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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> he was an amazing person and everything that he's done >> an act of kindness cost this man his life. and tonight, the hit-special-run driver whoa killed him has now been found. >> i think it's ridiculous. people don't care about anyone else's safety. >> a dangerous trend. how stunts like are putting lives in danger. >> does peyton manning have a dark past? a polk disturbing allegations more than a decade ago. we have gotten
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the document. >> good evening and welcome tonight. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. developing right now, the woman accused of hitting and killing a tow-truck driver on the howard frankland bridge early this morning has now been found. allison huffman was locatedded tonight at a friend's home in st. pete. fox 13's evan axelbank is live at the hard rock casino in tampa where she was actually spotted earlier today. evan? >> reporter: well, it is unclear as to why she came here to the hard rock. but we do know that she ditched her car before she came here at a hotel in tampa. and the people who were being helped on the side of the road say that all of their lives changed without so much as a moment's notice. he didn't sleep last night and she doubts she will sleep tonight. >> i started shaking all night. >> reporter: she and her boyfriend were headed to tampa
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friends when their suv broke down. >> it just flew down t. goes zzz. >> reporter: a deadly series of events was underway. the tow-truck driver happened upon them in the shoulder, just after 2:00 and stopped and asked if they needed help. he helped them into the cab of his truck and worked on the vehicle. and then? >> i heard something loud. pow. >> reporter: perotohad been hit. his body flung, they say, at least 50 feet. >> black, going fast. >> reporter: it just kept going. >> reporter: troopers found the damaged car at the crown plaza hotel just over the howard frankland. they believe that 36-year-old allison huffman, who has been charged with dui three times in the past was driving and fook a ride to the hard rock.
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>> he's dead. you know? somebody that was near and dear to all of us here. >> reporter: perez leaves behind a wife and daughter, all because he saw someone who needed help. and someone else wasn't driving carefully. >> the most compassionate, caring people i have had the privilege of coming in contact with. >> reporter: and so again, allison huffman, the alleged hit-and-run driver has been found at a friend's house in st. petersburg. st. petersburg police reportedly got a tip from somebody that said that she was at an parm in st. petersburg. fhp troopers then went in to make the arrest. fhp said the truck was 16 inches inside the emergency lane so in the breakdown lane when the impact happened. and fhp does remind everybody that the move-over law applies to all emergency vehicles. and that includes tow trucks. >> i'm glad she is in custody
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we will be following the story very closely at 11:00 and of course, tomorrow, too. >> reporter: the other story popping tonight, a line of storms moving across the gulf coast. some of them have been strong. this is a look at the wind damage in the panhandle. we may see some of that here. paul's here with a look at what to expect. >> reporter: we have two lines. the first one is rapidly approaching our west coast. this is going to move onshore in the next hour or two. nothing severe here except a couple of stronger cells located west-south west of us. and then, there is another line behind this. this is one cell that you have to watch because it's by itself. that's going to race northeast, probably weaken over the colder waters. and there is another line. this is the squall line. this is in conjunction with the cold front and the storms extend even beyond this because the radar can ski only so far. lots of lightning so all of this
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the severe weather is limited to the panhandle where there is a tornado watch until 1:00 in the morning, east of tallahassee to about perry and into leavy county. there is a chance that the storm prediction center could issue severe thunderstorm watch or tornado watch as this line moves onshore. the thing is that sometime when you have one line ahead of another line, this one could take some of the energy away from this. it is not a clear-cut severe weather situation. rough weather between midnight and 6:00 a.m., there is a lot going on. >> we will be waiting. a dangerous stunt here is caught on camera in the middle of the day, no less. this driver intentionally doing donuts in the street just to show off. pinellas park police call it dangerous and potentially deadly. josh cacheio is live near 66th and 120th where it happened. josh, what's going on out there? >> reporter: well, hard to see
