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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 ((russell- sending a statement. donald trump p>>russell: sending a statement. pdonald trump, bernie sanders win pin new hampshire but it's the psecond place finisher making pheadlines today plus -- p>> high wind and surf lead to pdangerous conditions on the pwater. pwe'll talk about a race that pended with more than a dozen pboats overturned straight ahead. p>>laura: and then long lasting plove.
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pfor bringing them together. pjennifer epstein has their pstory. pand welcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pa lot ahead this morning but pweather still a big player ptoday. pwe talk to dave about that. p>>dave: it's been kind of psneaky, the temperatures povernight and we've actually pdropped again. p35 degrees in brooksville. psecond hour in a row, crystal priver has had 32. p45 wesley chapel. p48 in tampa and brandon, quite a pchilly 43 degrees. pnow, the winds are nowhere near pwhere they were yesterday which pis good news. pand they shift a direction a plittle bit. pclouds offshore for now. pwe'll get some cloud cover mixed pin with sunshine today but it pwill be a huge struggle to get ptemperatures around upper 50s, p60 for later this afternoon. pgood morning. p>>vanessa: good morning. pwe have a live look over the
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psecond morning in a row, we do pdrivers. pconditions. pthere are high winds reported pcrossing the bridge here. pit's open but make sure you keep pa firm grip on the steering pwheel. pif you have a high profile pvehicle, give yourself a little pextra distance between your pvehicle and others around you. psky fox is checking out a crash pon the shoulder but the psituation for the move over law, p75 southbound just before you pget to i-4, we do have a little pbit of a delay heading that way. pbruce b. downs to i-taking 17 pminutes. p>>russell: the results are in, pin new hampshire. pbernie sanders, donald trump the pbig winners. p>>laura: and marco rubio is one pof the surprises this time. pit's not good at all. pdoug is in washington. p>>reporter: a massive voter pturnout yesterday fuelled big pvictories for bernie sanders and pdonald trump. pboth defying the leaders of ptheir respective parties but
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pbernie sanders and donald trump pnot only won last night in new phampshire but they did so with plarger margins than every poll phad predicted. pa confident sanders even shot phoops as the results came in. p>> the people of new hampshire phave sent a profound message to pthe political establishment, to pthe economic establishment and pby the way, to the media pestablishment. p>> we are going now to south pcarolina. pwe're going to win in south pcarolina. pi love you all. pthank you very much. p>>reporter: trump won by nearly p20 points, well ahead of john pkasich who came in second. pa big bump as he heads to south pcarolina even as his path pforward is hazy. p>> i'm gratified. pi wouldn't say i'm shocked. p>>russell: it may have been a pshock to marco rubio who was on
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pstumbled after a weak debate erformance over the weekend. p>> our disappointment tonight is pnot on you. pit's on me. p>> thank you. p>>reporter: for hillary clinton, ploss was expected. pthe margin was not. pshe seeded just about every pdemographic to sanders except pfor older and wealthy voters. p>> it's not whether you get pknocked down that matters. pit's whether you get back up. p>>reporter: will clinton get pback up in south carolina where pshe is positioned to do much pbetter with minority voters than pbernie sanders? pwhat is bernie sanders doing ptoday? pmeeting with al sharpton. p>>laura: and donald trump put a rice tag on his border fence pidea. phe said it will cost $8 billion. pdefense needs to cover about p1,000 miles from the pacific pocean to the gulf of mexico. pthe rest of the border with pmexico has natural obstacles to pkeep illegal immigrants out of pthe country. ptrump plans to make mexico pay
