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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 the results are in from new hampshire .. donald trump p>>laura: results are in from new phampshire. pdonald trump and bernie sanders pthe big winners by a landslide pbut the race for third place pcouldn't be closer among prepublicans. p>>russell: a public health pemergency expands as florida phealth officials work to fight pthe zika virus. pwhat they're doing to keep us psafe and how we can protect pourselves. p>>laura: and dozens of folks pcapsized as experienced sailors pcompete for spots to the summer polympics. ptoday they hope to keep their
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p>>dave: much, much colder in pmany spots. pcrystal river touched freezing phere in the 6:00 hour. pbrooksville, leesburg at 42. p47 in wesley chapel. ptampa is sitting at 48. peven brandon, all of polk county pin the mid 40s. pthe only places hanging on to prelatively mild weather would be pbrandon, venice, 53 and 57 pdegrees. pwinds still breezy, not as windy pas yesterday. pseven to 12 mile-per-hour winds pbut i do expect to struggle with ptemps as once again, even though pwe get sunshine back this pafternoon, vanessa, i still pthink we're going to go upper p50s for highs. p>>vanessa: chilly. pyou mentioned the breeziness. pwe have for the second morning pin a row a travel advisory for pdrivers crossing the sunshine pskyway bridge. pjust like yesterday, the bridge pis open but you're going to want pto take particular care, pespecially if you have a high rofile vehicle. pwe picked up a minute. pthat's 18 minutes from the 75
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pcrossing the water. p>>russell: it's almost 6:02. pbernie sanders and donald trump pout of new hampshire. p>>laura: sanders and trump were pthe ones to beat. pthey've been leading in the olls there for weeks. pon the republican side, trump psailed to victory. p35%. pthe night's biggest surprise was pjohn kasich. phe placed a distant second with p16% but second just the same. pbehind them there's a relative pthree-way tie between ted cruz, pjeb bush and marco rubio. p>>russell: for the democrats pwith 60%, bernie sanders beats phillary clinton by more than 20 oints. pit's a tough loss for her who pwon the state in 2008. p>>laura: and the candidates drew phuge turnouts across the state, pall day long. plong lines of cars can be seen pwrapped around polling places.
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pin some precincts. plast night's winners know there pare still 48 more states to go pand their speeches focus less on pvictory and more on the road pahead. p>> because of a huge voter pturnout, and i say huge, we won pbecause we harness the energy pand the excitement that the pdemocratic party will need to psucceed in november. p>> to be victorious against some pof these people, even if it's pfor one week but believe me, it pwill be many weeks, okay? pbut they really are. pthey're terrific. pa number of them called and i pjustmented to thank them but i pwanted to congratulate the other pcandidates, okay? pnow that i got that over with -- p>> look. pthe people behind me are example pof the grassroots and i think
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pyou win dicksville notch, pthere's nowhere to go but up pfrom there. pa problem. phere's what he had to say in his pspeech last night. p>> just maybe in a time when pclearly change is in the air, pmaybe, just maybe we're turning pthe page on a dark part of pamerican politics because ptonight the light overcame the pdarkness of the campaign. p>>laura: meantime in the pdemocratic race, exit polls show pbernie sanders was a more honest pand trustworthy candidate than phillary clinton and while she phas a big war chest, those are ptwo things she needs to work on. psomething she showed in her pconcession week. p>> i know i have work to do,
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peven if they are not supporting pme now, i support them. p>>russell: well, from here the pbattle heads south. psouth and west. psouth carolina and nevada are pjust a week and a half away. pfirst in the south republican rimary is in south carolina. pit's february 20. ptrump still leading in the platest polls there but nevada p20th. pand recent polls show hillary pclinton has a strong lead still pin nevada. pthe parties switch states about pa week later. ptomorrow night there's one in pmilwaukee. psouth carolina on saturday. pelection season. pwe've got you covered. p>>laura: and the deadline to pregister for florida's residential primaries is pfebruary 16 or change your party paffiliation and because florida puses a closed primary system, pyou have to be registered for a arty in order to vote in the
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pand the forms are available in erson or online through the plocal supervisor of elections poffices or at any local library por driver's license office. rimary is march 15. pand florida voters also have the popportunity to vote by mail. pabout a third of hillsborough pcounty voters voted by mail in pthe last primary election. pvoters have until march 9 to prequest a vote by mail ballot. rocess takes two days. pcompleted ballots must be in the psupervisor of elections office pby march 19. p>>russell: china reported its pfirst case of the zika virus. pthe man recently treat -- ptravelled to venezuela. phis temperature was normal at pthe time. pofficials say the virus is phighly unlikely to spread in pchina due to low temperatures pduring the winter and a lack of pmosquitos. p>>laura: and here in florida pthere are 16 confirmed cases of pthe zika virus. ublic health emergency has
