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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> alcides: seth death of a pjudicial giant. pthe longest serving member of pthe current supreme court dies. phow did does is affect p>> alcides: the republican pmrezal hopefuls face off in panother debate. p>> alcides: good sunday pmorning. pthanks for joins us on this pvalentine's day. phappy valentine's day to you. p>> anjuli: valentine's day to pyou, too. pfirst up, lindsay milbourne is
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psunday. p>> lindsay: it is chillier out pthe door. pgood snuggle, cuddle weather pwith your valentine this pmorning. plook at the temperatures in the p40s. pcrystal river is at 37. psarasota that 46 compared to pyesterday's 60s makes a pdifference. pwe may drop another degree or ptwo before all is said and done. p24-hour changes. premember, saturday we were in pthe orange. ptoday we're in the blue running panywhere from 6 degrees cooler pin what auchula to 19 in pbrooksville. pstill a light breeze by the bay pas well. pslight windchill values and pnothing extreme this morning. pnothing but sunshine after a few pmorning clouds. pwe will introduce a few extra pclouds today as our winds via pfrom north-northeast to east and pthat will bring in perfection pthrough the afternoonment a few pclouds and temperatures nice and pmild as we spl out your pvalentine's day forecast, by plunchtime mid-60s and we climb pto about 70 today. pso a little below average, but pknowledges pretty darn nice.
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pit features more warmth than plast week coming up. p supreme court justice panthony scalia has died. phe was 79. p>> anjuli: joel waldman has pmore. p>> reporter: news the death pcoming in the midst of a rivatal presidential election pwere control of the court is a phot topic sending shockwaves pthroughout the political world. preaction to the news of justice pscalia's death came swiftly from pacross the political spectrum. p>> elbe remembered as one of the pmost consequential judges and pthinkers to serve on the supreme pcourt. p>> reporter: the flags outside pthe supreme court lowered to phalf-staff as tributes poured in pfrom both republicans and pdemocrats, many of whom spraz pscalia's legal mind even when pthey didn't agree with his popinions. p>> he's an original? pmany ways, not just legal-minded pbut an original guy.
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pruth bader ginsburg was his best pfriend. p>> reporter: appointed in 1986 pby president ronald reagan, he pwas the first italian-american pjustice to sit on the court and pa staunch conservative voice on pthe bench. phe wrote a dissenting opinion in pmajor cases including the psignature legislation of the paffordable care act. phis death touched off a olitical firestorm as its a pchance for the president to pappoint the third supreme court pjustice during his time in poffice. pthat would surely tip the scales pof the court in favorite of pliberal-leaning justices. prepublicans holding majority in pthe senate will try to delay a pnew supreme court justice pnominee until after the november pgeneral election, a move that pwill get push-back from the pdemocrats. pin washington, joel waldman, fox pnews. p>> anjuli: the sudden passing pthe justice ska leila changed pthe focus of the republican pdebate in south carolina. pthe candidates weighed in on the pfuture of the supreme court and
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p>> i believe the president pshouldn't move forward, and i pthink that we ought to let the pnext president of the united pstates decide who is going to prun that supreme court with a pvote by the people of the united pstates of america. p>> anjuli: the candidates ptalked about a wide array of psubjects including the strengths pand weaknesses in foreign policy pexperience. pthe economy was also a very hot ptopic among the candidates. p>> i could care less about the pinsults donald trump gives to pme. pit's bloodsport for him. phe enjoys it. pi'm sick and tired of him going pafter my family. pmy dad is the greatest man alive pin my mind. pwhile donald trump was building pa reality tv show, my brother pwas building a security papparatus to keep us safe, and pi'm proud of what he did. p>> anjuli: this was the last pdebate before the south carolina prepublican primary, which will pbe held this coming saturday. pthe democratic primary will take
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pfebruary 27th. p>> alcides: hillsborough county pdeputies are looking for two men pin connection with a death pinvestigation near usf. pdeputies were called out on psaturday. pthey think they may have pinformation about that homicide. pa man's body was found at the ark at aberdeen apartments on psick more court. p a large brush fire burns 30 pacres in hernando county and pcomes close to several homes. pflames reached as high as some ptrees. pthe fire even jumped u.s. 19d pburning on both sides. pthankfully no homes were damaged pbut several evacuated pvoluntarily. pthe florida forest service will pcontinue to monitor the psmoldering, but they say the pfire is 90% contained. pthe cause is still under pinvestigation. p>> alcides: a major change is pon the horizon for u.s.-cuba prelations. pthey were on the verge of
