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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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3 ((russell the song "form p the song for formation pcreated some hesitation for olice officers. pthe lyric may affect beyonz psecurity for upcoming tampa pconcert. p>> and a january 19th, one of a pcoldest nights of the year. pand elderly man disappears and
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pman who found him and kept him pwarm. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. phey everybody welcome 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning everybody. pthank you for waking up with us pon this thursday morning it's pfebruary 18th. pand we want to get straight over pto dave for forecast, kind of pweather we love. pi know. pbut you have to warn you picture pi'm about to show you you need psunglasses before you do it. p>> really? poh, yeah. pgorgeous. pi purposely kept that banner in pthere if i had taken it out it pwould have been wow. pgone. peast over tampa bay. psometimes you get a little pglitch in camera there. pwe will move to this one which pis lakeland. pequally as beautiful. pbut a few greases cooler for ptemperatures inland 52 degrees pthere. poverall, going to be a stunning
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pas temperatures start in the med p50s at least low or mid 70s for ptemperatures later today. pvanessa. pdave, thank you no new incidents pto mention since our last report pon roadways we do want to check pout some potential trouble spots pon our majors. plooks like this is not one of pthem. pbut i'll show you travel times pin second. pthis is just county line road parea so hillsborough polk county pline along i-4 everything seems pto be moving pretty smoothly in pthis treasury. plooks like we have red travel ptimes along northbound 75 selman pcess way to i-4 is about an nine pminute ride at this point. pcoming northbound 2 survivor pdrivers, near that pinellas pbayway exit heading towards pkennedy boulevard plan for about p31 minutes and then 16 minutes pfor those drivers on i-4 pwestbound. pbuck man. p>> vanessa thank you. ptheres had been a lot of buzz psurrounding beyonce latest psingle and it has not be ositive. pnot all of it. pwell she's having a problems pselling tickets for her april pconcert a raymond james. pshe's the running into some pissues when it comes to psecurity.
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praymond james with look at why psome tampa police officers are pnot falling into dare we say it pformation. pand signing up for are work. p>> yeah, her super bowl erformances had lot of people ptalking, including police pofficers right here in tampa. p>> in fact tickets are already pon sale for beyonce's concert phere in at raymond james. pbut so far no tampa police pofficers have signed up to work psecurity. pnow it comes after the super pbowl performance of the singer's pjust released song formation. pher dancers dressed as black anthers for half time erformance. pthe music video sent new orleans pan addresses police brutality pand all a wall with bah stop pshooting us. pnow lyric make reference to her pmother's creole an se tree foods pbeyonce like and physical pfeatures as her nose and her own pshe likes as well. pin the video, she appears on top pof a sinking police cruiser.
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pofficers in tampa say it's too olitical and unfair. pa tampa police spokesperson had pthis to say. p>> like any other event here in ptampa, regardless of how pcontroversial it might be or who partist might be or politician pmight be, we're going to staff pit because we have presponsibilities for do that. p>> now the concert is scheduled pfor an april 29th here raymond pjames stadium. ptickets again around still on psale. psome of cheapest ones we've seen ponline so far or $70. pnow in the meantime, tampa olice have not clarified pwhether or not officers are pgoing to be a forced to work the pevent. pif no one signs up. pso far they are telling us it's pstill early, they are wanting to pwait and see if anyone signs up pin next couple of months. pin addition to that they said pone option they could consider pis having officers who are palready assigned to work that pevening reassigned to raymond pjames stadium and make other
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pof tampa has adequate police pservice. pback to you. p>> all right shayla. ptalk again later, thank you. p>> 8:05 just about. pdeveloping out of sarasota, olice are investigating double pshooting around 7:00 last night. pman and woman both sholt in leg pofficers believe it happened pnear 3 thouksz block of maple pafter just after that officers psecured two other crime scenes. pwe're still not sure two were ptaken to sarasota memorial. pthey are expected to be okay. p the man responsible for a proad rage and shooting a another pcar will face another skwauj ptoday. pofficers a around long osborne, pjr. got upset when couple cut phim off along u.s. 41 and almetto. pthey say he pulled out a gun, pand fired at their car three ptimes. posbourne was arrest ad nearby pgas station a gun was found in phis car. phe's charge aggravated assault pand discharging a firearm bo a pmoving vehicle. p8:05 now a man convicted of pmurdering his own daughter and
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pback in november the lester ross pwas convicted of a killing at p3-year-old girl and keeping her pbody in a freezer for a month. pand when the baby's mother came plooking for the child, ross oisoned her killing her too. pross could have faced death enalty but jury recommend life pin prison instead. ptoday the judge will have a pfinal say. p well, it was one the most pbrutal attacks we have reported pever. pyou remember this one too. phigh school girl violently pbeaten within inches of her plife. pit happened outside library in pbrandon. pwell now person accused of a pdoing it could walk free much psooner than expected. pkendrick morris granted a presentencing hearing because of pa supreme court decision that psays it is unconstitutional to psentence juveniles to lengthy rison terms pfr morris was 16 pyears old when he attacked and praped the girl.
