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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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home of the original steakburger. 3 ((russell- war of words. the new feud between president obama and donald trump. p>>russell: a feud between resident obama and donald ptrump. p>>laura: and expensive repair. pthe damage pot holes with do to pyour vehicle. padvice that may save you money
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p>>russell: he said help me. pthat's sir paul mccartney trying pto crash a party. pit didn't work. pwhy he and his famous friends pwere told to leave. p>>laura: ouch. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. p>>laura: stunned to see what phappens. p>>russell: something is not pright there but we got through pit, didn't we? p>>laura: we always do. p>>russell: dave osterberg has pthe weather. p>>dave: in my defense of waiting pfor the real v.i.p. russell to pshow up first. p>>russell: i'm wondering -- pwell, we'll get to it later. p>>dave: i know the whole story. pthe visibility an issue. pyou're getting anything down pbelow a mile and it can become a roblem. plakeland to leesburg, quarter pmile visibility. pbrandon, zero.
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pso some areas, pinellas county, pyou're like fog? pwhat fog? pit's beautiful outside. pother areas are dealing with pthick fog and temperature at ptampa is 53 degrees. plook at the lower 40s in citrus pcounty. ponce the fog lifts out, sun will pbe up in five minutes to start pthat process. plooks like we'll get close to pthe 70-degree mark for later pthis afternoon. plet's check the roadways and see pif fog is hampering your pcommute. p>>vanessa: in the meantime, pwe're seeing delays southbound pveterans expressway. pwithin the past few minutes, plane blockage has cleared but pthe crash is near gunn highway pand it did cause some jams. pit might take a bit for the ptravel times to get back to pnormal. pat the very least, give yourself pa few extra minutes out the pdoorway. pmeantime, we're talking about pthe fog. phere's a look 275 just south of pthe 75 junction near pasco pcounty. pyou can see visibilities are preduced in this area. pby and large, i've been seeing
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p275 but the northern stretch is plooking a bit foggy so make sure pyou're slowing it down, using pthe low beam lights. p>>russell: we're going to start pwith a developing story. proad rage started in palmetto pand ended in bradenton. pit's left a victim's car riddled pwith bullets. pmultiple agencies involved and pthe suspected shooter has been pdetained. pvictim's car is currently at a pwawa. psuspect was found at a 7-eleven pon 15th street east in sarasota. pwe have a crew headed that way pand we'll bring you the latest pon the investigation as soon as pthey get there. p>>laura: and this morning a new oll in the presidential race pshows donald trump with a huge plead with republican voters pnationwide. phe gets 39%. pthat's his highest percentage pyet and more than twice the 19% pthe second place marco rubio pgot. pted cruz is third at 18%. pjeb bush is 4%. pas for the democrats, dead heat.
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pbernie sanders. pthis is nationally. pno one saw this coming a few pmonths ago. pit shows the growing popularity pof the u.s. senator from pvermont. pand the poll results come as the pwar of words is erupting between pthe president and donald trump. p>>russell: credibility is the pmain issue here. pdoug reports from washington. p>>reporter: looking at recent olls, the frontrunners from pboth parties seem pretty well pestablished into the next two pcontests as president obama pmakes his thoughts clear. p>> what a crowd. pwow. p>>reporter: donald trump greeted pby a large crowd and almost pimmediately had a message for resident obama. p>> this man has done such a bad pjob and for him to say that's a pgreat compliment if you want to pknow the truth. p>>reporter: the compliment that pthe president singled him out pduring a summit of asian pcountries when he was asked pabout the campaigns.
