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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 ((vanessa// maps/cams pwelcome back oh to 9 o'clock our pof good day tampa bay. pa traffic alert for drivers just pwaking up with us, this a live pskyfox shot over the downtown pinterchange. p275 ats i-4. pwe've following the deadly crash pfor the past few hours at this oint. pstill seeing the same lane pblockage. pthat does include the downtown pexits coming coming off 275. pcompletely shut down as crews pwork to wrap up not only the pinvestigation into how two eople died here in this wreck pbut also, clearing the scene and pgetting vehicles out of the way. pright now we're watching merge phere 275 and i-4 looking a bit pslow heading into interchange.
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pthat we're seeing. pand here's an even more detailed plook at some of the speeds and pdelays we're seeing heading in pto the interchange. psouthbound 275, continues to see pthe worst delays. pwe're seeing them actually pbacking up solidly to will mlk pat this point. pdrivers will want to exit 275 at pthis point. pyou can either take nebraska, ptampa street or if you're pheading further south, maybe ptrying to get to howard franklin pbridge you can reenter 275 at pdale mabrey or armenia. pmeantime drivers coming i-4 pwestbound should exit selman pconnector and take selman the prest of the way into tampa. pi know there's more information pwe've got to get to regarding pthis crash. plet's get back to laura. pall right vanessa, thank you. pas she just mentioned two people pare dead after the wrong-way pcrash on a-4 ramp to two 75. plet's get straight to aaron pmesmer who has new mfgs in this pinvestigation. pgood morning, aaron. p>> hey good morning laura. pthat new information is just pheart breaking.
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pneither of the drivers in this pcrash were wearing their pseatbelts. pwe can tell at least one of pthose drivers was thrown from pthe vehicle. pi want to zoom in from where we pare here. pvanessa mentioned clean up and pinvestigation are well under pway. pyou can see right over there, pthat troopers are trying to get pthat car ready to get put on to pa tow truck. pthat gold sedan, that's the one pthat troopers say caused the pcrash. plet's show you some video that pwas shot earlier from overhead. pwhat you can see there, is just phow bad this was. pwhat this impact was like. pshortly after it happened. pas i mentioned that gold sedan pwas driving northbound in pdowntown west ashley drive exit pramp from i 275 south reponderance the silver suv, pthat you can maybe see on its pside there, that's the one that pwas going the correct direction. pthey collided head-on. pthe gold car spun out. pyou can see it ended up facing ptoward i 275.
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psilver suv flipped on to its pside. pshow you ground video for just a pcloser up look what it looked plike when we got here around p7 o'clock this morning. pand it was just an awful, awful pscene. plot of investigators out here ptrying to figure out exactly pwhat happened. psergeant steve the with florida phighway patrol public pinformation officer. phe's the one we just spoke to. phe tells us right now what pinvestigators are looking into pis whether any alcohol was pinvolved. pquestion a lot of people have pwhen they hear about something plike this. pwe spoke about this kwoo it a pbit these crashes last year pseveral times. pand gaskins even mentioned that pas i talked to him he said that pis going to the first thing they plook at. palthough going to take a little pbits of time toxicology reports. pthey got to do autopsy before pthey can get that information pback. pso it's going to be some time pbefore we know that information. pwe're hoping though maybe by the pend of the day some time this pafternoon, to at least have the ptwo victims names so we can get pthem out. pbut again, the heart breaking pinformation about this along pwith the fact that two people
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pthem laura were wearing their pseatbelt. pall right aaron, thank you. pthen this, a school bus has been prear ended by a car on sykes pboulevard in lakeland. pthis picture was sent to us by a pstudent on the bus. pand the picture there is he's plooking at the emergency exit. pat the car that's wedged right punderneath the bus. pyou can see a little clear now. paccording to polk county school pboard 53 kids were on bus headed pto scott lake elementary. pthere are no injuries to the pkids. pwe want to stress that. phowever, we are told by a parent pthat some parents are taking ptheir kids to the hospital to be pchecked out just as a recaution. pthe driver of the car is pinjured. pand was taken to local hospital. panother bus is on the way now to ptake the rest of the kids to pschool. pand it is a busy friday morning phere on good day tampa bay. pnot a good way to start the day. pi'm laura moody. pi'm russell rhodes. poutside with dave. preally, really nice outside this pmorning. pit's weird to think fwt kind of pweather they are about to have
