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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (mark donald trump packs them in at the sundome. we'll show you the pitch he made to florida voters.. and the protester@ @>> donald trump packs them in at
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@protestors@ @>> this is a movement, this @isn't just a normal situation. @and this is a movement. @>> donald trump takes over @tampa. @the fiery rally that drew quite @a crowd. @>> he's going to be missed so @much. @i didn't ever think it was going @to happen so soon. @>> a grandfather is killed @driving to work. @how a wrong-way driver @devastated his family. @>> she has lost credibility, she @has lost respect. @>> and the polk county @superintendent steps down.
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@school board battle. @good evening and welcome. @>> first up, a packed house. @12,000 greeting donald trump at @the usf sun dome tonight, makes @a fiery pitch to florida voters. @the message, how did it go? @>> well, mark, the man is @certainly a performer. @he had this place hooping and @hollering, all 12,000 people in @here, for 55 minutes. @of course he got in all of his @favorite topics. @he talked about the wall, he @made fun of jeb bush, improving @care for veterans, how good he @says he would be at negotiating, @also the familiar refrain about @how well he's doing in the polls @and how well he did in the @new hampshire primary. @take a look. @here is donald trump right now, @the republican frontrunner for @president of the united states. @here he is on stage at the sun @dome.
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@obama @obamacare and common core. @saying the only reason bush is @in the race because he's raised @so much mon he. @he said don't worry, is jeb @sleeping? @he pointed out thousands of @people were tickets are not @allowed in because the place was @already full. @he says he is leading a @movement, one that has taken @hold because people are so @furious at washington. @>> do we have fun considering @the subject matter stipgs? @we're @stinks? @here's why we're having fun, @because it's actually a message @of great optimism. @make america great again, that's @optimism. @some people said oh, such @negativity. @it's just the opposite. @we're going to fix things up. @>> of course trump knows how @important florida could be to @him. @it is the first win e. takener take all @primary. @he knows how much a boost this
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@he said he loves florida's @hispanics during the speech @because he employs thousands of @them and they are wonderful @people. @he also told a long story about @how he saved money when he @bought the golf course near @miami and said it was an example @of how well he would negotiate @with countries like iran. @and he was not shy about hitting @on an issue that is @controversial in the hispanic @community, his favorite issue, @that is, the wall. @>> i said right from the @beginning, we're going to build @a wall, it's going to be a real @wall, see that ceiling up there? @this is a wall that if you get @up there, you're not coming down @very easy. @right now we have a wall, do you @see, they build ramps, i don't @know why they don't just knock @over the wall. @they built ramps over the wall, @there probably is a severe @penalty. @no, we don't give severe @penalties, right? @no. @>> and trump also reacted to the @former mexican president saying @this week that there was no way @that his own country would ever
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@trump reiterated again that his @negotiating tactics, he says, @would make mexico pay for this @wall. @he also admitted, mark, that he @didn't know how much the wall @would cost, but again he did say @that he would have mexico pay @for it and one more note, this @may be the biggest thing to come @out of this whole night, and @that is that he agreed to an @interview with jorge rah most @from ramos from @univision, most popular spanish @language -- they went back and @forth over immigration, trump @had him thrown out of a press @conference, and now donald trump @says he has agreed to an @interview, he's made up with @univision so that could be @interesting. @>> they do have a colorful @history between them. @thanks.@ors @donald trump's rally, they took @turns swinging at a trump @pinata, chanting "dump trump"
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@>> i think he's outspoken, a lot @of people gravitate towards @that, but what he's speaking is @completely dangerous. @homophobic, sexist, racist, it's @just taking a turn to the past @where we don't need to go. @>> some wore costumes as well, @many wore t-shirts with names @the other candidates. @>> new information about one of @the victims of this double fatal @wrong way cash this morning. @the man killed by the wrong way @driver was on his way to work, @just like any other morning. @evan spoke with the man's family @today. @he's live off 275 where this @crash happened. @such a tragedy, evan. @>> it is, kelly. @65-year-old eugene fisher was a @husband, a veteran and a @grandfather. @he was killed when troopers say @a wrong-way driver slammed into @him, head-on, on the exit ramp @right here near ashley drive. @>> he was at my soccer game last @night taking pictures.
