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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 ((walter it hasn't happened in almost 90-years... an american president... is heading to *cuba. momentous... yes... but also controversial... especially, in our state. 3 ((jen and... queen b's royal pain. why one of the hottest concerts coming to the bay area this year... could now be a *security concern. 3 ((walter and... what a life. someone in the bay area is counting cash this morning. the new lottery winner, living right next door. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter
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epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. 3 3 (dave 3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3
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3 new this morning: president barack obama... is planning an historic trip to cuba. (jen) it should happen in the next few weeks, and when it does, he'll be the first american president to step foot on the island... in nearly *90-years! 3 (jen the trip will be brief... probably in mid-march... and will be a watershed moment for relations between the u-s and the communist island. but it comes after months of changing
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each others' capitals... then came the move to restore commercial air travel... now many wonder if president obama will also be able to lift the longtime embargo... that many say: hasn't worked. but there's a huge sentiment, especially here in florida... that this trip is precisely the *wrong move. florida senator marco rubio... the son of cuban immigrants... takes special issue with this. 3 "i'll tell you the problem with the cuban government is not just the communist dictatorship, it is an anti-american communist dictatorship." "beyond that, they're a repressive regime, there's no elections in cuba, there's no choice in cuba and so my whole problem, i want the u.s. and cuba to change, but it has to be reciprocal." 3 3 (jen) the cuba visit will be part of a larger trip to latin america. an official announcement should come today, from the white house. 3 3 ((walter)) developing this morning: concert controversy just a few months from now, beyonce's tour will stop in the bay area... it's the hottest ticket in town... but some people, might not roll-out the red carpet for her visit... there could be hard feelings... and it *could cause, a security concern. 3 ((walter fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story for us.
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to something that happened at the super bowl, right? 3 3 3 3
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3 ((walter 3 thanks, shayla.
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(walter developing this morning: police are investigating a double shooting in north sarasota. police say: around seven last night, someone fired shots on "maple avenue." a man and woman were both hit in the leg, and taken to the hospital. we're told they *should be okay. detectives also responded to at least one other crime scene, not far away. right now, it's now clear *how or *if these incidents are connected. 3 3 (jen a riverview couple is lucky to be alive after a close call in a scary road rage incident. investigators say: the couple got into some sort of altercation with "arlan osborne, junior" while driving on u-s 41 in palmetto, wednesday morning. the two drivers were yelling at each other, about one cutting the other off. well, the fight escalated, and officers say: osborne pulled-out a gun, and fired at the couple's car three times. no one was hurt, but detectives say: it's a reminder of how careful, and calm, you should be on the road. 3 "we need to be patient, curteous and don't be confronting other drivers because you don't know what
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doing." --jen 3 osborne has been charged with "aggravated assault" and shooting a gun from a car. he's expected in court this afternoon. 3 3 ((walter new this morning... pasco deputies responding to a burglary discovered a grow house in new port richey. it happened last night off bracken drive. investigators say two rooms in the house were converted solely for growing and harvesting marijuana plants. police confiscated 19 plants... combined they weighed nearly 25 pounds. some of them were pretty big too... up to 6-feet tall. "raciel olivero" was arrested and chared with cultivation of marijuana. 3 3 (jen) the last of three controversial gun bills... has died in the florida legislature. 3 (jen the bill would have allowed one-point-five *million floridians, who have concealed weapons permits, to openly carry their handguns. two *other gun bills *also failed to gain support this
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permit-holders to carry their guns on public college and university campuses... and the other bill would have allowed concealed weapons to be carried in florida airport terminals. again... all three are dead... for now. 3 (jen/wipe vo) and *today in tallahassee... a group of moms will make their case... for school recess. they're holding a news conference with lawmakers, over the "recess bill"... it's a hot topic in the state legislature right now. the bill would guarantee elementary school children in florida at least 20-minutes of un-interrupted free play, every school day. the bill has already passed several committees in the house, but it's having trouble in the senate. 3 3 (jen) today in clearwater: the police chief will present an award... to a good samaritan. (walter) maybe you remember the story... of a missing elderly man... and the cemetery worker who found him... it was a good day good deed for sure. 3 (walter "dennis johnson" was doing his rounds the morning of january 19th, when he spotted 82-year-old "bob taylor" lying in a wooded area of the memorial park. it
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days of the year. johnson quickly called police, and rushed to keep the man warm. taylor was treated at the hospital, and returned back home. johnson will receive the "clearwater police samaritan award" during a ceremony at the park, around eight this morning. 3 ((jen)) knock down... drag-out... all-around slug-fest.((walter)) the republican race for the white house is getting hostile, and interesting. the big issue that's distracting the top two guys in the polls. 3 ((walter and... up late tossing and turning? need a little pick-me-up? skip the java... we've found a new way to get a *jolt.