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pmr. trump will not be resident:the reason is because pi have a lot of faith in the pamerican people. pand i think they recognize that pbeing president is a serious pjob. p>>reporter: and that attack may phelp solidify trump as the pg.o.p. frontrunner, especially pin south carolina where a new oll out shows him up 17 points pleaving some of the other prepublicans now attacking ted pcruz with either second or third pin recent polls. phillary clinton having a pcoughing fit and it lasted palmost three minutes while pspeaking to a group in new york ptargeting black voters pspecifically as she hopes to pcement a large lead in south pcarolina. p>> to quote dr. king, the time pis always right to do right. p>>reporter: the race could all pturn on enthusiasm. pthat's what bernie sanders is pbanking on. p>> well, do you know what? pon election day, i think folks
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pto wake up the next morning pexamine find a very big psurprise. p>>reporter: sanders may be roven right. pwe'll see. pbefore democrats get to south pcarolina, they have the nevada pcaucuses on saturday. p>>russell: and we have this pregarding senator marco rubio. phis new presidential campaign pad, it's called morning again in pamerica. papparently it does not show pmorning in america. prubio campaign released this ad pover the weekend and starts with pa tug boat floating in a harbor. pthe problem? pthe footage in the harbor is in pvancouver, canada. pwhen the frames are frozen, you pcan see the canadian flag on the pboat plus iconic buildings. pthe campaign said they're not pgoing to make canada an issue in pthis election. pit's too late if you didn't pregister to vote in the florida rimary. pthat's only for republicans and
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pno independents get to vote that pday. pnearly 12 million people can pvote in florida. pmore democrats than republicans. pabout 325,000 more. pin our area, there were more pdemocrats in hillsborough, inellas and polk and de soto pcounties too. p>>laura: the arrest in pinellas pcounty involving a former pfootball player at the puniversity of tennessee. p23-year-old makenzie crowder is paccused of trying to have sex pwith a 14-year-old girl he met pon the internet. phe didn't know it was an pundercover agent. pthey made the arrest when he pwent to meet the girl. pcrowder was an occasional pstarter this past fall was his pfinal season. pmatt gropie allegedly punched a pman in the face. pthat was back in december. pit took this long for rosecutors to decide if they phad enough evidence to charge
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pgrothie is out of jail after osting bond. pdriver accused of hitting and pkilling a tow truck driver on pthe howard frankland bridge premains in jail. p36-year-old allison huffman may pnot be a free woman for a long pwhile. pher bond is set at $750,000. phuffman is accused of hitting a pman monday morning while he was phelping a driver on the bridge. phuffman admitted to driving paway. pshe has three previous dui's. pwe're going to talk with an area plawyer about this case and how psomeone with so many strikes on pher record was allowed behind pthe wheel. p>>russell: there's a good chance pyou're going to drive over a pot phole today, probably more than pone. ptotal cost is huge. pabout $3 billion a year. pshayla reaves tells us how to pminimize some damage. p>>reporter: when you get a lot pof storms and a lot of rain, pholes. pit's something you've seen here pin the bay area.
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pmake some repairs. pright now aaa is encouraging proad. pit could save you some money. pright now you're looking at some pexamples of pot holes. pthey form when water gets in pcracks in the asphalt and causes pmaterial under the road to psoften. peventually the weak holes pcollapse and you get the pot pholes. paccording to aaa in a recent psurvey, 16 million drivers said pthey needed repair work pafternoon hitting a pot hole in pthe last five years. pthat's on average about $3 pbillion spent a year. pwe have so much rain and pflooding in tampa last year, psome roads required more than a ot hole repair. pcrews had to actually cut out ortions of the road to make it psafe again. rotect your vehicle and you can pdo so in a number of ways paccording to aaa. pyou can keep an eye out on ptraffic patterns, watch out for pwater. pthey may be covering a pot hole.
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pthe country, that could include psnow and ice as well. preport road damage to your city, pcounty or state transportation pagency when you see it. ptry not to swerve. pmake sure you slow down to avoid pa sharp impact. pit's better to roll through the ot hole than brake rapidly and pmake sure your tires are roperly inflated. pthese are just some examples of pthings you could do to hopefully pminimize the damage to your pvehicle when it comes to pot pholes. pin the city of tampa on average, pthey repair about 7,000 pot pholes every single year. pand the average turn around, we plearned, is about three business pdays. pif you live in hillsborough pcounty and you have damage you pwant to report as far as pot pholes are concerned, you can pcontact the public works pdepartment. pback to you. p>>laura: 7:10 now and the number pof sdmr i -- zika virus cases is pholding to three. pthat's three too many. pcounty commissioners will vote
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pmillion dollars to the budget pfor mosquito spraying. pthere are 21 total cases here in pflorida. pthey were all out of the pcountry, all of these were out pof the country when they were pbitten by a mosquito carrying pthe virus and a threat of the pzika virus is not hurting ptourism at all. pthat's good news especially pafter trip advisors mentioned pthe beach as number three. pst. pete beach is number four. p>>russell: and we should meet pflorida's newest millionaire ptoday. plottery officials will announce pthe winner of last month's precord powerball jackpot. pit was one of three winners pacross the country. pthat trio is splitting that $1.6 pbillion and it's considerably pless after they pay taxes but pthey'll be okay. pthey should be left with a few phundred million dollars each.
