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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above 3 3 taking on the king of discounts. which stores are competing.. and p they are taking ohm the king pof discounts. pwhich stores are competing? pand winning against walmart? pand is the battle of the sexes pafter college how and why women pathletes are better employees pthan former men athletes. pand good thursday morning peverybody i'm laura moody. pi'm russell rhodes.
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pman is it extraordinarily nice pout here today, isn't it? pwhat's the jacket for? pit's beautiful. pit's so nice. pit's so nice outside. phow nice is it? pso nice that we need two pmeteorologists to report how pnice the weather is. pit's out here. pi want to be on tv. poh, come on do a walk on. pdo a walk on. pdo debrief in the morning. pcome in. pyou know you have no mic on. pwe debrief him on news and pweather every of the day go back pto your coffee now. pgo play. pgo play. pour temperatures this morning pamerica's youth. pwhat's happened to our youth? p>> wait. phold on we're in upper 50s right pnow. p58 degrees wed at this time. pwe were at 59. pso it's just very pleasant pstart. pstill lower 50s crystal river. pwho is first one?
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psomebody will hit 60 in hour pdegrees. pand today, stunning sunshine pwith high temperatures back into pthe lower 70s. pall right dave, thank you. pand right now 9:01 we want to pcheck on pinellas county earlier pnorthbound. pthat actually cleared out and pwe're, f dot really moved that pshot there for you quickly. pwe were zoomed in on wreck over pby 31st street. pin that there, we go again. pthey are trying to get the pup there. plooks like we're getting the icture. pcenter lane is actually blocked pat this point. pso not only a delay concern but palso a safety concern. pwe actually saw some folks from pdisabled vehicle trying to run pacross the interstate. pwell. p26 minutes is your estimated ptime from pinellas bayway to pkennedy boulevard. pgood news is, overall, number of pcrashes have been pretty light
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pcertainly a different picture pfrom monday. pyou probably recall we were retty busy reporting everything phappening on the roadways four pdifferent deadly crashes during ptheir early morning rush hour. pcertainly a bad day on the proads. pbut as fox 13 alcides segui pshows us, it's unfortunately pbecoming all too common. psome sdpushing new numbers here, palcides. p>> it really is. pand it as you mentioned it is pall too common. pif you look at statistics across pboard, across u.s., you'll see pnumbers are up. pfrom 2014 to 2015. pthe they are up eight percent. p38 thousand people were killed pon u.s. roadways last year. p4.4 million were seriously hurt. pit if you look at the break it pdown, state by state, oregon is pup 27 percent. pgeorgia up 22 percent. pthe state of florida right here pin the sunshine state up 18 ercent. pand as you mentioned vanessa we phave seen our fair share of
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pand less than a week we've had pseveral traffic fatalities pincluding a pedestrian hilled on pbruce b. downs, monday, 4 people pwere killed in separate paccidents. pa tow truck driver was hit oh, p4ed franklin bridge 36-year-old pallison hoffman hit and killed proger perez, left the scene. pshe was eventually arrested. pthere were two motorcycle pfatalities including one in new ort richey. pa couple of days before those pincidents, there was a fatal pwrong-way crash that killed two eople on 275. ptragic story. p65-year-old eugene fish area pgrandfather on his way to work pwhen troopers say larry thompson pwas going the wrong-way ask pslammed into him. punfortunately, these traffic pfatalities are happening more pand more every single day. pthis study was put together by pthe national safety council. pit found a strong economy lower punemployment rates as well lower pgas prices were probably key pfactors in this hike.
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pmore people are doing it. pthat means more people are on pthe road. pback to you. p certainly reason to urge pfolks once again to be safe out pthere on the roads. pleave early. ut the cell phone down vanessa. pall good advice thank you, palcides. ptell you what going to be pbeautiful day for this, governor pscott is going to be at pnews. pa record number of tourists pvivid florida last year 105 pmillion to be exact. paccording to preliminary submits pfrom visit florida. pstate tourism and marketing pgroup that beads old record of p98.5 million previous year. pyes, i 105 million compared to p98.5. pblows away governor scott's goal pof 100 million tourists most pvisitors came from u.s. still pmillions came from overseas in pcanada. pmore details later today when
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p now to developing story in pnew this morning authorities in asco county have arrested man paccused of a trying to set fire pto a deputy's home. pfortunately the deputy and his pfamily were not hurt. pthat man is now in custody. p>> we're expecting to learn lot pmore about arson investigation pduring news yenz later this pafternoon sheriff's office. pupdates on fox 13 and pfox 13 news at 5. p>> you know we were talking pabout tourism a moment ago part pstate's draw great concerts and pvenues beyonce has just pannounced she's coming to tampa. pbut now she's run into an punexpected backlash. pfox 13 shayla reeves is live for pus at tampa police headquarters. pshayla, so far not a sij officer phas signed up for security? p>> that's the information 245 olice. pin fact beyonce's concert at the psuper bowl is one that hadded plot of people talking including olice right here in tampa.