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pwe're not going to have not pgoing to impact us at all. pwhat we're talking about is laces like boston will wake up psunday morning to 25 below pwindchills 30 broe windchills in arts of upstate new york. pwe'reing going to be here 70 pdegrees all weekend. pit's lovely. pit is. pyou used two reallies which pmeans it is nice out. pyou two really, really nices. psometimes you only use one. pwhen i use 3, watch out. psouth winds at six miles an phour. plook temperatures how fast we pwarm up. pclearwater already at 60 pdegrees. pwe're heading back to the upper p60s for the next couple of days. pthere are rain early next week. pi want to touch on that coming pup in a little bit. p>> a budget, a budget. pthat is the only thing the pflorida legislature has to do pduring the session. ponly thing it is legally prequired to accomplish. pbut whether the house and senate pcan agree on one, is a different
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pright now there are competing pbudget. phouse pass ad budget that pinclude as tax cut package. pit doesn't look like senate pwants to cut taxes that much. psenate president tomorrow lee psaid it would be fiscally pirrelevant spoonl to pass pbillion dollar tax cut package. pso what's in the house tax cut lan? pthere would a ten-day back to pcool sales tax holiday. pand one day sales tax holidays pon computer action cell phones, prifles, tents, fishing supplies. pbut the biggest break would go pto businesses that rent. pthey would see a big reduction pin the amount of taxes charged pto them. pgovernor scott has pushed for pthis billion dollar tax cut this pyear. pbut the budget is not the pordinarily item passed in ptallahassee. pjen epstein is here with bill psitting on the governor's desk pand interestingly, it affects pall of us dog owners. pright, jen it?
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phe's lab mix from bradenton who pfaced euthanasia after biting a pchild. pchild lost part of ear. pthat consider ad a severe injure atty faced death penalties. pthere was speculation whether pdog was entirely responsible. atty's owner says child was pbothering the dog and the dog psimply snapped. pand that's why owner fought pcharge and won. pa judge declared patty was not a pthreat. pthis new law when it is signed pwill give more leeway to pofficers and judges when it pcomes to dog bites. pright now if there any serious pinjury the dog will be peuthanized. pwhen this law takes effect if a pdog has not previously been pdeclared dangerous it may be preturned to its owner under pcertain circumstances. pfor instance, if a dog is pdefending a human, or if someone pisil legally on a property. pthe new law us good news for dog powners. pand patty was not first dog pcaught up in the dangerous law.
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phe was in garage 4-year-old girl pcame in beethoven bit girl and punderstand sentenced to peuthanized owner fought it psaying the girl poked bay thovrn pand should not have been in pgarage. phe remaind on doggy death row pfor six years until he was peuthanized because of old age in p2001. pafter that case pinellas county panimal services allowed dog powners to request a hearing and psubpoena victims before bethovn pthe victims could remain silent pat family of that girl did. pthis bill when it becomes law pwould standardize every county's pdue process. pall right thank you. p>> south carolina hillary pclinton is trying to get back on pher feet. pbut the washington post is preporting that the state pdepartment has opened another pinvestigation. pthis time the focus is the pclinton foundation. pthe post zest there are now pthree open investigations into pthis. pnewly revealed investigation palso includes the clinton top paide.
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pinquiries into the email server pissues. pone by the state department and panother by the f.b.i. pclintons critic will no doubt puse this to their advantage pwhere there's smoke there's pfire. phillary still claims this is not pbut partisan politics. pexit polling show democratic pvoters care about whether the olitician is trustworthy or pnot. pand right now the new hampshire pdemocrats do not think she is. pbut we will have to wait and see pwhat south carolina democrats pthink. plater today donald trump will prock the sun dome. pa rally tonight, a big one phottest ticket in town. psun dome can hold ten thousand eople. pwhile some people will have ptickets, it is first come first pserve for seating. ptickets are not. pyou've got to get there and get pa seat. pthe event starts the 7. palso today a miami attorney pgeneral loretta lynch will speak pto students and community pleaders. ptalking about policing issues at pbooker t. washington high pschool. pthen she'll hold a round table pat local college.
