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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 (jen new this morning: a warning... about your tax returns. scammers are at it again... they're after your info... and maybe your refund. the one thing you *have to avoid, to stay safe. 3 ((walter while you were sleeping, a driver thought he was doing the right thing... and it ended like this. the road hazard he tried to avoid. 3 ((jen and... when he proposed, the crowd at the rays game cheered... but they had no idea what this couple had already been through. wait til you hear about the *tragedy that brought them together... and how love... conquered all! 3 thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. 3
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3 3
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available for traffic. 3 3 (vanessa 3 new this hour: video of a bad accident in north tampa. we first told you about this crash near bearss and i-275 during the four o'clock hour. the driver swerved when he spotted a *deer and lost control of the car... it flipped, and got crunched. *lot of damage... but thankfully, the driver is okay. 3 3 ((walter new this morning: a warning... about taxes. after you... but *thieves might be. and they're getting your info. ((walter fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story for us... shayla: this starts
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3 phone call, right? and that should be the tip-off... that it's fraud. 3 when you're just trying to pay your taxes, scammers are trying to get between your cash and the government.we learned the polk county sheriff's office is receiving complains about the irs telephone scam. the irs referred to these scam as "aggressive and sophisticated"....targeting taxpayers and recent immigrants. 3 full screen---:i want to share some information you need to protect yourself.- the irs will not call to demand immediate payment-or call about taxes owed before first having mailed you a bill - they will not demand payment without giving you a chance to question the amount owed-or require a specific form of payment.-agents would not ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone and threaten arrest if you don't pay. 3 on camif you've been a victim or want to report the scam you can contact the irs or the federal trade commission. sheriff grady judd says try to get as much information as you can about the caller so the call can be investigated. back to you. 3 3 (walter in st. petersburg: the case of some
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3 (walter in st.
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some stolen art... is *almost solved this morning. the missing piece was returned to the chihuly musuem *tuesday morning. someone stole it over the weekend. st. pete police released this surviellance image of a man... who may be able to help. he was standing outside of a limo... when the man who dropped off the stolen art... walked by. they even talked for about ten seconds. police say they already have a *suspect in mind... but they want to find this eyewitness, before making any arrests. 3 3 (jen) a man accused of trying to run over a pasco county deputy now faces an attempted murder charge. 3 (jen "j-rokton williams" was arrested yesterday in seminole county. last saturday, investigators say deputies tried to arrest williams on multiple felony charges when he put his car in reverse, and accelerated toward one of them. deputies shot at the tires, but he got away. he is currently being held in the seminole county jail. 3 3 (walter) two guns ... two students, and *zero toderance .. authorities arrested two hillsborough county students on gun charges in two separate, very different
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(walter in one incident wednesday morning, 18-year-old jamarcus simms was on a bus headed to brandon alternative school, when detectives say another student saw him load a nine-millimeter handgun. they say he hid it *and a ski mask a few seats behind the bus driver. the witness texted a relative who called 9-1-1 .. the call led deputies right to the weapon, and to simms... he's facing two weapons charges and marijuana possession. 3 (walter the other incident was at plant high. the school went on lockdown after tampa police got a call about a vague threat on campus .. officers went car to car, checking for threats ... and found a shotgun, some ammo and a knife. they belonged to 18-year-old stratton patterson ... who is described as an avid hunter. patterson is part of a hunting club, and forgot he still had the gun. his attorney calls it an honest mistake. police anything to do with the 3 3 (jen) more options for parents... it looks like "school choice" could expand, in our state.
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(jen there's a bill making its way through the florida house, that would allow parents to send their children to *any public school in *florida... as long as it's not at capacity. critics say: it would put a financial burden on top districts... while underperforming schools would empty out. but representative "chris sprowls" of palm harbor says: the practice is already in place in hillsborough, pinellas and pasco counties... and *he says: it works. 3 "what we're trying to do is allow parents some flexibility. if there's a public school in their community or across a bridge in a different district that's a good fit for their child and they have a seat ready to go, then they can send their child to that school." --jen 3 if the bill passes a floor vote... is successful in the senate... and governor rick scott signs-off on it, it could take effect, july 1st. 3 3 (walter new this morning: good news for bay area homeowners. home sales ended 20-15 on a *strong note... up 16-percent over the year... and that's better than the state did overall.
