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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (mark florida's powerball jackpot winners are p>> well, florida power ball pjackpot winners are revealed pwith a i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it
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would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. p>> i wish she was given the pchoice, you know, to get less pthan a life sentence. p>> he raped and beat a teen so pbadly nearly eight years ago she pwill never be the same. pnow her family may be put pthrough more heartache. pthe supreme court decision that pis reopening old wounds. p>> regardless how controversial pit might be or the artist might pbe or the politician might be, pwe will staff it because we have presponsibility to do that.
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paffect her upcoming concert in ptampa. p>> did ted cruz overtake trump? pthe new poll numbers that could pshake up the presidential race. p>> welcome tonight. pi'm mark wilson. p>> i'm kelly rink. pthank you for being with us. pit's been nearly eight years psince a high school senior was praped and had to fight to psurvive. pshe has been left in a pwheelchair unable to speak. pthe young man convicteded of the pattack could have his sentence preduced. phailey is in the news room to ptell us how a supreme court pdecision could impact this case. p>> she was accepted to the puniversity of florida. pshe was days away from pgraduation and for whatever preason morris targeted her in p2008. pshe is continuing to fight pthrough the recovery, the pthought that the courts could go
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ptough blow to her family chlt . p>> with the caption i will run psome day, this clip captures the pspirit burning inside. pand here she taking seven steps pin a row. peven one is a miracle. p>> we expected her to be an n a pvegetative state and not live pvery long and here she is psmiling and laughing. p>> two days after her 18th pbirthday she was brutally pattacked outside the library. phe raped her and robbed her of pthe ability to see, talk or walk pon her own. pdonations help pay for treatment pcosting $80,000 a year. pmorris was sentenced to 65 years pfor that crime and for raping panother woman. pbut a u.s. supreme court pdecision says sentencing pjuveniles to life or lengthy
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pso now he will be resentenced pforcing her family to relive ainful memories. pi know he was very young when he pcommitted the crime, but i feel plike to the degree of brutality pthat he executed it was not a pchild's mind. p>> a resentencing won't pnecessarily mean less time, it pcould mean more. p>> he asked for it and he may pvery well get it. pbased on the crime and the lives phe affected. pnot just this poor girl that was pbrutalized, but also his family. pi would not be surprised if he pgets sentenced to life in rison. rison. p>> i feel my sister was served a plife sentence against her will pand robbed of her entire life. p>> i wish she was given the pchoice to get less than a life psentence. p>>the resentencing could go the pother way. pthe judge will have to go
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pcase, talking to his family, pwitnesses, experts and the pdefense. pwe will let you know when that phappens. p>> thank you so much, haley. p p>> it is the beyonce performance pthat angered many in the law penforcement community. pthat's new at 10:00. pshe could be facing some pbacklash in tampa in her pupcoming concert over the song p"formation." pwhy, crystal? p>> yes, apparently beyonce pticked off police enough that pmany are refusing to work her pupcoming concert april 29th. olice have two months to fill pthe empty shifts. p>> beyonce lit the field on fire pat this year's super bowl half ptime show. pbut her performance and new song pformation are taking plenty of pheat. p>> i thought it was really
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pattack police officers. p>> the music video set in new porleans shines a light on police pbrutality. pit features a wall that says p"stop shooting us" and she is on ptop of a police cruiser. pit is some that say is too olitical and unfair. p>> we live in a society where eople are polarized about their olitics and they probably have pstrong feelings. p>> and those strong beliefs pspilled over into the work lace. pover the past couple weeks, no pofficers signed up to work psecurity at the upcoming beyonce pconcert at raymond james pstadium. ptypically off duty officers take pextra work for games for extra pincome. p>> this is a couple of months paway so we have plenty of time pto fill those spots. p>> officers around the nation phave been critical about be yon psay -- beyonce's message.
