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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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3 a lot of excitement about p a lot of excitement about a pbeyonce's tour coming to tampa. pbut super star may also be pfacing backlash. pgood afternoon everyone. pthanks so much for joining us pi'm linda hurtado. pa lot of you are talking about pthis controversy on our fox 13 pfacebook page. pher super bowl performance pangered many in the law penforcement community. pand now as fox 13's shayla preeves reports some right here pmay be taking a stand.
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phas had lot of people talking. pincluding police right here in ptampa. pin fact tickets are already on psale for beyonce's upcoming pconcert here in town. pso far no officers have signed pup to work security. pit comes after the super bowl erformance and singer's just preleased song formation. pher dancers dressed a black anthers for half time erformance. pmusic video set in new orleans paddresses police brutality and pinclude as wall with a words pstop shooting us. pthe lyrics make reference to a pmother creole an zest industry pfoods beyonce likes and physical pfeatures of her own such as her phair and her nose she likes as pwell. pin the video, she appears on to pof a sinking police cruiser. pit's that kind of a message that pa some officers in tampa say is ptoo political and unfair. pa tampa police spokesperson has pthis to say. pwe live a society where people pare pretty polarized about their olitics. pthe concert is scheduled for
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pstadium. pit's unclear if officers will be prequired or forced to work this pconcert. olice have told us it's still pearly and they are still wanting pto wait and see who signs up. pone option they say they've pconsidered is having officers pwho are already owl scheduled to pwork reassigned to raymond james pstadium and making other paccommodation to make sure ad pquad police service forrest of pthe city of tampa. preport edge hooray monday james pstadium shayla reeves, fox 13 pnews. p thank you shayla. p>> so do you want to sound off pon this subject a lot of people pare right now. pall you have to did head over to pmy facebook page and joins pconversation. plook for fox 13 linda hurtado pand like page you can also pstweet me at linda hurtado fox. pwe're following a few kwop pdeveloping. pa pasco county sheriff is about pto release details about a psuspect he said targeted a pdeputy's home and all family. pthis person commit arson at the pdeputy's home. pdeputy was not hurt and suspect pis under arrest.
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pupdates and we will have much pmore for you starting tonight at p5. pa developing case out spring phill detectives around pinvestigating a stabbing. pthey were called out to traffic pcrash in area of pinehurst pdrive. pthey found someone inside a pvehicle with stab wounds. pthey are investigating a ossible crime scene with this pcase as pond circle. p detectives are now looking pfor are person of interest in pthis case, he is ian bunker. pthey say he may be armed if you pknow anything about him call the phernando county sheriff's poffice. p13-year-old girl arrested for pgrand theft auto. inellas park police say she pcrashed a van into a pneighborhood brick wall up and pinto someone's yard. pwhen an officer started pfollowing her she turned off pvanning lights and eventually pcrashed on street that comes to pdead end. pgirl stole van from pasco county pand she lives in holiday. pit has ab deadly week on roads pfour people died on monday palone. pnewly released number show
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pcountry is at 50-year high. pone biggest increases right here pin florida. p>> fox 13's alcides segui has a plook at why this could be phappening. p>> 38,000 people have been pkilled oh u.s. roadways last pyear. p4.4 million seriously hurt. pif you look traffic fa faults pacross the country florida is pnumber 3 with an 18 percent phike. pno doubt, traffic fatalities are phappening more and more every pday. pand you look at the bay area palone, weaver seen several just pin past week. pinclude a pedestrian, who was phit and killed on bruce b. pdowns. pa couple of days before that paccident, there was a fatal pwrong-way crash that killed two eople on i 275. pa tragic story. pgrandfather 65-year-old hue gene pfisher was on his way to work pwhen troopers say larry thompson pwas going the wrong way and pslammed into him. pthen on monday 4 people were pkilled in separate accidents. pa tow truck driver was hit on pthe howard franklin bridge.
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paccording to police, hit and pkilled roger perez then left the pscene. pshe was eventually arrested. pthere were two mosht psych pfatalities include this one in pnew port richey. punfortunately these traffic pfatalities are happening more pand more every day. pthe study was put together by pnational safety council. pit found a stronger economy, plower unemployment rates, as pwell a lower gas prices were robably key factors in hike. pright now driving is affordable pand more people are doing it. palong i-75 the in pasco county, palcides segui, fox 13 news. p>> in polk county a man pconvicted of a murdering his own pdaughter and her mother could plearn his fate today. plast november lester ross was pconvicted of a killing a p3-year-old girl. pand then keeping a body in a pfreezer. pbaby's mother came looking for pthe child ross poisoned her pkilling her too. pross could have face ad death enalty jury recommend a life in rison. ptoday the judge will have the pfinal say. p>> in manatee county the mother
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pin a freezer will not face the pdeath penalty if convicted. pkeishanna thomas is facing pcharges she abused ask killed pjaniya thomas before a stashing pher bode. pshe was found two days after she pwas reporting missing mother pdelivered a pad locked freeze ptore relatives home days earlier psaying she was being evicted. pthey will not ask for the death enalty. p>> even the pope is weighing in pon the presidential race. pwhen asked about donald trump pthe pope said anyone who wants pto build a border wall isn't pchristian. pwell in just two days republican pand south carolina and democrats pin nevada will go to the polls pto pick their choice for party's residential nominee garrett ptenney has more from washington. p>> with just two days to go pbefore south carolina's gop rimary a new national nbc wall pstreet journal poll shows donald ptrump falling behind texas psenator ted cruz by two points.
