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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> she's just an acquaintance. i don't hate her, but i'm not going anywhere near her. [ laughs ] >> i will never, ever, ever speak to her again except in the >> not guilty. -- 3 good morning.. 3 and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. and i'm jennifer epstein. our top stories in a minute... but first...
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3 3 3 3 3 new this morning: a deadly crash... on the northbound side of the howard frankland bridge. it happened around 2-30 morning, just after the hump... on the hillsborough county side. here's a live look at the bridge right now, from the fdot cameras. two lanes are blocked... heading *toward tampa. and they're expected to stay like that for several hours. so you may want to take *other bridges into tampa this morning.
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also new this morning: duplex... in largo. it happened in the six hundred there were smoke and flames everyone got out safely.. what caused it. 3 3 a woman is beaten.. and battered.. and deputies say - a pair of teenagers are to blame.. and that's not the only attack these teens are accused of... fox 13's evan lambert tells us about a very violent weekend. 3 vanessa martinez is spending sunday in bed--with a broken nose, fractured bones in her face and a swollen eye. deptuies say two teens robbed and beat the 32-year-old mother early sunday morning-- all for her purse.avanessa martinez, victim21:49:42i started to walk when i seen a guy with a black mask on and as soon as i seen him i tried to turn around but he pulled out a gun on me. martinez left her car just after midnight headed to her home in the foxcroft apartments off dale mabry in carrollwood when the gunman approached. investigators say he was 18-year-old nicholas gillham. gillham hit her several times in the face with the gun after martinez held on to her purse because she had important medicine inside.21:50:17i was like i need my medicine please don't hurt me and he called someone else which was the black guy that came to me and started kicking me.martinez says the teens wrestled her purse away before taking off. the gun accidentally fired in the process--narrowly missing her.21:54:19you deserve life. you could have killed me. i'm thankful to be here and it's just the point of the matter. you could get a job. i work hard. why can't you do the same?but martinez wasn't the only one hurt.deputies say less than two hours later--they were there invesitgating and heard more gunshots.they say the teens robbed another man in the same complex.this time firing a shot through his friend's apartment which grazed the man inside.the robbers got away again--and attacked one more man in the neighboring complex. that's when deputies set up a perimeter and caught both
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teens could be so violent to i was your mother and this
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3 the teens face several felony charges. deputies say they confessed to the crimes. 3 3 developing in bradenton: one person is dead, after a deputy-involved shooting. 3 deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance in the 48-hundred block of bookelia circle.. the victim told them her husband, marc stoddart, had been drinking, and was threatening her with a knife. deputies found stoddart outside with cuts on his wrist. they told him repeatedly to *drop the knife.. but they say he came at them in a threatening manner.. so a deputy shot and killed him. the deputy is on routine administrative leave until the investigation is done. 3 3 in clearwater: two
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gallon tub of water. 3 one toddler was found floating face down in a back yard pool... it happened sunday morning at a home on buford boulevard. at last check, 2-year-old jason faulkner is in critical condition at st. joseph's hospital in tampa. it's pool for less than five minutes. it's not clear if anyone was outside with the on his own. 3 clearwater police are also investigating the near drowning of one year old child. it happened near a home on highland acres drive. authorities tell us "anthony petroski" was found lying face down in a 55 gallon drum of water.. that was being used as a fish farm. his father was working in the yard nearby.. when he says anthony wandered off for a moment and fell in. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. 3 and in st. petersburg.. a kid chases a cat under his house.. and finds a gun. it happened at a home in the 17-hundred block of yale street south. police say the boy grabbed the gun.. and fired a shot. luckily, no one was hurt. police say
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revolver with several rounds in it. they believe it under the house. 3 3 and all those incidents *could come up... at a meeting today in tampa. it's aimed at stopping *preventable child deaths. it will take place at "eckerd kids" in tampa... a services. it will be a forum featuring several state health officials, law enforcement officers, and internet bloggers... sharing their personal stories. 3 across tampa bay, there were 41 *preventable child deaths last year... for children under the age of six causes: drowning, abusive head trauma... known as shaken baby syndrome... and unsafe sleep practices. that usually means co-sleeping between parents and babies. 3 today is also the start... of hit-and-run awareness week. it's a crime the florida highway patrol says happens way too often. last year alone, there were 186 deadly hit-and-run crashes across the state. 3 one of those deadly crashes happened in it claimed the life of 11-year-old alex torres. the fifth grader was discovered on the hillsborough
