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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (lloyd/ a woman tells a terr >> a woman tells a terrifying story of how she was attacked and beaten outsi it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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>> he hit me in the face with the gun and pushed me down, and then he started hitting me again with the gun. >> right now at 10:00, a local mother shares a tale or terror. she was briewltsly brutally attacked outside her home as a part of a violent crime spree by two teens. >> and two toddlers are in the hospital after nearly drowning at two different homes today. >> some florida lawmakers want
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teens with minor crimes but others say it gives them a free pass to run wild. we take a look at the legislation. >> good evening, i'm haley hines. >> and i'm lloyd sowers, thanks for being with us tonight. new at 10:00 we are hearing terrifying details of random armed robberies. two teenagers attacked and robbed two people at gunpoint at two neighboring apartment complexes last night. evan, you spoke to one of the people attacked. how is she doing tonight? >> lloyd, that 32-year-old mother is out of the hospital and healing slowly. she says she wants to tell her story so she can point out and people can see the heartless actions of her teen attackers. >> vanessa martinez is spending sunday in bed with a broken nose
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and a swollen eye. deputies say two teens robbed and beat the 32-year-old mother all for her purse. >> i started walking when i saw a guy with a black mask on and as soon as i seen him i tried to turn around but he pulled out the gun on me. >> she had left her car just before midnight and the way to her home when the gunmen approached. he was 18-year-old nicholas gill hurricane wilma, gillhurricane wilma, gilham. and then he got help from the 15-year-old. >> i said i need my medicine in the purse, please don't take it from me. >> the teens
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away, and the gun fired narrowlily missing her. >> you could have killed me, i'm thankful to be here and it's just the point of the matter. you could get a job. i work hard. why can't you do the same? >> but martinez wasn't the only one hurt. deputies say just hours later they were investigating and hear more gunshots as the teens robbed another man, firing a shot through the man's apartment which grazed the man inside. this is when deputies set up a perimeter and caught both teens. the attacks leave martinez wondering how the teens would be so violent toward so many people. >> what if i was your mother and this happened to your mother? how would you feel? >> and back live, the teens are in jail tonight facing several felonies.
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office, she confessed to they confessed to the crime. >> unbelievable violence there. >> and in st. pete a 4-year-old found a loaded gun and fired a shot in the 1700 block of yale street south. the boy was outside playing when he chased a cat under a house and found a gun there. he took it to the porch where he fired a shot into the ground. the gun is an unregistered resolve with several rounds inside and they believe that someone they threw that gun under the house. >> and manatee deputies responding to a domestic disturbance. the victim told them her husband mark stoddard had been drinking and threatened her with a knife. deputies found himself outside
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with a knife, and they told him repeatedly to drop the knife but he came at them in a threatening manner and so deputies shot and killed him. >> and an 81-year-old was found stabbed to death in his home and now deputies are on the search for someone who knows what happened, including his own daughter. the victim's car and firearm were both missing, and police believe that his daughter and her boyfriend have those items and they want to talk with them. at this point they are only considered persons of interest in his death. >> two toddlers are in the hospital tonight after two separate near drownings in clearwater today. one toddler was found phase face down in a backyard pool. 2-year-old jason falkner is in
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st. joseph's hospital, it is believed he was in the pool for less than five minutes. it's not clear if someone was outside with the boy or if he got out on his own, and police are also investigating the near drowning of another child at a home on highland acres drive. anthony petroski was found phase down in a 55-gallon drum of water being used used at a fish farm. >> and we have an update on the large brush fire in wiki weeki wachee, we are fold that the fold that the fire told that thefire is under control. >> and right now florida
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to come down on florida lawmakers when they break the law. the question is should that ea offense stay on their records. >> juvenile justice centers are filled with young people making adult mistakes, some too young to understand the life-long consequences of a conviction. >> my bill is about second chances for juveniles. >> it's senate bill 1316. >> it would automatically seal public records for misdemeanors that a juvenile got convicted of so they would have a second chance when they turn 18. >> soto says when a teen makes a mistake his or her criminal record pops up on the internet and too often they cannot get a job because of it, but others wonder if this is a message to go wild one time.