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rebounded... in florida, there were more closed sales, more new listings and higher median prices, than compared to 20-14. right now the average home price in our area, is 171-thousand dollars. 3 from the ground up... new skyscraper... and a new high-rise in downtown 3 (walter it will be a mixed-use building... retail *and residential... 23-stories high... in the 900-block of "franklin street"... and it comes with eight-stories of amenities, like a pool and garden area. there's a groundbreaking ceremony this morning... and it's been a long time in coming. the developer first filed permits more than a year-and-a-half ago, but they had to work through some *environmental issues. they're hoping to be move-in ready, next year. 3 ((walter)) a superstar athlete says: if the olympics were held tomorrow in brazil, she wouldn't go.((jen)) how that could change opinions about the summer games in rio, and the safety of our athletes. 3 ((jen and... lots of couples have great "how did you meet" stories... but
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and melissa. how they overcame absolute *disaster... and were *healed, by love. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 we're waking up to temperatures in the 30's and 40's this morning... the good news: winds have finally died down... and dave says we will have a nice warm up later today. he's tracking temperatures and is
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3 morning... a standoff continues after an armed man officer. police responded night... after they say a man the gunman then called police and told them to evacuate the neighborhood because he planned to open fire. officer jason moszer was hit by one of those bullets... unfortunately, officials don't expect the 33-year-old to survive. the shooter's son the house unharmed. but so with the gunman have failed. 3 the more than month-long standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge could be ending today.. the final four activists have agreed to surrender at some point this morning. one of the remaining occupiers spoke with the f-b-i.. and says he and the three others will leave their weapons in their vehicles... then sometime this morning walk one- by-one to a police checkpoint while carrying an american flag. the 4 people are the last remnants of an armed group that seized a national refuge january second to
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policies. and rancher "cliven bundy".. the leader of these occupiers was arrested by f-b-i overnight as he stepped off a flight from las vegas. 3 the u-s olympic committee is hiring two infectious disease experts to talk to athletes who are worried about the zika outbreak in brazil.. this comes amidst a growing concern over the virus.. last week -- u-s soccer goalie "hope solo" told sports illustrated that if the olympics were now -- she wouldn't go.. the games start august 5th in rio de janeiro.. 3 3 (walter - bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face- off again tonight... it's their first presidential debate since the vermont senator soundly beat the former secretary of state in the new hampshire primary. tonight's pbs-facebook debate is being held at the university of wisconsin- milwaukee. it's the last time the pair will face-off before voters in 13 states head to the polls on super tuesday. 3 (jen the field of g-o-p candidates in the race for president continues to dwindle. two republicans suspended their campaigns wednesday: new jersey governor chris
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the new hampshire primary... and former technology executive, carly fiorina from california. she was dogged by criticism over her time at hewlett-packard. she was ousted from the top job there in 2005, after a merger that laid off 30-thousand people. 3 ((jen)) meanwhile, donald trump is leading the polls in south carolina. ((walter)) fox's john roberts shows us what his rivals are doing... to close the gap. 3 the lights had barely been turned out in new hampshire when the republican candidates hit the ground in south carolina - ted cruz boasting that his third place finish in a state he was supposed to lose badly is his ticket forward. cruz says: "this is a national campaign. and one of the most important conclusions coming out of these first two states, is that the only candidate who can beat donald trump, is me." if cruz has a route to victory here, it runs right through the bible belt. 66% of republicans in south carolina are evangelical or born again - a group instrumental in propelling cruz to victory in iowa. donald trump is appealing to the same disaffected voters who pushed him over the top in new hampshire - as well as the huge military vote here. ahead of a big event at clemson tonight, trump's campaign launched