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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 pthre pcausing a quite at controversy pfor kanye. pwhy they are making people mad, pand a little bit sad too. p>> another move to make it more pdifficult to get abortions in pflorida. pthe latest move from ptallahassee. pgood wednesday morning i'm laura pmoody. pi'm russell rhodes outside with pdave wearing my hat.
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p>> let me tell you when you wear pthat, you look like, i'm your pdriver. pyou look intellectual. pyou look handsome. pand then saying you look good in pit. pwearing every day from 6 to 10. pthat's it. pwhen it is 90 degrees out. pnot at all, we made a light pnortheast winds. pwe're starting a 50. pwe still have many spots in 40s pincluding lakeland at 46. pbartow at 46. pnew port richey 47. pbrooksville around 48. pand with some wind coming in ptheafternoon not toop. p59 to be a likely forecast high ptomorrow. pcold start. pbut decent finish with a high ptemperature of 63. pvanessa p>> thank you, dave. p9:0 one a crash we're following pauto pam harbor with lane pblockage. pit will be affecting tampa road pa mcmullen booth road. peastbound direction two lanes pare going to blocked.
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plighter volumes on roadways. pwe're not seeing any major pdelays a couple extra minutes pwill do you fine. pcoming up in a couple minutes pchecking in on major and some pearlier trouble spots. p well it was long day in new phampshire yesterday. pbut after all was said and done. pthe polls got it right. psanders and trump win their arties primaries by bigger than pexpected margins. pfox's doug laider in man chest pare this morning with more on pthe results from last night. pgood morning, doug. p>> good morning. pyes, right. pthe polls were largely correct pin terms of nailing who was pgoing to win either side. pbut the margins here were psurprisingly. pthese decisive big wins for both pbernie sanders and donald trump. pbernie sanders and donald trump pnot only a won last night in new phampshire but they did so with a plarger margins than just about pevery poll had predicted. pa confident sanders even shot phoops as the results came in. p>> the people of the new
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pmessage to the political pestablishment to be the economic pestablishment, and by the way, pwe are going now to south pcarolina. pcarolina. pi love you all. pthank you very much. p>> trump won by nearly 20 oints. utting him well ahead john pkasich which come in better than pexpected in second. pa big bump as heads to south pcarolina even as his path pforward is still unclear. p>> i'm gratified by it for sure. pi think it's fantastic. pbut i wouldn't say i was shocked pby it. pit may have been a shock to pmarco rubio though who had been pon rise in new hampshire but pstumbled after weak debate erformance over the weekend. p>> our disappointment tonight is pnot on you. pit's on me. pfor hillary clinton the loss was pexpected, the margin was not. pshe seated just about every pdemographic to sanders except
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pit's not whether you get knocked pdown that matters, it's whether pyou get back up. p>> the question is who if anyone pis going to drop out because of pthe results last night. pwe know chris christie is pleaving the campaign trail today pto contemplate this race and his pfuture and whether he still has pa place in it. pinteresting to note that home pnewspaper reports donald trump pclaims he and chris christie had pa long conversation. phis words, last night. pso there is an endorsement in pthe making? pwe're going to getting a couple psteps ahead of us but that's pwhat campaign season is all pabout laura p>> yes it is never a dull pmoment, all right doug, thank pyou. p>>, thank you, laura. plet's get to our political peditor craig patrick and talk a plittle bit more about all of pthis. pwell let me ask you i know we pwill talk about hillary. plet me ask you about this ossibility of chris christie pendorsing donald trump?
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prealm speculation chris christie pmay have helped dump much more pendorsement by knocking marco prubio down peg or flat on his pface. pthat more than ig else did does pa great deal of help for donald ptrump it showed last night. pwhat we're seeing in pendorsements whether or he pdoesn't aren't moving numbers pbut the debates clearly are. p>> hillary clinton lost in just pabout every place she could pyesterday everywhere. pit is bad. plook, she won new hampshire in p2008. pher husband bill clinton was the pcome back kid in new hampshire. pmaybe he didn't technically win. phere you have a case where exit olls lost across board lost pamong women, lost among working pclass voters. pthis was her strong suit in inn p2008. pso this has to raise serious red pflags for her campaign. articularly as the race heads psouth as it heads west. pcan bernie sanders play in the psouth? pwell we'll find out won't we?
