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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i have been speaking here to people and donald trump has given many of them hope. the folks here at the rally believe what he says he can get done what they have been dreaming about what they say for the last 8 years. >> and trump has given few specifics. >> i'm excited, i'm excited that we have someone who is representing my thoughts and feelings. >> i wanted to be here to though my support for donald trump. me. he is an encourager, he inspires candidates. >> and it is over his over whether he is eligible to be president based on where he was born but the supporters say you know what, we're here we love trump. >> all right. >> thank you very much, reporting from usf we'll have
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update that killed two drivers on the downtown exit ramp. the driver who caused it was spotted more than once going the wrong way this morning. and kelly you woulden is near the exit to tell us what the investigateyos know -- kelly cowen is near the exit to tell us what the investigators know. >> reporter: they could have gotten on to i-275 south. the exit ramp where that crash was caused. here on odell williams karlton drive. the dot said there are four locations where the wrong way driver may have entered the exit ramp. however in the last two 911 calls that we listened to that came in before the crash, we heard the callers reporting the driver was coming on the ashley exit ramp.
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the odell williams karlton ramp. and they are trying to put together what happened. >> a grim scene this morning in downtown tampa after two vehicles collided nearly head on on this downtown exit ramp killing both drivers. just moments before the crash, several witnesses called 911 to report a car driving the wrong way on i-275. tampa 911 and the emergency. >> yes that's a wrong way driver on the ramp getting on to 275. >> the tampa police. >> i got to dale mabry there is someone driving the wrong way, a ranger narrowly missed the car on the howard ramp. >> it was able to get out and called our traffic management center here so we can put a sign up to barn other -- warn others.
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after the ranger's call the gold acura slammed into fisher's drivers. >> investigators are still trying to figure out how thompson drove the wrong way after he was spotted driving the wrong way in several other locations before the crash. >> we have a team of engineers we'll work with the highway patrol, we're looking at different scenarios and gotten off again. he would have to get off the interstate, we don't know at this point. >> reporter: dot officials say this is the first wrong way driver accident in 15 months n 2014 a string of wrong way fatalities. after the dot said they invested several hundred thousand dollars in the technology to make flashing signs to warning the
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entering an exit ramp the wrong way. and the camera technology. these where the driver would have gotten on to the wrong side of the road do not have that technology installed on them. dot officials will review whether or not that technology should be in place downtown. for now reporting live i'm kelly cowen, fox 13 news. and the embattled superintendent of schools submitted her resignation. board members were expected to vote about now whether to fire kathryn leroy. now they will not have to. and ken suarez standing by in bartow where the news just broke. ken, were they expecting this or no? >> reporter: this was not unexpected because of what was happening. she has been under investigation for months now a final report 1000 plus pages. she didn't do anything illegal but may have crossed
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many people in the community really up in arms. >> allow me to apologize for any failure of my part to manage a relationship with a senior staff member. i take responsibility for that. i have learned from it. >> reporter: kathryn leroy's apology did not make one difference to a growing number of critics. including a former board member. respect. >> reporter: he is a member of citizens for better eggs cages leadership. the primary cole, to get rid of the superintendent. dr. wendy bradshaw resigned as a teacher because she was fed up with the system. she posted it on the internet. the bottom line. >> there is no way to repair it. this very roundly said that you know we think this was very unethical and unprofessional and we don't have faith in her.
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the organization's web site had gotten hundreds of hits who wanted to oust her. many parents. >> they are outraged. outraged. you know many of the parents expect leaders. with the things that have come out whether she was exonerated she has not demonstrated leadership. >> she came under scrutiny after river as top administrator filed a complaint that she made inappropriate comments and including sexual ones about him. an investigation found that she may have crossed a professional line but she didn't break any rules. >> so she submitted her letter of resignation. the board has to vote on that. essentially, they have to vote on the fact that she made a proposal to them. that proposal includes 20 weeks $80,000. the proposal including an an
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they will vote in the next while, we'll bring you the results when we get them. >> we know that you will, thank you, ken suarez two new cases of zika virus have been confirmed here. so far health officials say 20 cases total in the state and three in hillsborough, all said to be travel related. now the virus is spread by mosquito . pgh there is a hotline for those who have questions about at this time. we put that information on and can you find it at seen on tv. a tragedy in arizona has people wondering why. two girls were found shot to death on campus a gun lying near their bodies. and chris cato has been in touch with the fox station in phoenix. this is sad. >> this very not said but the signs are pointing to a suicide. the bodies of the girls were
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single gunshot wound and gun nearby. there are no suspects and no need to look. they have not elaborated. it was around 8:00 this morning before first period at independence high school near phoenix. someone called and reported gunshots and police found the bodies of those 15 year olds in a covered patio area outside of the administration building. the school was put on lock down while they made sure there was no active shooter or threat and can you see here, hundreds of parents gathered near the school waiting for word. one student actually explain idea they were not allowed to call their parents right away. >> the first couple of minutes they don't want you using the phone. they don't want to worry the happening. >> once they figured it out they let us call to say we're okay. >> they come here to learn, that's our future and that's sad. very sad that has to happen.