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p>>russell: and hillsborough is pone of them. pjen, what's being done to keep pthe virus from spreading? p>>jennifer: cdc sent 950 pantibody tests. pthey had 475 tests and more than p1,000 more have been ordered. pdoctors will focus on pregnant pwomen who have been to regions pwhere the virus is already pwidespread like south america. pthe virus has been linked to a prare birth defect. pnone of the cases confirmed in pflorida were contracted in the pstate and governor rick scott psays he wants to keep it that pway. p>> recent cases, you hope for pthe best. pyou prepare for the worst and phope for the best. pthat's what we'll continue to do paround the city. p>>jennifer: health officials say pthe united states is better repared for an outbreak of the pzika virus compared to last pyear, unlike the ebola outbreak
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pweeks, response for the zika pvirus has been swift. resident has asked for money to prespond to the zika virus but psome republican lawmakers psuggested using money left over pfrom fighting the ebola virus plast year. p>> there's still money left that pwas appropriated for ebola but pit was ebola and other pinfectious diseases so there's pno immediate shortage of money pfor the administration to do pwhat they think needs to be pdone. p>>jennifer: the white house says pthe funds for zika and ebola pshould be kept separate. pemergency funding could help repare for the hotter and prainier months ahead. pwhile lawmakers decide whether por not to cut a check, the cdc psays there's plenty we can do on pour own to protect ourselves pfrom the zika virus. pthey suggest wearing a long psleeved shirt, long pants and psocks to prevent mosquito bites. pstay indoors at dawn and dusk
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ermathread that repels bugs, pincluding mosquito and use pd.p.a. mosquito repellant. pthere's a list rating some of pthe most popular brands. pyou can find a link to the pratings on our website, pjust look under the seen on tv psection. p>>russell: 6:09 right now. olice are looking for a person pintf in a deadly shooting at a pstrip club last weekend. pthe club released photos from psurveillance cameras. pofficers want to speak to this pman. pthey're offering a $3,000 for pinformation on the shooting and pyesterday morning a second erson died after being shot at pthe club. pthe men deserve justice. pdetectives say several people phave reached out to them since psaturday and they're following
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p>>laura: in citrus county, pdeputies are investigating a ossible murder suicide. pthey found the bodies of a pmother and son at their home in pinverness monday night. p89-year-old kai and her son, pjerry, both died of gunshot pwounds. pthey say that he left a note. pshe had advanced alzheimer's and phe had trouble taking care of pher. p>>russell: we expect to learn pthe fate of a woman charged with pthe murder of a 3-year-old boy. pcare pcon pconnel was dating the father. phe testified that o'connell beat pthe child for weeks and became pmore violent. phe cut a deal with the state for ptestifying against o'connell. pthe defense says he was the one pthat killed the son. pthe jury deliberated for a few phours yesterday.
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pto approve a $3 billion gambling pdeal between the state and the pseminole tribe. pthe deal would allow the pseminoles to add craps and proulette to the casino pragues. pin exchange, the state would get p$7 billion over seven years. pthe bill would do away with pgreyhound racing while allowing ptracks to keep other games. p>>laura: dry land is near until psight for passengers stuck on a pcruise ship caught in a violent pstorm. p>>russell: why their arrival is pgoing to be a bit later than pexpected and mother nature roves to be too much for some pexperienced sailors competing pfor spots in the summer polympics. pnow that's strong winds. pthey'll continue to be a problem ptoday. p>>dave: yeah. pgood news is it's not as bad as pyesterday. ptoday we're back to small craft padvisories. pi'm just amazed with the ptemperatures. p32 in crystal river.
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pso yeah, that's a large range paround the viewing area. pmost of us, though, are in the p40s and most of us are running pfour to 10 degrees colder than pyesterday at this time. pthere's a noticeable difference. pstill breezy with sunshine
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havertys. a sailing race is set to continue this morning... one day after it was called off. p>>russell: a sailing race is pcontinuing today after being pcalled off. pthe high wind and surf was too pmuch, even for the pros. pthey were qualifying for the psummer olympics and more high pwinds are expected today.