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plegal for americans to fly from pthe u.s. to cuba. pkathy caster and six state prepresentatives left on a trib pto cuba. pcaster's mission is to build psupport to end the u.s. embargo. pon tuesday they'll be havana to psign an agreement that would pallow commercial flights between pthe two countries. pcongresswoman caster is praising pthe move while others caution pabout easing restrictions on the pcommunist country. p>> this policy of isolation has pnot served cuba or country as pwell. pjust talk to the folks that live phere in west tampa. p>> everybody likes to talk about pwhat would be great to happen, pand then we pander to these pregimes and then we expect very plittle in return and hope, you pknow, like in north korea, we preally hope that things change. p>> alcides: congresswoman pcaster wants to bring her trade pbill for a vote before congress
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p a big day for nascar fans. pthe season gets under way in pdaytona. p>> anjuli: five local fire prescue departments come together pfor an emergency drill at the phoment. pwe look at how they similar la pitted life or death situations. p>> lindsay: not as mild out the pdoor. pwaking up to cooler temperatures pacross the board. pseveral 40s on the map this pmorning including brooksville at p42. pit's 52 in st. petersburg, but pwe may drop another degree or ptwo. pnonetheless, i think you need pthe jacket. pit is the last day of the pflorida state fair. pif you're headed out today, pbeautiful day for it. pa few more clouds this afternoon pand highs near 70 degrees and pthe week itself looks nice. pnear-average temperatures all in
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pwe talk more about it coming up.
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3 in sports this morning: the nascar season kicks p>> alcides: in sports this pmorning nascar kicks off in pdaytona, florida takes on palabama in the hardwood and race pmanager kevin cash spends the pday at the tropp. p>> the sprint unlimited jump pstarts the nascar season in pdaytona. pit's a fun race to warm up the pdrivers, and if the daytona 500 pis anything like this exhibition prace, it's going to be one pspectacle next sunday. pfirst 25 laps produces two pwrecks, and here's the big one pin the middle of the pack. pbrian vickers gets loose and pslams hard into the wall. phe's okay but his car destroyed. pa total of seven cars were pinvolved including dale
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pallmendinger and busch and denny phamill. p lap 44. pjimmy johnson is pushed by paul pmenard. pjohnson pjohnson'night is over. pwrecks aren't, though. pkurt busch into the wall, and pjust up the track on the pbackstretch, kyle busch gets in pthe back of carl edwards. phere we go again. pfour big names knocked out of pthis one. pon the final lap there's a pwreck. pthere it is. pdenny hamlin is in front, and phe's going to take the checkered pflag ahead of joey logano for a pthird team in his career, his psixth win at daytona. pwhat a night it was. pflorida gators look for the 12th pstraight win against crimson ptide. pgators led most of the first phalf, and that's justin pullman pdrilling tleet pointer. palabama down by four at halftime phalftime.
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pshannon hale goes up strong for pthe dunk and one. p 'bama by 4. punder 4 to play . priley norris, and alabama wins pthe first game in gainesville psince 1995, 61-55. p this is the last free pweekend before the rays head psouth for port charlotte. itchers and catchers hit the pfield next sunday to open up pspring training. pcan you believe it? prays manager kevin cash spent psaturday morninged in the trop pworking with t-ballers and their pcoaches. pthis is the third year where pthey give their time but also poutfit about 10,000 t ballers pand coaches from more than 80 plocal teams. pyou can tell everyone had a good ptime starting with the rays pmanager who himself starred for pnorthside little league just a pcouple of years ago. pas much fun as cash was having,
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pand head south. p>> i'm so excited for spring ptraining. pas soon as this evening is over pwith, i'm driving down to port pcharlotte. pwe've been here for the last pcouple weeks with our good group pof guys coming in hitting, ptaking batting practice and gi pguys throwing ball pun and it's ptime to get outside and get peverybody together. pi think we're all relate excited pabout the additions we made to pthe roster this year. pshould be a really good camp. p>> qualifying for the daytona p500 at 1:00. pthat's a look at sports. phave a great sunday. p>> alcides: just asking lindsay pa little while ago, seems a plittle cooler. p>> anjuli: beautiful. pyesterday was a gorgeous day. p>> lindsay: that sunshine went pto work. pwe had a long pattern of below paverage temps, and we were paverage yesterday, 72. erfect. p>>. p>> anjuli: i loved the psunshine. pi thought it was gorgeous. p>> alcides: another day like pthat would be perfect. p>> lindsay: near perfection ptoday with a few clouds this pafternoon and eventually rain pearly week.
