing testimony today in disturbing testimony in the
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she is charged in the death of her boyfriend's son. and gloria gomez was there. this from the medical examiner. it was bad. how did the jury take it, some was hard to stomach when the jury saw the autopsy photos. to give you background. john taylor baxley was only three after weeks of abuse at the hands of o'connell. the medical examiner said the toddler had injuries throughout his body. she said he had a broken arm that went untreated and because of that the bone was starting to die. and the jury the manner of death was homicide but could not tell how it the boy was killed and possibly the injuries could have been an accident.
5:29 pm
the child, as i said we have a. >> who ends up dead. >> but you don't have a tremendously event. that terminal event an accident, possibly. >> it could have been from them falling? >> possibly. >> and the boy's father testified about the abuse he conditioned and facing murder charges and the state in exchange for testifying against the ex-girlfriend. he will be sentenced next week. he faces no more than 30 years in prison. we'll follow that case as well. back to you. >> thank you, that is heartbreaking to hear that. >> thank you, gloria. survivors are pulled from the rubble of a high rise building in taiwan. it collapsed on friday. four people, including an 8-year-old girl were rescued today from the debris and more
5:30 pm
to be buried. 38 people were killed in the earthquake. it struck during the family holiday in the calendar the lunar new year. they have been canceled or postponed. >> we have a zika update. this are 16 cases and three of them. they are travel related they do not involve any pregnant women, the white house is now asking congress more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the virus. puerto rico, the virgin islands and american samoa are among the countries where active transmissions are taking about place. so far mosquito bites have not caused the cases here in the u.s. although experts say that could change. the type of mosquito is common here in florida and states bordering mexico. the race to the white house is chifting and new hampshire may knock out another wave of candidates.
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>> bernie sanders has a 13-point lead t is a 16 point lead and both of this to win. that is because they were surging he stumbled. >> and statements and marco rubio responded to the criticism by repeating the same talking points all over and chris at christi and jeb bush will not let that go. >> he is scripted he is gifted he is a great speaker but he came across as totally scripted and kind of robotic. >> it is instructive and needs to be scene. my leadership needs to be seen performance. >> marco rubio shot into second place in polling but with this we now may have a five-way push
5:32 pm
place f marco rubio does well he can put his bad night behind him. or cruz jumped ahead of him it will restack the deck, that's what we are watching for tomorrow night. >> craig, what kind of turn out do we expect and how will that affect the results. >> we expect the turn outs and turn out in the republican race that's what we saw in iowa and that would seem to help donald trump. >> and primaries. and the same for boston. if turn out is high it shows it will be that helps him if there are changes in the weather they
5:33 pm
that's a factor that we'll be watching. >> people are taking you seriously. >> blood pressure. a boy born with a bad heart and girl who had a heart of gold. that is a tragedy and a miracle. >> how do you get another. how the families found a connection after she died and he
5:34 pm
*seventy million*
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pressure and while many 70 million americans have high blood pressure. many need drugs to keep it under control there are foods that play a role in decreasing hypertension. dr. jo shows us a few. >> i'm here with lori wright she is a dietitian and heading up the training program to be at us f. >> the first thing we think about is this, salt. you have to cut back on salt. you don't need to eat bland. there are herbs and spices that can you include in the diet and some fresh garlic and parsley and they make a lot of alternative salts like mrs. dash that can you add flavor and skip the salt. >> i get the question i have sea salt it does not count. >> it is still a lot of sodium which raises blood pressure.
5:36 pm
of course. >> they work to off set sodium. when you think of potassium you think of fruits and vegetables. bananas, tomatoes and potatoes are rich in potassium and fight the blood pressure. we worry about inflammation and the anti-ox don'ts and the things that the beautiful fruits and vegetables carry with them and off set that. it is a win-win situation here. >> we have cantaloupe and green beans, we have some canned vegetables here. >> it is important as much as possible fresh or frozen f you do use a canned vegetable get a low sodium or a last resort can you rinse it the vegetables before you eat it. >> like you said frozeson a great option.
5:37 pm
t is cheaper and it is -- it has the vitamins t is easier. >> it is a lot easier. >> we're talking about dairy. >> dairy has been known to off set some blood pressure with the cass yum and it works with lowering the blood pressure. so it can be cow's milk or soy that dairy will help off set the blood pressure. >> should we go to low fat? go to skim? >> i recommend the lower the fat the better. people are on low carb diets they should not have whole grains we can have them. >> and whole grains are important not only as a source of fiber and a source of magnesium. that is another mineral that works to lower the blood pressure. brown rice. whole grain serials.
5:38 pm
rich in nutrition you have to watch the amount and serving size and what we add to the potato or the pasta. >> these may be things that we have heard but seeing it in front of you how simple this is making the built changes day by day. >> plant-based are the stars. >> absolutely. >> thank to you. all right thank you, dr. jo. there were ten players from florida in super bowl 50. the road starts in tampa. and i'm going to show you why. as the players push their way to the level f they come they find
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one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching
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insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. all right time to check out what is trending. imagine having four kids all wow. >> how long would it take to you get them ready. >> four kids -- >> and toddler we sped this up. believe it or not . she got all four ready over two minutes. that's when ad toddler jumped off the bed. slid off the bed. ran out. you remember what a toddler is like, right. she deserve as medal. >> she is a professional. >> how does she do that. >> look at the sign in the back.
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no, a nanny. >> a husband, another pair of hands. somebody doing something, bless her heart, bless her heart. >> the scottish officials are looking for a home for atlas. >> that is a giant. that's what it is called. this is one that last year, they got featured. this was going viral, he weighed 500 under tos, that's amazing. >> and the pellets. >> how big. >> how about what they feed that thing. >> and these are the they are jeffrey and darious. >> this is a breeze. >> and one of the ladies said they are easier to care for than a regular rabbit. they hang out. they're easy to find.