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pthe race go on as planned? pshayla reaves is live for us pfrom pier 60 in clearwater pbeach. pwhat happened there? p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwe can tell you everyone made it pout okay but we cannot say the psame for their boats. psome of the boats were damaged pyesterday when they capsized and ptoday, we're still dealing with pcold, breezy, windy conditions. pit's unclear how today's weather pwill impact that competition pmoving forward. pstill i want to show you a look pat what they encountered pyesterday. pyou're seeing some of the waves ptuesday. porganizers called off the psailing race, boats overturned, phigh winds tossed sand. pbeach goers bundled up in pblankets. prip current advisory continues pthrough tomorrow night here in inellas county. pif you're going to be out, pthough, clearwater police had a pwarning for folks who may just pfeel the need to get into the pwater, the cold water.
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pcaution and if you must swim in pconditions like this, make sure pthat you do so in an area where plifeguards are nearby. pthis morning we've already seen psome of the workers out early pscooping up some of the sand pthat came right over this low pbarrier wall behind me povernight. pthey're scooping that back over pjust to give you an idea what pthey'll be dealing with as this phigh wind warning, advisory pcontinues. pwe'll keep you posted on the pweather, dave will, throughout pthe morning should anything pchange. pback to you. p>>laura: it was whipping last pnight, even still. pyou wonder why they even went pout. p>>russell: i'm kind of with you pon that. pi'm very surprised they even let pit happen but i know they're rofessionals and they have to pqualify, but still. pyou saw what it did to some of pthe boats. p>>dave: and you're right. pi wonder if there's a criteria pwhere, okay. pwith a gale warning issued, no prace. pwhat is this? pa 30 mile-per-hour winds, 25, pand i think that needs to be
6:17 am
pi'm glad nobody got hurt which pis fan tas tastic but it could have pbeen worse. pnot as breezy this morning but plet me tell you, the ptemperatures are sneaking down pon us. pi came in this morning, it was pin the mid 50s. pbut look as it's getting lower pand lower now, some reinforcing, pcooler air is settling down pthrough the state. pwest chase, tampa international, pboth at 48 degrees. pnew tampa is at 45. pour friends in plant city at 43 pdegrees this hour. pit gets colder as you go north. p32 degrees. pthat's right at the freezing pmark in crystal river. pget ready for that because pyou're doing that tonight and ptomorrow morning crystal river. pinverness at 34. pbrocksville at 42. pthe only spot where it's still pdecently mild, sarasota, venice, p53, 55 degrees but again, it's p6:17 and we'll probably drop the ptemperatures a few more degrees pas well.
6:18 am
pthat needs to be the blue color pon the map. olk county, hardee county, phighlands, look at the freezing pall the way back up to the north pas well. peverybody but pensacola along pi-10 is at the freezing mark. pthey're at 34 so it's not much pbetter. plow to mid 60s down over south pflorida but again, reinforcing, pcooler air just settling in so pwhile we made 61, 62 yesterday, pit's still going to be a huge pstruggle today with these north pto northwest winds to get back pto the upper 50s and around 60 pdegrees. pnorthwest wind, cold air clouds, pyou saw many of them, many of pthem yesterday. pyou'll see a few of those again ptoday. pinverness, we start to clear pskies out late this afternoon. pthe issue with that is then you pget clear skies, light winds ptonight and lots of dry air so pyou get radiational cooling pwhich itself presents a much pcooler start to tomorrow. pwhile we're cold this morning, pwe're going to be even colder
6:19 am
pat least it's not going to snow plike it is in philadelphia right pnow and washington. pnothing what you see here on the pradar is nothing more than just pa few snow showers. pnothing significant at all pexcept for maybe a few inches pcoming off the great lakes pthere. pstill snowing in parts of the pnortheast. pfor us, it is just gradually ptrying to bring these ptemperatures back to normal. pnormal is 72. p59 is where we'll be later today pso keep those jackets handy and pit will be breezy and really pseasonably cool in spots. p40 tonight. pthat's going to be in the city, pthough. pyou go north, we'll easily be pback in the 30s and we do have a pfreeze watch out for tonight. pcitrus, sumter, hernando pcounties, all three of those pareas likely around 32 or below pfor several hours tomorrow pmorning and then we rebound ptomorrow with sunshine and a phigh of around 63 degrees which
6:20 am
psmall craft advisory, not as bad pas yesterday but seas are prunning six feet or so along the pcoast. p10 feet further offshore. pneck tide, low tide at 9:30 this pmorning. pthe next seven days, we don't pget back to the 70s but it does pget mild, say, friday afternoon, psaturday afternoon, comfy is the pbest way to describe it. p69 degrees for a high on friday. pby valentine's day, back to the pmid 60s for highs. p>>vanessa: thank you. p6:20 is the time. pa couple of incidents to talk pabout. plakeland drivers, we have lane pblockage reported after the pcrash at old 37 so keep an eye pout for first responders working pon that scene. pgood news for drivers in the alm harbor area. p19 at tampa road. pthere were some southbound lane pblockages but those cleared out. pjust keep in mind this might be pthough. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. pnorth korea, isis in iran. pcongress received a chilling preality check about the threats pfacing our country.