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pis fairly quiet. pyou are right, out the door nice pand tranquil. pskies are clear and temperatures lummeted that last night. premember that 60 we woke up to pyesterday morning? pnot so much right now. pit's 47 degrees at tampa pinternational, and that's below paverage. pit's cooler than 24 hoursing ago pas well. pwinds are light out of the pnortheast and our air is very pdry. pi don't call it done dropping ptemperature-wise just yet. pwe may bottom out at 45 or to in ptampa. pit's 52 in st. petersburg but pit's breezy through parts of inellas county. pwe're at 46 in west chase and 41 lant city. p zephyrhills are 39. pmake sure the pets have an extra player on as well depending on pthe size. pit's 47 in inglewood and 44 in plakewood ranch. peven wauchula and bartow in the pmid-40s this valentine's day pmorning. pnow, our winds shift ever so pslightly.
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plight out of the north-northeast pbut still breezy by the bay. pwe felt that yesterday if you pwere at the beach or attempted pto do some boating, those winds pwere noticeable. pcombined with the cold air ptemperature, no major windchill pvalues but it feels a few pdegrees cooler. p44 in tampa and 41 in winter phaven but you need the extra player. pit's all relative. pwe discussed that big arctic pblast. pthese are actual temperatures pand not windchill, an actual ptemperature of 9 below zero in pboston, 13 below zero in albany. phow about 34 below zero in pwatertown. punbelievably cold when you pfactor in the wind. pwe have dangerous windchill pvalues as cold assist 24 below pin new york city and 33 below pzero in boston. pagain, all relative. pwe call it a chilly start by pflorida standards. pthere's the northeast wind ptoday. pnotice the cold air clouds pacross the atlantic. psome move into the afternoon phours, but none bring any rain, pspectacular-looking day by noon.
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p2 degrees cooler than yesterday. pthe further south you live the pwarmer you'll be. p74 in arcade with brooksville at p70 degrees and 68 or so at pst. pete. ptoday it's all about the veering pwinds, overnight much, much pwarmer as we have a little more pmoisture to work with, and then pduring the day on monday we're pin the mid-70s. pwith the southerly flow and the pheating the day you have a 20% pchance of an afternoon shower. pit's as the sun moving in povernight into tuesday morning pwe bring it up with a 50% chance pof showers and maybe one or two pstorms. pa lot of energy from the system ushes north and east, so it's a prain event and quick event. pby lunchtime especially in the pnorthern counties we're done pwith the rain. pthis front doesn't bring any pcooler air though, temperatures pstay mild this week as high ressure builds in from the west paloft. pwe hold temperatures this week pmainly in the 70s. phow about that for a change? pabove average tomorrow and
6:17 am
pvery pleasant temperatures with pa few afternoon clouds. pthe further inland you live more pcloud cover you see. pabout 10 degrees warmer than pwhere we're at right now in most pspots. p75 on monday with the slim rain pchance late in the day. phang onto the exercise cautions pthis morning so the winds drop. pseas this afternoon drop 2 to 3 pfeet. pnext tide is many about 30 pminutes. pit's a high tide at 6:47. phere's any seven-day forecast. p70 today, 73 behind that front ptuesday morning, so no big chill pthis week. pwhole lot of sunshine. plook at wednesday, thursday, pfriday, saturday. pwhat a week to get outside and penjoy some beautiful weather. p>> alcides: sure is. p>> anjuli: it looks gorgeous. p more than 100 first presponders swarmed the palms of assadena this week. p>> five local rescue fire pdepartments joined the dral psimulating real life or death
6:18 am
