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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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p>> ruth raised three children of pher own as well as two pgrandchildren. pand she is just adorable. plooks fantastic. p100 years old. pfeisty little thing. p>> i would go out an a limb to psay it in part attributed to pbeing born on valentine's day. pyou talk about a life filled pwith love? p>> happy birthday, ruth. p>> right now at 11:00 the psuspected drunk driver gets into pa crash. p>> and runs into a sheriff's pdeputy, of all people. p>> i heard this and i thought pwhat in the heck? p>> well, how that deputy is pdoing tonight. pwhat we are learning about the psuspect's lengthy driving precord. p>> in a way i feel like my psister was served a life psentence against her will. p>> her sister was raped and pbrutally attacked, leaving her punable to live without help. pwhy the young man convicted of
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psentence reduced. first up tonight.. a suspected drunk drive p>> first up at 11:00, a psuspected drunk driver that pshouldn't have been behind the pwheel in the first place almost pkill add hernando county psheriff's deputy. pthat woman had alcohol and rescription drugs in her system pand witnesses say she was going pway over the speed limit. p>> fortunately that deputy is pout of the hospital. phe's at home recovering tonight pand he is 's lucky to be alive. p>> i heard this thump and i pthought what in the heck? p>> when joyce went to get a pbetter look what was going on a pfew yards away, she was phorrified by what she saw. p>> i was sad. pi thought the guy is going to pdie. p>> this was the scene tuesday pafternoon as captured by
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pa white toyota carolla slammed pinto a black dodge charger. pit crossed the center median pbefore impact. pthe charger was an unmarked atrol car drive bin brian psmith. phe was taken to the hospital. p>> the car was crashed. pit was bad. p>> bad and completely reventible. pdeputies say this woman was pdriving the toyota. pbut she should not have been. pher license was suspended. pit's been suspended seven times pand canceled once. pmaking matters worse, deputies psay she was drunk and on rescription meds. p>> a witness told the deputies pafter the crash that he thought pthe vehicle was going probably pat about 100 miles per hour. p>> drinking alcohol and taking pmedication, that is a recipe for pdisaster. p>> it's horrible. pit's really horrible. p>> and it nearly cost the deputy phis life. p>> i think she should be in jail pfor life.
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pwhat if it was a kid? p>> and bruno was released from pjail earlier on $10,000 bond. p>> an under cover deputy was pinjured in a crash today. pit happened before 4:00 p.m. pfive cars involved in this. plook at this scene. pthe driver of the toyota hit the pdeputy cruiser. pwhen the driver of the toyota pwas trying to switch lanes. pit sent the cruiser and two pother vehicles into the cars in pfront of them. pthe deputy and one other were ptaken to the hospital. pthe driver that caused the crash preceive add citation. p>> she was attacked and raped preturning books at the library. pthe broughtal assault left her pin a wheelchair struggling to psee, talk or walk. pher convicted attacker could get
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pof a u.s. supreme court pdecision. phaley has more. p>> currently serving a 65 year rison sentence. phe was a juvenile at the time of pboth times. pnow the supreme court decided, phe will get a resentencing. poutside the bloomingdale library pinvestigators say morris pbrutally beat and raped her. pleft her in a wheelchair unable pto walk, talk or see. pshe has continued to fight to pget her mobility back and made pgreat process, but sit a long proad ahead. pher family forced her to live pthe painful memories.
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pa choice to get less than a life psentence. p>> in a way i feel like my psister was served a life psentence against her will, not pby choice. pshe was robbed of her entire plife. pshe was 18 at the time and now pstuck in a body that can't move pvery well. pdanlt see very well. pshe hasn't spoken a word in peight years. p>> we spoke to an attorney and phe said a resentencing doesn't pmean he will get less prison ptime. pthe judge has the option to psentence him to life in prison. pthe family will plan to be in pcourt and represent all victims pthat have been such a horrific pexperience. p>> i do remember that night. pit was so awful. p>> one shooting, two different pcrime scenes in sarasota. psomeone fired shots. pa man and woman were hit in the pleg and taken to the hospital. olice were also at a scene pabout a half mile south of where
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pbut it's not clear where those ptwo scenes are connected, if p p>> beyonce taking a lot of heat pcritic pcritics say it has an anti olice message and apparently ptampa police officers agree with pthat. pzero officers signed up to work pat her concert in april. olice around the country pexpress pexpressed outrain at her super pbowl performance where her pdancers dressed as black anthers. pand the video touches on police pbrutality featuring a wall that preads, shot shooting us. pofficers say it is disrespectful pespecially since five officers pacross the country has died psince the super bowl.
