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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 bernie sanders and donald trump have double digit leads going into the new hampshire p>>russell: bernie sandiers and pdonald trump have double leads pgoing into the new hampshire rimary. phow the undecided voters could pturn this thing around. p>>laura: and caught on camera. p30 foot waves finally rock a pmassive cruise ship and now phundreds wait to reach dry land pas the ship turns back to port. p>>russell: and a florida man is paccused of throwing an alligator pwindow. pnow the florida man is eating phis meals behind bars. pwelcome to "good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pif you take i-275 into tampa, pget ready for big changes to
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phopefully fewer headaches, too. p>>russell: first we have to talk pabout the weather. pmostly the wind, right? p>>dave: mostly the wind. pwe had wind gusts as high as 43 pmiles per hour last night. pwhile it's not that bad outside pright now, it's still windy. pwe knock temperatures down a few pdegrees. pcitrus county, as expected, pyou're in the 40s. p48 at crystal river. pbrooksville right now, you're at p50 but you're going to drop to pthe 40s as well. p52 wesley chapel, lakeland, 52 pin tampa and mid 50s further psouth. pwinds out of the northwest 13 to p21 miles per hour. pevery once in a while, you get a pwind gust over 30 and that's pwhat we've seen in a couple of pminutes. pclouds hang around today and pthat combined keeps temperatures pon the cool side. phighs only in the upper 50s this pafternoon. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: all right, dave. pwe want to start off with good pnews on the roads. pdrivers who take i-275 pnorthbound into downtown tampa pcould get some relief.
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pcourse, for the past few weeks pcausing frustration and pcongestion since january could pfinally be over. pwe're saying could because we pneed to wait until we get into pthat heart of the morning pcommute and see how the travel ptimes fare with the changes on p275. povernight crews opened a new pfourth lane from west shore pboulevard to east of himes pavenue. pof course, this required an povernight detour. pthey closed the northbound lanes pto do that. pwe're hearing the lanes actually popened about an hour and aide hf pschedule. pshayla reaves live along the pinterstate. pwe have a lot of drivers have pbeen looking forward to this pnews for quite a while now. p>>reporter: absolutely. pand that fourth lane is opening pahead of schedule. pyou're looking at some of those pconstruction crews finishing up pbehind me. pthe travel on i-275 northbound pwill continue to keep an eye on pit as we get more and more into pthat rush hour commute. pbut in the meantime, if you have ptravelled this stretch before,
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pwith some congestion in the past paround dale mabry highway, also phimes avenue. pwell, not anymore. pthat's according to a florida pdepartment of transportation pspokesperson. pi asked this morning what's the pmain change that drivers will psee if they're travelling this articular stretch today? pthey tell me in addition to less pcongestion, you'll also have pmore of a distance or a greater pdistance, more time to merge pfrom dale mabry and himes onto pi-275 northbound. pthese are some changes that you pwill experience if you're headed pout and about this morning and pstarting your day. pwe're told as early as this pafternoon, if you are previously pusing the lois roadway, well, pwe're told a ramp there from plois onto northbound 275 has pbeen closed for three years and pcould be reopening as soon as pthis afternoon. pso we'll continue to keep an eye pon that as well. pif an additional change to your pcommute is reportable, we'll
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pi'll send it back to you, pvanessa, for the rest of your pmorning traffic update. pback to you. p>>vanessa: thank you so much and pwe'll keep you posted on the ptravel times. pall 275 northbound to see how pthe new traffic pattern fares. pwe have a live look over the psunshine skyway bridge which is popen to vehicles but the other pbig story to the day is the high pwind and we do have a travel padvisory over the sunshine pskyway so take extra care, pespecially if you have a high rofile vehicle. p>>laura: thank you. piowa had its turn and now new phampshire voters will have their psay. p>>russell: the primary is today. pit's already starting. olls show donald trump and pbernie sanders leading by wide pmargins. p>>laura: the polls only paint art of the picture. pjennifer epstein will explain. pgood morning. p>>jennifer: new hampshire is a rimary state. pno confusing caucusing like in piowa. pinstead, just like florida, pvoters get a ballot. punlike florida, new hampshire pvoters don't have to declare a