6:21 am
pintelligence correspondent tells pus more. p>>reporter: the director of pdoom, the annual briefing of pworldwide threats confirmed isis pis at the top of the list, pgrowing in size and spreading to pafrica, libya and at the same ptime, al qaeda is growing. p>> al qaeda's affiliates have roven resilient. pdespite counterterrorism ressure that's decimated, the pcore leadership in afghanistan pand pakistan, al qaeda pinfluences our position to make pgains in 2016. p>>reporter: it's not just pextremist groups that have the pintelligence community pconcerned. pnorth korea launched a missile pover the weekend and the pcommunist nation has also pexpanded its uranium enrich. pcapacity. p>> this also committed to pdeveloping a large nuclear arm pmissile capable of posing a pdirect threat to the united pstates. p>>reporter: estimated to have pabout 10 nuclear bombs, that pnumber could degree to between
6:22 am
pcyber espionage is also a pconcern as russia and china pcontinue to target the united pstates. resident obama's proposed pbudget for 2017 addresses many pof these concerns. phe proposes $11 billion to pbattle isis and another $19 pbillion to enhance the nation's pcyber security. p>>russell: chipotle really ptrying to win customers but one pman from maryland is madder than pever. pand it's got nothing to do with pthe burrito. p>>laura: and then this. pheaded? pcan you see it?
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3 it's time to see what's clicking on p>>laura: time to see what's pclicking on the web. p>>russell: taylor katz, what's pgoing on? p>>taylor: hello, russell rhodes. phi, laura moody. ptoday we're starting off with a pbrain teaser resurfacing on the pinternet. pkids are able to crack it, more pthan adults. p>>laura: i want to see this. p>>taylor: if you think you're psmarter than the average kid, pcome here to see if you can psolve it. phere we go. phere's a picture. pit's an image from national pgeographic of a yellow school pbus with zero hints as to which pdirection it may be travelling pbut there is a correct answer pand the challenge is to find pjust that.
6:26 am
pi mean, is it something not pobvious? pis it something not on that bus pthat's supposed to tell me which pway it's going? p>>laura: when you hear the panswer, you go -- p>>taylor: i think that's the pcase. pwhen you hear the answer, you'll psay, okay. pi see that. p>>russell: do you see it? pi can't help you. pi see something up on the left pside of the bird but i don't pknow. pi don't know. pi don't know. p>>taylor: let me just -- i'll pjust tell you what the deal is. pso if you're stumped at home plike russell and laura and dave, phere is something to rub it in. papparently 80% of children who pare asked weren't stumped at all pbut this might make you feel pbetter. pmajority of adults couldn't pfigure it out. pso what's the answer? phere's the answer. pthe bus is going to the left and phere is why. pthere are no bus doors seen in pthe picture which means they pmust be on the other side pclosest to the sidewalk. p>>laura: i'm going to show emma pand see if she knows. pthat's pretty clever.
6:27 am
pthis is really, really fun. pnext up, new mommies find a fun pway to stay active, spend time pwith the newborns and hang with pfriends. p>>laura: that's cute. p>>russell: i love it. p>>taylor: i saw it this morning pand thought, oh, my gosh. pit's so cool. purban school line dance studio pin san diego, california, it's pbeen viewed more than three pmillion times on facebook and pyeah, the babies are just pstrapped like little jellies to ptheir mommy kangaroos. phow fun is that? p>>russell: very cool. p>>taylor: i wish we had more of pthat in the bay area. pand lastly, this is great. pthis is a quick and easy way for pa good samaritan to stop a pcriminal on the run. pjust tripping. p>>russell: that was cool. p>>taylor: this is tweeted from
6:28 am
pmember of the public that helped pduring a foot chase and the best art, they used the hashtag ptripped up and legend. retty god. p>>russell: sure is. p>>taylor: right after that just pkind of went along. p>>russell: i saw it just walk. p>>taylor: back to you. p>>laura: all right. pit is a reunion week on american pidol and some of our favorite pcontestants from the past will pbe making special appearances. p>>russell: we'll show you who in p20 minutes and the cruise that pcannot end soon enough but the pcaptain of the battered anthem pof the seas slowed down to parrive back a okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet
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good morning, i'm laura rhodes p>>laura: good morning. pi'm laura moody. prhodes. panother windy day. plet's get over to dave. p>>dave: it's not quite as windy pas it was yesterday but you pbring the wind down a little bit pand guess what? pthe temperatures are coming down pas well because the atmosphere pis not as mixed up as it was but p48 degrees as you walk out the pdoor in tampa international. pbut 42 in leesburg, 42 in pbrooksville. p32 in crystal river. pthat's cold. p54 we have along the coastline, pjust a stitch warmer than inland pand north. pwinds north, seven to about 12 pmiles per hour. pwe're going to keep the clouds paround for morning and sunshine pin the afternoon. pstill, though, upper 50s to paround 60 degrees, running 12, p13 degrees below normal for a phigh temperature today. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe want to get a check on the pmajors.
