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tv   FOX 13 600 News  WTVT  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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kind of worried about their new lives. good evening, i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. >> the scene was outside of a library 7 years ago a girl beaten raped and left for dead. she cannot walk. she he cannot talk or see. now we have learned the young man convicted of doing that could have his sentence reduced. and gloria gomez is on this. it is because of a supreme court decision, gloria? >> that's it. kendrick morris was in court now he is looking for a new sentence, to give you background he was a teen when he committed the crime and convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison. but a decision said that juvenile sentenced to life in prison or lengthy sentences is
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>> and he can get less time behind bars and reduced which will be very upsetting to the families and nord has a new sentencing guideline that was passed after he was sentenced. that could mean even more time in prison. ta take a look. >> based on how heinous the crime is and the lives he affected not this girl who was brutalized. i would not be surprised if he gets sentenced to life in prison. >> expect the family members to show up on the sentencing day to tell the judge what they think an appropriate sentence will be. and he does not believe that morris will get any breaks. he expects him to gets more time, of course. we'll be there. the next sentencing date is scheduled for may. >> what a transformation he had behind bars. >> what do you meaners consider
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it would require ten of the 12 jurors could recommend death f not enough the benefit would get life in prison without parole. alabama is the only other state with the setup. florida allows 7 recommend death. the supreme court ruled that florida's bath penalty was unconstitutional because it gives power to judges. the house will debate the proposal this week. commissioners want to keep certain sex offenders away from schools and parks. and critics think it may be going too far. what do you think? >> reporter: commissioners voted to move forward with the law directing the county attorney to write up the details for the ordinance. next, they need to take public comment and vote before it can pass. >> i feel like this is important for to us keep your children safe.
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the most egreigous offenders farther away from where children gather. >> i do not want them here in the county. at all. we need to protect the children. >> convicted offenders whose victims were under 16 live 1000 feet away from schools, parks and play grounds be grounds. it would company that half a mile. >> they cannot be cured. when they get out of prison or wherever they go, they go back and reoffend. i believe0 you are children are at risk. >> reporter: and pasco uses the standard under a new ordinance which passed last year. >> the law is a bad idea. >> but the staff attorney for the aclu in florida said that ordinances like the one brought up could invite a costly battle
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it leaves offenders with no place to live. they are harder to track and more dangerous. it violates their rights. >> when you have an area half a mile. the courts will strike down the ordinance because they don't provide a place for them to live. we don't force people to live under bridges f there is no alternative it is unconstitutional. >> the aclu said it may challenge the law. it will not go down without a fight. and new at 6:00. a piece of road stretching less than 100 feet. it could suspect tampa. and leaders agree it is time to make a deal and finish that
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and aaron mesmer is live on the hillsborough side. it is hard to believe that could cause that much trouble. >> you look where we r we're 30 steps from pasco county two miles from the wire grass mall. tis we're on a road that could be an all tern nato bruce b downs. what is the old up. bureaucracy. >> the situation took an urgent turn. >> 911 what is the address. >> a fire broke out at a home in new teem. neighbors saw the smoke. >> had a fire, a grease fire. >> and it is right here, the homeowner was so burned that his brother will not forget it. >> cohave lost his land. >> he said making matters worse
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>> if it was more serious. they would not have made it. >> it boils down to the piece of undeveloped road that could make a pass for a mansfield and pasco blocked firefighters from getting to the victim. , that's the final straw. >> and the a council woman and commissioner discussed a solution. >> it can be done quickly. >> quick has not gone hand in hand with the stretch the street. for nine years officials debate who had would pay and it was stuck at a dead end. >> sus end spending dollars in another county. that was not going to be something that our administration or council would support.
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building a community. agreed to bear much of the financial burden and talks are moving forward. >> back in the day people were thinking of going to museum. now they are thinking about coming to pasco. >> some say it is about timing. >> i think that is crazy that -- of going to tampa. now they are thinking about coming to pasco. >> some say it is about timing. >> i think that is crazy that -- of going to tampa. >> it is too bad my broth her to suffer. >> the commissioner said there are residents on the other side of the stretch of road here in pasco county that are concerned if this opens up, there will be extra traffic between here and pasco county. that's why he is hoping to open up this stretch with other stretches that would connect casino to hillsborough at the same time. now, kelly, they are planning on meeting and they want to come to a solution this year. after that, that's when the
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>> you'll watch it for us. >> man who tried to rob a pharmacy on valentine's day thought cohandle the pharmacist. he did not expect a customer to get in the way. look at anthony nimetz ended up that way. he went to a walgreens h a gun and demanded a drug. a pammer would not let him get away. he gave him a beat down. they do not encourage getting into the middle of something turn - middle of something unless you feel safe. bullet holes in the car tell a scary story. a couple got into a road rage incident with another driver. that driver pulled out a gun and started shooting. and that's a extreme case of road rage.