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pand now he's going to have a new presentencing trial this is a pchance his time could reduced. pone attorney says there's also a pchance he could get more time pand that's based on the severity pof the charges. phe's unable to walk talk or see. p changes could coming to pstate death penalty law after pflorida lawmaker struck a deal pto rewrite it would require at pleast ten of 12 jurors to agree pon the death penalty for it to pgo forward. pif not enough agree the pdefendant would get life in rison. plast month u.s. supreme court pruled the state's death penalty psystem was unconstitutional pbecause it gives the judges too pmuch power in these cases. pnew plans still needs to be assed by both houses and then pit will have to get governor's psignature. palso in legislature a proposed popen carry bill for guns is not pmoving on the bill already assed in house but head senate pjudiciary committee says not pgoing to pass there he will not psend to vote for vote. pthis session he shot down two
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pallowed concealed gurneys on pcollege campus and another one pfor airports. p>> military men and women spend ptheir lives protecting our pfreedoms. pbut are they getting the help pthey need? pa new report says no. pan especially when it comes to ptheir mental health. pin largest case study ever, plooked a 40 thousands cases and pfound a 30 of troops had ptsd. pand many of those received the pminimum number of therapy psession after that diagnosis. pend official one military says pthey just don't have enough ersonnel to meet demands of pthose that need help. parm researcher one most pvulnerable times for sole yers pthat suffer from police pdepartment is year after being preleased from hospital. pnot all baz radar bad news the pstudy showed a vast improvement pin how the military follows up pwith an inpatient care to revent suicides. pand military provides service pmember a chance to see a
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p>> well, it is days like today pthat we love dave osterberg. phe's going to give us another pdose of sunshine coming up. psome days we don't love him. lus super heros come in many pforms. pwalter allen will be live a pceremony for man who is being precognized for a giving to a man pgetting to man in just the nick pof time. pbut first, we're going to check pin with charley brown. pcharley. pyou're a good man. pyeah, you know. pboy, if you told little kid pcharley one day he could sit on psnoop's dog house with snoopy, poh my gosh that's all i ever pwanted to do i wanted snoopy to pbe my best friend here i'm phanging oh wut snoopy. pgood man charley brown in lutz. pa lot of famous people have layed pew royal snoopy pincluding russell rhodes. pdon't want to intimidate you psnoop but you have big shoes to pfill you both make about same
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pyeah there3 3 right now...a clearwater prighted now a clearwater pcemetery worker is receiving a pgood samaritan award for prescuing a man on one coldest pnights we've had this year. pthat elderly man bob taylor had
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pand no jacket. pfox 13 walter allen is live in pclearwater with ceremony is set pto take place. pgood morning, walter. p>> laura, and russell good pmorning to you. pthat's right actually just kind pwere in middle of dennis johnson pstanding right in front of us pjust awarded just now by the pcity of clearwater. ptake us back to folks at home. pwhat was going on that morning. pwhat did you do? p>> just another day at work. pwas doing my typical routine pnoticed in the woods a patch of pcolor. pcloser investigation it was a pgentleman laying in the woods. pi waved over a co-worker to a go pwith me to investigate, found it pwas mr. taylor. ut my jacket on him, we got phelp manager came out pimmediately. pshortly after that the police pdepartment was here. ptook mr. taylor and got him some phelp. pand you had no idea he was pmissing? p>> i had didn't know at all puntil my manager showed up they