6:31 am
pin the area of hillsborough pexit. pit lubes ooks like it's jamming up a plittle bit but it's not having a phuge impact on the travel times. pthat will change as volumes pick pup throughout the morning. pwe're still in the green 275 psouthbound bearses i-4 is an 11 pminute ride. p75 northbound to i-4 and i-4 peastbound from the interchange pto victor, four minutes. p>>russell: huge win for bernie psanders in new hampshire with p60%. phe beat hillary clinton by more pthan 20 points. pshe won new hampshire in 20708. p>>laura: on the republican side, pdonald trump wins it with 35%. pohio governor john kasich lacing a surprise second with p16%, second just the same. pbehind them, three-way tie for pthird between ted cruz, jeb bush pand marco rubio. p>>russell: these races were pcalled very early with decisive
6:32 am
p>>laura: next week as the race pheads to south carolina and pnevada where last night's pwinners hope momentums are on ptheir side. p>> so new hampshire, i want to pthank you. pwe love you. pwe're going to be back a lot. pwe're not going to forget you. pyou started it. premember, you started it. p>> people of new hampshire have psent a profound message to the olitical establishment, to the peconomic establishment and, by pestablishment. p>>laura: sanderd reportedly pgoing to new york this morning pto have breakfast with the preverend al sharpton. pclinton may be over sanders when pit comes to african-americans. p>>russell: we're continuing to pfollow this developing story out pin atlantic. p>>laura: a royal caribbean
6:33 am
pnew jersey after sailing into a pviolent storm earlier this week. ptake a look. pfour people were hurt, as these p30 foot waves rocked the anthem pof the seas off the coast. assengers were confined to ptheir cabins. pnow with the worst behind them, proyal caribbean offered assenger discounts and refunds pon future cruises and chatting pfrom the cruiseship, some say pthey're not thrilled about the poffer at all. p>> there's people and i'm like, pgood for you. pi have to admit, my husband psaid, what are we looking at? pall right. pi'll look. pi'm not sure i'm ready for panother cruise right now. p>>laura: the anthem should parrive in the home port in new pjersey about 9:00 tonight but it pwas supposed to get there about p6:00 this morning. pspokesperson for royal caribbean psaid the captain slowed the ship pdown to give passengers a psmoother ride. p>>russell: so what are your prights when something like this phappens? pit's all laid out when you buy pyour ticket.
6:34 am
psomething called a ticket pcontract. proyal caribbean, something more pthan 6,000 words. pit tells you that they can pcancel, advance, postpone or pdeviate the plan at any time and pthey will not be held liable. pthat means no refund. p>>laura: taiwan, an instructor reying on students faces a new pcharge. p8-year-old says that kim pmolested her last year. pthis follows similar allegations pby two other students. pinvestigators are concerned pthere may be more victims out pthere, too. pthey're asking anyone with pinformation to contact them. pkim worked as an instructor of ptae kwon do in seminole. p>>russell: sarasota police parrested four teens in pconnection with 40 car pburglaries. pit took place in a span of 24 phours. pcrew hit three different parking pgarages. p18-year-old matthew gunn is pcharged with burglary and three pjuveniles are also facing
6:35 am
pthere may be more victims out pthere and police don't know it pyet. p>>laura: and a expensive piece pof art has been returned to a pgallie in st. petersburg. pthis glass sculpture was found pin front of the arts center pyesterday. pit was taken from the chihuly pgallery oef -- over the pweekend. pthe artwork should be back on pdisplay soon. p>>russell: more than two months pafter the terror attack in san pbernardino. pthe f.b.i. is still trying to pcrack into one of the cell hones. pfarook and his wife killed eople in california. phis cell phone was recovered but pthe f.b.i. director says the pencryption technology has revented them from accessing pit. pencrypted devices are hindering plaw enforcement agencies. pexperts say any changes with law
6:36 am
phelp hackers. p>>laura: a clean power plan pwould put limits on existing ower plants. pthe critics argue it could hurt pthe economy in the end. phigh court put the decision on phold. padministration has already roposed limits on future power lants. p>>russell: 6:37. premember earlier in the week, pchipotle restaurants closed ptemporarily. pduring meeting, customers who ptexted the word rain check were poffered a free burrito. pnot everybody, it seems, is pthrilled with the special offer. pa man in maryland has received phundreds of text messages since pmonday. pcustomers have been mistakenly ptexting him instead. phis phone number is one number poff. poffer expired when the prestaurants reopened monday pafternoon but he's still getting ptexts and the company has poffered him some free entrees pafter finding out.