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pnew poll from cbs that shows old porder with a trump with a 17 oint national lead over cruz. pquestion are any of them paccurate. pbut those national numbers may pbe misleading because the pstagger primary schedule means olls conducted on the state plevel are in much better pindicator of who likely to win pthe nomination. pin a fox news poll released just pthis more than trump head into psouth carolina primary with pcommanding lead 32-19 percent. pi will only tell you there, we pare doing well, we have a really pgood chance to win. pif we can win in south carolina pwe're going to go, i mean we pcould very well run the table. pfor his part cruz has towneding ptrump to act on lawsuit he pthreatened over an attack ad. pbut cruz is coming under attack phimself. pmarco rubio is continuing to phammer away at the idea that pcruz is morally corrupt and precites a litany of example he psays is cruise's dishonesty.
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pcruz right now, they are talking pabout the petty squabbling pbetween cruz and a trump, pmeanwhile hillary clinton and pbernie sanders are running neck pand neck in most national polls pthey too have a big day saturday pwhen nevada holds its democratic pcaucuses. pin washington, i'm. pwatch craig patrick money power pand politicsthis weekend. pmany, power and politics air psaturday eenl 5:30 p.m. and psunday night at lern:30 p.m. p>> tampa city council leaders pwill discuss more lenient unishment for people called pwith small amounts of marijuana. pnow something that already been pdone in several other cities. ptampa legal department and olice department are expected pto weigh in on the issue. psome local groups are planning pto show their support at the pcity council meeting pasco pdeputies say they found a grow phouse in new port richey. pinvestigators say two rooms in phouse were converted solely for
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lants they confiscated 19 oints combined they weigh 25 ounds. psome are pretty tall up top six pfeet. pone man wag arrested and charged pwith cultivation of a marijuana. pcemetery grounds keeper may have psigned saved life simple act of pkindness. ptoday he was recognized for it a lan to make grocery shopping peasier and healthier. pjim is here checking your pforecast a beautiful one. preally that time of year when wr pwe get lot of our friends from pup north, you know they are pdealing with the snow and cold pand the cloudy skies. pand hey they come to florida in pis what they see. pbeautiful looking weather. pthis is going to continue for pthe next several days. palthough we're looking ahead to
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pcomplete for 3 (linda) a cemetery groundskeeper is awarded with the samaritan award pcemetery grounds keeper awarded pwith march tan award from pclearwater police after finding pa miss being elderly man. pjanuary 19th one coldest nights pof year bob taylor wandered away pfrom his home. pfor 18 hours he was missing and pconsidered endangered. pdennis johnson was working at pthe cemetery and notice ad pile pof leaves when he checked it out phe noticed on brink of phypothermia he gave taylor pblanket ask called for help. p>> we used blood hounds previous pnight and search area best we pcould. plarge tracker of land as you can psee shrubbery and stuff that can phide your vision and make it pdifficult to locate something. pbut, you know, we were very pthankful that he was discovered pthat morning because minutes and
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p>> after the ceremony johnson pwent back to work saying he's pexactly a fan of all camera and pattention. pclearwater police just want to premind everyone the tools of pavailable for folks that elderly prelative that might be at risk pof becoming missing or pendangered. pmajor recall by toyota appear pjapanese auto maker recalling pnearly three million over pdefective seatbelts a flaw could pcause rear seatbelts to fail in pa crash. pthis affects vanguard and ra phave 4 made between 2005 and p2016. pso far no reports of in serious pinjuries. p>> did you ever check nutrition pfact labels on foods you buy? pthey can be pretty confusing, pright? pbut f.d.a. is hoping to change pthat. padministration is proposing a predesign and says, shopping peasier and healthier for pconsumers too. pexperts are also on board saying pthey can hem with an obesity pepidemic linda schmidt has more pon the proposal. p>> what do you check for?
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pi'm looking for like how healthy pthe stuff that we're getting is, plike, like how much it would pbenefit myself. pidea behind nutrition labels is pto make you an educated consumer pso you know what you're buying pand ultimately what you're peating. pso how helpful are the labels? pdetailing the amount of calories pfat protein sugar et cetera in pyour food? pi know what i'm looking for, so phow much sodium how many pcarbohydrates, how much sugar phow much protein and fiber, all pof those things are very pimportant. pdo you think they are easy to punderstand when you do look at pthem in they are not. pi wouldn't say that. pyou would say they are pconfusing. pcould tra addicting half time. pthe f.d.a. wants to revise pnutrition labels including predesigning them. pamong the changes, well, making pthe calorie information more rominent. pas well a changing what is pconsider ad single serving size. pthe f.d.a. is considering adding pa line for added sugars.