p>> we have heavy smoke and fire pcoming out of the sides. p>> truck 20, you're on scene. p>> palms pasadena hospital is pgracious enough to give us this pwing of their hospital, which is pscheduled for demolition. pwe are using this for live fire ptraining. pthere will no flaming in the pbuilding, but we use it for hose pmanagement drills and search and prescue drills. p>> unit 14 is in the trushth. p>> we don't have acquired pstructures loo this often, so pwhen we do we want to take padvantage it. pwe invited the cities of pst. petersburg, gulfport to come pout and train with us. pthose are the neighboring cities pthat come and respond to us with pincidents. p>> my name is lieutenant jeff pulovich and work the pasadena pfire department. pwe have an entanglement and we ptake it down the hallway and papply water in the room we psimulated fire with the cone. pwhen we go into certain
6:19 am
pfire and something that we pactually have to mitigate the roblem, the visibility is not palways our friend. pwe don't always have the ability pto see where we're working. pwe hope that our firefighters puse their other senses, their psound psound, their tactile of touch pwhatever they can through their pgloves and their gear, and pespecially their ears to talk to peach other and find where we're pgoing. pi can't express how important pthis is. pbuildings that actually give us preal-world construction, preal-world hazards, the things pthat we run across if we presponded to a building such as pthis or to somebody's house is pinvaluable. pwe cannot represent replicate pit without acquired structures. p>> the drill and evolution is pdone. pgood job, everybody. p>> anjuli: fighting high blood ressure is a problem for
6:20 am
p>> alcides: still ahead, dr. jo ptells us the foods to help you rescription. p they served our country but plose their own battles after pthey return to home. pa group that's trying to make pveterans' lives a little easier. p>> anjuli: having a birthday ptoday? phappy birthday to you. pwe hope you have a fabulous pvalentine's day birthday. phere's a look at famous faces pthat share your big day.
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p rise and shine, this is p"good day tampa bay." p>> alcides: 70 million pamericans are high blood ressure. pmany rely on prescription drugs pto keep it under control. p>> mrenlty of foods are kept in pdecreasing the risk of phypertension. pdr. jo explains. p>> laurie is a registered pdietitian of the university of psouth florida. pshe's heading up that training rogram soon to be at usf. pthe first thing we think about pwith high blood pressure is pthis, right? p>> salt. pwe have to cut back with salt if pyou have high blood pressure. pbut you don't need to eat bland. pthere's a lot of nice herbs and pspices that you can include in pyour diet. psome fresh garlic, some parsley, pand they make a lot of palternative salts like mrs. pdash, for example, that you can padd a lot of flavor and skip the psalt.
6:24 am
pi have sea salt. pit doesn't count, but -- p>> it's still a lod of sodium, pwhich raises blood pressure. p>> of course, we have fruits and pvegetables of course. p>> what we learned is that pmagnesium and potassium work to poffset sodium in the deyit. pthey lower blood pressure. pwhen you think of potassium you pthink of fruits and vegetables. pcitrus fruits, bananas, tomatoes pand even potatoes are rich in otassium and help to fight the pblood pressure. p>> when you have high blood ressure we worry about pinflammation and the pantioxidants and all the things pthat these beautiful fruits and pvegetables wear with them can poffset that. pwe have cantaloupe and green pbeans and also some canned pvegetables here. p>> i think it's important as pmuch as possible fresh or pfrozen. pif you do use a canned pvegetable, try to get a low
6:25 am
prinse it, the vegetables before pyou eat it. p>> like you said, frozen is a pgreat option. p>> a great alternative. pyou don't lose the nutrients. pit's cheaper sometimes, and it pstill has the vitamins. p>> it's easier. p>> it's a lot easier sometimes. p>> we're also talking about pdairy. p>> dairy has been found to also poffset some blood pressure with pthe calcium. pit works with lower the blood ressure, so it can be cow's pmilk, or can be soy milk. pthat calcium-rich dairy will phelp to offset the blood ressure. p>> should we go to low fat or pskim? p>> i always recommend the lower pthe fat, the better. p>> people are on low carb diets pa lot and thing they shouldn't phave whole grains, but we can phave them. p>> whole grains are important as pa source of fiber but also a psource of magnesium, and that is panother mineral at that works to plower your blood pressure.