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they were driving down 41 in palmetto at 7:00 when it happened. >> one vehicle cut off the other. >> the other driver was ar lin-- ar lin osborn. they say it was on this stretch leading up to the desoto bridge that he took his rage not nix level. he pulled out a gun and fired at the other driver. it hit the driver's side. the vinyl piece on the vehicles now and the bullet is kind of skimming that. and one of the bullets struck one of the rear tires. >> it was hit three times, they pulled over and called for help. deputies caught women him a few leven. >> this could have ended badly. incidents.
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prevented t is hard to do but all drivers must keep their calm. >> we need to be patient and courteous. you don't know what other people are capable of doing. >> in palmetto, kimberly kuizon. >> he was arrested and charged withation are a rated assault and shooting a gun from a car. a fire has destroyed a church. bereca went up in flames. look at the flames. dozens of people were there at bible study. nobody was hurd. the building was destroyed. the pastor said he tried to insure it but the insurance company would not hit him. >> they canceled the policy they sent the money back. they said they cannot give us insurance. >> it was the center of the haitian community and help
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sure they housing, food and money. investigators have not determined a cause. >> still to come tonight; what will do you with the money? >> no. >> meet florida's newest millionaires. we hit a jackpot with the weather. >> the weather looks good through the a exterrestrial. lots of blue skies.
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geico for your boat. see how much you could save. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there
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he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ((mark--vo)) so how's this how is this for an investment. maureen smith bought one ticket for $3. today she and her husband exchanged that ticket for the big check. that is the share of the record
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1.6 billion. >> think about the return on that investment. they are splitting that with two other winners. we have more on the couple. >> not a bad investment. maureen smith and david kaltschmidt died decided to take the payout with you is 328 million but they have the problem of figuring out what to do with all of that cabbage. >> he wants to get a car. >> how about you. >> i tonight know yet. i want to get a massage. >> i would have splurged. >> that's her first purchase. she said the past 35 days were stressful. they decided to keane it a secret until they could get advice and security set up at the house. they didn't tell their family until last week. they knew the moment they came
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>> when you win big you do lose some things. >> i lost over 10 pounds. that's a lot of pacing at night, the worry what will happen. >> we're no longer in a quiet place which i'm going to miss. >> and she bought the ticket at publix playing the numbers she played for 30 years. david is going to retire from his job as a engineer. they are trying to work out a plan for the money. they will invest in charity and take care of family. they would not say if they have children. they wanted to keep that private. >> and they get 198 million because they are now in the highest federal tax bracket. a problem we would volunteer to have. chris cato. fox 13 news. >> now your sky tower forecast
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>> and the fog today for a time. visibility near zero. and it burned off and working on its. you try to see the blue our in the distance and by midmorning the sun did it thing. we turned out to have a good afternoon with lots of sunshine and temperatures mostly in the 60s -- 60s and the 70s. it should continue. this is a look at lakeland earlier today -- earlier today and produced cool optics and a sun dog or two over at the beach. here is more fog that we had. we'll show you that at 10. 75. a beautiful afternoon. 52 degrees the morning low. we have at least a couple more days to go of weather just like this. lots of sunshine.
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the air mass is drier we'll watch add wait. >> and a round of showers. it could be another threat. it is all about the sunshine today. patchy fog is gone. we'll meander for a couple more days. we're looking excellent. it has the feel of spring when you look at temperatures on the coasts are in the 60s. on the east coast the readings in the mid-to-upper 60s. in the middle it is warmer. and 72 in lakeland. the dew points are down there.
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the 50s. a dry northwest wind. things are quiet now. chilly in the east. the school snow on the east side of the great lakes 567892 in raleigh. lots of heat out west. phoenix hit 90. this the earliest they posted that. lake effect snow cranked from up syracuse to buffalo to erie. a typical scene for them. tomorrow we have lots of sunshine. beautiful day coming in. upper 60s near the coast. let's see how things are playing out. low pressure off the coast.
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another dome moves over the carolinas. to the south. that's good. that guarantees us sun. and low pressure. >> and clear and cool. 50. sunshine. and near 70. more sunshine. a high of 71. the 7-day forecast. no issues at all. showers, some heavy and colder during the second half of next week. >> chip? >> we know the daytona international speedway is a legendary track and the symbol of nascar. the grand stand is a mile long.
