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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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pfashion winners and losers3 ((russell- winter weather panhandle... p>>russell: winter weather to our pnorth and tornado damage in the an handle. pwild weather across the country pand its effect on tampa bay. p>>vanessa: a suspected phit-and-run driver has been ptaken into custody after a crash pleft a tow truck operator dead. pi'll tell you how st. pete pahead.
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ptim tebow's good deed. phow he made a group of orphans pfeel special. p>>russell: a lot ahead but pfirst, we have to get to the pweather and dave. pit was bumpy early but pretty pquiet now, huh? p>>dave: very quiet now pconsidering we had big pthunderstorms, some gusty winds, pall of that has now pushed even pthe heaviest of the rain pbeginning to move off the coast pof west palm this morning and pit's so funny because, you know, pit was raining to beat the band phere a couple of hours ago and pnow we're clearing skies out. ptemperatures running around 60 pdegrees with that southwest wind pat around eight miles per hour. pwe're going to likely make our pway back up to near 70 degrees pfor later today so yeah, rain pgone and now fantastic stretch pof weather headed our way but pfrom here to the panhandle, and
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pa lot of weather the past 24 phours. p>>reporter: as powerful storms pmoved through mississippi and plouisiana monday, high winds ptook down trees and power lines. eople eating dinner in this prestaurant in alexandria, plouisiana had to suddenly run pfor cover as winds caused damage pand pushed debris towards the peatery, injuring several people. p>> i seen it fall on my car and pmy car was shaking and my window pbusted and like i seen it like pcoming at me. pit was scary. p>>reporter: officials are pinvestigating reports of at pleast two possible tornados in pmississippi where buildings and phomes have been damaged as well pas a school in the town of pwesson. preports, part of a large winter pstorm system hitting much of the peastern u.s. on monday. pfrom snow and sleet to dangerous picy roads, the mountains of pnorth carolina and virginia pespecially hard hit. pcold temperatures making things puncomfortable. pthese tourists are in frigid new
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p>> i'm from the u.k. and it is pvery, very cold here. pi have some layers on so i pactually have tights under knees ptrousers to keep me warm. p>> i have a sweater on right pnow. pbut i am freezing because i live pin houston. p>>reporter: the cold is making pthings dangerous for first presponders like firefighters pnear philadelphia having to pbattle the fire and ice at pscenes like this one. pbecause of the extreme weather, pmore than 1,000 flights had to pbe cancelled nationwide. ptravellers in raleigh, charlotte pand washington, d.c. feeling the pimpact. p>>dave: thank you. pwinter cannot get over soon penough for those people to the pnorth of us and by the way, pwe'll have our seven-day pforecast in a few minutes. plet's see if any overnight rain pimpacts the roadway this pmorning. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: we started with a pserious crash.
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pcounty so expect the lane pclosures to continue for a plittle while longer so right now pwe're taking a live look at i-4. pthis is polk parkway west. pwe can still see the lane pblockage in both directions, peastbound and westbound with an pinside lane blocked. preally seeing worst delays in pthe westbound direction as we ptake a look at road sensors. pnow we do have delays all the pway back to 559 so for drivers pheading toward the westbound pdirection, we do have a detour pfor you. pexit state road 559, you can ptake commonwealth avenue which pis 33 and reenter i-4 westbound. pin the eastbound direction, psensors, by and large, remain in pthe green. p>>russell: it's 7:04 right now pand accused hit-and-run driver pis off the street. pallison huffman is in jail paccused of killing a tow truck pdriver on the howard frankland pbridge early monday morning. pdetectives say she went to the
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pstopping. pshayla reaves is at the pinellas pcounty jail to tell us how they pcaught up with her. p>>reporter: good morning to you. psomeone alerted st. pete police pdifference. pit landed allison huffman in pcustody. pnow, let me take you back. pthis is video captured there at pthe promenade apartment complex pjust a few miles away from the inellas county jail. pwe're told officers found huff pman staying with a friend just pafter 9:00 last night. pwe're told the police helped her puntil florida highway patrol pcould make an arrest. pthis came hours after pinvestigators found a damaged pcar registered to huffman in a arking lot of a downtown tampa photel. pauthorities say she is suspected pof leaving the scene of a deadly phit and run crash, ditching the pcar and taking a cab to the hard prock casino. pthe crash happened monday pmorning on the howard frankland pbridge. p43-year-old tow truck operator pdied from injuries.