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pbut let's go back to not too plong ago in new hampshire he was pdown some 40 points in the olls. pi think that a lot of voters may pgive him a second look. pbernie sanders is trying very phard to make in roads among pafrican american democrats. pthat's his problem. articularly as the race heads pto south carolina. pbut if he can find a way to earn pa second look maybe all bets of por here. pwe just don't know how quickly pthe polls can change. pwe saw what happened certainly pin new hampshire. p>> a while back when we first pheard that a former new york pcity mayor michael bloomberg pmight be getting into this race pthe speculation was if bernie psanders and donald trump are the pnominees, he would get in. pand then, earlier this week, plate last week one of the two he preally is considering running. pwell, sure looks like a door is popening for him, doesn't it? pyou look back historically, pthird party candidates go pnowhere. pthere's an old saying john
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pthings in the middle of the road phighway stripes and road kill. pbut, we're seeing something pdifferent this year. phistory doesn't apply. pand you're looking at otentially polarizing pcandidates in both parties. pand you're looking a someone plike bloomberg financial pwherewithal as donald trump has pwith greet deal of wealth at his pown disposal. phe's looking at the weird kind pof year we find ourselves a new phampshire a billionaire pindustrialist on one side a pother. phe's thinking okay, well why not pme for find the center of the olitical spectrum. pand you have to say, the way pthings have been going given the punpredictable nature of the race pthat, a third party candidate pmay be able to make far more hey pthan what we've seen in recent ptimes. p>> you talk about middle of the proad. pi correct me if i'm wrong on pthis one, but i sort of look at pjohn kasich as more middle of
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phe had a very good night. phe did have a have good night. pyou were right, absolutely. pand this is the value of retail olitics in new hampshire. pjohn kasich worked it. phe squatted on that state for pabout a month. phe turned in a very strong pdebate performance. pwith this it earns him while a pdistant second place second lace nonetheless. pthis puts him on the map. pand he of has a position all of phis own. pand that he is comparatively pmoderate relative to the rest of pthe pack. pand if the field continues to pcall and he's one of the last pmen standing he would provide a pvery interesting alt native to a pcandidate like donald trump or pted cruz who both are veering pcertainly to right side of pspectrum. pthanks for coming in early p>> you go it. pthank you. resident barack obama will be pback in his home town of pspringfield, illinois this pmorning. pit comes on the nine year panniversary of his presidential
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pstate capital. pthe president is expected to pdiscuss how the u.s. can build pbetter politics where americans paren't so divided by race, preligion, or political party. p>> for 14th time the convicted passassin of senator robert f. pkennedy will seek patrol later ptoday. psirhan sirhan now 71 is a pchristian born palestinian from pjordan he shot and killed pkennedy on june 5th, 1968, at pthe ambassador hotel in los pangeles. psirhan has consistently says he pdoesn't remember the shooting revious parole boards ruled psirhan hadn't shown sufficient premorse and didn't understand pseriousness of the crime. p>> it is a 9:09 now. pbill 245 would make it tougher pto get an abortion in florida is pone step closer to becoming a plaw. pfox 13's jennifer epstein is phere with more on what it means. pgood morning, house bill 1411. pyesterday it passed its final
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pif it were to become law it pwould prohibit medicaid from aying for any healthcare pservices any clinic that also rovides abortions. palso prevent research from using pfetal tissues from abortions. pand finally, it would require pany doctor who performs pabortions to have local hospital padmitting privileges. p>> proponents say to protect the psafety of women patients. pbut critics believe it's another pattempt to restrict a woman's pright to an abortion. pcompanion bill moving through psenate. pover last few years florida plegislature passed what's deemed panti abortion bills. pyesterday the first district pcourt of aheels heard arguments pover florida 24-hour weight law. pthat mandates a woman seeking an pabortion must weight two 24 phours. paclu and a gainesville clinic pfiled suit. psaying it causes undue hardship pon lower income women who have pto miss more work or can't ptravel easily. plower court judge put a ptemporary injunction on 24-hour plaw.