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and it is bigger, higher, better, you get a look at the product
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become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. now is when the real work begins now is when the real work starts in daytona. the focus has been on single car runs for qualifying. as everyone knows when it comes to the 500 there are no single car runs. if a driver cannot find a team teammate he better find a
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he is going backwards, this is where the butterflies crank up. they hit for the first practice, they're not searching for speed but for handling. they want to put the car where they want to. >> the rookie and pole sitter said the information they pick up is more important than the pole. >> and the team and what they brought to the table. i didn't do anything special to earn that. it is about them. and what they did. as we get further notice week, they get drafted. you know for me to do my part and study and to give ourselves a chance and get in positions that you may see on sunday. that's more important in that starting position. >> and all right of course they finish that massive project two and a half years daytona rising. and merissa lynn got a tour.
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>> that is just not even enough time to see it all. if you are coming this weekend. make sure that you come out early to check it out. if it was not the center of racing it is now. it starts when you walk up to the gates in the first of its kind racing stadium. >> reporter: so, here at donald daytona you walk through one of five entrances here into the track. they call those injectors, they are into the track here at dis. and this is the toyota injector. this is what you see a replica of kyle busch's car from last year. insaid of the case would be the trophy. >> the fan experience in daytona is unlike anything else that you will find in sports. >> within you get off a exit and drive down and see the dis. that catches your breath. that's what we want to be.
6:26 pm
than the mile long grand stands about out a stadium and the first of its kind. >> it is a day long experience that you show up. enjoy the game and leave. it is a day long experience and there is a lot of activity to do in the stadium; where else will you fly a water fall. >> here at the rolex lounge, this a turn key all inclusive experience with food, beverage and all the comforts that you want. one of the neatest items we have here at the track is our chandelier. what you see is all 12 initial speedway corporation racetracks. the green that's the speedway. that is unique you will not have to find that when you're racing. >> those are the highlights of the daytona rising. there are little things that the folks here put na the project.
6:27 pm
station so you can take more pictures with these here at daytona. >> chip? >> thank you. the racing is has changed but you know we know that the track had not changed. some may have gone back to 1958. >> it is beautiful now. >> a little more comfortable. >> yes. that is exciting. at 6:30 a battle between privacy and terror investigation. the athink in -- and a link. and a rare sight by the pope. why he was so update. >> and craig patrick. >> we have seen odd stuff on the trail this week. from marco rubio's morning again
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name on3 a terror attack the terror attack in san bernardino is leading to a showdown between the government and apple. your privacy may be at stake. the ceo of apple said the company will fight a federal magistrate's order to hack the users in connection with the
6:31 pm
bernardino shooting. and we have the latest apple is saying no. >> reporter: it is apple versus the federal government and a case that could have large imply cagess. tim cook will fight an order requiring the company to help the f.b.i. recover date from one of the terrorists in san bernardino. >> that makes no sense whatsoever. >> the ruling requires apple to help the f.b.i. disable the security feature which erases data after too many attempts to unlock it. the feds can try as they need to unlock the phone but cook is fighting the order over privacy concernings. arguing it has implications beyond the case at home, volunteer if they want to. yes. having the government, having big brother tell you, you must help us. that's why we have a constitution. >> and cell phone laws are
6:32 pm
are hoping that this ruling will make it easier for them to get court orders to bypass the locks. >> i had numerous homicide investigations that i could not get into the phone. >> it can be a tough sell with nobody saying they should override the privacy features they pay for. >> i would not let my friends get in y would i let the police. >> maybe they are looking into more than what they are trying to find. >> and the iphone is essential to the case and possible connections overseas. apple has five business days to respond to the ruling. adam housely in los angeles. >> apple has not responded it is talking to the customers sending out a letter that says in part, the f.b.i. asked us for help in the days following the attack. we have, worked hard to support the government efforts to solve this crime. we have no sympathy for terrorists.
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>> it would be wrong for the government to force us to build a back door into our products. and ultimately we fear this would underbehind the freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect. >> i would encourage you if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this, claiming it as defamation, file it. >> ted cruz said sue me. >> donald trump threatened to do that after he ran an ad saying trump is pro choice. >> and it is there is a polling data out that shows the republican race may be heating up. the nbc poll shows that cruz is ahead of trump. we have the latest on the candidates from washington. >> when the president trump ban partial abortion. >> i'm very pro choice. >> ted cruz defending the new 30
6:34 pm
comments on abortion. the commercial airing in south carolina in the wake of the just it scalia's death stresses the important of the president's next appointee to the high court. the ad ends with at narrateyo saying trump cannot be trusted with the decisions. >> i have to say to mr. trump you have been threatening lawsuits for your entire adult life. even in the annals of police frivolous, this takes the cake. >> and the cruz campaign was send a cease and desist order. >> he will say i'm strong on the second amendment. he with will say donald trump does not like it. i said where does he come up with this.