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@saw her grandfather just hours @before the daily commute that @would be his last. @family members of 65-year-old @eugene fisher say the air force @veteran and long time security @manager was on his way to work @just before 6:00 this morning. @he was getting off of 275 when a @gold acura driving the wrong way @slammed into his s.u.v. head-on. @>> i did not expect this to @happen. @i mean, we love him so much. @>> troopers say 47-year-old @larry thompson was driving the @crash. @it's unclear right now if @alcohol was involved, but just @moments before the accident, @calls poured in to 911, @reporting the same car going the @275. @>> there's a wrong-way driver on @the ramp for getting on to 275, @just past armenia and howard. @>> investigators say that makes @them think thompson got on and @off the interstate, driving the @wrong way, at least twice.
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@it just -- there's got to be @something -- i don't understand @how you go the wrong way anyway, @i mean, if you -- but there's @got to be a way that there's @more awareness, there's more @something to stop it. @>> fisher's family hopes sharing @the impact of his loss on them @will be a wake-up call to other @drivers. @>> he was the best grandfather i @could ever ask for, best @grandpa. @>> and it's a loss this family @will never get over. @>> never. @>> back live, troopers say it @could take weeks to process the @toxicology test that could tell @them for sure if alcohol or @drugs was involved in this crash @crash. @>> evan lambert reporting, thank @you so much, evan. @>> another wrong-way driver was @arrested in hillsborough county. @deputies say kenneth needs was @heading south on the northbound @lanes of racetrack road last @night when he rammed into a car.
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@signs of impairment and they @smelled alcohol on his breath. @the car he struck was totaled, @he gets a dui charge with @property damag damagee. @they say a body has been found @of the, @there were no life jackets on @board, his name has not been @released but family members say @he may have been suicidal. @>> you may remember the story of @this man's angry profanity-laced @voice mess ang to message to a local mosque @shortly after the terror attacks @last year. @>> i'm going to personally have @a militia that's going to come @down to your islamic society, @fire bomb you, shoot whoever's @on site on the head, i don't @care if they're [bleep] years @old or a hundred. @>> today he took a plea deal and @pleaded guilty to a hate crime @in federal court.
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@says he made those threlt ening @calls against two mosques @because he was angry over terror @attacks in paris. @they searched his home and @determined he did not have the @ability to carry out any actual @attacks. @outside the courthouse today, he @calls his actions ignorant and @stupid. @>> i regret what i did, and it @breaks my heart to know that i @caused pain, fear and anxiety to @the parents and the children of @the centers that i called. @and it's not who i am, it's not @who we are as americans. @i hope this sends a message to @people that words can hurt and @you have to be held accountable @for what you say. @>> he's going to be sentenced in @the next few months. @he faces up to 20 years in @prison. @>> new at 10:00, a tennessee man @is charged in the string of home @burglaries just over the past @two months. @deputies tell us zachary stein @may have committed upwards of 30 @burglaries. @in most of the crimes, the front
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@electronics were stole stolen. @deputies connected his car to @the string of burglaries and @when they saw it, they gave @chase. @he admitted to four of the @burglaries and they're trying to @connect him to others. @the owner of an ohio restaurant @that was the scene of a @bloodbath last night thinks he @was attacked because he is @israeli. @they're investigating the @incident as a possible lone wolf @terror attack. @>> police in columbus, ohio say @they don't have a history with @the suspect, a 30-year-old man @by the name of mohammad baari, @but there are reports tonight @that federal authorities had him @in a database even before he @walked into a restaurant last @night and began butching people. @the owner is an israeli @immigrant. @he says baari came to his @business last night and asked @where he, the owner, was from.
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@armed with a ma machete and began @slashing customers and @employees. @there were children in there at @the time. @some of the people fought back, @though, chased him out of the @place. @police shot and killed him after @he refused to surrender. @>> he came in through the front @door, and then started @systematically just hitting @people with whatever -- with a @machete. @>> based upon the nature of the @assault, what we've seen around @the country and internationally, @we just thought it was prudent @to bring our federal partners @help us look at this right from @the beginning. @>> we're told he was already in @a federal database that tracks @people with possible ties to @terrorism. @now they're investigating to see @if this attack was inspired by @terrorist propaganda. @they're also looking into his @back tbrownd, they know that he @lived in columbus, they don't @know much about his travel @history so they're looking at @that and all aspects of his @background now. @>> thanks very much. @a big shift tonight for polk @county schools.