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pis okay for this year's half ptime show, the one at the bottom pshould be good for next year, pright? p>> that would be acceptable if a pwhite band came out in hoods and pwhite sheets in the same sort of pfashion, we would be appalled pand outraged. p>> tampa police officials say pnot having cops in uniform at pthe concert that is expected to psell out is a security risk. p>> regardless who the artist pmight be or the politician might pbe, we will staff it because we phave responsibility to do that. p>> and police wouldn't clarify pif officers already assigned to pwork that night could be forced pto work that venue instead. pthey say they have two months to pfigure things out, but if that pis the case, they will make sure pother areas of the city remain pstaffed that night. p>> interesting dilemma. pcrystal clark tonight. pthanks. p>> we have an update on the psuspicious package in downtown
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pthe tampa bomb squad pinvestigated the bag after it pwas found earlier this evening. pauthorities temporarily closed pstreets in that area as a recaution and police tell us pthe package did not pose a pthreat. pturned out to be a brief case pmistakenly left behind by psomeone leaving the greyhound pbus station nearby. p>> a customer comes to the prescue and stops a pharmacy probber knocking him out cold. pyou can see from the mug shot. pthat is anthony's mug shot. pthat customer knew what he was pdoing. psurveillance footage shows how pit went down. phe went into the walgreens and pdemanded oxycodone and said he phad a gun, but the customer pstanding off to the side was not pgoing to let him rob the place. pinstead he gave him a beat down. pwatch the left of your screen. pgame on. pbradenton police were thankful pbut remind people to be safe. p>> normally i would say don't pget involved, especially when pthere's a weapon involved that
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papparently the person did not psee a weapon. p>> and the deal from the florida plegislature plegislature, the senate pjudiciary commission says a roposal to allow the 1.5 pmillion floridians to open carry ptheir handguns has died. pit's among three gun bills that pfail today gain support this psession. pthe second controversial bill pwould have allowed permit holder ptoss carry their guns on public pcollege and university campuses. pthe third bill would allow pconcealed weapons to be carried pin airport terminals. p>> the fire that broke out at pthe first haitian baptist pchurch. pthe members were inside for pbible study when flames came pthrough the ceiling. pthankfully everybody got out pokay but the building was puninsured because of its age and
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pit is a total loss. pno word on what caused it. p>> new at 10:00, clearwater pbeach back on top. ptrip advisor announced the world pfamous beach number one on the pannual list of the top 25 pbeaches in america. p>> and it didn't do too bad ly pworldwide rankings oort. pit was the only beach to make pthe top 25 best beach notice the pworld at number 20 worldwide. palso scoring well, st. peek pbeach rated number 4. pwinners are determined by the pquantity and quality of reviews pgathered over a 12-month period. pso excuse me, that's pretty pgood. p>> the beach has been fantastic. pthe area -- thankfully maybe pthey didn't consider the traffic pbecause it wouldn't have been pnumber one. p>> the boats. p>> we are getting there. pyou never know. pstill to come, va mess ups and pmix ups are hurting our vets.
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pwouldn't have electric, i pwouldn't have gas, i couldn't ay my bills. p>>the government can't get it ptogether how the service members pare paying a horrible price and pthat story is coming up at p10:30. p>> lost a lot of sleep. pi lost over 10 pounds. pit's a lot of pacing at night, plet me tell you. p>> instead of counting sheep he pwas counting millions. pmeet the florida couple who won art of the record ball power pball jackpot a few weeks ago. pjust claimed it today. p>> a lot of sunshine today. pmore to come into the weekend. pthis morning, kind of cool hotos. plook at the fog over tampa bay. pyou can see tropicana field. pfog burned off nicely.
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pif you want more sun, nice (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza.
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. 3 according to a new poll... republican presidential frontrunner donald trump has fallen *behind ted p>> according to a new poll, prepublican front runner donald ptrump has fallen behind ted cruz pin the race. pnew nbc news poll, wall street pjournal in partnership coming pout as teches tensions between pthe candidates escalate. p>> the nationwide poll shows ptrump falling behind the texas psenator and shows ted cruz with p28% of the republican primary pvoters. pdonald trump has 26%. pthis is a new poll out today. pflorida senator marco rubio 17%.