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erson report that morning. pso -- p>> at with point did it sink in pthe severity the situation or phas it? p>> well i have an aging father pwith memory problems, so it did pi guess hit me there, that it pcould have been my dad that was pout in the woods. pi'm just glad he's okay. p>> you had no idea what was pgoing to go on that day when you pgot off work. pnot at all. pnot at all just ready for panother typical day. p>> for folks watching at home, pyou know like you said you have pan aging father, if you come pacross something out of the pordinary, you know, what would pbe your advice to people? p>> again, i use caution. pyou didn't want to step into pengine that you can't get out pof. pbut at least investigative it
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pand help them out if you can. p>> has taylor family reached out pto you at all? pthat morning i met their son. p>> that's all. p>> what was that like? p>> well yeah. plike i said having an aging pfather myself i know that must phave been going through. p>> you don't consider yourself a phero? p>> no. pthe detective the carried him pout of the woods, now there's a phero. pokay, dennis perfect. pthank you, appreciate it. pdennis johnson just received at paward for being a good samaritan pout here. pnot a lot of pomp and pcircumstance at cemetery, but a plittle bit more than what he is pused to. pso he's going to head back to pwork here in just a few minutes pand carry on great job that he's pbeen doing. prussell, laura. p>> all right. pgood. pvery nice. pglad we got that. pthanks, walter. p>> you bet. psure pretty out there where he pis. retty everywhere. pthis is, kind of weather we plove.
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pbeautiful in peak of the day. pone of those weather patterns in pmorning need a jacket by the pafternoon you don't need it. pback in mid 70s. pyou know beautiful outside. pwe're starting to our 8 o'clock ptemperatures, 46 degrees in pcrystal river. p50 brooksville. p50 in leesburg. pof course the further south you pgo warmer it is. pbut everybody seems to be mainly pin the low to mid 50s. pwe'll see big jump probably back pup closer to 59 or 60 by time we pget into 9 o'clock hour. plots and lots of dryer air in patmosphere. pat the surface. pthat tends to remember was up pquickly. pstill in the mid 40s. pour friends in tallahassee to pgainesville to jacksonville mid p60s down towards the keys. plike a nice typical mid february pmorning. pi just love when these dew oints get into 40s even lower p50s. pit just feels comfortable poutside. pnow, as fast as the air warms pup, when the sun goes down
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pbut still going to be absolutely pgorgeous over the next several pdays. pi do see some clouds over by the pbahamas. pi'm telling you, this is what phappens when big ridge of high ressure just sits there. pand with in a northeast wind ptoday that will help to warm us pup full sunshine dry air. pall of the ingredients to make pit very lovely pleasant pafternoon. pso enjoy your wall to wall psunshine as 72 for a high. ptonight we'll get back to 40s. pcitrus hernando county everybody pelse low to mid 50s. pback to low to mid 70s for highs ptomorrow. ptomorrow's friday. plook at that spring fever as pwe're going into weekend. pboaters we do have a moderate pchop for you today. pnortheast wind at 15 knots. pmid 70s for the weekend. pboth saturday and sunday. pmonday's great at well clouds prolling in tuesday with chance pof rain. pand thunderstorms tuesday night pinto wednesday morning vanessa. pall right dave, thank you. p>> it looks like we have some
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palong u.s. 98. pthis is near lakeland high pschool. pwe did have viewer tweet us and plet us know what they were pseeing. psounds like according to a u phaver reports, this might be a pcrash or disabled vehicle of psome sort. peither way there are some lanes pblocked in the area. pwestbound direction. pand so most of out delays we're pseeing westbound. pgive yourself few extra minutes pif you have to pass on by plakeland high school along u.s. p98. pmeantime as we check in on ptravel times on veterans pexpressway looks like our psouthbound travel times are pstill kind of uncomfortable side pany time we get over 30 minutes. pit's a little bit more time on pthat roadway then we're used to pspending this time of morning. pwe have delays pretty much from pulrich down towards hillsborough p35 minutes that is time pnorthbound direction, plan for pabout an 11 minute ride. p>> well theres a big difference pbetween male and female college pat athletes when it comes to pthriving in the real world. pfind out how more successful. pand it's time for a good pstretch, isn't it?
