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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 the new hampshire votes are in. see who came out on top.. and hear from the p new hampshire votes are in, psee who came out on top vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing.
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vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. p. p>>man: if i win by one point pwin. p>> and win he did. pdonald trump's victory and what prace. p>>man: we're here in tampa pflorida. p a community begs for an end pto the violence after 8 people pare gunned down inside a strip pclub. pvictims. p>>man: absolutely crazy. pwaves.
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phow rough waves give clear water pa scare. p good evening, everybody, and pwelcome, i'm kelly ring. p>> i'm mark wilson. pthe new hampshire primary pnumbers are in and bernie psanders has defeated hillary pclinton in the democratic race. pdonald trump topping the prepublicans. pany surprises? p>>reporter: no big surprises. pin fact, new hampshire defies pthe polls but we did not see it pthis year. rojected. phere, not a close one at all, 59 pto 13 percent. phe wins there by 21 points. pdonald trump meeting his poll pnumber at 34 percent. erhaps a mild surprise but john pkasich was camped out in new phampshire for a month, he is in psecond place at 16 percent.
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pbush neck in neck and that could pchange as the night goes on. pmoving down the line to the psecond tier, we're talking about pmarco rubio who checks in at ten ercent having slipped after a prough debate performance on psaturday night followed by pchristie, fiorina. pdonald trump is speaking as pwe're speaking. plet's listen in. p>>man: we have to stop it. pwe are now going to make the pdeals for the american people. pthat's the way it is. pnow, very -- oh, i love this, plook at you. pi love these signs. pthey're the most imaginative psigns. pin a nutshell, we're going to pmake great trade deals, we're pgoing to rebuild our military,
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pstrong, so powerful, nobody, pnobody, is going to mess with pus. pbelieve me. pnobody. pwe are going to take care of our pvets. pwhere is al? pwe love al. pall right, al. pget up here if you can. pwe're going to take care of our pvets. pour vets are treated horribly, pthey're our greatest people. p>>reporter: if you're looking at pwhat issues drive voting pbehavior in new hampshire, the olling shows it's national psecurity and is the economy, and pthere you heard the winner pdonald trump, focussing on pissues of a strong national pdefense and better trade deals pto improve our economy. pultimately, those dreams drove phim to a big win. p>> sanders defeat hillary pclinton, how much do you think pthis hurt her campaign? p>>reporter: it stings.
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phe is energized and it shows. ptake a look at this. pthis was a short time ago an penergized bernie sanders and pmaking goal here in this case, pbasket after basket, it was a pvery strong night for him. phe is enthused and beyond his erformance on the basketball pcourt, we want to show you what phe had to say. pbut first hear from hillary pclinton. p>>woman: i want to say i still plove new hampshire and i always pwill. pi've had a blessed life but i palso know what it's like to pstumble and fall. pand so many people across pamerica know that feeling. pand we've learned it's not pwhether you get knocked down pthat matters, it's whether you pget back up. p>>man: because of a huge voter pturnout, and i say huge, we won.
