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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 the cruise from hell... p>> the cruise from hell. p>>russell: passengers on a storm pbattered cruise ship recall a ptraumatic experience. pthat was the first word after psetting foot on land. p>>laura: and a new lead can help pthieves as an art thief. p>>russell: valentine's day is pcoming up and criminals are
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plove and they're doing it ponline. phow to protect yourself from pmore than a broken heart. p>>dave: protect yourself from pcold this morning. pwe have 32 degrees. pwe've hit the freezing point in pcrystal river and brooksville pand i know that you're looking pat some of the mid 30s. pother areas have gotten to 32 pthis morning. pas advertised it is a cold pstart, a frosty start as well pthrough east of i-75. pfrost advisories out through p9:00 and freeze warnings for psumter, hernando and citrus pthrough 9:00 and with beautiful psunshine today, dry air, a fast pwarmup and should bring us in pthe mid 60s for highs this pafternoon. p>>vanessa: good morning. palong the selmon expressway near p78th, you can see it's pretty pquiet out there. pwe want to take you to an pearlier room we were watching palong the selmon with lane pblockage.
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pthe lanes are now clear. p>>laura: thank you. pback on dry land. pa caribbean cruise ship sailed pinto a violent storm returned to pnew jersey last night. p>>russell: some could not get poff the ship fast enough. p>> horrible. p>> horrible. pextremely bad. pi've been in bad situations in pmy life. pthat was the worst. p>>russell: anthem of the seas is pone of the largest cruise ships pin the world. pthey were on a seven-day cruise pto the bahamas. pon sunday the 1100 foot vessel pstorm. pthe captain told passengers to pstay in their cabins as powerful pwinds topping 100 miles an hour pand waves as high as 30 feet ptossed that ship around. pcan you believe that? pfour passengers were hurt while pothers recorded damage on their hones. prather than sailing onto pflorida, the captain turned the pship around. p>>laura: it was supposed to preturn to new jersey yesterday pmorning but it didn't arrive puntil 8:00 last night.
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assengers a smoother ride into ort. assengers will get a full prefund and a certificate towards p50% off the future cruise. pthey will disembark this pmorning. pothers wanted to get off right paway. p>> horrible. pthe whole trip was horrible. pwe got in somewhere. pwe feel like we got lied to the pwhole time about what really phappened. psad. p>>laura: and today inspectors pfrom the royal caribbean and pu.s. coast guard will assess the pextent of damage. pthey need to make sure the prepairs are made before they pschedule out again. p>>russell: the safety board is pconsidering a possible pinvestigation at the request of pthe u.s. senator bill nelson. p>>laura: he wants to know why pthe captain sailed into bad pweather even though there were lenty of warnings. pntsb is already investigating pthe sinking of a u.s. cargo ship pin october. p33 crew members died when the
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phurricane joaquin. p>>russell: man accused of trying pto run over a pasco deputy now pfaces an attempted murder pcharge. phe was arrested yesterday. plast saturday, deputies tried to parrest williams on multiple pfelony charges when he put his pcar in reverse and accelerated ptoward one of them. phe got away and is being held in pthe seminole county jail. p>>laura: two guns, two students pand zero tolerance. pauthorities say that two phillsborough county students pwere arrested on gun charges in ptwo separate incidents pyesterday. p>>russell: these situations pcould not be more different but pthe teens could face the same unishment. p18-year-old sims was on a bus pheaded to brandon alternative pschool when detectives say panother student saw him load a pnine millimeter handgun and they psay he hid it and a ski mask a
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pa witness texted a relative to pcall 911. psince he's facing two weapons pcharges and marijuana ossession. p>>laura: the other incident was pat plant high school. pthe school went on lockdown pafter tampa police got a call pabout a big threat on campus. pofficers found a shotgun with pammo and a knife. pthey belonged to 18-year-old atterson who is described as an pavid hunter. atterson is part of a hunting pclub and forgot he still had the pgun. phis attorney calls it an honest pmistake. olice do not believe that atterson had anything to do pwith the earlier threat. p>>russell: the school district phas a zero tolerance policy on pguns. pstudents found with weapons on pcampus are subject to psuspension, expulsion and parrest. p>>laura: so far patterson has pbeen arrested and released from pjail. pst. pete police have a new lead pin the case of a stolen piece of part. psurveillance video shows a man