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erform here coming up in a pcouple of months. pand so far no tampa police pofficerses have signed up to pwork security. pit comes after that super bowl erformance of the singer's just preleased song formation. pher dancer dressed a black anthers for half time erformance. pnow music video set in new porleans addresses police pbrutality and include as wall pwith a words stop shooting us. pthe lyrics make reference to her pmother creole ancestry foods pbeyonce likes and physical pfeatures of her and her hair and pher nose she likes as well. pin video she appears on top of a psinging police cruiser. pit's that kind of message some pofficers in tampa say its too olitical and unfair. ptampa police spokesperson had pthis to say. p>> we live in shoet where people pare pretty, pretty polarized pabout their politics. pthey probably have some very pstrong feelings. pnow the concert scheduled for papril 29th here raymond james
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pright now it's unclear as far as ptampa police have said at this oint whether or not officers pwill be forced to work the pconcert event. pthey say it's still a couple of pmonths away they will give it ptime and see if anyone is pwilling to sign up. pone option they are considering phaving some officers who already pscheduled to work that evening preassigned to raymond james pstadium. pand they will make other paccommodations to make sure that pthere's adequate police service pfor the city of tampa. p>> back to you guys. pall right shaw la, thank you. p>> on to some political news now pthere's shift in the polls. pted cruz is moving up and pdemocrats are in dead heat pstill. pfox 13's doug luzader has more pfrom washington. p some of these polls may be poutliers this does show the pstate of flux on campaign trail pright now. pthis is not terribly good news pfor the front runner. pdonald trump and hillary pclinton. pted cruz on stage in south pcarolina delivering the news he
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pfor first time in many months, pthere's an a new national front prunner on republican side. pin fact a new nbc news wall pstreet journal poll shows cruz pis two points up over trump pnationally. pa massive shift from other precent polls. pand at the same time trump has pwide lead in south carolina. palthough that may not tell the pwhole story. p>> if you talk to people who phave been doing private polling pboth associated with campaigns pand with some of the super acks, the belief is that ptrump's lead is not quite as pcommanding as the public polls psuggest. pif we can win in south carolina pwe're going to go i mean we pcould very well run the table in pmaybe but within gop field pnarrows it could spell trouble pfor trump. pthey same poll shows in phypothetical one on one match pups cruise beats trump by 16 oints. pand so does marco rubio by the psame margin. prubio got more good news pyesterday when winning pendoerment popular south
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pthen there are the democrats pwith another new poll showing pthat nationally hillary clinton pand bernie sanders are pstatistically tied. pthat's real concern for the pclinton team. pjust like donald trump though, pclinton's numbers are very pstrong in south carolina. pif you believe recent polls pthere she should win pretty phandily. pin washington, doug luzader, fox pnews. p>> and local politics right now paffixed to state's death penalty pis closer. pthe house amended its bill to pmore closely align with the psenate's version. pyou might remember last month pthe united states supreme court psaid that florida's sentencing rocedure was unconstitutional. pa judge used to decide if person pgot the death penalty. pbut that's been thrown out. pand with these new bills it pwould be the jury. psentence version would have punanimous. platest version of house bill, ponly 10 of 12 jurors would have pto agree on the death sentence. prussell. p>> google is now weighing n inn pon battle between apple and
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pas we told you yesterday a judge porder apple to create a back pdoor to get into syed farook's pcell phone. pfarook terrorist from san pbernardino shootings. pnow apple says no. pthat software does not exist, it ptoo much of a dangerous psoftware. pso google getting in the middle pof it all. pit's ceo tweeted out several ptweets last night supporting papple's position. phe wrote, we know the law penforcement and all intelligence pagencies face significant pchallenges in protecting the ublic against crime and pterrorism. pbut he continued, we build psecure products to keep your pinformation safe and we give law penforcement access to data based pon valid legal orders. pbut that's wholly different than prequiring companies to enable phacking of customer devices and
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recedent. pgoogle concluded syeshaing open pto discussion about the pbalancing act between privacy pand security. pall right. pstraight ahead collegiate pathletics. pthe new study that shows that pfemale athletes are better off pthan their male counterparts. pjen epstein has that story pcoming up next. p>> and it is a reminder, it's pit's ask a cpa day here here for panother 20 minutes. pasked questions. pthen charley belcher is showing poff charley brown. pshroeder. p>> i can see why lucy pappreciates shroeder's muse pkalt. pi don't know if that's a word. pthat's good. pthat's not even real keys on
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pthat's how good he really is. pi hate to interrupt this in a pmoment but ado want to tell you pyou're good monday charley pbrown. pyou can see all of your favorite eanuts characters and we have
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psong called happiness whe there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch.