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pundecided make up 40% of the pelectorate and as many as 23% psay they don't know which party pthey'll vote for. pthe candidates have spent the plast few weeks courting these pundecideds. pa recent poll suggests pundeclared voters favor donald ptrump with k pthe polls close at 7:00 tonight pbut new this morning, the first presults are already in. pa very small town with only nine pregistered voters and famously pone of the first places to pannounce. pthree people voted for john pkasich and two picked donald ptrump. pthe new hampshire primary has pcorrectly picked the nominee for pthe last three elections. pstay with fox 13 as we continue pto watch the polls in new phampshire. pwe'll have the results as they
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p>>laura: thank you. pthe florida primary is still pmore than a month away but the pcandidates are already planning ptrips to the sunshine state. pyesterday we told that donald ptrump is coming to the u.s.f. on pfriday. pat the time it looked like ptickets were sold out. phowever, more have been made pavailable. pthe arena seats 10,000 people. pthe tickets are free but there's pa $20 charge for parking. pyou can find out how to reserve pyour ticket by heading to our pwebsite, and pclicking on seen on tv. p>>russell: 6:06 and now this. pthere could be at least one late pentry into the race for the pwhite house. pformer new york city mayor pmichael bloomberg has now pconfirmed that he is considering pa presidential bid. plast month sources suggested he pwas looking into the possibility pof running as an independent. pnow, at the time bloomberg prefused to comment on all of pthese reports. pwell, yesterday he called the pcurrent campaign rhetoric, pquote, an insult to voters. pif mike bloomberg does run,
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pthe november ballot in all 50 pstates. pa process that could cost upward pof $3 million. pit's not going to hurt him. phe has a net worth over $40 pbillion according to forbes. p>>laura: police in clearwater phave arrested a man accused of passaulting a girl in a mall rest proom. p>>russell: he's already out of pjail. pdetectives say they got a tip pfrom someone who recognized pricky blake thompson from a psurveillance video at the pcountryside mall. pthey contacted him and he turned phimself in voluntarily. pinvestigators say he told them phe went into the women's rest proom by accident and startled pthe 6-year-old girl. phe panicked and tried to put his phand over her mouth to keep her pfrom screaming. pshe fell to the floor. phe's charged with battery. p>>laura: new video from a ptraffic camera in sarasota could pbe the key to settling a deadly phit and run crash. pthis is the car that struck a erson and drove off.
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pintersection of 301 between psixth and eighth street. pthe police just released this pvideo yesterday and it shows the pspeeding vehicle just seconds pbefore the crash. pwe're told that the car is a new pmodel toyota corolla and they phope the video jogs someone's pmemory. p>> we don't know if the car has pbeen fixed, sold, even if the pcar is in the state anymore. pwe're hoping to get the word pback out. p>>laura: police say that the car pshould have damage to the right pfront end. p>>russell: and developing this pmorning, cdc's emergency poperation center has been moved pto level one. pthat's the agency's highest plevel. pit's all balls of the zika pvirus. pit's only been done three times pbefore. pthe level one activation means pthe cdc will be working around pthe clock to respond to the ublic health emergency. pthe goal is to prevent the world phealth organization's nightmare
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pinfected in the region by the pend of the year. pfight against the zika virus pwill not be free. resident obama is asking pcongress for $1.8 billion and pmost of that money will go to pthe department of health and phuman services to improve plaboratories, launch educational rograms and establish rapid presponse teams. pabout 200 million would go ptowards research for a vaccine. p>>laura: a florida senate panel phas unanimously approved a pmeasure that would overhaul the pstate's death penalty sentencing pstructure. pthe proposal would require a punanimous decision from a jury pin order to impose the death enalty. plast month the u.s. supreme pcourt ruled that judges have too pmuch power under the current psystem. puntil the law is changed, the pstate of florida's nearly 400 pdeath row inmates remains in pquestion and one of those pinmates and michael king. phe was arrest -- he was pconvicted, rather, of abducting p21 denise lee from her north ort home and killing her in p2008.