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allowed to take their children home. classes were canceled for the day on monday they will bring in counselors for the students and teachers. police have not released the names students know who was involvinged. there are names going around in other reports. police have not said anything about the student's relationship. they have not said if either left a note or where the the gun came from. those things are being investigated. >> thank you, chris. maybe you remember the story of a man's angry profanity laced voice e-mail to a mosque. he left it after the paris attacks. >> eke' going to (bleep) have a militia come to your islamic society and fire-bomb you and shoot anyone in the head i don't care if they are (bleep) 2 or 100. and he didn't make it hard he left his name there on the message. now he accepted a deal in federal court.
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only to gloria gomez. what did he say, gloria? >> reporter: he pled guilty and keep in mind now he is facing 20 years in prison in federal court today. the judge asked him if he understood the rights to plead guilty back in november. he made threatening calls against two mosques he was angry over terrorist attacks that happened in paris in november. investigators interviewed him they searched his home they determined he did not have the ability to carry out the attacks crime. he talked to me he said clearly he is remorseful for what he did. he called his actions ignorant and stupid. >> i regret what i did. it breaks my heard to know i caused pain and anxiety to the parents and children of the centers that i called. it's not who i am.
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i hope this send as message to people that words can hurt. you have to be held accountable for what you said. i immediately felt regret the moment i made the calls. and there is no point i caused enough pain to people. i wanted to accept responsibility. >> he is not a member of a words. he wants to meet the community and be a less phone for everyone and they hope it will help them. >> he is facing up to 20 years in prison. of course, linda, we'll follow the story very chromesly. back to you. >> thank you. a close call for a riverview family when a drunk drive came into the house in the middle of the night.
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the home. >> he hit three cars and ended up on top of them. he tried to leave the scene. the people in the home were not hurt. he is charged with dui and property damage. someone selling a rolex got ripped off with a bait and switch now they want to find the thief. here is the man who responded to an ad. he called himself evan white. he swapped it out for a cheap imitation which looks similar. then said he was not interested and left with the real rolex. he was driving a chevy pickup with dark tinted windows. now a reward to anyone who reports him. spring break will be here before you know it. the beach works on a way to ease
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caught on camera and the a brand new truck.. stolen right off the dealership lot. literally, rolled away.. on a flatbed truck. 3 (linda) this one has on a truck. this has the detectives scratching their heads. but as kimberly kuizon reports the key will be the surveillance footage. >> they hope the footage taken from the lot. and released that shows two figures in a white truck. and at sarasota ford are not out of the ordinary. they turn off their headlights and a ford f-450 and loading it. they are hopeful this footage will solve the case. they don't know why the truck was taken. >> we're not sure and the
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>> it could be and. >> that's why we want to get the word out to as many people as possible. >> and this happened on january 30th. >> if you have any information contact the officers. >> the famous fenway park, home of the red sox, gets a makeover. check it out it has been transformed into a winter sports park. the ski jump is 140 feet tall. 420 feet long and three weeks to build it. some of the best skiers and borders they are there competing i guess getting ready for some big competition. it is interesting to see that at fenway, that's wicked cool. that is. and an opening day up there it is just as cold as it is now.