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@unethical, it was very @unprofessional, and we tonight @have faith in her. @>> school's district leader is @out. @why she chose to step down, @right after the break. @>> max went to alaska, and we @have a dog in canada, we have @dogs in pennsylvania. @>> dozens of rescue dogs have @now gotten a second chance. @how they have been saved by @social media, coming up at @10:30. @>> i tell you, today has to be @one of the nicest days of the @year. @it's ohm a month or so old, but @it was fantastic. @lots of sunshine, the mercury up @near 70. @here's the sunset tonight on the @hilton clearwater beach cam. @beautiful evening. @the weekend forecast looks @pretty good. @there's a cold front on the way. @we'll talk about the impacts @from that cold front in a few @minutes. @don't go away. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. developing tonight..@ @>> developing tonight, polk @county superintendent katherine @leroy has resigned. @she was facing termination @tonight by the school board, but
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@>> indeed. @live in polk county with more, @what a day, josh. @>> yeah, certainly a lot of @tension here tonight. @we heard a lot of back and forth @during the public comment, both @for and against the @superintendent. @in the end, the board approved @her resignation and with that @comes some very big compensation @dollars. @>> rather than face what could @have been a literal firing @squad, polk county @superintendent katherine leroy @resigned saturday raf afternoon, @much to the delight of this @teacher at southwest middle @school. @>> absolutely the right move. @we need to move forward as a @district, we need to move @forward as teachers, we need to @change where we've been. @>> and to the chagrin of others @like edwina hall, leroy's @executive assistant. @>> i watched as she tirelessly @built teams and integrated
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@academic success of the students @in polk county, but to enhance @their quality of life and @prepare them to be prosperous @adults. @>> leroy had been under fire @after associate superintendent @greg rivers filed nine @misconduct claims against her, @including sexual harassment and @creating a hostile work @environment. @an independent investigation @cleared her of miscon tuct, butconduct but @did say she may have crossed @professional lines. @she responded earlier this week. @>> please allow me to apologize @for any failure of my part to @ineffectively manage a @relationship with a senior staff @member. @i take responsibility for that, @and i've learned from it. @>> but it wasn't enough. @the damage already done. @friday evening, rather than @voting to terminate, board @members voted unanimously to @accept leroy's resignation, @which includes compensation of @$233,317, including $30,000 in @lawyer fees.
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@us to move forward. @we need to heal as a community. @>> based on some of the @rhetoric, however, that may be a @ways off. @>> based on what i saw, it was a @lynch mob. @>> wow. @now what we did hear tonight, @the board voted to name deputy @superintendent jackie bird to @interim superintendent. @we should learn more about the @search for a permanent @replacement at a workshop coming @up on february 23rd. @mark, back to you. @>> josh, thanks. @>> it is the weekend, friday @night, and the weather, i think @it's going to be fabulous. @>> it's going to be a great day. @the table is set, as they say, @for a decent weekend, paul. @>> it's going to be pretty good. @today if you had like the a.p. @coaches' poll like when you rank @college football teams, today @would be the top five for sure, @we're heading fort for the playoffs. @the sky does not get any bluer @than that.
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@that's a tbrait shot. @ great shot. @that's obviously going to lead @to a nice sunset and here it is. @downtown tampa looking to the @west, that's good stuff. @our good buddy over in @clearwater caught the sunset @over the intercoastal this @evening. @it was a great day. @a little bit on the cool side, @but think about this day, you @know, when it's like @august 15th, and the high is @93 and the low is 78 and the @humidity is like 98% and we get @heavy rain in the afternoon, @you'll take this type of day, @really at any time during the @year. @good stuff. @good weekend coming up, even @though there's going to be a @little bit of a change, there's @going to be a cold front moving @down the pennsylvania tomorrow, @that will allow some colder @weather to move our way tomorrow @night. @so tomorrow night will be @colder, we'll rebound on @valentine's day, then another @front heads our way monday @night, into tuesday, we're going @to miss the really cold air and @i tell you, it is going to be @brutally cold in the northeast @this weekend. @i'll talk more about that in a @sec.