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pking's lawyer has appealed the psentence saying it should be pchanged to life without parole. phe hopes that does not happen. p>> i don't think he deserves all pof these rights but that's not pthe way the system works. pi think about what denise went pthrough and what he did to her pand, you know, it's really tough pbut i understand there's a psystem in place and we just have pto respect that and hopeful it pwill works. p>>laura: well, in king's case, pthe jury was unanimous and precommending the death penalty. pthe judge had the power to poverrule them but did not in the pend. pbefore she was killed, denise pamber lee and several others pattempted to call 911 for help pbut it arrived too late. pthe law was passed soon after pthat providing voluntary ptraining for 911 dispatchers. pdavis says he and his family are pstill fighting for mandatory ptraining. p>>russell: there's a $20,000 pmystery in st. petersburg. pan expensive piece of art has pvanished from a downtown
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pthe u neat glass sculpture taken pfrom the chihuly display on psunday. pcleaning crew noticed it missing pthe next morning. pit was secured to the tile taken pas well. pauthorities are reviewing psurveillance video to see if pthey can catch the act. pthe gallery just wants it back pin one piece. p>>laura: the experts say the p2015 set a new record for punprovoked shark attacks. p98 worldwide including 30 in pflorida alone. pthat's just over half the pattacks in the united states. revious record was 88 in 2000. psix people were killed by psharks, including a snorkeler in phawaii. pdespite the increase, the pexperts say the shark opulations are actually pdeclining. p>>russell: here's one. pa palm beach county man is paccused of throwing an alligator pthrough a wendy's drive-through. ptake a look. pinvestigators say 23-year-old pjoshua james told them he picked
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pthe road, threw it through the pwindow of a wendy's. pdidn't say why he did it. pit happened in october but james pwas just arrested by u.s. pmarshals. pthe gator survived and was preleased into a nearby canal. pjames charged with aggravated passault with a deadly weapon. p>>laura: only in florida. pstill ahead, a new tv drama puts pthe spotlight on macdill air pforce base and the families who pwork there. p>>russell: is tampa bay ready pfor its closeup? pand hurricane-like winds and phigh waves force a cruise ship, pa big one, to change course as assengers share their tales of pterror on social media. p>>dave: i'm getting seasick plooking at that video. pi can only imagine being there. p6:12 and tampa international, a pfew degrees cooler than a couple pof hours ago. pwe have dipped back to the upper p40s in citrus county. pfolks, it's not going to get
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pnot with the northwest wind 15 pto 20 miles per hour and poccasionally a few higher gusts, pup to 30s. pso the winds continue which pkeeps the clouds coming in off pthe gulf and temperatures will pstruggle just to get back to the pupper i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do thattright in my ear?
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3 take a look at this ... p>>laura: take a look at this. psilent winter storm forced at proyal caribbean cruise ship to pturn around and head back to new pjersey.
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pthe hurricane-like conditions pforced the captain to confine pthe 4500 passengers to their pcabins until the storm passed. p>>russell: they were on their pway to port canaveral before pthings got so rough. pthe anthem is the third largest pcruise liner ever built but it pwas no match for the powerful pstorm. pfour passengers hurt, not pseriously. psome shared pictures of pshattered glass, even collapsed pceiling tiles. pthe storm is over. pthe ship should be back in new pjersey tomorrow. proyal caribbean offered assengers full refunds, half poff a future cruise and gave pfull internet access and a pcomplimentary cocktail hour as i psaw that vodka bottle go flying poff. p>>dave: i can only imagine. p>>laura: my goodness. pi know. pand you were saying that it's pamazing that as big as these pcruise ships are, dave, how it pwas still rocking them.
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p>>dave: there you go. pthe ocean is a lot bigger plus pthat was a huge storm on the peast coast. pthat was a massive storm. pwe're sitting here this morning pin the upper 40s in citrus pcounty, about 50 degrees for pleesburg to brooksville and 52 pout on the tampa international. pon the surface you look. pit's not bad, right? pit's close to where you should pbe for this time of year. p but the front just came through pa couple of hours ago so we're pnot done cooling off yet and pwe've got this very, very brisk pnorthwest wind as well. plook what that does to ptemperatures in the panhandle pand across i-10. p42 from granzville to pjacksonville. pi think there will be a few more pspots especially north of tampa pthat get back up to the upper p40s before the sun comes up. peven then with the clouds and pthe northwest wind, don't look pfor a huge warmup today. pi mean, we're going to stay
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pit's one of those unseasonably pcool days overall. pyour current sustained wind pspeeds run basically 13 to 20 pmiles per hour. retty breezy. pthen of course, every once in a pwhile, you get a wind that gusts pand clearwater, winds gust to 30 pmiles an hour this hour. p26 in brooksville and 29 down paround venice. pthe highest wind gust that we pnight. pit was like after 11:00, 43 pmiles per hour. ptampa bay itself, 43 pmile-per-hour wind gusts. pst. pete, 38. ptampa international 38 so you plook at that, that's tropical pforce storm winds, right? p39 is a tropical force storm pwind. pthat's how high they gusted as pthe front is coming through. pi want you to look at this. psee the way the clouds are psetting up and just continuing pto move onshore? pthat's because you've got this pcold air from the northwest pwind, right? pbringing in the cold air over
6:19 am