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p>> like any other event here in ptampa, regardless of how pcontroversial it might be or who pthe artist might be or who the olitician might be, we will pstaff it because we have presponsibility to do that. p>> they did not clarify if the pofficers could be forced to work pat the event. pbut officers could be reassigned pto the venue. p>> take a good look at the sky. phe is wanted for robbery this pmorning. phe may be the same guy that probbed a circle k friday night. stoppers. 3 a riverview couple is thankful to be okay after a close call in a road rage
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p>> a riverview couple is pexpected to be okay after a pclose call of a road rage pincident. pthey got into an altercation on pu.s. 41 and palmetto. pthe fight escalated. phe pulled out a gun and fired at pthe couple's car three times. pnobody is hurt but it is a good preminder to stay calm while you pare driving. p>> we need to be patient. pwe need to be courteous and pdon't be confronting other pdrivers because you don't know pwhat other people are capable of pdoing. p>> osborn charged with paggravated assault and shooting pa gun from a car. phe is expected in court tomorrow pafternoon. p>> they will close more than a pdozen bonefish grill prestaurants. p14 to be exact. pmost will close before the end pof the year. pthis decision comes after pbonefish reported lower sales
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pblue and bran will restructure pthe chain. pthere are 200 bonefish grills pacross the country. p>> putting a face to the prize. pthe four winners of the power pball win came forward. p>> they had 5 day toss think pabout it but don't know what pthey are going to do with all pthat money. p>> we have a lot to think about. pit's very stressful and new and pwe really don't know. p>> they seem kind of worried. pyou will get to know these new pmillionaires through the eyes of ptheir neighbors, who else? lus -- p>> film making could be big pbusiness in tampa bay, but first pthe state has to act. phow close are they? p>> paul, how long does this pbeautiful weather stick around? p>> for a while longer. pwe will go all the way to the pweekend with sunshine and big pchanges coming up next week. pincluding a cold front. pmaybe severe weather and cold
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pthe i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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on location, but not in florida. tampa bay has
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film as production houses take advantage of p>> a location but not in pflorida. roduction houses take advantage pof incentives offered by other pstates. pbut now that could change. pin odessa on the set of an pindependent movie. p>> the fill crew of this film is 35 eople. pit is a romantic film being made pby a group of filmmakers from ptampa. pit is an independent movie and pthese are easy to attract than pbig budget ones. pthey rent this had location from pan odessa homeowner. plocal indies are all tampa bay phas head since the program ran pout of money several years ago. pthe movie with ben affleck is
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poffered millions in incentives. p>> approval of the entire ackage may not happen until the pend of the session. pthe size of it is still in pquestion. pthe film commission says it is poptimistic. pmore so than it has been in precent years that a package will peventually get through state plawmakers in tallahassee. p>> well, maybe you can catch in pon this right here. phere's a look at tonight's pwinning power ball numbers.
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pmillion again. pthat's a drop in the bucket of pwhat maureen submitted and david pcame by today. p>> the couple opted for the lump psum payout that gives them p$327.8 million. pnow, they are not exactly sure pwhat they are going to do with pall that money and that makes pmaureen a little anxious. p>> it's scary and unknown, and i pmean you always think of what pyou are going to do, but when it phappened, it all went out of my phead. pjust that i want to help special eep until my life. p>> it -- people in my life. p>> it will change my day to day plife. pinstead of designing airlines i pwill be doing tax strategies and pinvestments. p>> he says he's going to retire. pwhy not? pmaureen is a housewife. pnow she can pay other people to
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pwho are these new pmultimillionaires really? p>> they told us this morning. p>> he said the neighbors prevealed they had the winning plottery ticket and asked for a pfavor. p>> can you watch the dog? pwe have to go to tallahassee. p>> the lucky iest pomeranian in pthe country. p>> how does it feel your owners pare 52 $528 million richer? p>> they are very good friends, pgood neighbors. p>> and david is very me -- pmechanically inclined. p>> i asked her point blank
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ptickets. p>> i said, did you win the power pball? p>> no. pvery calmly, no. p>> the couple are getting drive pbyes by neighbors and the pcurious. p>> we are going to miss them if pthey move. pi hope they don't. p>> i hope they don't, but we punderstand if they do. p>>the nickel 95 trust, they pwould not explain to the media pwhy they named their trust that. pand wouldn't say if they have pany children, but say they will ptake care of their family with ptheir winnings. pand maybe they will take care of ptheir neighbors, too. pthere were two other tickets psold from that jackpot. pa couple from mumford, tennessee pcame forward. pand whoever bought the ticket in pcalifornia has yet to come pforward. p>> i know chris last week looked