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pdaughter. pwe hope to learn more a little plater today on the exact charges pthat huffman might be facing in pconnection with this case. pinvestigators have not said pwhether or not they believe palcohol was a factor in the pcrash but we did look up pinformation online and we found pthat right here in hillsborough pcounty,al allison huffman has been pcharged with dui three times. p>>russell: we'll talk later. pthank you. pmotorcycle crash has killed p26-year-old william majors from pzephyrhills. phe was driving westbound on pstate road 39 in plant city when phe ran a stop sign and then went poff the road. pthe bike went airborne, landing pin a retention pond. phe died at the scene. p>>laura: whitney filmed herself pdriving live on periscope. olice were able to track her pdown by using the avp. pher punishment? p150 hours of community service pand a year of probation for that
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pno prison time. pa new top cop will take over ptoday in bradenton and it is phistoric. pbevin will be the city's first pfemale police chief. pshe worked 29 years working up pthe ranks. pshe was assistant chief when she parrest. p>>russell: new case of the zika pvirus in broward county. pwe have three in hillsborough pcounty. pmajor league baseball teams are ptaking precautions with spring ptraining about to begin. pthere were symptoms of pmosquitos. pfan safety will be a priority. p15 major league teams attract pmillions of tourists every year. p>>laura: getting paid a quarter pmillion dollars for a job you pnever show up to. pthe guy who got away with it for pyears and then how he finally pgot caught. p>>russell: a good deed.
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pof orphans smile despite their pdiversity. pgreat picture. p>>dave: 7:07 this morning. pwe're clearing skies out. prain is gone. pyou don't need an umbrella ptoday, okay? pit is off the south coast of the pstate and we'll start to dry pthings out as that front comes pthrough. pright now we're at 60 degrees. pover the next couple of hours, a
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p70s for the next couple of i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 (dave- a hiker at yosemite national p>>dave: yosemite national park phas rare footage. plook at this. pit's an avalanche, snow falling pseveral feet. pnobody got hurt. pit could be dangerous up there, pespecially out west they've got pa lot of snow. pi'm sure there are a lot of laces having similar setups
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pas long as nobody gets hurt, it pis something beautiful to look pat, isn't it? pwe're sitting here at 7:11, 60 pdegrees. prain is gone. pit's out of here. pcame in this morning. pthunder, lightning, we had gusty pwinds, we had a tornado watch pearlier, gone. pall gone and now we're getting pthe sunshine to return very pquickly this morning. pbut over the past 24 hours, pwe've actually had some decent prain around here. pmany areas .8 inch to one inch. pwe had .9 inch from brooksville pdown to new port richey. pthere are a few spots that pdidn't get a ton of rain but pstill, everybody picked up some prain and i'm glad you did pbecause i'll tell you why. pnow that the rain is gone, we pdon't have any rain in the pforecast for the next seven pdays. pit's just going to get quiet, pdry and to be honest, beautiful.
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pto move away from i-95, away pfrom west palm beach. pthat's how fast the pthunderstorms move through. pwhile we did have some wind pgusts, we had one severe pthunderstorm warning overnight pbut no reports of any damage pfrom that. pnow we reap the benefits of pgetting the sunshine back to dry pthings out this morning. pso 53 degrees in brooksville. p55 in ocala. p59 in lakeland. p60 tampa, st. petersburg, down pthrough punta gorda so decently pmild this morning. pfor the most part, temperatures prunning at or slightly above paverage and the winds are all pover the place now because we're pwaiting for the actual front to pcome through so most of us have pa southwest to west wind. pyou're going to notice like pocala, the wind has shifted to pthe northwest. pa cool front has come through pthe area so it's only a matter pof time before we shift our pwinds to the northwest and that pwill continue to dry out as well pas that front sliding through
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pbut look how fast that whole pline of rain moved through the parea overnight. pnow what's behind it? psunshine, mild air and honestly, pa spectacular forecast for the pnext several days. poverall just increasing psunshine. pi know obviously citrus county pis clear. phighland county still has some pclouds left. psunshine back this morning. pinland locations will be in the pupper 40s. psome much us along the coast pstay in the lower 50s but we're pback to 70 degrees tomorrow punder mostly sunny skies, very leasant conditions. pmoderate chop if you're boating ptoday, northwest. phow is that for a stretch of pweather? p71 thursday. p74 through 76 for highs friday pright through the beginning of pnext week. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: it's a glorious pforecast. pall right. pthank you, dave.
