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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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welcome tonight i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring. she was just 21 years owled, a wife and mother. she did everything so save her wife when she was abducted from her home by a total stranger. her killer is pleading for his life. he is hoping that a ruling will rescue them from death row. think hope it will bring relief to families. >> the void in nathan's heart is too deep. >> it is hard waking up and. years. they don't have the mom. >> and abducted from their home
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a jury found him he was sentenced to death. but it was ruled unconstitutional because it gives too much power to judges. >> i was not concerned it was a clear-cut case with the jury verdict and it was run so well. >> during a hearing the lawyer appealed the death sentence and changed to life without parole. the court did not rule leaving the family at a standstill. he does not deserve the rights of. that's not how it works. i i think about what she went through and it is tough but i place. works. >> he is convinced the sentence will stand the decision was unanimous but he worries that hearing and appeals will slow things down not just in the case but for hundreds of others as well.
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about the pain that the families, you know you think about the 300, 400 people on death row add how many families they have affected and rehash this for a lot of the families. >> he focuses on the foundation he created in his wife's memory and is hopeful that justice for her will come soon. >> i hope he will get the death penalty. he deserves worse but, we'll see what happens. >> kimberly kuizon in northport. five 911 calls were paid when she was abducted one from denise herself. another call from a witness was routed to the wrong agency, remember this story. her husband created the foundation to improve 911 systems nationwide. and we have a weather situation developing as we speak. >> this does not have to do with rain but wind. paul, what do you know. >> wind and we get a chill
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but there is a strong front on the horizon. it will dive and later tonight midnight to 6 a.m., you will hear the wind howl outside as the cold front goes by. temperatures now we stay in the 60s. but the winds are gusty 33 in tallahassee and 23 in brooksville. we'll have speeds on average about 35 miles per hour. as the front goes by. that's a lot of wind for us. two fronts going by. the reinforcing front will go by late on tuesday and wednesday,
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we just get round after round. this is tonight at 10:00 up to 40 eye long the coast line and staying in the 35 to 40 range. chilly. a lot going on. the 7-day forecast coming up at 6:20. she told police she prayed with her in laws and then pulled a gun and shot them. marisol best was in court today. what happened today in court, gloria? >> reporter: the court got a update on how the case was progressing. but to give you background on the case, it was november when investigators say that she shot and killed her mother and father in law during a prayer session. she was angry at them because they were criticizing their son, her husband, after he was charged with performing sex acts with a under aged girl in polk county. she said she went to her car, got a gun and went to the
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she joined them in the living room for a prayer session. she pulled out a gun and shot and killed them. they considered the action so depraved they made a decision and announced it to the judge. take a look. >> we have since the arraignment, your honor, we have noticed miss best of our intent to seek the death penalty. >> she is facing the death penalty in the case. she has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges. she is back in court in march, mark, we'll continue, of course, to follow the case closely. back to you. much. a teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with students was in court today in tampa. and jennifer fichter faces charges. the judge was asked for more the case. she is back in court in march. bad weather may to be blame
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and it was on saturday night on cypress parkway. and a car fish tailed and spun into the path of another car. anthony rubio died. two children in the other car were killed. anthony's grandmother is asking the public for prayers to pull her family through. >> he is loved very much. he is like one of my own. he is like my own child. he lived with us since he was born. >> deputies believe that all the children in both cars were in their car seats and wearing seatbelts at the time. distracted or impaired drive something not a factor in the crash. new at 6:00, one caught and one on the ruin. that's the update from law enforcement on the search for two teens who escaped from a detention center a week ago. and chris cato is here with the arrest of one of the fugitives.
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they thought he headed back there after they escaped from a tampa. but he went the opposite direction and didn't go very far. he was captured in st. pete 26-miles from where he escaped. he was captured on thursday. we're ful you because police just told us. they got a call about suspicious avenue. bays was inside. they shouted for him to come out he did but they say the 18-year-old at first tried to hide his identity. >> he gave a fake name to the officers. gave different date of births, didn't know his social security number which is a tip off to the officers, they know their date of birth and social security numbers. >> that will do it every time. this very not determined how long he was inside that home. he crawled in through the back window there which he claims was broken out.