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penergy and the excitement that pthe democratic party will need pto succeed in november. p>>reporter: so, the good news pfor hillary clinton tonight is pthat the race now heads south pwhere she has a big lead in psouth carolina. pgood news for bernie sanders pbernie sanders, he wins bigs and pthe polls in other states don't pstay the same, he has a big shot pof momentum as the races head to pnevada, south carolina and pseveral other states before we pget to florida on march 15th. p>> we know you'll keep watching pnumbers. p a second man has died after panother deadly strip club pshooting over the weekend. pa total of 8 people were shot pearly saturday morning. pfamily and friends gathered at pthe club tonight to honor the ptwo victims and speak out pagainst gun violence. pfox 13's crystal clark had a pchance to speak with them ptonight. pi'm sure a lot of emotions out
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p>>reporter: you bet, kelly, pespecially since the gunman is pstill on the streets. pfamily members say they want pthis person behind bars where he pbelongs but they're going to pneed the community's help to get pjustice. pfor the first time since psaturday's deadly shooting, club prain reopened its doors but it pwasn't for business, it was in pmemory of a man shot inside. p>>man: he walked in the club for pten seconds, ten seconds pliterally and his life was gone. p>>reporter: devotre says his polder brother was picking up a pfriend from the strip club the pnight a man opened fire on the pcrowd. phouston was shot along with 7 pothers. p>>man: i can't even explain the ain he feel right now. p>>reporter: he passed away on pmonday from his injuries. panother man, 21-year-old marvin pdied on the scene. phouston was an inspiring music partist along with his brother in
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pvideos on their youtube channels pshow he dedicated his music of pspreading awareness to gun pviolence after his older brother pwas gunned down in 2012. p>>man: we're not in iraq, we're pin tampa, florida. p>>reporter: community leaders psay enough is enough. pmembers of the new black panther arty organized a candle light pvigil after police released hotos of a person of interest pfrom the shooting. olice are reviewing cell phone pand surveillance video from pinside the club and hope that psomeone who knows the man that ulled the trigger will speak pup. p>>man: there's too many bad eople in the city. p>>man: please, put the guns pdown. p>>reporter: and family tells me phouston's mother is also a local
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pfamilies affected by gun pviolence. pand once again came knocking at pher door. p all right, crystal with us ptonight. phow about the high winds pbringing in high surf, too much pfor some professional sailors pduring a race off at clear water pbeach. pthat was rough today, evan, pwhat's it like tonight? p>>reporter: yeah, mark, i got to ptell you, it's going just as it pwas earlier today. pthe sand has been blowing across pfrom the beach and this little pgarden here and into the parking plot. pit's been doing this all day plong and you can see the sand phas been blowing right across pthere straight from the beach pmaking these piles here in the arking lot. pafter all those boats during pthat race, people on vacation, eople in town here wanted to pcome out of their hotel rooms, pcome to the beach and see what pthis wind was all about.
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pit looked like snow. pbut the sea air and sand was ponly matched by the sight of the pangry sea itself. p>>woman: it's very exciting. p>>reporter: vacation dreams for pthis group from france were gone pwith the wind. p>>woman: and wanted to get ptowels and lay out on the beach pbut oh, well, we'll make the pbest of it. p>>reporter: they would have pblown away with their towels. p>>woman: yes, they would have pindeed. p>>reporter: the water was even pnastier to sailors who were on a psailing event. pit was a chance to qualify for pthe 2016 olympics in rio. ptuesday's events went from p12:30-2:30 when the seas got psharply rougher tossing dozens pof racers into the waves and pleaving their boats damaged. p>>man: hang on hoping you don't
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pyou hope the safety boat picks pyou up. pthankfully everyone was paccounted for and okay which was phard to believe. pit was a frightening day. pimagine being leon who works a pdozen stories above sea level. p>>man: you have to hang two or pthree times. pit's very scary, very dangerous. pwe got to make a living, though. p>>reporter: and there is a high psurf warning until tomorrow and pmark, there is also a rip pcurrent warning until thursday pout here. pit's unbelievable. pit's been like this all day plong. p>> evan, thanks very much. p it's blustery. p>> it certainly is.