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pimprove the trust, cooperation pand public safety between law penforcement and local citizens. p>> police need your help pidentifying this man a person of pinterest in a deadly shooting at ptampa strip club. pthey say the man was in club prain early saturday morning just pbefore that gun pier broke out. p8 people hit, two died. pincluding 21-year-old marvin plancaster and earlier this week, pchristopher houston died. pinvestigators say 300 people pwere inside club rain witnesses psay an argument happened then pthey heard gunshots. pemployees said it was like a pstampede everybody ran for pexits. pit's almost a week. olice have yet to make any parrest in this case. pbut still hoping someone will pcome forward with more pinformation. p welcoming up it is special pvalentine's treat that doesn't pnormally get gifts any more. pjen epstein tells us why they pare our home town heros. pthen foods that help you not
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pyou get the best rest. pand then charley belcher is prounding up a little fun today plakeland rodeo. phey charley. pyee haw. pi've got trick requirements. pmother daughter trick riding pteam katie and haley. pthey will do a trick. pthey just rehearsed itit t.t. pmakes me nervous appear live ptelevision we get ready for plakeland pro rodeo classic here plakeland center tonight action ptomorrow afternoon. pstick around everybody and see pwhat this mommy lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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pi love this song song. pokay. pokay. pwhether you like to commit admit pit or not as people age it psometimes get a bit more pdifficult to get a good night's psleep no matter what you do. p>> now, there's a new study in pthe journal of clinical sleep pmedicine that finds certain pfoods can affect your sleep atterns. phere's what they found foods phigh in saturated fat and sugar
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pbad for you they will hurt how pwell you sleep. eople tend to get less prestorative sleep and more peasily woken up. pbut there are foods that we know pwill help you not only fall pasleep but get the best night's psleep you can. plet's talk about those. p>> first, one of my favorites eas. pthey are low in saturated fat phigh in fiber. pyou know what eat them pick up pblack beans as well. pthey are low in saturated fat. pwhile they have some natural psugars. pthey are also very high in pfiber. p>> and broccoli. plow in fat and high in fiber. partichokes have zero saturated pfat high in fiber. p>> and believe it or not some pfruits are on the list. praspberries blackberries pears, pavocados all good for you and pgood for are your sleep. p>> finally, you want something a plittle hearter because you don't
9:16 am
pbread. poatmeal both ways to ease into pbed time. phow much of a difference will peating right foods make? pa matter of minutes. eople who eat these foods fell pasleep 17 minutes after they put ptheir heads on the pillow. pwhen the same people ate pwhatever they wanted, cookies it ptook an average of 29 minutes to pfall asleep. pyou know what i love good what pwe all just read there i love pthe fact that avocados are back pin fashion. p>> because for long's time they pare so high in fat you couldn't peat avocados. pnow it's a good fat. peat avocado and peas, and pbroccoli i'm having other pissues. pentirely that might keep me up a plittle longer or andrea. p>> exactly the way we work in pour hours, 17 minutes is p>> like, okay. plet's, it's beautiful outside.
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pyou know what i'm going back pout. pwe have get warm outside. retty too. pwall to wall sunshine. pearlier this morning issue with pfog that is now gone. plook riverview. pgreat visibility going back and plooking back toward west. pbradenton beach look fantastic pat this hour. pclearwater is already at 60 pdegrees. pthat's the one good thing even pthough it gets kind of cool pearly in morning here in pfebruary. pyou get that fast warm up. pyesterday at this time, crystal priver was still in the 30s. pthey are in lower 60s right now. pbrandon's at 61. ptampa's at 59. pas you go further north and west pyou still have a places like anama city that are just as pwarm as miami. pso pretty mild for us overall. pvisible satellite showing really pnot much in the way of cloud pcover. pwhich means, both sunshine, pwe've shifted winds to bit pwarmer west southwest direction ptoday. pthat will help to warm us we pwill go above and beyond pyesterday's 66 degrees.
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p70, 70 lovely degrees this pafternoon. ptonight, probably need a light pjacket. povernight lows will run about 53 pdegrees or so. pmaybe upper 40s inland and pnorth. pand then for tomorrow we're pdegrees. pa couple degrees cooler tomorrow pbecause we're going to get a pweak front to come through the parea. phonestly not going to do much us pto still looking a nice, nice pday indeed. pextended marine forecast for pboaters rough all week. pi get that. plight chop today. pmoderate chop tomorrow. pand for sunday. pthe next 7 days, we do have that prain chance. pit's been flip flopping back and pnorth monday night, tuesday. platest tuesday morning. pbut at least we're going to make pit that you the weekend. pespecially on valentine's day pwithout any rain to speak of. pvanessa. pall right. plooks like a nice weekend. pthank you, dave. plet's check in on the latest pcrash with lane blockage before pwe get to the updates here along p275. pwe do have new crash reported at pbeers and bruce b. downs pboulevard. pone lane is going to be blocked pin that eastbound direction.