6:35 pm
south carolina chest burp with george w, the stormer governor is lacking in the polls ahead of the primary. a different story on the democratic side where bernie sanders has closed the gap. >> i will work on this. >> there is good news for hillary clinton in so-called sec states where she is leading sanders by a wide margin. tonight the f.b.i. is going through the scene at the oregon rufuge. they say they found fire warms and trenches and explosives. they are concerned they may have bobby trapped vehicles left behind. the group seized the prereceived demanding it give up control of
6:36 pm
standoff 2 dozen people were. >> and more than 60 are injured. solves say it is a car car-bomb that went off to the armed forces hurricane. leaders say they are treating it as a terrorist attack. tensions are high where the chinese navy has placed a surface to air missile system on a disputed island chain across the region allies are putting their navys on high alert. we're following the situation from the pentagon. >> tensions are high throughout the south pacific where china is pushing back hard against international criticism following the deployment of a surface to air vessel system. the secretary of state responding pointing out the move
6:37 pm
militarize the islands. >> there is an increase of one kind or another. >> the chinese say they are defensive out offense offensive and protect the troops. >> and limited necessary self-defense facilities on the island where the troops are stations is in line with the self-defense. the missiles can shoot down craft from 125 miles away. partners. >> that will not be in the interest of a nation considering that a large person at the that this happens. >> japan has concerned over the moves. we cannot accept the fact. >> it stands behind the alt mys but wants all sides to break a
6:38 pm
we would like them to clarify it with the law. >> and a rule something expected later this year. the president said the u.s. military will continue its operations in the south china sea. >> and it is likely to rattle vietnam it is close to islands. they had a history of tensions. a concert hall in paris a year ago was the center of a bombing add shooting. >> the band returned to finish the show. the facility is closed they took the stage at the olympic concert hall. >> let's take a moment to remember and get back to the fun.
6:39 pm
moment to reflect on the 89 people who were gunned down. an emotional show mismerchandising manager was killed in the attack. many of those were there the night of the attack and this is a way for them to start healing. >> it was a food thing to finish the story and say okay. >> and some survivors called it the most important concert of of their life. 30 counselors were on hand for those who were overcome by emotion >> to close a horrific chapter. it is the most energetic and intense concert they have ever put on. we rarely see the pope lose his composure, a fan almost knocked him down. the pope greeted a crowd in mexico. a man shakes his hand and would not let go. that caused the pope to fall on
6:40 pm
>> the pope had a stern look he took the person don't be selfish. the pope recovered and kissed the man. after that incident. and when we come back, he wraps up the trip to mexico with a final stop in juarez. >> he held a open air mass to focus on the silence. >> he stopped at the fence and gave a blessing in migrants on the side who decide trying to get across. he visited a prison days after a riot killed the inmates. >> a strange week on the campaign trail. our editor why candidates are
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(/kelly we have a news alert now from we have a news alert from downtown tampa. police officers are on the scene of a suspicious package at the corner of east polk and north morgan street. morgan street is shut down to vehicles and pedestrians t is from cass to twigs and from pierce to morgan. traffic is being rerouted a bomb squad is assessing the package and finding out if they know what it s this is next to the bus station. we will keep an eye on it and let you know what happens tonight at 10.
6:44 pm
the past week has been rough on the candidates. and craig patrick said it will be one of many for those running for president that they want to forget. >> okay we had some awkward moments this week that some of the candidates may want to forget. hillary clinton answered the critics who say she is shrill. marco rubio released an ad called mourning in -- morning again in video. >> i must have missed the sky line of vancouver and the tug boat with the canadian flag. >> morning again in america. >> makes you wonder who is on his staff and why they cannot find the u.s. on a map. >> people out there in the nation do not have that. >> and we cannot forget the highlights from the last debate.
6:45 pm
>> that was not it but it played out like springer. >> he is a nasty guy, add the donor class tried to smack down donald trump by booing him off the stage. >> but it turned into a cage fight you know who feeds on that. >> all right, oh my god. >> the gop donors gave donald trump what he wanted without giving him a dime. jeb is -- you understand, you know that's jeb's special interests and lobbyists. >> if nun forgot social media heated up and it redistricts to donald trump because he did not buy his own name. then he tweeted a picture of a gun with his name on it. >> that will light it up. >> i'll give him a kiss.