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they have to still go through all of the punishments whether it be juvenile detention or fines or community service but we want to give them the opportunity as they become adults and become mature to be able to get on with lives. >> soto says the bill is moving through committee, and there is a similar bill sponsored in the house. >> what better day to get married than one ofort most romantic days of the year. today, 60 couples tied the knot largo. the clerk waives the usually $30 ceremony fee and all at once they said i do. and this was the first year that same-sex couples would participate. >> we made history last year and
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botanical garden every here and we will renew our vows every year until one of us departs. >> after the ceremony everyone atepidding attending got to enjoy the live music and celebrate with wedding cake. >> a cruise ship was tossed around like a toy. >> some brave souls, though r getting right back on the ship for another try. hear from them next. >> and we saw temperatures into the 70's and plenty of sunshine but there will be some changes tomorrow.
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>> new at 10:00 a cruise ship that was thrown around during a violent winter storm last week is heading back to sea. the crew and some of the passengers set tout out to sea. >> passengers boarding the anthem of the seas hoping for smooth sailing this time. >> if we can get through last week, we can get through anyone. >> the royal caribbean vessel in bahamas when
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feet high, and gale-force winds. >> everything was all over the floor, there was glass and everything in the bathroom was on the floor, and they we were like oh my god, we are going to die. this is it. >> they were walking around nonstop cleaning up debris, and bringing water and food. >> the 10-month old ship that holds over 4,000 guests returned to port thursday night, and the coast guard inspectioned every ship before it heads out to sea, the crew had to repair the prolulings propulsion system. >> people should give credit to the captain and should give credit to the people who designed that ship because it was extremely sea worthy.
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have set sail, sometimes inimplement inclement weather is a part of the experience. >> it sounds like it was just frightening. >> but i know several meteorologists who say they would like to have been there. >> and ask the cruise liner why she would try to sail through that, but those are questions that will going to be asked for another day, because it really was a stupid decision, i got plenty more to day about that, but we only have four minutes and so let's talk about the weather trivia question, and here we go. >> the all-time coldest february temperature in tampa was
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was it 20, 22, 24 or 26 degrees? and you guys have different answers tonight? >> yeah, this is pretty big. >> haley said she knew right away. >> i picked 24 because it's ten away from 14, which is day. my expert analysis. >> that makes sense. >> lloyd? >> i said 22. >> and do you remember what the all-time coldest temperature in tampa was? >> no. >> all right, well, we'll talk about that. >> c. is the answer. >> i stumbled into the correct answer. >> it's the beginning of a new era. >> and yes, this was the all-time low for february, and it was also achieved
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1895, those were some cold years. >> the all-time lowest temperature in tampa i asked was 18 degrees, set back in 1972. so lloyd is the winner. (cheers and applause). >> where did all of these people come from? >> first, you know that applause sounds so much better than that horn. >> let's never do that again. >> it's one in a row for me (cheers and applause). >> and it potentially could be at least, and we'll see if it continues next sunday. we'll have the next weather trivia question coming up in just a week. and what a stunning weekend it was, and at the beaches, too. a little cool with the breezes coming off the water but overall, what a sunset it ended up being as well.