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part center tuesday morning ptalking to another man. p$25,000 chuhuly glass sculpture pwas found in the box. pthe man next to the limo is not pin trouble but police want to ptalk to him. pthey're hoping he can identify pwho took the sculpture. p>>russell: taxpayers have to be pon the lookout for con artists plooking to run tax scams. p>>laura: and the polk county psheriff's office has gotten pseveral complaints and they're pnot the only ones. pshayla reaves has a look what to pwatch out for. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwhen tax time rolls around, it's pnot just the i.r.s. after your pmoney. pscammers are trying to wedge ptheir way between your hard pearned cash and the government. pthey got some tricks they're pusing and we want to make sure pyou have some tips to protect pyourself. pif you're ever in a situation plike this, for example, here is pwhat you need to know. pyou need to make sure that you pget as much information as you
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pthat call so it can be pinvestigated. pthat's a tip coming from sheriff pjudd who says his office is palready getting some complaints. pthe i.r.s. has referred to this articular scam as, quote, psophisticated and aggressive and ptelephone scams that target not ponly taxpayers but also recent pimmigrants. ptemple terrace police released pthis information, a call on psocial media displaying an pexample of how this works. p>> how do you spell your last pname? p>> human. ph-u-w-m-a-n. p>>russell: authorities warn that plaw enforcement would never call
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pthey use the postal service to pconnect and if you receive a ayment from someone demanding ptax payment over the phone, preport that call to the i.r.s. pyou can do so by reaching to pthem or the federal trade pcommission. pwe've shared the links on your pscreen. ptake a look. psheriff judd reminds people not ponly if you're in a situation plike this to get all the pinformation that you can, also pmake sure that if you have pelderly friends or relatives, pmake sure they understand this articular scam, how it works pand urge them not to send any pmoney or provide any sort of ersonal information over the hone. pback to you. p>>laura: it has been one week psince rick scott declared an pemergency in hillsborough pcounty. p>>russell: and we're seeing pwhat's done about the issue and
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pmore efforts should be put in pmosquito control. pthe main goal is to prevent the pzika virus from being spread pu.s. p>>laura: researchers have found pthe strongest link yet between pthe virus and a rare birth pdefect where babies are born pwith abnormally small heads and pbrains. pcdc identified the zika virus in pthe tissue of two babies who pdied in brazil because of the phealth defect. regnant women are to avoid ptravel to south america and the pcaribbean. p>>russell: two more candidates pdropped out of the race for the pwhite house. pchris christie and carly fiorina psuspended their campaigns after pfinishing in the single digits pin the new hampshire primary. pfiorina announced her decision pon facebook. pchristie told his staffers pduring a late afternoon meeting. pfirst hint that christie was pdropping out came yesterday. phe opted to go to new jersey pinstead of south carolina for pthe next contest.
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psaturday's g.o.p. debate. p>>laura: ben carson finished peighth in new hampshire, behind pchristie and fiorina but he said phe's still in the race. pand believes he has a good pchance of winning south pcarolina. pcarson downplayed his loss ptuesday night saying he decided pnot to focus on new hampshire on urchase. pgilmore is apparently still in pthe running. p>>russell: south carolina is an pimportant state, worth more pdelegates than iowa and new phampshire combined. p>>laura: and donald trump is pleading by double digits. phis projected margin of victory pis smaller than new hampshire. p>>russell: wisconsin's debate is ptonight. pyesterday bernie sanders met pwith reverend al sharpton in new pyork city. psanders did well in iowa and pespecially well in new hampshire pbut both states are redominantly white. phe'll have to win over the pminorities where recent polls
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p>>laura: new this morning, fox pnews learned more about hillary pclinton's private email. pit's a subject that's plagued pher campaign for months. pgovernment source tells fox news pat least a dozen email accounts phandled top secret intelligence pfrom clinton's private server. pthe accounts include not only pclintons but those of her top paides. pfox news asked the state pdepartment to comment on the paccounts but a spokesman had no pcomment. p>>russell: listen to this. pthe average drunk driver has pdriven drunk 80 times before pfirst arrested. p>>laura: a change that florida pcan make that can save thousands pof lives and already is in pdozens of other states. pand then after a 13-year-old pgirl is murdered after police psay she met a man online, major pchad takes a look at the warning psigns that parents should watch pout for. p>>dave: 42 degrees outside at ptampa international. pthat's cold but not the coldest. pknock off 10 degrees to get back pup to what they have in citrus pcounty, hernando county.