an initial bombing run against cruz with this new ad. after being left at the side of the road in iowa - jeb bush comes into south carolina with a head of steam from his 4th place finish in new hampshire. bush has deep family ties here. his brother - the former president - expected to campaign for him. the bush surge in new hampshire was the worst possible outcome for fellow floridian marco rubio - who blamed his disappointing 5th place new hampshire finish on the now-infamous debate moment saturday night. on the way to south carolina, he pledged to do better.rubio says: "in 7 of 8 i've done very well in those debates. i had a bad incident at the beginning of this debate and it clouded everything else we talked about. it's on me and
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polls here are two weeks old but at last count donald trump led the pack by 16 points. fifty delegates at stake here in south carolina - proportionally allocated - but still more than iowa and new hampshire combine. in clemson,
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3 (walter) we're less than five-weeks away from the *florida primary. it will be held tuesday, march 15th. 3 ((anchors)) 3 it's now 5:__. time
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3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 (jen) when one bay area couple takes their vows soon, they'll be focused on the "for better"... because they've already been through the "for worse." in fact, it was *disaster, that brought them together. but then, something amazing happened... something beautiful bloomed... and their story is truly proof... that "love heals." 3 4 years ago i survived an attempted murder case at the hands of my ex boyfriend. i was stabbed 32
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love stories begin..but in order to tell melissa and cameron's tale..we have to start at the beginninga&and the night of a horrific attack. i remember immediately. tons of police officers, ambulance, the rescue. everyone was there all at once. one of those first responders was cameron - a firefighter called to the scene to help save melissa. i think it's fate. he doesn't know what it's called. but it's fate. and it's fate that reunited them 10 months later. when melissa shared her story for the first time. and cameron was there... in the crowd. i was just overwhelmed with joy and feeling so blessed to meet them and say thank you. i was trying not to cry myself. i was just in awe of how far she'd come.he invited her to the firehousea&for dinner with the rest of the crew. i was extremely giddy. because you're having dinner with all the men who saved your life. and the more they talked.. the more she realized she was falling for her hero. the more i learned about cameron the more i realized we have so much in common. and this feeling that i was feeling was not just because it was someone who had saved me. i really had feelings for this man. and they've been together ever since.cameron stayed by her side through the countless surgeries.. the speech and physical therapy.. and through the triala& when her ex was sentenced to life in prison with no parole. he's been my side through it all, helping me, loving me. cameron knew it wouldn't be easy..but that's what you do when you're in love. i knew there was gonna be some hard times.. that's with any relationship. i'm getting a little teary. he knew.. after a few short months.. that she was the one. i've waited a long time to find the right girl.and popped the question.. in front of a stadium of people and the tampa bay rays. he was down on one knee, opened the box and said 'melissa will you marry me." you dream of that moment. now.. as they count down the days til their wedding. they can hardly believe that a tragedy could end so beautifully. i had to go through all this stuff that led me to find him.
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what i went through again. but i also wouldn't change it. 3 (jen) melissa and cameron's big day is set for march 4th of next year... they're still in the wedding they're still in 4th of next year... is set for march
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3 (jen) melissa and cameron's big day is set for march 4th of next year... they're still in the wedding planning stages.. and are going for a country chic look.. and they cant believe the outpouring of support they've received from people in our community... including help from rsbp events and the lang
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3 ((walter)) spending valentine's day alone?((jen)) dairy queen has a sweet idea for you. the special way... they're honoring *singles! 3 (jen and... think chocolate's the only way to say "i love you?" think again! some great, *healthy ideas for kids, that they'll like... and want to share with their friends.
