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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 a burning fever, a man who carried the zika p>>russell: burning fever, ulsating headache. pa man who carried the zika virus
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ainful systems as local leaders plook for ways to keep it from pspreading. p>>laura: president obama calls pthe oval office a serious job pbut a new poll may suggest potherwise. p>>russell: and caught on camera, pburglary in progress. psee what sent the thieves prunning for the hills. p>>dave: almost 6:01. pfog an issue this morning. pquarter mile visibility in the plakeland area to an eighth of a pmile in brandon. palong the coastline doesn't look pbad. pst. petersburg is reporting 10 pmile visibility. pthat's going to slow it down as pwe have fog the next couple of phours. pchilly, 44 degrees in pbrooksville. p41 crystal river. pmost areas along the coast, low pto mid 50s. pit's going to be a great day ponce the fog burns off. ptemperatures head back up close pto 70 degrees. p>>laura: p>>vanessa: we're not seeing any pcrashes on the roads. pright now we do have a look at
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pthis is u.s. 301 in the area of pbig bend road. pthis is actually a traffic light pand that's why the vehicles are pstopped but the visibility is preduced in the area. palso fog along parts of 75 in phillsborough as well as i-4, peastern hillsborough county. p275 looks clear. pbut just as dave mentioned, slow pit down, use the low beam plights. p>>laura: there's something else pwe have to pay attention to here pwhere we live. ot holes. pwe drive by or over them every pday and the recent rain we've phad has made them a bigger roblem. pthe water seeps in, causes the avement to crack and kraum crumble. p>>russell: and shayla reaves is ptelling us about the pot holes pand how much it costs to fix. p>>reporter: we're talking about pdrivers around the country. pin fact, when you get a lot of prain, a lot of flooding and you
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pin fact, we've seen it here in ptampa bay just last year. pwe had more than average prainfall and of course, it's pkeeping crews busy, some working povertime to make the repairs but pif you're not paying attention por reporting what you see, the pcost of repairing the damage pcaused by pot holes can really padd up. psome of the common things you pmight see as far as pot hole pdamage includes damage to the ptires, damage to the wheels and pdamage to your suspension. pif you take a look at the pnumbers in the last five years, paaa survey estimates drivers pspend about $50 million on prepair costs due to pot holes. pthat's about $300 on average for pa repair bill. psome of the common things you pmight see as far as damage to pthe car, a cut, tear or pucture pin the tire. pit could range from $100 to $500 pas far as the cost goes to get a pnew tire depending on your pvehicle. pnow, if you bend or break your pwheel, $300 on average for a new
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plots of balance weights, under p$50 to have your tires prebalanced and a broker psuspension up to $1,000 or more pin repairs. pfinally suspension realignment pcan cost $75 to $150. pit doesn't take much for costs pto add up. pif you're wondering what are psome things you can do to rotect yourself, if you're pdriving in an area you encounter pa pot hole, one thing that aaa psuggests is, of course, slow pdown and don't have a sharp pimpact with that pot hole. pthat can cause some damage and palso if you see a pot hole in an parea, go ahead and report it pright here in tampa, for pexample, they repair about 7,000 ot holes a year according to pthe city. pwith an average turn around time paround three business days, once pthey're notified of a pot hole, pthose are just a couple of pthings to note if you're in phillsborough county as well. pyou can contact public works to preport a pot hole if you're pthere. pback to you guys.