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arrested him he asked if they caught the other guy, this man, anthony cook, bays and cook were incarcerated together at a department of juvenile facility in tampa. they were there for grand theft auto. on january 31st they cut a hole in the fence and escaped. police now believe they split up, cook from st. pete. they say he may still be in the area. if you have any information on his whereabouts, call crime crime stoppers they are offering a $3000 reward. someone in st. pete may be cashing in on the reward for leading police to bays. kelly, thank you very much, chris. police want to find a car that circled in the traffic camera video here. it is a metallic slate gray 2014 to 2016 tota ca corolla. they believe this car hit a
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off. skylar sanddoval was killed. if you have information call the police. this is what the cleaning man noticed. a dale chihuly glass and missing. it was stolen. we're there tonight. steve, any clues, dot police have any information? >> reporter: mark, not that i'm aware of. they have a pile of video to go through. this is a small piece of glass art with a big name cobolt and laffen dear love with guilded handles is 8 inches high but it is worth 20 and $25,000. it was swiped late yesterday after the crowds thinned out. it was in the middle of smaller chihulys, glued to tiles and glued to pedestals. two of the tiles came off and left with the stolen glass artwork but as bad luck has it.
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favorite of the director. >> it was a wonderful piece. it is hard to say that we all have our little favorites that we go back and visit when we go through the collection. this was one of them that i liked to visit a lot. >> it has been open for 6 years now and this is the first loss even by breakage. the biggest concern is finding it intact. a similar case in denver kids stole a small chihuliment when they found out the - be - chihuly. when they found out the price they destroyed it. >> do they have yesterdayyo. >> they think they do, there are cameras all over it is a matter of going through and trying to find shots where you see the piece you don't see the piece, who came in. >> i know i saw a good half
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technicians arriving here before 5:00. >> they're on it, they are. >> thank you. >> hope they find it. >> right now he is in new hampshire but on friday donald
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we have a news alert out we have a news alert. police say that they have arrested a man for assaulting that little girl in the mall bathroom. 18-year-old ricky thompson was identified from west field country side mall and the photos. deputies asked him to come to the station voluntarily. he did. he has his own version of what happened. he said he went into the women's restroom and the girl saw him and screamed. he said he panicked and tried to put his hand over her mouth. she fell to the floor. police are still investigating. right now he is charged with battery. this friday donald trump will come to usf for a rally at the sun dome. he leads of course in the polls in florida by an average of 20 points. he hopes to appeal to more
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is the largest voting block in the country. and one professor said the visit is critical for every presidential hopeful. >> i guarantee you this cycle you will see a lot of candidates on college campuses. why? because the generation is the largest one in history it is bigger than the boomers. that generation is very much up for grabs. many of them register as independents or no party affiliation but they are going to end up voting for one party or another. >> tickets for the rally are free and still available. but parking for the certain not. that will run $20. we have a link look for it under scene on tv. it will be a cold, i think we can say cold.
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>> this, you know the air is in for a day or two. this is out this will be around. days where it is milder and another front reinforces the cold air. cold between now and probably the first couple of days of next week. >> and it looks like a winter's day. we put them in motion. the surf is up. high surf advisory is up. we will not see a big coastal events. >> the winds and fronts go by later tonight. and the morning low is cold. lots of frost around this morning. not as cold tonight as early
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blowing over the relatively warm weather. this is the front that means business. we have two fronts on the way. this is number one. >> and reinforcing front. >> we can see the somebody central jet stream. look at the clouds. riding along that jet not producing the rain. and el nino is in full swing. the temperatures are uniform because of the amount of wind everyone is a couple of degrees away from 62. and lakeland is 64. 63 in punta gorda. brooksville. you get the idea. the winds are up 10 to 15 and most spots later tonight. there is a gale warning because of that strong wind on the backside of the front and seas are up, too. ky not say enough. this is not a good time to be
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a combination of high seas. running 10 to 20 feet and you have wave heights 8 to 10. winds running between 20 and 25 knots. not a good combination. 62, 49. relative humidity at 62% a southwest wind now that wind will shift and the front goes by. one low here and another here. this is northern alabama up to the great lakes states. a monster trough. this is the big storm and trouble for the anthem of the seas they said it was a
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and saying. >> i can have winter storms and this was off the east coast but not a surprise to any around it is snowing. 33 in nashville. and chicago and 16 minneapolis. that is heading our way we stay in the 40s and the 50s. >> it will be in the 50s all day long. going by on tuesday and
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and cold air out of canada a huge high. that is not going to move much add more cold air. partly cloudy tonight. chilly with a high of 57. >> 57 for high. the forecast i don't have a 70. >> every day.