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pdetails from paul and gear up pfor high speed fun, too. p>>man: we do about three or four pstreet courses and these are one pof the most fun ones. p>> he should know because he won pit last year. pjust a month away, what's being pdone to prepare for the pulp pcounty race. p>>woman: i get to talk with my pmom, thank you. phow do you get the words out? p a young woman's death saves pa little boy's life. phow her family's heart ache gave phis family home. pthat's coming up tonight at p10:30. p it's been windy and cold. pa true winter's day for us. pthe winds still up in speed
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p>>man: we are green. p okay, can you believe we're pjust four weeks away from this? pindie cars opening race of the pseason roars into st. pete on pmarch 11th which means you'll pstart to see barriers and pfencing go up and workers pliterally turning downtown into pa race course. p>> it's really cool. pwe take it for granted because pwe're used to it. pbut that work starting to today. pchris is here with a perspective pon st. pete. pi know they love this track. p>>reporter: compared st. pete to pmonoco and added that we're pbetter than them. phe did say that st. pete has pcertainly made a name for phimself as one of the most fun pcircuit. p>>man: cars making their ways paround the course of st. pete. p>>reporter: there's our view of
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pthere's the driver's view of the pcity. p>>woman: they actually need a plittle bit of trouble. p>>man: the view on tv looks pbeautiful but when you're pracing, you're focussing on what pyou're doing. p>>reporter: he did keep it off pthe wall and took the checkered pflag in st. pete. pon tuesday, he returned to bay pshore drive to see the pceremonial block of the wall go pin place for this year's race. p>>man: it's a great way to start pthe season. pwe do about three or four street pcourses and this is one of the pfun ones. p>>reporter: over the next month, pthey'll transform into a 1.8 pmile 14 course. pcity officials have locked in a pcontract through 2020. p>>man: we want to encourage peveryone to come down and see pthe best drivers in the world pworld. p>>reporter: 2015, the grand pre pbrought to st. pete 140 bands, pvolunteers and workers adding an
10:16 pm
peconomy. plooks like montoya wasn't the ponly winner and now he can enjoy pst. pete from outside his car. p>>man: it's very nice. pi mean the trees and the water pand everything, it makes it preally special as well. p>>reporter: he did add that it's pa little quiet for his taste but pstill nice. pit rides from march 11th-13th pand the city is hoping that more plocals will attend the race. pthree day passes start at $55 pfor adults and $30 for kids 12 pand under. p the last day of mardi gras, pthe parties are in full swing in pour biggest area of mardi gras pevents. ptens of thousands of people pcoming from the annual mardi pgras party. pthe grand parade featured more pthan 50 floats, masks, costumes pand beads. pthen the street parties started pand yeah, lots of drinking. p>>woman: catching some beads,
10:17 pm
poff my face paint. p>> and it looks fantastic. pthis is the 25th year of the arty. p>> one of the biggest parties in pthe nation is new orleans, this pis the huge crowd on bourbon pstreet. ptens of thousands of people come pout every year to celebrate but pall the parties end tonight pbecause tomorrow is ash pwednesday, the start of lent and pit's going to be cold air too, pjust like it is here. p>> did you say gyps, grands and, pthieves. pthe wind is still up, the pforecast stays cold all the way puntil the first couple of days pnext week and the sunset tonight preally had the winter feel. ptake a look. pjusts looks like winter, lake pmichigan.
10:18 pm
pkaren, nice job, gives you a pfeel of how the weather was ptoday. pand this, great sunset with some prays off in the distance. pnice job, cathleen we had a pgreat sunset in sarasota bay. pand justin, that's the inland psunset. pi kind of love the photo. pyou have the high sir rus clouds pin the distance. pit's amazing how a switch was pof the year. plook at december, these are the pnumber of days per month that pwere below average. pdecember had just one day -- one pday the entire month that was pbelow average. pjanuary, more than half the days pwere below average and february pso far, five days below average pincluding five in a row. pfive in blue and i think
10:19 pm
pfor the next five or six days pwe're going to stay in the blue pzone as our cold weather pcontinues. pthe weather map has a couple of pthings. pwe have some high clouds pstreaming in from the south pwest, then you have low pressure palong the mid atlantic states, pdrags in progressively colder pair. ptonight, the wind will stay in poff the gulf. palong the coast and around the pbay area won't be all that cold. pyou move away from the water, a pfew degrees colder, we had some psnow today. pfor a time, the ground was white pin atlanta with snow showers -- pit's still snowing lightly along pthe blue ridge, nashville, some pof the sand hills of the pcarolinas getting a little snow. pit's all because you have this pmonster east coast trough that pgoes all the way from the ucon pand then dives into our state pthat turns around and goes up
10:20 pm
pthe big nor easter which is pmoving away. pthis trough pretty much stays in lace for the next five to seven pdays. pweakens a little bit and ptemperatures will modify pthursday and friday but the pbottom line is we stay fairly pchilly monday and tuesday of pnext week. paway from the water it's cold. pthe wind off the water is pmoderating tampa bay. ptampa is 56, orlando 63. pthe winds are up still running p10-15. pnothing like last night. pwe had wind gusts up to 53 miles er hour. pthey're still gusty now and pthey're gusting about 24 in ptampa, 26 in brooksville and 29 pin sarasota. pthat's a lot of wind, especially pat night. plow pressure has moved away, we pjust watch impulses of energy
10:21 pm
pcoldest of the stretch should be ptomorrow night into thursday pmorning, lows 30s and low 40s. phigh pressure dominates, lots of psunshine and probably a lot of pdays with a deep blue sky and pcold nights and then cool days. pnot as cool or cold friday into pthe weekend. pthe rest of tonight we'll stay pbreezy under partly cloudy pskies. pwe're down to 46. pcolder inland. pand then for tomorrow, passing pclouds and still chilly. pwe slowly moderate on thursday, pmostly sunny but only 62 for a phigh. pwe may approach 70 on friday. pi'm going 69. pand then for valentine's day, 65 pfor high and then cooler and pmore rain arriving monday into ptuesday. pwe'll talk about that and the pdays ahead. p coming up, florida's new lan to fight the zika virus. p>>man: i think you have to repare for the worst.