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pa former college football player pat the university of tennessee pis accused of trying to have sex pwith a minor in pinellas county. p23-year-old makenzie crowder was parrested last night crowder was ptalking online with someone he pthought was a 14-year-old girl pand turns out it was an pundercover deputy. pthey say he made plans to meet pthe girl but when he showed up, phe was arrested. phe played four seasons in ptennessee. p>>laura: authorities say this pwoman, allison huffman, admitted pto hitting a tow truck driver on pthe howard frankland bridge pearly monday morning. pshe told troopers she didn't pstop because she was scared. pa man died at the scene. phe was a husband and father and pyesterday a why set her bond at p$150,000. pshe's being held in jail and pexpected to be transferred to phillsborough jail soon. p>>russell: it's been two weeks psince governor scott declared a ublic health emergency because
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p21 confirmed cases statewide. pthree in hillsborough county. p>>laura: and we're seeing what pis being done here. pzika virus is primarily spread pthrough mosquitos. pthe xhings is going to ask for padditional mosquito surveillance pand spraying. pthere haven't been any cases of pthe mosquitos spreading the pvirus here in the u.s. pnot yet anyway. p>>russell: all of the cases so pfar have been travel related. pa university student caught the pvirus on a mission trip to phaiti. phe didn't get sick until a week pafter getting back to florida. p>> so i was playing soccer and pthen all of a sudden, i felt pthis huge, huge headache. pit was very strong. pi couldn't keep moving so i
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ulsating and it was extremely pstrong. p>>russell: health experts pbelieve the zika virus can be pcontained. pworld health organization says pit may be necessary to use pcontroversial methods like pgenetically modified mosquitos pto wipe those out that spread pthe virus. p>>laura: if anybody calls in psick, this could be why. pthe powerball jackpot winners pare finally coming forward. pjanuary 13 drawing reached pnearly $1.6 billion. pwe all remember that, right? pthere were three winning ptickets. pone sold at a publix in pmelbourne beach and the winners pwill be revealed at a news pconference this afternoon in ptallahassee. pwhoever won that bought that pticket, they take the cash ayout. pthat's worth roughly $328 pmillion. pthe two other tickets were sold
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ponly the tennessee families have pclaimed the prize. pthe california winner has less pthan three months to come pforward. p>>russell: it is 6:07 right now pand a homeowner stopped a group pof burglars in their tracks with pthe click of a button all at pwork thanks to the home psurveillance system. psouth tampa homeowner got an palert on her cell phone monday pmorning. pshe saw three people climb pthrough a window and walk inside pher home and she set off the palarm using her smart phone. pthe three burglars only made it pout with an ipad. pthe couple bought the psurveillance system in december pbut didn't think they would need pto use it. p>> what do you think now? p>> i think it's amazing to have. panything that homeowners can do pto help us solve crimes and otentially notify a suspect pthat you're watching them is pgoing to be beneficial for both arties. p>>russell: not only did the
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pbut the high def video helped olice get a better picture of pwho they're looking for. pa 16-year-old has been arrested. olice are confident they'll be pable to track down the other two pas well. p>>laura: south florida teen is paccused of posing as a doctor poffice. p18-year-old robinson is charged pwith practicing medicine without pa license. pdetectives say he opened a pclinic in west palm beach and erformed a physical exam on an pundercover agent. phe was arrested after giving the pagent some medical advice. phe's faced similar charges pbefore. phe was also arrested in october pfor posing as a doctor. p>>russell: a national poll on pthe 2016 presidential race was pjust released and look at that. pamong the republicans, donald ptrump, 2-1 lead among republican pvoters nationwide. p39% of the vote. pthat's the highest number so far pfollowed by marco rubio, 19%,
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pjohn kasich 6%. pjeb bush ties for fifth with ben pcarson at 4%. phillary clinton and bernie psanders in a dead heat. p44-42% nationally. p>>laura: yesterday was the last pday to register for florida pmarch primary and also the last pday for voters to change their arty affiliation. pyou need to be registered as a prepublican or democrat in order pto vote. pin hillsborough county, 3300 pvoters have switched parties psince start of the year. olk and pinellas, more than p10,000 people changed party paffiliations. pthat's twice as many as the 2008 pelection. pdeadline to register for the pgeneral election is october 11. p>>russell: so far president pobama has not endorsed either pcandidate running for the pdemocratic nomination. phe does, however, have a lot to psay about the race for the prepublican nomination. p>>laura: here's who he says pshould not be the next president pof the united states.