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pin sarasota drivers, you'll be pconcerned because there's a pcrash still working with lane pblockage and also some problems pwith the traffic signals along pu.s. 301 and 12th street. pthis photo comes from sarasota olice. pyou can see this involves a psingle vehicle but it looks retty banged up. pwe're hearing that the car pactually took out traffic psignals and so they damaged pthose. pthey won't be repaired until pthis afternoon. pa driver should be concerned pabout eastbound and westbound plane blockages. pyou'll want to treat that as a pfour-way stop. pstate road 54 community drive in podessa, a crash reported with plane blockage so you could see psome delays. psame is the case with this crash pin tampa. p50th street at chelsea street. pwe have some lane blockages preported here. pwe want to check in on majors pand see how the travel times are pfairing. pit looks like the usual pcongestion 275 southbound pheading towards the interchange.
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plightning delay as long 75 psouthbound. pwe were in the red a few minutes pago. pthis is down to a 13 minute pride. lan for 14 minutes, 75 to the pinterchange. p>> these reports you handed in, pit's almost as if you have no pbusiness training at all. pi don't know what this is psupposed to be. p>> just trying to get ahead. p>> well, i'm sorry. pthere's no way that we can keep pyou on. p>> i don't even really work phere. p>> that's what makes this so pdifficult. p>>russell: seinfeld. pkram he were er getting paid to do a job phe never really had. psounds like 69-year-old garcia. phe went six years without pshowing up to his job as manager pof a mixed water treatment lant. phis co-workers never became
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psomebody else was in charge. pgarcia kept getting paid $41,000 pa year. pfinally was caught when the pcompany went to award him for 20 pyears of loyal service and then pthey couldn't find him. phis office was empty. phe's been told by a judge to pay p$30,000 because it was a pgovernment job. phe's appealing it. phe's also decided to retire. p>>laura: wow. pthat is something. pwestminster dog show wraps up in pnew york city later today. pbefore that happened, they had a pfirst this year. pobedience competition. pdogs had to sniff out and find a pdumbbell the handler touched. p3-year-old labrador retriever pwas the top dog in the new pcompetition. pbest in show will be named ptonight at madison square pgarden. pthe pup to watch may be a
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p>>russell: all right. pthe good, bad and ugly. pcoming up, the red carpet parrivals and the grammys. p>>laura: and the bush brothers pon the campaign trail together. pbut first, charley belcher. pgood morning. p>>charley: good day to you. plovely seinfeld, best of show. pjason and i are loving that. phere is what else you're going pto love, when i can finally pexplain what kombucha is and how pit works. pyou take all of those beautiful pingredients right there, not pnecessarily all at the same ptime, but you take that, and you padd in a little bit of that pwhich kind of look like a pscience experiment. pyou come up with that which they psay is excellent. pi can't wait to try one. pit's kombucha, a living tea.
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porganic ingred3 3 (russell- we have a fox news alert out of houston right
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phouston. pthree alarm fire, look at that, pburning at an apartment complex pcalled the meadows. pit started a couple of hours ago pin two apartments and spread pquickly. presidents know everything inside pis gone. padding to the problem, there pwere problems getting water to pthe flames, including issues pwith water pressure and phydrants. pwe don't have any reports of any pinjuries yet and we're still pwaiting for a cause. pwe'll bring you more information pas soon as we get it. pnot long after hitting the pcampaign trail with his brother, pcriticism this morning for pformer president bush. p>>laura: meantime, polls show pthat the democratic race in pnevada and south carolina is pcloser than ever. pfox 13 reports from washington. p>>reporter: here is what we're plearning. pbernie sanders is not just an piowa and new hampshire henomenon and george w. bush pcan still draw a crowd. p>> thank you.