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of the vehicle who hit him never stopped and police are still looking for them today: 3 in florida... it is a *felony if you leave the scene of a crash involving an injury. drivers are required to wait at the scene and provide help for anyone who may have been injured. and if that hit-and-run crash is *deadly, prison. 3 the most *romantic wrapped up. and what better way to *end it, than with a few *dozen weddings? 3 in fact, they all happened... in the same place! more than 60 couples tied
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botanical gardens in largo on sunday. it was the clerk's 10th annual valentine's day group wedding. the clerk waived the usual 30-dollar ceremony fee and all the couples said "i do" at the same time. there was also one familiar couple in the crowd. they got married at *last year's event -- in the first year same sex couples could participate: 3 after the ceremony, everyone who attended got to enjoy live music and celebrate with wedding cake. new this year, the newlyweds were able to get their professional photos taken in the private topiary garden. 3 and... valentine's day might be *officially over... but you can still fall in love... with a furry friend! pinellas county animals
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just "name your price" on those adoption fees for any dog or cat. that special includes medical checkup, spaying or neutering, vaccinations and microchipping. that's a two hundred dollar value. this deal is good through saturday. they're located on ulmerton road in largo... and they 3 open at nine a-m. 3 get ready for *wild few months in washington. up next: the aftershocks from the death of a supreme court justice. and a look at his *possible replacements. 3 plus: trapped in freezing temperatures... for *hours. the terrying ski trip... this group will *never forget. 3 3 3 3 3 break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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3 in national headlines this morning: the family of supreme court justice antonin scalia is preparing for his funeral.. scalia's body was flown from texas to virginia last night on a private plane. his exact funeral plans have still not been set. 3 scalia was found dead on saturday, in a hotel room at a ranch in west texas. he was 79 years old. the ranch owner says scalia was acting *normal, at a dinner the night before. 3 president obama has vowed to pick a replacement for scalia... even though republicans are *already planning to fight it. the list of *possible replacements keeps growing. one possible contender is sri srinivasan --a u-s appeals court judge. if selected, he would be the court's first indian-american justice. another potential nominee is patricia millett. she's also a judge on the u-s court of appeals for washington d-c. and merrick garland--another appeals court judge. he was considered for previous nominations. 3 in clarksville,
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tragedy. corporal "derrick couch" was responding to call saturday night about a robbery at a gas station two people reportedly opened fire, hitting couch in the head. at last check, he is in critical condition this morning... and has already lost an eye. he still has a bullet lodged in his head. both gunmen are now in custody. including a 19 year old man who was turned in to a police station, by his own father. 3 royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" is back *out at sea this morning. it left from its port in new jersey on sunday. this is the *same ship that hit a rough storm last week off the coast of the carolinas... including forty foot waves. items were tossed all around the decks... but no one was seriously hurt. the ship returned to port last wednesday... giving all the cruisegoers a refund. crews had to repair the ship's damaged propulsion system... before getting the all-clear from the coast guard. 3 and in new hampshire... a scary ski trip for dozens of people. they were trapped in two tram cars about forty feet off the ground. and
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sub-zero temperatures. 48 people needed to be pulled down from those trams... most of them had to *rapell down to the ground. officials at say there was an issue with the brakes. and thankfully... no one was seriously hurt in all this. 3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3 3 3 3 3 ?home sweet
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3 ?home sweet home? not so much ... for the tampa bay lightning. up next... highlights from last night game... including a very *controversial call. 3 plus: just in time for
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golfer's heart-warming win... on the p-g-a tour. why he almost didn't even *make it , in the tournament.