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pmr. trump will not be president. pand the reason is because i have pa lot of faith in the american eople. pand i think they recognize that pbeing president is a serious pjob. p>>laura: trump is leading in psouth carolina heading into psaturday's g.o.p. primary. pthe state's governor says she pmay not endorse any of the pcandidates but if she does, she psaid it won't be trump. pshe called him, quote, peverything the governor does not pwant in a president. p>>russell: president also had pmore to say about what needs to phappen after the death of the psupreme court justice. p>> the constitution is pretty pclear about what is supposed to phappen. p>>laura: coming e g ing up, the resident putting more pressure pto congress to hear him out and psome lawmakers are starting to plisten. p>>dave: 6:11. pwe do have fog this morning
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p>>dave: almost 6:15 on this pwednesday morning. pyou're looking at fog, quarter pmile visibility we have in pleesburg and lakeland, eighth of pa mile in brandon, half mile in pvenice. pi mean, tampa, clearwater, st. ete looks nice but clearwater phas reduced visibility about a phalf hour ago. pyou walk out the door and you'll phave patches of dense fog and pit's getting kind of chilly poutside. pi have some 40s out there. pcrystal river actually at 41 pdegrees this morning. pand you know, it can still be pchilly in the morning even pthough most of the afternoons pare just nice and mild. p40s to the north, tallahassee to
6:16 am
p60s down in the keys but look. peverybody colder than yesterday pin our area. peight to 12 degrees colder so pit's a noticeable difference poutside this morning as that pfront came through yesterday pafternoon. pit's been knocking temperatures pdown. pas you go further to the north, pvisibility does lower all the pway up in the ocala area where pthey have half mile visibility. pa lot of central florida just pfogged in this morning but it's pnot going to take long. ponce the sun comes up in less pthan an hour, you can burn the pfog off. pnorth wind to about five, 10 pmiles an hour. pthat will keep temperatures up pabout 69 or 70 degrees for this pafternoon so technically, yes. pit's going to be a below normal pday but you're out there in the pbeautiful sunshine this pafternoon. ptemperatures are touching 70 pdegrees. pit's just going to feel nice and pinterestingly enough, 70 or 69
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pthe coolest of the next seven pdays. pit's just getting warmer and pwarmer closer to the weekend. p69 degrees today after the fog plifts out, expect partly cloudy pskies. ptonight mostly clear, chilly, pnot much fog around. plow near 50 degrees. pagain, we're at 53 now so a few pdegrees cooler but you'll see pmore 40s away from the water pearly tomorrow morning. pbut then the gorgeous sunshine ptakes over, brings back the mild ptemperatures with tomorrow's phigh around 70 degrees. pboaters, just a great day. pnorth wind 10 knots, seas prunning two to three. pwater temperature at 61 degrees. pwe're coming off a low tide so pslow tide is coming back in. phigh at 12:40 early this pafternoon. plow to mid 70s. plook at saturday and sunday. pthis might be the nicest weekend pof the year so far weatherwise. p74, 75 degrees, lows in the mid p50s. pnext chance of rain with this, pstill looks like it's coming in
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p>>vanessa: sounds good. pthank you. p6:17 and we're watching the fog. pas i mentioned before the last preport, we're seeing a lot along p75. pi did want to show you one foggy pshot along 275 and this is pactually north of bearss avenue pand you can see the visibilities pare not bad compared to other pcamera shots throughout the pmorning. pconcerns about visibility, use pthe low beam lights but by and plarge, you can see not too much pgetting in the way. pno crashes to tell you about so pthat's great news and looks like pwe have good travel times. p>>russell: 6:18 right now. pdebate rages on who should preplace the late supreme court pjustice scalia. p>>laura: some republicans are popening up to the idea at least pconsidering president obama's peventual nominee. pwalter has more on that. p>>walter: facing backlash in the
6:19 am
psuggests he might be open to pconsidering the president's yet pto be named nominee. pcharles grassley from iowa says phe supports the majority leader pmitch mcconnell's view that the redecessor should make the pnomination but he hasn't ruled pout nomination hearings. resident obama is putting ressure on congress to let him pdo his job. p>> there's more than enough time pbefore the senate to consider in pa thoughtful way that the record pof a nominee that i present and pto make a decision. p>>walter: following justice pscalia's death, the supreme pcourt is split four to four. pthe president's nominees would ptip the scale. phe promised to name someone pthat's indisputably qualified. pkeeping with the court ptradition, he's draped in black
6:20 am
pjustice scalia's remains will be pat the supreme court on friday. phis funeral is scheduled for psaturday. p>>russell: coming you mean, -- pcoming up, the right to wear pguns during an airport terminal.