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night and we see that it's ten degrees warmer and even warmer yet as we head into the day on monday. getting into the mid 70's. a few afternoon showers showers monday through early tuesday morning and rumbles of thunder in the morning as well. and then behind that we dry out. we stay dry right through next weekend and just mild and pleasant conditions right on through next weekend. the official high is 73 in brandon and to the north, 70 in crystal river and 71 in new port richey. current temperature? we're at 63 degrees, dewpoint of 52, and that is the difference, yesterday we were talking more of a northernly wind direction and now it's more easterly and tomorrow we'll be talking about talking about
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the cool spot, 55 in crystal river. 24-hour temperature changes a good 5to 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. this is going to work into tomorrow as more of a southeasterly wind and that increases the moisture just a bit and with that the potential to see a couple of showers. overnight, generally mostly clear skies and becoming more like partly cloudy in the morning and throughout the morning and into the afternoon we'll see the clouds on the increase. showers that do pop up should hold off until later on in the afternoon and at that we are talking about fairly isolated, 20%, maybe close to 30% heading inland. the bigger rain event will be monday night and on into tuesday morning. a future cast shows it arriving
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speed that up to 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 a.m. or so, that starts to push through and by 8:00, 9:00, basically through the area, and most of the day on tuesday, if not all of the daylight hours should be pretty dry. partly cloudy and for the day tomorrow, 76, and increasing with a few afternoon showers and for the day on tuesday, 73 dress and so still mild out there, early morning showers and a pleasant day, and a pleasant-looking seven-day forecast. 71 on wednesday, 70 on thursday, that is the cool spot, and we're in the mid 70's, friday, saturday, maybe even upper 70's heading towards sunday. >> parkway and and hundreds of veterans getting together for a big event. >> find out why the number 22 is at the center of it all when we
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((lloyd vo )) >> brave men and women who survived fighting on the front lines for their country are losing an inner battle when they return home. statistics show 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. >> a nonprofit organization is working to reduce those numbers but raising awareness with a project just for veterans. >> they gather by the hundreds, united by a single threat, and now hoping to raise awareness about veteran suicide.
10:25 pm
warriors and they are hiking roofly 13.5 miles with back packs in honor of the 22 veterans who kill themselves every day. hoping to save others from the same fate. >> this awakens something inside of them that they had not felt for a long time and it connected them to others going through the same struggles and because they could relate, they were able to support each other after the hike. >> it's called the silkies hikes. many of the h shorts and combat boots with the heavy packs, and while it can be silly, it's for a serious cause. >> you have 200 brothers outside the barracks and whether it's maricopa or
10:26 pm
finance issues you go outdoors and everyone is there to pick you up and once you get out to the civilian sector you don't have that. and i think every life we save is a success. if we can safe one vet or all of them -- it's going to be a success story either way. >> one participant said he walked with a group of men and women he had never met and for the tirs time first time in a long time he was home. >> the nation is mourning the death of supreme court justice ant anyone
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scalia. >> when the flag drops at the
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i'm lloyd sowers, just how many 500 has he attended? >> you get to 40, 41, and you say i can't stop now. >> meet the ultimate fan of the 500, monday at 10:00. >> our nation is mourning the loss of supreme court justice antonin scalia who passed away at the age of 79. as his legacy is remembered in honor, the battle is already underway over whether president obama should name replacement. the gop says the nomination needs to wait until the next president is sworn in. >> but democrats say that is not the case. >> the flag is set at half staff at the white house and at federal installations throughout the country. but the political war over the supreme court vacancy that his sudden death sets into motion has just begun. the president signaled his
10:31 pm
nominee to congress's consideration and consent. >> -- there is plenty of time for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. >> but even before that statement, mik mcconnell said he mitch mcconnell said >> >> >> and senator mar agreed. >> we are not going to move on nominates. >> does that mean that you are going to filibuster anyone -- nominates? >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people, george.
10:32 pm
loss of scalia means we just one justice away from losing civil liberties for generations. >> meantime democrats are furious. senator minority leader harry reid calling it a shameful absent indication of one of congress's most important responsibilities. >> and officials are accused or poisons he the people of flint, michigan. bureau bureaucrats switched out the clean water the city was getting with polluted flint river water, and apparently knew it was contaminated. watch crig craig patrick's money, power, politics right here on fox 13. >> in critical nngs after
10:33 pm
being shot in the face at a gas station during an armed robbery, the corporal was responding to the call and two suspects reportedly opened fire striking him in the head. he was found on the street with a gunshot and was rushed to the hospital. he underwent surgery but is still in critical condition. surveillance video is being reviewed to try to determine who the suspects are who got away. >> and you may remember the members of the band viola beach, they were traveling in a rental car in stock home when they crashed through a bare year barrier and the car plunged 80 feet a canal.
