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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 ((russell is the wait worth the risk..? doctor jo joi pis weight worth the risk dr. jo pjoins us to talk about a women pwaiting longer to have babies pand whether 35 is still that pmagic number. p>> and, long p>> trust me, it does feel a plittle colder that that outside. pbecause for some reason, we jump
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pany anyway 41 in brandon 38 it pwesley chapel 37 in lakeland. pat least brooksville finally pgone above freezing. pi do expect to see a bigger pjump, i think in temperatures pgoing into the 9 o'clock hour. oint is, grab your jackets. pit's cold, and in some cases when we get cold.. we can come inside.. p [i cap drop ] p>> when we get cold we will just pcome inside a little sea 3
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pon tuesday they brought in a 12 psea turtles on wednesday, 11 robably more today considering phow cold it is out here this pmorning. pkeep in mind that most of sea pturtles actually keep in mind pturtles are actually reptiles. pthey assume temperatures of penvironment around them ptemperatures drop, it puts cold pstun.
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traffic is being diverted. not really, a big back up we're seeing. but probably going to be a pain in neck if you head that way and have to turn around. so, probably want to take waters. or you can take less jammed if you take that by the way. a disabled bus we're watching busch boulevard westbound before nebraska avenue one lanics blocked. you could see minor delays heading that way. to a develop story now 8:04. two teens, two guns, two scary situation for hillsborough county school district. first, plant high school was put on a modified lockdown after tampa police got a call about a vague threat on campus. police searched parking lot and school. they found a gun. ammunition, and a knife in a carta belonged to 18-year-old stratton patterson. an avid hunter and member of the hunting club.
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honest mistake he went hunting and forget to take everything out of his car it doesn't matter in end he is still being charged with a two counts of possession of a firearm on school property. and remember there is zero tolerance policy. the other incident happened earlier in morning on school bus. the detectives say a 18-year-old jamar cuss sims was on a bus headed to a brandon alternative school when another student saw him load a nine millimeter handguns. he hid the gun and ski mask a few seats behind bus driver. witness texted a relative that a called 911 that call led to a deputy to sims and weapon. he's now facing two charges of marijuana possession and weapons charges. >> 8:05. to maryland a man shoots and kills two deputies in cold blood we're learning shooter had warrant out for his arrest in central florida. it all happened a busy shopping center in hartford county north baltimore. one deputies was shot in head middle of busy restaurant.
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out with a gunman identified 67-year-old david evans. evans was later skilled. he had an outstanding warrants in maryland and florida. flags will be flown half staff across maryland in honor of those two veteran deputies. >> after nearly five days on run a fugitive accused of trying to run over a pasco county sheriff's deputy is behind bars williams arrested yesterday seminole county last saturday investigators say deputies tried to arrest him on multiple known charges. that's when he put car in reverse and accelerated toward one of them. got away. he's currently being held in seminole county jail. the deputy was not hurt. this appears to glass art from the chihuly mystery but the reappearance is just a boggling. someone boxed up sculpture and left it outside the arts center a day after it disappeared. well, surveillance video shows to another man.
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man sending next to limb mo was not any any trouble police want to talk to him and hope he can the link link to to whoever stole al sculpture appear childs bike was stolen right in front of his cool but all wasn't lost. some officers got to go to help replace it. that this morning good day good deed he got quite surprise and his bike was gone. well some officers heard what happened and decided to help. yesterday the pinellas park community policing unity donated some new wheels to help him get around and restore a little faith. they were even on hand to watch them take it for a spin. >> a little love without all that sugar. we have healthier alternatives for your little valentine's day. what this man is accused of a doing and why he may not be smiling so much after he's caught. first charley belcher stopping to smell the, what are you smelling? >> or kids? or kids.
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yeah orchids all the time. shelby garden ares sarasota. a cool thing about orchids they come in so many different shapes and sizes or smells or odors. we do the smelling they do odoring. there's another example of orchid right there. really just now setting up the show. right there behind us setting up the show. it doesn't start until sunday. valentine's day.