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i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10 at lowe's. 3 ((laura/wipe vo)) it was one of the coldest nights p it was aun wp coldest nights pof the year. pand an elderly man was missing.
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pclearwater just plain vanished. phis family was concerned they pwere worried all night. pbut then, they got at phone call pthey were praying for. pand fox 13's walter allen is plive for news clearwater this pmorning. pwhere the man who found bob took pcare of him in very poignant icture. pthey captured. phe's been honor. pgood morning walter. pgood morning to you. pin fact the awards ceremony pwrapped up a half an hour ago. pnot lot of pomp and circumstance pfor mr. dennis johnson. pbut, that's kind of way he likes pit. pit's very humble guy and didn't plike being in the spotlight. pso right now back at work. pbut you want to take you back to pthat day, january 19th bob ptaylor had missing for 18 hours. pclearwater police really turning pover every stone trying to find phim. pmissing endangered obviously olice were worried about him pfamily was worried about him phoping to find him. pwhen dennis johnson came into pwork here sylvan abbey cemetery. phe saw a bunch of leaves and
9:17 am
pfound bob taylor. phe had no idea that this was pmissing endangered man. p82 years old. pand he knew that he was cold on pthe verge of being hype they premember scopic a gave him a pblan et tried to warm him up as pbest he could at that time pcalled a co-worker brought him pover and, then, the end we know phistory. phad very happy ending. pwe talked to the chief of police pin clearwater. pand really, at that moment, they phad no time to waste. pwe used blood hounds previous pnight and searched area best we pcould. pthis large tracker of land as pyou can see shrubbery and stuff pthat can hide your vision and pmake it difficult to locate psomething. pbut, you know we were, we were pvery thankful that he was pdiscovered that morning because pminutes and seconds count. pnow chief also wanted to add pthat there are so many different pthings out there, so many
9:18 am
pdisposal to make sure situations plike this don't happen. pgps uniwrist monitoring pbracelets, that sort of thing. pand so people should look into pthat if you do have a family pmember that could be in that psame situation. pbut again, dennis johnson pawarded the today here in pclearwater. pso, good day laura definitely a pgood day. pyeah. pwe want to say thank you to him. pi'm sure scary situation. pnot just for bob but for his pfamily too to not know for him pto just, maybe realize he pdoesn't know where he is. pi don't know. pit's a great story, walter, pthank you. p>> russell. pabsolutely. p>> and it's the most wonderful ptime of the year. ptax season. ptime to file the w-21099s. p10-4s. pwhatever they are. pgather up all of those forms and pget em this in the mail. pand, most importantly find out pif irs owes you any money or if pyou owe them.