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preally? pyeah. pthat's coming up at 9. pso if charley belcher is charley pbrown does that make russ and i plinus and lucy? pis dave snoopy in charley shows
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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p you got to love the vince pguaraldi, i think it is a what pthe name of that charley brown plinus and lucy. pwhat's charley brown. plinus and lucy. pyeah. pvince guaraldi. pgreat, great music it makes you pthink charley brown and his pfriends sloweder and sally and plucie. pand linus van pelt. pand of course snoop. pwho can forgot charley brown? pas you can tell i'm big peanuts. pran to paper every sunday. pand just loved those strips. ptim is actually playing charley pbrown in the production of pyou're a good man charley brown pat dream house theater in lutz. pstate road 54 and oak grove pboulevard to be exact. pi'm stretching to so you can pcatch your breath. pi'm good. pthis is really fun show because pit kind of brings comic strip to plife.
8:23 am
pit's really fun, high energy pshow. pi remember walking into hallmark pand seeing comic strips and pthey've taken to comic book and ut on stage with musical. pdance numbers so much fun. pconnections is great the energy pis so, so fun. pshow was kind of like vignettes pwhich really around like reading pstrips. ptell you one cute little story pand move on for something else. pwho is the star of show? pjury is still out on that one? pman, i snoopy has a real good ptendency of stealing the show i pfeel with his numbers ask his penergy. pyeah. pstill out on that one. pisn't it funny, that you're pright charley brown strip itself pkind revolved around charley pbrown. pbut snoopy also stole the scene. psnoopy who is he is often played pin this production by a female pfor whatever reason. pis the part really high? pno, it's quite low. pi don't know but girls have
8:24 am
pall right can i see a little bit pof it? pof course. phere's a little bit of dream phousing production of you're a pgood n ma charley brown. p p p p p p
8:25 am
p p p p it is a fun show. pwhat a fun show for all ages i plove it. pevery time i'm at these pcommunity theater throughout our parea i'm reminded how much ptalent we have here in our own pbackyard. pman, this bringing back great pmemories for me. pthis is great. pi've singing along. pgood. pgood. pwe'll have more snoopy numbers pfor you russell. pall right. pcool. pthat's great. psee you later, man. pcoming up we will show you how pvery helpful website that the in points all sink holes or
8:26 am
pof sink holes in hillsborough pcounty. pit's like cart backs for houses pand alcides segui has some pimportant information, for panybody hitting the road today. pwhere did that come from? pi don't know. pi have no idea it's okay. eople know who i am i think. pgood morning to you. pgood morning to you russell. pwe're talking about a traffic pfatalities this morning. pnumbers are up across the board, pacross the united states they pare up 8 percent here in pflorida. pup the 18 percent. pwe'll apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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3 3
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it's been a deadly week on the roads in the bay p it has ab deadly week on proads in bay area. pfour people died in crashes on pmonday alone. pnewly released numbers show the pnumber of traffic deaths across pthe country is a 50-year high. pone biggest increases in pflorida. palcides segui is live in tampa pwith a look at why this might be phappening. pgood morning. p>> good morning to you, laura pand russell. p38 thing,000 people were killed plast year on u.s. roads. p4.4 million were seriously hurt. pif you a traffic deaths and you pbreak them down by state, you'll psee that or kin ranks number ponegeorgia number 2. pstate of florida has seen an pincrease of 18 percent. pwe actually ranked number 3 pacross the u.s. pif you look an overall numbers pin the united states, they are pactually up 8 percent from 2008. pit's happening more and more. pwe just need to be more careful. pwe need to put our cell phones pdown leave a little early to revent these traffic pfatalities.