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but there are still tire tracks in the street there behind me. you know, this is the kind of thing that really gettings traction on social media. people think alternates all fun and games until someone gets hurt -- or worse, someone gets killed. it's the kind of thing you would expect from the fast and furious franchise. but this do nult stunt is far from hollywood. it happened right here, in pinellas park. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> reporter: on a very busy six-lane highway no less. >> i think it's ridiculous, it really is. people don't care about anyone else's safety. >> disrespect. >> reporter: they call it a freeway takeover. the sheer number of these types of clips... will make your head spin. >> extremely dangerous. these young kids are looking to facebook and social media as their guide. this is one of those instances in which the results could be
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>> reporter: another local case proves that theory. early monday morning, a 27-year-old driver went head-on into a traffic signal pole. fhp said he was speeding and may have been drag-racing on elmerton road. >> this is not something that my youthful indiscretion will get me out of here. >> reporter: it sims leek the police are the ones going in circles. police think the car in that video is a pontiac gto. if found, that driver faces reckless driving charges. that's a misdemeanor. but let's take it a step further. but if you hit someone and you kill someone, you are looking at years -- years mind bars, certainly, don't do it. back to you. >> absolutely. josh, thank you. >> new at 10:00, a motorcyclist
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his bike in plant city. 26-year-old william major was riding his motorcycle on westbound state road 39. troopers say he failed to stop at a stop sign and drove off the road. the bike went airborne and wound up in a retention pond he died at the scene. it's a very good thing nobody was hurt after a four-year-old found a loaded gun and pulled the trigger. four! house in st. pete, three little kids were playing in the front yard and danny chased a stray cat under the front porch and found a loaded handgun within raze reach. the four-year-old grabbed the gun and pulled it to the front steps, where he pulled the trigger. >> danny, how did the gun go off? >> i shot it at the -- i shot it at the bird. >> were you pointing it? >> yes. at the bird. >> did you get the bird?
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>> it went boom! and the bird got away. >> i think it scared him when the gun went off because danny sat from -- danny didn't move. because when i walked out, danny was still in the same position with the gun in his hand and his mother came out and took it out of his hand. >> police tell us it was a high standard double 9, a western-style revolver. they dont know how it got underneath the front porch. >> peyton peyton manning's golden image could beed a newly released details from a lawsuit filed 13 years ago by a lakeland woman who worked as an athletic trainer at the university of tennessee when manning actually played there. chris kato took some time digging into that file. >> reporter: i found peyton manning's affidavit in polk count newhich he explains his side of the story. but before we get into that, i will walk you into the back
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case is now in the news again. dr. jamie noright, this is video of her from an interview on youtube a couple of years ago, talking about a yoga program that she does. she lives in lakeland since 1998, after leaving the university of tennessee to take a job at florida southern. at tennessee she was an athletic trainer. she claims she was examining peyton manning's foot and he dropped his shorts and pushed his private parts into her face. manning said he did pull down the back of his shorts to moon another student athlete. but that other athlete later signed an affidavit saying that manning was not trying to moon him and telling manning to come clean and admit what he did and apologize to the doctor. all right, the doctor left tennessee in a financial settlement over that incident
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she is working as an assistant. manning described the doctor as having a vulgar mouth. in the book, manning recounted what he referred to as the mooning incident. this is when he wrote. he said, i did it thinking the trainer wasn't there where she would see. and even if she did, it seemed like something she would have laughed at. but as luck would have it, she was accumulating complaints against the university that resulted in a lawsuit. employer. she said after that she was fired in spite of having a spotless employment record. so in 2002, she filed the defamation suit against manning. they settled it in 2003. that case was largely forgotten until the new york daily news wrote an article based on one document from the case file that
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in which her attorneys lay out their side of the story. we are not sure why the daily news chose to run the article at this time, other than the fact that manning just won a super bowl and is probably going to retire soon. the author made the correlation that cam newton's behavior had been receiving negative reviews and she was making the point his past. as it results -- relates to the training-room incident, manning was never charged with a crime. >> thank you so much, chris. >> coming up, three cheers for bay-area beer. >> our success has paralleled the growth of the craft beer industry in tamp aflorida. >> did you know, it's -- tampa, florida. >> why the city's celebrating this sudsy tradition. >> you get to 40 or 41 and you think, i can't stop now. >> he is one of daytona's biggest fans. the incredible record he holds,