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orchids we will get welcome back. you know that time of year when our kids are trading valentine's with they come home and on a sugar high. this morning we have some treat ideas that still full of fun but also healthier. plus, you can make them with your kids. okay. so first up, who doesn't love goldfish, right? that's fill up baggy that is i'm
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like, hook, line or sink other or you're a great catch. probably less expensive than buying bags of candy too. >> yeah. and the best part about this is there some creative ways to put it a little more fun. good for us parents when we try toic keep it fresh. how about speaking of fresh, some fresh fruit bananas for you. >> yeah. you're the apple of my eye. >> right? >> that's very cute. we make a great pair. >> we'd been grape together. grape together. that one is really great. i like that. you can also fill baggies with trail mix salty and sweet treat for the kids. oh, and they are saying that you can write what do we have here you're a trail blazer. that's clever. but for older valentine's i'm hot on your trail. >> see. make a little steamy. some popcorn, fill some bags up with the popcorn, for valentine's day party at your
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i just take a picture and sent to jim. surprise your valentine on sunday night while you're watching a movie. a great way to surprise him and i love you corn ball. all right. last week. buy though little cups of apple sauce we're having prompter issues, but yes. apple sauce, add a note for i don't valentine's day you're awesome sauce. i've heard term but i never would have thought it with apple sauce. very cute. you kids are going what? what are the m & ms in the trail mix. you can sneak in some heel kneeier stuff make them laugh. maybe make they will roll their healthy stuff. all right. we will get over to dave right now with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. i'd be afraid the kid would throw the it back at me. there's that. >> that is cute. usf marine science camera showing just a brilliant
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and i mean, we need all the sunshine we can get this morning. because it is so chilly. it just looks cold. tampa cam, when we have clear skies and temperatures this morning starting their recovery and lakeland, got down to mid 30s. and i'll bet, many people waking up in the trying to do a little bit of that frost scraping off the windshield. which will take care of itself soon by the way there cans degrees still in new tampa. 37 in plant city. 41 in westchase. 45 in palm harbor. notice right around freezing mark still, brooksville, to inverness crystal river. they spent several hours or slightly below 32 degrees this morning up in citrus county. low to mid 40s from bradenton southward through inglewood. again still stubborn 30s. bartow 34. haines city at 39. sebring at 39 degrees as well. we will continue to frost
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as freeze warning for hernando citrus and sumter counties. i expect and typically during good day, during eight and 9 o'clock a bit of a bump, jump up if you will in temperatures. so it should be nice. that will be it. as far as the real cold, cold stuff goes. we're going to have chilly mornings. but we will start a warming trend. and start it today. yesterday's high were only in the upper 50s. we were some like 14 degrees below normal yesterday for high temperatures. today. but with full sunshine, high pressure in control, north northeast winds at least we make it back up into the mid 60s. a tons of sunshine and 64 for a high this afternoon. tonight, starry skies, jacket weather again. it won't quite as cold as tomorrow morning. but 48 degrees in tampa area. lower 40s inland and north. and more sunshine, what a great friday afternoon we have for you. got high temperature running close to 69 degrees for a high temperature.
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and enjoy it. we still have a bit of a rip current issue. winds and seas are calming down to point where i can actually put light chop for today. i like that upper 60s for highs friday, saturday and sunday. we make it to lower 70s. then it looks like some rain comes through monday into tuesday. good morning, vanessa. good morning, dave new crash we're following with lane blockage in minor delays. you'll want to plan maybe a couple extra minutes here north 56 the street and sligh avenue in tampa. as i mentioned before nothing serious in the way of delays. but we're seeing some slow downs all directions through that intersection. speaking of slow downs it a little a little bit slow i-4 westbound 75 to 275 in red here an 18 minute ride we've lighten back ozone 14 minutes for fletcher in pinellas county area along 275, 21 minutes is your ride if you're coming from 175 heading across the howard franklin bridge.