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pwhat appeals court decides but pno matter if will most likely pcontinue to make its way through pthe legal system. prussell. pin another we've got another car precall to tell you about. pand yes it relates to airbags, pdaimler recalling some of its pcars for potentially defective pairbags yes they were made by ptakata. pcompany is a recalling 840,000 pvehicles. pan impacts 2005 and a 200 pfurther mercedes, e class, s l pk, s l s sedans m class, g l pclass and r class suvs. palso includes 2007 to 2014 psprinter and freight liner vans. pmore than 24 million have precalled in u.s. because of pfaulty takata airbags. pthey have blamed for 11 deaths pworld wide. p>> doesn't seem to have an end pin sight does it? phe's done it again kanye west pcausing controversy.
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pand those words are about bill pcosby. pwhy nearly everybody is jumping pon the rapper's tweets. pand then charley belcher getting pus ready for valentine's day pwith one stop shopping. pnot at big box store. pwith absolutely sweet divas one pand only 400 beach drive in pdowntown st. petersburg. pand everything that they don't pmake them selves by hand from pall the special ingredients that pthey concoct themselves, they pscour the planet for the best pother products available. pincluding look at all of these pchocolate sauces. poh, my goodness. poh, that's a big bottle of pchocolate sauce.
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pwe're taking a tour of sweet
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. p well it was at final party pfor next 40 days in new orleans. ptechiecally. pmardi gras wrapped up last night
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arades and thousands of people plined the french quarter getting pready for lent. pand lent begins today. pit's ash wednesday. p>> well tradition says people pshould attend church service we pknow sometimes it's pretty pdifficult to do with our busy pschedules. pso fox 13's walter allen is at pfirst united methodist church pwhere they just changing with pthe times, right, walter? p>> yeah, that's right, guys. pchurch service, is coming to pyou. astor diane daphne is talking pwith diane. pand this is ashes to go. pwhere the pastor is actually ptalking with them. psaying a prayer. pdoing the ashes and everything. pthis is just a number of pchurches that are doing this fwh pclearwater area. pwe're there an another church pearlier this morning. pnow we're at this one last for panother ten minutes we will talk pwith you in just one second. pi wanted for talk to dianne phere. pwhat brought you out today? p we dropped off our pgranddaughter ellis at reschool. pwe were delighted to see the
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pnow i've been hearing special pmessages and prayers from pdaphne. pjuries the fact you don't have pto get out of your car you still phave prayer up lifting moment pbefore you head up very up plifting yes. pwe do believe in jesus and our pdeath and resurrection. pthank you. pwe prayed for our retirement lans, whiches on our minds. preally thankful. pare you too, michael? p>> very grateful. pvery grateful. pall right. pthanks, guys. pappreciate it. plet me bring over daphne. pdaphne you want to come. pi'm sorry. pi'm sorry. pwe've got 10, 15 minutes left pfor ashes to go. pthey were talking about how much pthey loved it. pso that's i'm glad. pit seems to have really touched eople. pthat's exciting to me en even pthough they this seem to lot of ptime a lot of empty pews people preally do care they have a prelationship with god. pthis is a way to do that. p>> and you're reaching back out
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pchurch in while maybe bring them pback. pexactly just to fill pews on psunday we want to certainly, but pif, even if they don't come next psunday or sunday after when pthey, find that they really need pthat touch and that prelationship, perhaps they will pknow that we're here for them. pmy last question we're running pout of time. pbut, you know, we think man we phave such a busy schedule. pour first thought process maybe pwe need to take step back. pthis is just great. pyeah, a way to, you know people pwant to step back but they pcan't. p21st century is fast. pand so this gives us a chance to ptouch them and for them to be preminded that god loves them. pmeeting the times. pthank you. pdefinitely thank you so much. pguys. pback to you. p for my retirement too too, pman. ray for my retirement. p>> i know. pi'm coming over there, walter. pi'm coming over. plot sooner than mine and pwalter's. pthat's a compliment.