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>> you know, craft breweries continue to pop up in and around tampa bay. the mayor proclaimed it to be tampa craft beer day. yeah, others funny. the breweries are not just quenching thirsts, though. they are having a really big impact on the local economy. hi, there. >> reporter: hi. florida avenue, just three out of dozens of breweries, hopping into the local beer scene. it's creating a ripple effect, attracting visitors and businesses from around the country and around the world. just days after it stopped opening, the grill and business on west kennedy boulevard is sizzling this. gourmet burger company is unique to tampa and to the u.s., the
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itn is in lithuania. >> we set our sights on the biggest challenge of them all -- america. the burger motherland. >> reporter: why tampa? there is warm weather, a growing gourmet scene. and also -- >> the craft beer scene is incredible here. it's such a big variety of beers and good burger goes with a good beer. >> reporter: from cigar city to beer city, tampa has become a heavy hitter in the craft brewing industry. in fact, 119 years ago today, florida brewing company, the first locally owned and operated brewery opened in ybor city. >> it's been so much for the economy here. >> reporter: that calls for a toast. >> hereby proclaim february 15, 2016 as craft beer day in the city of tampa. >> reporter: the mayor and local brewerrers raised their cup, which pours $14 billion
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>> tampa is becoming known as a place where some of the best craft brewerrers in america live. you combine that with the food truck surge and the restaurant surge. and the amazing chefs that are calling this home. >> reporter: drama burger is the most recent. >> we have cigar city. we have cycle. >> reporter: combining european flavors with tampa's taps. >> we are more than excited to be in. ita at this moment when it's so exciting with the local beer here. >> reporter: brewer masters club tells us there are 45 production breweries in the tampa bay area, with all of them working together. that number is very much growing. >> all right, thank you so much. >> we also have a warning tonight for anybody with a noaa weather radio. an outage has knocked them out of service. there is an issue with the local transmitter, located in ruskin. no word on whether that outage
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but if you don't already have it, now is a good time to download the radar app. it will keep you updated on local watches and warnings. it's available on apple itunes and apps for google play. viit. >> yeah. for those of you who don't have it at home, we are not just saying this because paul's here now. it's really impressive. you literally will say, there is a tornado warning in your area. >> it's a critical time, obviously is the nighttime because people are in bed at 2:00, 4:00, when the severe weather could be moving onshore. so to have it on your nightstand, wakes you up. you can tush on the tv and follow our live coverage, it's a nice plan to keep you safe. it's been busy tonight with active weather moving onshore right now. this is skytower. as i said, there is actually a couple of rounds of weather, which is going to head our way.
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coast right now. there is nothing severe in here. but there is a secondary line with the cold front, lined up to the west. so between now and about 2:00 a.m., there will be bands of rain moving along the coastline. locally heavy. we are watching for any individual cell that could spin and rotate. if that happens, we could be talking about some severe weather moving onshore in a couple of hours. also of note is that the water off our coast is very cool. running about 58 degrees. so usually, when severe weather or storm strong -- strong storms move into a cooler environment, the storms tend to weaken. this is not the cold front or the squall line. that is way up by the panhandle. so this has to go through, too. so you can see, you literally have two distinct lines. this is line number 1, this is line number 2. and quite often, the first one goes by and kind of stabilizes
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and that removes the energy from the second line. all of that being said, i do think when this line goes through, between about midnight and 6:00 a.m., there will be some heavy rain. there will be some frequent lightning and there will be some gusty winds. also of note, there is a tornado watch up that includes the panhandle from tallahassee all the way to cedar key. but from this point, i have not seen any report of tornadoes or severe thunderstorm warnings in the panhandle. we'll continue to watch that. the moisture continues to ipcrease from the south and the southeast. you can see the approaching cold front back here. the red box, obviously is a for nadeo watch. this is not going to last long. it will be in. it will be out and by daybreak tomorrow, i think a lot of this is already going to be southeast of us. the storm prediction center has a slight risk of severe weather here which is higher than a marginal risk, which covers the bay area that.