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pask cpa phone lines are open. pwe've got numbers at the bottom pof screen they will answering pyour questions. pnot much longer about ten more pminutes until 9:30. phurry. pmake a call. pyou probably heard this one from pyour mom when ufrp a kid. pdon't look straight at the sun pbecause you will go blind. pthanks to nasa we can now rotect our eyesight and make pour mothers happy at the same ptime. pyou've got to look at this. pthey just released this amazing pyear-long time lapse of sun's pactivity. pnasa says that it's solar pdynamic observatory satellite phas taking an image every 12 pseconds in ten different wave plengths scientist using pictures pto keep tabs on turbulence based psuch solar flares for past six pyears. peach frame in video is stowed prepresent about an hour on pearth. p>> really? p>> that's amazing. psure is. p>> i tell you what i'm looking
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pwhat's that, dave? pit just popped into hi head the ptotal eclipse of the sun. pwhen that is 2017. psummer, 2017. pgoing to be like 90 percent pcovered. pstill don't look at it. pno, i know but but i just pthought of that for second. ptotal eclipse of heart. pmy mind is all over the place. pthat's the way awork. pupper 50s right now. pyes. pour weather. pthis is what happens in hour six pof newscast. pthis is what happens. pquiet weather for next several pdays. pthat's going mean cool morning pwith light jackets needed. plovely sunshine filled pafternoons and temperatures back pinto the 70s. plooks like our next chance of prain late tuesday early on pwednesday. pi know we've got several days to in down the exact timing on pthat. pbut we may get a little line of pshowers and thunderstorms next pweek. pso that means from now until pthen, just enjoy the this lovely
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p58 degrees in tampa. p59 in st. petersburg. psebring and brandon, they are pfirst into the 60s. p60 in sebring. p63 in brandon. pvenice i'm sorry you forgot you pguys there 63 shaping up to an pexactly the way yesterday was. pcool to north. pa little mild to south. pwith beautiful sunshine. phere's the visible satellite. pclosest clouds we have are west alm beach. pi knew it. pi knew they were going to come pout with this song. pthis is good song. pgood song from the 80s, folks. panyway, west palm beach, pbeautiful. pyou see? pnow i'm all flustered here i'm pseeing 80s music culture club pearlier in show. p72 for high today. plet's keep it in 70s all the way pthat you weekend. pwe should do music over weather pevery single time. pupper 70s for tuesday.
9:22 am
ptotal eclipse of the heart? ptotal eclipse of the heart? p>> yes. pi think i got to say i like the psong. pi know you do too, dave. pi will admit i think i was a plittle distracted. pi was listening to bonnie not plistening to dave in that one. pall right. plet's go ahead sch check on proadways here 9:21. pwe do have an up today the here pa good one to crash at the hop pthe 9 o'clock hour. pin pinellas county. p275 at 31st street. pwe've got green travel times you pcan see that crash we were pwatching moved over to that pleft-hand lane i have to commend pdrivers i'm seeing everybody pmove out of that left lane. pover law. pso far, that is some good news. p23 minutes is your time from inellas bayway to kennedy pboulevard. pyou know you've got to be strong presilient and determined to be a pcollege athlete. pnot only do you have to be good pat the sport you're playing, but pyou've got to know how to pbalance practice and games with pyour studies. pno surprise athletes make agree pemployees. pbut that's not the case for all
9:23 am
pa new study of college graupdz pfound female make great pemployees. pmale athletes have trouble pengaging in work place. pfemale athletes learn a set of pskills that help hem concede. pand they are succeeding they are pengaged 400 women executive from p5 countries more than half say pthey played a sport at the puniversity level. pand 95 percent considered pthemselves athletes. pit's not just a work. pfemale athletes more likely than pnonstudent athletes to have ositive feelings about life in pgeneral. p>> but heir the exceptions. pmale football and basketball layers only 28 percent reported pfeeling good physically compared pto 47 percent of student pathletes that play other sports. paccording to study kind of makes psense since growing research passociates football with brain ptrauma. p2011 study found former division pone football players reported pworse physical and mental health
9:24 am
p>> controversial casting of pmichael jackson but actor laying him is fighting back. pand charley is up next with at pcast from charley brown. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. pwe're oh we're on 54 and oak pgrove boulevard. preally close to where 56 and 54 pkind of come together. pcalled lutz. asco county. pbeautiful place called dream phouse theater. pa great, great little theatrical pspace they are putting on show
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pfor the rest of the montana pthrough the 28th the of pfebruary. pthat's sunday they close. pfriday nights, saturday mornings pa 11:00 a.m. pgreat time to a bring the whole pfamily. psunday afternoons at 3 o'clock. psunday afternoon as 3. pit's such a sweet show. pit brings the peanuts comic pstrips to life with music. pit's so cute. pkids will love it. padults will love it. pgrandparents will love it. pone of my favorite numbers is peverybody talking about what pmakes them happy. pbecause after all happiness is a pgreat goal to have. p p
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p p p>> isn't that sweet? pa sweet a comic strip itself?