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3 just in time for valentine's day, dairy queen has come out with a new blizzard... especially for *singles. it features
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that symbolizes the salty tears your ex is crying over you... plus: reese's peanut butter cups and peanut butter topping, all blended with d-q's signature soft- serve ice cream. dairy queen says: they're not *pitying people who are alone on valentine's day, they're celebrating the single life... and those who are proud of it. but it's a limited edition... these blizzards are gone, after valentine's day. 3 ((jen there are ways to say "i love you" without putting people into sugar shock! we have found some *healthier valentine's day and they're also perfect for their classmates.. ((walter)) we know they're not for everyone.. but, here are a few ideas if you don't want your kids overdosing on candy.. 3 (walter) * first.. who doesn't love goldfish?! - fill up make a little note that reads something cute like "i'm hooked on you"!.. or "you're a
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less expensive than buying bags of candy, as well.((jen)) * how about some fresh fruit! - "i'm bananas for you"... "you're the apple of pear".. "we'd be grape together"((walter)) * fill some baggies with trail- mix... a salty and sweet treat! - for the kids.. something p.g. like "you're a trailblazer".. but for the older valentines.. you could write something along the lines of "i'm hot on your trail"!((jen)) some popcorn! fill bags with some popcorn for a valentine's day party at your house.. sunday night.. while you're watching a movie.. add the note "i love you, cornball".. buy those little cups of apple sauce.. and add a note for your valentine reading "you're awesomesauce"!((adlib))
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3 ((jen)) 3 when a little boy's bike was stolen, it broke his heart. ((walter)) but then, something wonderful happened... and now, he can't stop smiling... you'll be smilin' too... 3 ((walter plus... something's *up at universal orlando... the one thing you'll definitely need to bring with you, if you want to enjoy the parks. it's gonna take planning. 3 ((dave))
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ba da ba ba ba 3 it's 5:--, it's 3 thursday, february 11th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. we know it's cold for manatees, but they aren't the only sea creature hurt by the winter temps. 3 ((jen fox-13's alcides segui is at clearwater beach this morning... where they're doing their best to save struggling sea turtles. good morning. 3
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3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic.
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((walter the time now is 5:__. 3 in tampa this morning, a jury gets back to work... trying to decide if a woman is *guilty of killing a *three- year-old boy. they've been deliberating the fate of "kara o'connell" for two days, and still no decision. she's accused of killing "john taylor baxley." prosecutors say: the toddler suffered *weeks of beatings and abuse... the *defense blames the boy's *father for
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3 (walter some puppies found abandoned on the side of the road in a box... are recovering this morning. someone found them about a week ago in hillsborough county, and took them to the humane society. shelter workers think: the puppies may have been in distress for *weeks... they were dealing with severe malnourishment and mange. but the happy update wednesday says: they're healing, and their hair is growing back. 3 3 ((jen a gunman who shot and killed two maryland deputies... has ties to florida. authorities say david bryant evans shot and killed the first deputy at a panera bread north of baltimore wednesday morning. evans then left the crowded restaurant and shot another deputy... who had responded to the first shooting. evans died in a shootout with authorities. he had a warrant for his arrest in florida for assaulting an officer. 3 michigan's governor has proposed spending hundreds of millions more dollars to address the water crisis in flint... it's a plan that leaders on both sides of the aisle agrees is a step in
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but as fox's "jackie ibanez" tell us... it's going to take more than money and an apology from the governor himself... to make things right. 3 trt:oc: fox newschyrons: 0:00-0:06 lorenzo lee avery jr / protester0:18-0:38 rep. xavier becerra / (d-ca) 0:52-1:02 bill schuette / michigan attorney general 1:12-1:18 karen weaver / flint mayor1:18-1:33 jackie ibanez / fox news correspondent (on cam fox news tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------avery says: "we've been poisoned. i got a loud mouth and i want to let them hear our voice." protesters take over the michigan state capitol building wednesday... calling on the resignation of governor rick snyder over the flint water crisis. this comes as democrats in congress demand action from republicans. becerra says "..we're hearing that our republican colleagues are not prepared to support legislation, especially the legislation introduced by our colleague that would provide emergency relief, immediate relief to those families in flint michigan because there's no level of lead that you can have in water that is safe." governor snyder announced wednesday a nearly two- hundred-million dollar plan to fix the lead pipes. this ... as the michigan attorney general says his office is taking action as well. but he's also been criticized in the past for not looking into the crisis sooner.schuette says: "as you know we've embarked on an independent investigation to determine what laws if any may have been violated in this crisis in flint.." the mayor of flint --- karen weaver --- says she has been working with governor snyder... the two officials have been holding weekly meetings ... though she says the state is not doing enough to help. weaver says: "we've had enough of them telling us what's best for the city of flint and so that was why i put a plan forward.(on-cam tag) a new law may now prevent the same crisis from happening in another u-s city. house lawmakers approved legislation giving the e-p-a more authority to notify the public if lead levels in any water