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pthey are at the freezing mark as padvertised. pwe have frosty conditions pinland. p36 in lakeland and bartow. pfolks, bundle up. pnot the coldest morning we've pever had but cold outside.
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ptomorrow afternoon as w p>>dave: grab the winter coats, peverybody. pyou'll need them this morning. plook at the 30s. pif you're east of i-75, you're pin the 30s and likely a little pbit of frost on the windshield pas well.
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phave temperatures at the pfreezing mark. pbrooksville, crystal river, most pof the areas, not all but most phave gotten down to the critical p32-degree mark. pcloser to the coastline, 42 in ptampa, 45 in new port richey and pthe only 50 on the map, st. etersburg at 51. pbelow freezing, a hard freeze ptallahassee, gainesville, pjacksonville in the upper 20s. pmiami at 50 degrees and 54 in pthe middle of the keys. pwe're running six to 14 degrees pcolder than we were yesterday. phere's the good news. phere is the coldest morning. ponce we get by this, even though pthe next few mornings will be pchilly, it will be warmer. plook off to the west. ensacola is five degrees warmer pthan yesterday. pnot a huge difference but going pback up temperature scale and pjust start to see this yellow, porange color through central
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pbottoming out this morning and pthen starting a bit of a warming ptrend. pwe'll shift the winds to more of pthe northeast so we're going to phave clear skies today and pabsolutely beautiful day on tap. pwe've got a lot of dry air in lace and that dry air will warm pup very quickly. pwe start off cold so we'll robably finish the mid 60s ptoday but then eventually get pback to the upper 50s for ptomorrow. pmeanwhile, this big trough is prunning through the eastern pseaboard. pyou have chicago in the teens pfor high temperatures today and pwhile it's going to be cold in pboston and new york, there is a phuge, huge clump of cold air pcoming from canada, which is pgoing to invade the northeast pthis weekend so while we're pgoing to be talking near 70 pdegrees, places like boston are pgoing to be 20 below wind chill pcome sunday morning so i'm not pgoing to complain about the cold ptemperature we have this morning
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pthings around by this afternoon. p64 degrees with tons of psunshine. pthat's going to be about six, pseven degrees warmer than it was pyesterday afternoon and those pwill minus some of the wind. ptonight will be cold again, not pquite as cold but most of us pwill be back in the 40s early on pyour friday morning. pbut then an even big are -- pbigger rebound for friday pafternoon. psunshine and close to 69 degrees pto finish off the week. pmuch better for boating as well. pseas running two to four feet. pmore of a light chop. plook at the water temperature is p56 degrees. phigh tide was very early this pmorning, a couple of hours ago pso low tide is coming up next at p10:03. pwe're going to get back in the plower 70s by early next week but pwe're also going to bring some pshowers in monday to tuesday. pthe good news is, look at pvalentine's day. pcool in the morning but nice and pmild in the afternoon. p>>vanessa: not too much to pcomplain about at all.
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p6:17 is the time and we have a plive look over the tampa side of pthe courtney campbell causeway. pit looks clear over in this area pbut we want to know closer to pthe mid span there's a report of pa disabled vehicle in the peastbound direction. pgood news is we're not seeing pany delays in the area but we'll pwatch it as we go throughout the pmorning. p>>russell: f.b.i. have psurrounded the group in oregon. pthey'll turn themselves in this pmorning. ptoday marks day 41 of the pholdouts. pthe group's leader surrendered plast month after a deadly pshootout that cost one of the psupporters his wife. pfirst bundy urged supporters to pgo home but he's taken a defiant ptone from jail. pwe'll let you know if anything pchanges from the story. p>>laura: the u.s. justice pdepartment has filed a federal plawsuit against ferguson, pmissouri. pthe lawsuit alleges the police pdepartment engaged in racially
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pin 2014 an officer fatally shot pan unarmed teen named michael pbrown. phuge riots followed. pthe lawsuit comes after the city prejected a deal that would have pbrought sweeping changes to the olice department. p>>russell: it's a very sad story pout of california. pthe body of a 22-year-old woman pwas discovered in a wal-mart arking lot. pit appears her body went punnoticed for three months. pauthorities blamed her car's pdark tinted windows and a sun pshade on the dashboard. psurveillance cameras show the pcar was in the same spot since pdecember. pher sister says she left behind pa suicide note and a drug deal pwas found in the car. p>>laura: it is 6:19 now. pnasa says a bus driver in india pwho was killed when an object pfell out of the sky was not pkilled by a meteorite. pthey say it's unlikely that he pwas killed by anything from pspace, in fact. pwhatever killed the man left a ptwo foot crater. pscientists say that small
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pcause explosions. olice are analyzing the object pthat killed the bus driver. p>>russell: the car interlocking psystems have stopped 1.7 million eople from driving drunk. p>>laura: and jen is here with a pcloser look at numbers and why pmadd hopes that florida is aying attention. p>>jennifer: in 19999 first state pto paw law requiring the pdevices, drivers must blow in pthe device to get a drug reading pbefore the car starts. pflorida only requires seven pcases where a driver's bac is ptwice the legal limit. paccording to the report, pinterlock devices have kept more pthan 600,000 drunk drivers off pthe road in florida. pmadd says the devices work pbecause a third of drunk drivers pare repeat offenders.