9:29 am
por as we like to call it here, pyou're a good man charley pbelcher. pyou're a good man charley pbelcher. pthey love me. pi just have to remind them how pmuch they do. pnice. pnice. pgood stuff. pright? plaura? pyou got to come see dream house ptheater. pyou're good man charley brown pthrough february. pthat performance giver me pchills. pso sweet. pso sweet. pi know. pinnocent. pyeah. pcharles jults was just a genius, pjust little kids trying to get palong. pi know, i know. pthank you. pit's been fun. pstay with us. pcontroversial idea the story pabout michael jackson elizabeth ptaylor. pand marlin brando should be retty interesting. pcasting is what cause ago big is pcontroversy.
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3 welcome back the time is 9:xx... p and welcome back to time pright now 9:32. resident obama officially pannounced historic trip to cuba ptoday. pthe first time in nearly nine pdecades. p90 years that u.s. pretty vieftd pthe i atlanta. plong time coming. psince obama administration pformally opened ties with harrah pin an in 2014. pvisit will be part of a broader ptrip to latin america. pmid march. pwhite house officials say cuba pneeds to demonstrates human prights reforms before trip.
9:33 am
praised u.s. flag. psince then high level u.s. pofficials visited including psecretary of state kerry. p>> the senate is expected to a ass a $30 million water passistance bill in michigan plater today. pthe money will cover a portion pof flint resident water bills in plight of led contamination pcrisis. pmine wheel michigan governor pgiven newly hired engineers find pone month to find pipes con pfamily nating the water supply. putility goal stayed funded study pwill be need to be approved pdetroit free press is reporting pthere are around 5 thousand pknown lead lines. pcity plans to start replacing ipes next week. p>> federal regulators know what pcruel oh,ed is santa barbara plast spring. pinvestigators say the problem pwas corrosion on the outside of pa pipeline. psafety experts also believe the pleak was much bigger than poriginally thought.
9:34 am
p100,000 gallons spilled. pnow they are saying closer to p140 thousand gallons. pmore details expected when pinvestigators released their pfinal report. p aging extra structures two pstories right there, you know. pjust wow. pmichigan story is infuriating. pall right. poutside we go. phey dave. psee the bottom of your screen. ct. psock it to me. psock it to me. pthere we go. pfind out what it means to be. pthat's what weather means to me. pi don't know what's wrong with pme today. panyway. pwe've got 58 degrees the current ptemperature outside. p63 in brandon. p60 in sebring. p63 in venice. pbradenton you're up to 60 pdegrees. pnow you crystal river started poff in lower 40s as bounced pback.
9:35 am
pmid 50s up in citrus county. pi'm telling you it ads a little izazz to the weather. laying a little music punderneath. p4 to even is degrees warmer pinland degree or two cooler palong the coast. poverall average out to be pretty pclose to where we were pyesterday. pyou see visible satellite there. pjust gorgeous, gorgeous psunshine. pin fact, i was looking when are pwe going to get our next chance pof rain? pwe can look forward and at least pbase order then particular model pthe european, on fast forward, pfast forward through weekend. pnothing, nothing, nothing. pfinally on tuesday, tuesday pnight, into wednesday morning. pnasty what it says right now. pwe're good through the weekend. pwhich is awesome. plot of respect for the sunshine. p72 degrees for high temperature pnext 7 days you will see low to pmid 70s for highs. pmid to upper 50s for lows. pthere's your rain chance tuesday pinto wednesday. pwe do have one first birthday to ass along.
9:36 am
psara turning one. psara loves commercials. pand her big brother. pbut she doesn't like her green pvegetables. phappy first birthday again sara. pi hope you have fantastic day. pvanessa sxi both like pcommercials because it puts food pon our table. pgreen vegetables is that what pshe said? pdoesn't like green vegetables pno. poh, well i'm sure one day that pwill change. pi don't think any of us like pgreen vegetables. eas are good. pthe spinach took a little time pto get into that flavor. phope she's have great birthday pno green vegetables on your pbirthday maybe. plet's check on roadways right no plive look over howard franklin pbridge. pwe do lingering delays you can psee, this is a look at the pnorthbound direction where it is pjamming up. pthe north end of the howard pfranklin bridge. pten minutes you're travel time phead fourth street to kennedy pboulevard exit. pso plan accordingly.