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streak of below 70-degree days it is a spectacular afternoon and the sea breeze. cooler near the coast watching us inland has been in the 70s. we get a lot of the profile in the late winter early spring season. that's a great view and a nice view where it is 66 degrees. the water temperatures out here in the gulf, they are in the mid-50s. any type of wind will keep it cooler. waiting for the climate0 data to come in. we hit 70 today. that ends that rare run of 7
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i don't see any huge warm ups there will be more on tuesday, but not cold. >> nice afternoon. i mean virtually cloud free and a few clouds coming in. for the third day in a row. no contrails. it is dry. that can happen. a weak boundary up here. that's going to move down the state on saturday here. by valentine's afternoon we warm up with sunshine and the weather action will miss us. making headlines this weekend will be ridiculous cold. record-breaking cold and wind chill as 45 below zero on dry air. there is still the persistent
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the ridge out west keeping the west coast warmer. here are the temperatures as of 5:00. and a good set up. mid-60s. youyou head away from the water. 74 in sebring. we talked about this. we have a hint of spring on the weather map today. that happened. we're 66 the dew point is 56. and the southwest wind at 9 in the east not a lot happening now. everyone is getting set for the cold. the dry air is locked in. 31 in raleigh. 23 in watertown and dc and buffalo. 22 in cleveland. tonight we stay in the 50s. not cold. tomorrow it will be cooler as
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in the 60s to near 70. the front is rushing to the south. high pressure builds. clouds will increase we'll watch the arrival of the front. after that we turned drier and cooler wednesday and thursday not too bad. we weak front goes by. lots of sunshine in the 60s. cooler than today. on sunday a chilly morning. lots of sunshine during the afternoon. we're back to 67. if you are boating tomorrow winds at 15 knots: some chill for a time. saturday night and into the 40s. we warm up to the 70s.
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butnise, wednesday, thursday and friday. >> looking good. >> still ahead, who was the winner in the debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders? the reviews are in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get
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steak 'n shake,
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton have ramped up
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clinton have ramped up the fight turning on the heat in the debate. they are claiming victory. and craig patrick had to wade through this to sort it out for us, they walked in with different strategies and accomplished different things. i think can you score this one as a bit of a draw. and hillary clinton who framed bernie sanders as someone making promises that cannot be kept. bernie sanders was what critical in the past of the president's record and with this, hillary clinton called him out. he had interesting come backs in the end you have a progressive in bernie sanders, calling on much more to be done. clinton playing more the role of pragmatist. and a very interesting exchange now on race relations, watch how hillary clinton uses the issue of how to improve it to embrace the president's record and sanders relates it to the issue
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>> i think what the president did was to show the importance of the issue as our first african-american president and to address it. >> what we will do is say instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we're going to create millions of jobs for low income kid so they're not hanging out on street corners and make sure they stay in school and get a college education. >> with the response to the question you see the competing strategies at work. she tried to ding bernie sanders for criticizing the president in 2011 in the past. bernie sanders' come back was one of us on the stage has run against obama he said he was not that candidate. let's move on to south carolina and how is that republican race shaping up there. >> it is all donald trump. we have not had new many numbers
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there are numbers showing donald trump is dominating the race. he is consolidating his leeing with 36%. 17 points up on ted cruz and the rest of the pac. we'll take a look at the battle in south carolina. how it is shaping up what may change when the debate rolls around. we remember the race is heading to michigan. that's where we have a national scandal. we'll dig into the water disaster in flint. the new time saturday at 5:30 p.m. then sunday at 11:30 among other things we found and our contractor found big campaign donors cashing in on the scandal. >> are you waiting to hear what he says tonight at usf the sun dome. >> yes. he is here if he can draw some 10,000 people, it will be challenging for marco rubio and jeb bush and others, ben carson, and john kasich if he comes here
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approach march 15th. thank you very much. the pope lands in cuba for a meeting not with raoul castro. diagnosed with a terminal illness but years later he is alive and well.
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a young man we met years ago spring break is just weeks away. clearwater beach is always a spring break is weeks away and clearwater beach is a hot spot. and the city is talking about ways to ease the traffic congestion. and steve nichols is live with more. what are they talking about, steve. >> linda. >> and days away it is not parking and getting out there to look for parking. it can back up for miles and with all that in mind the council is looking for quick-fixs and the surprise winner was the clearwater ferry. and the chamber of commerce has been pushing the service. and the idea generally being the park free downtown and get on a -trolly out to the beach. using the ferry was an option
5:30 pm
transportation more city council members prefer. the logic without a special dedicated mass transit lane, trollies get stuck in traffic. >> we'll not get the guy a cooler of beer. and a couple of beach chairs. we're not going to get him out of his vehicle and on to a trolly. >> so with that in mind, negotiations very quick negotiations will now start with the clearwater ferry and with the trolly but to loop between the downtown parking garages there and take you down to the ferry landing. and the council gave the green light to turning a couple of 2
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>> and the transit. it will create a dedicated light. a meeting in cuba and the pat tree arch had a meeting between the pontiff and the head of the orthodox church. the vatican said this was to ease 1000 years of discord between the branches of christianity. >> it is important for the church for the life and liberty it is important. and. >> and he heads to mexico where he will perform mass. baby dallas is proof that you never lose hope. you never say die, this is fox 13 video shot nearly 20 years ago. dallas was not expected to live beyond three.