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resident. p>>russell: now to the fallout pfrom new hampshire. pchris christie may be the next prepublican to droop out. phe didn't meet his expectations pthere. pchristie went home to new jersey pto reassess, take a breath, he psaid. pmost of the other candidates are pheaded to south carolina. pthat's the next primary state. pwe're going to have more pcoverage of the primary in our pnext half hour. pour political reporter craig atrick will offer his insight pinto, among other things, jeb pbush's finish. pnew this morning, a rude of pwakening for people inside the inellas county home. p>>laura: deputies are looking pfor a driver who crashed into a phome. pit happened on martin luther, pjunior street north and as you pcan see, the p.t. cruiser hit pthe corner of the house taking pout the chimney and a nearby pstop sign. pthankfully it doesn't appear pthat anybody was hurt. pthe homeowner says their dogs ptypically sleep near the damaged pwall but had moved just before pthe crash. eople inside the car could be phurt, we're told, but they still pmanaged to run off. pdeputies set off a perimeter but
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p>>russell: tampa police called a pman in this video a person of pinterest in the deadly shooting pin club rain and they want to ptalk to them. pshooting killed two people early psaturday morning. p20-year-old christopher houston pdied yesterday while 21-year-old pmarvin lancaster died on psaturday. pfamily and friends held a vigil pfor them last night. pthey say the men deserve justice pand you can help police catch pthem, call crime stoppers. p$3,000 reward. p>>laura: sarasota police arrest pfour people accused of breaking pinto cars at three different arking garages. p18-year-old matthew gunn is the ponly adult. pother three are juveniles. olice say they broke into pdozens of cars outside of a pbank, a wells fargo and phollywood 20 movie theater and pthere could be more victims, ptoo, unaware they've been probbed. p>>russell: a piece of chihuly partwork is back this morning. pit was found outside of a
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psomeone stole it sunday. pyou're watching surveillance pvideo to see if it shows a pcrook. pfortunately, the glass vase did pnot show any signs of damagement pit's worth about $25,000. pand a new religious statue is pset to be unveiled today in ptampa's pride park. p>>laura: it depicts jesus as a phomeless man sleeping on a park pbench. pthe thief peering out from punderneath the blanket shows pmarks much crucifixion. pit sits on plattstreet there are psimilar statues in detroit, hoenix, chicago and several pother cities. p>>russell: lawmakers in florida phouse have taken another step to papproving a bill that would pratify a $3 billion deal between pthe state and the seminole ptribe. phouse committee voted yesterday pin favor of this new compact. pthe deal would allow the tribe pto add craps and roulette tables
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pdeal guarantees the state at pleast $3 billion in revenue from pthe casinos over seven years. psame committee approved a roposed constitutional pamendment that would require pvoter approval for any future pgambling expansion. p>>laura: it is 7:07 now. pthere's a high surf advisory and prip current warning in effect puntil tomorrow. pthat's not exactly the type of pnews that sailors trying to pqualify for the olympics want to phear. pshayla reaves is out at pclearwater beach to talk about pit. pstrong winds still, shayla. p>>reporter: strong winds still pthis morning and it's cool, it's pbreezy. pyou can feel the impact here pthis morning. pso if you can just imagine pyesterday, the conditions were pworse than they are today, pespecially on the water. pand that's where those sailors pencountered some pretty pdangerous situations. pnow, here is what we're talking pabout. pright now you're looking at some pwaves there in clearwater beach ptuesday. porganizers had to call off the psailing race. pthose sailors were trying to
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pboats overturned and captains phad to be rescued. p>> all of the sailors, it is a pworld championship. pall the sailors are well pexperienced in terms of bringing pthe boat back up but it's more pabout standing by and making psure somebody doesn't get pinjured or hit by a boom or pwhatever the case may be. p>>reporter: well, high wind and pbeach goers bundled in blank pelts had to deal with the ptemperatures and wind. pyou can see the waves are prolling in this morning. pwe've seen some of the workers pout here near clearwater beach. pthey've had shovels out scooping pup sand. pthey climbed just over the wall pbecause of the wind and just ushing it back over to the pother side. pso i understand, dave, that some pof these weather conditions, the phigh wind, the rip current padvisory, that's continuing for pfolks in pinellas county into ptomorrow, right?