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are to big to burrow. >> switching gears. if you want to be the maid of honor in a wedding tough give a speech. she wanted to make it memorable. >> it never gets old. she finds no other. >> not for everyone right to have your maid of honor or the best rap but her sister and fiance loved rap music. this is her ode to her sister and the new husband. >> she remembers the words is able to do that. >> you know that song. >> ice, ice baby circumstances that. >> i just sang for you. >> that's. >> and good work. >> a chilly week.
5:44 pm
we stay below 70. this is pay back for november and december the interest and the late fees. going back. we were like 85, 90. here we go. look outside now. winds up in speed a little bit now which is breezy. a cold front on the way. i think later tonight we're talking midnight and 6 a.m. as are you in bed you may wake up and say what is the sound. that's the wind whipping off the gulf as a strong front moves our way. there may be a line of sprinkles with it. and it will not be a factor here. a second front over arkansas and they are heading our way. they both reinforced the cold air over us. the east coast storm. a huge trough.
5:45 pm
northern alabama. tennessee. kentucky has light snow. a band of rain. the nor'easter is winding down in new england. they picked up a foot of snow on cape cod. catham had winds over 60 miles per hour and a confirmed blizzard today with coastal flooding as well. it will drag down cold air our way. right now we have the temperatures holding in the 60s. because of the wind, look at that. the temperatures are uniform every single checkpoint is a couple of degrees away from 65. 64 in tampa. 63 in brooksville. 65 in punta gorda. 60s along the east coast. they are lined up in speed. 15 to 20. they will pick up later tonight as this front whips which. the temperatures will fluctuate day by day but the theme will be
5:46 pm
and monday of next week. solid 7-day straight of below average temperatures. reinforcing cold front on wednesday morning. tonight partly cloudy. the winds pick up. cool not really cold tonight and mainly because they will come off the gulf. we bottom out near 50. that's not bad. the mercury is not up much. chilly and 57. we stay in the 50s on wednesday. no freeze around because of the wind. partly cloudy and breezy. the 7 day forecast the coldest nights could be well, i think thursday night. thursday morning. 39 degrees but very cold the upcoming weekend and vallen tine's day could be chill chilly. 44 for a low. i know that you watched the game the defenses in the game were like two fighters trading body shots. neither offense could do much
5:47 pm
panthers who struggled for the game. denver did not say anything before the game. no bragging leaving that to carolina who had plenty to say. they did some talking. tj ward said the panthers wanted to be famous. the broncos wanted to be the champions. that's the difference. when can newton did not fall on the fumble or make a movie. and they say he tapped out. and both teams combined were 4 for 29 on 4th downs. that was peyton manning said. >> he is not saying if it was his last game; he asked tony dungy for advice, i talked to him. he called me he said i need to talk to you and got advice from
5:48 pm
and not making an emotional decision. let this sink in. it has been an emotional week and night i'll take time after that and take it one step at a time. >> a lot of players and coaching turn to tony dungy for advice. the nfl season is over but for players who want a career the work is just starting. college athletes are focusing on the combine and the schools pro days. over the competition. they have to come to tampa. >> reporter: every winter it is different stars that come to tampa to train at performance compound. they all share the same dream, to reach the next level, the nfl. >> more is on the line. this is another step to making the ultimate goal, irk work at every opportunity you get.
5:49 pm
but there are some that have come home. vestivenus. it creates gettive workouts t is the true essence of why we play the sport while we are young. that guy is pushing me. i'll help him up. he will help me up. >> murphy has been preparing talent for eight years and helped picks like sammy watkins and eagles nelson aguilar and carlos hyde. murphy has worked with over 125 nfl players. >> talent ahone will not get a player into the nfl. coming out here once or twice before nfl testing days is not enough. these guys are spending six days a week looking for any edge they >> the difference between the guys that are good and great is
5:50 pm
to detail working on the craft every day, they can only take what you give them. you have to control that and give them what you have. >> getting drafted by an nfl team is a dream come true for the hero as chance to play for the bucs is a bonus, i would love to play for them. that's a dream come true. >> some of those guys they are like out of college they look 40 some of them. they are going to be tough. i'll tell you that. >> that's the other way around. >> i know it, they all look so young. >> mom in labor is pulled over on the way to the hospital.
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3 watching wall street...banks and technology shares fell sharply.. the dow things were looking bad for the dow but it gained a little back. and a alabama man was caught speeding but he had a good reason for it. >> he did. danny lowe was trying to get his wife to the hospital. you know how this goes. she was going into labor. the trooper assisted the couple in bringing the baby boy into the world. he gave them a warning ticket for the speeding t is a ticket they will keep here is why.
5:54 pm
certificate and the details he wrote i was speeding and he she had a beautiful baby boy, the trooper brought flowers and cupcakes and a starter kit to the hospital room. >> i'm thinking maybe that warning ticket should be funny. i hope he thinks that. >> otherwise why would you do that. >> the six news is next. >> here are mark and kelly, that's a story. >> how about this over a week ago two teens escaped from a facility in hillsborough. >> one is back behind bars. where he was captured why they had no idea who he was. >> the cruise they will never forget. can you imagine look at the waves. the nightmare the passengers lived through as the ship sailed. >> the story behind one of the oldest churches t is next on the
5:55 pm
things should have been changed coming up. >> rest in limbo how a family is dealing with the decision about the florida death penalty; all the details of donald trump's friday visit. what is missing and trying to
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