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p>>laura: i can work with that. pstraight ahead helping the phomeless, the single mother who pgave all of her lottery winnings pto a stranger. p>>russell: plus a bunch of pwinners. pmillennial age group, the type pof alcohol they drink the most. phey, dave. p>>dave: russell, the sun just pcame up and look at the little pblanket of fog that is tucking pthose in river view in this pmorning. pyou can see it. pabove that fog it is absolutely pgorgeous so once it burns off, pit should be a stellar day. pvisibility, though, eighth of a pmile in brandon, eighth of a pmile in lakeland. peighth of a mile in sarasota.
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pwe're back up to 70 it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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ba da ba ba ba p>>dave: there's a lot of storm pdamage to clean up today here in pthe miami area. pthey had multiple tornados pyesterday morning when the winds pwere strong enough to topple ptrees, tear off rooves. pmore than 55,000 people lost ower during the storms.
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pnobody seriously hurt and that pwas the same line of storms that pcame through here. premember that? pabout what, 4:00 in the morning? pit was even earlier than that in pa few spots. pthen went to miami and caused pthat damage. phere is what's left in the wake pof that cold front. pby this picture, it looks pbeautiful. pi mean, the tampa cam showing pthe gorgeousness we have this pwednesday morning. pback to river view, you have the pfog. pyou're settling in, notice these ptowers. pthey're above the clouds this pmorning. pso once this fog burns off, and pit might take another hour, hour pand a half, then it's going to pbe just a gorgeous day. phere's a picture of bradenton pbeach reporting some fog. pyou can't even see the water. pyou see how the camera, every plittle area of central florida pis different. panother great picture here in ptampa.
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pthere are areas that are down pnear zero visibility so you've pgot like venice at zero, psarasota, brandon, lakeland all pwith an eighth of a mile pvisibility. pso i'm needing you to slow it pdown here. pgive it another hour, hour and a phalf and we'll burn the fog off. pnot to mention it's chilly in a pfew spots. pupper 40s pinellas county coast. ptampa at 53. p41 in crystal river. pwe're at that time of year, pthings turn around when the itchers and catchers report. pyou get the very chilly mornings pbut then by 9:00, 10:00, it's ptaken back over. p50 degrees in bartow area so it pwill warm back up close to 70, artly cloudy skies. preally just a lovely, lovely pafternoon coming at you. ptonight clear, chilly, fog will pnot be a huge issue tomorrow pmorning. plow 50 degrees. pand tomorrow we're gorgeous psunshine.