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pit does look better than pyesterday, though, but we still phave a few issues along the pcoastline. poverall, small craft advisories pthrough 4:00 this afternoon and pwinds will be running northwest pabout 10 to 15 knots. plooks like a nicer start to the pday, right? pa little more sunshine. pbut cooler as well as our ptemperatures in tampa are in the pupper 40s so bundle up as you pwalk out the door because we're pgoing to get that warm today pwith highs in the upper 50s and plower 60s. pjen? p>>jennifer: you know, most pcouples, they have a song, a pmelody that describes their prelationship and defines the plove they have for each other. ptoday i intrus you to a husband pand wife who dedicate their prelationship not to just one psong but one musician. phow the piano man played cupid
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p>>dave: how about a view of plightning from the top of the pworld? plook like little camera flashes, pdoesn't it? pcourtesy of the british pastronaut. phe tweeted this video from his pspot at the international space pstation and captured the storms pas they crossed europe and pafrica. phe's on a six month mission on pthe i.s.s., european space pagency. pyeah. psometimes i get bored and look pout the window and see a tree in pthe front yard. pthese guys see the whole world. phow pretty. plook at the lightning. pthat's just a cool shot from pspace.
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pare struggling. pyes. pwe came in this morning and pwe're in the 50s. pand then this little reinforcing pshot of cooler air has now psettled in so tampa is back in pthe 40s. pwe're starting to see more psunshine very early today as pwell. phere's a picture from river view plooking back out to the coast pand we're beginning with the pblue skies. pyesterday we had the clouds, pclouds, clouds. pthen we didn't see the sun until plate in the afternoon, starting pearly today. pstill a bit choppy out over the pcoastal waters. pthe gale warnings are gone so pwe're back to small craft padvisories. pand the high surf for the next p24 hours sore so but ptemperatures, there's your pdifference. pi want to show you 41 in pbrandon. p41 in new tampa. pa 42 in plant city. pcrystal river, inverness, 32 pdegrees. pguess what? ptomorrow morning at this time, pyou're going to be right back pthere again.
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pdade city, 41. pzephyrhills in the upper 30s. pthe only spot that's still left pin the 50s is the stretch from pbradenton southward through penglewood and even inland, we're ptalking mid 40s. phere is one spot in the upper p40s but grab the jacket. pit's much colder start to the pday than what we experienced pyesterday. pwinds, while they're relatively plight which is allowing for the ptemperatures to cool off a plittle bit, but i do expect pbreezy conditions for the arrive pand those clearing skies over pcentral florida. pwhen we get clouds today, poverall we'll get more sunshine pthan yesterday. pwe'll need it. pstruggles to get in the 30s and p40s, get back to 59 degree. punseasonably cool weather this pafternoon. ptonight probably the coldest pnight areawide overall. ptampa gets down to 40 degrees pand that means you're east, pyou're north, you're going to be pin the 30s, including citrus, phernando and sumter county. pfreeze watch, 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 pa.m. tomorrow morning.
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peasily get back down around 32 pdegrees. pback to 63 for everybody for ptomorrow afternoon. psmall craft advisories for ptoday. pwind will get much better by ptomorrow. pupper 60s can be expected as we pgo into valentine's day weekend. pvalentine's day itself, partly pcloudy, low 45 with a high of pvanessa? p7:17. pwe want to check in on the phoward frankland bridge. pi've been impressed with the pnorthbound 275 travel times papproaching that stretch that pused to be a really big trouble pspot west shore to dale mabry pbut ever since they opened the pfourth lane, i've been seeing pdecent speeds through the area. phere's a live look near the pnorth end of the bridge. pthis is the north bound traffic pheading into tampa. pwe're still in the green, 16 pminutes your time crossing from pinterchange. pchecking in on other travel ptimes, not such a good picture. p275 southbound, looks like we're pdealing with a little more pcongestion than we're used to
7:17 am
lan for a few extra minutes pheading south from the 75 pjunction up to pasco county to pthe i-4 interchange. palso still seeing onlooker pdelays southbound 75 approaching pi-4. pthat's a 27 minute ride. pthere's actually a map that i pshowed you a couple of minutes pago north of i-4 not blocking pany lanes but folks are slowing pdown to take a peek. palong i-4 westbound from the mlk pexit, you're sitting about at an p11 minute ride. p>>jennifer: most couples have a pspecial song. pone duo from the bay area has a pwhole jukebox full of them. pmusic brought them together and pa special singer. pwe see how the piano man played pcupid. p>> he's an amazing father, phusband as well as my best pfriend. p>>jennifer: mark and adrian's plive story is more like a song. p>> here's to a lifetime of phappiness and love. p>>jennifer: a melody that began
7:18 am
don't go changing to try to lease me p p>> he's definitely played a ptremendous impact on our lives. p>>jennifer: their love for billy pjoel started when they were both pkids. p>> i always grew up listening to phim on the radio, my parents laying and my dad showed me on pthe guitar and stuff. pyou grow up feeling so connected pand it's a special part of your p p>>jennifer: it's passion for his pmusic that brought the two p p>>jennifer: their past first pcrossed in 1996, waiting in line pfor tickets to a billy joel pconcert. p>> we ended up sitting together
7:19 am
ptogether so we could get the pbest seats. p she's got a way about her p>>jennifer: after that night pthey went their separate ways. p i know i can't live without pher p>>jennifer: three years later, pbilly brought them back ptogether. pmark had an extra ticket to his pconcert and gave adrian a call. p>> i was just astonished. pi was like, where did this come pfrom? p>>jennifer: she was living in pfort lauderdale at the time but pshe said yes. p>> i thought, why not? pi was single and wasn't pconnected with anybody so give pit a try. p>>jennifer: a couple of months plater, they had their first date pat a billy joel concert on pvalentine's day, 1999. p p>> i do attribute it to him. pthere's no way that randomly two pyears later he would have called pme for any other reason.