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survivor of a rare illness which caused seizures. he told his family's story in 1997. >> a lot of love. >> i would say this never say never, you never know, a strong little boy. >> how true those words turned out to be. >> dr. jo has a update on this remarkable story. >> reporter: for someone who was told he would not reach his third birthday, awards. >> dallas has accomplished a lot. >> this is in the special olympics. >> at the is in the rotc. he is a popular kid, something attracts people. >> he does he attracts people. >> he works for his favorite team, the yankees. >> i take it and working with. >> his grandparents article time
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promising, they told us you know he would probably never walk. he would never talk, over time the seizures caused by a form of emleprocy, west syndrome, started to subside. he started to thrive, when did you realize that the doctors were wrong. >> when he was about four years old he took a step. his mom cried. his improvement was surprising. however uncle earl has his own explanation. >> it's not doctors, it's not medication it is -- we believe it is prayer and faith and support and love. >> it is his own song which gave the family so much hope 19 years ago. >> i wrote the song for him and we put together a video of pictures and things. it was for the family. >> wrap you around his finger
5:34 pm
>> it continues to give home as the updates to reflect the changes in his nephew's life. >> it is part of a family a song of hope. this eagle will fly and we have watched him fly. we watched him leave the nest, his grandparents believe there is one thing they did which helped him grow, we never treated him like' a disability. >> he started being involved and doing more and more and then she started spending time reading with him. >> dallas made the principal's honor roll three years and is a power lifter. through his accomplishments, dallas has one quality that always setss him apart. >> he is loved. everyone he comes in contact with. he is a rock star. >> every day there is something that makes you laugh. >> you have to call everyone. you know what he did, the doctors may not understand why
5:35 pm
family does. never under estimate the will to live. >> love is the greatest healing medicine that there is. >> for the fox medical team. >> that's a great story right there, isn't it, that's a great story. >> west syndrome affects one out of 3000 births in the u.s. it is very rare, love when we can cat catch up so many years later. >> 20 years later. scares for people on a
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what crashed one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. some travelers encountered a mishap on a tampa bound flight
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at logan airport. and jetblue flight was delayed this morning after a fueling van without a driver hit and damaged one of the plane's wings. investigators say the driver got out but forgot to put the van in park. he was injured after he fell to the ground trying to stop the van. passengers felt a shake but no one was hurt. they were put on another flight to tampa. tony dungy was lifting the spirits of children. the hall of famer and his wife delivered 3 hundred gift baskets and tote bags. it is part and hope program. he was inspired by a former super bowl mvp. >> and it was introduced to curt warner and going to the children's hospital. and given a few moments of
5:39 pm
>> and they got assembled and shipped out to more than 30 hospitals nationwide. that's nice to see. we love to see him. he is a good guy, chip. >> hall of famer now. >> john copper thought the pressure of the stanley cup was intense. that does not compare to the pressure to make the playoffs. one slip and one mini losing
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the it is time to check out what is trending this friday. >> and friday before valentine's day. meet ginger rogers. >> ginger rogers. >> watch that. >> 1, 2, 3. >> is that a cutie. >> this was at the shelter, why is it on the cage. >> how could you resist. >> and off the bench. >> you could resist. that is the sweetest thing. >> have you done anything to
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young over and over again. >> and at his mom and hope she catches them. >> if i did that to my mom. >> she dropped one at the end. she drops onement she has good eye hand coordination. she plays it cool. >> they are hard boiled eggs. >> and the about 30-foot waves. >> and a 100-foot wave. and what it looks like. >> no. >> he is laughing. this is just a bowl of jelly.
5:44 pm
the violent seas around. >> always keep you go straight into it. are you in big trouble. ky not tell what you i may do if i'm like on the bow looking at that wave. >> it's not going to be pretty. >> it would not be. >> that is scary, i don't know. that makes me want to stay on land. >> i know. >> you know i watched some of the individual video from the anthem of the seas when the water was splashing, i was getting woosy. that's not for me at all. i hope you have a good weekend. look outside. the sun set shining off the high rises. clouds popping up. but it was a beautiful day the high today was 70. which ends our streak at 7:00 of
5:45 pm
2 below. year at 87 in 1959. 33 on this date. that is fog to move tomorrow it will be cooler than it was today. it is a little chilly. and it will continue well entrenched over the gulf. you can see what it does. and the wind. 66 in st. pete but 70 in plant city. and brooksville. mid-60s year the coast with the wind off the cold water. , see bring. we're 66.