10:22 pm
chance of a tornado is less than 2%. so the threat of getting a severe weather outbreak, including widespread tornadoes, i think is pretty small. but with the line moving onshore, any one of these cells could give some strong downburst winds, maybe a quick spinup tornado. not going to be a widespread event. this is 4:00 a.m. and by 5:00 a.m., the rain is at the highlands county and continues to move away and by 9:00 a.m. and noon, the weather looks good. so most of tomorrow is going to turn out to be a pretty good weather day. 2:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., a few strong and severe storms possible. by 8:00 a.m., the storms are gone. don't forget, download the skytower radar app. we are 67. dew point 63 and a southeast wind at 12. here's the forecast tonight, showers and thundershowers
10:23 pm
lines or bands. some strong and we are down to 62. the weather improves dramatically tomorrow. developing sunshine and becoming pretty nice with a high near 70. then on wednesday, mostly sunny, a nice day and the mercury back up to 70. here's the seven-day forecast. we have temperatures topping off around 70. 75 on friday. 76 on saturday. oh! sunday is a daytona 500 and the weather looks good because we have had some lousy weather for past races. i think it looks good on sunday and monday, 77. so once this mess is out, the seven-day forecast is really pretty good. >> how many rainouts and finishes at 10:00, 11:00 -- tornado, right. >> not this year. >> coming up, a former commander in chief hits the campaign trail. >> i'm proud of his candidacy
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>> for the first time this campaign season, former president george w. bush makes an appearance with his brother jeb tonight. they are hoping the two together will help jeb's numbers in south carolina. >> not everybody's happy to see the former president, though jojeb bush wants to be the third member of his family to hold the nation's top office.
10:27 pm
brought his brother, george w. presidents george w. and george h. w. each won republican primaries there and they have deep social and political ties there. >> jeb will listen to the voices of the disenfranchised. he will rise above the petty name-calling. >> while he was building a reality tv show -- i am sure it was a fantastic one -- i have never seen it. george bush brought together a team to build the security apparatus that to this day is one of the reasons why we haven't been attacked more often than we have. i am proud of him. >> of course, jeb bush was referring to donald trump, who is one of the critics, repeatedly reminding voters that the 9/11 terror attacks on his watch -- the world trade center came down -- mother -- [overlapping dialogue]
10:28 pm
trump went after ted cruz, calling him a liar, unstable, a basket case, nuts. he also threatened to sue him as a canadian, ineligible to run for presidency, if he quote, doesn't retract his lies. the south carolina republican primary coming up on saturday. >> if you want to vote in florida's presidential primary, tomorrow is the deadline to register. florida is a closed primary state. so voters must register as a democrat or republican to cast a ballot. florida's preferrential primary, march 14 and early voting begins 2 weeks before. >> a supreme court battle is already heating up. >> who will pick anthony
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>> so the battle is on, who gets to pick supreme court justice scalia's replacement. the long-time judge died over the weekend and it will have a huge impact on far-reaching cases. president obama is hoping to replace the conservative justice before the end of his turn. >> but republican lawmakers hope to stand in his way. >> reporter: not on my watch. that's what senate republicans are saying about the prospects of confirming president obama's as yet unnamed nominee for the vacancy created by the justice of justice scalia. >> i think almost anybody would say this is probably not the time to pick the next supreme court justice. >> reporter: hatch, echoing that of mitch mcconnell who said the american people should have a vice in the selection of their next supreme court justice. so this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.
10:32 pm
to nominate a successor. in due time. >> reporter: indeed, according to article 2, section 2 of the constitution the president shall naminate and with the advice and consent of the senate shall appoint judges of the supreme court. harry reid quote, failing to fill this vacancy would be a shameful dismissal of a constitutional responsibility. but for many on the campaign trail, there is no appetite for an obama high-court appointee, regardless of timing or authority. >> the president can nominate whoever he wants, but the senate's not going to act and that's pretty clear. we are not moving forward on it, period. >> reporter: asked if he would phil buster any nominee, ted cruz said, absolutely. this should be a decision for the people, george. we have an election. >> reporter: white house officials insist the president won't make an appointment to the high court.