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p50 degrees outside. pi'm looking for are compliment pin that, but keep going. pmeaning you're closer to pretirement. pyou're closer to not having to pget u 2 o'clock in morning try pto look a positive side you're pno chip carter. pwestchase 48 degrees. pnot at all, my friend. p48 westchase. p44 new tampa. lant city still in the mid 40s pright now. pas bushnell you've got pinverness. pcrystal river by way got down pthough 32 degrees in morning. pand you're going to do it again ptomorrow morning. pjust giving you a heads up now plotto mid 50s southward to pinglewood with less wind, even pthough it's cooler at this hour, pit just doesn't feel as bad. pjust my personal pnl mid to pupper 40s in polk county a pcouple lower 50s along highway p27. psebring area. pso you've got 2 to 7 degrees pcooler than it was yesterday at pthis time. pbut we also have one lighter
9:19 am
pwhen you get in that sunshine, pexcept in highlands county, it pjust feels nicer. pnotice how those cold air clouds pare just hovering off shore. pso if we were to shift winds pback to west or northwest we'd pgem them to come back on point pbreezy unseasonably cool. pthat's what we're looking at for ptoday with high temperature of p59. pi have to tell you freeze watch pis out tonight for citrus and phernando counties. psumter as well. pyou will get down to 32. ptampa 40. pslow warm up gets us close to 70 pby friday afternoon. pall right dave, thank you. pwe do have some good for pdrivers. pthis coming from f dot that the p275 northbound ramp is opening pafter being closed 2013 for pconstruction. pso that's going to be some pwelcome news for drivers who pwill be able to make their way pon 275 directly from low is. pwant to make mention as well plooks like we're all clear on
9:20 am
pissues along 275 in pinellas and p75 southbound in hillsborough. p>> rapper kanye west has never pbeen shy about stirring up ptrouble whether it's grab thing pmike from taylor swift a few pyears ago or opening criticizing pthe media and sitting he pdefinitely speaks his mind. phe has done it again. pbill cosby. pkanye west, another uproar on ptwitter tuesday with just three pwords, bill cosby innocent. palong with a lot of exclamation oints. pno explanation. pno reason why. pjust that one tweet. p>> as you know more than 50 pwomen accused cosby of sexual passault. pno surprise lot of fwirt users pcalled kaven yes out slew sara psilverman, kanye, you can't be pfor real with nothing to gain
9:21 am
pon rape. pboy. pi really like the the post has pbilly on street also weighed in pon comment tweeting are we sure pcan isn't just character from pzoo lander? pthat was billy. phe wrote that one. psome people are wondering if it pwas all just a promotion stunt pwhich might be wise on his part. pwill put him on spotlight only pbecause of this days before his palbum is released on thursday. pso yeah. pi mean, i wouldn't be one for pnegative attention. pif that was strategy i think he phas enough attention. p>> he has enough followers he pcould just say my album about to pdrop and people would be like phey kanye tweet a picture of pkim. phey kanye. p>> anyway. pno comment from him. pnot yet i'm sure we will hear psomething from him i'm sure phe'll speaking out again. phey hey kanye. phey kanye. pcoming up music can magical. pone couple will attest to that.
9:22 am
pjoel that helped them fall in plove. pcoming up in 20, adrian and pmark's love story. pthat's a good one definitely pstick around for that. pfirst speaking of love charley pis up next with one stop shop pthe flowers, the wine and of p lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98, at lowe's. some people don't like to
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but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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p good day tampa bay. p. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from downtown st. petersburg ptoday. p400 beach drive to be exact. psweet divas chocolate. ptalking about chocolate, cakes, pcupcakes, cookies ice cream. pnow to time to go on everything pelse. pkristi owns the place everything pyou don't make by hand you make
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pand you would approve of. pabsolutely. pit's something that we would penjoy personally. pand our reputation. pi have never seen chocolate psauce, look at that bottled pchocolate sauce. pmy goodness gracious. pit comes from different flavors, pbutterscotch with chocolate. pbrandy with chocolate. ort wine with chocolate. pcabernet wine. pthat's like over strawberries in pcoffee. pin your coffee over ice cream. pover pound cake. pand shall we mention, this is pvalentine's day. pit has many uses. pyes, you're right. pleave it at that. pand what do we have here? p>> this is company out of york pmaine called stone wall kitchen pjust fine quality product of pjams, jellies, always sorts of pgoods like that. plime to you key la brittle this pwhat is actually best new froed pin fancy food show in 2011.