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3 new this morning: a major recall by toyota. the japanese automaker is recalling nearly three-million s-u-v's, worldwide, over defective seat belts. a flaw could cause some rear seat belts to fail in a crash. this affects vanguard and
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20-16. so far, no reports of serious injuries. 3 3 "i don't think anybody is surprised donald is threatening to sue people. he's done that most of his adult life. but this letter really was, look i practiced law for twenty years and this letter really pressed the bounds of the most frivolous and ridiculous letters i've ever seen." 3 --jen well... there you have it... ted cruz and donald trump... duking it out... in the polls... at a republican town hall meeting last night... and behind the scenes. 3 ((jen)) the latest squabble has cruz *daring trump to go through with his threat to sue him for defamation.((walter)) and that's just *part of the bumpy, insult-filled road to the next primary. fox's carl cameron reports from the slug-fest in south carolina. 3 3 cruz says: "the bullying is not going to work here." cruz is daring the frontrunner to make good on his threat to sue. at issue: a cruz ad that uses trump's own words against him. cruz says: "i'm very pro-choice. (q: but you would not ban it). no. (q: or partial birth abortions). no. i am pro-choice in every respect." trump's attorney sent a cease and desist order
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cruz is responding in kind. trump says: "even in the annals of frivolous lawsuits, this takes the cake. so, donald, i would encourage you, if you want to file a lawsuit, challenging this ad, claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit." trump in a statement said quote "if i want to bring a lawsuit it would be legitimate. likewise, if i want to bring the lawsuit regarding senator cruz being a natural born canadian i will do so. time will tell, teddy." cruz is calling trump's bluff, relishing the chance to depose him under oath.cruz says: "i'll point out, it didn't work out very well for bill clinton. donald trump does not want to be under oath answering questions about his own record." the latest south carolina poll shows trump with a commanding lead and cruz and rubio locked in a virtual tie for second. john kasich and jeb bush are running out of time in the first southern primary. bush says: "he's and actor playing a candidate in effect. he doesn't believe what he says. there's nothing in his past to suggest he's a conservative. now, he's morphed into this person that's kind of shifting with the winds." nationally polls say the race is more volatile than ever. trump has his biggest lead yet in a new quinnipiac poll and a new wall street journal/nbc news poll cruz has taken over the lead with 28 percent over trump's 26. marco rubio is at 17 percent. john kasich at 11. carson 10. and jeb bush 4. rubio is aggressively attacking cruz in hopes of overtaking him. rubio says: "i've been sayin for a while now that ted unfortunately has proven that he's willing to say or do anything to get elected."cruz says: "whenever anyone points to their actual record, the response of both donald trump and marco rubio is to yell the word liar." trump says: "they really, i mean, they lie. and the reason i can say that nicely is that rubio called him a liar also." rubio's endorsement by nikki haley, the governor, is a big carolina. it comes three days pbefothprim wn the plsaythmo tn 3
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3 3 (jen/ now... *here's a nice break from all the bickering. meet the new sea otter pup at "shedd aquarium" in chicago. she's 10-weeks old, and trainers say: she's spunky, feisty and *always on the move. quite an achievement, considering her sad beginning. stranded on a beach in california last month... after a storm separated her from her mother. but now, she's getting all sorts of love. there are eight-people taking care of her... they're teaching her life skills, like grooming and foraging... and they say she's a super-fast learner. and here's a fun fact: sea otters have a very fast metabolism... they eat about 25-percent of their
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3 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time 3 traffic".