8:31 am
ptraffic fatalities including a edestrian who was hit and pkilled on bruce b. downs. edestrian fatalities by the way pare also up in the state of pflorida. pa couple of days before that paccident there was a fatal pwrong-way crash that killed two eople on i 275. pjust a heart retching story. p65-year-old eugene fisher of pgrandfather on his way to work pwhen troopers say larry thompson pwas going the wrong way ask pslammed into him. pboth were killed. pmonday saw 4 traffic fatalities. pand unfortunately, as i pmentioned if is happening more pand more every daystudy was put ptogether by national safety pcouncil. pit found a stronger economy plower unemployment rates, and plower gas prices were probably pkey factors in this height. pright now driving i say fordable pthat's why more people are doing pif. pback to you guys. pall right, alcides, talk later, pthank you. p>> a woman was caught on camera
8:32 am
pdetectives do not believe this pwas her first time. pinvestigators say this woman on pyour screen most recently held pup a sunshine bank in plant pcity. pand took off in an early 2000 pmodel red be aing can. pthey believe she was also behind pan armed rob he brandon bank in pflrl city. pjust about a year ago. pon to other news sexting has pbecome so bad at local middle pschool the principal is calling pfor a meeting for all parents. pfox 13 jen epstein is look at pwhat's going on. plaura, these kids are as young pas 11 years old. pthey are sending nude and artial nude photos to other pstudents. pit's gotten so out of hand lake lacid middle school principal pis holding a parent assembly to pfigure out how to stop it. rincipal chris doty said kids paround send fully naked and half pnaked image and explicit videos pto each other. phe held school assemblies he ptold students they are putting pthere future in jeopardy and ponce something is through out pout there forever. pschool administration post ad
8:33 am
psaying, parents, i have held passemblies with each grade level pregarding an issue that is very pconcerning. pthe issue is sexting. pthere be a presentation at 6:30 pon february 22nd at the first resbyterian genesis center in plake placid. pdoty says they need to get ptogether and have a conversation pabout what can be done to take pcontrol of the situation. psexting is also illegal. pnierns m florida who knowingly puse technology are committing a pcrime. pit's a first degree ms. demeanor pand up to third degree felony pextending on the circumstances. phighlands county sheriff's poffice i say ware looking into pwhether if will be pinvestigating. plaura. pback to you. pall right, thank you, jen. pmoms across the state are padamant their kids will get precess and today they are taking pfight to tallahassee. pthey will hold a news conference pwith lawmakers ovary says bill a phot topic in state legislature pright now. pbill would guarantee elementary pschool children at least 20 pminutes of uninterrupted free lay.
8:34 am
pbill has already passed several pcommittees in house but as we ptold you last week the senate peducation chairman says he does pnot plan on bringing recess bill pup for a vote. p>> also in tallahassee mothers pagainst drunk driving calling on pflorida lawmakers to strengthen pdrunk driving laws. pmad met with senate pappropriations subcommittee urge pthem to pass a law that would pwould have offenders enter into pa twice a day alcohol testing rogram. por that they would have to wear pan ankle bracelet along with use pan ig is in interlock device. p>> 8:34 right now. psinkholes something every phomeowner worries about in pflorida. pem especially concerning if pyou're looking to buy a new phome. puntil just recently there was no pway to track whether there was pany in your neighborhood. por at place where you're looking pto move to. pnow there's a database that we pall have access to. phillsborough property appraiser pis in to talk about it, how padoing? pgreat.