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pwhen you first taste it but as pbrittle it's delicious. pinteresting. p>> we've got jams marmalades, pthat sort of thing here. p>> unusual ones. pabsolutely. pfrom roasted garlic and bleu pcheese, but starred to mabel pbacon onion jam. pthings you just can't resist. phow about a new picnic basket. pif you want to take your psweetheart on a nice little plovely picnic. pmore than just chocolates to pgive on valentine's day. pyou can give the experience of a icnic in the park. ptake some chocolates a bottle of pwine. plovely picnic baskets and picnic ptotes for you to choose from. psweet divas open 7 days a week pin nine in morning until nine at pnight suns throughed thursday. pnine in morning until 11 at pnight every friday and saturday p11:00 p.m. friday and saturday. p9:00 p.m. during the week. pi know you have customer. pgo ahead. pgo ahead. pi don't want to slow down
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psweet diva 400 beach drive, plaura. psweet place for visit. plet me tell you so it would seem pwho know what is you can do with pthose sauces. pyou know. pimagination runs wild. pyes it does. pand then it and then it doesn't. pthen it just stops right there. pall right charley, thank you. p>> some of world best sailors pare hitting water again today. pand in just few hours in fact pappear day after high wind and pwaves toppled the boats halted a pvery important race.
9:28 am
pthese olympic look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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3 rough conditions continue this morning a day after 20 boats capsized off clearwater beach. the strong winds and high p20 boats capsized after pclearwater with beach. pthat you sailors from their pboats happened during a pqualifying race for summer polympics in rio nobody hurt. pbut some boats were damaged. pand these athletes are hoping to pget back on to the water this pmorning. pbut it looks like the high winds pcould be a problem for the psecond day in a row. phigh surf advisory and a rip pcurrent warning are in effect puntil tomorrow. pfox 13's shayla reeves joins us plive from pier 60 in clearwater pbeach. p20 boats overturned i don't know phow can you can ignore a warning plike that. pyes, it's hard to say exactly pwhy they decided to go forward pyesterday. pbut we can tell you, today we're plearning conditions or not a bad pa yesterday certainly something pto pay attention to. pin fact that rip current padvisory is in effect for
9:31 am
puntil tomorrow night. pand i want to take you back to pthe scene though that unfolded phere just yesterday. phere's look at some of those pwaves here in clearwater on ptuesday. psome caused, some impact of the pyesterday's wave caused damage pto those boats that overturned. pfortunately no one was hurt. porganizers have to call off oh pof that sailing race. pthose boats overturned cap pain pcontains had to reese ask youed. pbeach goer bundled up in pblankets still a little bit cool pand breezy today. pbut as dave has mentioned pthroughout morning today's pconditions are better than what pthey were dealing with pyesterday. pso we will continue to keep an peye on things. plet you know if that race pcontinues as scheduled today. pthose sailors were hoping to to pqualify for the olympics pyesterday's race. pso if you're going to be out in pabout, clearwater police they pdid have a word of advice for pfolks that plan to make their pway to the beach.
9:32 am
pin that cold water they say use pextra caution and then make sure pif you feel like you have to pswim, swim in an area where life pguards are nearby. pbecause when it comes to safety, pwhen in doubt, don't go out. p>> back to you. p>> all right shayla, thank you. p>> all right shayla. p>> let's get over to dave. pback out to dave we should say. pi thought for sure she gassing pto give us a surfing lesson ptoday. pshayla. pi wouldn't be oh out there. p>> we were just talking about pdave surprise they would go out peven yesterday. pthose boats are so top heavy peven with a little wind it seems plike it would be a problemi know pthey have time schedules and a pyou know what i don't care. pyou don't go out when it is like pthat. pgale warning out yesterday. pno sense in that. pabsolutely. pand a no sense in being in water pat all. p56 degrees by the way the water ptemperature out clearwater pbeach. panother shot, this time from phigh above a little bit of cloud pcover along coastline.