7:23 am
pin awhile. pformer president bush back on pthe campaign trail in south pcarolina. phe's making the case for his pbrother. p>> in my experience, the pstrongest person usually isn't pthe loudest one in the room. p>>reporter: that sounded like a pclear reference to g.o.p. pfrontrunner donald trump who has pbeen unsparingly using criticism pagainst the president. p>> we went into iraq, shouldn't phave happened. peverything you see right now is pan offshoot of that decision. pthat was a very bad decision. p>>reporter: this may be the pultimate decision for trump. p>> if he gets away with that, he pis teflon done. p>>reporter: trump tended to pbring his loyal at the pledge pand threatening to take legal paction to block ted cruz from prunning because of his canadian pbirth. p>> i am not a single issue pcandidate. pthis is not a single issue pcountry.
7:24 am
pattacking bernie sanders in pnevada, a statement at one point pmost of the party thought was a plock for her. pbut sanders is dead even in one precent poll. p>> everything in my political pgut tells me that we have the pmomentum here in this state. p>>reporter: that's nevada but pclinton and sanders will square poff in south carolina on pfebruary 27 and even though pclinton has an advantage there, precent polls suggest the gap is pnarrowing. p>>laura: donald trump is hinting pat a third party run for resident again. phe said that the republican arty is in default of an pagreement they made to prevent pthat from happening. ptrump says the party is not ptreating him fairly. phe said they cater to donors and pspecial interests that favor his pchallengers. p>>russell: today is your last pchance to vote in the march 15 residential primary. pindependets cannot vote that
7:25 am
pjust democrats and republicans. pyou can register, though, still pon time at your local supervisor pof election office, driver's plicense office or any public plibrary. pearly voting starts in two pweeks. rimary is four weeks from ptoday. phey, dave. p>>dave: good morning. pthe roads are wet, right? prained overnight. psome spots got well over an pinch, inch and a half of rain pbut it's all moving off the pcoast, the east coast as we're pgetting clearing skies as we pspeak. pit is a fast mover and it's gone pand now as the sun comes back, pi'm shurp it's going to be paround for although least the pnext seven days. pwe have 70 for a high today. psame for tomorrow. pthen thursday a high temperature pof 71. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: all right. pright now we want to check back pin, in polk county. preally seeing the heavy delays pcontinuing along the westbound planes approaching the deadly pcrash site we showed you earlier
7:26 am
pwe have a shot just east of pthere. pit looks like eastbound is premaining cleerp. pjust remember if you're heading pwestbound, you want to exit at p559 and take 33 back on to i-4 pto avoid a big portion of those pdelays. pwe'll check on other parts of pthe majors and other trouble pspots. pit looks like we have some pmoderate delays here. pdrivers coming from pinellas pcounty heading up to the pinterchange, about a 22 minute pride across the howard frankland pand heading up to that point i pjust mentioned. pi-4 westbound looks like normal pdelays. pthat's a 10 minute ride and then pearlier i showed you some heavy pdelays on 75. pnow. p>>russell: did you see the pgrammys last night? p>>laura: i did not. pwe have the highlights this pmorning, though. p>>russell: and the thing about padele, the glitch that made her pgrammy performances less than pstellar. p>>laura: and waiting to get home pto sunny florida. pa bay area family stuck at the pairport. pken is on that story.
7:27 am
p>>reporter: good morning. pthey're stuck in philadelphia pbecause of snow, because of pmechanical problems and what are pthey doing to get home to the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts.