9:37 am
pwestbound along i-4275 is taking pabout eight minutes you can see pother parts of major haves pcleared out rather nicely. p>> all right. pthank you. p9:36 king of discounts walmart pis being challenged. pwe will it tell you which stores pare competing against the giant pand winning. plauren simonetti has that coming pup in few minutes. pto of pop. pcontroversial casting of michael pjack soggy what the white actor. pvanessa has that in pentertainment news. plive look above 16,000 mark. ositive territory. pbarely flat to start the day. pbut we'll take it.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
3 it was a shock when joseph p well it was a shock for some pwhen joseph fine was a cast a pmichael jackson for tv special. phe said he was surprised he got prole considering he's white. pnow he's defending himself and
9:41 am
pthe topic us sensitive. pbut never intended to be pdivisive. pwe're talking made for tv pspecial. pelizabeth michael lar lynn tells pthe story a road trip take by pjock and elizabeth taylor right pafter the 9/11 attacks. pand fine says he is honored to lay king of pop. phopes people keep an open mind pwhen watching the show. p>> now on to this story maybe pthis casting makes a little bit pmore sense to you. pjoe the latest to join on to phistory channel's newly pdevelopment series called six in pshow was about navy seal team 6 paccording to dead spin who broke pstory will will tame capture pwith seals do their complex ersonal lives and life and pdeath decisions that they make. pjoe's going to play the form pleader of group known to be p"gruff, and aggressive. pseries is just eight episodes no
9:42 am
pshooting is expected to begin pnext month. p>> and history is going to come palive on the big scene this pweekend. pthe story about jesse owens you psee behind me on screen here is pconsidered one greatest athletes pof all time. pin 1936, germany, he won four pgold medals certainly an amazing pfeat michelle pollino talked pwith the actors about making the pfilm. p>> the american people need pchampions. pnew drama race tells incredible ptrue story of jesse owens who pbroke records in 1936 olympic in pnazi germany ashgdz stephen pjames and jason were ainspired pby hi strength and determination pto succeed. pjoe says it doesn't matter what pyou like like or where you come pfrom you're fully capable of paccomplishing great things. pthat's what i want people to
9:43 am
pnotion of very talented one very ptalented you know young black pman being asked and to articipate or not participate pin on world's stage. psomething that's he's gifted at. p>> there's only fast and slow. pstephen says he learned a lot pabout focus and drive. pwhile preparing for play owens pon the big screen. p>> there was lot of things that pjesse used in running that i preally felt like i could apply pto my acting life to be honest. pyou know, that level of mental pfocus and being able to black pout sort of noise and outside psort of things and focus on what pit is is important to you. pso that's what jesse helped me pdo. phe says audiences won't see any prunning doubles during those pracing scenes. pthat was real in the film. pit was not, it was not edited pthat was me. pi got much quicker i ended up prunning husband just over 12 pseconds. psomething like that. pyeah.
9:44 am
pwhat? pget over to berlin and beat pthose guys. pa speaking physical prowess pcoming up we know it's not palways about at burn it's about pan ahhh after working out why pstretching should become part of pyour life. pthat's coming up next but as we pgo out to break let's have a plook at today's celebrity
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3 it's hard enough to find the time to workout. never mind once you're actually done... you want to pit's hard enough to time find ptime to work out once you're pdone you want to leave gym and pget on with your day. pone thing you might forgetting pto do that could be sabotaging pyour results. pour good friend anne gilbert pfrom shapes total fitness is phere. palong with dpeb. pgood morning, ladies. pwe're talking about stretching. pwe are. pyou know what i want you to prethink the value of the pstretch. pi think it is the number one pthing we leave out after our pwork out. pwe've got to go. pwe're in hurry. pwe want to do more of the actual
9:48 am
p>> yes. prethink that today. pwhen when you're doing so prealize that stretching can pactually increase your ability pto burn fat. pthink about the fact that it pcanady crease the pain in the pseated position at the work lace. pand it can also allow you to prelax more which means better psleep. pit can burn fat more? pif i stretch i'm going burn more pfat? pyes because recovery process pburns tons of calories. pso if your muscle stays tight pand isn't returned to its pnatural state to allow the precovery process to start you pdiminish the calorie burned. pso four basic stretches i wasn't poh you to add four. pthe first stretch i want peveryone to think about adding pon a daily basis is a hamstring pstretch. pthis is the old passive stretch eople do for two seconds and pleave it. pone foot bent on the ground, one pfoot up. pgentle pressure behind the knee.