pthat gives you the persistent pcloud cover coming in off the pgulf. pthat's what i think we'll have ptoday. pso the clouds, the northwest pwind, i mean, honestly it's just pone of those days where 72 is pour normal high. pwe come nowhere near that poverall. phigh of 57 for later today. pwe're at 56 a couple of hours pago. pbreezy and chilly tonight. pfor most of us, we're dipping pback to the mid 40s overnight pand then scattered clouds for pwednesday and breezy. peven though we get some sunshine pback tomorrow, it's still going pto be a struggle to get ptemperatures back to the upper p50s. pgot a gale warning and late -- plake wind advisories. pyou're not boating today. pseas offshore 10 to 14 feet. pit will eventually calm down. pby thursday we're back in the plower 60s but with 72 being the
6:20 am
pwithin two or three degrees of pthat until maybe saturday. p>>vanessa: keep the coats out pfor awhile then. pthank you. pright now we have a live look at pthe howard frankland bridge. pnorthbound lanes will be papproaching a new traffic attern. pas we mentioned, hopefully this pwill make the drive easier for pfolks especially as we get into pthe heart of the morning pcommute. pwe'll watch that and make for psure that happens. ptaking a look at the travel ptimes right now, so far so good. p13 minutes is the time crossing pthe howard frankland bridge pheading up through that new ptraffic pattern area up to the pinterchange and it looks like pthe speeds are running up to pspeed as we get into that 7:00, p8:00 hour we'll be closely pwatching those travel times to psee how they fair and keep you osted. p>>russell: a group threatens to psue nasa after they say the pspace agency banned the world p"jesus." pmagic? pcoming up in hot clicks, the
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cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. it's time p>>russell: it is time to see pwhat's clicking on the web. p>>laura: taylor katz is fresh poff vacation with a little new phardware. pwe should start by pcongratulating you and ryan. p>>taylor: thank you very, very pmuch. pi'm excited. pnew hardware. pwe are engaged. pweekend. psweetheart. p>>taylor: thank you. pi'm very happy to be back and pfresh start on a tuesday pmorning. pwe have a hilarious video of a plittle baby and his reaction to phis big brother's magic trick.
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phere we go. plook at the little baby's face. poh, yes. pit happens not once but twice, pyou guys. pand watch this. phe even helps the second time paround. pyay. phe just can't believe it. pvery, very cute. pall right, you guys. pand next up, this kid is all of pus, trying to dance like beyonce pherself during the super bowl phalf-time show. ptake a look at this. p>>laura: she did come alive on pthe screen. pyou did want to be her. p>>taylor: i was in las vegas. pi have to say i wish i was in
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pliving room like this guy. pyou cannot help but move when pyou watch her and just like him, pi don't think i quite nailed it. p>>laura: that's all right. p>>taylor: this video is pcertainly trending so we love pthat. pall right. pand lastly, we have someone padorable to introduce you to. pmeet nora, the newest polar bear pat the columbus zoo. pthe name is a matchup of the mom pand dad's name and it won in an ponline poll where the zoo gave pothers a chance to vote. pyes. pand that is 3-month-old staying pbehind-the-scenes for now but, pyou know, they'll have her out pon the floor coming this spring. pthey're sharing videos like pthese online so for now, this is phow we get to know nora. p>>russell: cute baby. p>>taylor: my gosh. pi want to do a little research
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pat three months when you're a olar bear. pshe can't be that small, right? p>>laura: cuddly. p>>taylor: very, very cute. p>>laura: all right, taylor. pthank you. p>>taylor: thank you for the warm pwelcome. p>>russell: a man said he thought phe was okay to fly a drone next pto the empire state building. p>>laura: a new tv pilot has an pinteresting idea, p with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. our presidents day sale
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from classic to contemporary,
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p>>dave: grab your jackets, hang pon to your hats. pa couple of things this morning. pwhile we're sitting, some spots pin the mid 50s. pcooler air is on the way. pit's already kicked back to 48 pdegrees in crystal river, 50 pbrooksville, 51 wesley chapel, p52 in tampa.
6:29 am
pnorthwest, 13 to 22 miles per phour. pand that's bringing with it pclouds and cooler weather and peven though you may walk poutside, you may say, i don't pneed my jacket right now. pyou will. pi think temperatures will pcontinue to fall for a few more phours but then rise and get back pto 57 for later today. pand i know that wind is going to pbe some kind of impact on our pbay area bridges. p>>vanessa: you called it pyesterday morning. pthe sunshine skyway bridge does phave a travel advisory that pf.h.p. has put out for drivers pcrossing the water there. ptake extra care as you make your pway across it and we'll keep you osted on all of the conditions pout there as well as the rest of pthe bay area roads. pwe have a live look i-4 in the parea of 50th street. pwe do have a crash that's preported in the area. pno lane blockage and i'm not pseeing any big slowdowns but i'm pmentioning it just as strictly a pmove over law situation. pyou can see our travel times plook pretty good all around. p275, i-4, 75 and hopefully,
6:30 am
pthey remain good for drivers. pof course, we're alluding to pthat good news along 275 pnorthbound for drivers who take pthat road into downtown tampa. pwe're hoping that that usual pbottle neck that folks have been pdealing with will wrap up and be pgood for folks. plet's get out to shayla reaves pnow who has been monitoring the psituation along 275 and talk pabout the changes that fourth plane, i know folks are excited pabout it. p>>reporter: yes. pthat fourth lane is the one pwe've been waiting for. pfdot saying that's the lane that pcould make a difference. pwe're talking about the stretch pof 275 northbound particularly paround dale mabry and himes pavenue. pyou may recall there's been a plot of congestion in that area pthroughout the construction roject taking place out there pon 275 northbound. pwell, you'll likely experience a pdifferent commute this morning. pi want to take you to a look pfrom sky fox.