9:19 am
pconcern lighter volumes the pdelays should not too bad. pspeaking of which you can see pthe visibly lighter delays here palong 275 southbound that revious reports. pthis is once again the deadly pcrash scene that we're following pat the i-4 interchange. pit looks like same lane pblockages in downtown exit pblocked off due to lying enning pvolumes if you're continuing ast downtown without two too pmany delay if you're trying to pget downtown probably want to pexit mlk and take southbound palternate of your choice maybe ptampa street or nebraska avenue pto get to wherever you're going pin downtown area. pdrivers still coming along i-4 pwestbound are encountering heavy pdelays probably prompting you to ptake connector to save time. pwe do want to make mention, palthough this is no the at pconcrete time line we're hearing pfrom fhp maybe within next half phour to an hour we could see planes reopen but of course we'll pkeep you posted on that. p>> valentine's day is coming up
9:20 am
pand it can be lonely for those pwho are missing lost loved ones. pnot this year. pswiet angel made sure senior pwere not left behind. pthe result is heart warming. phappy valentine's day. pthis is for you. poh, good. pvalentine's day, came early for pus some very special bay area pseniors. p>> i haven't had fresh roses and pflowers in so many years. pit just brings tears to my eyes. pis it is very, very special. peach blossom of love package phanded out by visiting angels. plocal nurse registry and heath pcare service. p>> sometimes. psenior don't really have someone paround any more. pand they don't have family or pfriends close by. pand we don't want them to be
9:21 am
pso they thought it nice. pthey play cupid for all women a pbayou garden'sed living facility pin palm harbor. poh. pthey smell heavenly. ptess griffin local 10 her phusband 7 years ago on pvalentine's day. pand is grateful for the gift. p>> it is very special to me to pget something like this for pvalentine's day i never thought pi had getting flowers again. psurprise didn't stop there. pthey all got a box of chocolates ptoo. pi love chocolates. pi love flowers. pit wasn't all store bought. pone visiting angel handed out phomemade quilts made by her pblanket ministry. pit is just a good thing to do. pwe like doing good for people. peach surprise received with pgratitude and smile and hug from pgroup of women thankful to be premembered this valentine's day. pthis is firth year visiting pangels has done their blossoms pof love surprise.
9:22 am
pthey plan on doing it every pyear. pand next on good day tampa bay. pnew developments in fight pagainst the zika virus. pthe country being accused of a pnot doing enough to protect
9:23 am
9:24 am
pand charley belcher, having fun pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher. pcoming coming to you lakeland pcenter here for the lakeland pro prodeo classic. pit's tonight, it's tomorrow pafternoon, it's family fun. pit's cowboys it's bull riding pit's barrel racing. pit's trick riding. pand i got a great team to
9:25 am
pkayed and haley mother and pdaughter trick riding team. pand they are beautiful horses by pthe way. phorses have to get a lot of pcredit here you have to have pright horse to be a trick rider pi'm sure. pabsolutely. pyou have to have a lot of trust pin your horse and dependable and pcalm and sure footed of course. p>> yeah. pand what's it like to be a pworking along side your pdaughter? pi feel very proud. pnothing could better i couldn't phave a better partner than my pdaughter. pi'm very proud of her. pi'm constantly worried about my pdaughter she's not racing around pring on the back of the horse. pmotherly concern how do you pblock that out for performance ptime or do you? pit still makes me nervous we ray from each show and rest in pgod's hands. pgood for you. pgood for you. plet's talk to haley over here. pyou're the star of the show, paren't you? p>> i guess. pi just called you the star of pthe show. phaley? pwho is your mom's horse? pjake and my's name is willy. pof course they have stage names
9:26 am
pthunder and lightning. p>> yeah. pyeah. pthat's cool. phow long have you guys been pdoing this? phow long you been riding ptogether? ptogether we've riding about year pand a half. pand you've doing it lot longer pover 20 years. p>> what's your favorite part of ptrick riding? pfavorite part rush right before pyou get go through the gate when pever you're super excited. pkind of nervous especially on a prainy night when ever you just ull it off and all is just fun. pyou're ten years old. pyes. p>> my goodness. pall right. pi'm slightly nervous about this phaley, but i'm going to let you pguys do this. pall right let's see the match. pi'll move safely out of the way pover here. pthere they go. ptaking it off, going fast. poh. phanging poh, man. pyou did it. pyou didn't fall off.