6:37 am
preally nice weekend to snuggle pup with your valentine. pdave has the breezy forecast for pus next. p>>laura: and this may appear to pbe a victim of fashion but she's preally a suspect in something pelse.
6:38 am
psearching for come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all
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at steak 'n shake. p>>dave: 6:40 wednesday morning. pa look at temperatures, continue pto fall. pwhen i came in, we're in the mid pto upper 50s in a couple of
6:40 am
p42 brooksville, 48 tampa, 45 in plakeland. pwhat sticks out to me is the p28-degree temperature we have in pocala. ptomorrow morning at this time, pit's going to be even colder so pi expect two cold mornings pbefore we can start a halfway pdecent warmup coming into the pweekend. pwe're running from three to 16 pdegrees colder in central pflorida than we were yesterday pat this time. pa noticeable difference plus the pfact that we have just a smidge pof wind out there as well. pi mean, take a look at this. pwhen you see the cloud cover pgiving way to sunshine this pafternoon, maybe it does look plike eventually we're going to pmake our way to the upper 50s pfor high temperatures. pfrom there, we will gradually pbegin to work our way into the plower 60s but again, that's pgoing to take some time, robably by tomorrow afternoon. pwe're looking at wind around the pstate, obviously much better
6:41 am
pso you've got seven, 10, even 12 pmile-per-hour winds but pyesterday it was like 20, 25 so pthe gale warnings have been pdropped but they're down to psmall craft advisories and pagain, i just would hold off on pthe boating until tomorrow. plet's get everything just pchurned up in the gulf. pit's getting quieted down a plittle bit. pof the northwest wind, we're pgetting a little cloud cover ptoday. phowever, i think we get more psunshine overall today than we phad yesterday. pstill a bit on the breezy side pbut as temperatures are starting pin the 40s, it's going to be a pvery slow climb to bring them pback to the upper 50s. pkind of chilly overall. pnow, tonight with low winds and pclear skies, we're looking at robably the coldest night of pthe week so tampa, you're going pto runabout 40 degrees comb ptomorrow morning with 30s easily pto the north and then after ptomorrow morning, we will start pa slow and steady warmup when pit's close to 70 by the weekend. pbreezy and unseasonably cold
6:42 am
phigh temperatures around 59 pdegrees. pgive or take a degree but still, p72 is the norm. pcold tonight and while the city phits 40, the outer lying areas pare going in the 30s and look at pfreeze watch we have tonight. pcitrus, hernando, sumter county, plikelihood you're going to be psitting at around 32 degrees ptomorrow morning at this time. pnext seven days, back up ptomorrow afternoon. pa couple of nice afternoons for pfriday and saturday. pmaybe some rain early next week pbut notice we just can't get pover the hump. pwe can't get back to the lower p70s for the next several days. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. plet's check in on some of our pslower speeds we're seeing on pthe majors. pwide map of most of them, you pcan see the widespread area with pdelays. pit's going to be 275 southbound, retty much from the bearss pavenue exit heading into the pinterchange. pslowest area is going to be paround the fowler avenue,
6:43 am
p34 miles per hour in that pstretch. pveterans expressway, delays psouth of gunn highway in the parea of waters. paverage is 41 miles per hour. ptop to bottom, looking at a 13 pnorthbound direction. lan for about 11 minutes. ptime is 6:44. pwe want to say good morning to pcharley belcher. phello. p>>charley: good day to you, pvanessa. phow are you this fine morning? p>>vanessa: nice. pthank you. phow are you doing? p>>charley: i'm fantastic, thank pyou. pmay i ask you a personal pquestion? p>>vanessa: depends how personal. p>>charley: like what do you pexpect a person to say? pnow everybody is awkward. pno. pi just wondered if you know your pvalentine's day plans yet. phas your lovely fiance lucas ptold you what he's planning or pare you planning something pspecial for him? p>>vanessa: i told him to not pworry about anything. pi don't want him to buy anything por worry about taking me out. pwe'll probably stay in. p>>charley: let me push pause