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available for traffic. 3 (jen having a little trouble waking-up this morning? here's an eye-opener. taco bell has launched a new beverage option, nationwide... it's called the "rock star energy slushie! it's replacing the starburst cherry on the "slush" menu... 3 it comes with 92- milligrams of caffeine... and 220-calories... and it's only available for a limited time. the chain says: it's the perfect refreshment to keep you "hyped from the start of the show to way past the after- party." or at least it will keep you awake for the drive home, after a midnight run to the border. 3 ((walter)) mayhem, on the menu.((jen)) the popular restaurant chain, closing several locations. and... 3 "it's just a really cool place, with a really cool backdrop." --walter and how! you can *hear the rat pack, just *looking at this the rat pack,
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3 --walter and how! you can *hear the rat pack, just *looking at this place. now, after being closed and quiet for 15 years, the old t-w-a terminal at j-f-k... is ready to swing again. we'll go inside the iconic
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3 morning: one of downtown tampa's largest buildings has a new owner. 3 a new york investor paid 42-million for the 501 east kennedy office tower. the 20-story building is so valuable because it's one of only two buildings left in the area with large amounts of office space. 3 (walter some *unappetizing news for "bonefish grill" fans. tampa based "bloomin' brands" announced wednesday that it will *close 14- locations. no word yet on which ones... but most of them will shut-down before the end of the year. the restaurant has had lower sales for the last *three financial quarters. bloomin' brands says it will "re-structure" the seafood chain. right now there are more than 200 bonefish grills, across the country. 3 (jen but on the flip side... there are some new restaurants *opening today... at tampa international airport. "bay coffee and tea company" and "auntie anne's pretzels" are two of the new concessions, being added as part of the big airport expansion project. in all
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will open at t-i-a, over the next two years... including cafe" at an airport! today's grand opening is at 2-30 this afternoon. 3 (jen) and speaking of airports.... one of the most j-f-k in new york... is undergoing a makeover. (walter) it's the old t-w- a terminal... that's been closed ever since that airline went bust, 15-years ago... but this mod, mid-century 3 (walter check it out... it was designed in the early 60's... and definitely has oozes "cool." that's why it's been used in so many t-v shows and movies... like "catch me if you can" with leonardo dicaprio... well now, it's about to get a new life... as a *hotel! the curved, staircase-filled interior will be the lobby... probably the largest hotel lobby in the world... complete with 360-degree views. and the developer says: they'll tailor the theme of the hotel, to fit right in with the architecture... and location. 3 "we all have become used to getting on a plane and everyone is in sweatpants and flipflops and this brings you back to a time that was really
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--walter 3 so the *glamor is back. and so is the high price tag. this project is gonna cost at least 250-million dollars. developers hope to have the luxury hotel open, by 20-18. 3 3 ((jen)) it happens to all of us at the grocery store... tempted by those tasty snacks at the end of the aisle. ((walter)) now: the new push to make your next shopping trip *healthier. and it all starts: with the *labels. 3 ((walter plus... they serve our country... but are *we serving them? a new report about what really happens when our troops come marching home. and the one thing they really need, that
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33 thursday, february 18th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. we've had an especially tough week accidents, and many of them... it turns out that's part of a troubling trend, nationwide. 3 segui is on the story for us. alcides: a new study says:
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behind 3 this? 3 3
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3 3 wall to wall sunshine and lovely temps on tap for today. highs in the low to mid 70s. tonight will be clear and cool; low in the lower 50s. more sunshine and pleasant pm temps for tomorrow. highs in the lower 70s. 3 3 3 ((walter the time now is 5:__. let's get you up 3 to the minute on today's top stories: citrus county detectives are looking for a woman they say robbed two banks. the most recent robbery... last wednesday at the sunshine state bank in plant city. deputies also think the same woman robbed the brannen bank in floral city a year ago. if you know anything call the sheriff's office. 3 ((walter the mother of
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freezer in manatee county... is expected to appear in court this morning. "keishanna thomas" is facing charges that she abused and killed the girl, before stashing her body. the sad discovery was made october 18th, two days after she was reported missing. her mother had delivered the padlocked freezer to a relative's home days earlier, saying she was being evicted. 3 ((walter this morning: tampa city leaders will discuss more lenient punishment, for people caught with small amounts of marijuana... it's something that's already been done in several other cities. tampa's legal department and the police department are expected to weigh-in on the issue. some local groups are planning to pack today's city council meeting to show their support. 3 3 ((jen/ots)) there is a *sexting problem at a bay area *middle school.. these are kids who are just 11 to 14 years old! now.. the principal of lake placid middle school is planning a parent night assembly to discuss the problem.. 3 ((jen/take cg3)) according to the hernando sun newspaper.. the problem is more serious than racy text