9:49 am
pyou want to bounce ityou want to ulse it? pi'm not going to allow you to ulse it or bounce it. pand the second challenge is i'm pgoing to want you on daily base pto hold this stretch for 30 pseconds. pmy leg is already shaking. phamstring when it is tight, paffects low back. pit causes low back main in as pmany the 80 percent of those pwith undiagnosed back pain. pnext stretch, deb you want to be pthe trainer? okay. pthis stretch is for the glut. pthe glut. pall right. pright along that mile line of pyour cheek. p>> okay. pthat? pright. ress gently. pjen you can actually enhance pstretch by giving tug underneath pyour legs if you like. pso is this something you need artner to do? pnot necessarily you can put your pfoot up against a wall ask give pyourself some direct pressure. pthis stretches the tight glut.
9:50 am
pi feel that. pfrom the seated position. pyou're start adding on daily pbasis. pit doesn't matter when. pnot necessarily after gym work pout. pjen will stretch gently our pquad. pshe's not yanking but plengthening at the hip joint. preveers preveersing seated position while pshe's stretching the quad. pdeb as trainer is just getting a plittle bit of direct pressure. pagain no forced stretch. pno bouncing. pthese are really gentle you pthink wher pull hard and long. phow long you have to hold them pfor? p30 seconds. p30 seconds. pand then of course, this will be pwill be done on both sides. pwe often talk when we're here, pabout how we live in a very pforward flexed world. pwe drive to work we make our poatmeal, we're on the phone, we pon computer we sleep like slow. pi want you to add the fourth pstretch oh daily basis.
9:51 am
peach other pretend its a wall pthat you are. pokay. pand as if you were falling pthrough without bending at the pback you feel the stretch across pthe shoulders. pcommonly called open door pstretch. pit stretches all the musculature pacross the shoulder and pdecreasing forward flexed osition that we feel in the pdaily life. pfour things. prelax sleep better. pright? pburn more calorie as rest pbecause your body is actually precovering from it's work out. pand reverse the seat positions pwhich could mean less pain in pthe work place. pthat's it. pfour basic stretches to add pevery single day. pwonderful, thank you both so pmuch. pthanks for having us. pwe'll right back with a last
9:52 am
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9:55 am
pmaybe they are not. pwe'll see. palso walmart stock looking the pit now down almost 5 and a half ercent. pdow component that does affect pthe market. pbut i thought wall marred hat pgood earnings report, yes? pwell matters how you look at it. pno, no. pokay. ptheir profit beat expectations. ptheir revenue did not wp p$129 million we wanted more than p130 billion, and they are pguidance going forward for year. pthat disappointed as well. pwalmart spending money which is pnot bad thing. psometimes for investors it is pthey are spending money to get pcustomers to come back into ptheir stores. pit's working traffic improving psame store sales improving. pthat comes with a cost. pthat's what shareholder are pdiscounting right now. pwalmart working to get shoppers pback in just not, just not penough. pso there's disappointment on the pheels of this. pthere's, you know they have low pincome shopper that low income pshopper sometimes depends on tax prefunds.
9:56 am
pthat impacted them during the pquarter. pso, those are some reasons. pbut i wouldn't call it good pearnings report. pthey've got serious competition pwe've talking about amazon, of pcourse. peveryone's competing with amazon peven food stores walmart playing pemphasis on food. pthey are hiring managers to pteach work workers how to handle roduce then they're doing that pthing you order your food online pand drive to the walmart store pand load your dprung for you pwith your groceries. pdo you have walmart m manhattan? pno, no, i'm trying to think pwhere nearest walmart. pi'm not actually sure honestly i pgo walmart maybe once a year. pit's never in new york. p>> okay. pall right. psee you tomorrow. p>> thank you. p>> bye. p>> bye. p>> oh, man is it beautiful poutside. pwe have clear skies. pwarming things up. pthat's a lovely stretch of pweather. plow to mid 70s for highs.
9:57 am
pnext rain chance tuesday. pinto wednesday. pa little katrina and the waves. pi love it. pthis is like 80s day. pit is on good day. pit's good. pmake you feel good. poh it reminds me of high school. pyou love the 80s. plove the old wave. pwe've got to go today is pthursday fep 18th. plive and kelly michael coming up pnext. pwe should go walk on some psunshine. psee you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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>> it's live with "mike & mike in the morning." today from "forsaken," keither sutherland. and from the series "viking," travis fimmel. mister a performance from recording artist jazmine sullivan, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by espn, inc.] >> and now here are your


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