7:20 am
p>>jennifer: and that's how their plove story began. p13 years and six billy joel pconcerts together, it's still pthe piano man that brings them pback to the beginning. p>> he just reminds us as to why pwe stay with each other, you pknow? phe really is a bond for the two pof us. p>>jennifer: they both agree, a plife without each other would be plonely and a world without billy pjoel would be dull. p>> he's a poet. phe assembles words beautifully ptogether, you know? pand they definitely define us. p>>jennifer: mark and adrian pcontinue their family tradition pwith their daughter. pthey say they play bill yoi joel pmusic for her and hope to take pher to a first concert the next ptime the piano man comes to ptown. p>>laura: he's timeless. p>>russell: thanks, beyonce. phow her new song is driving up rofit for a florida chain.
7:21 am
pchooses a plus sized model to pwear a swimsuit. pdoesn't look plus sized to me. pfind out her reaction when she pfound out. p>>russell: and charley belcher, pgood morning. lanning for valentine's. p>>charley: that was a great pstory by jennifer epstein. pmark and adrian are friends of pmine. pi've known them forever. pi think it was on "good day" i pcongratulated them for getting pmarried. p13 years ago. pin fact, i made an appearance in pjen's story. pthey had a wedding picture. pi'm actually in the wedding icture. panyway, i've always said about pmark, i respect a man who loves phis wife and that is a man who ploves his wife. pand i know adrian loves him. pthese stories have been great by pjennifer epstein. pi love that. pi love love. pif you love love and you want to pget something -- p>>laura: i love love, too. p>>charley: you want to get psomething sweet for your love, i phave a place for you in downtown
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p300 beach drive is where we are. p400 beach drive. pi've pi'm sorry. p400 beach drive.