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sending fully naked and half- naked images to each other.. as well as video. doty has done school assemblies .. where he told the kids they're putting their future in jeopardy.. and once something is out there.. it's out there forever.. the school administration also posted a message on its facebook page.. it reads: "parents, i have held assemblies with each grade level regarding an issue that is very concerning. the issue is sexting. there will be a presentation at 6:30 on february 22nd ad the first in lake placid. please make every effort to attend.((more)) 3 jen/ sexting is not just irresponsible.. and dangerous.. it's also illegal. minors in florida who knowingly use technology to distribute nudity to another minor.. are committing a crime. the highlands county sheriff's office is aware - and investigating. 3 3 the u-s military is struggling to provide *adequate therapy sessions for thousands of active-duty troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.. 3 that's according to a new
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it's kind.. of the 40- thousand cases looked at -- only a third of troops with p-t-s-d... and fewer than a *quarter of who are clinically depressed.. get the minimum number of therapy sessions after being diagnosed... guidelines from the department of veterans affairs say.. troops who've been diagnosed with these disorders are supposed to get at least 4 therapy sessions within eight weeks.. or at the very least -- 2 sessions to manage any newly prescribed medications.. 3 a military official says that although improvements have been made in some areas of care.. they simply "don't have enough mental health professionals on hand".. the study concludes that the pentagon needs to improve on how rapidly doctors review the progress of a service-member who was placed on medication for p-t-s-d or depression.. saying that less than *half of those troops were looked at within 30 days of diagnosis.. 3 3 (jen at least 28 people were killed by a car bomb targeting the turkish military in the capitol ankara...
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blast ... authorities say a syrian man ... likely a kurdish militant, carried out the attack. 3 later this morning -- pope francis is expected to arrive back home in the vatican.. he's coming off of a five-day visit to mexico.. which he wrapped up last night.. before boarding his plane... the pontiff embraced several children who ran out to meet him. they were among a crowd of hundreds... waving white, yellow and red flags. the mexican president and higoodby the pope thanked mexicans for opening their doors and their lives to him... 3 3 (walter/ a new lawsuit... in the bill cosby sex scandal. and this time, it's coming from the comedian himself. cosby has filed a breach-of- contract lawsuit against "andrea constand" and her attorneys. she's the woman who accused him of sexual assault in 2005... and that sparked the only criminal charges against him. cosby's lawsuit was filed wednesday, but remains under wraps. it's expected to involve a confidentiality clause that constand reportedly signed, when the case was first filed.
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nutrition fact labels may soon get a facelift...the f-d-a is proposing a redesign to make shopping easier and healthier. 3 health officials want to make calories more obvious... and change what is considered a single serving size. in addition... the f-d-a wants to distinguish between natural and added sugars. they plan to add in a line for sugars that are naturally present in food-- like fruit... and sugars that are added during processing. officials say changes need to be made in light of the they hope these changes will decisions. 3 3 (walter) wouldn't you love to have *this dilemma... someone in *seminole, just won a bunch of money in the florida lottery. (jen) 3 how much did they win? 43-million! woo and hoo! tonight's powerball jackpot, by the way, up to 212-million.
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3 (jen and, now we know who won the big powerball jackpot is maureen smith and david kaltschmidt... the married 3 couple went to tallahassee to claim their big check... worth 528-million dollars. they decided to take the lump sum... which comes-out to about 328-million... so and excited? well... this couple is really feeling the in fact, they say: with the win, comes a few *losses. 3 "lost a lot of sleep. i lost over 10 pounds... (laughter) it's a lot of pacing at night, let me tell ya. you worry. you worry what's going to happen. we know that we're no longer in a quiet place, which i'm gonna miss." 3 --jen that's why it took them more than a month to come forward... they had to get used to this... make
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his engineering job, after 34-years... and maybe buy a new car. she... just wants a *massage. 3 (jen) remember that huge group of people in tampa who pooled their money and bought 73-thousand powerball tickets, hoping it would better their odds of winning? well, they probably won't want to hear this. (walter) david and maureen only bought *one ticket... and they played the same numbers she's been playing, for *years. 3 ((jen)) 3 a couple waiting on the
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((walter)) then, something amazing happened. the super-sweet sign, they got from the womb. 3 ((walter and... it's like wading through a sea of ramen noodles! 3 what the heck is going on in australia? dave explains... 3 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3 3 3
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 they say: there's a super-tight bond between twins. (walter) ( they seem to know instinctively what the other needs or feels... and apparently, that starts in the womb. laura's here with that. 3 (laura) imagine the heartache... an expectant couple in kansas found out from doctors that their baby