10:33 pm
he could do that, he valid to he could do that, he valid to act before monday because that's as long as the senate remains in recess. traveling with the president here in rancho mirage, california, kevin cork. >> pope frances continues his five-day visit to mexico. he delivered mass in chiapas. pope francis celebrated the indigenous people and said the world would learn from their culture, specifically their appreciation and protection of nature. the pope condemned the mistreatment of people of the mayan and indian dissent. -- >> your people have been excluded from society. some have considered your values, cultures and traditions, inferrier, others have stolen your lands or contaminated. >> this is the pope's first visit to mexico. he will visit some of the poorest and most violent places in the country and will address migrants trying to reach the
10:34 pm
>> amazing video from new zealand when a cliff collapsed, moments after an earthquake struck. you can see the cliff -- watch it -- just fall into the sea. this is from a good bit of wave. experts say the quake had a magnitude 5.7 and set off more than 40 aftershocks. there were no major reports of damage or injuries. but five years ago, a quake in the same area caused more than $26 billion in damage and part of the city had to be rebuilt. >> a garbage man drives his truck right off a highway bridge, plunged dozens of feet below. he was on i-95 near little havana. somehow his truck went right over the barricade, destroyed the concrete and steel berriers and fell 100 feet, narrowly missed a rec center and a swimming pool. the driver has serious injuries. the police are trying to figure out how the truck barreled truthe barrier.
10:35 pm
down until it is repaired. that's the video from miami tonight. >> how about the daytona 500 on sunday? watch it right here. we know one person who will not be watching it on tv. ralph brown has quite a story and quite a collection. he lives here in tampa. he is going to watch the race in person at the track. >> guess what? it is not his first or 10th or even his 20th to see it in person. he has a life-long fixation with the 500. >> all kind of great autographs. >> ralph brown has autographs and photographs from decades of daytona 500s. he's always there. do your friends even bother to say, are you going this year? >> not really. what they say about december is -- can i go with you? >> reporter: he has taken friends and family. his kids at all different ages. in fact, there are photos of
10:36 pm
he has been to 49 consecutively and he is racing toward number 50. >> you get to 40 or 41 and you happening, i can't stop now. >> reporter: his dad took him for the first time in 1967. and he fell in love. in the left, two flying hand grenades and a frantic run. >> reporter: he was there in the 70s. >> when pearson and petty and baker were winning like 90% of the races. >> reporter: he got ahold of a pass to the garage area -- paradise. >> teddy and i were over the car, being, what do we need to do here? do we need to tune it up? >> reporter: he has pictures of everyone and memories of great finishes. >> dale hits him -- he slides! >> reporter: the legendary crash in 1979, followed by a fist fight. >> between kelley and donnie. >> reporter: outside? >> again, that was something that kind of confirmed to me,
10:37 pm
they are having a knock-down, drag-out brawl on the infield. >> reporter: he has seen daytona during six decades. >> the best memory was 1998. that's when dale earnhardt hit -- he attempted 19 times and won that particular year. >> 20 years of trying. 20 years. frustration, dale earnhardt will come up with the checkered flag to wint daytona 500. >> again, a lot of great times. and there have been tragedies there. you know, we have had -- earnhardt and obonit and some different ones lose their lives here. >> he says he's like all the drivers. waltder? >> i won the daytona 500! >> reporter: to danica. >> i'm a big fan of hers. you know, looking forward to her winning that first race. >> reporter: to the future. >> again, to watch the next generation of drivers like bill elliot to chase elliot now.