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ptheir own3 ((laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. p>>laura: welcome back. ptime right now is 7:25. pchina is confirming its first pcase of the zika virus. p>>russell: the victim is a p34-year-old man sickened while pin venezuela. phis symptoms are receding now. pchina doesn't consider it a pthreat because the chances of it pspreading are highly unlikely pthere. pthey don't have a lot of pmosquitos. pthere are 16 cases in florida, pthough. pthree in hillsborough county. peveryone became sick from it pwhile visiting another country. p>>laura: president obama has punveiled his last budget. phe's asking for a record $4.1 ptrillion during the next fiscal pyear. pit includes money to fight pterrorism, cancer and global pwarming. pand republicans say that the
7:24 am
pthey have no plan to pass it. pespecially since the budget may pincrease the national deficit by pmore than $600 billion and also pincreases taxes by $2.6 trillion pthe next decade. p>>laura: leaders in ferguson, pmissouri has made most of the preforms the justice department pis asking but they're asking for pchanges to save money, including pthe amount to pay out penalties. pthe justice department is pconsidering legal action against pthe city. pit was found that the city of pferguson discriminated against pafrican-americans. ptentative agreement between the ptwo sides was made. pchanges are holding up the final lan. p>>laura: a group of protestors pwill stand outside the nfl pnext week. pthey didn't like beyonce's preferences to the black lives pbowl. pthey feel like that was not the
7:25 am
rotest is on tuesday. pthat's the same day that tickets pfor her world tour go on sale to pthe general public. pone of the concerts is in april. pon the 29th. p>>russell: red lobster seeing an punexpected bounce in sales after pthe mention of the florida based prestaurant change in p"formation." pbeyonce fans flocked to the prestaurant. pso much so that sales have gone pup 33%. pin a statement, red lobster pc.e.o. says it's clear beyonce phelped create red lobster fans pand we are very grateful. pcheese biscuit any time. p>>laura: i haven't been there in pyears. p>>dave: it's 48 degrees outside pat tampa international. pwinds nowhere near the way pthey've been the past 48 hours pwhich is good, but we're panticipating them to pick up a plittle bit this afternoon so pwe'll go from relatively light pwinds to breezy conditions once
7:26 am
pthe thing is, 59 degrees will be pthe most to muster up for today. pwarming trend tomorrow. p63. pby the end of the week, the psunshine, high temperatures back pcloser to 70 degrees. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: sounds good. pthank you. pwe have a crash that's reported pin the dover area. pm.l.k., junior. plane blockage is reported with pthis one. pyou'll probably see some delays pas you make your way through the pintersection. pwe have some minor delays, i pwould say minor at this point pbased on travel times we're pseeing. pnormally we see things above 30 pgood. punder 30 minutes at this point, pehrlich road looking at a p19-mile-per-hour travel speed. pnorthbound direction is an 11 pminute ride. p>>laura: a humble assessment pfrom tom brady. pcoming up, the six quarterbacks phe says are better than him. pa few might surprise you. p>>russell: walter allen is pattending an extremely fast pgood morning. pthat's right.
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3 3 (laura) welcome back to p>>laura: and welcome back to p"good day tampa bay." pthe time right now is 7:32. pdonald trump finally lives up to pthe hype. phe beat his nearest competitor pin new hampshire by more than p2-1. pyou should see the numbers. pbernie sanders easily beat phillary clinton. pcraig patrick is here to talk pabout the results from last pnight. pgood morning, craig. p>>reporter: good morning. phow are you? p>>laura: doing just fine. ptrump told his supporters he pwill be, quote, the greatest pjobs president god ever created. pcan't get more trump than that. p>>reporter: what we've learned pabout donald trump throughout pthe course of this campaign is phe is not lacking in confidence. pwhen you combine that with a pblowout win in new hampshire, phe's feeling okay. phe also said when he announced pthat he was running for resident back in june, in part pbecause new hampshire voters are pdriven by the issue of jobs. pthat drove voting behavior along pthe issue of national security
7:30 am
phim here. pyou look down the line and the pone candidate who had a pdisappointing show, marco rubio pbut this was a big night for pdonald trump and he ran the ptable and the exit polls, pwinning women and men, younger pvoters, older voters. pthere's no way to look at this pother than a blowout win in this phistoric for an outsider to pscore this big this early on. p35%. pclosest competitor, ohio pgovernor john kasich with 16%. pwhat a disparity but let's talk pabout john kasich. psecond place just the same. pis he emerging as the candidate pto watch? p>> he is a contender now. pthis puts john kasich in play. pthe problem he has is that he pdoesn't have a whole lot of pmoney relative to the other pcandidates or ground game or porganization. phe will be at a severe pdisadvantage in the state of psouth carolina.