6:20 am
pthe 25 states that doesn't have pcomprehensive laws. p>>russell: a video guaranteed to pmake you smile. p>>laura: it's not the joke pitself but the little girl's preaction to it that is breaking pthe web this morning. pwe'll have it for you coming up pnext. p>>russell: and at 6:30 a much pmore serious subject to talk pabout. rotecting our children from ponline predators.
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pknow exactly what your 3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. social media producer taylor katz is in the studio with this morning's hot clicks. p>>russell: time so see what's pclicking on the web.
6:22 am
pat hot clicks. p>>taylor: we have fun ones in pstore today starting with a plittle girl who thinks her pdaddy's joke is the funniest in pthe world. pwatch and listen in. p>> what's the difference between pdubais and abudabi? p>> daddy. p>> all right. pin dubais, people in dubais, pthey don't want to do that but pthe people in abudabi do. p>>taylor: how cute is that? pthat joke was pretty clever. pdid you hear it?
6:23 am
pflintstones phrase, pyabba-dabba-do. pshe couldn't contain her plaughter even before the punch pline. p>>laura: fun. p>> the dad posted this at the pend of last year. pmore than 250,000 views since pthen. pnot bad for a tiny little joke, pright? pall right, you guys. pnext up we have this. pdid you see that? por that? por that? pthis is a series of unbelieve able pbehind the back trick shots pedited together by ander star. phook. p>>russell: huh-uh. poh, come on. pcome on. pdave? p>>laura: i don't know. p>>russell: you had me with the eanut butter. p>>taylor: that's where i got a
6:24 am
pbut these are pretty cool. peither way this is inspired by a psimilar viral video last year. pvery well done. pit is edited together and not preal, then i will say it's pinteresting to watch. pstill watching it unfold, i phaven't seen the whole thing pyet. pall three items in one clip. pvery cool. pnow, here is one you will pbelieve. pvery cool. pwatch. pforget the rod and reel. p>>russell: look at the pfishtailing. p>>laura: good boy. pit's a she. p>>ta: phas caught dozens and dozens of pfish this way just using bread.
6:25 am
pbread in the water and the fish pcome to get the bread? p>>taylor: i couldn't tell pbecause the fish is behind the pdog. p>>russell: i guess when the fish pcomes up, they pounce. p>>taylor: i thought the dog had pbread in his mouth. p>>russell: but now i think the pbread is around. pthat's cool, though. p>>taylor: very cool. pstart with the trick shot. peither way, they're pretty fun. pand good way to end our pthursday. p>>russell: we're reporters. pwe're paid to doubt. p>>taylor: you have to think pcritically. psee you later. p>>laura: do parents need to be pdigit albany sit -- digital baby psitters? p>>russell: how parents can keep
6:26 am
ponline and the warning3 3 good morning, i'm russell rhodes and i p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. plet's head to dave with a look pat the forecast. pit's chilly today. p>>dave: it is very chilly today. pmaybe you're heading off to the pbus stop or to work in the next pfew minutes. pgrab your winter gear. ptampa is running close to 40 pdegrees but again, that's one of pthe warmer spots. plook at all of the 30s on the pmap. pbrandon at 37. pwauchula, i mean, just about peverybody. pwe have frosty temperatures pinland, freezing temperatures in phernando and citrus counties. pwith all kinds of dry air in lace, temperatures should get pback in the mid 60s.