9:27 am
pthat is one tiny little trick pthey've got plenty more. pyou all right haley? pwait a second you're giggling ptoo much. pwhat went wrong? ptell me what happened p>> i think i kicked him too pmuch. p>> you think you kicked him too pmuch? p>> well, did she kick you too pmuch? pis this willy? p>> yes. pdid she kick you too much? pyeah. phe says layoff the kick a little pbit. pall right? pyou okay? pyou're bouncing around there a plittle bit. pall right. thgo pand it's the lakeland pro rodeo pclassic tonight, tomorrow pafternoon. pguaranteed good times, laura. pyeah. pokay. phere's what i'm thinking when pi'm watching that how cool is pthat for mother to a positive prole model. pthey get to work together get to pbe together. pyes. pgood stuff. pdaughter wants to be just like pher mom. pi love it. pthank you, charley. pall right. p>> coming up we're all about phockey. ptampa bay's hockey day is coming pup.
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lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98, at lowe's. p from tampa bay's number pun pone 1 news station. p>> web. ptime right now 9:30. pmore developments this morning pin the zika virus outbreak. psenz has announced first deaths prelated to mosquito born virus. resident of venezuela is saying pflooes three people have died. p68 people are currently phospitalized there too. pofficials say there are more pthan 5,000 people with the pvirus. pthe local doctors believe that
9:31 am
pthey also say the government pisn't doing enough to combat the pzika virus. pdue to product shortage pmedications and even insect prepellent they are hard to come pby. pdeath of a police officer is pshaken in north dakota pcommunity. pjason mosier died yesterday pafter being shot during 11-hour pstand off wednesday night. pgunman was later found dead pinside home about 200 people pheld vigil for 33-year-old pofficer. pmozer was six year veteran psurvived by his wife and two pchildren. ponly one other officer has been pkilled in the line of duty in pthe history of the fargo police pdepartment. p>> pope francis will be in cuba ptoday. pand when he arrives in havana he pis expected to sit down with the pleader of russian orthodox pchurch. pchurch is split nearly a pthousand years ago over preligious ideology. ope francis is making pinterfaith youth reach a phallmark and looking for common pground to bring two sides ptogether. p>> the trip to cuba marks the pstart of seven-day trip that
9:32 am
p>> popular ride sharing company puber says it will pay more than p$28 million to settle two plawsuits about it's safety rocedures. plitigation attacked uber for pcharging a fee of more than $2 er trip for conducting pbackground checks on drivers. pthis in spite of fact uber pdoesn't do the kind of pfingerprint checks required taxi pdrivers, class action suit paffects 25 million rider who pmade trips from start of 2013 pthat you end of last month. punder the deal uker will be ford pto rename it's ride safe fee to pbooking fee. pa judge in san francisco still phad to approve this deal. pfootball season is done baseball pfu pever. pand no matter where they are pgoing to have, they are going to phave more fun, then at amalie parena. pno place to have more fun then pthere. pwalter allen is there. phey walter. pgood morning there guys. pits going to be 12 hours of
9:33 am
pnonstop hockey from 9 in morning pin 9 at night. pof course i'm joined by man i pwill step up you're considerably ptaller than i am. pdave joining you say got to love pan event that's going to happen. pjust a celebration of hockey in ptampa bay, it's not really pabout, you know one group. pit's all groups. pall the way from street to high pschool hockey. pour alumni is involvedpolice and pfire game. pit's just, a full day of hockey. pit's really cool. pan hour ago we were talking with peric about the money you guys pgot from nhl and obviously the phead guy gave $2 million more. pso it's great to have the pcommunity involvement and be so pinvolved in the community. pand it's really got our alumni pinvolved. pwhich is great. pwe have a bunch of guys, a come pback to area now. pour group is growing. pand so they help out jay and his pstaff. pbut you know, tomorrow is preally, really fun for us too as pan alumni. pwe get to play sled hockey. pwe play against the fire and
9:34 am