7:31 am
pcarolina with little money and pan organization as he gets a pgood bounce out of new phampshire, definitely that works pin his favor and expect john pkasich to concentrate not so pmuch in south carolina but pmichigan which is also just paround the corner. p>>laura: i want to talk about phillary clinton and bernie psanders but we have to talk pabout jeb bush. pjeb bush comes in at four. p>>reporter: and they're fourth pand fifth place but it's a game pof expectations. pmarco rubio was expected to do pmuch better and then jeb bush erhaps overperformed and poutperforming marco rubio, this pkeeps jeb bush going. pand remember, he has a lot of presources. phe has a lot of money and he has pa very strong ground game in the pstate of south carolina. pso this puts him not in a great osition, at least in a decent osition to keep going, articularly as the race heads psouth. ponce again, jeb bush gets energy pand some oxygen out of new
7:32 am
pto keep him going. p>>laura: all right. pnow to the democratic race. pbernie sanders continues to pfight his battle against the pestablishment. pboy, did he meet expectations. p>>reporter: and then exceeded pexpectations. pthe poll had him leading hillary pclinton by 13 points and he pblows her away. pthis was a wipeout. pno other way to look at it. pand you have bernie sanders pwinning across the board. pwinning, for example, white pworking class women which was a pstronghold for hillary clinton. pthis is a state that was very pgood to the clintons. pfor hillary clinton and bill pclinton, it made bill the pcomeback kid but this time it's pall bernie sanders and that praised some red flags among the phillary clinton camp. p>>laura: we'll leave it there. pthank you. prussell? p>>russell: thank you. pthere were a lot of super bowl pcommercials that we've been ptalking about all week long. pmost of them funny, creative.
7:33 am
pcriticism and did you see it? pyou probably did. pit was that ad from quicken ploans that promotes a mortgage pin eight minutes. pit's called rocket mortgage. pcommercial shows people urchasing a mortgage on their psmart phone while living their plives and doing everything else. pat the end of the eight minutes, pyou can have a mortgage. pof course, if you're going into pa bank, believe me, i just did pthis not ta long ago, it took a pwhole lot longer. pfelt more like eight months. pmoney adviser geoff simon is pwith us this morning to talk pabout this new way of getting a pmortgage. phow are you doing? p>> good. p>>russell: do we call this a non pbank mortgage? p>> that's what it is. pthat rocket mortgage came from pquicken loans and they're part pof intuit. pthey make turbo tax, quicken. pthey're not a bank. p>>russell: what does that mean pthen? pif you need a mortgage and pyou're having trouble with the
7:34 am
p>> as it turns out, if you look pat what's happened in mortgage plending, you look at 2011, 90% pof the mortgages made in america pwere made by banks. plook at 2015. pit's down to 50%. pand that's where these non banks plike quicken loans come in. p2011 they're only doing 10% of pthe mortgages in america. pnow they're doing half the pmortgages in america. pso if you're looking for a pmortgage, half the people in pamerica are getting those from pnon banks. p>>russell: i know we're talking pabout quicken this morning and pthere are others doing the same pbut i get that feeling in the it of my stomach of what called pthe great crash back in 2008 pwhen we were going through that. pdoes this kind of thing scare pyou when you're talking about pthat? p>> it is worrisome because these pnon banks are not regulated the psame way as a traditional bank pis. pthey don't have the same capital prequirements and they're pcompetitive companies and you
7:35 am
pquality as much as you would roblems. phere are some of the non banks. pthis is just a partial list of pquite a few of them. pone. pthere's guaranteed rate pmortgages, a lot of tv pcommercials, they have 10% of pthe market. pameri home, loan depot and this pis just a partial list. pmost of these like quicken loans pare online lenders. p>>russell: sure sounds like pfreddie mac. pall right. pso given what i saw in this pcommercial during the super pbowl, i mean, i could get a loan pwhile i'm grocery shopping, pwhile i'm at the florida paquarium, wherever i am. pit looked like at the end of the pcommercial, everybody who wanted pa mortgage had it in house. p>> the reality is, if you have a pterrible credit score, if you phad a loan, you know, a pforeclosure, those are things pthat are going to disqualify
7:36 am
pbut because at the end of the pday they're selling those pmortgages to freddie mac and pfannie mae and the other pmortgages, you do have to pqualify. pit's not like anybody can get it pas you did in 2006 and 2007. pyou do have to have a reasonable pcredit score. pyou do have to be able to come pup with a down payment. pwith f.h.a. loans, it's small, pbut you do have to qualify. pas long as they maintain those pstandards, these processes pshould work. p>>russell: expect to see more of pthis. pis this a new trend, do you pthink? p>> there's no question about it. pthey don't have the same capital prequirements at the bank. pthey operate more efficiently pand it's a competitive business. eople want mortgages, they want pto refi and therefore, these pcompanies will do business. p>>russell: god to see you. ptalk later. p>>laura: 20 minutes from the top pof the hour now. psome of you are paying about