6:27 am
pland o lakes boulevard, we have pa new crash with an intersection pblockage reported. pwe are seeing some delays, preally most of them in the psouthbound direction where pdelays are sitting under five pminutes at this point so give it pfive minutes out the door if you phead that way. pwe'll watch and make sure you pdon't have to take another route pas delays start to build. pwe want to check in on the pmajors. plooks like everything remains pvery clear. p275 northbound, 75 northbound pand then along i-4 westbound. p>>russell: flags will fly at phalf staff to honor two maryland pdeputies who were shot and pkilled by a gunman and an poutstanding warrant in orange pcounty, florida. pshootings happened yesterday 20. pevans shot a deputy in the head pand got involved with another pone. pthe second deputy later died at pthe hospital. p>>laura: florida lawmakers pscramble to fix the death
6:28 am
pcalm. pyesterday he said he will not psend him a bill. pscott has signed more death pwarrants than any of his redecessors since the death enalty came into use in 1977. p>>russell: along with a ground pbreaking ceremony this morning, pconstruction will begin on a new p23 story high rise apartment ptower in downtown tampa. pthe 360 unit building will be plocated in the 900 block of pfranklin street. pdevelopers hope to start moving eople in sometime next year. p>>laura: this is the seventh day pin a row the temperatures don't preach the 70s. palcides segui live for us at the pclearwater marine aquarium where phundreds of sea turtles are pbeing dropped off to get care. pit's a sad story, alcides segui. p>>reporter: it is. pthis cold weather is having a ptoll not only on the sea turtles pbut the crew here at clearwater pmarine aquarium. pthey've been working around the
6:29 am
pturtles are alive and well and pabout that. pthey've been doing it for pseveral days. pthis year they've taken in more pthan 140 with 69 live intakes, p12 on tuesday, 11 on wednesday pand we'll likely see possibly psome more today considering how pcold the temps are this morning. pthe sea turtles are reptiles. paround them. pwhen temperatures drop, sea pcold stunned. pmost of the turlths were already pcompromised with viruses and pother issues so unfortunately, pthey're just washing ashore. pc.m.a. has rescued more than 25 psea turlths tles near death. pthe care is not cheap. pit costs about $300 a day to prehab each sea turtle to make psure they're doing alive and pwell. pc.m.a. relies on donations and paccording to their website,
6:30 am
pbuy supplyd ies needed to keep the psea turtles alive. pat last check we had $3,000 pcollected. pfor more information, visit ptheir website. phopefully it will keep the sea pturtles alive and well and we'll pcontinue on this story. pwe hope to speak with some of pthe crew from the sea turtle pteam to get a good idea of what psome of the obstacles they're pfacing this morning. pback to you. p>>laura: helps keep their pmission in the forefront and pshow how important their work pis. p>>russell: a missing 13-year-old pgirl was found stabbed to death pin north carolina. pthe girl's father says he found pout about her death, some of the pdetails by watching the news. pyesterday on dr. phil, he said pthat police forgot to tell him pafter they found his daughter's pbody. pshe vanished last month after pclimbing from her bedroom pwindow. pa classmate told "the washington ost" that nicole talked about prunning away and starting a pfamily with the man who is now pcharged in her killing.
6:31 am
pdavid eisenhower her boyfriend. panother virginia tech student is palso charged in the murder. pnow, nicole reportedly met peisenhower on social media. pher father says he wished he pwould have taken her phone away. pthis is a very scary and sad pstory. pmajor chad from the hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office will ptalk about it this morning. phow are you doing? p>> good morning, russell. p>>russell: there's a lot to plearn as sad as this is. pthere's a lot to learn for peverybody about what happened. p>> and everyone considers it pcyber space when you're online pbut the dangers are as real as plife and death. pthey are. pwe need to be careful. p>>russell: what do you think the pbiggest danger is out there? p>> i think exactly that is, you pknow, these faceless predators pwho we have no idea who our pchildren are communicating with. pand same with us adults.