10:34 pm
and the dancers in the middle of this routine seem unaware of the danger, continuing to perform even as the smoke rises in front of them. men are motioning for them to leave the stage. luckily no one was killed. and pop francis continues his five-day trip to mexico with a mass. hundreds of thousands gathered to listen to his message just outside a city that is notoriously violent. mexico is the second most populous catholic country after brazil. >> and take a look at how some couples and families in taiwan
10:35 pm
this is an annual festival and although it's origins are not related to the lovers' holiday it's become a must-do event for some couples. >> a child diagnosed with a terminal illness. >> but years later, he is still
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we bring you the3 >> baby dallas is proof that you never loose hope and never say die. this is fox 13 video shot almost 20 years ago. dallas was not expected to live beyond the age of 3, well, today he is all grown up, a survivor of a rare illness that caused almost non-stop seizures. we told his family's story back in 1997. >> lot of love. >> i would say this, never say never, you never know. >> that's right, a strong little boy. >> and how true those words turned out to be. >> our dr. jo was an update on this remarkable story. >> for someone who was told i would not reach his third birthday. >> this is a word for -- >> 20-year-old dallas has
10:39 pm
>> his name is right here and this is in special olympics. >> he is in the r.o.t.c. at sickles high, where he is one of the most popular kids. >> just something about this attracts people. >> he works for his favorite baseball team, the yankees. >> i take it and working with the booth -- >> but his grandparents recall a time when his outlook was not so promising. >> they told us he was probably never going to walk. >> the daily seizures called west syndrome started to subside and dallas began to thrive. >> thrive. >> when did you realize that the doctors might be wrong? >> when i was about 4 years old he took his first step and his mom cried and called the doctor right away. >> but his uncle earl has his
10:40 pm
>> we true will he believe it was prayer and faith and support and love. >> it's early's own song when gave the family so much hope 19 years ago. >> i wrote this song for him and we put together a little video, a collage of picture, really just for our family. >> he will wrap you round his finger and keep you there awhile. >> and it continues to give had hope as he updates it to reflect the changes in his nephew's life. >> the only title was this eagle will fly, and we have watched him fly, watched him leave the nest. >> his grandparents believe there is one thing he always did when helped him to grow. >> and we never treated him as if he had a disability. >> we just starting seeing it do more and more and she spent a lot of time reading with him.
10:41 pm
principal's honor roll three years in a row and he is a power lifter but his family says dallas has one quality that always sets him apart. >> he love everyone in his school, he is a rock star. >> every day there is something he does that makes you laugh, and you ever to call everybody, do you know what he said or did? >> his doctors may never know where he sur reporting reporting survived beyond age 3 but his family does. >> love is the greatest healing medicine there is. >> west syndrome is estimated to effect only one out of every 3,000 births in the u.s. >> and dr. jo is following him now checking in at age 20. >> and there were some valentine dates at the arena. >> i think they were the only ones enjoying
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visit >> jon cooper doesn't take losses lightly and he is having a hard time handling how the lightning lost this one. he thought there was zero chance for st. louis to be awarded another win tonight. but not a guy who normally drops the glove but he is trying to offense and he gets into a brawl right here, and pulls the jerry right jerseyright over his head. a good move, with you it doesn't i go night that spark. st. louis gold tending really has been a wall against the
10:46 pm
and patrick right there with a break-away, gets his own rebound, and at first they waved it off saying he kicked it in and he did, a raw call on this one. a costly call because cooper pulling bishop and the lightning get their first goal, and he almost adding a tieing one right here because it hits the postand the lightning's home winning streak comes to an end, 2-1. and then gordon's 24 car is a tough seat to fill, but chase eliot may be so young that he just doesn't realize. he comes out and becomes the youngest drive to capture the pole for the 500 and makes history.