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@well entrenched over the gulf, @so pretty confident we see a lot @of sunshine both days. @the winter trough is in place in @the east and right now the @mercury is up there. @we have temperatures in the @50s to near 60, and the key @tonight is that in advance of a @front -- this happens all the @time. @in advance of a front, the winds @turn to the southwest. @when that happens for us, we @stay milder at night because the @wind is coming in off the water, @there's no cold air drains down @the peninsula, there will be no @frost obviously, just a milder @night with a southwest wind and @temperatures now compared tore @10:00 last night, much warmer, @in fact, 10 degrees warmer in @sarasota. @we are 59. @the dew .56, maybe a little bit @of patchy sea fog tonight with @dew points coming up ahead of @the front, should not be a huge @deal. @there's the approaching front @that moves down the state late @tonight and tomorrow, then all @eyes are going to be on this air
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@4 below in fargo, 4 minneapolis, @11 chicago, 10 in flint. @that weather heads to the east, @we stay in the 50s tonight and @the mercury tomorrow will be @cooler. @highs tomorrow about 5 degrees @cooler than today, in the mid @60s. @so cold air again comes down @with this cold front briefly for @about 24 to 36 hours, then over @the weekend, kind of watch and @wait for low pressure west of @us, that will be producing some @showers for us monday night and @tuesday. @these are not whipped chills. @ wind chills, these @are predicted temperatures. @3:00. @17 new york, 3 in albany, @5 below in watertown. @we'll put this into motion, then @by sunday at 8:00 a.m., this is @not wind chill this, is actual @temperatures, zero new york @city, 6 below in boston, 17 @below in albany, 13 below in @watertown. @this will be about the coldest @air mass in about 10 years in @the northeast, and thankfully
10:22 pm
@go this way and is not coming @our way, but that's tough to @take. @forecast for tonight is partly @cloudy to clear and seasonable, @we're down to 53. @we've got sunshine tomorrow, it @will turn colder at night, @65 for a high, be a chilly @morning on sunday, lots of @sunshine during the afternoon, @we bounce back up to 67, and the @front heads our way and there @will be some showers arriving @probably late monday, into @tuesday, and after that, it @turns cooler and nice with the @mercury next week in the 60s @and 70s. @back to you guys. @>> sounds good, paul. @thanks. @still to come, a historic @meeting in cuba. @>> the get-together that ended a @1,000 year rift. @when we come back, we'll tell @you all about it. @>> and don't toss off your @losing scratchoff lotto tickets, @you can actually cash in on @them. @how in the world? @that's up to our consumer
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pope francis visited cuba today. he met with the @ @>> pope francis visited cuba @today. @he met with the head of the @russian orthodox church. @that's something that hasn't @happened in a thousand years. @the pontiff sat down with a @patriarch and cuban leader @castro. @>> after a millennium long rift @between the eastern and western @branches of christianity, today @in havana cuba, a meeting for @the history books, a meeting @between pope francis and @russia's @russia's patriarch, the first @time ever a catholic pope has @met with the head of the @orthodox church.
10:26 pm
@the meeting was brokered by the @cuban president. @it comes at a time when russia's @relations with the west are @strained. @>> this is a meeting of two @church leaders, and there is no @politics in this meeting. @>> meantime the vatican sees it @as an important ecumenical @event, drawing attention to a @shared concern of both churches. @christians in iraq and syria @being killed by the islamic @state, and others because of @their faith. @>> almost genocide is happening @very quickly, so the pope and @russian orthodox patriarch @meeting hopefully will bring @some attention to the situation @of christians in the middle @east. @>> following the meeting, pope @francis is off to mexico for a @visit to reach out to the poor @and victims of violence there. @while in mexico, francis is set @to perform mass at the u.s. @mexico border, a move some, @including donald trump, are @publicly criticizing. @>> i think he doesn't understand @the problems our country has. @i don't think he understands the @danger of the open border that
10:27 pm
@>> when pope francis met the @russian patriarch, he embraced @him and said finally, we are @brothers. @>> from cuba, the pope went to @mexico as part of his five-day @visit. @he will be performing mass on @the u.s.-mexican border. @>> two new cases of the zika @virus have been confirmed in @florida. @so far health officials say that @there are 20 cases total in the @state of florida. @three of them in hillsborough @county, all of them are @travel-related. @the virus is primarily spread by @mosquitoes and there's now an @open hotline in florida for @those who have any questions @about the zika virus. @that's on fox 13 @look for the seen on tv section @there. @>> more punches thrown in the @race for the white house. @who is at the receiving end and