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facing the real possibility of a brokered convention. where no candidate has enough delegates to win the nomination. coming up at 9 we're going to talk political an analyst craig patrick about what would happen in that case. fun to watch. fun to watch. and a nature at its most awesome. daddy long legs takes on one most poisonous snakes in world. we'll show you pictures of the spiders. then roses are red, vial et cetera are blue. but don't forget orchids which comes in every hue. you like that? i like it charley shows off gorgeous colorful flowers coming up next.
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look at that you have one of those 3 d tvs at home enjoy. did anybody buy those? i think a few people did. >> was that an 80s thing. flooe d tvs they are popular for like three months. i'm charley belcher sell bee gardens to be exact getting ready for orchid show that kicks
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goes through march 27th. we're talking within gel assistant director of horticulture. this guy that knows everything about every plant here. 20 thousand different plants. and you know about all of them. you were one that explained to me we get vanilla from an orchid or didn't know that i look really smart on tv because of you angel. and actually we call a vanilla bean, it's a pod, a seed pod. particles we love on our desserts, that's their seeds. that's pretty cool. from an orchid. we will talk about a couple different varieties. because i mean, it's almost endless. exactly that. exactly that. what is this i have in my hand here? sweet scent or baby a lot of people call it smells exactly like chocolate. it does smell like chocolate. does it taste like chocolate?
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can you eat orchids you definitely can. flowers of orchids are definitely edible. >> like a scratch and sniff. >> you can do it. scratch and sniff i would try to taste it, never tasted like what it smelled like. no, not at all. people will be should beed to find out that tiny little thing is an orchid. cool part about orchid family diversity. this is a jewel orchid. very small little orchid from belize. a huge name for a small plant that amazing floral arrangements. very small, miniature. actual orchid is bloom the whole thing is flower. right.
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perfect example of an epphyte. and, it can >> what that means if in last hour we talked about epphyte it goes on something else without hurting it. that's whan epphyte. >> selfie wall. flower shovels evolved like everything else in society today heaven forbid we don't have selfie wall. we've althoughed of fun from it being blank and lush orchids. what kind of orchid that is? >> very common 234 our trade. a great indoor plant. you don't have greenhouse a type of orchid that you want to grow in ror house. how about these? >> amazing. what's that called. grow. they require a lot of water a little higher light. but, you know you can do it especially here in florida. especially here in southwest florida. you know what i keep thinking about the poor people that are
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segment because they are live typing closed captioning. and, going to be hard. i know. we should throw out. oops. turn on your closed captioning at home. they do a great job by the way service. so sorry we're making it rough on you today. angel thank you very much. orchid show starts this sunday, valentine's day goes through march 27th. plenty more to explore. and we have a good day in the garden. >> just so you know i looked, it says blah blah blah. they hate me. they say that for most of my segments. and belcher goes on and on and on. we'll see you later. okay. all right. brush up on your latin. career first baby later. more women or make that choice. coming up 8:45 dr. jo will talk about whether 35 is really consider ad high risk age any
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. well you probably busy with your taxes right now. it that time of year but scammers are busy too waiting to pounce on your refund. polk county sheriff's office warning us about a scam. it appears to be pretty widespread throughout the bay area. shayla reeves has that for us right now. russell. already the polk county sheriff's office is receiving complaints about those irs telephone scams. irs described them a sophisticated aggressive target taxpayers and recent immigrants. so right now i'm here with carrie here with polk county sheriff's office. can you talk a little bit about some the signs that people should look for if they receive one of these calls? >> first of and foremost we're reminding residents that irs never ever makes phone calls or emails anyone about their taxes pep communicate only via u.s. mail.