10:47 pm
squeezes into the top 12, advancing by 1/1000 of a second. chase eliot in the youngest in the group and he was tenth in line in the second round and hit 196.31 miles per hour and that leaves only kenseth and earnhardt jr. in the way. and so he is into the second spot. earnhardt jr. was the favorite to win this thing, well, jr. comes up a little short, and takes 195.682, and so chase eliot becomes the youngest drive to sit on the pole for the 500. joining us is this year's pole winner chase eliot and how does it feel to be the driver to chase but also the youngest to sit on the pole for the 500? >> it's been special, and i
10:48 pm
a great way to start off the few weeks for everybody at hendrick motor sports and the guys in the shop that do the job they do to prepare these cars and engines and to have a chance at the pole is just spectacular. >> is it true that just a couple of years ago will you needed a tardy slip for school because you stayed up late watching the 500? >> i think it was a rain delayed race and i did stay up and i didn't make it to school the next day on time. >> i hope they let you slide on that. >> no, i don't think they did, i don't think they let me slide, no. >> and so detention? fair to say? >> i don't know if it was that bad but it was at least a tardy slip. >> well, we'll let you slide on that.
10:49 pm
'87 and you were not even born them. what advice do you think you need from him this week? >> i think the biggest thing i said to this point is just -- it's such a long race and you have to let things play out a little bit. it's a hard race even to be in position for at the end, it's hard to do, and the most bornt important thing is trying to be around when you get to lap 200 and trying to have a chance to just be there. that is so far to do. there are so many things that can happen throughout the race and you need to be mindful of that and smart and give yourself a chance. >> well, chase, good luck next sunday and congratulations. >> >> >> thank you. >> usf falls for a fourth straight time despite hitting high percentage shots.
10:50 pm
half and it puts the bulls in a 17-6 hole, and look at this, jamal mcmurray putting it in to cut temple's lead at the half. the bulls hit on 55% of the bay with a 77-65 win. the bulls fall to 5-21 on the season. lloyd and haley. >> all right, kevin, thanks. well, coming up mike is back seven-day fast.
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we'll take you to i do everything on the internet.
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3 3 >> a cool sight this morning, a rather frigid sight out in boston where temperatures were well below zero, really, across much of the northeast. temperatures were record lows. take a look at this temperature map here. some of the lows this morning. 13 below in al
10:54 pm
albany, and in central park it was 1 blue, below, the first time in more than 20 years. and watertown, 37 below, the wind chill this morning was 45 below, and you led to mount washington and wind chills were about 75 below, and so just an incredibly cold start to the day, and we had a pretty cool start but all in all a pretty nice day. a lot of people bringing their valentines to the beach and look at this sunset, and what a spectacular sunset it was. low this morning, about 47, and so a little bit low average in terms of our low. 63 right now, and relative tiewment humidity at 67% and your barometer is rising. 58 in pinellas park to the
10:55 pm
to the south, 58 in englewood, and inland, temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. and 58 out in lake placid. as far as low temperatures go tonight, obviously not as cool as last night. temperatures are 5 to 10 degrees warmer tonight. and right along the coast, the upper 50's. and 53 up in brooksville and the cooler -- not cool but cooler spot is crystal river at 51. here is the sat satellite and radar, and this is a sign of things to come during the day on monday. we'll see afternoon showers riding the east coast out to our inland counties, isolated, maybe 20 to 30% rain chances. nothing is big out of this system but a wintry mix is coming for them during the day
10:56 pm
warmer conditions kinking for conditions continuing focus, and monday night and tuesday morning we get a line of showers and storms pushing through. would be thunder and some gusty winds but i don't see it being severe, and once that pushes through, we set up to what is looking like a nice four, five, six, seive seven days. the seven-day forecast shows the warmer air around us. 73 on tuesday and still in the low to mid 70's rounding out the workweek and on into the weekend. >> my thanks. and thousands of extraterrestrial enthusiasts turned out for the alien festival in argentina. over three decades, this town, their very own roswell, has
10:57 pm
a young boy there saw what many believed to be an alien spaceship in a nearby mountain range. gentlemen of the jurying ladies andgentlemen of the lurking in thewater? how thousands of sharking are migrating along the coast but they are particularly fond of one particular area.
10:58 pm
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3 >> we could have killed me. >> a local mother shares her terrifying story. she was beaten and robbed outside her apartment building and he she is not alone. >> we are not moving forward on the supreme court nominee until after this election. >> the president nominated and the senate selects, let's get on with the business. >> who should fill scalia's seat. >> and the finger pointing


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