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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a news alert right now out of fargo, north dakota. a police officer was *shot during a standoff with a domestic violence suspect. and the officer is *not expected to recover. it started around seven last night. 33 year old officer "jason moszer" was parked outside the home. the suspect started shooting out a window... and *hit the officer. that gunman is *still barricaded in the home. 3 3 developing this morning in polk county: a warning... for anyone filing
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you better *hang up. because it's *probably a scam. and a lot of these callers are not taking *no for an answer. 3 the sheriff's office say a caller will claim to work for the i-r-s and demand payment of the taxes you owe. if you get a call like that... you're being scammed. that's because the i-r-s never makes phone calls or sends emails about taxes... they only communicate through the u-s postal service. and the calls are even getting more complicated. the scammer might call and threaten jail time if you don't pay... and then call *back, claiming to be local police. the sheriffs office says elderly residents are especially vulnerable to these scams. the i-r-s says if you *do get a call like this... they want you to report it to *them immediately. fox 13's shayla reaves will much more on these scams... in a live report at the top of the hour. 3 3 this morning in tampa: a jury gets back to work... trying to decide if a woman is *guilty... of murdering a three-year-old boy. 3 they've been deliberating for two days and still no decision for "kara o'connell."
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prosecutors say the toddler suffered weeks of beatings and abuse. o'connel was dating the boy's father "justin garwacki." the father is *also facing murder charges but cut a deal with the state in exchange for his testimony against o'connell. the defense *blames the father for the murder. 3 3 making headlines around the state: wanna hang out with "harry potter" this year? the price... just went up. universal orlando just annnounced a new hike in ticket prices. 3 a one-day ticket to either universal studios or islands of adventure just jumped to 105 dollars a person. that's a three dollar increase. and a ticket for *both parks went up from 147 dollars... to 155. that combo ticket is the only way guests can use the "hogwarts express" between harry potter attractions. this hike comes about a *year after the last increase at universal. and it now *matches the one day prices at disney's magic kingdom. but that will probably change. disney usually hikes *its prices every year too... usually this
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3 there's a lot less snakes slithering through the florida everglades today. and it's thanks to the state's python challenge. so far, hunters have caught at least 95 snakes. that's already a new record for the annual hunt. non-native burmese pythons have infested the everglades in recent years... threatening other wildlife. whoever catches the *most pythons... or the *longest one... will win *thousands of dollars in cash prizes. the hunt ends this sunday. 3 3 in pinellas park: an abused, abandoned dog now has a second chance at life... thanks to one man who *refused to let him be euthanized. 3 the dog's name is "andray". he's mostly just skin and bones right now... but he's doing much better than he was monday morning. that's when adam clark found him in front of his auto body shop on 118th avenue. the bulldog-mix was emaciated, his skin covered with sores and infection. police believe someone had him chained to a cement surface for a long time. animal services told adam
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him back to health... and would have to put him to sleep: 3 3 and that's exactly what he did. adam's vet checked out andray.. and found no life- threatening health problems. but it will take a couple of *months of treatment to heal his skin and put some weight on him. adam hopes someone will adopt andray and give him a good home. adam *would take him... but he already has another big dog... and a small home. 3 and in hillsborough county: an update on a group of puppies that were found abandoned... in a box. someone found the box on the side of the road, about a week ago... and took them to the humane society. shelter officials think the puppies may have been suffering for weeks. they were extremely underfed and had severe mange. but as of wednesday, the puppies are recovering. the infections are healing and their hair is growing back. they're even *acting like
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weeks... to fully recover. after that, they should be ready for adoption. 3 3 it's a familar sight... everytime we get cold weather. all those manatees... huddled in warm waters. but manatees aren't the only animals affected by the cold. the clearwater marine aquarium just had to rescue a wave of sea turtles. 3 turtles have been washing up along pinellas county beaches because of the chilly temperatures. so far this year, the aquarium has scooped up more than 140 turtles. 69 of them... just in clearwater. and they received two *dozen of them, just this week. rescuers say this winter has been exceptionally harsh: 3 most of the turles are also most of the most of the turles are also battling a disease that causes tumors. the aquarium hopes to release them *back into the gulf... when sea temperatures
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3 still ahead: 3 the tampa bay rays are
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brand new house.. in ten minutes - see who's getting the home. 3 plus: hundreds of cruise ship passengers were *cheering last night. but not because their trip was *starting... because it was *ending. the dream vacation... that turned into a nightmare. 3 but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. no big winner in the powerball last night. the jackpot is now up to 176 million dollars. no winner in the lotto jackpot either, that's now up to 42 million. good luck,and good day is back in less than two minutes. 3 again! r again!