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pknow, as a significant issue pespecially in south america. p coming up tonight, the pgovernor's push to s the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. florida is getting some reinforcements in p all right, now florida is pgetting some reenforcements in pthe fight against the zika pvirus. pthe cdc shipping one thousand pkits to florida. pall three people have caught it pwhile travelling. p>> more than a dozen floridians ptotal have got it.
10:25 pm
padditional test kits. pthe cdc came through with 950 pfor florida bringing the total pfor more than 14 hundred and pthey can be used to see if panyone, especially pregnant pwomen or new mothers have had pthe virus. pgovernor scott says precaution pis the key word here. p>>man: this is like a hurricane. pif you just look at last week, pwe had an increase number of pcases but you prepare. pyou hope for the best. pyou prepare for the worst and phope for the best. pand that's what we'll continue pto do around the state. p>> none of the cases were plocally. pthe zika virus can cause birth pdefects and that's why the kits pare focused on pregnant women pand new mothers. pthe governor is hoping the cdc psend more kits. p 40 vehicle burglaries that ptook place in the last 24 hours.
10:26 pm
p18-year-old matthew gun charged pwith burglary, three other pjuveniling were arrested and pwe're not showing their faces pbecause of their age. pmore people can be victims and pmay not know it. pthey happened in sarasota. p some stolen art is back but pthe police investigation pcontinues tonight. pyesterday, the collection pgallery on st. pete's beach pdrive reported $25,000 worth of part missing. pthe piece was returned 24 hours plater. pit was left in an unmarked pcardboard box outside the art pcenter more than a half a mile pfrom the gallery. olice think that's a clue. p>>man: there's definitely some ptype of connection between psomeone who knows both these laces are somewhat connected. pit's not like it's just someone pthat's off the street that knows
10:27 pm
p>> the good news is the art work pdid not appear to be damaged. pit will be inspected and put pback on display as soon as ossible. p>> it's rare for it to come pback. p coming up, the voters have pspoken. p>> the latest numbers from the pnew hampshire primary what they pmean for this high stakes race. palso tonight. p>>woman: what she left was an pabsolute gift to live life and pto love life. p special story here. pthis beautiful young woman's ptragic death saves a young man's
10:28 pm
pthe twist o updating you now on the new hampshire primary.. republican donald trump and p we want to update you now on pthe new hampshire primary. pdonald trump and bernie sanders pboth easily winning the night. p>> democratic side, bernie psanders beat hillary clinton p59-39 percent. pon the republican side, donald
10:29 pm
pfollowed by john kasich with 16 ercent and ted cruz and jeb pbush fighting for third. pmarco rubio also gotten percent. pchris christie 8 percent and pthen it just goes down the line. pokay, here's some of what donald ptrump had to say about his win pjust a few moments ago. plisten to this. p>>man: we are going to start pwinning again. pand we're going to win so much pyou're going to be so happy, we pare going to make america so pgreat again. p>>man: in florida, we struck the pstate government by 11 percent pbecause i took on the powerful ublic unions. pwe need to do that in pwashington, d.c. to fix the mess pthere as well. pwashington needs to become, once pagain, the servant rather than pthe masters of the american eople and i know how to do this pand i will restore the proper pbalance.