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too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 (russell- airlines are braci p>>russell: welcome. pairlines bracing for pcancellations today. phundreds of them. pand the number is climbing by pthe hour because of the snow and pice in the northeast. pthat has a ripple effect on pother flights around the pcountry. pken is at tampa international pairport to tell us about those pcancellations. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. pthat's the scoreboard of the pdelays and cancellations. pthis morning we're talking about
7:31 am
pat t.i.a. and probably seven or pso that have been delayed. pthat is just a small part of the pvery big picture nationwide. pthere have been 1600 flights pcancelled because of bad weather palong the east coast. residents day was pretty rough pfor new york, washington and pelsewhere. pwashington got about three pinches of snow and ice. pnew york got snow and is facing pa really big mess today with the ptemperature going up. pthe snow is expected to turn pinto freezing rain and that pmeans lots of cold, wet slush. pyuck. ptravellers are delayed or pstranded all over the place, pincluding our own debbie and her pson jacob. pthey live in apollo beach and pthey're stuck in philly. pthey are flight was delayed pbecause of bad weather last pnight. pwhen it was cleared, they still pcouldn't take off because pmechanical problems. pthey spent the entire night phanging out at that airport ptrying to just make do.
7:32 am
pand we come in to the terminal parea and everybody is trying to pfind out what's going on, what's phappening and they start telling peverybody, well, this plane will pbe standing here an hour. pthen you can get back on and go. p>>reporter: they heard it was pgoing to be a 9:00 departure and pthen 9:00, they say, no. pthat's way too early. pnow we're talking about 1:00 in pthe afternoon. pyou have to realize she's been pthere since early last night so pshe's spent the entire night at pthe airport, laying on a bench pwith her 8-year-old kid. pyou can have the best 8-year-old pkid in the world and you know pthey're going to get grumpy. pi would. pthey're going to be departing hilly at 1:00. pkeep your fingers crossed. pwhen you're in this situation, pthat's pretty much all you can pdo. prussell? p>>reporter: i guess you're pright. pthank you.
7:33 am
p>>vanessa: nobody likes anybody pthat cuts in line. pit's not just rude, frustrating, pannoying, it's actually against pthe law. pjoining us for the inaugural ptraffic tip tuesday, tampa olice officer roy pods. pthank you for being with us. p>> it's my pleasure. pthank you. p>>vanessa: let's start off ptalking about line jumping. pwhat exactly is that? pgich us some examples. p>> no one likes a line jumper. pthat is someone who wants to cut pup or cut in line when you have pa right turn only or a left turn ponly lane and you have people pwho have been waiting in traffic pfor quite some time because pthey've gone through several plight cycles and then you have psomeone who cuts on the side of pthis right turn only, left turn ponly lane and goes up to the pfront and all of a sudden, they pcut into traffic and cut peveryone else in. pwhat that does, it just causes a plot of frustration among folks, pyou know, trying to get to work
7:34 am
pviolation also, you know, of the ptraffic laws. p>>vanessa: so i imagine there pare some intentional cases of pthis and there may be some psituations where like, oops, i pdidn't realize i want to go pstraight. pnow i know i want to go pstraight. pit's illegal no matter which pway, correct? p>> and there are folks who just pwant to get in their own line pand get over. pyou can tell the folks right paway because they're trying to pget over right away. pit's the folks we're talking pabout that will come up and pthey're purposely trying to go pstraight. pthey get in the left turn only por right turn only lane and cut pin front of traffic and it pcauses a lot of frustration. pso yes, it creates a lot of pissues and actually backs ptraffic up because a lot of eople have to put on their pbrakes and they have to stop and pit just continues to make that pmorning commute a little longer pfor a lot of folks. p>>vanessa: and once you get a plittle frustrated sometimes, bad pdecision making happens after pthat. pwhat kind of punishment could
7:35 am
p>>reporter: there's a lot of plaws that they're violating. pone could be failure to obey ptraffic control device. pthere's a lot of signs clearly pmarking right turn only, left pturn only lanes and they totally pignore that and also passing pwithin 100 feet of an pintersection is another one. pimpeding the flow of traffic. pa lot of times they get in the plane and get stuck. pthen they're impeding the flow pof traffic. pthere's a lot of different pthings. pit just all depends on the pcircumstances but failure to pobey the traffic control device pis usually the number one. ponce they get in that lane, pthey're committed. pa lot of folks get in the lane pand they want to do that, just pcome up and cut in front of eople. pwhen they can't, they can't cut pover, they need to make that pleft or right-hand turn and make pa u-turn and get back on track. p>>vanessa: if you're one of pthose other folks seeing a line pjumper, maybe trying to get in pfront of you or what not, are pyou supposed to -- p>> yeah. pwe can't control anyone else's pdriving habits. pthat's for sure.