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3 3 it's time to see p>>laura: it's time to see what's pclicking on the web this pmorning. p>>russell: what's going on? p>>taylor: hi, russell rhodes. phey, laura moody. ptoday we're starting off with a pheart warming story out of pgeorgia. pit shows one rescue dog's pjourney back to good health. pit's so great. pall thanks to a caring vet who pstopped at nothing to get her pthere. pthe story went viral with this pvideo. pit shows the veterinarian of the pbrandon hill animal care pfacility locked in a cage with a pgray pit bull.
6:23 am
pof a metal dog bowl in hopes of pconvincing the dog next to him pto do the same. pi love that he did this. pit's to show they're equal right pout of the paw of his hand. pshe gained her trust and that's pbecause when she was arrived, pshe was emaciated, suffering pfrom a prolapse. pshe was in a lot of pain. pshe didn't have a lot of trust pin humans. pshe was almost put down but the pteam decided she deserved better pand now thanks to them, she's on pher way to living a healthy life pshe deserves. pshe's gaining weight, slowly pstarting to gain trust and we phave a really great update for pyou. pas of seven hours ago, the pgranite hill animal care pfacebook page posted that pgracie, as they named her, has pbeen cleared to move into a pkennel near the other rescues. pso sweet.
6:24 am
pwill be up for adoption and she pwill find that forever family. pi love that story. p>>russell: that's nice. p>>taylor: next up we have this pvideo. ptrooper whose simple safety pmessage has gone viral. pit's not for the reason that you pwould expect. pthis is georgia state trooper pjohn daniel and all he asks in phis 13 second video was for pdrivers to stay safe and be pmindful about the weather and proad conditions while ptravelling. psome people remindful of another pthing, the way that the trooper plooks while he was telling them pto be safe. pover 30,000 views, you guys, pyes, in one day. peven more since then. psome of the comments on the pvideo, one simply said, trooper pdan is hot. panother one, trooper daniel can ull me over any time. p>>russell: oh, dear. p>>laura: yep. pwhatever it takes to get the
6:25 am
psend that message out. p>>taylor: send it loud and pclear. plastly, we have this video. pit shows what when a kangaroo ptries to make friends with a pcat. pthis was posted saying their pet pkangaroo, which do we have pthose? pi don't know. pthis must not be from here. pyeah, likes to play with, quote, pthe cat. plooks like a bigger cat than pjust a cat. puntil the cat gets cranky. pthen this is round two where the pcat is happy and at peace. phalf a million views. pwhy not? p>>russell: i'm going to guess pthis is australia. pi know you can be cranky panywhere but in australia, they psay cranky a lot. p>>taylor: please forgive my pattempt at an australian accent pjust then. p>>russell: mine wasn't good, peither. p>>taylor: have a good one.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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6:30 am
pdown to brandon. pvenice now in on the act with pthe visibility down below a pquarter mile. pright at the coast, st. etersburg, clearwater looks pokay. pinland locations, though, got to pdeal with the fog. pit should lift out the next pcouple of hours. pwe're starting at 53 in tampa. psome spots in the north 40s. psun will take care of the fog pexamine then warm us up. p70 degrees for a high ptemperature. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: we are watching the pfog on the roadways. pwe've got a look along i-4. pthis is in eastern hillsborough pcounty, macintosh road. plooks like we have some notable pfog in this area. pdave has mentioned before, some arts of the roadway might not plook as foggy as others. pi checked some cameras along i-4 pthat are closer towards the polk pcounty line and into polk county pand those conditions remain retty clear so just keep an eye pout for that and be prepared. pyou might have to slow it down pif you have visibilities that pare too much for you to see that pfar ahead of you.