6:26 am
pcereals and english muffins and at at thats. pthey are really rich in pnutrition. pyou just have to watch the pamounts. pso it's serve ing size and psometimes what we add to the otatoes or the pasta. p>> these may be things we've pheard before, but seeing it in pfront of you, how simple it is pto make these little changes day pby day can affect your pheadlight. p>> plant haf based are the pstars. p>> absolutely, absolutely. p>> thanks, jo. pit's 6:26. pit's colder out the door, right? premember the 60s sp and maybe a plighter jacket yesterday? pa warmer one right now. p42 degrees in brooksville and 44 pin wauchula. pand looking back at 6:00 a.m. on psaturday and nearly 19 degrees pcolder in brooks philled. pmostly to partly sunny skies. pstay out there to enjoy time
6:27 am
pby tomorrow mid-70s and there's pby tomorrow mid-70s and there's pthe rain chance ahead of a cold pfront on tuesday. pwe talk more about it after the pbreak. p we've had a wild race to the pwhite house with moments you pwould not expect. p>> consider the most important pquestion facing america today. p>> could you, would you with a pgun? p>> that's not it, but we will panswer some questions about psouth carolina and show you how
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p good morning to you. phappy valentine's day. pit's 6:30. pit's nice and bright this pmorning. pskies are clear. pwe had a beautiful day pyesterday, but it is colder this pmorning. pit's 45 degrees in lakeland punder those clear skies, and if pwe can drop the wind enough, pwe'll drop a few more degrees. pit's already cold for some of pour liking. pit's 36 with patchy frost in pcrystal river. pwe're 44 in west lake chapel and pwhen you factor in a breeze. pit feels slightly cooler and the pactual temperatures run copieder pcompared to 24 hours ago. panywhere from 4 degrees cooler pto 20 degrees colder in crystal priver. phang in there, though, if it's ptoo cold for you. pit's the coldest morning of the pweek, and we'll rebound nicely. pthe wind arrows out of the pnortheast veer east this pafternoon under partly to mostly psun skies. pwe warm nicely. pthat front moved through pyesterday morning. pyou probably dintino it.
6:31 am
pthat's going to move through pvery late monday into tuesday pmorning giving us a quick round pof showers and a thunderstorm, pthe temperatures this week will pstay in the 70s. pwe look ahead to those coming pup. p the time right now is 6:30. phere's a quick check of the ptoday's top stories. psupreme court justice scalia pdied at the age of 79. pthe longest serving member on pthe high court was found dead of pnatural causes in west texas. phe was appointed to the court pback in 1986. palthough president obama say he pwill try to appoint a new pjustice, republicans will try to pdelay that process until after pthe elections. p the hillsborough county pdeputies are looking for these pmen. pthey were called out just after p5:00 in the morning on saturday. pthey think these two men may phave some information about that phomicide. pa man's body was found at the ark on sica
6:32 am
p a man who opened fire at a pcollege party in daytona beach pturned himself to police last pnight. olice say he opened fire at a arty killing johnson, and pwitnesses say they got into an pargument, which escalated to a pfight and then postle pulled out pa gun and fired. ptwo other students were shot as pwell, one in critical condition. p>> anjuli: in world news pbrazilian military personnel fan pout across the country to warn eople about the zika virus. pthey're working to educate eople on how to eliminate pmosquitos that spread the virus. pthey were accompanied by control pteams. pthey're expected to visit 3 pmillion homes in 350 cities. pit's all part of the brazilian resident's declaration of war pon zika. p police clash with panti-government protesters in pbahrain in the run-up to the pfifth anniversary of the arab pspring uprising.
6:33 am
ptear gas as protesters took to pthe streets. pthey had leadership with saudi parabia and united arab emirates ut down the kingdom's 2011 puprising. psince then numerous opposition pleaders have been jailed along pwith my protesters who clash pwith police. p>> alcides: pope francis gets olitical on his trip to mexico pwhile speaking to the country's pleaders. pthe head of the catholic church ptook on some of the toughest pissues affecting the nation pincluding drug-inspired pviolence. phe told politicians they must do pmore to combat the problem. pin just one decade drug-related pviolence in the country left pmore than 100,000 people dead. p actor george clooney meets pwith displaced syrian refugees pin berlin. pthe act and his wife met with pthe german chancellor to discuss pwhat the film industry can do to phelp the growing refugee crisis. pthen the couple met with the psyrian refugees where they spoke pabout what life was life in psyria, why they had to leave and ptheir future in germany. p>> anjuli: a mississippi police
6:34 am