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pwill get back up to right around pthat 70-degree mark. pby the way, 74 normal for this ptime of year. pwe're going mid 70s for this pupcoming weekend. pit should be a beautiful pweekend. pyou've got the daytona 500, pbeautiful for that. pmaybe some rain by next tuesday. p>>vanessa: looks like great poutdoor weather. pall right. pthank you, dave. pright now we're keeping an eye pon the fog. pwe've got a look for you on the p75. pthis is near the fowler avenue pexit. pyou can see we have some ruled pvisibilities. pnot only that, we're dealing pwith jams in the southbound pdirection. pinterestingly enough, a little pto the west along 275 also at pfowler avenue, it looks clear as pfar as the fog. pas dave mentioned, some areas pdealing with it and some not and pif you're passing through the parea, maybe plan for some pdelays. pwe want to check out the travel ptimes. p275 southbound does have some pdelays as well, bearss avenue to pi-4 is a 21 minute ride and we palso want to give the pinellas
7:19 am
pthat will be affecting 82nd pavenue. pclosed completely, 49th street pto 46th street and this is pexpected to wrap up by 4:00 this pafternoon. p red, red wine p>>laura: some good news for wine pdrinkers. pnot only does it keep you young, pif you're drinking it, you're robably not ancient, either. pa new study says that pmillennials drink nearly half of pall the wine bought in the punited states. eople between the ages of 21 pand 38. plast year that age group drank pnearly 160 million cases of pwine. pthat's two cases a person. pso what kind of wine are they pbuying? pdefinitely not anything cheap. p17% of millennials spent more pthan $20 for a bottle of wine in pthe last month and to break it pdown even more, study found that pwomen make up 2/3 of frequent pwine drinkers under the age of
7:20 am
p>>russell: money that should be pin your pocket. pthe tax credit that a lot of eople are just not taking padvantage of. lus a cardinal sin, find out pwhy the pope told someone they pwere selfish. phey, charley. psorry. p>>charley: is it my turn to ptalk? p>>russell: it is. pi'm sorry. p>>charley: every time it gets pquiet, i wonder whose turn it pis. pit's mine. p"good day," everybody. pi'm in sarasota this morning pfrom the giant and colorful to pthe tiny and colorful, all pbeautiful, all so artistic. pit is the work of dasha and pwe're lucky enough to be in her pstudio. pthere she is over there, pcreating already at such an pearly hour. pshe is an interesting, wonderful pwoman and honored to be in her m pwe're going to explore a little pbehind-the-scenes of a sarasota partist as "good day tampa bay" phas a quite colorful morning.
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i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps
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((laura welcome back to
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p>>laura: time right now is 7:23. pa federal judge is ordering papple to help the f.b.i. p>>russell: they want them to punlock the phone used by the san pbernardino terror attacker. pjudge told apple yesterday they phad to help crack the pass code pon an iphone 5 c belonging to pterrorist syed rizwan farook. pagents think they may have the pevidence on the iphone. papple says they will not do it. ptim cook says they consider it rivate. pjustice department calls it a pmatter of national security. psyed rizwan farook and his wife pfatally shot 14 people during a pholiday party before dying at a pshootout with san bernardino olice. p>>laura: paccio is taking back a pcontroversial comment he made pabout gays. phe said that people in same sex prelationships are, quote, worse
7:25 am
phe made the remark in a hilippines. pduring a television appearance, phe and the others were asked the pviews on same sex marriage and phe said that it's simply a pmatter of sin. pfox has released a video papologizing and asking for pforgiveness. p>>russell: the pope will wrap up phis visit to mexico. phe will visit a prison, stop at pthe border with texas and meet pwith mexican workers. peven the pope gets a little pmiffed. pthis was after he accidentally pfell on to a boy in a pwheelchair. psomeone shaking his hand would pnot let go. ope had a stern look on his pface while telling that person pin spanish, don't be selfish. p>>laura: the protest outside of pthe headquarters in new york was pno big deal and seems just a rotest.
7:26 am
pcover the event. pdemonstration was set up to rotest beyonce's performance at pthe super bowl because of what eople consider offensive pgestures and also to protest the plyrics in her new song p"formation." p>>russell: hard to believe psomeone thought they might get paway with this. olice chase across the seven pmile bridge involving a stolen pbackhoe. olice say 59-year-old man was phour. pthey finally threw a spike strip pon the road to stop him. phe's facing multiple charges. p>>dave: not to mention the pdamage to the road, too. p>>russell: speaking of pot pholes. p>>dave: i'm going to show you pthe lake labd camera. pyou can see how the sun is pbeginning to beam through that pfog so hopefully that means it
7:27 am
p54 degrees to start things off pthere and then there's a stellar plook at the beach in clearwater. p49, though. pso a lot of fog early this pmorning. pfor the next hour and a half, pvisibilities will rapidly pimprove. pfantastic three-day forecast phere. p69 degrees for a high today. psteady warming tomorrow. p70 and then friday, warmer at p72. p>>vanessa: very nice. pwe have a new crash along the pdale mabry causing some delays. psouthbound direction, f.h.p. is preporting lane blockage at the pintersection north of bush. pwe have backups in the psouthbound direction getting ptowards fletcher so it is at pleast a situation where you're pgoing to want to leave early. phowever, like a detour, it looks plike casey road might be quicker pat that point. pspeaking of southbound delays, phere's a live look southbound planes heading away from us here pat the screen.