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3 3 time to talk some sports this morning. just a few weeks ago, we thought the odds of the lightning *missing
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unfortunately, it's getting closer and closer... to reality. 3 and the frustration reached a boiling point last night... as the bolts hosted the st. louis blues. "vladislav namstnikov" isn't *normally a fighter... but he got into it with "robbi fabbr" from st. louis. vladi knows how to do it.... pulling the jersey over fabbri's head.... great move and his teammates like it. but it doesn't giving the lightning much of an offense spark. st. louis scores *first... in the second peroid. blues goalie "brian eliott" turns into a wall... stopping the bolts first *37 shots. and this doesn't help. st. louis gets their second goal... with a questionable call. late in the third, patrick berglund with a break away.. he follows up his rebound by hitting the back of the net. at first the refs 3 wave it off... saying he *kicked it in. well he *did.... but replay overrules and it's a 2-nothing lead. jon cooper then pulls goalie ben bishop and the lightning get their first goal in the third.
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and the bolts lose 2-1. it ends tampa bay's 9 game home winning streak. 3 the bolts are now *tied with the new york islanders for the two wildcard spots. but the pittsburgh penguins are just *one point behind. and now, to the nba... where the all star weekend just wrapped up last night. and to say this was a *high scoring game... would definitely be an undestatement. 3 the eastern conference all-stars scored *173 points. and they *lost the game! that's because the west put up 196 points... an nba all- star game record. this game is *traditionally known for it's high scoring affairs, but this one was definitely all about the offense. it was also the *final all-star game for lakers star "kobe
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*18 of these games. 3 and finally: more proof... that *nothing is a gimmie in professional golf. not even, when you're one of the best golfers in the world. 3 the "pebble beach pro-am" championship all came down to one putt... for phil mickelson. all he need to do was hit a putt... from seven feet away... to tie things up and force a playoff. normally a very *easy shot for a pro golfer... wait for it... the ball *lips right out of the hole. that means " vaughn taylor" is your winner. this was taylor's first pga win... in over a *decade. he was just hoping to *qualify for the next tour event.. and only got *into this one, as a *substitute. he was so tight on cash... he his flight to california...
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3 when we come back, i'll have another check on your monday forecast. 3 plus... some middle school students out west... give new meaning to the term, "warm wishes." how they spent this valentines' day weekend... showing *love to families... they don't even know. 3 3
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plus up to $300 to spend at sea. come seek the royal caribbean.
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3 3 3 ((dave)) 3 ((vanessa))
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3 3 valentine's day is over.. but that won't stop some elementary students in colorado from sharing the love... this week. they just spent their valentine's day weekend having a very *special party. but instead of spending money on candy and cards... they showed their *love with charity. fox's kent erdahl has their heart-warming story. 3 ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ _____________________ in the past, valentine's day at heritage elementary has been pretty standard.danna says: "normally we're just doing like the candy." most of the students in this sixth grade classroom... still like candy... and dislike the idea of having a special
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my parents, not til i'm a junior in high school." that's why this year... (nats- "okay, so put this down.") ...the entire class decided to use their scissors...(nats - "so now we cut it.") cut more than paper hearts...(nats - "loop your finger and then pull it through.") as a grade they bought these fuzzy fabrics... with the money that would have gone to tasty treats.rusk says: "it was like, 'okay, let's just get the candy out of our heads." wheeler says: "i think it was a mixed reaction at first." that reaction began to change when they learned what this project was tied to.(nats - "we're making blankets for the nicu.") snyder says: "it is basically when premature babies aren't healthy enough to go home with their parents." it's something piper snyder knows about first hand... snyder says: "i was three weeks early and... i had a small... hole in my heart." year's later, this party with a purpose shows just how full piper's heart has become. snyder says: "it tells me that i can help out other kids who are going through the same thing."(nats - "what do you think of this type of party?" "i love it." "it's so much more fun.") it's hard to imagine a better way to celebrate lesson in love... rusk says: "if all our life we are raised to just think about ourselves, what are we going to do in adulthood? we're going to think about ourselves and be greedy." and it turns out giving... can be pretty sweet too...rusk says: "i know this looks like not that much fun... but it really is."danna says: "who made this?" (laugh) in fact, it's good thing they - "it just makes me have the exciting.") wheeler says: "it's giving me the chills. this valentine's party... is done!" "yay!" "done!" kent
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3 that was fox's kent erdahl reporting. the kids will be heading to hospital in the coming days... to hand out those new blankets. still ahead: a developing story in tampa... that could have a huge effect on your morning commute... vanessa just mentioned it a few
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shayla reaves is *live by the howard frankland bridge right now... with more. (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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