pmississippi. pthe offer was responding to the probbery call when he was shot in pthe head. paccording to the mayor, the pofficer is currently undergoing ptreatment, but his condition is punknown at this hour. pwe'll bring you more information pas soon as we get it. p>> alcides: more trouble for pthe department of veteran paffairs. pthe agency is now conducting a pformal investigation into palleged misconduct at the pcincinnati va. pthe va inspector general is plooking alleged misconduct by pthe acting chief of staff at the pva medical center in cincinnati pthat reportedly affected the pcare of veterans. pfox news is reporting pdr. barbara tamek allegedly rescribed medicine despite not pbeing authorized. pshe was reportedly doing so for pher boss's wife. pwhat's not clear is how this pimpacts the care of veterans and pif any veterans received the pwrong prescriptions. p>> anjuli: law enforcement says pthe man behind the brutal
6:35 am
pto the fbi and his name was in a pterrorism database. pberry wasn't under a full-scale pinvestigation, but he was on the pfbi's radar. phe's accused of attacking four eople with a machete after pasking the owner where he was pfrom. pthree of those people are still pin the hospital as police try to inpoint a motive. p>> alcides: some brave men and pwomen who survived fighting on pthe front lines in their country pare losing an inner battle at phome. pstatistics show that 22 military pveterans commit suicide every psingle day. pscary number. p>> anjuli: it really. pas fox shows us, a nonprofit porganization is looshging to preduce the numbers by raising pawareness with a project just pfor vets. p>> reporter: they gather by the phundreds united by a common pthread, all served in the pmilitary, many faced combat, and pnow hoping to raise awareness
6:36 am
pthey call themselves ereverent pwarriors, and they're hiking proughly 23.5 mile co-s in hohn pof the 22 veterans that kill pthemselves every day hoping to psave others from the same feat. p>> this event awakens something pinside them they have not felt pin a long time, and it connected pthem with other people going pthrough similar struggling they pcould relate to. pthey could then support each pother after the fact. p>> reporter: it's called the psilkies hike named after the psilkies made famous by the pmarines. pthere have been dozens of these entionwi pmay. pmany hikers wear the heavy pack, pand while things can get silly, pthe purpose is very serious. p>> you get used to having pyou have, you have 200 brothers poutside the barracks, whether pit's marriage issues, prelationship, financial, it
6:37 am
ick up. ponce you get out to the civilian psector, you lose that. pyou don't have that brotherhood, pthat come rawed ud wed camaraderie. p>> i think every life we save is pa success. pif we save one vet, if we can psave all of them, i mean, it's pgoing to be a success early way. p>> reporter: one participant pwalked with a group of men and phe never pwith the ereverent warriors, prick leventhal, fox news. p>> anjuli: still ahead, pvalentine's day is here, but pit's not all about the pchocolates and flowers. p>> alcides: what is it about? phow can you show your sweetheart pthey're special and keep it pgoing past today? pwe'll talk about it.
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every third sunday of the month, hyde park p>> anjuli: every third sunday pof the mow hyde park united pmethodist church is buing a plittle louder than usual. pit turns into a hair salon for pthe morning. pthe open arms ministry is this pweek's "faith in action." pit looks like a hair salon and pcertainly sounds like one. pbut this barbershop is not for rofit. p>> haircuts don't come cheap. p>> it's a gift of grooming
6:41 am
p>> those reality shows have pnothing on us. p>> once a month hundreds facing phomelessness and poverty are pconversation. p>> all right. p>> it's raymond jacobson's first ptrim in a year. p>> i needed a haircut pdesperately, so i came here. p>> stylists are up for thele pchallenge. pthis bunch comes every other pmonth from spring hill to donate ptheir time and talents. p>> money, it's not everything. pthe joy that you get from making psomeone feel great about pthemselves, that's priceless. p>> it's just part of our, i pguess, makeup as human beings. pwe want to give back and pay it pforward. p>> with every snip and eef pglance in the mirror, a precious pexchange happens on both sides pthe barber chair. p>> this is an opportunity for eople to empty their gifts to pserve others and to get to know pwe're all the same. punderneath all this we're the psame. pwe're human beings with beating
6:42 am
pdiscouraged. p>> this sat lon is in the pbusiness of pampering those who pare forgotten and send them off pwith dignity for the day. phe looked great. pthe open arms ministry offers a pnumber of other services for pthose in need. pfor more information head to our plindsay. p>> lindsay: what a great story. p6:42. pgreat weather if you like pchillier temps, and tu like them pget out this morning. pthe week itself looks warmer in pthe morning hours. pit's 6:00 a.m. and we're at 47 pdegrees in tampa and 36 crystal priver, what clul la as 44. pthe skies are clear and winds pare dropping. pif they drop enough, that 44 at pbrookdale bayshore may be more plike 43, 42. pwe climb to 70 this afternoon punder a few more clouds. peventually they bring rain early pweek.