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and brain issues... and probably won't survive. they were heartsick... they'd already named him "mason." but then, they got a very sweet surprise. 3 (laura look at this sonogram. you can see a large hand, holding a smaller one. that's little mason's hand on the left... and his sister's hand on top. she's healthy... and apparently, she knows her brother needs her... she's taking care of him. 3 (laura) the parents were so happy with what they saw. they're thrilled to have the sonogram... they say: it'll always remind them of the loving bond between their children. and they'll tell their daughter "madilyn" all about it, once she's old enough to understand. 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with
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3 ((dave a giant tumbleweed has taken over a rural town in australia. because of strong winds.. this fast-growing tumbleweed has invaded every single home. it's called "hairy panic"-- and you can imagine why. the grass piles up really fast... blanketing streets and even entire houses. homeowners believe the tumbleweed came from a nearby field that hasn't been maintained. local officials won't help people get rid of the grass... so people have been spending a couple hours every day trying
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3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 traffic". 3 no closed captioning is
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3 ((walter)) in sports this morning: a sell-out at the daytona speedway... nascar fans have gobbled up all of the reserved stadium tickets for this weekend's 58th daytona 500.... only infield and premium hospitality tickets remain. fans will notice some big changes to the speedway... a massive, multi- million-dollar upgrade was just completed. jen epstein will take us live inside... to get a look at the new additions... tomorrow morning on good day. in the meantime, drivers are gearing up for "the great american race." sports director chip carter has a look.
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3 cup teams have to practice at daytona...but they know the high risk of really damaging their primary fact, not one joe gibbs car, hit the track for practice today.... twenty five other drivers did get in some track time...but was the risk worth it... second session... ty dillon starts dropping oil and that makes the track really slippery, drivers start checking up slowing down, but can't avoid the pile up.....ryan newman and michael waltrip go spinning.... this is a teams worst nightmare at daytona... having to repair the best 500 one wants to bring out the backup car.......newman says he was surprised at how fast
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3 of tight nerves.....teams need to run in traffic to dial in the handling, but they know it's a risky run..... and these teams are not searching for speed, they're searching for handling...they want to be able to put the car where they need to..... rookie and pole sitter chase elliott tells me that the information gathered in these practices is more important than winning the pole... 3 3 3 3
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3 on location, but not in florida. tampa bay has been losing out on film after film as production houses take advantage of incentives offered by other states. (jen) but that could change. fox 13's evan axelbank is in odessa on the set of an independent movie to
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3 the crew of this film is about 35 people, and many of them are from right here in tampa bay.but these kinds of films are much easier to attract than big budget ones because of how much money filmmakers can save by shooting in states like georgia or louisiana.this is an independent movie being made by a group from tampa. they rented this location, called the casa bella estate, from an odessa homeowner.local indies are all tampa bay has had since a state incentive program ran out of money several years ago. a ben affleck movie about ybor city - with a crew of 300 - is being shot in georgia because it offered about 6 million dollars in incentives. a new cbs project about tampa's military scene seems headed for louisiana. that disappoints the owner of this location."everybody who comes in here is spending money. the people we are working with, they are renting hotels, they are using local caterers, it's important to everybody to keep the money here."this year, a package of incentives has been wrapped into a larger economic development bill, and has passed two senate committees. but approval may not happen until near the end of session, and the size of it is still in question.the pinellas film commission says it is more optimistic than in years past that a deal on incentives will get done. evan axelbank, fox13 news. 3
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3 there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2-shot)) the song "formation" has created some "hesitation" for police officers..((laura)) coming up at six.. we'll explain how the lyrics may affect beyonce's security for her upcoming tampa concert. 3 ((russell/take vo) and: it's been 15 years to the day that dale earnhardt senior died on the last lap of the daytona 500.. coming up at six - how the drivers plan to honor his memory today. 3 ((laura/wipe vo)) and - brothers and sisters often
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that's what makes this so sweet.. how one little girl surprised her big bro - coming up at six! lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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3 3 3 the "bey-hive" is buzzing over beyonce's upcoming w p>>laura: the bee hive over pbeyonce's world tour. pa recent controversy is driving pa wedge between police and queen pbee. p>>russell: u.s. supreme court psays a rapist and others like phim deserve a second chance but phis victim's family wants to pmake certain he never sets foot poutside of the prison. p>>laura: and this video will pkeep you on the edge of your pseat. pa man drives through the path of pa tornado.


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