6:31 am
ptimes and speeds across the bay parea majors. pwe're starting to build some pdelays in the fowler avenue, pfletcher area approaching the pdowntown interchange. plooks clear after you get past a pcertain point. palso some slower speeds along pi-4 just before the interchange pin that westbound direction. p>>laura: developing this pmorning, police are searching pfor a baby blefed to have been pabandon by the mother. phomicide detectives say a full pterm baby was born in the arking lot of an apartment pcomplex in orlando. pnow, the mother, susan prichardson, there she is right pthere, has been arrested and pcharged with child neglect. pdetectives say she admitted pgiving birth to the girl but pwill not say where the baby is. p>>russell: we're getting a pbetter look at plans for express ptoll lanes i-275 north of mlk. lans involve widening i-275 to padd express toll lanes next to pthe ones that are already there. ptransportation officials say it pwill improve traffic flow. pa lot of people in seminole pheights area are against this
6:32 am
pthey say it will negatively pimpact their historic pneighborhood. p>>laura: and the florida house pis going to vote on whether to pend red light cameras. pa bill that would ban the pcameras by july of 2019 cleared pits final hurdle yesterday. pcritics called it a money grab pfor cities and counties. popponents of the bill argue the pcameras held up traffic safety. pdozens of new daily flights are pgoing to cuba as early as this pfall. pjen has the details. p>>jennifer: reinstatement of pcommercial flights will be the pmost significant development in pu.s.-cuba trade since president pobama and castro announced in plate 2014 that they would begin pnormalizing ties. pu.s. government is taking bids pfrom several american air pcarriers. pthey're trying to decide which pcompany will fly to cuba. pat first there will be 110 pu.s.-cuba flights a day. pthat is more than five times the
6:33 am
pthe winning airline must pnegotiate with their own deals pwith cuba. pthe agreement allows for 20 pdaily flights between the u.s. pand havana, that's one of the pother -- the other top 10 to 15 pcharter flights a day. pthe rest go to other cuban pcities. p150 leisure travellers fled to pcuba last year along with phundreds of thousands of cuban pamericans seeing their family. pvisitors will still have to pqualify under one of the travel pcategories legally authorized by pthe u.s. government because ptourism is still barred by law. pthere are a number of legal preasons and it continues to grow pfrom religious activities to pwatching professional sports. p>>laura: thank you. pa plan to allow people to bring pguns in airport terminals has ptaken off in the state senate. pa bill would allow concealed pweapon permit holders to have pguns outside the screening rocess. psupport he weres say it would pgive people picking up or
6:34 am
pthemselves. pcritics say it would be easier pto access guns in the airport. pthe bill has a long way to go pbefore it goes up for a vote. p>>russell: around the world now, pthe islamic state has slashed psalaries. pcoalition air strikes and drop pin global oil prices have eroded pthe millions of dollars the pgroup made selling oil on the pblack market. pto cut their losses, militants pstarted releasing hostages for pcash. pdo you know what? pwe'll take it. pformer united nations secretary pgeneral has died. phe served as u.n. chief from p1992 to 1996 and following his pterms as u.n. secretary general, phe went on to serve as director
6:35 am
pfor human rights. p>>laura: an iphone belongs to pone of the san bernardino pshooters. pthe company plans to fight the porder in court. pinvestigators want to know if psyed rizwan farook was pcommunicating with terrorist pgroups overseas. pthe ruling requires apple to psupply specialized software to phelp agents bypass a self pdestruct feature but apple says pit may be impossible. pthe data will be erased if there pare too many unsuccessful pattempts to unlock it. p14 people died in the december 2 pattack. pstay with us. pdave has a look at a gorgeous pforecast up next and weather pcould not be nicer for this pweekend's daytona 500. p>>russell: drivers have to love pthat but there are some things pthat annoy them about racing pseason. ptheir biggest gripes in about peight minutes. pand pinnacle of dog shows.