7:36 am
pbe courteous. peven if another person next to pyou isn't courteous, just go pahead and let them in and hope psomeone like me is standing pthere watching the situation. pwe can help educate them on the psituation. p>>vanessa: and speaking of being pthere on the scene, do you guys pnotice, are there certain places paround the city where this maybe phappens more often than other laces? p>> oh, yeah. pa lot more places. pthere are lights throughout the pcity where there's a lot of ptraffic and where you see those, pwhere you have long lines of ptraffic trying to get through pintersections, that's where you pget the line jumpers at. p>>vanessa: thanks so much, pofficer. pwe'll see you next week. pi can think of a few more ptopics. p>> fantastic. psee you then. p>>laura: thank you. p7:36 now. psome biggest names in the music pindustry will be sleeping in pthis morning, hopefully. p>>russell: they were up most of
7:37 am
pmichelle gives us highlights. p>>reporter: it was a night to ay tribute to legends no longer phere as the grammy awards handed pout top honors. puptown funk featured bruno mars pwas the night's big winner ptaking home the top prize, precord of the year. p>> taylor swift. p>> 1989 won album of the year pand the night's leading nominee, pkendrick lamar, garnered five ptrophies, including best rap palbum. pkicking off the night of ptributes, lionel richie's hits. pstevie wonder honored the late pearth, wind and fire. pmaurice white. pthe eagles harmonized "take it
7:38 am
plady gaga did a visual, penergetic tribute to david pbowie. p p>> and b.b. king. p hoping that you understand p>> ed sheeren won song of the pyear as well as best pop erformance. p p>> memorable solo, duet and grup erformances from adele, pkendrick lamar, little big town pand taylor swift. pjohnny depp and alice cooper procked the house performing as pthe hollywood vampires. pand emotional trainer took home pbest new artist. p>> thank you to the grammys.
7:39 am
p>>russell: adele's voice may phave been on point but the music psounded out of tune for "all i pask." pthe piano microphones kept pfalling onto the strings which pmade it almost sound like a pguitar. pshe kept it together, gave a pshout out to the big winner, pkendrick, after her performance. pstill can sing. p>>laura: yes, she can. padele wasn't the only sour note pof the night. pthere were plenty of fashion pflops. pthere always are. pjennifer epstein has the best pand worst dressed. p>>jennifer: it never fails. pevery time we talk about an paward show, there are always pthose what were they thinking pmoments. pbefore we get to that, let's ptake a look at who looked pflawless on the red carpet. pwe start with lady gaga. pshe is known for having her own
7:40 am
pnight as she pulled out all the pstops in this custom mark jacobs pjacket over a tiny little leo ptarred. pshe was striking in bold blue pand you can't not notice her psuper bright red hair. pshe had matching sky high latforms. pa look only lady gaga can pull poff. pand this mom to be was simply pglowing on the red carpet. pchrissy higgins showed off her pbaby bump in this ice white cape pdress with crystal detail. pno one could argue she looked psimply gorgeous and adele may phave sounded a little flat but pshe sparkled in this black pbeauty. pher gown perfect fit for her. pbut you know, they can't all be pwinners like this bright pink phello kitty onesie.