10:38 pm
>> reporter: even with 49 daytonas behind him and a 50th just around the corner, the finish line still isn't in sight. >> the next milestone would be 75 and i don't think i will make that one. >> reporter: but you never know? >> you never know. >> reporter: you never know who will win at daytona. but do you know which fan will be there for the 50th straight here. ralph is ready for daytona. >> and you can watch the daytona 500 sunday at 1:00 right here. if you are going to the race, be sure to look for ralph because he will for sure be there. >> heville many hats on, probably. very exciting. the great thing about that sport is that you can have access to the drivers and the teams. it really connects you to them for generations. >> of course, it does. and the weather's going to be good this year. >> it will be nice. >> changes in the air at t.i.a., a key part of the big
10:39 pm
yo (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates,
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consequences for a charity that was supposed to be helping the sick, instead, only helping itself. well tell you what will come of the cancer fund of america after a multi-million-dollar scandal. one man's trash is another man's treasure, so think twice before you throw away that boarding pass. it might be a thief's ticket to steal your identity. that and more coming up at 11:00. >> pinellas county typesets on a mission to reduce traffic deaths. >> they have identified high-crash locations and they are using a grant from the state to increase patrols in those areas. it will focus on 18 locations along major thoroughfares, including most of gulf boulevard and two other locations on u.s. 19, between 580 and curley road and belcher roads between the same points. deputies say they will be ticketing drivers failing to yield to pedestrians or bicyclists and they will ticket pedestrian who is jump out in
10:41 pm
the florida department of program. >> if you have been out to t.i.a. lately, you can't help but notice the bulldozers and the cranes. this is phase 1 of a massive expansion project. a very important part of phase 1 was completed. brand-new concessions, receiving a distribution center in person. but hayare bound to feel the impact because this will be the new central nervous system for the retail shops. this will allow the airport to expand to 65 new stores and dining options in it is next two years. >> you will see awesome new restaurants. you will see a p.f. chang's and a hard rock cafe. lots of local restaurants. ducky's. so we are introducing people to the flavor of tampa. this building will supply all the products that they need to do that. >> this distribution center is just one piece of a massive
10:42 pm
monorail that will connect passengers to a new rental center. the nearly billion-dollar project on think about and on schedule to be complete in october 2017 t. has a disney feel. >> it's a great airport. one of the best in the country. >> the man who wrote the book, the sports idol's idol is back. and with the trade deadline two weeks away, lightning general manager steve yzerman puts an end to the stephen stamkos trade talk. >> pretty slick. >> filming has begun on the next star wars flick. they are making another one. new cast members are trending after the3 (cynthia/ a warning before your next flight. how your boarding pass could be a thief's ticket to your identity... tonight on the fox 13 11 o'clock news...
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big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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>> all right. exciting day for star wars fans. guess why? >> why? >> they're filming again. the next star wars movie. this is a brilliant trailer. j.j. abrams and folks.
10:46 pm
star wars episode 8. >> cut. >> beautiful. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 8. >> wow. >> how do you make a trailer that teases a new movie with virtually showing nothing new? in theory, this is where the last one left off. a couple of new characters. laura dern -- chip's favorite actress. [laughter] >> great. >> of course -- i know. markhamil, carrie fisher will be in it. it will be released in december 2017. >> and the light sabre, thank you very much. >> all right. >> check this out. an odd prank is trending. a mon spher trier is tops was stolen --
10:47 pm
put in a busy road near a popular pub, which does make sense. >> have you done that before? >> it just went viral everywhere. at least five people had to move it. >> it must have been a big yard. >> big yard. >> luckily, they didn't get the triranosaurus rex. >> we all love goldens. you have to take a look at this. these are precious. 20 golden retrievers took a flight halfway around the world to find new homes in america. they were rescued from the streets of istanbul, turkey, and a woman reached out to the u.s. for help. she saw them abandoned and wanted to take care of them and find them homes. rescue organizers foot the bill to help transport the dogs and it cost a lot of money. but they are all here and you know they will have homes very quickly.
10:48 pm
they are so excited. >> they are amazing creatures. >> beautiful. >> hopefully, we will find out if they will be up for adoption. >> how you can get your hands on one of those? their tails are still wagging. i like this move by steve yzerman. the nfl trade deadline is coming up. the closer they get without stamkos news it would have created caoses. so yzerman says they are not going to trade him. he has a no-trade clause. but he went on to say, i have said repeatedly, it is our hope to reach an agreement with stephen on a new contract at some point. with 27 games remaining in our organization -- in our season, the organization and stephen and arrangement. >> there is a story behind this book. scott lynn, the writer, started
10:49 pm
30 years ago. now he's back home, after hitting the streets and the keyboard, writing a book called a sports idol's idol. where he asked what i think is a pretty good question. who are the sports idols for some of the biggest names in the game. >> there is a tap toward second base. scott lynn is back home, 40 years after he started working as a weekend anchor in tampa, he's retired. moved back to the bay area. still working the microphone for u.t. baseball, where the man, named oregon sports broadcaster 7 times, still feels comfortable. >> there's a strike 3 call. >> reporter: an uncomfortable moment. he writes books. his latessest, sports idol's idols got started when he knew he was going to be let go. >> i anyhow i was going to lose my job. i thought, what could i do now?