6:43 am
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3 it's 6:xx, here p the time is 6:45. phere's a look at the top pstories. pflorida's python challenge ends ptoday. pas of friday 102 burmese pythons pwere caught and turned in. pthe goal in this competition is pto cut down the population while pspreading awareness of the ptrouble those snakes can cause. p>> anjuli: with three confirmed pcases of the zika virus in phillsborough county, they're
6:46 am
psaturday they held a free tire pdisposal event. peach vehicle could drop up off pto ten tires. pthe city of tampa will hold a psimilar event next week. p>> alcides: were you out there. pit took place in ybor city. pthey made their way down seventh pavenue while people dressed in pcostume tossed beads to pthousands lining the sidewalks pthere. pyou see kevin throws beads out pthere. pthis year's grand marshal was pthe tampa bay rays area there. pthe crew of knights have porganized and hosted the parade psince the early 1970s. pit helps to raise money for the peducation foundation. pbeautiful night for it pyesterday. p>> lindsay: chilly but so fun. pi loved it. pit's a weird season. pwe had a hot december, and now pit's february is getting really pcold. pit was. plast week we had all the days in pa row of cooler than normal ptemps and it's cold this pmorning.
6:47 am
ptoo warm and too cold to being pright in the middle. pthat's about average. pso 70s for much of the week. pwe made it into the 70s pyesterday, and this morning pdon't be surprised that once you pstep outside, it is much colder pthan this time on saturday. pit's beautiful and skies are pclear and if you were out on the pbay yesterday, it's a bit pbreezy. pwe're hanging onto the northeast pbreezes in st. petersburg. plook at the bright, clear sky pand 52 degrees in st. pete and pclose to average this time of pyear. pi have 40s inland. pmost of us are in the 40s and pbelow average. plakeland, look at the good pvisibility over lake mirror. pto start out the day, we're pcrystal clear. pto wrap up the day i expect more pin the way of cloud cover pespecially inland with an east pwind. pwe have extra fair weather pclouds. pthis morning it's chilly and pwe're at 47 in sebring and 42 in pbrooksville and crystal river in pthe upper 30s with patchy frost. pwhat clul la is at 44 our paverage low is 54 degrees.
6:48 am
porange but the blue. p9 degrees colder in frostproof, p19 degrees colder in pbrooksville. pit's all red light active, pthough, when i sho you what's phappening in new england. punbelievably cold temps. pour winds veer from pnorth-northeast to east. pbetween now and monday pafternoon, we're going to bring pin some warmer temperatures. pstaying a bit breezy by the bay ptoday. pas the winds drop it's more leasant for you if you have any pboating plans this afternoon. pthrough our day today, though, pnotice the cloud icons and it's pvalentine's day. pif you have plans with your pvalentine outside at lunchtime pin the mid-60s and we climb to p70 this afternoon. pthat's 2 degrees cooler than pyesterday's high. pchilly start with a northeast pwind. pa weak front yesterday is now to pthe south. pwe get the winds guided by the pmassive area of very cold high ressure, and with it it's so pstrong that we have these really pstrong winds. pfrigid in new england this pmorning with temperatures around pthe nation as cold as 13 in pchicago and actual temperatures
6:49 am
patlanta is at 29 degrees, but pyou put a negative in front of pthe numbers and these are pdangerous cold values where it's psafe to be outside more than a pcouple of minutes. pit feels like 33 below in pboston, 19 below in new york. plook at buffalo feeling like 23 pbelow zero. pvalentine's day plans are robably shifted inside if you pknow anyone living there. pfor us today, high temperatures pare nice enough that you want to pget outside. pwhat a great weekend to enjoy psome classic february weather. p71 in venice today, 70 in tampa, p70 in winter haven. phere's the next cold cold front pstarting to gather across the pmid-sections and will race to pthe south and east. pwith it we see snow or ice for arts of the southeast. pfor us it's a quick blast of pshowers that move through as pearly as monday afternoon. pa few isolated showers, but our pbest chance for rain comes in pearly on tuesday morning. pby hid day it's over with. pa quick round of rain. p70 for the afternoon high and a pfew more clouds into the pafternoon. pwith that and that added
6:50 am
pwe're waking up nearly 10 pdegrees warmer tomorrow. pmilder as we start out the work pweek. pas i mentioned for highs today, pwe rebound in the low 70s. pas for our monday forecast we're pat 75 degrees. pwe go to 75 on presidents day. pwhat a great day if you have it poff. pthere's the rain tuesday pmorning, but we're back to near pnormal and that's 70s for highs pand 50s for lows and a whole lot pof bright sunshine wednesday, pthursday, friday, saturday and pnice stretch of weather headed pour way. p>> alcides: nice. p>> anjuli: gorgeous, i'm pexcited for it. p today is valentine's day. phave you told that special psomeone in your life that you plove them yet? p>> alcides: coming up, we tell
6:51 am
pcan s here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet.