pwe play on a team with them. pwhich is fun every year to see pthose guys. pgreat for them to be here in the pbuilding too. pso it's exciting for us. pdoes it get pretty serious? pnot really. pnot really. pi mean we some pwe have some guys that are are pskating regularly. pnot like myself. plast time i skated i think was pin this game. pso, but it's a fun time for pthese guys. p>> let's talk a little hockey. pobviously canadian trip didn't pgo as the way we wanted it to. pbut that's okay. pyou guys have a tough home stand phere? p>> yeah. pfour games. pyou know kind of every other pnight. pthey need to get back on track. pi love john cooper's line he psaid 48 hours is not going to, pyou know ruin what we've really pgot going here. pso they do have to put that 48 phours behind him in two losses. pthen move on to the their home pstand here. pit's, it's important. pit's very important. pwe all have torques we all get pup in morning we all, you know
9:35 am
pstanding and we know how pimportant these games are. pand this four game home stand is pvery important. pyou got to win them at home, pright? pabsolutely. pthanks for joining us have a lot pof fun tomorrow. pand it starts at 9 with the pstreet hockey having out in laza. pthen kind of rare you get to see ractice at 11:15. ptwo practices. plightning practice and st. plouis. pi think that's cool for our fans pthat come to practice and be pable to, you know watch what pthey how these guys play and pwork out. pit's a lot of fun. pit is what ten bucks at the pdoor. pyeah but that goes to charity? pall for a donation. pwe have four charities, tony proland foundation. psled hockey lightning pfoundation. pand these are all picked by our olice and fire. pso it's, it's all worth it. pwell worth it. pokay dave go bolts. pall right. pthank you. erfect. pguys back to you. pgo bolts. pall right walter, see you when pyou get back. plet's talk about forecast right pnow. p>> it's nice outside.
9:36 am
phad to tack my jacket off. pnot cold at all. pand, it's one of those deals pwhere it is warming up quickly pas well. psome spots, chilly this morning pthey were in the 40s. pand now, we're pushing things palready back into the 60s in few pareas. plike sebring is 60 degrees. pi know clearwater is 60 degrees. pbrandon 60 degrees. pofficially tampa international pstill at 59. pupper 50s as well in the pbrooksville area. pthe winds have shifted pdirection. pand that makes a big, big pdifference. pwhen you get southerly component pto your wind this time or any ptime of year this time of year pespecially even that fast warm pup. pthat's what we're looking at for ptoday. pyesterday yesterday we managed pto make it up to mid 60s. ptoday way beyond that. pupper 60s. pi would not surprise to see pcouple spots inland actually ptouch that 70-degree mark. pto be hon until we get into late pin day on monday, our weather plooks really, really nice. pand quiet. p69 degrees for a high ptemperature with a beautiful psunshine.
9:37 am
ptemperatures we kick it back to pabout 53. pthat will be in the city. pso i think you go out into the psuburbs, upper 40s can expected pfor early on your saturday pmorning. pthen more sunshine tomorrow. pwith high of 67. plight chop today, boaters more pof north wind 10 to 15. pnortheast on sunday. pso a moderate chop anticipated pfor the rest of the weekend. pmonday. pstill, i encourage you to keep pchecking in back in this pweekend. psettle looks lukes rainy to late pmonday night or very early on ptuesday morning. pbut valentine's day does look pbeautiful. pwe have a first birthday to pass palong to you on this friday a pbelated one. padrian turned one last week. pthere having a big birthday arty tomorrow. phe loves motorcycles and atvs he palso shares his birthday with phis mom. pthat is an awesome. pthat's cool we hope you have a pgreat birthday. pand a wonderful celebration ptomorrow. pvanessa. pall right. phope adrian and his mom are
9:38 am
pit sounds like big celebration pfor the whole family. pall right. phere 9:37 we want to switch pgears check in along 275 in i-4. pwe are anxiously awaiting to see pwhen these lanes are going to preopen to the downtown exit. ps an i mentioned before, a pnon-congress crete time line pfrom fhp says we could see lanes pclearing we will keep an eye on pit meantime update on delays phere. pheading into interchange. pstill looking like you could psave about ten minutes by taking pthat sal man connector. p>> all right vanessa nice job.