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plosing by not claiming that pticket yes. p>> i wondered if you stuffed it pin your jean's pocket and it pwent in the laundry, you know, pthe ticket and dissolves in the plaundry. pand you are like, i hope i pdidn't have the winning ticket. p>> we've been on roll. pa cold front. pand the next five days, next pcold front rolls in. pchange is on the way. pdave sent this to me on facebook pand said i moved here a couple pmuch months ago from snowy ennsylvania. pthis is my first trip to sunset pbeach. pi said good job. pnicely done, dave. pa couple more trips in your
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pand we did have a nice sky. phigh pressure dominates. pyou can kind of see where the ptrough is from the temperature rofile today. pa dip in the jet stream right phere and there's a ridge out phere. pyou can all see that by the ptemperature profile. pthis is the first time so early pin the year that it hit 90 in hoenix. pthat's a record for them. pit's never been 90 in january or pthis early in february before. plots of heat in the desert psouthwest. pel paso hit 80. patlanta, 53. pif you are thinking of some of pthe heat hitting our way, the pnext 6-14 days will still show a ptrough in the east. pthe weather will be nice, but pthere's no significant big warm pups coming up like we saw pearlier this month. pi don't see any 82s or 84s. pmaybe into early march. p75 was the high today. pwe will stay in the low to
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phigh pressure dominates the pnight. pthe air is dryer. pthere's less water in the patmosphere and i think for that preason there won't be much if pany fog tonight. p58 in tampa. plow 60s in st. pete. papollo beach 59. pbrooksville, a typical cool pspot. pwesley chapel in the 50s. psouthern counties, 50s and 60s. pinland, the same. pseabring is 50. pweather map tonight, just kind pof quiet. plow pressure off the carolina pcoast. phigh pressure dominates in the psoutheast. pdallas is 55. pnashville is 36. p40s and low 50s. ptomorrow another good day. pmore sunshine. pmid-70s and slightly cooler at pthe beaches. pnow, as i mentioned a couple of ptimes tonight, we will watch pthis closely.
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pand even though it's a week or pso away. pthis can certainly change. pit looks to me like the pingredients are in play with the psubtropical jet. plow pressure along it. pcold front goes by that maybe ptuesday night into wednesday. pwatch a squall line and maybe psome mow severe weather. pwe will watch it closely for pabout a week from now. pclear and cool. pwe are down to 50. psunshine tomorrow. pnice day, highs near 70. pwrapping up the workweek in high pfashion friday. pafter that, guarantee you a dry pdaytona 500. plots of sunshine in the 70s. pshowers and thundershowers pthrough wednesday and turning pcolder thursday and friday of pnext week. p>> back to you. p>> coming up, the pope's mass on pthe u.s. mexico border bringing ptwo countries together. p>> his message is drawing some pcriticism. pwe will explai the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. hundreds of thousands of people gathered on both sides of the u-s -- mexico border this evening... to attend a mass le p>> hundreds of thousands of eople gathered on both sides of pthe u.s. mexico border to attend pa mass by pope francis. pand while tonight's event was eaceful, tonight's mass was eaceful, other parts of his ptrip weren't so calm. p>> take a look at this. ope francis showed a little psign of irritation when some of
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ptugged on his sleeves ractically pulling him down. pand he said in spanish, don't be pselfish. p>> this image bringing silence pto crowds of thousands. ope francis pausing between the pmexico and united states poffering a prayer for the plight pof migrants including those that plost their lives trying to cross pthe border. p>> we cannot deny the phumanitarian crisis in recent pyears meant the migration of pthousands of people. p>> the pope asking governments pto open their hearts, if not ptheir borders, to the human ptragedy that forced migration. p>> they are our brothers and psisters that are being expelled pby poverty and violence, drug ptrafficking and organized crime. p>> this as the holy father pcelebrated an open air mass in pthe mexican border city of
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pfrom an -- 200,000 pilgrims pcrossed to see the pope. pthe pope's mass is drawing some pcriticism. p>> the pope is a very political erson. pi think he doesn't understand pthe problems our country has. p>> a vatican spokesperson says ptheop light of migrants everywhere pand not just in the u.s. pthe pope advice visited inmates in a rison in juarez. pmoving e g ing them to move past their psins and work on changing their plives. ptens of thousands of people pgathered here in sun bowl pstadium in el paso. p>> in el paso at sun bowl pstadium, fox news. p>> daytona rising has been a
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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p>> daytona rising is done. pit will bea sell outfor the pdaytona in sinlt -- pinternational speedway. pit has been an effort and pmarissa got a two-hour tour pinside. p>> the fan experience here at pdaytona international speedway pis different. pit is unlike anything else you pwill likely see in sports. peverything is new. pi'm talking about the seats to pthe restaurants.


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