7:37 am
panalysts say it could go even plower. poil prices are plunging. panother benefit, lower air pfares. pmany airlines are passing full pcost savings onto the assengers. pthe average round trip domestic pticket is selling for about p$370, lower than a year ago. p>>russell: it's a step closer to padding a downtown -- sorry. pthat's your line. pyou keep going. p>>laura: after you. p>>russell: please. p>>laura: publix is closer to padding down town tampa to the pcity of locations. pthere's preliminary plans for pchannelside ride at meridian and ptwiggs. pat the same location. pconstruction is expected to pstart this year. p>>russell: i don't get to read pnearly enough between 6:00 and p10:00. pi'm sorry. ptoday is ash wednesday, a holy pday for a great many people. pthere are churches offering a
7:38 am
ptakes just a few minutes. pnever heard anything like this. pwalter, good morning. p>>walter: that's right. pit's called ashes to go. ptypically ash wednesday service pis inside the church but it's poutside. pi love the poster. pthe poster has a car, bicycle, eople walking. pwhatever your method of ptransportation is, you can come phere to sky crest united pmethodist church and get ashes pto go. phow did this come to be? p>> we had this idea three years pago. pwe wanted to do something a plittle different with our ash pwednesday service and we thought pwe would take it out into the pneighborhoods so that the whole pcommunity could participate. p>>walter: people can come up and pwalk me through. pthey get the ashes and what's pthe significance? p>> they come up and get this psymbol which is ashes in the pshape of a cross on your pforehead. pthis is an ancient christian ractice. pit represents repentance or pfeeling sorry for our sins and pmistakes and the cross prepresents forgiveness when
7:39 am
p>>walter: it's been going on for pa couple of years now and it's pgrowing in popularity. p>> this is our third year doing pthis. pyeah. psomeone is coming up right now. pthis is our third year doing pthis and we find it reaches not ponly our own church members but pfolks from the neighborhood and pthose who hear about it on psocial media. p>>walter: if you want to come pout, ash wednesday -- how are pyou? psky crest united methodist pchurch. plet's head it over to dave posterberg. pdave, you see ladies. pthey are wearing jackets. pit's somewhat chilly out here pand i didn't wear mine. p>>dave: thank you, walter. psports, you have a short road ptrip to canada. plightning. pthey lost both games. plisten to this. p39 shots on goal last night. pfirst time since late november pthat the lightning have lost
7:40 am
ptom brady is one of the best pquarterbacks of all time. phe's won four out of the last psuper bowls he's played in but psurprisingly, he's pretty humble pwhen it comes to his career. phe actually thinks there are at pleast six quarterbacks better pthan him. pthat's what he told a reporter pwith westwood one. phe thinks john montana is like pmichael jordan. psteve young, troy aikman is pthird. pwhat is surprising the names he pleft off, brett favre, johnny pmandell and a few others. pyeah. pcowboys fan but brady better pthan aikman? psorry about that. pall children's hospital camera, psunshine early this morning.
7:41 am
pgot your seven-day p>>dave: 7:47. pbright sunshine this morning poverlooking tampa bay. phere is another shot looking pwest on kennedy and one more icture out to the gulf. pit's still choppy out there. pdon't get me wrong, boaters. pthis is not the day after the pgale warning, not the day to go pout there. psmall craft advisories for this pafternoon and high surf padvisories as well. pbut it will be better than it pwas yesterday. pi just love the fact we're pstarting off with beautiful psunshine, you know? pthis morning look at the pdifference as we cleared skies pout overnight. pwow. p28 in ocala. p35 in brooksville. p48 in tampa.
7:42 am
pthe winds are not as bad as pyesterday. pa little surge of wind for this pafternoon. prunning 10, 15 miles per hour. pagain, we're starting off cold. pit's going to be a struggle to pget back to 59 degrees for a phigh temperature. pthat is unseasonably cool for pus. pclear and cold tonight. pour temperatures are going to pdrop to 40 degrees. pif you're watching it, citrus, phernando and sumter county, a pfreeze watch for you folks. p3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow pmorning is a very good chance pwe're getting down to that p32-degree mark and staying there pfor a couple of hours. pthe next seven days, you'll see pthat rain chances don't play all preally until monday and ptemperatures stay normal for pfriday. pback in on 75. pi showed you earlier a crash on pthe shoulder in the southbound pdirection just north of i-4.