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>> the good news that is bad news. they have been on a roll. they get tested the first of two
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we get the look in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. well this is the first celebration but it will not be as super bowl knocking off carolina.
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celebration is in denver tomorrow. the parade has been mapped out you know there will be an orange crush frenzy for the defense. a tense game, though, i think for both teams as the defense dominate the game. , the defense was stout just like i thought they were. the line was very impressive and gave us a -- gave us a fits all night but our defense was even better. and they have been great all season. they showed that as well. >> we were playing a different team. a quarter that moved you know we were -- our effort chasing him down. stopping the run. and you know getting the turn overs, that's why we're standing here tonight. they were the players were exceptional. >> and in the fourth quarter of the super bowl. this was tweeted out. cleats hanging from a wire as a sign he is retiring. he would be 30 going into next season.
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the game after nine years. he won a super bowl is one of the best running b the numbers are solid. had 6 100-yard games. eagles cut riley cooper to a he played here. played for clearwater central catholic. when the eagles drafted nelson aguilar who played -- played at berkley prep it pushed riley out. you wonder if bucs will take a look at him. jeffreys and cauldwell are going to be free agents. after a stretch of home wins the lightning have a road trip with back to back games. an odd quirk as usual the nhl schedule but the lightning have won 2347 a row at home. let's see if they can do it on the road. the lineup is not changing. john koop her to do shuffling because of injuries now with everyone healthy he is not going
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which is a mix of good and bad news for players. >> it is tough when they are healthy. they have to sit and every team has the problem. there is no coach that will say we're healthy. you have to sit. that's not how it is. we want everyone playing. when they play the players are sharper but now it is -- we have. just like the way we played and stick with it. >> the celebration was all over the stadium after the 50 was over. players were everywhere. and one player gets on the show. he is over the fence and up quickly on the set of the nfl network. he has cleats on that is like this studio floor. really slimry if you have on cleats. he comes back up and he is ready to go. but that first slip caught him by prize. but he is there.
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he went tada! >> he had his pads on. >> that's true, was that a good game, i thought it was, i would like to see more offense but a tense game you never knew what would happen, we talk about it could not be more obvious. and defense wins. defense wins. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> and here at 6:30. could a debate cause problems. >> it was over the weekend. what he said and we'll talk with the political editor about what he thinks about it. a nightmare a ship going into the hurricane force winds.
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the developing tonight... takin developing tonight taking a cruise is relaxing but not like this. this is anything but. stormy seas rocking this ship sending it back to the port t is the anthem of the seas and make a stop but they were so big, the waves, the captain had to go back to new jersey. watching this may make you feel sick. look at the waves. the winds slamming the atlantic.
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charleston. there are high waves and they are 30-feet high. crews reported 121 miles per hour winds. they put everyone in their rooms and told them to stay there. that was for hours. there were 4000 people on board. one guest captured the rocking of the ship. watch this a mini vicar bottle. and now no one on board was hurt but the weather did cause a bit of damage to the ship. we understand that chairs were tossed around. part of a ceiling collapsed and a potted plant busted open spilling dirt. instead of riding out the weather the conditions deteriorated and the captain made the call to turn around. and all guests will receive a full refund and 50% off discount on a future cruise. bill nelson asking the ntsb to
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into the path of a hurricane force storm. >> good question. the candidates hit the campaign trail in new hampshire ahead of the primary. they're working on pleas to get out the vote. donald trump and bernie sanders are expected to have big wins. and we have more from a snowy joel? >> reporter: good evening to you. relationships are attacking marco rubio and the two remaining democrats are attacking each other as the voters in new hampshire hit the polling sites starting at midnight. >> donald trump stepping up the campaign schedule in the gulfside hope -- in the granite state and the focus is who will come in second. and john kasich and marco rubio and chris christi are stepping up the attacks. >> i'm the person most ready to take on hillary clinton and be the president.