6:36 am
6:37 am
6:38 am
pwith the to have3 you hear it all p>>laura: we hear it all the
6:39 am
pthey would give the shirt off ptheir back, right? pit's not just a saying in this articular case. pit happened to a homeless man in pclearwater and now an entire pcommunity is rallying around phim. palcides segui is live for us. pthis is today's good day, good pdeed, right? p>>reporter: it really is. pa guy by the name of matt panthony was just speaking with a phomeless guy. pthey talked about an hour and pmatt -- rocky, the homeless man, phe's not homeless anymore. pthanks for being with us. pi appreciate it. pwe wanted to tell you the story pbefore i interviewed you. pso matt was talking to rocky pabout -- was talking to you, pjust a general conversation, pjust to get to know you better pand what happened after that? p>> he happened to come across pme. pi was sleeping. pit was cold out and i was by the pwater and he was actually psurprised to see somebody there pand he approached me. pwe talked and he asked me if i
6:40 am
phe had a hoody he gave to me. pi never realized he was going to ut the picture on facebook and pso many people have been preaching out to me and wanting pto help me because i've been phomeless for the last three pyears, jobless and all and i go pto church ever since new year's pand god has been looking out for pme. pnow i have a great job at pcrabby's, excellent boss, pexcellent crew. pi work like 12 hours yesterday pand it's just amazing how much eople are helping me. eople gave me clothes, pants, psomebody is giving me a bicycle. pthere are people helping me get poff the streets. pi'm so moved and so touched. pi get teary eyed because i'm a pvery emotional person. pi never asked for any help and peverybody is showing me love. eople come up to me, oep, pyou're rocky. pyou're the homeless guy that the pvet met and everybody is papproaching me and talking to pme, people i've never even seen
6:41 am
ptourists have been coming up to pme. pthey've seen me on the news. pthey just have shown me a lot of plove. p>>reporter: you've been homeless pthree years. pmatt was fishing, right? p>> he was by the boat dock area pand i was startled because i was psleeping and he walked by me. p>>reporter: what did you talk pabout? p>> we talked about god and why pi'm homeless and if there was panything he could do to help and pall. pand i'm the person that don't plike to ask for handouts. p>>reporter: you needed the pclothes. p>> it was very, very cold out pbecause i was laying by the pwater. pall i had was a blanket and he pwas nice enough to give me his phoody and i had no idea he was pgoing to put it on facebook. p>>reporter: let's move back. pso matt and a couple of other eople started a facebook post pand they set up a go fund me age.
6:42 am
pknow if you've seen it but this pmorning it has well over $1,300. p>> that's awesome. ptotally amazing. p>>reporter: just people from the parea wanting to help out. pthat's got to feel incredible, pespecially for you the last pthree years, just seems like you pcan't get by. p>> i keep pinching myself. pi can't believe this is actually phappening to me. pon the other side of clearwater, pthe homeless are trying to get ushed out of clearwater. phere people are just showing a plot of love and consideration pfor me. pi don't know how to deal with pthis. pi'm just amazed. p>>reporter: last question for pyou and i asked you this a while pago. pyou have several friends that pare homeless. pwhat are they telling you? pwhat do they say to you? p>> just -- p>>reporter: i imagine they're phappy. p>> they're very happy for me. pthey're very surprised that eople care about us. plike i said, there's a lot of phomeless people out there and a
6:43 am
pand embarrassed about being phomeless, they don't want to preach out for help. pand i don't like to reach out pfor help because i tonight like pto be -- p>>reporter: it's a good thing pthey've reached to you. pthe hotel is a block away. pseaside is a blk ock away. pit's perfect right now. phe has a job here at crabby's pbar and grill and the management phas been great, been feeding him pand he has continental pbreakfast, lunch as well. pwe have more with rocky and pwe'll talk about other things as pwell. pdiane is seeing if you can get psome permanent housing. pwe'll talk about that in the pnext hour. pback to you guys. p>>dave: thank you. p6:44. plook at his live shot, look at pthis picture and it's gorgeous. ptampa cam. pthen i show you lakeland, it's pall fogged in.