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3 3 ((walter a california city is thinking about putting cameras in this dog park... after finding thousands of thumbtacks. pet owners started seeing the tacks about 3 weeks ago... and even after picking up bags and bags
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up. the tacks were found on the ground... in water bowls... and in a nearby stream where dogs cool off. unfortunately... 2 dogs have been rushed to vet after eating the thumbtacks. officials say there is at least one person of interest in the case. 3 3 (jen to our south, the snake roundup is going great. fish and wildlife tweeted wednesday that 95-pythons have been bagged in this year's "python challenge" in the everglades. that's important, since the big snakes are an invasive creatures that call that delicate eco-system home. this year's challenge runs through valentine's day... there are cash prizes for people who catch the *most and *biggest snakes. 3 (jen) so... wanna hang out with harry potter this year? well, the price just went up. (walter) universal orlando" announced another ticket-price hike. 3 (walter a one-day ticket to either "universal studios" now 105-dollars... a a ticket for *both parks went-
5:33 am
that combo ticket is the only way guests can use the "hogwarts express" between harry potter attractions. universal last upped prices about a year ago... the new amount *matches the one- day ticket price at disney's magic kingdom... 3 (jen) but don't worry, hogwart fans... there's some *good news about your favorite wizard this morning. we have a release date on the next "harry potter" book. it's called "harry potter and the cursed child, parts one and two"... and it comes out july 31st. it's based on the new play, that comes out the night before. we don't want to give too much away... but here's a little appetizer for you... harry is an overworked employee at the ministry of magic... a husband, and father of three... and he's grappling with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs... while his youngest son struggles with the weight of the family legacy... and then... well, we'll just leave it right there. 3 3 time for our good day good deed this morning... nothing is sweeter than seeing a child's face light up when they get a present. except... when the people giving him that gift also happen to be their newest
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((jen this is kiuan... he's a 5th grader in pinellas park. his bicycle was recently stolen. it happened right in front of his school. as you can imagine... he was prety upset-- but not for long. officers from the community redevelopment policing unit pitched in and bought kiuan a new bike. the officer delivered his present right to the school. they all watched as the little boy gave his new bike a quick test ride yesterday. 3 3 ((jen)) when a young woman lost her wallet at a sporting event, she thought it was gone forever.((walter)) then, she got it back... in the sweetest way possible... and made a brand new friend. it's a heartwarmer, and it's next. 3 ((walter and... it's shopping like you've never seen it before. what one local mall is doing to draw people in... forget low prices... they're going high culture! 3 3
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yowza, it's chilly out there. another cool
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into the 30s overnight. but dave says: we're in for a little bit of a warmup... when it's coming, and how high the mercury's going, in just a bit. 3 (jen) have you ever had that sinking feeling... you're digging in your purse, or back pocket... and your wallet is gone. (walter) well it happened to one young woman in california... and her heart sunk... but then, something awesome happened... laura is here with that.(take cg3) 3 (laura) oh man, can't you feel it? that shaky feeling when you've lost something? well, this is the ending we'd all love to that story. 3 (laura/ this is taylor sloan. she was at a bicycle race in oakland last month... when her mini-purse fell out of her back pocket. she realized it when she got to the car... and ran back to look for it, but it was gone. but a few days later... things took a turn for the better. look what came in the mail... it was her little purse... and everything in it, was included too... her credit cards and cash... it
5:37 am
best thing in that package... the letter than came with it... from a 10-year old boy named "nasim." he said: "i found your wallet on the ground. i know how it feels to lose something... i hope this makes you smile. boy did it. 3 (laura) a radio station in california picked-up the story, and it spread... nasim didn't find out until his principal came up and congratulated him. now taylor and nasim's mom are friends on facebook. she plans to send him a bag of candy and 20-dollars, and hopes they can be penpals. 3
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3 time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic".