6:44 am
pmen who are watching, if your pwoman tells you that, she's plying. p>>vanessa: i actually mean it, pthough. p>>charley: all right. pit is such a trap. pit's a trap. p>>vanessa: i presented it to him pthis way. plately. pwe have some that are planned pand so that's more important to pme, you know, spending money pthere opposed to like getting a iece of jewelry. p>>charley: my wife says jewelry? pmy wife used to say, honey, pevery day is valentine's day for pus. pdon't worry about it. pyou don't have to do anything. pokay. pall right. p>>vanessa: lucas, if you're pwatching and you buy something, pi'll be furious. p>>charley: here's what we're pgoing to do. pit's sunday night and we can't pgo out. pwe are both sunday afternoon, pi'm taking my favorite romantic pcomedy movie and she's picking
6:45 am
pmovie and we're going to watch pback to back and grill out some pdinner. pi'll grill out steaks. pshe's going to make something pfor the meal and then we have a pnice, romantic dinner together. p>>vanessa: nice. pstaying in. p>>charley: yeah. pstaying in. p>>vanessa: russell, stop. phe wants to know what you're pgetting her. p>>russell: but what are you pgetting her? p>>charley: she told me i didn't phave to. p>>vanessa: how does that feel? p>>charley: i know it's a trap. p>>vanessa: it's not always a ptrap. p>>russell: sure is. p>>charley: maybe i'll get pmorning. pi'm at a place, once again, yelp ptampa bay, we asked them pyesterday a favorite date spot. pwe asked them what their users psaid was the best chocolate in ptown. pi was surprised at the answer, leasantly surprised. psweet divas in st. petersburg. pthis is a great store. pthe owner of the store likes to
6:46 am
pdoghouse or maybe a gal out of pthe doghouse because not only do pthey have all of this original phand made chocolates, they've pgot cupcakes and cakes and long pstemmed roses and champagne and pwine and cookies and ice cream pthey make here as well. pthis is a cool store. pwe'll have a fun time exploring pthis so i can pick out my wife a pvalentine's day present. p>>vanessa: you're taking notes pin the store? p>>charley: yes, ma'am. p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you, charley. p>>russell: police are looking pfor a pregnant woman wearing pcamo who they say is passing pmoney around the city. pthey caught her on surveillance pat a convenience store using pcounterfeit $50 bill. pthey think she is responsible pfor spending counterfeit cash at pleast two other times. pshe appears to be pregnant and pwas wearing a camoflauge outfit pand hat.
6:47 am
pfour door car, possibly a miss itch p-- mitsubishi. pa 21 story apartment tower will pgo up in the same location. pconstruction is expected to pbegin this year. pmaybe eagle t is recovering pafter it was tangled in fishing pline. pfishing line likely came from a pfish that mom or dad brought pback to the nest. pthe 12-year-old eaglet got stuck pso he was removed from the nest pyesterday. phis foot is swollen but going to pbe okay and he'll be returned to pthe nest to mom as soon as ossible. pafter more than a dozen hours of ptrying, a mother whale finally pable to coax its calf back into pthe open water. pthe pair of white wails were pspotted in brevard county on pmonday. psome were worried they were plost. pfish and wildlife has been pkeeping an eye on them to make psure they stay out at sea. p>>laura: star wars helps disney
6:48 am
pfor some reason, shares are pstill down. papple c.e.o. tim cook is
6:49 am
pduring the super bowl.3 3 3 star wars the force awakens crossed the two- billion mark last week .. and 'star wars' merchandi p>>russell: "star wars: the pforce awakens" crossed the $2 pbillion last week and the pmerchandise helped drive up prevenue with disney. p>>laura: despite that investors pare still not impressed. plauren simonetti, good morning. p>>reporter: hey there. pit was a record quarter for pdisney. pit really was. rofits about $2.9 billion, prevenue topping $15 billion.