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pben carson 10% and jeb bush 4%. p>> this poll suggest it is pmoving away from donald trump pbut you can't always trust the oll olls. pthis could be an outliar. pwe don't know. pwe need more numbers. plook fort final poll to come out pon friday. pthat will be our fox 13 poll. pthat will give us a much better pidea where this race is going. p>> today's numbers do coincide pwith a heated exchange between pthe frontrunners. phe threaten today sue cruz over pa campaign ad and he says he's ro-choice. pcruz is defending his spot and pchallenging him to go ahead with pthe lawsuit. p>> after 35 days of wait we go pknow who bought the power ball pticket in melbourne beach. pa married couple that lives not pfar from that store. pwell, today after all this time,
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poffice to claim their prize and pit was interesting they were pless than thrilled to have to pface the media. p>> one of the first questions pthey got was what took you so plong? pgood question. pchris is here with their answer. p>> yea, kelly, maureen smith and pdavid kaul smith said they pneeded time to get their affairs pin order and really needed some ptime to say good-bye to their pold lives which they admit they pwere pretty happy with. p>> the media laid and wait poutside publix in melbourne pbeach, they laid low. p>> we just kept quiet. p>> they knew they had one of pthree winning tickets for the plargest prize ever. pthe $1.6 billion power ball pjackpot. pthey kept their secret for a few pweeks and learned even when you pwin big you lose some things.
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pi lost over 10 pounds. pit's a lot of pacing at night. p>> the worry. pthe worry what's going to happen pto know we are no longer in a pquiet place that i'm going to pmiss. p>> on wednesday, 35 days after pthe drawing, they claim forward pto claim their share of the rize. p$528.7 million. pthey are taking $328 million in pcash. pthey are not exactly sure what pthey will do with that money. p>> he wants to get a new car. p>> how about you? p>> i really don't know yet. pi want to get a massage. p>> david says he will retire pfrom his engineering job of 34 pyears. pthat's a different story from pthe tennessee couple that won art of the jackpot. pjohn and lisa robinson said they pwill keep their blue collar pjobs. p>> why not? p>> that's what we've done all pour lives is work. p>> they came forward the day pafter the drawing. pbut we still haven't heard from
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pwinning ticket sold at a 7/11 in pcalifornia. pmaybe cher taking the david and pmaureen approach waiting, pknowing that having life pchanging money doesn't mean all pthe change will be pleasant. p>> we have a lot to think about. pit's very stressful. pit's new. p>> so remember the megagroup in ptampa that pooled their money pand bought 73,000 power ball ptickets for the big drawing pjanuary 13th? pthey may want to mute the tv. pmaureen smith bought one ticket laying the same numbers she's layed for 30 years. pshould i mention the power ball pjackpot is at $189 million for ptonight's drawing? p>> you are going to stir us up pagain. p>> they seem likeable and they pseem like they are going to do pgood things. pgive a lot to charity. p>> we were talking to paul, too. pi'm convinced there's a way. pi think we all thought about it pa couple of months ago -- p>> p>> how do you not be --
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eople's lives have been changed pand not for the better. p>> give it to the familydog. pcongratulation pcongratulations. p>> fantastic. phe would be happy about the pbones he would get nonstop. p>> nothing but bone and fillet. p>> let's talk about the weather. plooks great. psunshine continues. pchanges next week though so pay pattention for early next week. puntil then we are locked in. pnice sky tonight. plast night we had the high pclouds that came in at the right ptime. pgave all kinds of cool colors to pthe sky. pthis from billy hudson. papollo beach. pnice job by the fountain. pnice job by the sky and andrew, pbeautiful day today. pafter the fog burned off, we are pback in the red zone. p75 was the high today. pmaybe cooler tomorrow and with pwater temperatures still chilly, pwe will get into a spring thing pwhere we will be cooler along pthe coast and noticeably warmer
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pthis morning there were travel ptrouble with the fog. ptomorrow morning, i don't think pfog is an issue at all because pthe air mass is dryer and this pbig area of high pressure will pbuild in from the northwest and retty much guarantee us a dry pforecast for the next five or psix days. pand then we watch and wait for pchanges early next week. pvery comfy outside. pwe have 50s and 60s on the map. p59 in tampa. p61 in st. pete. p59 in sarasota. p56 tallahassee and mid-60s to pour south and the dew points are prunning to the low to mid-50s. pit could be patchy ground fog pfor a time and winds mostly from pthe north northwest. pwe are 59 and a 53 dew point. pwinds northwest at 6 miles per phour. pchilly weather in the east. pthese are highs for today. ptampa hit the 75. patlanta 53.