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 3
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(jen/ definitely not 3 the same old thing at university mall in tampa right now. the owners have added something new to the shopping ce it's *artsy... check it out... they've added a new "multi-media live theater production"... featuring
5:41 am
displays on the great artists, plus a performance, of "the italian renaissance" as seen through their eyes. the exhibit opens next wednesday, and tickets range from 12-to-19-dollars. (more) 3 (jen) like many aging malls, university has struggled of late.. and is looking for new ways to shake things up, and raise profits. 3 3 ((walter)) in sports this morning: we're hearing that brian vickers will replace injured driver "tony stewart" at the daytona 500 this month. stewart got hurt in an a-t-v accident, and had to pull-out of his final daytona... he's retiring at the end of the season... but hopes to be back for several races before then. now... here's fox-13 sports director chip carter, with a look at what might be behind the lightning slump. 3 3 the lightning are off until tomorrow.... maybe they need the break to get that scoring touch back....suddenly the goals are reason why might be steven stamkos, he's been in a bit of a slump........ he only has one goal in his last ten
5:42 am
seeing more from stamkos....he 3 can get streaky, we've seen it before, so it's never a long term deal and when he does break out of it, he is cranking out a lot of goals.......but it's not the goals, it's the shot on goals, that's the issue, just one in montreal..... cooper isn't concerned however, saying stamkos' streaks is always magnified.... before the rays actually get to port charlotte... they had a pre- spring training workout wednesday at tropicana field......a chance for the two newest rays to get used to their new home. in april... one of those players will make his rays debut in front of his hometown. lakeland native steve pearce is known for hitting homeruns at the trop... he hit more home runs at the trop than any other park he played in.... corey dickerson is another new face for the rays... he came to tampa bay in a trade with rockies for jake mcgee. a couple of other familiar faces also partcipated in a light work out... tim beckham was taking batting practice... chris archer was also there chatting with his new teammates... both pearce and dickerson will hopefully provide a boost to the rays offense... dickerson wants to
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3 there's a giraffe hanging out in the middle of lakeland.. and an ostrich.. (jen) they're the newest works by an artist who thinks the whole world should be his canvas. and fox-13's ken suarez went to visit him... to see what makes him tick. 3 david collins is a bit of a renegade.. an artist who sees anything and everything as his palate.. this is his latest self expression.. a giraffe on this towering oak.. .joanne garrylakeland "it's beautiful. i feel like i am in africa.." but this is munn park.. beth landers lakeland'it's perfect for lakeland..and thatit would be a giraffe in a's wonderful..' on the other side... an ostrich.. collins says if his paintings hung in a local museum... a few hundred people would enjoy them.. here.. possibly ten times that.. david collinsartist'its all about getting your art seen. it's one thing--the joy of doing's another getting your art seen..' he has not been paid for any of his surprise public art attacks. ken suarez four years ago, collins wanted to paint a mural on the back of a building he owned.. the city said no.. that got him kinda riled up.. so he decided to take the town by seige.. creating unauthorized art. all over... his first strike..was countered immediately.."didn't expect the city the next day to pressure wash it off the sidewalk at 7:30 was like not only are we not going to tolerate this, we're not even going to let the breakfast bunch see this,,' that just made him
5:45 am
stumps.. he and a team of creative co-conspirators actually wrapped every downtown lamppost with plastic and painted them overnight.. people began taking notice.. which thrilled the downtown development authority.. julie townshend downtown development authority "people come down and it makes them happy talk about it.." take pictures.. and tweet about the free spirit giving lakeland an artsy image that no amount of money can lakeland, ken suarez,
5:46 am
3 ((jen)) 3 there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2-shot)) it's a story that scared us all.. a young girl meets an 18-year old online.. and now, he's accused of killing her. ((laura)) coming up at six.. we'll talk with the hillsborough sheriff's office about what we can do - to make sure our kids aren't being preyed on.. online. 3 ((laura/take vo)) and: some passengers walked off this cruise ship.. and kissed the ground. what's next for "anthem of the seas".. and its future travels.. 3 ((russell/take vo)) and: you can give a dog a fish.. or you can give him a slice of bread and send him fishing! wait till you see what this pup catches - ahead in
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