7:28 am
plooks foggier now than we were pseeing a while ago. p21 minutes, bearss avenue to pi-4. p>>russell: well, the thought of pmeeting someone else. phow that could explain why women pare more likely to end a pmarriage. p>>laura: and then an act of pkindness. palcides segui tells us how a pcommunity is helping a homeless pman. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pit started with one man just two pguys having a regular pconversation and now a homeless erson is off the streets thanks pto really a community coming ptogether the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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3 3 back to a p>>russell: 7:31. pwe're getting back to this pcounty. pwe're learning more details prage. pauthorities now telling us that ptwo people were inside of a car pthat was shot at. pthis is near the de soto bridge pon u.s. 41 and bradenton. pthose victims then stopped their pcar at a wawa to call police. pdeputies, manatee county psheriff's office found the psuspected shooter at a 7-eleven pon 15th street near the sarasota pairport. pthe victims have since pidentified the man as shooter. pluckily no injuries to report phere. pwe're going to bring you the platest as we get it. p>>laura: in other news, in a pdifferent tone entirely, we've pheard the phrase pay it forward, pright? p>>russell: someone in clearwater pdid just that for a homeless man pand now the entire community is plending a helping hand.
7:33 am
pcrabby's with a very good day, pgood deed. pgood morning. p>>reporter: it's right in our pbackyard. pgood morning to you. pjust a fantastic story. pa guy by the name of matt panthony just sparked up a pconversation with a homeless man pafter they were fishing for an phour or two and after that, matt pdecided to give the sweater off phis back and the story just kind pof got bigger and bigger since a pcouple of days ago and now phere's the man of the hour. procky. pthanks for being with us. pthanks for being with us. pi appreciate it. pwe'll start off with you. pso i guess it was a couple of pweeks ago, you met matt out pthere by the fishing pier. p>> i was sleeping. pi've been homeless for awhile pand i had no place to sleep. pit was a go ahead spot and he phappened to go there to go pfishing and i woke up and we pstarted talking and all and we ptalked about the lord and about pwhat am i doing sleeping out pthere and he asked me if i was pcold and i said yes. phe handed me his hoody.
7:34 am
pi can show my wife and who i'm pgiving the hoody to. pi did. pi don't get on computers or panything and i didn't realize he ut a facebook page on me and pwhen i came to work, these pbeautiful people at crabby's phired me. pthe boss said there's something pin the office for you. pthere's a big box of clothes, pshampoos, anything i could think pof was there. pand they're even trying to give pme a bicycle and they're getting pme some shoes. p>>reporter: you've been homeless pfour years. p>> yes. pi've been in different shelters. pit's too crazy being around a pwhole bunch of people. pi like to be alone. p>>reporter: what's this feel plike? pnobody at home knows what this pfeels like. pdescribe it. p>> there's a lot of warmth pinside my heart right now. pi'm just overwhelmed with pgratitude and having this. pand i get very emotional. pi'm getting teary eyed right pnow. pthis downtown clearwater, the
7:35 am
plook down on homeless people and pthey treat us really badly. pthey pushed us out of pclearwater. pi've been coming to the beach pand there's whole different pattitude toward us. eople are showing respect. eople would never know i'm phomeless because i go to places pthat provide showers and laundry pso i'm always clean and i don't plook homeless but i don't have pmoney for a storage unit and i'm ptoting my luggage with me peverywhere i go. p>>reporter: matt put that pfacebook post and also a pdifferent website. pthis is where you come into lay, diane. pyou run the website, right? pso he put it on the website, palready a lot of people have pdonated clothing and toiletries. phe was just talking about it. pand then you set up the go fund pme page. p>> correct. pi saw the post and i saw the poverwhelming response and kept
7:36 am
pwere wanting to donate and ask pwhere they could assist and the pmanager at crabby's where rocky pgot the job offered to store psome of the donations and so i pdid take it upon myself to start pa go fund me account and as of ptoday, we have over $1,300. p>>reporter: that's awesome. pthat's great stuff. p>> i almost fainted. pwow. p>>reporter: that is fantastic pnews. pso together, diane and rocky phere, they're going to go look pfor permanent housing not too pfar away from the beach because pyou don't want to live too far paway from work. pso that's the goal today, to try pto find some permanent housing. pso coming up in the 8:00 hour, i pjust got off the phone with pmatt. pyou're going to hear what he had pto say about their conversation pand how he never thought psomething like this would phappen. pi'm sure if you talk to rocky, phe'll tell you the same thing. p>>russell: what a very nice pstory. pthank you.