6:32 am
pand you're putting information pout there, all your personal pinformation and you have no idea pwho you're speaking with or who pyou're meeting. p>>russell: we have a graphic up pthat we need to -- let's just ptalk about it. pkids should never give out their page, name, address, phone pnumber, their parents' name and pworkplace, their school and pcertainly never give out asswords, right? p>> and that's the biggest pdilemma is we put too much ersonal information out there pin cyber space. pit back. p>>russell: look at that and psometimes adults do the same pthing. pwe'll get into that just a plittle bit. pbut this is good advice for peverybody, right? p>> that's exactly right. arents need to be monitored pwhat websites their children are pvisiting and who they're pcommunicating with and they can pdo this through different psoftware. pthere's no such thing as being pan overprotective parent. p>>russell: you have warning psigns as well we need to tell
6:33 am
psome ways to tell that things pare going on. pgood things like your child pspends too much time online. p>> they do. pthey seem to become reclusive. pthey're trying to hide something pfrom you. p>>russell: lots of calls from eople you don't know, uneasy pwhen you enter a room and the pchild quickly turns off the pcomputer or changes screens. p>> that's right. pyou know, as parents we see the pwarning signs. psometimes we just choose to pignore them. psometimes we have to sit down pand have that simple pconversation and the child just pknowing as a parent that we're pmonitoring your internet usage pis suffice. p>>russell: and i have some padvice that you can talk to your pkids about. pthis is really important. pi mean, basically talk to them pabout this, right? ptell them without scaring them ptoo much but scaring them a plittle, i guess, about what pcould be out there. p>>russell: i agree. pthat's another tool in the arent tool box is let the
6:34 am
pthere are dangers that are in pcyber space. p>>russell: set rules where they phave computer use and how much ptime along with access. p>> i agree 100%. pvery good rules, russell. pone. pi know this is a tough one, polder. pyou don't want to infringe on ptheir privacy but you need to pknow who they're talking to, pright? p>> absolutely and you're pstarting to see cases like the p13-year-old becoming more and pmore prevalent. pwe had one in tampa not too long pago where a student ran up to ptallahassee, took a bus to ptallahassee to meet a sex redator and we were able to pstop the encounter before it phappened but it's happening more pand more every day. p>>russell: and i mentioned a lot pof this advice adults can talk pand listen to as well. pwe have valentine's day coming pup and it's just that season but pthere have been cases and pespecially some in polk county,
6:35 am
pafter using some of these online pdating sites. psame advice to adults as kids. pbe careful. p>> use reputable dating sites pand know who you're meeting and pbe careful. pmeet them in a public place. pif you go there looking for pmr. right and a lot of times it phappens, they're very psuccessful, but if you go there pand you get that bad feeling pthat, hey, this isn't going pright, mr. right is mr. wrong, pyou know, don't be afraid to get pup and walk away. pcall your friend and leave. p>>russell: maybe advice that pfirst online date happens at the arking lot of the hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office. p>> we can do that for pvalentine's day. pchocolates and flowers out here pin district offices. p>>russell: we'll meet at the psheriff's office. pgood to see you, man. phave a great day. p>>laura: craigslist exchange, pright? pcoming up, dave says it's a pnormal chilly snap for us this ptime of year but it is cold poutside. p>>russell: he'll show us the pradar for later today and more,
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spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. p>>dave: 6:42 on this thursday pmorning. pwhat a beautiful start to the pday. phow about that clear skies, calm pwinds, dry air, it's cold. pdon't get me wrong.