6:31 am
pabout right now. pworkers completed the overnight pwork an hour ahead of schedule pand they were able to reopen the pnorthbound lanes a little bit pearly so i did ask this morning, pan fdot spokesperson, if you're ptravelling this particular pstretch, what are you going to psee as far as the commute, how pis it going to be different? pthey tell me you'll have less pcongestion now that the fourth plane is opened and also a longer pdistance to merge if you're ptravelling from dale mabry and phimes onto 275 northbound. pso we'll continue to keep you osted on this throughout the pmorning as we get into the pafternoon hours, we should find pout whether or not a ramp that's pbeen closed for three years will pbe reopening this afternoon or pif that will be pushed back as pwell. pwe're talking about that ramp on plois avenue, taking you to pnorthbound 275. pwe'll keep an eye on that as pwell and keep you posted if that pramp gets reopened, too.
6:32 am
pnorthbound, shayla reaves, fox p13 news. p>>laura: thank you. palso making headlines this pmorning, one of the teenagers pwho blowning -- broke out of a juvenile pfacility a week ago is back in pcustody. panthony bay was found at a pvacant house in st. pete. pwhen he surrendered, he asked if pthey caught the other guy yet. pthat other guy is anthony cook. olice are still looking for phim. pboth teens were being held on pgrand theft auto charges. p>>russell: delvin young is paccused of choking and pthreatening a valet. phe asked the valet to open an pelevator but it was closed pbecause the club where it went pwas not open. pthe report says that young left, pattendant. phe's out on $1,500 bail. pyoung made his major league pdebut with the devil rays back pin 2006. p>>laura: a south florida
6:33 am
pcasey anthony's name. pit belongs to patrick mc kenna. phe was an investigator for o.j. psimpson's defense team. phe has refused to comment on the pbusiness. p>>russell: state of florida is pgetting $20 million to fight pcitrus greening. pabout $9 million will go toward presearch at the university of pflorida and the university of pcentral florida. porange, grapefruit and lemon pdroves once covered 800,000 pacres in florida. pbecause of citrus greening, only pabout 300,000 acres now. p>>laura: the west wing had pwashington, d.c. and of course, pcsi miami could only be set in pone place. p>>russell: the cities can play pjust as big of a role as some pcharacters and tv shows. pmacdill could get one of their pown. panjuli davis is live at macdill pthis morning, still early but it plooks like the base is ready for pits closeup, huh? p>>reporter: apparently so, prussell.
6:34 am
pscandal here in the bay area and pnow it's getting the attention pof a major network. pvariety magazine just announced pa cbs television studios will roduce the series "four stars." pit will be about two powerful pmilitary families in tampa. paside from the day-to-day poperations at centcom, it will pfocus on the rivalry between the ptwo families and while it's set pin our backyard, don't expect to psee film crews here. pinsiders say that tampa likely plost the bid to louisiana. pwhile the state does have some pin comparison to states like plouisiana and georgia, the roducers are big names in phollywood. pthey've been involved in rojects like nashville and pmasters of sex. pand filming of four stars will preportedly begin in march, you pguys. punfortunately this is all too pfamiliar for us as far as losing pout on a filming bid.
6:35 am
pthat bid to the ben affleck pmovie so unfortunately, it looks plike this is happening yet again pto us. pwe're back to you. p>>laura: sad. pall right. pthank you. p>>russell: and developing this pmorning, the death toll pcontinues to rise. pthere's been a commuter train pcrash in southern germany. peight people killed when two ptrains collided head-on. pabout 150 we know are hurt. ptook them hours to reach some pinjured. pstill not clear what caused that pcrash. p>>laura: three people were pkilled when a leopard -- mauled, prather, when a leopard went into pa school. pit wandered through the halls pand it's seen chasing terrified pmen around the swimming pool. pthe leopard was tranquilized and ptaken to a wildlife park. p>>russell: indian scientists pinvestigating whether a man was pkilled by a meteorite. pa bus driver was killed when an
6:36 am
pthe impact left a two foot hole pin the ground. ptwo nearby gardeners were also phurt. pif confirmed the death will be pthe first fatality from a pmeteorite on record. p>>laura: 6:35. pa group of christians who work pfor nasa are threatening to sue pthe space agency. pthey say they've been banned pfrom using the name "jesus." pthe group puts out a newsletter pand it featured a number of pevents, everything from dancing plessons to soccer camp and they psay that nasa's legal department ptold them they could not use the pname jesus in a pray era pnounsment because it violated pthe constitution and they pthreatened to file a federal plawsuit nens nasa apologizes and plets them use the name jesus in ptheir announcements. p>>russell: a drone at the empire pstate building tweeted that a olice officer told him it was pfine to fly there. pthe police say it hit the pskyscraper's 40th floor. phe's charged with illegal pnavigation of an aircraft over pthe city.