7:37 am
pthis morning involves a pmassachusetts woman using her plottery winnings to pay it pforward. psophia won $200 on a scratchoff pticket. plater that day, she saw this man pwho was pan handling on the pstreet and she decided to use pher winnings to give him a motel proom and also started a go fund pme account that's raised $12,000 pfor his long-term care. pshe believes the money she won pwas meant to help williams. pwilliams who was hopeless for pthree years, he said he is poverwhelmed by the help he's preceived from her and the pcommunity. pnice, huh? p>>laura: who says we don't do p>>russell: you're right. ptables. pit's sad when a marriage ends pwith divorce, especially when pthere's children involved. pjennifer epstein is here to tell pus why it's typically the woman pending the relationship. pgood morning. p>>jennifer: i've got the bummer pnews. pit's true. pwomen know what they want and pwhat they don't want and they
7:38 am
pout of an unhappy relationship. paccording to women's health pmagazine, 53% of women fantasize pabout splitting up with their psignificant other. p44% of men never think about it pat all which is probably why a precent stanford university study preveals 69% of divorces are pinitiated by wives. pnow this doesn't necessarily pmean that men are happier in pmarriages. pit just shows that women are pmore willing to get out of that pbad relationship. pcall us overthinkers but women ptend to evaluate the ups and pdowns in their relationships pwhile men often compartmentalize pissues. paccording to experts, men will palso try to make their partners phappy even when they're not psucceeding so the best way to pkeep a relationship going, clear pand direct about what you need pand what you don't need. plaura? p>>laura: good advice. pthank you. pit pays to be a parent. pthe i.r.s. is offering a tax pdeduction for our children but a plot of taxpayers are not taking
7:39 am
pfox 13 money advisor geoff simon pis here to talk about the tax pcredit. pwhat is this credit? p>> it's called the earned income ptax credit. pit's been around for a long, plong time and you can get up to p$6,000 or more as a tax credit pfrom the i.r.s. and for a lot of eople in the tampa bay area, pall they need to do is apply but pbelieve it or not, most people pdon't even know about it. p>>laura: is it a flat rate that pyou can get depending on your pincome or can you write off pthings like child care and pindividual expenses? p>> those are all really great pquestions. pthis is basically a credit to phelp people who have children pbecause the government does prealize that there are a lot of pexpenses involved in child care pso if you have three children, pyou can get up to $6200 back pfrom the government as a tax pcredit. pwith two kids, $5500. pwith one child, you can get p$3300. pimagine that. pthis is regardless of any other pdeductions you may have for phealth care or other expenses so
7:40 am
pwaiting for people to claim if pthey fill this out on their tax pform which is coming up, of pcourse, april 15. pbut you need to apply for it. pyou need to know whether you pqualify. pthat's the important thing. pnot everyone qualifies but pbelieve it or not, about half pthe taxpayers with kids in the ptampa bay area do qualify. p>>laura: is this something that pyou have to apply for prior to pfiling your taxes? phow long does it take? p>> you file with your taxes so pwhen you're filling out your p1040, you fill out the earned pincome tax credit portion of the ptax form. pand the criteria are, it's preally income driven so if pyou're an individual and your pincome is between $39,000 and p$47,000 a year and you have pkids, one, two or three kids and pthey're 19 years old or less or p24 if they're going to college, pyou can get the tax credit. pif you're married and you're pfiling a joint return, your
7:41 am
pand $53,000 but your children pmust be 19 years old or younger pand living with you or if pthey're a student or disabled, pthey can be 24 years old or pyounger. pso think of that. pyou could get as much as $6200 pback as a credit on your taxes pfrom the i.r.s. if you simply pfill out this form and you fall pin the criteria. p>>laura: if you're married and pyou make $52,000 a year or less pcombined income, you can qualify pfor this and you said it's in paddition to writing off child pcare, like -- pright. p>>laura: that's extra money. pwhy don't you think more people pknow about it? por take advantage of it? p>> well, you know, it's probably pbecause they're not talking to ptax advisers. pthere's not a lot of publicity. pyou don't see it on tv but if pyou want to learn more about it,
7:42 am and click on the peitc assistance and it will pexplain exactly if you qualify, phow you go about filling out the pforms. pone thing i need to add, because pi'm not a tax adviser, if you do phave a tax adviser, talk to them pabout this. psometimes tax laws change. pif you go to the i.r.s. website, pyou'll see exactly whether you pqualify. p>>laura: good to know that even pthe option exists. pthank you. p>> you're welcome. p>>russell: 7:42 right now. pfitness and those competition pshows are all the rage on tv and pat the top of both, there's the pshow american ninja warrior. pwe have one local competitor who pfound out you have more to gain pthan winning the title. pwalter allen has this week's pextraordinary ordinary. p>> there is a point where you psay it's crazy. pthat's what i like.