10:30 pm
pthan our ability to pay for it pand in the bush administration, pit will not do it. p>> craig is going to join us at p11:00 with an analysis of the pwinners and losers. p take a look at this video of pa successful heart transplant. pthis operation saved a local pteenager's life. pthis is not just about the boy pwho was saved, it was about the pgirl who died and donated that pheart. p>> the families have come pspecial bond. pas lloyd shows us, their pconnection is a heart of gold. p>>reporter: amanda's heart pshined through from the pbeginning. p>>woman: she was a blast. pwe called her amanda panda bear. p>>reporter: garrett wasn't so plucky, born with a bad heart. pthey never knew one another or pthat amanda's heart would save phis life. p>>woman: what she left was an pabsolute gift.
10:31 pm
pthat's what she gave to him. p>>reporter: he received amanda's pheart in a transplant. phis life was saved when her's pended in a car crash. p>>woman: there's no doubt of my pmind that this is tragic pintervention. phowever, i could at least bring psomething from the tragedy. p>>reporter: garrett was in the phospital, he had been waiting pfor six months in desperate need pof a new heart. p>>woman: that friday evening, phis heart started to go into pirregular rhythms, i was called pthat i needed to get down to the phospital. p>>reporter: at the same time, pamanda was driving to talahasee, pshe loved working with kids, psuddenly there was an accident pahead, she swerved to avoid it,
10:32 pm
pamanda's family and friends were pdevastated. p>>woman: everyone just loved her pand she was just an incredible erson. p>>reporter: they said she had a pheart of gold and as an organ pdonor, her final gift came just pin time for garrett. p>>woman: it was a split screen ptv with amanda's story and pthings going on with garrett. phe was failing. p>>man: 2 :23 in the morning pknow. p>>reporter: the doctor texted p"the heart is here, transplant pstarted." for the recipient, pboth joy and guilt. p>>man: of course you feel pexcited but at the same time, pthere's a huge price for that. pvery big price for that. p>>reporter: transplants are most poften anonymous but with amanda
10:33 pm
pthe news report of the crash and pthe transplant. p>>man: the time frame, when they psaid it was a perfect match, i pjust knew it was her. p>>reporter: now, amanda's dad pkeeps a close connection with pher heart through garrett. pthey've gone to games and pconcerts together. pon a helicopter ride. pthey even went to see fsu where pamanda was headed. p>>man: it was a hard time when i pbrought garrett up to the pflorida state game. pi had to drive by the accident pscene. pi don't like that drive. p>>reporter: it was amanda's psister who first contacted pgarrett on social media. pboth families came together to ptalk about the heart they share. p>>woman: how do you begin to ptell the other mom thank you? phow do you get the words out? p>>reporter: unable to wrap their pminds around it, they found the pheart was the key. p>>woman: we met that first day. pthis beautiful young man brought
10:34 pm
p>>reporter: she listened to pamanda's heart. p>>woman: eyes closed in the hotograph, you could just feel pthat that love was just as pevident there today and more so, pthe love for her child. p>>reporter: they told garrett phe's worthy. p>>woman: and i mean that from pthe bottom of my heart. pi could not have hand picked a pbetter recipient than you. p>>reporter: amanda's heart has a phome in the life that she saved. p>> those families are so strong. p>> we certainly want them to pknow that we're thinking about pboth of them. pin the face of such tragedy, pthere can be inspiration. pwe see that and that message pwill carry on for many years. p>> just focus on how they're pliving their lives now. pvery very strong. p after transplant, he craved
10:35 pm
pamanda's favorite drink. p>> isn't that amazing? p>> special story. p coming up, nobody wants ptheir dream cruise to end up plike this did. p>> no, no, what are your rights pif your rough seas turn your get paway into a turbulence mess? p>> we're going to know exactly pwhere we're going to find our prights and what you in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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coming up tonight at 11.. he tried to get away with the goods... but he didn't get far... 3 p he tried to get away with pthe goods but he didn't make it pfar. pthe mystery of how the pshoplifting suspect died after palledgedly stealing from a local pwalmart. p a scare from one of these plittle eaglets that we got to pwatch. pone of these chicks had to be prushed to the wildlife. pwe'll tell you why. p what are your rights when pyour cruise ship sails.