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pwhat's interesting to note, hoenix today hit 90. pthat's the earliest they've hit p90 in their record keeping going pback into the early 1900 phundreds. p90 very early to have that phappen in mid february. pin dallas today was 71. pin denver it was 68. pthere's the high as it builds pinto the gulf coast. pit sits for a couple of days. plow pressure off the carolina pcoast. pthe water vapor imagery has lots pof red all the way to the west. pmy confidence in the forecast is phigh. pthe only thing we will talk pabout is changing the ptemperatures day by day. plittle rock 47. pdallas 58. pkansas city 53. pcool tonight but not cold. p40s and low 50s and tomorrow it pwill be a bit cooler near the pcoast with many spots inland peasily in the mid-70s. phigh pressure moves into the pgulf coast and weakens.
10:22 pm
pmoves off the caroline a coast. pthis is friday into saturday. plooks good. pmaybe a few patchy clouds in the pafternoon. pthat's all we got the next pcouple of days. pdry air now, but watch what phappens early next week. pthe dry air kind of moves away pand you start getting into some pgreen. pthat indicates increasing ptropical moisture and a lot of pit with a cold front. pjet stream is active so by ptuesday and wednesday we could pbe dealing with yet another one pof those nighttime rounds of pshowers and thundershowers and pmaybe a severe risk early next pweek. pa couple of day toss do that. pclear and cool, we are down to p50. pwe have sunshine tomorrow and leasant. pback up to 70. pfriday looks good. pmostly sunny and nice. pyour weekend looks good. pif you are heading to the east pcoast for the big race on psunday. pa-okay. pthere's the rain chance tuesday pinto wednesday.
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pflorida sun and sand lures pmillions of tourists our way. p>> one business is steering pclear of the sunshine state. p>> a lack of incentives is pkeeping big films out of pflorida. pwhy that matters to all of us pwhen we come right back. p>> and should apple help the pf.b.i. hack a terrorist phone?
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paffect everybody with an new at ten.. the state or p>> new at 10:00 tonight, the pstate of florida's losing money pby the day. pthere are three major movies and ptv shows that should be shot phere but they are not being shot phere. pthat's because it cost more to pshoot here than it does in other pstates. p>> in odessa on the set of an pindependent movie to see how pclose the state is to acting. p>> the movie being shot in this pmansion may one day win lots of pbig awards. pbut you can see there a lots of plocal people working on this pfilm. pand they say they would love to phave more work to do in tampa pbay and they are not going to pget it until the state approves pincentives of big films. p>> look how many people it takes pto film a scene. p>> action, cut.
10:27 pm
p>> on this indy film, the plights, cameras, tape measures pand slates are manned by locals. peven the location itself is prented from an odessa homeowner. p>> even though there's 35 people phere, nobody is tripping over peach other. p>> the love story is produced by ptampa filmmaker. p>> we decide today have the pfilming done here because we pcould find all the cast and crew pand all those people. p>> but local movies is all tampa phad. pa ben affleck movie with a crew pof 300 is being shot in georgia ause that state offered $6 pmillion in incentives. pthe new cbs project about ptampa's military scene called p"four stars" seems headed for plouisiana. pthat disappoints the owner of pthis location. p>> everybody who comes in here pis spending money. pthe people we are working with pare renting hotels, using local pcaterers.
10:28 pm
p>> this year a package of pincentives has been wrapped into pa larger economic bill and assed two senate committees, pbut approval may not happen puntil the end of session and the psize of it is still in question. p>> this year alone i believe pthere are at least three rojects that should have shot pin this area. p>> florida with the sunshine and pwarm weather is a dream for pfilmmakers. pbut until the big movie houses pget a break on their budget, pindies may be it. p>> the exposure would be pwonderful because it's giving peveryone a taste of what tampa pbay really is. p>> and the film commission says pit is more optimistic than this pyear's past that a deal on pincentives will get done. pbut mark, as you know this is ptallahassee we are talking pabout. pso it's not done until it's pdone. p>> and by the way, an election pyear. pright? p and this whole business with pcreating -- that really was the pline in the sand.