9:33 am
pnot aed bah as yesterday. pimproving. pi think tomorrow and especially pfriday. pfriday will be a fantastic pboating and beach day. pbut 46 degrees in crystal river pnow. p48 in brooksville. p49 in new port richey. psome spots along the coast are plow to mid 50s. pit got quite cool this morning. pi mean, we had temperatures in pthe 20s in tallahassee a couple pof hours ago. pthey are at 36 now. p41 in gainesville. pbrooksville is 48. pwe're in 60s as you're getting pdown into the keys. pby boy is it dry. pyour skin you can feel it. pdew points in the teens. pand the 20s out there thanks to pthat north wind just driving in pthat dryer air. pnotice how most of those cold pair clouds are almost running arallel to the coastline. psome of those will move on pshore. pto mix in with our sunshine. pbut just in general, i think pless wind. pstill a little breezy this pafternoon unseasonably cool with ptemperatures running 59 degrees por so. ptonight coldest night of the
9:34 am
p40 in tampa. pfreeze watch out for hernando, pcitrus and sumter counties. pthey will likely get down to 32 por below for at least a couple pof hours overnight tonight. pnext 7 days back to upper 60s pfor highs friday and saturday. pfor valentine's day. pmid 60s under partly cloudy pskies. pi do have one first birthday on pthis wednesday. pwe've got grace turning one ptoday. pgrace loves splashing in the ptub, chasing her furry friend preese and dancing to her mom's p80s bands. pi would love to know what pfavorite 80s band was there. phappy first birthday, graceknow p80s music right up your alley. pcute picture i hope you're phaving a wonderful birthday. ptime right now 9:35. plet's check in roadway you heard pwe were talking about the winds, pand throughout morning we pactually had been watching a ptravel advisory fhp put out for psunshine skyway bridge. pdue to the high winds. pactually just seeing that being
9:35 am
pmaybe that's good news for pdrivers if winds have dropped pbelow that threshold where they pneed to warn folks about it. pstill as always be safe plan for p17 minutes if you're coming from p75 junction in manatee count pcrossing the bridge. p>> ryan reynolds is doing lots pof promotion for his new film pdead pool. plast night he was on tonight pshow with jimmy fall they played pmusical beers a version of pmusical chairs. pkatie holmes playing too. poh. pkatie holmes. p[ laughter ] p>> that's funny. pgood for her. pfallon announced rental was pchosen as people magazine
9:36 am
phe and his wife blake lively had pbaby girl in 2014. pbliek and ryan have been really psuccessful of keeping pictures pof their little girl out media pkeeping their privacy. pryan open to talk about her just plike any proud dad would be pseems like a fun guy. pyes he does. pall right. pjust four more days to figure pout how to say i love you to pyour special someone. pyou could just say i love you. pthat's true. retty simple. pat least words that always work. pvanessa has good way oop know pwhat they say about a way to pman's heart. pwith lobster mac and cheese. pwait physical you seesometimes eople say what they feel pthrough music. pjen epstein adrian and mark's plove story told through billy pjoel's songs. plive look at the board on wall pstreet.
9:37 am
3 ((jen)) most couples have a special song... but one duo from the bay area has a whole *jukebox full of pmost couples have a song one duo phas whole juke box full of them pit was music that brought them ptogether and one very special psinger. ptoday we see how piano man layed cupid.
9:38 am
pamazing husband as well as my pbest friend. pmark adrian's love story is more plike a song. p>> here's to a lifetime of phappiness and love. pa melody that began with their pfavorite musician. p p don't go changing to try and lease me you never let me pdown before p p p>> he made a tremendous impact pon our lives. phe continues to do so. ptheir love for billy joel pstarted when they were both kids pi grew up listening to him on pradio my parents playing my dad, pyou know showing me on guitar. pjust you grew up feeling so pconnected and a special part of pyour family p p>> and that passion for his pmusic that brought the two ptogether.
9:39 am
phe gives it his all. ptheir paths first crossed in p1996, waiting in line for ptickets to a billy joel concert. pso we ended up sitting together pbecause we bought the tickets ptoke so we can get the best pseats. pafter that night they went their pseparate ways. puntil three years later when pbilly brought them back ptogether. pmark had an extra ticket and pgave adrian a call. pi was astonished. phe was living in fort lauderdale pat the time but she still said pyes. pwhy not i was single and wasn't pconnected with anybody suspect pso give it a try. pcouple months later they had ptheir first date a bill jolie
9:40 am
p1999. pi really do attribute to has im. pthere's no way randomly three pyears later he would have called pme for any other reason. pwe weren't really in touch. pand that's how their love story pbegan. pnow 13 and a half years and six pbilly joel concerts later still iano man that brings them back pto their beginning. pit just remindses as why we pstick with each other. pyou know he really is a bond for pthe two of us. pthey both agree, a life without peach other would be lonely. pand a world without billy joel pwould be dull. phe's a poet. pi mean he, assembles words pbeautifully together. pyou know, and, and they pdefinitely define us. pmark and i draen's continue pcontinues on with their daughter
9:41 am
pher and hope to take her first pconcert the next time piano man pis in town. p>> way to woo your loved one for pfood.