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@we stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream
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in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. 3 more *drama in the race for the white house! after several @ @>> more drama in the race for @the white house, after several @days of attacking each other,
10:30 pm
@expected to play nice ot an @evangelical rally in south @carolina but the whole concept @of turning the other cheek @didn't seem to take very well. @>> no, it didn't. @things got ugly very fast. @>> evangelicals are a huge @voting block here. @some 60% of the electorate. @jeb bush wants to make sure they @don't vote for donald trump. @>> is anybody here worried about @the front running candidate @shouting out obscenities in @front of children? @i can't imagine my dad -- it @just -- it's just like -- not @gonna do it. @or, you know, my brother who @always wore a suit into the oval @office. @>> after tempering his criticism @of donald trump at last @weekend's debate, ted cruz has @renewed his attacks, also taking @aim at some of the loose @language trump has engaged in on @the stump. @>> don't listen to what any of @the candidates say. @don't listen to me, don't listen
10:31 pm
@listen to donald trump. @or if you do, you may have to @send your kids out of the room. @>> but sometimes when you fire @the plit will political musket, it @backfires. @tomorrow, the candidates will @all meet one last time to debate @before the voting next saturday. @in 2012, newt gingrich proved @one good debate moment can turn @around falling poll numbers and @propel a candidate to victory in @south carolina. @marco rubio vowing to put his @contrasting debate moment in @new hampshire in the rearview @mirror. @>> we're going to continue to do @what we do, we feel very good @about the message in our @campaign. @as the field narrows, they @become more and more important. @>> cruz is saying the actress @involved in the ad was not @properly vetted.
10:32 pm
@>> and the most recent poll @shows donald trump with a big @lead going in to the south care south @carolina primary. @trump has an overwhelmingly 36% @of likely south carolina voters, @ted cruz is in second, 19%. @marco rubio is a close third, @15%, and jeb bush is right @behind with 11. @john kasich with 9. @our fox 13 polling expert says @south carolina will be about who @comes in second and third. @>> then you've got two people @bunched up, you have marco @rubio, who's about 4 points @ahead of jeb bush, but those who @are going to be really going @after each other to see who can @have the right to be number @3 coming out of south carolina @or possibly number two. @>> he also says he expects the @candidates to really run a lot @of negative ads in south @carolina because each one of @them is fighting to place as @high as they can. @on the democratic side after a @decisive victory in the @new hampshire primary, bernie @sanders is edging closer to @hillary clinton.
10:33 pm
@trailing by just seven points. @46 to 39%. @>> we see them all the time on @facebook, even on twitter. @pictures of cats and dogs and @other animals that dress prattly @need a home. @in some cases they are only @hours away from death, but in @this day and age right now, some @of the animals do make it out of @the shelter and into a loving @home. @>> how social media is really @saving their lives. @>> it sure is. @it's an amazing network of @rescuers, nationwide and around @the world, saving tossed away @pets through social media. @>> from her home outside @chicago, pamela cramer writes @about animals thousands of miles @away. @>> when i saw that picture, i @knew hi to i had to write about him. @>> a picture of romeo, @surrendered the week before @christmas, posted on the rescue @me tampa facebook page. @>> that picture of him in front @of the sign that said, if you @leave your dog here, it can be @killed immediately, that picture
10:34 pm
@>> she wrote that story and what @happened? @>> it went viral, went crazy. @literally that night, we had @almost 100 emails for one dog. @>> this is one of the people who @updates the rescue me tampa page @every night. @>> when they're in the room, @actually checking emails one @more time. @>> she says what pamela writes @saves lives. @>> the pictures catch you, but @the story -- @>> cramer's stories and rescue @me tampa are part after vast @rescue network that spans social @media. @a network without borders. @>> max went to alaska, and we @have a dog in canada, we have @dogs in pennsylvania, new @jersey, north carolina, all @over. @all across the united states. @>> cramer, herself, used that @network to rescue lucky from the @county shelter in miami-dade, @nearly 1400 miles away. @>> good boy. @yes, you are so good.