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e is not ready. >> marco rubio off the attack and trying to keep his message positive in the home stretch. >> we're blessed to have a talented field. it is made for a messy and competitive process in the short term. but it will serve our country well. >> meanwhile on the democratic side, bernie sanders has a strong lead in most polls but hillary clinton is not backing down, attacking sander's credibility as he tries to solidify his image. >> our job is not to correct what the establishment has cold us but the way that it is supposed to be. >> i was amused the other day, the senator took $200,000 from wall street firms. >> now, most polls open at 6 a.m. in the morning starting tomorrow. and there are a handful of downs that they will allow voters in tonight at midnight. kelly. >> that will be interesting to
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and marco rubio is trying to recover from a big gaffe. and craig patrick has more. not the best time for this to happen. >> it is a terrible time to have a blender on the stage because in new hampshire, many voters, believe it or not, are undecided so this is what they are keying into and what allot of the pundits are talking about. he is being called out attacked by chris christie for reciting canned statements. here is the response. >> let's dispel with the fiction that obama does not know what he is doing. he know was he is doing. >> that's what washington, dc does, the drive by shot at the start with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly what advisors gave him. >> let's dispel with the fiction he do ins know. he knows what he is doing. >> the member or riseed 3 0 second speech you talk about how
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one problem for one person. >> here is the bottom line the notion that he doesn't know what he is doing -- >> there it is. there it is. the member or rised 25 second speech. >> that's where marco rubio was stuck. the good news that ted cruz had a rough debate in iowa he won iowa, perhaps he can put this behind imhe is trying to go after hillary clinton and not talking about what happened on saturday night. >> how does he recover from this and who are the players to watch tomorrow night, he moves on as he does and make sure this does not happen again in a national debate stage for the others now you now have a five-way battle for second place f marco rubio slips and he might given his performance on saturday, the candidates, any of those could finish in second place and ultimately who does will be a much bigger contender than they are here today. >> we'll see why this is a lengthy process. >> that's right.
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north korea is celebrating the launch of a satellite into space but as we report now, the u.n. in response announced a new round of sanctions. >> reporter: fireworks lit up the skies after an announcement the launch of a long range rocket was a success. and north korea said it was for scientific and peaceful purposes but the u.n. security council is not buying it. >> so-called space launch vehicles are the same technology as missiles which are expressly resolutions. >> calling in another intolerable provocation the u.n. is vowing to adopt a resolution with significant new sanctions. >> each of the illegal actions requires a robust response. because of the dpr case decisions and actions, we will ensure that the security council imposes serious consequences.
6:32 pm
is in talks with south korea to deploy the thermal high altitude system which can target short, medium and intermediate range missiles while in flight. >> it will bolster our capabilities. i will not discuss those up here. but we do think it will add another level of reainsurance to the allies to other allies in the region. >> a lawmaker says intelligence suggests that the launch had been timed to coincide with the super bowl and the chinese new year to maximize international media impact. >> clearly if they put an object into space, they did yesterday, they can put a nuclear weapon on american soil. >> so far, there is no time table when that missile defense system will be operational. at the pentagon. a new look at mars t is like are you standing on the red planet t is wild.
6:33 pm
mars rover curiosity. pan left. that's awesome. right now it is parked in front of a dune. they stretch for miles along the base of mount sharp. they are take non-december of last year. nasa took the pictures snapped by the camera and turned it into a 360-degree view. they are stilt photos put together. can you drag it around and see what the surface looks like. we have a link to our web site at
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online only. at ((mark--mp)) the obama administration is ramping up the fight against z the administration's ramping up the fight against zika asking
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the cdc moved to level one in anticipation of more cases in the us and kristin fisher has the latest from the white house. >> and it is taking aim at the virus in funding to fight it. and the american are among the 30 countries where it says transmissions aric ping -- taking place. >> it is common in florida and in the states bordering mexico. >> it is aggressive day time fighter. it is outside and inside of the home and it can be pretty hard to control it, people don't experience the symptoms. there is evidence that the virus is tied to birth defects. it can be sexually transmit sod pregnant women are urged to stay
6:37 pm
advising to use extra caution. >> people returning from zika affected areas should take precautions in having sex with a pregnant partner. >> and the development is underway with a phase one trial expected to start by the end of the summer. it will take years before a widely avaluable vaccine is ready. >> people say it will not be ready for 3 to 5 years. that's true if you are talking about dotting the is and crossing the t's and getting the food and drug administration approved safe and effective vaccine but when are you in an emergency situation, we can move more quickly than that. >> this $1.8 billion request is separate from the budget that the president will submit to congress tomorrow. at the white house, kristin fish fisher, fox news. there are 16 cases in the state and three of those are from hillsborough county. they got the virus out of the country. and the broncos won the