10:39 pm
psailed into hurricane winds. pfor answers, we're turning to pour travel guide. pit's late for you but we're phappy to have you. p>> there's reason to stay up. pdo we have any rights once we psign away our rights? pwhen do you sign away your prights? pyou have no idea, you're just in pthe middle of buying the ticket. p>> they say sign here. p>> and you say okay to the ptravel agent. p>> you think they're making good pchoices for you and when they pdon't, you're like what? p>> exactly. pthe reality is the rights are pall laid out for you in a place pthat nobody ever sees. pi'm going to take you to the pticket contract. pthat's 6200 words. pi get it, zero of those words pare ever read by anybody, except pfor your fair consumer reporter. pinside that contract, it does phave the ability to cancel,
10:40 pm
pthat cruise without any notice pwhatsoever and that right there pis the legal way of saying no prefund. pthe carrier shall have no preliability for refunds or panything like that when they pdecide to postpone, deviate, pcancel, et cetera and you just pagreed to that, check done. p>> oh, no, because of the ublicity, that's why they poffered refunds to everybody. p>> exactly. pso why would they? r. pit's pr. pthe coast of sticking to the pcontract and saying oh, no we're pnot going to take care of you, pthat's more expensive than paccommodating all the assengers. phere's the warning, just because pthe cruise lines are good at pevery time they have a problem, pyou can't count on that. pjust because a high publicity pgets a treatment doesn't mean pevery small scale incident will pget it. p>> we don't see the fine print pthat we have the authority to pdrive you into the middle of a phurricane. pthere might be some sort of
10:41 pm
pthe lawyers are sneaky psometimes. pthat's deviation. p>> that's true. pbut that's probably why they pgave the refunds. pthe attorney said you put them pall in harms way. p>> the thing is, when you sign pthe contract, you can't take pthat -- it's mediation parbitration. pdo we have a bill of rights for pcruise like air travel? p>> as it turns out, there is a pbill of rights but it's not pbinding. pit's the cruise line industry passociation. pit offers transportation back to pthe port where you got on the pboat or back to your home city pwith an asterisk. pthose only apply when there's a pmechanical problem. pagain, this is not binding. pit also let's you get off the pboat if there's a problem in the ort and keep you off board and pthen in the event of a big time pemergency, the cruise lines have pagreed to give timely pinformation in an emergency. pnow, i think it's important for pthis information, for savvy
10:42 pm
pi really do. pyou can print a list of your prights on our website right now. pi think that's great. pbut that's not going to govern pevery situation. pit's up to them to determine pwhat's mechanical or the act of pgod. pin this case, that's something pthe lawyer will have to decide. p>> i can't help but wonder that eople say we can't take a pcruise in the summer because pthere's hurricanes so let's pwait. p>> it makes us all realize that pthey made a bad choice and you pthink they're smarter than that. p>> we would hope. pthe good news is this is pcertainly the exception, this is pnot the rule. pthere are dozens upon dozens of pcruise ships circling the earth pthat there are no problems at pall. p>> thanks. p interesting stuff though. pthank you.
10:43 pm
pi'll give you the story. pwill the lightning come out pflying in montreal, we have the pinside story and my thoughts on phow they played. p this is not -- an3 cashing in big... on credit! we look at the fascinating trend of" extreme credit carding"... tonight at eleven.