5:46 pm
pressure off the coast. here is the front with no impact . the snow flying it will be a cold weekend in the northeast. wind chill 35 to 45 below. that is not heading our way. clear and cool. in the 60s to the 70s. tonight we go partly cloudy and seasonable. we drop to 53. coolest at the coast a chilly morning. we're 67. after the rain goes away we're good. >> chip.
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games and grip on second place dropping into one of the wild card spots. the conference is crazy right now. it is, one wane or loss and a team can go from a playoff to out of it. in one game. >> and they love to skate at home and they have won 8 straight at amalie arena. even with that run. and in conference with a ton of teams and a couple of chances. >> we have not circled it and there are four spots for nine teams that does in the happen.
5:48 pm
>> the 500 ended joey logano had the trophy. this year he feels the weight of the defending champion. so, his penske was in control. he won and then talladega. this is the deal this will be full of 5900 winners. every winner since -- full of the 500 winners. and he is in the sprint unte press what does he think about adding one more race to a full schedule >> i have 23409 not been in are a race for homestead. it was a privilege and run the race or two throughout the year. i'm in.
5:49 pm
can you watch it and the team. and they get ready for the season. and they are getting ready for a new year the best of the best. >> next month p spring in the steps with a jump across the big pond. there is no better place to help for the season than in england. >> the club is committed to preparing them and up to us to put in the work and prepare ourselves. >> and they will leave for an 11-day trip on the sixth and play three games in england and one against leicster city. >> it is the home of soccer so i want to bring them over and experience and the ins tensity the difference.
5:50 pm
stewart campbell. >> i started as a 12 year old. i was there through 22. i have a lot of fond memories. how they are doing it is brilliant. >> and the farmer -- former team is at the top. where better and who better before kicking off the season back here in the states. >> we have been talking, it is a neat occasion for to us go and not do anything but when us better for april 2nd when we up up the season. >> for what they hope is a top notch season. >> that's kind of cool. never mind who they are playing. >> over 27 million views and more. can you see why.
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some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. 3 on wall street.. stocks rallied to end the week higher. the dow had its se stocks rally. and finishing up 313 points and the nasdaq gained 70. the s&p rose 35. can you go on and check.
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the friendly skies to make some zero gravity history and social media is buzzing about it. ky not wait to see this. and we have more from los angeles with more on the story. >> and the band ok go is blowing up for the latest video which has gotten well over 27 million views in just 24 hours. only michael yeo is inside the making of the gravity defying stunt. >> don't stop. can't stop until you feel it, when you go in, are you thinking swim, there is nothing to push against. >> and it was sailing forward i get on the chair and push off. >> no green screen or pyres and
5:55 pm
and then plunging back. >> it looks like they one upped themselves from the treadmill video. >> and the band partnered with russian airline s-7 after physicals and training they said ok go. >> and this is what we do it throws you. 30 minutes of weightnessness. we sit still for the next and up in the air. >> and cannot stop like a fright train. >> there are 8 scene s. the messy finale took 8 takes. >> and it is just a lot of fun. >> going down.
5:56 pm
the film crew. >> that feels like real success. >> back to you. >> cynthia wants to try that. >> you can watch the insider at 7:30 here on fox 13. the 6:00 news is next. have a great weekend. all kinds of stuff. harsh not the words you want describing a judge. >> that's what the court said about a judge. tonight at 6:00, what the judge did and how it won a convicted sex offender a sentence. we're going to tell you about the massive fire in new jersey. what burned causing the fire to be so big. and why the pope was wearing this today.
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5:58 pm
3 another wrong way driver kills two people on i- 275. why investigators are having a tough time figuring out how he wound up going the wrong way. 3 "we think that this was very unethical. it was very unprofessional, and a driver going the wrong way. this was unethical and unprofessional. we don't have faith in here. a meeting to decide the fate of
5:59 pm
but she makes a surprising move before it gets started. >> out of ideas on what to get for valentine. we have a few suggestions that you want to hear this in a few minutes. welcome on this friday. thanks for joining us. donald trump is bringing his presidential campaign to tampa. the lines are long getting into the sun dome. and evan axelbank is out there live less than an hour away taking the stage, you know fayetteville donald trump is famous for his rallies. the doors opened. you have thousands inside and more are lined up.


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