6:37 am
pconsult the know before you fly pwebsite before flying anywhere pthat could cause problems. pmost of manhattan has been pdesignated a no drone zone. pnew numbers from the f.a.a. show phow popular the things are. pthe government launched a drone pregistration program just before pchristmas. pso far more than 325,000 people phave registered. pthat's 5,000 more people than pthere are licensed to fly lanes. p>>laura: i don't know if you pheard it overnight or if you've pbeen outside yet today but it is pwindy out there. pblustery tuesday morning pforecast for us and peyton pmanning takes a detour before ptoday's big victory parade in
6:38 am
pgot a p>>dave: it is 6:40. phere's the look. pthis is what today is going to plook like with the clouds just pstreaming in off the gulf. pthese cold air clouds due to the pnorthwest wind, the colder air prunning over the somewhat warmer pwaters of the gulf. pthat creates the cold air clouds pand that's what we're looking at pfor today. psee the temperatures continuing pto drop? pcrystal river is at 48 degrees. pbrooksville is 50. pleesburg 50. ptampa 52 and if you were to look pat this, it's actually pretty pclose to normal. pbut because the front just came pthrough and the winds are still pkicking in on the northwest, pthings are going to get colder
6:39 am
pstart a very slow warmup this pafternoon. phead north, 30s along i-10. plower 40s around jacksonville pand the gainesville area so it pis much colder just a custom phours north of us and the winds pare 12, 13, 18 -- 12 to 20 miles er hour. pout of the northwest with wind pgusts at this hour as high as 30 pmiles per hour right at the pcoastline. pclearwater beach reporting a 30 pmile-per-hour wind gust and it's pnot just a coastal thing. plook at inland. pthey had a wind gust this hour pof 28 miles per hour. pi double checked this, right? pthe weather service just put out pa statement saying who has the pstrongest winds overnight. pbelleair had a wind gust of 53 pmiles per hour. ptampa bay, 43 mile-per-hour wind pgusts. pvenice in the last couple of phours had a 44 mile-per-hour pwind gust. pyou can see the winds were way pup. pthey're getting a little bit
6:40 am
phowever, i still think we could psee these wind gusts close to 30 pmiles an hour, especially during pthe morning hours. pbig trough along the east coast pand we're just funneling in some pcooler, drier air and while pwe'll get a little sunshine ptoday, it's going to be one of pthose days where the cold air pclouds just continue to stream pthrough the entire area. pone the sun goes down tonight pinto tomorrow morning, that's pwhen we'll get our lows to head pback in the 40s so kind of like pa reinforcing shot of cooler air pcoming in overall. pthe next couple of days, we're plooking at temperatures staying pin the 50s for highs. pupper 50s for highs and our pnormal high this time of year is paround 72 so yeah, we'll just pcall it unseasonably cool. pvariable clouds, windy today. psunrise at 7:13. p57 degrees for a high. ponce the sun goes down, we start pto drop the temps quickly and be pin the low 40s tomorrow morning. pthat will be in tampa. pcitrus county, you'll probably pbe be in the 30s tomorrow
6:41 am
pclouds and breezy conditions pwill likely keep us in the upper p50s for tomorrow as well. lease no boating today. pit's not just a coastal thing. pit's inland as well. pwe have a gale warning out for pthe coast, lake wind advisories, pwe've got high surf advisories pand anything to do with the pwind, it's an advisory, all pright? pnorthwest winds are 20 to 25 pknots. pseas running 10 to 14 feet and a ptide at 3:18 this afternoon. psteadily we should warm up late pthis week going into the pweekend. pi think we have a couple of nice pdays in here, though. pfriday and saturday is mostly psunny skies, high temperatures. peven though it's cooler morning, pwe'll be in the upper 60s during pthe afternoons. psqueeze in some decent weather psomewhere, all right? p>>vanessa: overall not too much pto complain about. pthank you. pand here at 6:43, we're starting pto see a little slowdown pbuilding up here along 275 psouthbound. pthis is a live camera shot near pthe fowler avenue exit and pentrance ramp. pit is slowing down just a touch
6:42 am
poverall looking like we have psome decent travel times. pnothing that we're not used to pseeing this time of morning. p15 minutes heading from the pbears exit to the interchange. pveterans expressway, southbound plooks like you'll hit slower pspeeds around ehrlich road, paveraging around 26 miles an phour there. ptop to bottom, 16 minute ride in pthat northbound direction. plooks pretty clear 12 minutes is pyour ride there. psay hello to charley belcher. plooks breezy behind you. p>>charley: yeah. pa little breezy, a little pchilly. pthe ears are a little cold. pthat's all right. pcompared to what i see happening pin the rest of the nation, i pwon't complain. pa little breezy, mid 50s pweather, it's okay. pi used to work in knoxville, ptennessee and i have done live pshots on the side of the pinterstate, telling people don't pgo on the interstate and i'm pstanding on the interstate, hand