10:35 pm
@transport, within 24 hours, @lucky had arrived. @five different drivers from @miami to jupiter. @on to fort pierce. @then to cocoa. @orange park. @and finally, a rendezvous with @pam cramer in atlanta. @and one more drive to her warm @cosey couch in chicago. @>> he was in car for 22 hours @total with basically potty @breaks. @>> dogs and cats saved by @facebook. @>> so many would die without the @page. @>> it's saving lives. @>> absolutely. @>> and while way too many @unwanted pets are still dying, @these women are grateful for the @power of social media. @and every single life saved. @>> when i find out that an @animal has found a home because @of one of my stories, sometimes @i start crying. @because it makes me so happy. @>> and of course we know you
10:36 pm
@dog that wept went viral, that @picture says it all. @the humane society of tampa @pulled him out of the shelter, @less than two weeks later, he @got adopted. @that is his going home photo on @facebook. @we also put them on our website @g to seen on tv, boy, everything @animals. @>> that's really amazing. @>> i love that. @thanks goodness it's there. @that's the great thing about @social media. @>> you know we love our kids, @our sun sets and our animals. @>> and our pets, yes, indeed. @>> using it to their advantage @and our advantage -- @>> just to get the word out. @>> it's great. @share, share, share. @still to come, many of us toss @those losing scratchoff tickets. @>> but that is a big mistake @possibly. @chris is going to tell us why. @>> hey, guys. @i lost a debate in the newsroom @over this one. @i learned something that really @surprised me, might surprise you @about these, and we'll also talk @about that massive powerball @jackpot. @i've been running the numbers
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@before you go to bed.
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coming up tonight at 11.. @ @>> coming up tonight at 11:00, @the investigation into a deadly @nightclub shooting has one @family very upset. @you'll see why the man in this @photo, who's named a person of @interest in the case, says @police had no reason to link him @to the crime. @you've got to see that story. @and look at this. @incredible new technology that's @helping doctors here in florida @save babies that have congenital @heart defects. @we'll explain how this is making @delicate surgery much easier @tonight at 11:00. @>> thank you, chris. @a woman from hudson is going to @bed a lot richer tonight. @she just won 400 grand from the @flamingo multiplier scratchoff @game. @that's awesome. @she bought the winning ticket at
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@it's not her first big win @either. @>> i hate these stories. @>> she won fantasy 5 college @football's second chance @promotion last fall, scored a @brand new kia vento, sorrento. @>> they come in 3s. @>> it actually sparked @conversation here at fox 13 so @with that, we put our consumer @reporter on the case. @>> all right, so margaret is on @the web team, and margaret says @in the afternoon meeting, you @know, those scratchoff tickets, @when you lose, they actually are @worth something. @>> right. @>> and i said no -- @>> i've never heard that. @>> exactly. @have you heard that? @>> no. @>> and i and you guys -- we're @wrong, because yeah, actually @select tickets are. @a second chance drawing on the @florida lottery website. @here how it works. @certain games, if you lose, you @could win up to 96 other prizes @with a maximum prize of $25,000.
10:42 pm
@first of course you buy the @ticket, right? @second, you lose. @third, you go online and then @you register that ticket, then @you wait. @you get a couple drawings @between the beginning of the @year and april, and again, @96 prizes, up to $25,000. @i had absolutely no idea. @>> for any ticket, no matter @where you got it, how bad you @lose. @>> exactly. @>> as long as you register. @>> right now, it's that flamingo @multiplier. @>> you have to register it. @>> exactly. @>> i had no idea. @nop. @>>none. @>> but you say don't play the @lottery. @>> for every ms. gandt, there @are lots of us still working on @a friday night. @so i say it's okay for @entertainment value. @i think a lot of financial @experts will agree with me, to @fork over a couple bucks for @some powerball tickets, not a @bad idea if you're going to get @some dreaming out of that, how @am i going to kick that job, you @know?
10:43 pm
@that's your little dream for two @buckaroos. @i rowly do endorse it when, say, @a couple weeks ago, we had @$1.5 billion on the line, you @can certainly get some enjoyment @out of that for 2 bucks. @>> i had some great dreams. @>> speaking of that powerball, @by the way, we still have one @ticket that was sold in florida, @we? @>> i called up the lottery and @they said, yeah, it still has @not been redeemed, they told me @that the money is available 15 @business days after the drawing, @that means the money was @available a week ago. @which got me thinking. @they're missing out on so much @interest. @>> sure. @>> take a look. @okay. @so after taxes and lump sum, @they would clear $197 million. @if we conservatively invested @that, at 3% interest, they would @earn $16,219 a day, every day, @in interest. @so it's been about seven days @that the money has been @available. @that means they have missed out
10:44 pm
@$113,000, and that's real time. @i calculated this and made this @graphic in realtime. @that is a realtime @representation of the 19 cents a @second they are losing in @interest. @every second of every day @whether they are awake, whether @they are sleeping, whether they @are driving, whether they're @flying, wherever that ticket is @sitting, they're losing 19 cents @a second. @>> never mind the other @190 million. @>> you could be spending that @money. @>> and it was sold on the east @coast, so they're probably not @watching right now. @>> something happened to them @maybe, we don't know. @>> can you imagine if that @ticket goes unclaimed? @>> oh, my gosh. @>> it's been too long now. @>> i don't know why you would @sit on that. @116 gone already? @>> the other two have been @claimed. @>> but not the florida one. @>> of course if it goes @unclaimed, of course it would be @florida. @of course it would be us, the @laughing stock of the nation. @>> and at some point that ticket @here. @>> of course. @>> we'll see. @we'll see.