7:43 am
p>>walter: ever since jonathan pwas a kid, he's had an pinteresting look at his psurroundings. p>> i'm always using my finger ptips to climb houses, trees. pas a kid i would take it to the pnext level. pi would want to go the highest, pfind the next one and go as high pas i can. pthe dangerous stuff is always pintriguing. p>>walter: his love and passion pof climbing basically everything phe saw had him swinging in and pout of trouble. p>> i was in trouble as a kid. pi was climbing things i wasn't psupposed to climb. pit was basic kid stuff. palways get people commenting on pfacebook, great job. pi remember when you were a kid pdoing this and now you're doing pbig things so it's always great pto have that support. p>>walter: the big thing he's palluding to is american ninja pwarrior. p>> that's amazing. pi just have to train and get pmyself in perfect shape and i
7:44 am
pi made it happen. p>>walter: and is he ever in pshape. ptake a look at the submission pvideo. pnot a surprise he's competed ptwice on the show and is ptraining for a third stint. p>> the show just gives you the padrenaline. pyou have the audience, lights pare on you, you don't want to pfall in the water. pyou get the energy and just go. p>>walter: actual training for pthe show has been ongoing for a pfew years. pit seems like he's been reparing for something like pthis his whole life. pgoing from obstacle to obstacle phas taught him to make every pstep count. p>> take it one step at a time. pthere are things you can't do pthat shouldn't be obstacles. pit rolls over to life. pfind something you can't do. pjust keep at it, keep pursuing pit, be persistent and eventually pyou're going to pass the pobstacle in life or american pninja warrior. p>>russell: that's crazy premarkable.
7:45 am
pof a million dollars and earn pthe title of american ninja pwarrior. pgood luck to (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
7:46 am
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at
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p>>dave: 7:48. pa beautiful -- depends on where pyou are, tampa, this camera plooks beautiful this morning. pwe never really did around pdowntown have fog or anything plike that. plook at the river view camera. pthe fog is beginning to lift pout. pi can see parts of the ground. pyou can see that 20, 30 minutes pago. pnow that the sun has been up pabout 45 minutes or so, quickly ptaking care of the low clouds pand get the visibility back up pagain. phere's a shot from the bradenton pbeach. pi actually put this camera into pthe weather show about 15 pminutes ago, i couldn't see the pwater. pthat's how fast the fog now pbeginning to clear out. pbut there are some areas
7:49 am
pvisibility. pbrandon eighth of a mile. pbartow half mile. phalf mile in sarasota. ponce this lifts out, you see the ptampa cam, how pretty it is. pwe're starting in the lower 40s pfrom hernando county north. psarasota has dipped back to 49 pdegrees. pi think with the sunshine, a plittle north wind today, keep ptemperatures about 69 or 70 for pa high temperature. plovely, lovely, lovely. ptonight overnight lows will dip pback to about 50 in tampa. pas you go east of 75, you go pnorth of tampa, you're going to pget back in the upper 40s. pyou're going to need your pjackets first thing for thursday pmorning. pyou'll be shedding the jackets pwith the sunshine and mild air ptomorrow afternoon and a high ptemperature of 70 degrees. phonestly, it's nicer from there. phow about 72 for friday and a pgood solid mid 70s for highs
7:50 am
plows in the mid 50s. pronda rousey admits she had pthoughts of suicide after her ploss to holly holm in november. pshe said she fell into a deep pdepression while she was in the phospital. erceive her. pshe felt like no one would paccept her. pshe said her boyfriend got her pthrough the or deal. pthe thought of having babies as pwell. pyeah. p>>laura: that would be tough. pyou know? p>>russell: sure is. p>>laura: but it happens. pyou have to move on. pyou know? p>>russell: get back up. p>>laura: it's not the fall. pit's about the rally. pwe all know who paul mccartney pis, right? psome of us do. pyou would think that his fame pwould allow his instant entrance retty much anywhere he wanted pto go. pthat was not the case for the
7:51 am
p>>russell: well, tmz is preporting that sir paul and a pdrummer with the foo fighters pwent to a club hollywood on pmonday night. pthey were denied access at the pdoor. p>> i don't know. p>> they won't let you in? p>>russell: this is video of pmccartney and you can hear him psaying, help me. phe didn't know sir paul was pthere and that he would never pdeny a legend. pi'm telling you right now, pthere's a generation younger pthan us who doesn't know the pbeatles. p>>laura: that's unfortunate. pit's worse than that.