6:44 am
pthere are some places where the pfog is completely not an issue pand others where you've got pvisibility down near zero. pmile and a quarter right now in pbartow. pnear zero in brandon. pquarter mile in lakeland. pthere's tampa, clearwater temp, pzero. pchances are, unless you're right pat the coast in pinellas county, pyou're going to run into some pfog during your morning commute. pnow, sun will be up in 25 pminutes, give or take a minute, pand that will quickly take care pof the fog as we start our nice plittle warmup for today. pit's 48 degrees in palm harbor. p47 in pinellas park. pso yeah, some of these spots, pit's dipped back to chilly plevels. p41 in inverness. p45 in brooksville. plow to mid 50s bradenton, psarasota and right around 50 pdegrees, just about everybody is pat 50 degrees in polk, hardee, pde soto and highlands county. ponce the fog lifts out, it's pgoing to be a stunning day,
6:45 am
pfew spots overnight. pthat's dipping to the south and peast. pyou're going to get all of this pbeautiful sunshine with a nice plittle north wind on top of that pand i think that holds ptemperatures in check, keeps us pto about 69 or 70 degrees for a phigh temperature so some mid plevel, dry air helping to aid in pthat process of keeping it just pabsolutely gorgeous. pseven-day yesterday, not much phas changed. pwe're at 69 degrees for a high ptemp today. ptonight don't be fooled. pit is going to be a chilly night ptonight. ptampa gets down to 50 very early ptomorrow morning and other spots pinland and north will get back pin the 40s but by about 9:00, p10:00 tomorrow, well, gorgeous psunshine with tomorrow's high pnear 70 degrees. pthose are the cooler days, pright? pwatch this. pfriday's high is 72. pthen through the weekend into pearly next week, highs in the pmid 70s. plooks like it will cloud up late pon monday. phalfway decent chance of showers pby next tuesday. p>>vanessa: looks like we have a
6:46 am
pright now we checked the roads. pwe're seeing some earlier than pnormal delays along the majors. pi'm wondering if the pvisibilities have something to pdo with this. pnot sure yet. pwe'll watch it and see how the ptravel times develop. pin the meantime, we do have all pof our majors showing at least pin the yellow at this point. pso it's a 16 minute ride coming pfrom bearss avenue to i-4 along p275 southbound. pwe've got some foggy looks for pyou, i-4 at 75 as we mentioned. pyou could have some reduced pvisibilities on your route this pmorning. pleave a bit earlier so you can pslow it down and have enough ptime to get to work. pall right. p6:47 is the time. pwe want to check in with charley pbelcher. pgood morning. p>>charley: good advice there. pwe drove to sarasota this pmorning and it was quite foggy pout there. pwe had hazards on. pgive yourself a little extra ptime on the roads today. pare you doing all right this pmorning? p>>vanessa: hump day. pwe're not as busy as we've been
6:47 am
pand i'm going to cross my pfingers that i didn't just jinx peverything. p>>charley: hopefully it stays pthat way. pi have a quite colorful morning pfor you this morning. plook at the artwork behind me. rm p-- p>>vanessa: wow. p>>charley: isn't it incredible? pnormally i'm at an art gallery psomewhere showing you an pexhibit. pthis is an artist getting ready pfor an exhibit. pher name is dosha and we met her pin safety harbor many months ago pas she was doing something there pbut she's getting ready for panother art show and leave it to pan artist to create me a sign so pi would not get anything wrong. pshe's known as dosha. pthe show is flying colors which pwill be march 4 through april 1
6:48 am
pthat's not a typo. pit's at 1419 fifth street psarasota. plook at that. pif you want me to get something pright? pturn to the left, turn to the pright. pthere you go. pbut dosha is an amazing woman pwith an incredible story. ponly been an artist for 20 pyears. pit's a second career after she pwas in the fashion industry pbecause she's a fashion designer pand she's a fascinating woman. pi can't wait to show you the part. pshe incorporates canvas. pand it's going to be a very pcolorful good day from sarasota. p>>vanessa: i love t. pretty pcolors. pcan't wait. pthanks, charley. pcoming up on the road to the pwinner circle, nascar drivers
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
pthey'll tell us some of their3 3 3 a news alert in manatee county .. bradenton poli p>>laura: we have a news alert pout of manatee county this pmorning. pbradenton police are pinvestigating a case of road prage. pstarted in palmetto. pa car was riddled with bullet
6:52 am
pjust south of sixth avenue east. psuspect vehicle pulled over at a pdifferent convenience store. pwe hope to bring you an update pin the next hour. p>>russell: today the tampa poffice of emergency management pwill be handing out weather pcommunity. pthey hope to provide better pearly warning for severe weather pevents. pyou may remember last month was pcounty. pthis year's increased tornado pactivity is associated with the pstrong el nino. ptampa bay lightning prospects pgetting dimmer by the day. pthey lost again last night. psan jose won 4-2 at amalie arena pand the bolts have had four plosses in five games. pthey're tied for eighth and the pfinal playoff spot in the peastern conference. p>>laura: a collection of diamond pencrusted jewelry and other
6:53 am
pa ponzi schemer are going on the pauction block. pbockstein stole jewelry and all pthe money will go back to the pvictims. pthe auction begins in april. p>>russell: and america has a new ptop dog. pthere it is. pit's a german short haired ointer named best in show at pthe westminster dog show. pthe 3-year-old won the most restigious competition. plucy placed second. panybody know what a pazoli is? pthat's a cute dog, isn't it? pthat dog knows. pand that dog knows. p>>laura: regal.