6:39 am
pgrab your jackets but it's going pto be a beautiful sunrise at p7:11. plook at the 30s. peast of i-75, you're easily in pthe 30s this morning and i'll pbet you're scraping some frost poff the windshield in many of pthese counties. pyou go hernando county north and pyou're below freezing so it's a pwhole different setup up there, p28 in ocala. ptampa is at 42. psarasota at 39 and look how dry pthe air is. pthat's unreal. pwhen you think about the phumidity levels, dew point pnumbers in central florida, you palways think 50s, 60s, even dew oints in the 70s in the psummertime. pwhen you get down in the 30s, pit's off the chart here. p50s beautiful. p30s like just very dry pdesert-like almost. pvery dry air. pthe good thing about it is it pwarms up quickly. ponce the sun gets rid of the dry pair, we're going to help to aid pthe wind more northeast wind
6:40 am
pso it all combines to take those p30s and 40s and at least get pthem back up in the 60s. pi'm thinking mid 60s for today. pby the way, still below normal pbut better than yesterday. pwe'll have one more cold, pretty pchilly night and then tomorrow plooks like in general we're pgoing to warm things up to the pupper 60s and overall we'll stay pquiet through the weekend which pis great. pour next rain chance around here pdoesn't look like it's going to psettle in until maybe monday pinto tuesday. pi had to show you some ptemperatures in canada. pwind chills 46 below zero and pthe reason i'm showing this to pyou is because a big chunk of pthis cold air, that's the pmeteorological term, chunk, is pgoing to move to the northeast pover the weekend. pit's going to come in quick, go pout quick. pbut if you're traveling to new pengland this weekend, you have
6:41 am
pthere, i'm going to fast forward pyou to sunday morning and the pwind chills in new york city pwill be 18 degrees below zero. p27 degrees below zero. pthat's the wind chill forecast pfor sunday morning in boston. pyou'll hear more about that cold psnap. pin the meantime, for us on psunday, we're going to have high ptemperatures close to 70 pdegrees. pi know. pthat's why we live here, right? pvery cold start but a decently pmild finish. pit's going to be out tonight, pgrab the jackets. pwe're going back to the 40s pagain for overnight lows and a plittle step up tomorrow as we pbring the temperatures into the pupper 60s. pboaters, i can finally tell you, pget out there and enjoy it on pthe water temperatures. pjust in general, boating pconditions show us a light chop. pvalentine's day weekend, we'll pbe in the upper 60s for high ptemperatures. pthere's your cloud cover monday
6:42 am
pvanessa? p>>vanessa: starting to get busy phere at 6:45. psky fox is checking out the pearlier mentioned crash along pland o lakes boulevard. psouthbound direction near hail proad, right lane is passing. pdelays are still sitting at five pminutes or so, so extra time out pthe door. pi know it was clustered there. art of that has to do with ptraffic light circulating in the parea. pso we want to move on to polk pcounty now. pwestbound before u.s. 98, two planes are blocked. pwe do have some westbound pdelays. pyou have to leave a bit earlier pif that's around a long your proute and plant city, a disabled plane. phere at 6:46, we want to say pgood morning to charley belcher. pstaying warm out there? p>>charley: good day to you. pyeah. pi feel like the end of frosty pthe snowman. pcoming in here, i was chilly in
6:43 am
pand i'm not melting yet. pi'm here for the orchid show. pmy goodness, i'm surrounded by pbeauty. pkind of like when i'm standing pnear you and laura and jen, i'm psurrounded by beauty. p>>vanessa: what do you want? p>>charley: surrounded by beauty ptoday. pit's unbeliefable. pthese orchids are so pmagnificently gorgeous. pthe show opens valentine's day pthis sunday and runs through pmarch 27 so i'm going to show pyou all about it and tell you pall about orchids. porchids can be found all over pthe world, even here in florida. p>>vanessa: it's frozen. phe did freeze. pwe'll try to get charley back pmaybe. pshall we get to walter? plet's go to walter. p>>walter: top stories here. p6:47 the time. pa former bradenton police pofficer has been sentenced three
6:44 am
pfor hours he didn't work. phe's been sentenced yesterday pafter a judge found him guilty pon one count of theft. phe was suspended in september pfollowing allegations that he psubmitted hours for off duty pdetails he did not work. plitter of puppies are on the pmend this morning after found pband oned in a box. pa good samaritan found the uppies on the side of the road plast week. pnow their infections are healing pand their fur is growing back. uppies have three weeks of precovery time. pafterwards they'll be fixed, pmicro chipped and then put up pfor adoption. pi'm sure the little guys will phave no trouble finding a home. pflorida's python challenge ends pon valentine's day. p95 snakes have been caught and pit's a new record. pnon native pythons have infested pthe everglades and are a threat pto other wildlife. pwhoever catches the most or
6:45 am
pmacdill is honoring the airmen ptoday. pthey were a group of all black ilots and our airmen. pthey were found in 1941. pafrican-americans were not pallowed to fly for the u.s. pmilitary. pone of the last airmen will be pthere. plieutenant colonel george hardy pthrew 21 mig 1 1 missions in world war pii. p>>laura: thank you. ptwitter users just plain go paway. p>>russell: lauren has today's pbusiness sed lines
6:46 am
in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
6:47 am
3 3 there are some big changes coming to twitter, as the social media giant begins shedding subsribers.. p>>russell: big changes coming to ptwitter as they begin shedding psubscribers psubscribers. p>>laura: good morning to you, plauren simonetti. p>>reporter: good morning. p>>laura: twitter, a bit ugly for pstocks. p>>reporter: it is not just here pin the u.s. but globally this pmorning. pasian market is down almost 4% pin some cases. peuropean stocks are down 2% ask p3% and here in the u.s. we're plooking at a major selloff to pthe tune of 300 points on the pdow as the market reopens right pnow. pwhat is going on? pglobal economy is slowing down. p13 year low $26 a barrel oil. pdivergent central bank policies pon interest rates, sweden cuts pmore. pjanet yellin said we might keep praising them. pwe don't know.