7:41 am
pfor some reason this spiky pensemble along with the heels pand those are hello kitty dolls psewn onto the legs. pdepp's outfit forgettable. pchunky jewelry, faded black pjeans and velvet vest? pneed we say more? plast but not least, this is one pway to get attention. psinger wore this barely there pcostume, black gothic spikes, a pwild head dress and a cape of psome sort. pleaving us speechless. phopefully some can redeem pthemselves at the next award pshow. pthe oscars are coming up pfebruary 28. pno doubt we'll look at the red pcarpet hits and misses of that pnight, too. pthere were a lot of good ones, pby the way. p>>laura: there were. pbut here is what he'll say about pthe last outfit. pwe're all talking about her this
7:42 am
pyou can't ask for better ublicity. p>>jennifer: there's that. pi've been trying to figure out pwho she is. p>>laura: brave woman. pi don't care what kind of figure pyou have. pthank you. pi can't miss your chance to see pbeyonce in concert. ptickets go on sale to the pgeneral public today at 10:00 pa.m. pbetter hurry. pyou know it won't last long. pa lot of them are gobbled up pduring the special presale last pweek. pqueen bee will be here april 29. p>>walter: in sports this pmorning, seems hard to believe pbut baseball is starting soon. itchers and catchers report pfriday for the rays. pthey'll start practice on sunday pat port charlotte and the rest pof the team will show up a few pdays later. prays won 80 games last year
7:43 am
pthe "usa today" ports is redicting a third place tie pwith the yankees, five games pbehind the first place red sox pand five games better than the plast place eagles. pas far as playoffs, playoffs? p"usa today" predicts the red psox, white sox and astros will pbe division league winners with pthe blue jays and rangers laying in the wild card game. pand the national league, they redicted nationals, cubs and pgiants division winners. pthey think the cubs will win the pmost games at 101 and joe maddon pis now in chicago. pto the ice we go, steven stamkos pwill stay with the lightning. pthe team will not trade him pbefore the deadline on february p29 but his long-term future with pthe lightning is still in pquestion. pthe team is trying to extend his pcontract before he becomes an punrestricted free agent on july p1. pthey might pay him around $10
7:44 am
pit is 60 degrees. phard to believe a few hours ago pwe were under a tornado watch pbut it looks beautiful. pdave is back with a check of the
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
p>>dave: it hardly seems like the psame day. pi came in this morning and plightning and thunder, heavy prain, gusty winds and a few phours later, this is what it plooks like. pi'm not kidding. pit is stunning outside from the priver view camera looking back ptoward the coastline. pout at the beach, why not? pi mean, a few hours ago, it was ouring rain but now you've got, pagain, clear skies and the same pthing in tampa as well. pso if you're just waking up, pthat thunder did not wake you up
7:48 am
pyou're like, what are you ptalking about, dave? pit was great. pwe had more than an inch of rain pall over the place last night. pit's all quickly moving south pand east. pnow you've got even leftover prain just west palm beach area pwith the main line of rain over psouth florida so what a big, big pdifference. pin fact, there's some moisture pstill hanging around this pmorning and a little bit of fog pbeginning to develop which, by pthe way, won't last very long at pall. pcold front itself on the way pbeginning to work through the pviewing area. pas it does, it will shift the pwinds to the northwest and drag pdown some drier air. pit's going to be a beautiful day pout there. plow to mid 50s crystal river to pbrooksville, upper 50s leesburg, ptampa, still running at 60 pdegrees. pwind are beginning to shift to pthe northwest and they're going pto shift to the northwest and pthen eventually slide through phere. pwhat that's going to do is just pdry us out and be honest, it pwill be a pretty day as we get pback to beautiful sunshine and
7:49 am
pback up to around the 70-degree pmark. penjoy it. pso weird. pit came in this morning and it's ouring rain and now it's like pthis. p70 for a high in the ptemperature. ptonight light jackets. pclear and cool. p52 for a low. pmostly sunny and pleasant ptomorrow. p73 is our normal high for this ptime of year. pwhat do you think? pi would say this is a darn god pseven-day forecast. plow to mid 70s for highs and plows in the low to mid 50s. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. plet's touch on new crashes. pstart off in pasco county along pstate road 54 at 75. pcrash is reporting some lane pblocks in the area. preally seeing some delays in pthat eastbound direction. pat this point, the delays are retty minor so give yourself a pfew extra minutes if you have to phead that way. pmeantime, also sticking near the pinterstate but down to the psarasota area, there's a crash pat fruitville and 75. pa westbound right lane is pblocked just west of the pinterstates so certainly a psituation.