6:54 am
pwell, after 27 seasons, homer is pgoing to appear live during an pepisode in may. pokay. pyou're asking yourself, yeah, pbut isn't this a cartoon? pyeah. pthe show is going to use motion pcapture technology to animate pthe actor who plays homer. pfor three minutes, he'll answer pquestions that people tweet pusing the hashtag homer live. pthat's crazy. pcool. p>>laura: it is crazy cool. pfinal season of american idol is pcoming to an end. psemi finals continue tonight. p12 contestants sang their hearts pout. pfive went home. pa dozen more will fight for the pspots tonight. pthey're getting help from past pwinners and finalists. psee how they do tonight at 8:00 pand then tomorrow night right phere on fox 13. p>>russell: daytona 500 is this psunday. pfast cars, adoring fans, sounds erfect, right? p>>laura: it turns out there are
6:55 am
pskin of some of nascar's biggest pstars. p>> you have to wait on pit row pto do a qualifying run. pyou're 40th in line and peverybody is taking one car at a ptime. pyou try not to fall asleep pbefore you make the run. p>>reporter: as good looking as psome guys are, they're not male pmodels. p>> photo shoots to me get pboring. pyou're sitting there taking ictures all day. p>>russell: p>>reporter: and working on the pweekends in the fall means you pmiss your teams play. p>> i'm a huge football fan. pi miss the panthers play. p>> sometimes you don't know if pthe sponsor is going to re-sign pyou. p>>reporter: the nascar season pseems to run all year long. p>> i would like to see a pdifferent schedule, condensed pschedule because that's the part pthat hurts you the most.
6:56 am
pwalls so it takes a toll on your pbody. p>>reporter: and most obvious pworst part of the job -- p>> losing. p>> you're never guaranteed pyou're going to win a race. p>>russell: and that was adam preporting. pagain, daytona 500 is this psunday. pstarts at 1:00. pyou can catch all the action pright here on fox 13. pjust around and around and paround. p>>laura: you know who is headed pto the daytona 500? p>>russell: who is that? p>>laura: jennifer epstein. pwe're sending her there on pfriday. p>>russell: the track has been predone. p>>laura: apparently even the ope gets mad. phe;ed someone for being selfish. p>>russell: and a bit of pembarrassment for marco rubio's pcampaign. pwhy they should have looked pclosely at his latest ad. p>>laura: and ronda rousey admits phaving suicidal thoughts after pher recent loss. pwhat she said got her through it pahead at 7:00.
6:57 am
pdoor in the 7:00 hour, we've had pzero visibility. pthat means below quarter mile pand some top issues with the fog pin lakeland and brandon, also pdown to venice. ptampa looks okay. pother spots we're fogged in.
6:58 am
pfog lifts out. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger.
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home of the original steakburger. 3 ((russell- war of words. the new feud between president obama and donald trump. p>>russell: a feud between resident obama and donald ptrump. p>>laura: and expensive repair. pthe damage pot holes with do to pyour vehicle. padvice that may save you money


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