6:43 am
pi'll take this all day long. pas you know, i scour the pinternet to find interesting pthings to talk with you about at p6:45 in the morning. pmany times i come up with pfascinating, interesting facts pand then there's mornings like pthis. p>>vanessa: oh, no. p>>charley: here's what i have pfor you. phow many black spots do you pthink you see every time you pwatch disney's animated film 101 pdalmations? p>>vanessa: oh, my gosh. p>>charley: somebody did the pmath. p>>vanessa: i couldn't want that pjob. p>>charley: it was actually the panimators. paccording to the film's panimators, i won't make you pguess -- p>>vanessa: a million? p>>charley: higher. p6,649,952 spots. p>>vanessa: they should have plobbied to get paid by the pspots. p>>charley: that's smart. pcan you help me in my next
6:44 am
pi like the way you think. p6,469,952 black spots every time pyou watch disney's 101 pnow you know. pnow you can go to work and go, i plearn somethinged today. p>>vanessa: that's interesting. p>>charley: useless information pfrom charley belcher. pi have some good information for pyou. pvalentine's day, well, you robably knew it was sunday. pthat's not the information. psunday. pso we thought we would team up pwith our buddies at yelp, that pgreat app that people rate peverything and everybody is an parm chair critic. pwhere is the most romantic spot pin tampa bay? pwhere is the good place to take pyour date and get away, have a plittle romantic time? pthey gave us the answer and it's pzeros, speak easy and we are out pin front of said place. pit's in bayshore royale condos, pbayshore and howard. pbottom of the residential pbuilding. plike a typical speak easy,
6:45 am
pyou can barely even tell where pvanessa. pyou have to knock, speak easy, pyou have to think of a password. pthey give you a password to get p>>vanessa: that's cool. p>> password this evening? p>>charley: is the password "good pday"? pis the password free publicity? pi'm going to figure it out. pwe'll get inside there. pi promise. pwe'll get in. pwe're going to get in there. pi'm a very important person. pmy name is john wilson. pwe'll get in there. pgreat hand crafted cocktails, pfood in there. pwait until you see the private pbooths. pi hear it's amazing. pcan't wait to see for myself. pwe'll get you ready for pvalentine's day. pstick around. pthey'll let me in eventually. p>>vanessa: the password is pvanessa sent ya.
6:46 am
pto open the window again. pi'll figure this out. pthis. p>>charley: me, too. p>>vanessa: all right. pall right. p6:47 now and voters in new phampshire line up at the polls. pmexico's former president is pcalling out one of the pcandidates. hilippine says that donald ptrump's plan to build a wall palong the southern border is, pquote, stupid. phe said mexico will not pay a psingle cent to build a wall. pduring an interview on cnbc, he psaid it was incredible that a psociety like the united states phas candidates like trump. phe also took issue with trump's pstatement that illegal pimmigration from mexico is an pescalating problem. phe cited a recent pew research preport that said more mexicans pare leaving the united states pthan entering. pcheering crowds greet the pbroncos as they returned home pless than 24 hours after winning psuper bowl 50. pthe city will honor the team
6:47 am
pthis is the third time the pbroncos have won the super bowl plombardi trophy which many layers were pass to go each pother as they got off the plane pat denver international airport. eyton manning will join the pteam at today's parade but he pmade a detour before his visit pto mickey at disneyland. pmanning famous announcement pduring the post game interviews pand even got a ride in a parade. pthe super bowl tradition has pbeen going on every year since p1987. pand one of the biggest parties pof the year comes to an end ptonight on bourbon street. pmardis gras festivities wrap up pwith two parades starting at p8:00 a.m.. pthis year they saw the biggest pmardis gras crowd since before phurricane katrina and it all pends at midnight tonight because ptomorrow is ash wednesday which prussell? p>>russell: all right. pcoming up, coffee and chocolate. pstarbucks gets ready for pvalentine's day and you've got
6:48 am
pand gas prices getting close to
6:49 am
psome may even go below that. come into steak 'n shake for better yet, hand-dipped milkshakes at half-price during r half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all meals are under four dollars,