7:50 am
pbut also emergency crews, premember the move over law, lease. psouthbound river road in the pnorth port area, we do have some proad debris that's reported so pkeep an eye out southbound pdirection. phowever, this is notable, pnorthbound direction drivers pshould plan extra time out the pdoor. p>>russell: i think we can all pagree that tim tebow is a really pgood guy and he just threw a psurprise prom for some special pneeds orphans. phe surprised the children with pthe night to shine. pthe international event is psponsored by tim tebow's pfoundation. pthe goal is to give teens with pspecial needs their own prom, pcompleed with the red carpet, aparazzi, dancing and then more pthan 200 churches in 48 states paround the world. ptebow said the event is all pabout fighting for people who pcannot fight for themselves. pin haiti, children with special pneeds are often abandoned, pshunned and forced to live in porphanages.
7:51 am
pfirst time in their lives they pwere able to not just dress up pbut also be celebrated and phonored. pnice. p>>laura: he's a good guy. p>>russell: he is. pto charley we go, speaking of pgood guys. p>>charley: i wish i could rip pover this right here and be the pgood guy. pit's just an undershirt. pi'm still trying to figure out pthis kombucha stuff. pmother kombucha is the name of pthe company. pfascinating small business in pst. petersburg. pis that the blue -- i haven't ptasted it yet. pthat's good. pagain, i'm not sure what it is pbut i know i like it. pstick around. pwe're going to learn together pall about this company called
7:52 am
come seek the royal caribbean. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
7:53 am
get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at
7:54 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from st. petersburg today pfrom mother kombucha, living ptea. pit looks like a craft brewery pbut no, these are non alcoholic, pliving teas. pjosh is one of the faces of the pcompany here. ptell me about -- first of all,
7:55 am
p>> it's a fermented tea drink pthat has probiotics in it as pwell as a lot of organic acids. pit's gaining in popularity, eople are starting to choose it pwhen they want something non palcoholic maybe at a bar or when pthey don't want something with pas much sugar as soda but still pbubbly. p>>charley: i'm surprised how pmuch i like this. pit's really good. pit's served on tap even or in pbottles so these are pingredients. pteas, that sort of thing. p>> teas, herbs and then kind of pflowers here. pthere's some green teas, white ptea, a black tea and a fermented ptea leaf. p>>charley: what makes it pkombucha, it's mixed with a live pculture. p>> it's a live culture. pyou can see it floating in here. pthis is the starting liquid so pthat is a bacteria and yeast. p>>charley: how did this come to
7:56 am
p>> my wife knew tonya in the pbusiness and they basically knew peach other during a mother's pclub. pwe were stay at home parents. pour kids were about to start pschool and we were able to do psomething different. pboth had careers in the past pthat we were wanting something pnew. pwe started the company. pthe name has a double meaning in pthe fact we were both stay at phome parents. p>>charley: i like it. pnow it's sold all over the lace. p>> tons of places. pabout 100 in the bay area. p>>charley: probably the best pthing to do is go to mother and locations are pthere. pwe'll also give you as well. pand we'll break it down this pmorning. pwe'll talk about the different pingredients and what you put ptogether to get the different pbrands they create. pwhat is this again? p>> the blue rose. p>>charley: and what is the porganic ingredient?
7:57 am
psome green tea in there, there's pa little bit of a berry that's a pchinese herb. pand blueberries. p>>charley: i taste it all. pit's so good. pwe're here to explore kombucha. pit's good. p>>russell: do you know what? pi know none of us knew what it pwas and now we know. pi've seen it now. pnow that i've seen the bottles, pi've seen it in stores. p>>charley: yep. p>>russell: see you later. phoney, may i? pcoming up at 8:00, why men may phave to start asking their wives ermission to use a certain pdrug. p>>laura: very interesting story. pand dave-o the science pro is pback to explain what your ear pwax says about your ancestry. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> you know what they say. if you don't vote, you can't complain. and you want to vote in florida's primary, you have to take action by today. it's an office with a view, isn't it? how do you like that? nasa is hiring. do you have what it takes to be the next man on the moon? >> from tampa bay's number one news station. this is good day tampa bay. >> hey, everybody, it's 8:00. i'm russell rhodes. >> and i'm laura moody. >> we're coming around. the serious weather has passed, i don't know if you heard it overnight, it was nasty, but it looks like a beautiful day coming


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