7:43 am
pdiminished a lot. pa lot of fire trucks have left pand this appears to be clearing pout. pwe're still seeing onlooker pdelays. pit's a 21 minute ride bruce b pdowns to i-4. pi wouldn't rule out leaving for pa few extra minutes earlier if pyou head that way. p>>russell: plus sized ad in psports illustrated last year, pbut that was just the beginning. p>>laura: the model is once again pmaking moves and this time she's pmodel. pcheck out the photo. pit's going to be in next week's pissue of sports illustrated. pthey posted the picture on pinstagram. pshe's the second member of the p2016 rookie class. psize 14 model is best known for pher work with companies like plane bryant and nordstroms. pthey celebrate beauty in all pshapes and sizes. p>>russell: good for her. p>>laura: she looks great, pdoesn't she?
7:44 am
pwhat's going on, charley? pday." pwhat about you? p>>russell: yeah. p>>charley: good. pi just wanted to step outside pbecause it's a little chilly. pwhat is it, 50 degrees in pdowntown st. petersburg. pwe're going to tell you about psweet divas chocolates. pit was voted best chocolate in ptampa bay but i wanted to show pyou something else sweet. pthe sweet sunrise. plook at this. pi just love where we live, pfolks.
7:45 am
pget out there and make good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity for them to get a job. i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would
7:46 am
have grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely. jobs for florida.
7:47 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from 400 beach drive in pdowntown st. petersburg. pi'll tell you, if you haven't pbeen in downtown st. pete for pawhile, get down here. pit changes almost on a weekly pbasis. pnew places popping up and
7:48 am
pit's just a rising part of the pgreater tampa bay area. pchristie knows all about it pbecause you're seeing all of pthis go around. psweet divas, yelp tampa bay pusers voted best chocolate in pyou have stiff competition paround here. p>> there is but we like to focus pon not only the quality of our roducts but we lick -- like to pservice. peveryone else. p>>charley: we've been talking pabout that and i completal gree p-- completely agree with you. pit's a lost art. ptell everybody how you got into pthe chocolate business because i plove this story. pthis. p>> i did have another life. pvery different life before this. pi was the c.f.o. of a computer pcompany for many years and about p12 years ago, my family came to pme and said that, you're getting retty boring. pyou used to be creative and now pyou're not. pi thought about that. pfirst i was a little offended
7:49 am
pthere's something to that pbecause i'm filled with concrete pthings all day. pi like to say, rather tongue in pcheek, because if you're pcreative as a c.f.o., you're peither working with the pgovernment or in jail, neither pof which was me. pi decided i should take up a phobby and as serendipity would phave it, i ran across chocolates pand thought that would be a fun pthing to dabble with. pseveral years ago now, about pseven, i retired from that articular c.f.o. position but pabout five years ago, my husband pretired from his position. poh, no, no, no. pi like to say also tongue in pcheek, it was like having a pgrand piano in the kitchen. pi love it and it's wonderful but pit's at the wrong place all the ptime. pi decided it would be best if i popened a chocolate shop. p>>charley: well said. pwell said.
7:50 am
pher husband is a grand piano in pthe kitchen and your family did pa boring intervention. pit's good stuff. pand talk about good stuff, she prefers to the store as one stop pshopping for a guy in trouble. pfrom long stemmed roses to pchampagne to chocolates, peverything else we'll show you ptoday, you're going to find out pthat this is a great place. psweet divas, downtown st. pete, prussell and laura. pwe're just getting started here. pi'm telling you, everything that pchristie has to offer. p>>russell: nice find. p>>laura: nice get out of the pdoghouse place. p>>charley: exactly. p>>russell: see you later. pa father is inspiring people all pacross the world. p>>laura: and coming up at 8:00, pthe simple thing he's doing for phis son that's making all the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
7:51 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh
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