6:50 am
pbox office numbers at -- and you padd merchandise there and it's' henomenal quarter. pdisney stock is down. pespn, they have high programming pcosts, subscribers saying this pis too expensive. pi find other way to watch psports. pthey're cutting the cord that is laguing the espn unit at pdisney. p>>russell: okay. plet's talk about what's happened pwith tim cook and this -- was it pa picture? pwas it a tweet? pwhat was it? p>>reporter: yes. pi feel so bad for him. pi really, really do. pthis is tim cook, the c.e.o. of papple who makes the iphone, pright? prevolutionary product. phe's at the super bowl on psunday. phe's watching the game and he ptakes a picture in all of his pexcitement of the festivities pand the picture is blurry. pand he posts it to twitter. pand everybody attacked him and pthey say, tim cook, what is pthat, the new iphone 7? pthat's the better picture you pcan take?
6:51 am
position, he pneeds to make sure he's taking a pcrystal clear picture but he was robably so excited, you know? phe took it down and replaced it pwith a clear one. p>>russell: is that the clearer pone? pyou can't see where we are. p>>reporter: the 50 is the clear pone. p>>russell: we're seeing it now. pthat's funny. p>>reporter: i feel bad. p>>laura: all that adrenaline umping, your hands are a little pshaky, i can see that. pit's not as bad as i thought it pwould be. p>>russell: but the iphone is psupposed to compensate for that. p>>reporter: common sense kicks pin and oh, yeah. pi represent apple. p>>russell: we'll talk later, pokay? p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, log on to fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: farewell season of pamerican idol continues tonight. revious winners and finalists pare taking on a new role. p>>laura: they're mentoring the
6:52 am
padam has a preview. p p>>reporter: past winners and pfinalists return to mentor and psing with the top 24 pcontestants. pthe first 12 singers are getting phelp from nick, lauren, pfantasia, caleb, scotty and prubin. p>> to have the opportunity to erform with people who already pwon or placed really high in the pshow, it's amazing. pyou know, like i told the two pgirls i was singing to, have pfun. p>> i can have my opinions that i pthink it's great. pi don't know about that. pbut at the end of the day, it's ptheir show and their performance pso i'm just here to try to help pmake them shine. p>> they're asking questions but pmost of them are really good pquestions and they're working pwith me a lot but on the side, pwe're comfortable. p>>reporter: 24 of them moves in pthe next spots. pryan seacrest is impressed by pthe top 24 picks.
6:53 am
ptalent. pit just came down to what they pdecided to do. pthey're all happy. pdid they make the right choice? p>>reporter: the contestants say pthey're learning a lot from the pformer idols. p>> nick has been a great mentor. phe's helped me loosen up and act plike every time is the last time pi will be performing. pmostly i was just freaking out. poh, my gosh. pi can't believe scotty is here. phe was one of my favorites. p>> i thought that was going to pbe great with rubin. pi was screaming. peverybody is like, what? pi got paired up with rubin. plike incredible. p>>reporter: they perform solo on pwednesday and team up with pmentors for a duet on thursday. p>>laura: american idol has pnothing on sports corrector chip pcarter. p>>russell: after 28 years behind pthe anchor desk, chip is going
6:54 am
pi want to take this time to pshare with you some personal pnew. pi'm retiring at fox 13. pmy last day on the air is pfebruary 26. pi wish i could personally thank pevery one of you for inviting pnot only me but fox 13 into your phomes. pit's something we feel needs to pbe earned. pit's never expected and it's pgoing to be so weird to spend a pday without spending time with pall four of you and the entire pcrew. pit is the best news room in the pcountry and i'm going to miss peverybody here, the people here pare absolutely incredible. p>>russell: chip is one of only pthree sports directors we've had pat wtvt in their 66-year phistory. pchip's last day on the air is pgoing to be february 26. p>>laura: we're so happy for him. pyou really are. pwe watched yesterday and we ptalked about it. pwe both saw. phe seems to happy.
6:55 am
pthere, but he just seemed like phe was ready. p>>russell: he told me on psaturday -- we don't see each pother nearly as often as we pshould. phe goes, hey, you get to be the pold man now. p>>laura: thanks for that. pwe've lost too many in the last pyear and a half. p>>russell: what am i going to do pat this hour of the morning pbesides be here with you? p>>laura: nowhere. p>>russell: outside of the nfl pheadquarters, there's news about pbeyonce. p>>laura: a local couple fell phead over heels. pjennifer epstein brings us panother love story, many pconcerts in the making. pare you all right? p>>russell: i'm good. pa p>>dave: as we approach the 7:00
6:56 am
p50 degrees. pbrookdale bayshore camera, we're pgetting rid of the cloud cover. pbreezy conditions, highs pstruggling to get back to the pupper 50s. pstick around for a the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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