8:35 am
pis this new, it's been around pvery long? pno actually, we've been tracking psink holes for folks proactively pcame to property appraisers poffice in past. pand wanted a reduction in there passessment as a result of stigma pfrom seismic activity. pon their property. pbut there really wasn't a formal pway as there had been in phernando, prior to my taking poffice in 2013. pso i worked together with county pcommission particularly pcommissioner high enboth um and pwe passed an ordinance now folks pthat that feel like they may phave type of activity taking lace on their property have to ull a permit for an pinvestigation and kind of starts pthe process of tracking the psinkhole activity from point you pthink you may have it oh point pit's remediated. pdoes everyone now have access pthis information?
8:36 am
pand so folks can go on there pclick on tab, and the pinformation that we have pavailable and again punfortunately it's not 100 ercent complete because there pare cases prior to this pordinance. pin which folks that may have had psome type of activity didn't pactually report it to us. pbut anything that's happened psince ordinance tookt effect is pon there as long a historic pevidence of sink holes in past. pyou can click on there. pcheck your neighborhood, check a iece of property that perhaps pyou're interested in. pand see if there's been activity pthat we know of and it will show pwhether it's remaid ated to best pof our knowledge or whether it's pstill in the process. pbut what do you hope this paccomplishes? pwhat? pwhat's goal of something like pthis? pwell i think, first from a ublic safety standpoint, it's pimportant the folks know if they pare living on piece of property por bought a piece of property or pyou know, thinking about buying pa piece of property, or if pyou're seller or if you're real
8:37 am
pwhether there has been activity por maybe a story next door pneighbor says there to the erson that perspective buyer pyou don't want to buy that phouse, you can look back and see phistorically if there was psomething there or if it had pbeen fixed. preally from standpoint of poverall just a matter of pinformation. pinformation that's available to, pto the folks out there they can ptake look and see whether or not pthere has been activity or erhaps activity within a articular neighborhood. pand we can track it and make psure it was remaid ated pcorrectly. pone we know wean return it to pthe proper evaluation that pshould be after the sinkhole or psubside activity has remediated. pi know obviously in a pneighborhood you learn as you're pbuying piece of property that if pthere has ab problem with sink pholes that's going to change, pyou know, whether or not you buy
8:38 am
pthe value of that property. pbut i mean, it's certainly good pinformation to have out there pthat everybody has access to, pright? p>> sure. pabsolutely. pand again, the interesting thing psomething that happens naturally pthis part of living in florida. plime straight is basically what pwe live on. pand both, you know natural pevents as well man made events pcan affect that over the course pof time if we have a drought and pheavy period of rain afterwards pwe will have sink holes. pand they've been here long pbefore we were even here. pso, but in truth is if you've phad a sinkhole lot of times not peven sinkhole that's sort of a pcatchall activity. pfrom depression to an actual, pyou know sinkhole that we know pabout sometimes they can very pdevastating and damaging and psome cases loss of life is presult of them. pthere's a range of things that pcan happen as a result of it. pso having the information pfrankly once a sinkhole is roperly remediated.
8:39 am
psure tracking it so that the rescribed fix for the activity pis actually what takes place, pand lot of cases property is psafer than it was prior to that. psome cases maybe safer than the pneighboring properties. pso so in that case the value can pgo back to the level that it pshould be. pand perhaps overtime, you know, erhaps the stigma of you know, psinkhole properties can as with psome of other things like pchinese dry wall folks go away povertime. phey, thanks for coming in this pmorning tell us about it go to pyour website and you can get to pit from there. pthanks so much i appreciate it. pgood to see you, take care. phey dave. prussell it is lovely outside pthis morning. pbeautiful blue sky. pwe will go outside a little bit pfor 9 o'clock hour looking pforward to that. p54 degrees at tampa pinternational. p57 in st. petersburg. pnow, don't get me wrong we do phave some spots still in the p40s. pbut drier air at the surface
8:40 am
plook at the southeast, we've got laces like atlanta 36. pand charlotte at 36. pand 32 in nashville. phigh pressure just anchored over pthe southeastern states this pmorning. pthat's going to help to pump in pa northeast wind for us. pand that will help to warm us pup. pyou've got the sunshine, you pever got dry air, a little pnortheast wind. pit is going to be a spectacular pday. pand temperatures will respond by pgetting back these in lower if pnot the mid 70s for highs this pafternoon. ptonight 52 for the overnight plow. pand do it again tomorrow. p73, maybe 74, 75. pwhy not. plet's just finish it off on pgorgeous note. pthe weather doesn't change until pearly next week we will squeeze pout decent monday by 76. pclouds will roll in last check pcomputer model bring rain and pstorms in late tuesday night and pearly into wednesday vanessa. pthank you, dave. pcrash we're seeing slow downs in inellas county along 275.