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gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
6:53 am
p>> alcides: valentine's day is phere. pyou have the flowers and you pbought the chocolates, but is pthat all you need for pvalentine's day? pi know the answer to that. pdr. sheridan, board certified psexologyist is joining us this pmorning. pguys know that valentine's day pis more than just the flowers pand the chocolates, but give us psome ideas on how we can better pour relationship. p>> well, i think that what i plike to say to people all the ptime is make every day pvalentine's day.
6:54 am
pbe intentional and to spend time pand to tell someone that we love pthem, the rest of the time when pwe're on our ipads ignoring each pother or busy with work or the pkids, we lose out. pi try to encourage people to be pintentional and to spend that ptime a little bit each >> pyou mentioned. pthere's a couple of things we pcan do, right? pwe can make dinner? pmaybe clean the house. pi've heard of a cool idea, even pon facebook, where you can gift pyour spouse a coupon book. phave you heard that before? pwhat do you think about that? p>> i think it's great. panytime you say, listen, i know pwhat's important to you. pif emptying the dishwasher is pwhat's going to make us closer pand make you feel loved, i'm pgoing to do that. pif it's spending one on one time ptogether and not, you know, pstaying at late, then i'm going pto do that. pit's finding out what your artner's love language is and ptrying to meet their needs in pthat way. pif you have something that's ptangible where they say, i'm
6:55 am
pbrings, again, brings every day pinto valentine's day. p>> alcides: other than the pcoupon book, is there a way to pspice it up a little bit? p>> there's always -- you're pasking a sex therapist, so pthere's always a way to spice pthings up. pi think that you have to put -- p>> alcides: g-rated, right? p>> of course, of course. pyou should make intimacy a riert pin your life. pi say all the time your partner pis the one person that you get pto spend that kind of quality ptime with. pthere's lots of love in your pheart for your friends and pfamily and children. pso, you know, making sure that pyou're making time, and it pdoesn't just mean that kind of pintimacy. pbut really listening to each pother and communicating. psometimes when we are so busy pand hurried and rushing around, pwe say hoffs your day. pyou turn away. pyou start to cook dinner and pwe're not listening to one panother and being there for one panother. pit's about that being mindful pwith your loved one. p>> alcides: we have to stop and pjust listen, right? p>> yeah.
6:56 am
pwe're running around with your hones and just talking about peveryday life, but you don't sit pthere and listen to your spouse pto see how he or she is doing. pdate night is critical, isn't pit? p>> yes. p>> it doesn't have to be pvalentine's day. pjust date night in general? p>> yes. p>> what about once a month? ponce a week seems like more. p>> when we say date night, we pthink the same thing. pchocolate, candies and flowers. p>> alcides: please don't tell pme it has to be all that? p>> it doesn't. pi love an at-home date where you ptalk to each other. pi don't love a movie night where pthe time you spend together is pdoing something else. pyou can cook dinner together or pwatch a movie and talk about it. pmake sure you sit with each pother and able to touch each pother versus somebody on the pcouch over here and somebody on pthe chair over here. psetting those dates and making pyour love a priority is crucial pbecause life will suck the life pout of your love life for sure. pif you don't put yourself and pyour love on your to-do list,
6:57 am
p>> especially when you have pkids. p>> absolutely. p>> thank you so much for being pwith us. pwe appreciate it. p>> you're welcome.
6:58 am
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3 the leading conservative voice in the supreme court is dead.. p>> alcides: the leads pconservative voice is dead. pjustice scalia's passing sets up pa titanic tussle over who will pname his successor. p>> anjuli: last night's debate pgets personal just one week pbefore voters head to the polls. pgood morning. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 7:00 a.m. on a gorgeous psunday morning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'll alcides segui. pthank you for joining us. pwe're wearing red and pink for


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