9:39 am
pbusy he may be god of thunder pchris helmsworth is trying to preach the heavens. pit will all be on it. v details pon ad censure he and his wife pwere on. plook at that. pi'll take chris helmsworth every pday. pif we can have dow up 100 oints. pwhat do you think about that? pis that a deal? ptwis hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms,
9:40 am
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god p thor, the god of thunder. pwe love him. pand the a man who plays him in pthe an avenger movies. pbut now, helmsworth and his wife pare taking their real life love pof adventure to tv. pthey signed on to do a spanish preality tv show. pthere he is. phe posted these pictures of him phis wife elsa and jesus, he's phost spanish adventure program. pthe three of them were in phimalayans, and a climb
9:43 am
pthere are it will be challenge pto since there are no paths. pthey will most likely have to pdeal with altitude sickness and pextreme temperatures. pyeah, she's beautiful too. psome as low a minus 13 degrees. pshe's a model of some sort. pnot just chris that looks padventure elsa says she's so pexcited it will challenge her pabilities. pchris just posted this picture a plittle more than an hour ago. poh. pthe caption, my local himalayan pguide directing me to the top. p3700 meters above sea level. pi would follow him wherever he pwould go. poh, boy here we go again. pdue ahear about this? pfeud is back on kanye against ptaylor swift. premember it got really nasty pafter the 2009 vma awards. pyou got to remember this. ptaylor swift won best video. pkanye ran up on stage grabbed pmic and told the world beyonce phad won one the best movies of pall time.
9:44 am
psilence two finally allegedly pmade amends last august when pswift presented west with plifetime achievement award. pwell it looks like it was one psided. pand one of his new songs on his pnew album the life of pablo. plyrics go, i feel like me and ptaylor might still have sex. pi made her famous. pyeah, exactly. ptwitter erupted calling west palthough class and misogynistic pand act swift to unforgive pkanye. phmm. pmoving on to a barry manilow pnews he was forced to cancel platest se set of concerts he was prushed to los angeles his pfacebook page says complications pfrom oral surgery. pdetails are unknown. pconcerts he had to postpone will pbe scheduled according to his pmanager. pstill unclear whether or not he pwill be up for attending grammy pawards monday. phe's nominated for his 15th pgrammy.
9:45 am
pcoming up its not all doom gloom pon our show.
9:46 am
9:47 am
pcoming up next pa busy day today for some reason pit has ab long week, hasn't it? pit does seem like a long week pfor lot of reasons. pbefore we go, we've got to look pback.
9:48 am
phere the goodies. p>> you have to knock, speak peasy. pyou have to give a password. pyou have to give a password to pget in. pthat's so cool. puh-oh. ass code. assword good day tampa bay? poh, oh, oh, oh. pmmm. pis password free publicity? pwhat are you on a treadmill. pyou know what i mean p[ laughter ] p>> i'm not even sure what you pmean by treadmill. pbut good luck. p[ laughter pwhat is this treadmill? pi'm at the bar russell. pyou enjoy your treadmill. pfwh honor of your big day, good pday gang has chipped in we got
9:49 am
pwe all put in a penny each and pwe got you package of twizzlers. pi'll take it. pready? pi knew you would gloat. pwow. pi'm thinking my favorite promantic comedy movie she's icking her favorite romantic pcomedy movie staying in. prussell, stop. prussell wants to know what pyou're getting her. pwhat are you getting her? pshe told me i didn't have to p>> see, see. phow does that feel? pi know it's a trap. pit's not a trap. pit's not always a trap. pi know it's a trap. pwhy are you laughing at me? pwhat did i do? poh because. p[ laughter ] pi've wearing these in between ptraffic reports because so pchilly in here i've got approval pby the way on facebook. pleave it on. pto wear my puffy coat during pthis traffic report. pi'm going to show you all about pit and tell you all about porchids even here in florida.
9:50 am
poh no. phe's frozen. phe did freeze. pyou know what i keep thinking pabout the poor peep that are pdoing the closed captioning for pthis secretary they are live ptyping closed captioning and pgoing to hard to type. pyeah we what's that again? p--. pturn on your closed captioning pand at home p>> just so you know i looked it psays blah blah blah blah. pthey hate me. pthey say that for most of my psegments. pand belcher goes on and on and pon. pmay i go back to the treadmill? p>> okay. pdid you see everybody on the ptreadmill? pdon't do this. pdon't do this. pi was just smart. pthat's what happened. pwasn't part of the deal. pi know. poh well won't lose sleep over pthat i do love our good day pfamily i love them to death.