8:41 am
pthe area of 38th avenue north. plooks like it will be north of pthat 38th exit. pwe were seeing a right lane pblocked within past few moments por so everything has moved on to plooks like a right emergency pshoulder at this point. pbut we're still seeing some pdelays in that area. pi would at least leave early but pto you want to avoid that area pyou can. p38 minutes your estimated time pif you're coming from pinellas pbayway heading to kennedy pboulevard. pmeantime we want to check in on psome other slower pots on pmajors. p275 sticking here with that. phillsborough county drivers pcoming from bearss avenue for pi-4. lan for 20 minutes. pnine minutes is your time north pfound on 75 between selman and pi-4. p>> you know we were just days paway from one in as ska's most pfamous racing events. pdaytona 500. psunday's race a sell out. pwhile it's already hugely opular, fans are even more pexcited this year after that pmulti billion dollar upgrade to pthis speedway. pwe don't dave osterberg want to premind you starting tomorrow at
8:42 am
ptake us live inside. pget a look at the new additions pwhat you can expect to see on psunday. pif you can't make to track do pnot worry you can watch it right phere on fox 13. pcoverage starts at noon. pwe'll be rig (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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p and welcome back. pit is tax season no doubt you phave plenty of questions. pyou're not alone. pthis morning we have an ask a pcpa. pwe're answering they are. panswering your tax questions for pfree until think 9:30. pright now we will talk paffordable healthcare also known pan obamacare. pand we have cj with us this pmorning accountant. pgood morning to you cj. pgood morning. pthanks for being with us. pthanks for having us let's talk pfirst of all what you aneed to
8:46 am
pobamacare. p>> well, you will have received pyour form 1095 a already. pand you're good to go. pthe wrinkle this year is that pthis is the first year that pwe're issuing 1095s from insurer pand employers. pif you have insurance through pyour employer. pyou'll be receiving a new form pfor the first time. pand for make it a little more pinteresting, the deadline for pthose being issued has been ushed back until march 31st. pso irs issue guidance you can go pheed ill and 52 your taxes pwithout it. pyou just want to be real careful pthat you're not saying anything pon your tax return that's going pto disagree with the form that's pcoming later on. pyou have to just sort of pguesstimate. pwell you should know if you had phealth insurance or know if pyou're depends had health pinsurance. pto zo whether or not you've had pthat healthcare that insurance por through your employer you phave to indicate is that pcorrect? p>> yes. plet's talk about penldlizations
8:47 am
pwas trying to get passed. pwhat about it? p>> it's a thing. pit's a real thing. pthe penalties are going up a plittle bit every year. pit's based on the months of pcoverage and who is on the tax preturn. pso if the minimum penalty for a pfamily is going to be 975, pthat's if you don't have it. pit can go up to as much as 2 ercent of your gross income if pyou are wealthy taxpayer. pit really depends on your pcircumstance and it's broken pdown by month not by year. pbroken down by month not by pyear. pall right. plet's talk about the tax credit pthat is you can get. p>> the tax credit is exclusively plimited to if you get insurance pthrough the exchange. pso what you'll typically receive pis the advance premium tax pcredit.