10:29 pm
p>> yea, that certainly shocked a plot of people, mark. pthe question is -- the thing eople don't want to see is for pthat to happen again p we need those actors here. p>> i know. p>> coming up, government mix ups pand delays. pthey are ruining veterans' plives. p>> sleeping in my truck in a pwal-mart parking lot. pafter all i've gone through? preally? p>> the problems plaguing the va pand devastating impact on pthousands of florida veterans pwhen we come back. pnews room. ptonight tonight we are looking
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10:31 pm
pfederal bureau of inve3 tonight, we've uncovered more problems at the department of veterans affairs. p>> tonight we have uncovered pmore problems at department of
10:32 pm
p>> ina new billion dollar pclaimed system could be costing pveterans the most. pcraig patrick reveals delays and pimpact on thousands of area pveterans. p>>the lady informed me that my pbenefits had been as you say suspended pbecause i was deceased. p>> first we discovered the v.a. pwrongly cut off benefits in pflorida by claiming the row psipient was dead -- recipient pwas dead. p>> they should have had proof pbefore they cut me off. p>> and then they did it in preverse. ptelling her she couldn't get pbenefits because her husband was pstill alive. p>> her husband died nearly 30 pyears ago. pat one point the va insisted he
10:33 pm
pthe va claimed he didn't serve. pand then she couldn't get pbenefits because she is premarried premarried. p>> they say she wrongly was premarried because she didn't preturn the letter that was va pwas sent to the wrong address. p>> well, we didn't sent you that pletter. p>> they sent $164,000 to repay p30 years of checks they thought pshe cashed. pher survivor's benefit is her plifeline. p>> i wouldn't have a house. pi wouldn't have electric. pi wouldn't have gas, i count pay pmy bills. p>> congress paid millions of pdollars to stop these mix ups. pwhile the backlog has gone down,
10:34 pm
pbeen cut off or denied by pmistake and the appeals for pdenials that don't count as part pof the backlog have shot through pthe roof. p>> they served and now nobody pwants any part of them. p>> the veteran was slammed in a pconcrete wall in korea. p>> busted my eye open, separated pmy shoulder and had to go to hysical therapy from that point pto the end of my career. p>> he has been fighting for 26 pyears. p>> somehow i was -- i didn't phave an appeal pending. p>> with no benefits he wound up pliving out of his truck. p>> i'm sleeping in my truck in a pwal-mart parking lot. pafter all i've gone through, preally? p>> his doctor says his injuries pare likely service connected.
10:35 pm
pva his appeal must be many -- pafter the commitment they have pfound the new claim system prepeatedly crash and the pstandards for everyone in pflorida -- p>> we are appalled that florida pveterans may have waited longer pto any delay in scanning. p>> deborah thinks of her husband pand his promise that uncle sam pwould have her hand. p>> congressman bill posey helped presolve her problems and restore pher benefits.
10:36 pm
pgood progress and aimed at pserving our vets. pyou will find the record and ptestimony related to these pglitches and delays on our pwebsite. p>> all right. pthanks. phow about tonight the san pbernardino shooting spree in the pnews yet again. pthe f.b.i. wants to see who is pon pon the gunman's iphone to see if pthey were working with the pislamic state. pthey want apple to open up the hone. pwhy would apple be so reluctant pto help the f.b.i. given what phappened in this case? p>> right, it was so emotional pand you would think your gut preaction is to go ahead and do pit. punlock the phone. pbut apple says it is a complete poverreach and getting support pfrom its rival, google. ptim cook issued an 1100 word pletter.
10:37 pm
psaying we have no sympathy for pterrorists. pcook says the government isn't pjust asking for apple to unlock pthat particular phone. phe says the f.b.i. wants apple pto essentially reengineer the poperating system. pinside -- the federal government pcan override that there. pif you put in the wrong pass pcode it will be locked. papple says there's no guarantee pof that. pand the government is trying to pmake apple hack its own users pand undermine decades of psecurity enhancements. pso am is saying we are not going pto do this. pa federal judge says yes, you pare going to do this.
10:38 pm
pis a massive. pnow am is insisting and google pis backing them saying this is a pmuch larger case. pmore implications than just that pone terrorism case. p>> what is apple's next move and pwhat is the government's next pmove? p>> it's clear they are going to pgo to court. pit is definitely going up for pappeal. pso i would not be surprised if pwe see in the coming days, more aperwork and more legal prambling. pi think it would be a different pquestion if the f.b.i. handed
10:39 pm
p>> to reengineer everything, plimited scope maybe they will pcomply. pbut a larger scope that no pguarantee it will be -- p>> maybe that's part of the pnegotiations. pthat's just what the problem -- pthat's what the case with google pand think about that. pthese are huge rival. pthis is like coke and pepsi. pgetting on the same page, prepublican, democrat saying this pis a terrible precedent. pwe should not go down that path. plet's hope this is an element of pthe compromise. pi'm guessing, there will be some pjustices in washington d.c. pwearing black robes that will pdecide this. p>> thank you so much.