8:24 am
of scam. in these kinds of situation law enforcement would never give you call on behalf of irs. that's another scam. and that's another commonality between irs scam and other scams where you're being threatened by law enforcement to pay up or you have a warrant issued for your arrest. and these scammer, as irs mentioned sophisticated aggressive some of the things they may utilize as far as tactics include using fake names or even fake irs badge numbers >> correct. also, they are able to a spoof phone numbers so it looks like coming into your phone from the irs or from a government agency. so that's you know, one indication we've always told people unknown number be ware. that doesn't apply any more they are sophisticated they are spoofing real numbers. they are giving out what people think are badge numbers. irs names, even your the last four of your social. and in addition to that, you may get some bogus emails or even in some cases they might use background noise to imitate some
8:25 am
to give you the impression this is a legitimate phone call. right. we always tell people, you know first you never give out personal information over the phone. you senl don't send money to anybody you don't know. some someone being aggressive that's biggest red flag there is nobody should aggressively trying to get them to send you money. some things quickly before we go that, that call recipients are threatened with anything from jail time to your driver license being revoked deportation sometimes suspension of a business licenses, correct? >> correct. and they use all kinds of aggressive scare tactics to try to get money out of people. unfortunately sometimes elderly do fall prey to those we're telling residents to remind elderly relatives about the scams too. sometimes they are not on social media they this see warning we all right thank you so much for your time. again if you become the victim of this type of scam or you're concerned that someone you know might have been a victim of an irs scam of course report this information to the irs or
8:26 am
good advice this morning thank you, shayla. new this morning u.s. customs officials want to warn you about a new something willing scheme criminals are conning elderly people into trafficking drugs to other countries. but drewing mules have no idea whatter this doing. officials say they were contacted through social media and telemarketing with promises of inheritance or business opportunity. and they are told they need to meet with the lawyer in a different country. then ask to take seemingly harmless items like picture frames, wooden hangers or chocolates. those items actually have meth cocaine, ecstacy and heroin packed inside. and investigators have stopped nearly 150 elderly people from unknowingly trafficking these drugs. but they belief that more than 30 victims are behind bars overseas because of this scheme. one of the victims was a 74-year-old man from lakeland. he spent 18 months in a new zealand jail before being released.
8:27 am
name may be distinguishing feature that gets him arrest. surveillance caught him very clearly stealing from a walmart. take look at your screen. you can see what we mean. police say that on february 2nd he walked into a walmart on cypress boulevard picked up a laptop took it into a different department, and out of the box and some point he puts his hair up in ponytail changing his look a little bit and left the store with laptop he got into white chevy truck with black utility rack and he took off. crime stoppers is offering reward for his capture. 8:32. university mall taking a unique approach to get you to shop. creating multi media live theater production. think of it as traveling marketing campaign. called michelangelo. titans experience museum exhibition and performance. that's title. it will start at the mall on february cents. marketing company behind it hopes the production will attract larger crowds to the mall. and down found tampa about to
8:28 am
a ground breaking ceremony for a new 23-story apartment tower will take place in few showers. have an about 360 apartment units and about eight thousand square feet of street level retail. also an 8 story amenity deck with pool and garden. the developer first filed permits over a year and a half ago. but they were they had to work through some environmental issues. disney is magical world. but it is an about to step it up. the theme park is trying to take its light shows one step further. with drones. fox 13 walter allen is here now to explain. hey walter. good morning there laura. what do you think they could possibly think of to make their night shows more magical? what about making them come to life? they hope to create huge puppet-like shows by using a drone as a projector. company just filed patent for a drones that would beam light and perform acrobatics during night time events.
8:29 am
drones project images on to gigantic screens. basically creating massive puppets. disney says hopes new entertainment will be a safe and innovative addition to it's guest experience. disney applied with f.a.a. at the end of october as part of application the company sent in a list of rules that it would have to follow but the drones still haven't gotten the green light by the f.a.a. back to you. all right walter, thank you. here's story that proves that a little bit of love and care goes a long way. >> you may remember us telling you about that box of puppies week. puppies are doing much better they could ready for their forever homes soon. remember puppies were dropped off hillsborough humane society. shelter workers believe puppies may have been in distress for weeks. severely malnourished mange, skin disease. but the humane society says they are now healing. this hair is growing back.