8:48 am
pand then the tax return your p1040 really useded to reconcile pdid you get enough premium tax pcredit, did you get too much. pso that calculation can go peither way. pthe one caution i would give eople is when you go to the pmarketplace and you estimate pyour income don't underestimate. pbecause you will get too much of pthat tax credit up front and pthen you get dinged potentially pvery badly on the backside. pyeah. pis this per family? er individual? phow does it work? peveryone on your tax return pneeds to have coverage. pso you, your spouse, your pdependent children really anyone pin your household. pso it's, that can change year by pyear depending on your tax pcircumstance. pconstantly evolving situation. pand it sounds like this years pmost complicated year so far. pwell first one people will preceive these forms in the mail. pthere's lot of confusion
8:49 am
p>> it is a little complicated i pwill say. pthis why we're doing that this pmorning taking phone calls until p9:30 free tax advice you can't pbeat that. pso we will, the thanks so much pfor being with us you helped at pleast break it down a little pbit. pnow we will get over to charley pbelcher right now who is doing psome local theater which i know pyou love a cause close to your pheart. pit's called you're good man pcharley brown but snoopy has a ptendency to steal show. pthe way he stole comic show. pclassic peanuts dream house ptheater doing this wonderful roduction in lutz. psupper time.
8:50 am
i need new carpet. ok. i have two dogs. house trained? no, the dogs. i'd suggest stainmaster pet protect carpet. incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it's... i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad,
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ba da ba ba ba p p p
8:53 am
laying i assume original pbroadway recording of you're pgood man. popening number we heard these pguys do a little while ago. pwhat great show. pi own that little sound track. pit's a good show. pcalled you're a good man charley pbrown. pit brings the peanuts comic pstrip to life on stage. pit's here in lutz at dream house ptheater. pthrough the end of the month. pfriday nights saturday at p11:00 a.m. pand sundays at 3 o'clock. pyou hear the voice from above. pfriday night saturday at p11:00 a.m. sunday as the 3. pthat's correct. plinus what's your name? pchris. p>> all right i know you a linus pi see stripes i see blanket. ptell me about linus's role? plinus is really intellectual pcharacter but he's very gullible phe kind of just listens to peveryone that will speak to him. pso he kind of absorbs all of pthis information and it kind of
8:54 am
pwants to leave his blanket. p>> a gullible intellect. pi love the way, that's the erfect way for describe linus pappear gullible intellect. pwe see them on cable network t v pall the time. pi won't go any further with pthat. pone of your biggest number my pblanket and the me. pthat's a cute number. p>> what's your favorite in who pis your favorite peanuts pcharacter besides linus? robably my big sister lucy. pso she's p>> you looked at sally when you pwere referencing lucy. pi got a little crush on sally ptoo. p>> sally's one that see hearts pexplode overhead every time pshe's around linus. pthere's something interesting pthere that you looked at her pwhen you talked about lucy. pbut now it's interesting you psaid how much you like lucy. pis it because you'll punch you pif you p>> she, she roughs me up every pnow and then. pbut she's my big sister and i plove her. pall right. pgood.
8:55 am
pthis is number we're going to psee in we're going to the pbaseball game. pall right. phere's a little bit from you're pa good man charley brown. pdream house theater in lutz. p p p p p p p p p
8:56 am
ike we all know what happens palt end of every baseball game pthat charley brown is pitching pin he gets spun aroundal and of pa his clothes got knocked off. pi totally forgot how much i love pthis musical. pi'm out here singing along. pit's wonderful, it's innocent. pkids will love it. padults will love it fwho stall pja of peanuts comics will touch pyou all. pit's really a great show. pgreat little theater here. pnice. pnice. pall right.
8:57 am
pall right. phave you heard about this pcontroversy surroundin the pactor who is going to play pmichael jackson? pwhite actor. pabout that. palso this morning nasa releases pthis video. psun. pdave's going to tell us why. pdave's going to tell us why this pso important. pman, whole other hour left of pgood day tampa bay. pyou don i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful
8:58 am
little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
8:59 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think?
9:00 am
hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above 3 3 taking on the king of discounts. which stores are competing.. and p they are taking ohm the king pof discounts. pwhich stores are competing? pand winning against walmart? pand is the battle of the sexes pafter college how and why women pathletes are better employees pthan former men athletes. pand good thursday morning peverybody i'm laura moody. pi'm russell rhodes.


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