10:40 pm
pthe heat already.
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pthe school on the judge's3 coming up tonight at 11... you've already met the florida powerball winners... 3 now meet their neighbors! we'll tell you about the *favor the new millionaires asked from them... just hours before they went public. 3 and *why are more than a dozen bonefish grill restaurants closing down? the answer, tonight at 11... 3 the idol semi-finals round .. is about to wrap up! tonight the second half of the top twenty four finalists .. performed for the judges. 3 but it's about to be the end of the road .. for some of the idol hopefuls. as adam housley tells us .... five more of them are about to go home. p>> it was ant great night for
10:44 pm
pcontestants as the solo erformances left the judge's pwanting. p p>> it was a tough night. p>> it was one of those nights. p>> i expected everyone to papplaud when they did because pthat was the first time in the psong you started to sing in ptune. p>> some of the singers thought pthey did well considering it was pthe first time performing for a plive audience. p>> you know i'm happy they are pseeing different signs of me. pi'm a little bummed that harry pdidn't like it very much. pbut hopefully i can win him pover. p>> i probably did seem a little psharp and your nerves are umping and you go sharp. p>> song choice was a major pfactor. p>> song choices were really ptough. p>> i think the combined age of pall 12 were 40. pthere is a lot of young
10:45 pm
pcontestants having to make pdecisions which is tough. p>> after thursday's de duets pfive hopefuls have to say pfarewell to their idol dreams. p>> we know some of them are so ptalented but they didn't do well ptonight and we don't want to psometimes sent some of them phome. pit's hard. pit makes it difficult for me. p>> in hollywood, fox news. p>> the top 14 finalists will be prevealed tomorrow night at 8:00 phere on fox 13. p>> hey there, chip. p>> a $400 million renovation was pcalled daytona rising. pthis is the risk when teams hit pthe track for practice pespecially the first day. pthe big names avoid runs like pthis if they can, but not3 license was suspended seven times slams into a deputy in hernando county... the damage she did.. why that
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
wheel.. at eleven. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ?what do you get when you mix the t-v show "friends" .. with drake's smash hit .. hotline bling? p>> all right. pwhat you do get when you get the ptv show "friends" with drake's
10:49 pm
you used to call me p on my cell phone p p>> something tells me maybe some pof the friends producers are pbehind this. p>> could be. pit fits everything, that's the pthing. peverybody is able to grab it and pdo a match up. pit seems to fit whatever they pmake. p>> got to take a look at this pbecause when it came across the pdesk i said really? pit looks like chocolate, taste plike carrot cake. phersheys is rolling out a carrot pcake chocolate kiss. pit is supposed to hit the pshelves in the next few weeks.
10:50 pm
pis that like the bacon op-tarts? p>> i think that's the same thing pso you better bring some in phere. pi'm still waiting for my pbutterscotch kisses. p>> and i like carrot cake but i pdon't know if i like it more pthan chocolate. p>> teams have to practice but pthey know the high risk of pdamaging the primary car. p25 drivers did get in track time pbut was the risk worth it? ick it up in the second psession. pdillon starts dropping oil. pthat makes the track slippery pand drovers are slowing down. pyou can't avoid the pile. pand this really is a team's pworst nightmare at daytona, pbecause having to repair the pbest 500 car, nobody wants to pbring out the backup.
10:51 pm
peverything started to happen. p>> we just were in the wrong pspot at the wrong time. pand i saw the oil and started pchecking it out. pit's amazing how quick the oil pspread out and it was like ice pup there, but tried to keep it poff the wall and even when we pgot off the racetrack it was so pslick. pdate tone that is sold out for psunday. pthat's 110,000 seats. pbrand new seats completely sold. pmassive renovation, finally done pat daytona and marissa has the pstory from victory lane. p>> chip, this isn't just another pracetrack on the circuit any pmore if it wasn't already, this pis the world center of racing. pin this new experience, it pstarts as soon as you walk up to
10:52 pm
pkind racing stadium. p>> you walk through one of five pentrances here at racetrack. pthis is the toyota injector. pyou walk through here and this pis what you see. pa replica of kyle busch's pchampionship car from last year. pinside that empty case is the psprint cup trophy. p>> the fan experience at daytona pis none like anything else you pfind in sports. p>> when you get off the exit and psee the daytona international pspeedway now, i think it catches pyour breath and that's what we pwant to be. p>> daytona rising is more than pthe mile long grand stands. pit is a raising stadium and the pfirst of its kind. p>> it is a day long experience pwhen you come to a race. pit is a day long experience and pa hot of activities to do. p>> where else in racing will you pfind a waterfall but at the pflorida hospital injector.