9:51 am
9:52 am
i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... but i thought it would be too expensive... who's that, jenny? no kate...turns out they have a deal that cost me even less than my slow service. and it's 100 megs ...i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% then i thought, maybe other things could be better. i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available. so you can send files up to 5x faster than cable, with capacity to handle all of your devices. now get something that only fios offers: 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for a price we've never offered before: just $69.99 a month online. and there isn't even an annual
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just go to or call 1.888.get.fios. that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. 3 (russell) we're following a news ale p9 9:53. pnews aout of tampa. ptampa police investigating a pvague threat made against plant phigh school. pthe threat was called in to tpd
9:54 am
pmodified lockdown. plisten to this, the third time pthis week school leaders have phad to put plant on lockdown. pwe're going to follow it and phave updates for you at fox 13 pnews at noon and pman. pall right. phere is another live look at the pboard on wall street. pthere is some good news we could puse. p>> lauren simonetti what's going pon? phow do we keep it going? poh, 120. pnot positive for week. pnot positive for week by any pstretch the imagination. pmarkets are closed on monday. pbut if we can hold a gain, going pinto a long weekend i think pthat's reason to be optimistic. pso dow is up 127. pother markets are higher. pbig reason for gains is oil is pup lpgs eight percent. pback above $28. pi know that's still cheap when pyou hit $26 yesterday, i know pyou're climbing more than two pbucks, that's big deal. pwith that you're seeing the pother sectors such as banks, and pentire energy sector rise as pwell. pyeah. pa little rally. pa little rally. pall right it's valentine's day
9:55 am
pand valentine's day numbers for pus too. pas relates to spending. pi do. pwe spend a lot of money on the pfolks that we love. pour relationships are worth $142 pto us. pthat's how much each of us will pbe spending on average. p$8 more than last year. pnational retail federation says pall in this is a $20 billion pholiday potentially. pand third biggest behind pchristmas and behind back to pschool when you're looking a pspending events in the nation i pthink a tremendous amount of pmoney to spend on what i pconsider a hallmark holiday. p>> just going to say that. ptrue. pdon't fall into a boys don't pfall into trap when they say preally don't mean that. pno i do. pado mean it. pi do. p>> yes. pi know i've learned i've learned pfrom my mistake. pit's no the a trap. phappy valentine's day sweetie pcard is fine i'll take a card i psay don't send me flowers give
9:56 am
pspent. pit's a business reporter from at pmouth of pragmatist. p>> thank you, lauren. phave a great one. pyou too. pshe's honest. pi like it. pbeautiful. pit's gorge just outside right pnow. peven nicer than it was pyesterday. ptemperatures flirting with 70 pdegrees today. p67 degrees tomorrow. pvalentine's day itself it will pstart off chilly. pat 45. pthen work it is way back up to p68. phave a great weekend. pthank you, dave. pfinally this morning we just ptalked about it this sunday is pvalentine's day. pin honor of that california pbased dog training company has penlisted four adorable dog pstudents to demonstrate 5 pdifferent ways to hug your loved pones. phere we go. ptake a look, first of there's pthe slide. pmaybe use this one if it's the pfirst time you hug your pvalentine's day crush. psecond if you want to get a plittle closer why not try the pdrag in. pyeah. erhaps show us how to use light ptouch method. pmaybe fur ahuging mom and dad pthis valentine's day you use
9:57 am
pand of course if all all else pfails their big old bear hug pwhich these two execute erfectly. pi guess we saw. pthere we go. pyeah. pfebruary 12th. pwe hope you have have a great pweekend and a great valentine's pday. plive with kelly and michael pkelly 15th anniversary on show pfollowed by wendy williams. pand then the fox 13 news at noon pas always you can get latest on pour website follow us instagram pfacebook and twitter. pwe're all over the mace. phave good one. psee you monday. pbye. poh, nice. p"realtime closed captioning
9:58 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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michael: it's friday, february 12, 2016, and it is a very special day around here as you can tell from the set. today marks 15 years of kelly ripa hosting "live." [applause] yes. [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, she's backstage and she has no idea. she has no idea we decorated the set. she has no idea we're dressed up in our finest. and she has no idea that we have a lot of big stars and a lot of surprises in store for her today. so hit the music.


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