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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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keep your lasagna, old man! [laughter] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. and i'm jennifer epstein. we'll get to dave in a minute, but first... a news alert out of riverview. a truck... has crashed into a house. 3 3 this happened in the 87 hundred block of barcin circle... just south of riverview drive. and fox 13's shayla reaves is *live at the scene right now, with the latest.===(no shayla)======= not only did the 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 today in tampa: the race for the white house... comes right to our doorstep. republican frontrunner donald trump... is holding a rally at u-s-f. and he's sure to draw a huge crowd.
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still a *month away? fox 13's evan axelbank explains. 3 sophomore tyler dever is studying for the biggest show in republican politics."i can't wait to see the guy i am going to be voting for as president."grad student aria walsh-felz is prepping to protest."i do not agree with his statements, and i am an ally for everyone he is attacking."the trump show is very much in town."some of the kids who just walked by who are my friends they're going because they are excited." trump held a rally in south carolina thursday night, and even though more than a dozen other states will vote before our primary on march 15th. florida is the first winner-take-all state. a trump win would double as big blows to jeb bush and marco rubio. trump is already ahead in statewide polls."that's where he is trying to build momentum early, before rubio or bush can catch up."but rubio tried out a new one-liner in south carolina thursday, which he may, or may not, use again. "donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience."so will trump respond to that ? fox 13 political editor craig patrick says trump may bring a new version of himself: one not shy to respond, but perhaps with cleaner language."he may language, if not the coarse language, because among other will be turned off by it." likes trump because he started out as the anti-politician. he lifetime."if he does become the president, then i can say
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3 3 doors open for the trump event at five p-m...and the actual event should start at 7. tickets for the event are free, you just have to register. we have a link to sign up on our website...
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sign up for the free tickets... a reminder from the sundome: they say registration does *not guarantee entry. so get there *early... to make sure you get in. also bring some *cash with you. parking for the event costs 20 dollars ... cash only. the cost could be *higher if you have a larger vehicle. 3 and this could be a *preview of what we'll see tonight. this is the crowd that came out to see trump *last night... in baton rouge, louisiana. trump tweeted out the picture overnight. the estimated attendance: nearly ten *thousand people. that's about the same as the *capacity for the sundome. 3 3 and not *everyone is excited about donald trump's tampa visit. we know of at least *one protest already planned outside the sundome. it's called "dump the trump." it will start at four p-m... about an hour *before doors open for the event. no word yet on how *big the protest will be. a facebook invite was sent to more than a *thousand people. 3 3 the two finalists for the *democratic nomination were back on stage last night. bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off for the sixth time... this time in milwaukee... and this
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after his 22-point win in new hampshire on tuesday. 3 (walter so it was no surprise to see clinton come out swinging last night... one of the first shots she took... was at sanders' healthcare plan... where he promises universal care for all americans. she says leading economists have looked at the plan... and it's just not feasible... the numbers just don't add up:
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3 clinton said that sanders plan would throw us further into debt. clinton and sanders also handled questions about the high rate for african americans who are in jail... inequality in pay for women... and unemployment. 3 3 primary day here in florida is still more than a *month away... but the elections office in hillsborough county is getting ready *today. they are mailing out more than 93 *thousand "vote my mail" ballots to registered voters. elections officials say voting by mail is the *best way to cast your vote. if gives you extra time to research candidates... and helps you avoid lines on election day. you have until march 9th to request a "vote by mail" ballot. primary day in flroida is march 15th. 3 3 today in polk county: the school board will decide the *fate of it's superintendent. 3 kathryn leroy was the focus of an internal investigation after associate superintendent greg rivers filed *nine claims against her.
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harassment... pursuing a relationship beyond professional boundaries... and creating a hostile work environment when he declined. although leroy was cleared of board members aren't so sure. the vote on whether to *fire leroy... is set to take place at today's meeting. it starts at five p-m. 3 the city of tampa has a new plan to control the spread of the zika virus. and it starts... with the *trash. starting this weekend, the solid waste department is allowing tampa residents to dispose of *old tires* free of charge. stagnant water in old tires can become a haven for mosquitoes to breed.. residents can drop off up to *eight tires without rims at the collection facility on south 34th street.. during normal business hours. tampa residents can also place up to four tires at the curb... on their scheduled garbage days. the offer starts tomorrow... and runs for a week. 3 new this morning...pasco detectives are searching for a burglar. a man broke into the smoke shop off state road 54 in wesley chapel.