10:53 pm
pinclusive experience with food pand beverage and all the pcomforts you would want. pwhich you see here at chandelier pis all 12 international speedway pcorporation racetracks. pi don't think you will find that pany panywhere else in racing. p>> everything else is brand new, pbut the daytona folks did do a pfantastic job of incorporating psome of the history of the track pas well. pif you have been here before, pyou will be stunned at all the pnew changes. pif you haven't been here you pwill be in ah of how much you pcan do with this racing pexperience. p>> thanks, marissa. pthat has got to be fun. pand that is bush's car in that pmark up there. p>> it's definitely worth a trip.
10:54 pm
p>> a grandmother marks a big pmilestone. pshe just turned 100 years old.
10:55 pm
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. 3 3 3 (paul) 3
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p>> another great shot this pmorning. pfoggy morning around tampa bay. pthis is at the by pass canal. plow clouds. povercast until 9:00 this pmorning, burned off. pmade for a great afternoon. pshe wins a fox 13 umbrella. pmake sure you go to my facebook age. plike it. pupload the photo of the app. pwe give away an umbrella monday pthrough friday at about 10:55. phighs today, pretty good. pyou talk about room temperature, pdelightful day in the mid-70s. ptampa hit 75. psarasota 1 degree cooler. pwe will stay in the zone for the pnext 4-5 days. plow to mid-70s for highs. preally a nice couple of days on ptap before things begin to pchange next week. plook how extensive the dry air pis and on this map, usually like pred is alert. pon this map red is good.
10:58 pm
pthe way from the atlantic, pacross our state and all the way pback to texas. pupper level winds are blowing pnorthwest to southeast. pthat will keep us high and dry pfor the foreseeable future and pmonday and tuesday there will be penergy that will change the attern and give us showers and pstorms. ptonight we stay quiet. pnot concerned about fog. pnot a big deal. ptomorrow lots of sunshine during pthe day. pmaybe fair weather clouds coming pin onto east coast. pand beside that the forecast poverall is pretty good. pwe will go 55 degrees at 9:00 pa.m. by noon it's 65 degrees. pby 4:00 it's 69. pcool mornings, mild afternoons. pthat's the outlook through pmonday.
10:59 pm
p>> she has lived through two old pwars and seen the invention of pthe thing you are watching us pon. pthe television. p>> think of all she's pexperienced. pnow she's celebrating her 100th pbirthday. pruth matthews is adorable. pshe turned 100 on valentine's pday, but had a party today. pshe calls it her sweet 16 plus p84 years. pshe stays at the palm garden of plargo. pher friend came up from sarasota pjust to see her. phis son says his mom is off the pcharts. pno one in the family has lived pto be 100 years old. p>> she's just a special lady. pshe did everything for people. pnot only dhuch people, other eople. pshe cooked fruitcakes for the pwhole neighborhood and did
11:00 pm
p>> ruth raised three children of pher own as well as two pgrandchildren. pand she is just adorable. plooks fantastic. p100 years old. pfeisty little thing. p>> i would go out an a limb to psay it in part attributed to pbeing born on valentine's day. pyou talk about a life filled pwith love? p>> happy birthday, ruth. p>> right now at 11:00 the psuspected drunk driver gets into pa crash. p>> and runs into a sheriff's pdeputy, of all people. p>> i heard this and i thought pwhat in the heck? p>> well, how that deputy is pdoing tonight. pwhat we are learning about the psuspect's lengthy driving precord. p>> in a way i feel like my psister was served a life psentence against her will. p>> her sister was raped and pbrutally attacked, leaving her punable to live without help. pwhy the young man convicted of


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