8:30 am
adoption within the next month. i think this will come as no surprise to you here and good day tampa bay love our animals. some, jen, throw birthday parties for our pets. dress them up. and they even feed them better than we feed ourselves. that would be me. but where did you draw the line? here's the question. do you allow your 3e9s to share your bed with you? anyone. anyone? >> no the any more. i would if i could. recent study forever center for sleep medicine they had the answer. listen to, they said 150 sleep patients found that half of them allow their pets to sleep in the bedroom. and one in five describe their pets being disruptive. but many more, 41 percent say their pets were unobtrusive evan beneficial to their sleep. researchers found having pet nearby helped them feel relax sense of security and helps them
8:31 am
we set pet nearby we didn't necessarily say pet in bed. some things to consider size of the pet number of pets and size of your bed. hygiene, of course make sure your pets are clean and a flea free before you let them in between the sheets. could. let them be right there with me. not any more. >> we had a big lab, dude. i sleep better when they are in bed with me. i do. i do. something about it. you've got smaller pups. but they snore like truck drivers. doesn't bother me. sometimes you get big dogs, they just like sprawl out like the bed is theirs you're sleeping like this. off. >> 8:36. just, just jumped to 41 degrees in crystal river. finally getting above that freezing mark in earnest, brooksville 33. 43 in wesley chapel. you see as we beginning to bump these temperatures up, the air is very dry.
8:32 am
we have a wall to wall sunshine, so it's not going to take long to get these temperatures back to upper 50s by noon time today. then eventually, into the mid 60s for high this is afternoon. now, if you think about that, you think 65 degrees, what a great day. that's still below normal for this time of year. we will get back there eventually. but at least today, going to be a seasonably cool side but nicer than yesterday. 5 to 7 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time, but the air is so dry, and that's the one good thing about the dry air is it warms up very quickly. and that's why you're going to see these 40s quickly jump into the 50s and 60s. now, dry air also koolgs off quickly. so once the sun goes down tonight, guess what? the temperatures start to drop quickly again. we'll finish off in the 40s. you have done it, we've gotten through the coldest night that we have over the next seven
8:33 am
so now just start to time to warm things up a little bit. 64 degrees with tons and tons of sunshine. granted, we're going to chilly tonight. we're going to below normal back in the 40s. but nobody's really in danger of getting a freeze tonight. which is really the most important thing. we can throw some jackets on the plants can't really help when ten gets to be 32. so that good. more sunshine, warmer tomorrow with high temperature of 69 degrees. and are for the first time this week, we get out there do boating northeast winds 10 knots. with light chop expected on coastal waters. we head to about 69, 70 degrees tomorrow. and saturday and sunday. so again, that warming trend continues through the weekend. clouds are coming in on monday with chance of rain monday night into tuesday. that's the way it is set up. but again after this morning nothing crazy as far as temperatures go. looks pretty decent. all right dave, thank you. right now skyfox overhead in pinellas county. right now they are checking out a crash along keen road near
8:34 am
and you can see it is blocking some lanes involving a few vehicles here. looks like just the left lane is passing. also, in the opposite direction, we're also seeing some lane flock age which would explain why we're seeing northbound and southbound delays. if you have to head that way give yourself a few extra minutes. looks certainly like backing up in that area reports of debris in road u.s. 19 state road 580. just keeping out if you're heading northbound for that center lane. we're out in good day garden. david is here organic really important today, warned me that we're going to geek out about at soil. right? >> that's it. but this is a very important process in an organic garden. >> that's right. so, in an organic garden, our plants are dependent on