9:42 am
phave a new says sharing phi there we're back in good day
9:43 am
ptoday's recipe one ooich dying pto share with. plobster mac and cheese not only pdecadent dinner, but also pretty pcost effective way to stretch pout one serve lobster over pmultiple servings. piive apron on this can get a plittle bit messy. pwe've gleaned as much lobster pmeat. pi want to find big chunks. pthat's always the nice sprite pfor bite into when you're eating pyour mac and cheese. pset that so the side and work on pshredding cheese. pi already shredded up gow today pand white sharp cheddar cheese. pwe want about two cups of sharp
9:44 am
pof shredded cheese. pall we have our ingredients repared we will get mac and pcheese put together starting off pwith a couple table spoons of pbutter. pright in there. pbutter is melted. pnow we will add a couple table pspoons of flour. pit is kind of a golden brown pcolor. pthat's when you know it's ready pto get the milk. pnow is time to add chery. pi find it goes really well with pseafood you will add a few table pspoons right into the milk. pthis is starting to thicken up. pso that's good. padd some seasonings before we padd the cheese. pold bay also seafood. psome freshly ground nutmeg. pfreshly ground black pepper. pand then just a little crushed pred pepper.
9:45 am
plike a lot of spice feel free to pleave this out. pnow it's time for all that yummy pcheese. pmmm. pso i just have half a pound of pcooked pasta i picked shells pbecause seafood. pthat goes right there into your pcheese sauce. pbalance out that lobster. pmy final touch here fresh herbs pright now i have a few table pspoons of parsley, and taragone. pall right. plet's get to tasting. pso creamy. pmmm. pcreamy and cheesy. pand definitely good ratio of
9:46 am
pcall this one a winner. poh, we we will be having that. pall right i will tell you lucas pdid not like mac and cheese and pas my chief taster he likes this pmac and cheese. pso i hope it turned out well for pyou guys. p>> okay. pyes, ma'am. p>> oh, it's good. pdid it turn out okay? pso good. psorry. pit's really good vanessa. p>> you haven't made a bad thing pyet you really haven't. ptell me again the cheese p>> gouda, grooer, and sharp pwhite cheddar. pthis is, fancy restaurant pmacaroni and cheese. p>> i mean that in most pcomplimentary way. phe's right. pit is. pand the piece too. pi mean if you want to stretch a
9:47 am
pi'm not going out buying plobster. pyes. pstretch it out monk many people pif you incorporate with some mac pand cheese. pso talented. pyou really are. pit's so good. pi'm glad you guys enjoy. pvery nice. pthanks a lot. pjim always wants me to make pwhatever you make. pso thanks a lot for raising the pbar. pthis is doable. pthat's a good point. pincorporate him into it. pi will. pwe're right back with last look pat dave's weather.
9:48 am
how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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xpupu&_ p before we go, we have pwait. p45 seconds of weather. p>> sorry anne marie. p45. pokay. p50 degrees out of tampa pinternational. pa few spots still kind of left pin the 40s. pand eventually, everybody gets pback to the upper 50s. pand a little bit of cloud cover pright along coastline also down pover highlands county.
9:50 am
pununseasonably cool weather pcontinues. phigh around 59 degrees. ptonight will be coldest night of pthe year. pi think for. preally in for overall, because pyou're going to 40 in tampa but phave lower 30s to the north. pwe will have freeze things and pcitrus and hernando county and pcan i have more? p>> go ahead. pall right. pbefore we go now good day good pdeed to share wu ajackies psonville dog hoping to become an pofficer's new partner in pfighting crime. plook at this picture we got pjacksonville sheriff's office. pofficer is larry taylor. pbrand new to the force. pand just got his own squad car. pwell, while filling out a police preport this dog jumped right pinto the front seat. pwas she lonely or did she have phopes of becoming a canine pofficer? pwe don't know. pdone with the report the officer pwas able to find the owner and ptake the dog back home. pnice. pnice. pthat dog is like i like it here. pstill i wanted to play. phe wanted a friend.
9:51 am
pi want everybody to know this, phow much research how much work pwent into this? pweeks. plucas and i ate probably five pdays a row lobster mac and pcheese. p>> you got just right. plife's tough. plucky. pi'm lucky too. pi'm lucky too. pi know. pgood guy. pwould you be my neighbor? ptoday is wednesday, pfebruary 10th, live with kelly pand mike michael coming up next pwendy williams fox 13 news at pnoon you can get latest follow us on psee you tomorrow p"realtime closed captioning
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