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3 3 3 good news for drivers .. gas prices are getting close to one dollar a gallon in some plac p>>laura: gas prices are close to pa dollar a gallon in some laces. p>>russell: some lower than that peven. pjoining us from fox business pnetwork studios, lauren psimonetti. pwe could not believe this. pa year ago, months ago, but now plook at this. p>>russell: 99 cents a gallon k pbe. pthere are eight states in the pu.s. that have some stations pselling gasoline for $1.25 or pless. pthe cheapest gas in the land, p$1.11 in oklahoma city. pthese are the eight states where
6:51 am
pstate. pmichigan, ohio, illinois, pmissouri, kansas and texas. pthat according to gas buddy. pso with oil at $29 a barrel and pmany of the big banks and the pbig energy companies so worried pabout what cheap energy is doing pto their business and their pbottom line, this is the ositive that -- i mean, i pfilled up in new jersey where it pwas $20. pi couldn't believe it. pthat's $20 and i looked at him pand said, really? pi was shocked. pfull tank, 20 bucks. p>>laura: let's talk about pday. pstarbucks pstarbucks. p>>reporter: i lost you for a plittle bit but i'll answer that pquestion. pnow through sunday, so only a pweek which really annoys me pbecause they have these three pawesome coffee and chocolate
6:52 am
pall malted chocolate latte, pfrappuccino and hot chocolate. pbuy them now through sunday and pthat's it. pit's a holiday thing. pthey do the pumpkin spice latte pin the fall. pthey had others for winter and pnow this for hearts day. pi think these should last. p>>russell: let's hope so. pthose look beautiful. pall right. p>>laura: here, honey. ptake the whole day, maybe the pweek. pthank you. pwe have to go. p>>russell: don't miss lauren on pour sister network. pgo to fox pfinder. p>>laura: developing this pmorning, a mother whale and her pcalf are lost in an inlet just poff florida's east coast. ponlookers. pcrews want to make sure they get pback in the open water. p>>laura: let's get straight to pfox 13 who is live for us in psouthern brevard county.
6:53 am
p>>reporter: we did. pi couldn't believe it this pmorning, you guys. pi thought for sure they would phave gone back out to sea povernight. pwe just spotted them maybe a pminute ago about 150 yards here poffshore in the inlet. pthe mama and her calf both came pup, spouted. pi see them coming up. pi don't know if you can see them pover there by the red buoy. pthe inlet here is only, i'm told pby a biologist that's here with pme, about 12 feet deep so you pcan imagine why it's so pimportant for the whales to get pback out to sea. pbut they spent the entire day pyesterday swimming up and back pthis inlet. pthese are north american right pwhales, they're some of the plargest and most endangered pwhales that there are. pthey don't typically swim into pthe inlet. pthis is very rare. pso there are folks out here phoping to catch a glimpse of pthem all day yesterday. pthis mama is 45 foot long, her
6:54 am
pboth spotted early yesterday pmorning. pbiologists watched them by air pand used boats to set up a rotective perimeter yesterday pto make sure the whales stayed psafe and people who watched pcould just hardly believe their peyes. pso there's really only about 500 pof these whales in all, the ptotal population of north pamerican whales typically, we're ptold, come to the shores of pflorida and georgia to calf this ptime of year but they certainly pare not expected here in the pinlet so about 8:00 this pmorning, florida fish and pwildlife is expected to be back pout here again. pthey were theoretically going to psee if the whales were still phere. pwe know they are so still be pcoming up with a plan to make psure they get back safely to the pocean. p>>russell: all right. pthank you. p>>laura: at least they found pthem. pall right.
6:55 am
pwith dr. jo about the growing pthreat of the zika virus. pthe cdc is on the highest alert pand she'll explain what that pmeans. p>>russell: espn is out with the prankings for the next football pseason, dave. pthe bucs and jameis winston not pgoing to be happy with this. pand we asked for some of the pay parea's greatest love stories. pyou're going to meet colleen and pjim. pit may not have been a story pbook beginning but the ending is pcertainly happily ever after. p>>laura: it's treadmill tuesday. pwe'll explain how to give the pbay area big bragging rights. pthat's coming up at 7:00. p>>dave: it's 54 degrees outside. pas you're looking east and all pthe cloud cover we're going to phave to deal with, it's windy pstill. pnotice even lakeland where we pget back to 50 degrees, pnorthwest wind at 21 miles an phour. pbrisk over bayshore and overall
6:56 am
pthe upper 50s with that some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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