8:35 am
they are dependent on live healthy bio diverse soil. what that means we're talking about microbes funguses beneficial bacteria that are in charge of feeding the plants. inorganics in plant foods and organic fertilizer we're adding to garden or not in form that the plants can digest can get to. use it they can't get to it. so if you have grocery at home and didn't have any cooking utensil and refrigerator is locked up. food there is but you can't access it. microbes in soil that actually breakdown and then reassemble the organics that we've adding to the garden to feed to our plants. you need to have that happen so you can have good and healthy organic garden. that's right. that's right. and then, in return, what the plants do is they, if people don't know this already, plants are unique and that they can
8:36 am
so they make sugar 32s u photosynthesis. what most people don't know is most of those sugars are pushed down into the soil to feed microbe so they have energy to get plant food and they feed it back to plant. fur adisney fan that's the circle of life. right there. now how do i know if i have an organic garden if everything going like it supposed to? how do you know? some good indicators are a few things. so, first of all, those microbes things you can't see growing and dying and growing and growing and dying. one byproducts of that is this dark color. a good dark colored soil. correct. good dark colored soil. hold on i will go over here and get some that may not be so good. we're going to do a comparison, if you will. a not more sand a lot less or
8:37 am
this, this is definitely darker. and it's actually a lot more spongy. feel it. let's see fibbing appeal the difference. oh totally you can completely feel the difference. >> right. right. a lot of people complain about sugar sand i say not that bad, it a good starting spot to the begin to build good soil even if our soil a good amount of sand in it. so can you take sugar sand and have it become sand? organic matter but you have to make sure it's alive. so, another good indicator is also smell. it's going to have a nice earthy strong smell. those are good indicators that you at least one time had good healthy soil. it's not a fully good indicator if a bag soil you bought it could have been alive at one time and all all the microbes have died. okay. all right.
8:38 am
try to explain what an organic garden needs in order to be successful. and remember, we're talking organic garden. that's right. conventional gardens use fertilizers that are already in form that plants can use they are not a dependent on having live soil. in organics the key just to sum it up about having bio diverse live soil. nicely done.
8:39 am
not too geek. 35, that's what we've heard for years the magic age for high risk pregnancies. that was 30 years ago. and women are waiting longer to get pregnant. so should that number change too? fox 13 medical editor dr. jo is here to talk about it. good morning dr. jo. good morning. times are changing women are putting priority on their education and their careers. they are putting a family on hold and then when they want a baby they really want it. they will go to any extreme to have a baby. what are some of the, what some of the factors that contribute to a high risk pregnancy? so many things it doesn't matter what your age is these factors are going to include things like high blood pressure, kidney disease. diabetes. obesity is also probably kind of in there because of the diabetes.
8:40 am
sickle cell. medications drug use. i mean, this really is there are so many different things that could put you into that high risk realm. which makes it once again i have to say this again, so important to go see your doctor before you get pregnant see if you can you start. not just risk to the mother. absolutely. and that also will catapult you into that high risk group. so if there's a concern that that child is not going to be either genetically normal or going oh to have difficulty during that pregnancy. there's increase risk of still birth. you know, it's or if they are changes in pregnancy like placenta, if wrong spot or growing into the uterus, i mean a multitude of things that may change you from a normal risk pregnancy to high risk pregnancy. unfortunately a lot of those things are more prevalent after age 35. as we get older. so is 35 the magic age?