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sunday morning. you can see him smash the front glass... walk inside... and grab the register. he then puts it on the ground... stomps on it... and takes off with the cash drawer. if you have any information call the pasco county sheriff's office. 3 3 today in tampa: more than twenty couples are kicking off their valentines weekend... with a very special ceremony. u-s immigration services will hold a ceremony to make all of them u-s citizens! 22 married couples are taking part. and they will all become citizens... at the same time as their significant others. two of the couples actually celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries last year. one is from britain, the other is from india. this is the fourth time immigration officials have held this valentine's ceremony. it starts at ten a-m. 3 still ahead: leave the gun... take the canolis. how you can own a piece... of one of the *greatest movies of all time. 3 plus: is the crisis *finally coming to an end? a new deal... to bring peace to syria. and how *soon it could start. 3 3 3 3 3 break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. 3 topping world news today: a big breakthrough, with the crisis in syria. u-s secretary of state john kerry says a *ceasefire has finally been put into motion. 3 following talks in munich... secretary kerry says diplomats from the u-s, russia and other countries have agreed to start working with syrian parties to begin the cease-fire process. it's expected to go into *full effect sometime next week. the countries have also agreed to increase and expand humanitarian aid.. for syrians in hard-hit areas. a working group will start meeting in switzerland *immediately.. to oversee that aid process. 3 today in taiwan... a memorial for the victims of a deadly earthquake. the country's president attended the service... offering flowers and shaking hands with relatives. at least 94 people died in the quake... most from a collapsed apartment tower. the executives that *built that
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charges, for shoddy construction. as many as 40 people are still *missing... in the rubble of that tower. 3 here in america... a police officer in georgia has *died, following a shooting at an apartment complex. several officers were trying to serve a warrant in riverdale... just outside of atlanta. a suspect ran out a door and *shot officer "greg barney". the officer *wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest. he was rushed to the hospital... but he died from his wounds late last night. officer barney was a 25 year veteran of the force. 3 in ohio... another scary confrontation for police. officers had to shoot and kill a man... who was attacking people at a shopping center... with a machete. it happened in columbus. police say the man stormed into a restaurant and started stabbing people at random. four people were hurt... one with *critical injuries. officers chased the attacker. when he lunged at them, they opened fire. 3 and in boston: an auction... you can't refuse. a massive collection of papers from "godfather"
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boxes include multiple drafts and revisions of both his novel... and the screenplay for the oscar-winning film. even letters he wrote to director francis ford coppola and actor marlon brando. one highlight: you can see how puzo made the film's most famous line... even better. there was originally another line of dialogue after the godfather said: "im gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." but puzo crossed out the *next line... to give it a bigger impact. the auction takes place, next thursday. 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 still ahead this hour: cover concerns. why one group wants to "cover up" the next issue of sports illustrated. 3 plus: ready to get *rowdie this weekend? a look at several fun sporting events you can check out in
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3 3 in sports this morning: football season is over... and baseball season is still *weeks away. but that doesn't mean the bay area can't enjoy our *other sports this weekend. including... the most popular sport in the world... soccer! 3 we have a pretty *good professional soccer team, in our own backyard. and tomorrow... the tampa bay rowdies kick off the preseason at home. the 2016 club has a lot of new faces, and those new faces will get a good test this spring against some top notch major league soccer talent. and it starts saturday night... whey
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team's in the country... "d-c united". but the players say... they're ready for the challenge: 3 the rowdies- dc united pre-season game begins at seven tomorrow at al lang st tickets start at just 15 dollars for adults... ten dollars for kids. 3 you could also have fun with tampa bay's *hockey team tomorrow. the tampa bay lightning are hosting its third 3 annual "hockey day in tampa bay.:" it's an all day party at the amalie arena starting at nine a-m. it includes a 30 team *street hockey tournament on thunder
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inside and watch an all-star game... and see the bolts practice, for sunday's game. players from the u-s *womens olympic hockey team will also be on hand. they may even bring their gold medals. tickets cost just five dollars... and that *all goes to charity. (and i'll be *live 3 at the arena later this morning... to find out more about it) 3 and the tampa bay *rays have some fun events planned this weekend too. it starts on saturday... when the team hosts a free t-ball clinic, just for parents and coaches. you can get one- on-one training from the rays staff. and then on sunday... it's "play ball day" at the trop. families can come out for a whole bunch of kid-friendly events. there's bounce houses, stilt walkers, face-painting, jugglers... and the kids can even learn some baseball skills. and the first one *thousand kids will get a free rays superhero cape t-shirt. both events... completely
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3 when we come 3 back, i'll have another check on your friday forecast. 3 plus... it won't matter what the *weather is like... it will still be a *lovely weekend. so how are you spending this valentine's day with your date? up next, from safaris.. to space.
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happenings.... that 3 3 3 ((dave)) 3
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3 3 3 love is in the air this weekend... all over the bay area. so how will you be spending valentine's day... with your sweetheart? well this morning we have plenty of hot happenings, to help plan your date night. 3 if you're looking for a really *fun date this weekend... head to ybor city on saturday night. the annual sant'yago illuminated
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again. the parade will feature more than 100 illuminated floats, marching bands, krewes and their royalty. the tampa bay rays and big brothers big sisters will lead the parade. and the cuban club is hosting an after party. all the festivities kick off at 7 p-m tomorrow... on seventh avenue. 3 or... if you're looking to make some "out of this world" dinner plans... head to mosi. the science museum is hosting a love-themed dinner event, called "total eclipse of the heart". you can enjoy a dinner set to love songs underneath the dome... where you can see a changing sky that takes you to the most romantic cities in the world. there are two seatings saturday and sunday one at 5:30 and another at 8:30. it's gonna cost you 120-dollars per couple. 3 or if you want a really *wild valentines date... head to busch gardens this weekend. the park is offering a valentine's night safari. they're calling it love on the wild side. couples can travel through the park's edge of africa in the dark and see all the animals. then cozy up around a bonfire with drinks, appetizers and desserts. guests must be
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cost you 250-dollars a couple. 3 and for those *younger couples... this could be the perfect valentine's weekend. the pop group "r-5" is in concert saturday night at ruth eckerd hall. they call themselves r-5, because they're five siblings... and all their names start with "r." they take the stage at 7 saturday night... tickets start at 33-dollars. and the entire night is staying in the family, their younger brother ryland is their opening act. 3 still ahead in our next half hour: we continue to follow a developing story in riverview... where a truck has crashed into a house. fox 13's shayla reaves is *live at the scene right now,
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