7:52 am
oint the beatles influence pnearly every music group. p>>russell: probably so but the pkids listening to those may not pknow who paul mccartney is. p>>laura: respect. pcharley, we get over to you pright now. p>>charley: that doorman was told pif the fire marshall comes in, pwe have too many people in here, pdon't let anybody in and he was pjust doing his job, right? ptmz had interviews with some prappers in there whose party it pwas and they all said, paul pmccartney was here? pwait. pwhat? poh, my god. pthey were very embarrassed that phe got turned away. pwe all get humbled now and pagain. pto me, i know the feeling. plook at this. ptools of the trade. pthis table looks like a work of part in and of itself. pbut these are just an artist
7:53 am
partist studio and (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks
7:54 am
and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
7:55 am
p>>charley: let the vibrant pcolors by dasha get your day pstarted this morning. p"good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from psarasota this morning hanging pout with the wonderfully pbeautifully talented dasha.
7:56 am
pyou're originally from prague. p>> czech republic. pi came in 1966. p>>charley: and you were in new pyork city and you were in the pfashion -- you were a fashion pdesigner. p>> yes, i was. p>>charley: did you have your own pline of clothes? p>> i had my own store. p>>charley: look at you. pbut it was the late 1990s and pyou said, what i really want to pdo is create. pi'm not creating enough. p>> well, i was taught an artist. pi studied and i have a new art pand i was trained as an paren'tist. pbut to make money, i entered the pfashion industry. pbut my love was always art. pthat's what i always wanted to pdo and i was lucky. pat a certain point i said, pthat's what i have to do. p>>charley: and that's a true partist who says, i may starve to pdeath but i'm going to create. pyou didn't starve to death. pyou got in a gallery in new york pcity. p>> in soho. pthey gave me the start. pit was a big deal and i was very
7:57 am
p>>charley: very talented. pthat is pure talent. pyou're known for your colors. pyou like big, bold colors. pyou work off resin. phow do you describe your work? p>> i would basically say it's pdimensional and sensual. pit has something that people pwant to talk so it's kind of pexciting and i love them to ptouch. pthey could touch it if they want pto. pi like to create something that phas some kind of an emotion on pyou, that you respond when you psee it and that it's not basic pmany just a wall that you pass pby but that you can stop and psay, i want to look at that. pwhat is that? p>>charley: dasha is getting pready for a show in march here pin sarasota. pwe'll show you what she's utting together for this articular show. pshe's going to give us a little pbehind-the-scenes how she pcreates and we get the honor of
7:58 am
pand hopefully help you make (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at
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3 ((russell you asked... and we answer. ? how could a woman with so many prior d-u-i's be behind the wheel.. ? and now she's accused of a fatal hit an drun. this morning - we look deeper into florida's d-u-i laws. 3 ((laura and: it's all fun and games until someone recognizes your car. pinellas park police bust the people - doing donuts in the middle of a busy street. 3 3 ((russell)) good morning! it's 8:00 ... i'm russell rhodes ((laura))


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