10:45 pm
@never heard that about the @scratchoffs. @>> me neither. @>> i had no idea. @have a great weekend, guys. @>> how about this? @no one is more excited about the @cash. @he's going to tell us why. @plus, this is one of the best @goals we've seen all season. @perfect pass but was it enough @to beat nashville? @you've got to see the finnish @this game. @i'm going to give you the store @reline behind it. @>> that is sheer want and will @whopping waves, is that a sur @surfer? in 1934, the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get
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steak 'n shake,
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@ @>> this is a weird winter. @we're freezing cold, we just had @a hurricane practically with a @cruise ship and then we get @these wild waves. @this is really incredible. @this is video of the famous @mavericks surfing competition. @california. @one of the most dangerous in the @world. @some of those were 50 to -- @almost 50, about 35, 40 feet @high. @spectators have been banned from @watching it from the beach
10:49 pm
@because of waves crashing into @them. @>> really. @>> yeah. @but imagine the go pro footage @we're going to see in a couple @days once they all get it back @together. @>> i think he outran that one @and he survived. @>> i think he did. @these are not amateurs. @>> no. @oh, my goodness, no. @you have to see this sweet @letter. @it's trending on social media. @10-year-old little boy found a @woman's wallet at a motocross @event in oakland. @he wrote her a nice letter, he @sent it to her with her wallet, @which still had all the money in @it, all of her driver's license @inside. @his note said, "i know how it @feels to lose something and i @wanted to make sure you got your @wallet back. @hopefully i've made you smile. @i'd glad i found it instead of @one bad person who would steal @it from you." @and she put the letter and the @photo of her wallet on facebook, @and it's gone viral. @>> how adorable. @>> good for him. @>> that's nice.
10:50 pm
@it's a way to say thank you. @>> it's really nice. @>> good kid. @>> all right. @you know the saying you get what @you wish for? @so i'm watching the lightning @game tonight, and early in the @game it's good but it's not that @exciting. @i'm thinking to myself, gosh, i @wish it would kick up a little, @the game really got fun to @watch, especially at the end. @pick it up early, lightning are @down 1-0. @i want you to watch the right @post because j.t. brown never @gives up on it, takes a hit, @still scores, game tied at 1. @then they get the lead, the long @pass and he somehow gets the @shot off with one arm. @now he would have been awarded a @penalty shot anyways as we take @another look at it, but watch @the pass. @shot. @through. @and now less than 20 seconds @left -- 30 seconds left in @regulation, steven stamkos, @that's his signature shot, game
10:51 pm
@early in overtime, watch this, @tyler johnson is going to find a @hole so in the last 30 seconds, @and in the first minute of @overtime, the lightning tie and @then come back to win this one, @huge 2-point win, 4-3 lightning @in overtime. @all right. @the biggest familiar face for @the race feels a lot more @comfortable in his second spring @training. @the team definitely looks @different. @11 players that were on this @team last year are gone, the @rays worked on adding run @producing power to fill some of @the holes. @this team lost too many close @games last year, too many @one-run games actually. @no one knows if the lineup will @make the team better but cash @tells us what he knows is he @will be better. @>> i do. @the comfort is because of the @relationships that you built all @yearlong, and you know everybody @now, you have a little bit @better understanding, you don't @know anything, i don't think you @ever will, but the relationship @with the players, the coaches,
10:52 pm
@familiar with what takes place @in spring training and the @buildup to it. @>> bears are moving on without @running back matt forte, they @cut him loose after eight years @with chicago. @one of the most versatile backs @now in the nfl, chicago @didn't -- they played him all @the time, he was almost always @in there. @he ran, he caught passes, he @blocked, he did it all. @makes you kind of wonder if the @bucs would be in on the @discussion to get him if they @can't re-sign doug martin, @already the rumors are swirling @that the patriots and dolphins e @forte is 30 years old so he's @got a lot of mileage on those @legs but he did it all, free @agency starts march 9th. @practice in daytona for the @sprint unlimited, 25 cars will @be in that race. @denny hamlin has the quickest @car. @joe gibbs racing has three @drivers in the top 6 led by @hamlin. @the tampa guy is in the race @tomorrow, had the third fastest @time, which i think is great.