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3 ?ever wonder what lightning looks like from space? 3 here's your answer... p you ever wonder what plightning looked like from pspace? phere's your answer. plook at that. pit's a time lapse, obviously not pmoving that fast. plightning storms from space. p>> i wonder where they are. p>> space. pin the space station. pthis is from north africa as the pspace station is travelling over pturkey towards russia. p>> it looks low. p>> it does. p>> the european space agency pyoutube travel, it's been viewed pthousands and thousands of time. pcool stuff. p all right, an extreme sport pis trending, take a look at pthis. pguys canoeing through an ice pflow in canada. ptimes they get stuck on the ice, pthey got to get out of the boat
10:47 pm
pmore than 50 teams do this every pyear they battle through this. p>> can you imagine how they pdecide who gets out? pdo they all get out? p>> i don't know. pyou don't want to tip over. pif you take a celebrate ri lunge when you win? p>> i hope not. p>> how much ice is too much ice? pthat's the question, too. p>> any ice. p>> yeah. pexactly. pall right that was pretty good. p all right, montreal game pjust as good, lightning were on pthe ice, a little smoother than pthat. ptonight in montreal, i think it pwas a frustrating game for the plightning because they outshot pthe canadians, simply made pmontreal work for it tonight. pcanadians swarming around bishop pand they find a hole and they're pup 2-1.
10:48 pm
ptonight for montreal, they're pout of the playoffs right now. pthis next goal is all pk because phe deflects it off a team mate pand now montreal 3-1 and they're pnot done yet. pi want you to watch this move. phe's going to hold it, hold it pagain, hold it one more time, pfinds a huge hole past bishop, uts in a goal bout the final pwas 4-2 up in montreal. p ten days from now, spring ptraining cranks up and looks plike the ray isn't making any pmore deals at least when it pitchi pin fact, they're going to build pa rotation around them. pmoney is part of the reason why. pmoving him is not in the team's pbest interest. phe's still recovering from jaw psurgery.
10:49 pm
puntil after the all star break, pmaybe not even until august. pthis is a traditional part of pspring training for the rays. pit starts it really, to me. pthey load up the truck and pspends the next six weeks in pfort charlotte. pthere's a ton of stuff they have pto put in the truck. pcan you imagine all the details pthat go into this packing trip? pjose is the man that gets it pdone. p cam newton met with the pmedia today in charlotte. phis interview lasted twice as plong as the one after the psuperbowl. pnewton didn't apologize for pwalking off in his post game pafter superbowl 50 he said his pemotions were raw, just didn't pfeel like talking. phe's been under a huge swarm of pcriticism since then. phe didn't pull any punches when phe responded. p>>man: people pick and they do pthings of that sort and the
10:50 pm
pyou to say that your way is pright? pthat's what i don't understand. pyou have all these people that's pcondemning and saying he should phave did this, that, and the pthird, but what makes your way pright? pi mean i've been on record to psay i'm a sore loser. pwho looks like to lose? pyou show me a good loser and pi'll show you a loser. p>> cam said he didn't want to prisk injury to his leg by diving pinto the pile. phe said that one play didn't pcause the panthers the superbowl pwhich is true. p i'm retiring from fox 13 and pmy last day is february 26th. pwe always know we need to keep pearning that. pit's something none of us are pgoing to expect. pit's going to be weird. pto wake up on february 27th and
10:51 pm
p>> well, we are all family, pthat's for sure. pi think when you say the word pretiring, you're so young. p>> you told me and i said come pon. p>> yesterday, right? ptime has flown by. p>> if the viewers know, we'll pappreciate your smiles and pfriendliness. pif the viewers knew how much of pa champion he was for you guys pand you have this great way of ptaking sports much more pseriously than a lot of people pdo, treating it like a true pjournalist and i think that goes pto a lot of your credit. p the one thing was it wasn't pall about highlights. pyou're not doing espn here, pyou're doing human interest pstories and stories that involve pthe community and high school psports. p>> that's the best part. p>> you're part of our community pforever. pyou've grown up here and seen pthings change. pwhen you came, you said bucks pwere the only ones here. p>> nothing here but the bucks. p>> something that i think shows
10:52 pm
psports directors at this pstation, the history of our ptelevision station and you've pbeen here a long time. pyou've made us all so much. p>> hardy were the foundations of pthis franchise, for a lack of a pbetter words. pi wish the viewers could see peveryone here. pwith. p>> we're excited for him. p>> i'm sad i'm losing one of my pbest friends. p>> no more dinners. p>> he's happy though. p>> we're going to talk about the pdaytona path. pleave it on his desk.
10:53 pm
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. 3 3 3 (paul) 3
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here are today's winning florida lottery numbers..
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