10:50 pm
seven days a week. i have no time to do it right now, but what topic could i find that i can do some things and not write it until the day comes -- that day came in august of 2013. walked in, they said, here's the deal. i'm sorry. you're the best. doesn't matter. have you to go. >> reporter: so he went, right to the keyboard. putting down 5 years worth of conversations with some of the biggest names in sports. >> clay thompson and stef curry. the splash brothers are both in the book. you talk about the baseball guys, ken griffey jr. and the women's side of things, alex morganstein and michael comporto in the world series, all the way up to 97-year-old bobby door. i think it's four generations of athletes. >> reporter: scott asked them all one question. who was their idol.
10:51 pm
answers, he got moments and memories, insight and inside information from hall of famers like bill essposito. >> he said he would rather be in the hall of fame as a founder than what he accomplished as a player. it's a history book as well. a sports history book. who was your very first childhood idol. did you ever meet him? what was it like? did they meet up to your expectations? >> reporter: the same expectations these players had to live up. those are the stories behind the title, a sports idol's idol. the first hero of our heroes. he has a look -- lot of book signings. the next one will be february 21. good guy just to sit down and talk sports with, talked to every big name out there. that's the book. it's a good question. he got good answers. >> that's great. >> interesting. >> nice to hear him. welcome back. >> still to come, talented
10:52 pm
>> how they are swimming their way to victory, right after the break. we'll tell you all about in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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first, here's tonight's weather picks winner, josh chestnut from senior park. this is from derek rollerson. that's a great photo. love the combination of the sky, a little sunset, clouds in the distance. good stuff. nice job there. certainly appreciate that. >> busy night tonight. god bands of rain, too distinct areas we are watching. the first one is on the coast -- oops. let me just go ahead here. the first one is on the coast, moving on to pasco. i am watching with interest, this cell out here, which has been rotating for a time. this one is also moving northeast. you can almost see it. and i took a look at the winds inside the cell. there is a definite rotation. tell probably weaken, but it certainly bears watching. we will be tracking this all night. i will be here watching it. if there is any severe warnings
10:56 pm
on the app as well. this is the line in conjumpgz with the cold front. this is a squall line. this will go through between about 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., with heavy rain. so two areas. the first one moves through between now and 1:00 a.m., could be a break. then another line with the cold front. all of that should be done with by daybreak, as the line moves rapidly southeast. here comes the cold front. most of tomorrow will be a nice day with sunshine and temperatures near 70, once the rain is out early in the day. this is a classic elnino setup. got a fast jet stream and some energy here. two things helping us, we have cool gulf waters. a lot of this energy is going to shoot nort east and away from us. that said, there will be heavy showers and thundershowers as the lines move by. showers and storms will be strong overnight tonight. low temperature down to 62 degrees. improving weather coming up
10:57 pm
let's take a look. >> paul, we are getting used to that. >> such a good job. >> i know. we figured he does numbers all day long. >> these young ladies are big-time champions and their swim team has won not one, not two, but 30! state championships. 30. they have been undefeated since 1986. and their big win shattered a state record. they say passion and dedication are the keys to success. >> we always want to be improving. so i think that's the main reason. and we are so supportive of each other and it is honestly such a
10:58 pm
>> with 30 championship wins they are the most successful swim team in the nation. many have started to train for the trials, hoping for a spot on the u.s. 2016 team. with this winning streak, maybe somebody will make it. >> i would bet there is room for a few of them. >> time for the fox threab 11:00 news. >> yeah. right now, we continue to follow this developing story. police nab a hit-and-run driver. >> happened a few hours ago. how police tracked down the suspect, allison huffman, accused of killing a tow truck driver on the howard frankland. >> simple. one gun and one arrest equals $1,000. >> a new bounto illegal weapons that is adding up to success. the tampa case that pull aid thief and a gun off the streets. >> they don't comprehend that all of that information's on there. >> a thief gets ahold of your boarding pass.
10:59 pm


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