6:46 pm
>> how about a chest pump. [ laughter ] >> this were kind of funny at first. >> the have the baby and rosary beads, then you feel sad. >> please clap. >> when the club told him to stop. >> fix that as fast as i can. that's it. thank you. >> they're kicking me out the door, leaving him to shrink back to his seat where he tried to eat a listening to the discussions, trying to figure out when to laugh. >> and will it be fun? >> which brings to us a contender for clip of the year the react when he learned for tunes may be changing because you may swing my vote.
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the
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thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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the va cut off benefits to this widow by mistake. >> this is ridiculous. >> this man has waited 20 years for benefits. >> i'm sleeping in my truck after all i have gone through. really? >> we investigate the mix ups
6:50 pm
and stocks are up for a third day. the dow is up. 257. and gaining nearly 100. s&p up by 31. and better days this year. >> what very not seen much of that for sure. >> let's go over to paul. we have seen a lot of sunshine and beautiful weather, paul. >> it has been great. this is how we had the past month. 2, 3, 4 days in a row good. the fronts go by and then and overall. i think we look okay into the weekend but there will be changes coming up next week as a frontal boundary heads our way. let's look outside. hillsborough. you see st. pete in the distance. i cannot thank you enough. last night, i had 150 pictures
6:51 pm
incredible. i wish i could show them on tv. but if they're not go to my facebook page and check them out. all that fog burned off to give sunshine. 75 degrees above average today. we post the number in red. we'll stay probably at or above average into the weekend. if you want the cold air and the cold weather lover when the front goes by tuesday and wednesday a lot of blue coming up to wrap up the month. a trough develops in the southeast. winter is certainly not done yet. across the state today. monk fog burned off. giving us sunshine. high pressure will drift to the south. high pressure will dominate the map in the southeast for many days. the weekend will be good. just keeping the back i don't want to harp on this. there wild be a front coming through tuesday and wednesday that looks like what we have had this winter that could produce
6:52 pm
riding along the subtropical jet stream. that's a week away. right now it's nice, you have 60s. low 70s up and down the state. the air mass is try. dew points in the 40s and 50s. not expecting fog. this morning but tonight there is more of a northwest wind and the air mass is drier. we're 68. the dew point is 49. high pressure across the southeast. weak pressure. coming our way from the west n cities like little rock and tulsa. dallas is 69 degrees. san antonio is 75. phoenix today hit 90. that's the earliest. you get the heat usually the
6:53 pm
and 30 below in chesterfield and bismark. here is the heat. phoenix is 89. reno is 60. la 64. el paso 79. nor is 66. now for us. we're cool tonight. we stay in the 40s and the low 50s. lots of sunshine. a touch of spring with readings inland in the 70s. along the coast line t is clear and cool. down to 50. sunshine coming up tomorrow. a beautiful tay near 70. the outlook for friday is more of the same. more sunshine and nice. we do a 71. the weekend is okay. great weather for the 500. mid-70s on the coast. rain and storms arrive. tuesday night into wednesday. back to you. thank you, paul.
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plantation house with coming up tonight at 11... a woman tonight at 11 a woman who accused of driving drunk, hitting a car sending the driver to the hospital. how the deputy is doing tonight. and what is it like living next to a new multimillionaire. the neighborhood where florida's power ball winners live. that's tonight at 11. >> see you then. thank you. a historical work of hart is a popular tourist spot the gamble house in manatee is the oldest standing building and the natural beauty is what is right with tampa bay. >> the gamble plantation was a sugar plantation evened by robert gamble. ran one of the most successful plan plantations before the market ran out.
6:57 pm
and his father had a place near tallahassee. 1842, i believe the first was here and the construction started. it has a large system that operating to collect water. it was hard to come by since the wells were not dependable being this close to the salt water. and it is a unique homemade from crushed oyster shell. the reason why we don't have the furnishings, he boxed up his possessions and took them to his father's place in tallahassee. stored it and 48 hours later the barn burned to the ground. it is the oldest building left in manatee tnt. and it was brought before the civil war. it was established through the armed occupation act which gave him free property if he moved here and settled the area. the sugar market fell out a few years got established here he
6:58 pm
he left in 1947 area '48. >> the mansion at gamble plantation is in bradenton and it is beautiful t is important for lots of students to take trips there. >> and they are amazing. >> a big part of our history. looks great. the news is going on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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harvey: there was a big thing with rihanna at the grammys, and she says that she bailed because of bronchitis. there are others who say she bailed because she had a temper tantrum. >> basically she called in sick for work claiming it was a physical illness when rather it was a mental health day. >> she was at work. she went home sick early. >> then you don't get charged a sick day. [laughter] >> we got kanye west at mcjacob and company to drink champagne. harvey: you can't beg for money and shop for expenses watches.


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