6:48 am
pstarted with. ptwitter has gotten involved, pright? p>>reporter: they'll start giving pyou tweets on the time line pbased on relevance, which ptwitter thinks is the most pimportant to you. pin the next couple of days, you pmight see this change. pyou can opt out of it and turn pit off but i guess twitter pdoesn't want us to miss out. pthey reported their earnings pyesterday, terrible. pthey lost subscribers. pinstagram, facebook, everyone is pgaining subscribers. ptwitter is gaining them. pi have a question. phow are they going to know what pwhat tweets i want to save? pthey're so random. p>>russell: i don't know. pi don't know. pokay. p>>laura: other story of the p>>reporter: i'm excited. p>>russell: i am, too. pi saw this.
6:49 am
p>>reporter: crazy good or crazy pbad? p>>russell: crazy good. p>>reporter: all right. pwell, later this month, burger pking coming out $2 a classic pgrilled hot dog and the one with pchili cheese for $2.29. pthat sounds good to me. pbut i don't know. phot dog at a whopper place? p>>russell: let me just say this. pyou're in new york. pyou can get a hot dog anywhere pyou want any time. p>>reporter: that's true. pany street corner. p>>russell: i can't. p>>laura: that's true. p>>russell: i have an easier way pto buy them. p>>laura: unless you go to a pbaseball game or football game. p>>reporter: do you have nathan's phot dogs? p>>russell: at the grocery store. pi can't think of a hot dog place phere. pi'm going to hear from them peventually. pwe don't have hot dogs peverywhere. p>>reporter: now you're going to pget them at burger king.
6:50 am
pour reporters, mel's hot dog but pit's a drive. p>>reporter: chili cheese, right? p>>russell: always. psee you later. pdon't miss lauren on our sister pnetwork. pif you're not sure where to find pfox business network in your parea, go to fox pfinder pfinder. pso sorry, anjuli davis. pwe plugged them. p>>laura: here's some news that pharry potter fans have been pwaiting for. pj.k. rowling is set to release a pnew book called harry potter and pthe cursed child. pbased on a play that sets debut pjuly 30 in london. pwe don't want to give too much paway but the story picks up pwhere the series left off. pharry is a husband and father of pthree struggles with his past as phis youngest son struggles with pthe weight of his family legacy. pit's set to be released add
6:51 am
p>>russell: homecoming on pamerican idol as winners and pfinalists from the past return, pthey were there to give their pexperience to two dozen singers pnow competing on show. p12 of the top 24 contestants ptook the stage wednesday night erforming solo numbers in front pof a live audience for the first ptime and it's tougher than it plooks. p>> a little bit shaken up but i lowed through the performance pand i took my time and tried to pdo it as best i could. p>> i was like, my gosh. pit's almost show time. poh, my gosh. pokay. p>>russell: the contestants will pteam up for duets tonight right phere on fox 13. pthe judges hope the singers make puse of all of the mentors' padvice. p>>laura: season one winner kelly pclarkson is sharing her latest roject. pshe's written a children's book.
6:52 am
p19-month-old daughter. pthe idea came about from the padventures she shared with her pdaughters on tour and even wrote pa lullaby to accompany the book pbut you won't be able to buy it puntil the fall. priver rose and the lullaby comes pout in october. pit is becoming a super sore psubject. pat 7:00 a musician who says that pthe super bowl has to be smarter pabout who it picks for the phalf-time show. p>>russell: and a little boy has phis bicycle stolen from in front pof his school. phow the pinellas park police pdepartment came to the rescue. p>>laura: and then a love story pthat started with a rescue. pand a horrific story that ended pwith romance. p>> this feeling that i was pfeeling was not just because it pwas somebody that helped save pme. pit's really i have feelings for pthis man. p>>laura: love stories are
6:53 am
pit will bring you to tears, stay pin your heart forever and it's pahead at 7:00. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru
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