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who won the ad wars. who came out on top in 1934,
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it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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at the airport, one journey
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>> i thought it is behind the scene screens. why and how. i wondered. >> and stocks took a tall for banks and shares in the numbers and nasdaqle 0 and s&p almost 27. >> and mark just under 112 million watched the super bowl that's the third move watched in history. which is good news for advertisers. and fox's elizabeth macdonald looks at the winners and losers in the ad wars. >> i can't live. >> the super bowl ads and cute animals and a case of deja vu,
6:42 pm
animals singing to music. and a week perform the game. and there were a few they had viewers and social media. >> you didn't know that beyonce it was a spot. it was brilliant. and ryan reynolds and willem dafoe. it was trying to recreate the snickers add last year. it didn't come that close. , they were doing a double take. the vibe was very odd when you have the kind of sweet kids and singing the song. when you think about the deeper meaning are you saying wait a
6:43 pm
>> drake's hotline blink ad scored a touchdown that the spot may have convinced them to switch the t-mobile. >> this a song in a video they poked fun. >> it is nine out of the last ten super bowls. that's good news for the network hosting the game and the cost for the ads hit 5 million for 30 seconds. >> the one chance they have to have a captivity audience you cannot put a price tag on that. elizabeth macdonald. >> what was the top ad? according to the meter the ad called first date with kevin hart. here is a bit of that irk taking
6:44 pm
>> take my car. the favorite spot, favorite girl. >> are you ready for this. >> and you are messing with the wrong guy, the ad shows offer the feature which lets hart track his daughter and date all over town. hilarious. i would buy one for that,. [ laughter ] >> and the doritos. >> i miss the clydesdales, they were not on this year.
6:45 pm
, she was great. wins at 15 miles per hour. daylight looking to the west which is a sign as we approach the spring season. and we did four days in a row of above normal temperatures now solidly in blue. we should stay in blue probably until here in this zone. all the way through vallen valentine's day on sunday and tuesday and wednesday. lots of blue days on the way. very cold temperatures at night. wednesday morning should be very cold. and secondary we'll get two fronts. the first one that will come through tonight between midnight and 6 a.m. when that is buy you will know not by rain on the roof but by the sound of the wind. the wind will howl as the front
6:46 pm
another late tomorrow. west. a trough. you can see it on the water vapor imagery here. cold. and stormy. you have low pressure up the east coast. snowing now in nashville. snowing in cincinnati. snow and rain near memphis and snow in georgia. >> and we could see a sprinkle or shower. wind and cold. we're holing in the 60s. southwest. tallahassee. that's our wind for later tonight. we're 62, 49 dew point a southwest wind at 15.
6:47 pm
that cold because the winds will stay southwest for a portion of the night. not a real cold night tonight. there is a snow in blue. a wintry scene. the nor'easter and in new england. a blizzard a confirmed one in cape cod. augustine, 15 in boston. it is sending for them. partly cloudy. windy and cool. we're down to 50. a windy wintry day cloudy. high of 57 on wednesday. 57. and freeze. that is on thursday morning. another front going through a cold valentine's day in the low 60s. back to you. >> paul, thank you.
6:48 pm
the history behind a church more today was the day and doing the closing for several hours. tonight at 11 and what changes. making fight into reality and turning the fight into a video game. that's on the 11 owe clock news. >> chris, thank you very much. the history of our country now, churches have been often the center of many communities. >> as we honor black heritage here, and we discovered a house with roots dating back to more than 100 years.
6:49 pm
members but that's all they needed to start the baptist church inside a small house, manatee's oldest black baptist church was born. the congregation has grown and hundreds attend services there. this at a church that is transforming lives and serve the community. [music] >> the his started long before the members filled the pews. they understand what this church is all about. >> and save us, we are a word based church. then a church that shows love towards people from every walk of life. >> and saint mary's missionary baptist church opened in 1877 ten years after slavery ended. it is the same year grant left the white house and edison invented the phono graph.
6:50 pm
saint mary's, i joined the church when i was nine years old. >> she is 74. >> they -- and. can see it and feel it. >> the church started in someone's home. members built the first facility in the early 1900s. they added a new one ten years ago. >> i have within been in many churches where nobody spoke to me. i came here everyone spoke to me. >> the love, the warmth, the feeling of just enjoying yourself. >> it is changing lives every day. and one member has seen the impact. she has attended the church her entire life. ky not thank this church enough for the foundation it provided me. >> the foundation making a difference for those who debate
6:51 pm
>> i'm just grateful to god sending me to the church. >> what a history. saint mary's is growing. members will break ground at a new building soon. the building will serve as a place for children to study and a place to hold community events. >> what a great story, that is. it is important. >> indeed. >> the news keeps on going on twitter and instagram.
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: von miller threw an epic
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