10:53 pm
@and brian vickers will replace @tony stewart in daytona. @right now it's a one-race deal. @vickers as fourth fastest today. @he feels lucky he can get behind @the wheel because he's been @fighting blood clots and he @can't race while he's getting @treatment but nascar cleared him @for the 500. @>> if i remember a couple years @ago, he did really well at @daytona, maybe a top 5 finish. @>> that would be great. @>> be awesome. @>> still to come tonight, one @sweet ceremony just in time for @valentine's. @>> eight adorable couples renew @their vows. @how they celebrated a lifetime @of love. @right after the break. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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@through friday at about 10:55. @good stuff, great sunsets all @week long. @today is really the first day @that had a sign of the upcoming @spring season. @during the spring, we get a lot @of days like this. @we get sunshine and the mercury @inland goes well into the 70s @and the coastline is relatively @cooler because the water is so @much cooler. @all day long, we had a west and @southwest wind, acts like a @refrigerator and keeps the @coastline cooler, you jump east @of i-75, many mid 70s, we'll @have a lot more days just like @that. @we ended the streak of seven @straight days below 70. @today we were up to 70 degrees @for a high, prior to that, seven @in a row, eight in a row, if it @was eight in a row today, that @would also be during the stretch @from september 10th to the 17th @back in 2010. @more cool weather on the way @next week behind a cold front.
10:58 pm
@our way. @tonight, southwest winds late @tonight and tomorrow, the cold @front goes by with a ribbon of @clouds. @tomorrow will be filled with @sunshine, there will be a cool @breeze tomorrow night will be @noticeably colder and then by @sunday during the day, the @weather should be nice and the @mercury rebounds into the mid @60s. @so tomorrow, 56 degrees early in @the day, 62 degrees by midday, @we top off at 65, we turn colder @tomorrow night, then val teens @day cold morning and a mild @afternoon. @let's talk some lotto numbers @coming up. @here we go. @this is the cash 3 for today. @5, 3, 4. @tonight was 997-0937 and the @play four nighttime numbers, @5305. @have a good weekend. @back to you. @>> a sweet celebration of love @meantime in nevada. @>> eight long time couples @renewed their wedding vows. @very special.
10:59 pm
@[applause] @>> these couples have been @married a total of 500 years, @all of them together, of course, @and today their nursing home in @las @las vegas held a special @ceremony to celebrate their @devotion. @it included romantic music, a @lovely wedding cake and of @course a candlelight dinner. @they say it was a perfect start @to valentine's weekend. @>> how adorable is that. @500 years. @>> right there. @and love is in the air halfway @around the world too. @>> this is a video of a mass @wedding in the philippines, 350 @couples got married, all at the @same time in manila. @the wedding was officiated by @joseph estrada, the former @president of that country. @congratulations to them. @>> yes, on valentine's weekend. @time now for the fox 13 @11:00 news. @>> enjoy the weekend with your @valentine. @here's cynthia and chris. @>> right now at 11:00, a lot of @love for republican presidential @frontrunner donald trump as he @made his pitch to the bay area. @>> firing up a crowd of @thousands.
11:00 pm
@time, we're going to bring our @country back. @>> take a look inside the usf @sun dome, what trump had to say @and what his opponents were @doing just outside. @>> don't address my son's @picture on social media just @because you need to know who he @is to tell on somebody. @>> that frustrated woman is @speaking out after seeing her @son's picture licked to a murder @investigation. @why tampa police say it was @necessary. @>> and get rid of that mosquito @breeding area. @>> a campaign starting tomorrow, @hoping to help prevent cases of @zika virus here in the bay area. @how you can get rid of your old @tires free. @>> we're starting tonight at @11:00 with republican @frontrunner donald trump. @he was firing up the crowd of at @least 12 thowl in a packed house @at the usf sun dome. @evan was out there tonight and @evan, you got to hear the whole @thing.


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