8:41 am
i mean just in your medical opinion, is 35, it any later than 35 too late to the have a baby? i would never say too late. i think that is really a strong thing to say. but when we look at advanced maternal age kind of that medical term it starts around age 35. now the reason it started at age 35 had to do with down syndrome. so now we're looking a chromosomal abnormality that eggs. so that, that age of 35 was when there was kind of a, neutralization of risk amniocentesis and risk of down syndrome. where that 35 imagine being number came. if you look really along the spectrum when you look at ages your risk is going to increase with every year. now, i did read something that was really striking which after age 37 or so, the number of eggs you have actually, the that you lose, starts to double every
8:42 am
so remember as those eggs change. as they get older, then you have more chance for those chromosomal abnormalities what they are. better testing then there ever has to be know these kind of things i was telling you my best friend 39 that is pregnant they flagged her for everything thing slightly concern they sent her to specialist i'm exhausted. she said i stay on google i'm googles myself into a frenzy. then they said to her if you were 35 this would not be an issue because you're 39 we have to err on the side of caution for every single event. so it is scary for women. >> it is scary for them. but we are seeing more and more successful pregnancies. there has been a push also to have women consider freezing their eggs. so you have younger eggs. a younger age. also, we have to think about the fathers. you know they are not really
8:43 am
we're seeing things that happen overtime where there are changes within their chromosomes that they are passing on to the children as well. so yeah i know it's complicated probably not making anybody feel any better. no it's good to know. such an individual basis. it is. not the broad rule does not apply to every woman. >> no. and it sounds like, you know the older men gets, there's responsibility here. i think women feel that sole responsibility. but like you said testing is better than ever. every woman is unique. absolutely. i again i've even seen some experts now saying that men should freeze their eggs. i mean freeze their sperm, sorry. >> they should freeze their sperm. at very young age. i saw one expert do it around age 18. so i mean there's a lot out there. there truly is but again there better testing but then we have to make very complicated decisions. and difficult decisions. so yes. there's better tests.
8:44 am
about one of those newer tests that blood tests for women. more information than afr all right dr. jo thank you. you did help us understand. sometimes you can't be bearer of good news not all time anyway. we've got to the leave it there. so much to talk about. we need to get over to charley belcher who is at the orchid show. hey charley. yes, indeed perhaps valentine's day. forget the roses let's replace them with orchids and bring your sweetheart to sarasota to sell bee gardens where you can walk among the orchids. the orchid show begins sunday, goes through march 27th. it's not the kind of show where people are competing for ribbons. it's kind of show where away just want you to come and enjoy
8:45 am
stick around everybody. ba da ba ba ba good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a sarasota. marie selby passed away in 1971 and left the land she owned and her estate to make sure gardens could be grown. >> that's right. in perpetuity. so 40 years now, 40th anniversary celebration. this is our 40 anniversary selby gardens. good to marie selby. this is prime water front property in sarasota.
8:46 am
be condos. that was very specific why she did it. she was very into green space and understood the importance of that for people so she thought botanical garden is something sarasota needed and it has ab real treasure for us. good for her an orchid shows kicks off valentine's day and goes through march 27th. wednesday night you're doing something a little special. that's right. we're using, you know people will come in daytime to see our show and all amazing our horticulturists so done. we will come a landscape lighting system in here. we will able to enjoy live music and a special cock fail that evening to come with their sweetheart and just really relax in this lush beautiful tropical environment. that's a great idea. i love it when places like this open up after hours if you will. right. for events like that every 27th? we'll do it every week. so people have an opportunity it in.
8:47 am
garden is open at night. it's whole different experience. it is. and you talk about, when you hear or kid show you think oh a bunch of little booths and people competing for ribbons. no. no very different. sort of same name but right not an american or kid society show in that regard. this is all about selby dards. all about our horticulturalists really e. really use their talent to display orchids in floating living wall suspended in the air. of them. sleeves. and we've having at although of fun with this. i do love orchid tunnel. and again just getting started. really, ramping up the set up. oh, yeah not completely set up yet they don't kick this off until sunday. what do you think about orchid that capture so many people's hearts? well you're right. there's a mystery and a love of orchids that people instantly had from are victorian times. mysterious.
8:48 am
different than others sorts of plants that people might be familiar with. but thermage call. they are really magical. yeah. i spider one so many different varieties. all right coming up in the 9 o'clock hour he will take you a behind the scenes here at the ee where orchid are lie in waiting to be shown. and we'll give you some tips and tricks. everybody says they are easy to grow. this guy has no green thumb. i kill them every time. so how to keep our chid oos live at home. we will get t the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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