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that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. 3 in other headlines this morning: the u-s justice department has now filed a federal lawsuit against ferguson, missouri. the lawsuit alleges the police department engaged in quote... "racially discriminatory policing." in 20-14 ... an officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager named michael brown. huge riots followed... all across the country. it aslo sparked up the "black lives matter" movement. the lawsuit comes after the city rejected a deal that would have brought sweeping changes to the police department. 3 in new jersey: a royal caribbean cruise ship is back in port... after getting battered by an atlantic storm. the "anthem of the seas"
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night cruise. but on sunday.. it encountered a storm with high winds and 30 foot waves off cape hatteras, norht carolina. the rocky ride toppled furniture and caused severe damage to the ship. four people were injured. royal caribbean says much of the damage is superficial... and has already been repaired. the next cruise is still expected to go on as planned, next week. 3 and we didn't *invent this story... it's "national inventors day!" president ronald reagan proclaimed it back in 19-83. and they picked february 11th, because it's the birth date of one of the most famous inventors in history... thomas edison. you probably already know he invented the light bulb... but he actually had more than a *thousand patents. including the motion picture camera and the phonograph. and of course there's a *florida connection. edison had a winter retreat in fort myers... later called "seminole lodge." and guess who his next door neighbor was? another pretty famous inventor...
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3 3 3 coming up this morning at five: my series of local "love stories" ... wraps up with a couple who found each other in the midst of a tragedy. now they're getting ready to say "i do"... and their amazing story is truly proof that *love heals. 3 still ahead: iron boy... saves the day! 3 a wish comes true... for one comic book fan, down under. coming up after the break... why he was a *hero, before even stepping in, to
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3 3 a call for action... over in australia. but this wasn't a movie... it was one little boy's wish come true. and it's *definitely the top trending story around the 3 the make-a-wish foundation in australia had one *super plan, to grant the wish of nine year old "dominic pace." he's battling cystic fibrosis... and is *obsessed with "iron man." he even once shouted at his dinner table that he was "iron boy." so yesterday... his dream became reality. the together... to create a
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dominic. they gave him a mission... and his *own mini ironman suit. he was flown by helicopter to local police headquarters where he learned his mission... to rescue a reporter from the evil robot, "ultron." 3 and that big showdown with ultron and his goons took place... right in front of crowthof to cheer on "iron boy." and of course... he *easily defeated the robot by firing some laser blasts at him. they'll be added in post. miss n woul that kidnapped reporter. there was a big ceremony afterwards to thank iron boy... and he even got to take home a medal. and of course this follows a similar make-a-wish project here in america a few years ago... with a mini batman. 3 and even the *real "iron man" got involved in all this. actor robert downey junior sending out this tweet last night: "sent a very special boy on a top secret mission today... go get um
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much cooler than that. 3 3 up next: ?wanna take your valentine on an *early date? a look at the romantic concert you can take them to... today. plus: dave has another check on the thursday forecast. 3
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ba da ba ba ba 3 today in pinellas county: a new "home sweet home"... for one needy family. and it's all thanks to the tampa bay rays. last month, the rays put in about one *thousand volunteer hours to help build a new habitat for humanity home in south st. pete. and today... it's finally move-in day . rays manager kevin cash will present the house keys to the new residents this afternoon.
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3 an early valentine's present tonight... for classical music fans. legendary tenor "andrea bocelli" is belting out some amazing notes, at the amalie arena in downtown tampa. he will sing classics... along with new music from his latest album, cinema... which includes hit songs from hollywood movies... like moon river, and cheek to cheek. tickets *start at 75 dollars a 3 person. the show starts at
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