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pon the food label we just see pone number for total sugars. pbut it doesn't distinguish pbetween sugars that are national resent in foods sugar and fruit pand milk added during rocessing. pnutritionist lisa says the pf.d.a. is hoping label changes pwill help people make smarter pchoices about what they eat. pespecially since the country is pfacing an obesity problem. eople just don't know how much pthey are actually consume when pit comes calorie and foods food plabels don't seem to make any peasier. pany ten reek get in terms of pinterpreting food labels into pour own diets will go a long way pin terms of approving overall phealth. p there's new places to eat pand drink opening today at tampa pinternational airport. pbay coffee and tea company pauntie pretzels two concessions pbig airport expansion projects. pin all 65 new shops and prestaurants will open tia over
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pincluding world first hardrock pcafe. ptoday grand opening 2:30 this phave a noon. p>> we just love this. pour dr. jo recently doing presearch on a story on how to ick the best in healthy he's eanut butter brands. pduring that process, we came pacross the a little one named ptommy he had quite a bit to say pabout his love for yummy spread. pone of adorable tv moments. pwe just wanted to share. phere we go. p>> tell me you like peanut pbutter? p>> yes. p>> and why do you like peanut pbutter? pit's because we make a lots of psandwiches with peanut butter. p>> and how do you like peanut pbutter? pi like my peanut butter with, pwith, with bananas. por jelly. pand i really like peanut butter pall types of ways. por peanut butter with apples.
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pthose are just a few clues i'm pgiving you. p>> so cute. phe later goes on to say what was pyour favorite brand excuse me psir, what's a brand. pif you want to check that pindividual out again aposted on pmy fox 13 facebook page. pi bet jim i made a few people phungry are going to kitchen to ull out that jar of peanut pbutter. peat it by the spoonful. pi feel bad because here he's phealthy bananas what did i just psay. pkids like peanut butter in preese's cups. pi said moms like peanut butter pin reese's cups too. poh mix it with chocolate. pgood. pthat boy's parents are doing pright by him. pdon't listen to me. pyou know, this is that time of pthe year, you know we sit there pand trying to figure out psomething to talk about, but you pknow, really, all you're pdhabiing about is beautiful plooking weather. pyou look outside right now. preally hard to complain about a pview like this. pnot a cloud in the sky.
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pcomfortable temperatures, we're psitting right now at 69 degrees. pand this is just that chamber of pcommerce weather. pwe've had it for past several pdays. pwe're going to continue to see pthis all the way into the pweekend. peventually, we've got a problem pwhich will head our way next pweek. pwhich will kind of spoil the fun pthat we're enjoying right now. pyou look at the visible psatellite loop. pright now gorgeous view. pyou have to go on to eastern pside of state to find any clouds pwhatsoever. pwinds are coming oh northeast or pnorth, northeasterly direction. pwhat that's doing is just phelping to reenforce and bring pdown more of that dry air. pa couple of days ago we were ptalking about it was starting to pfeel a little humid outside with pthat front that was heading our pway. pwe had winds coming up out of pthe south. pthat's gone. pand now these dew points are pdown into the 30s and the 40s. pso it feels so comfortable poutside. peven when you get daytime highs pin into the mid 70s. pstill feels nice and comfortable pbecause that humidity dew point
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pright now we're at 69. pdew point is 40. pthat makes humidity at 35 ercent. pand currently the winds, they pare out north, northeast at 7 pmiles an hour. pvery mild. peverywhere you go low 70s down pto our south. p60s along the coastline. pthat's, that's going to be kind pof trend we're going to see. pas we go through really the next pseveral weeks. pbecause the water temperatures, pthey are running in the upper p50s and low 60s. pso kind of tends to keep the pcoastline a little bit cooler pand we'll tend to see warmer ptemperatures through oh the pinterior. pso away florida from coast you psee temperatures running a plittle bit warmer than we were pyesterday along the coastline pwe're actually running a hair pcooler than we were this time pyesterday. pso across the southeast, high ressure still in control. pyou can see how quiet it is all pway from carolina coastline all pway back towards oklahoma and ptexas. phardly a cloud in the sky. pthis high is just going to pmeander around. psour weather is going to stay pvery quiet. pvery tranquil over the next
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ptypically when you see quiet pweather in at east you see the pactive weather out west. pthat's exactly what we're pseeing. pfronds ever moving on shore. pyou can see rain along pcoastline, sleet and the turns pinto mountain snow. pin fact, some of these mountains pcould see overtwo feet of snow pwith this system working its way pthrough. pthis frond is really going to pjust track all of the way across pthe country. pand eventually, it will be a pbringing a cold front into the pgulf of mexico. pand that's what's going change pour weather as we go into next pweek. pwatch that high, just meander pjust partly cloudy skies over pthe next couple of days. pand then, you see, there's that pfront working its way a bit pfurther down towards the south pdown into gulf of mexico. pthat will eventually have an parea of low pressure form along pit and bring some weather our pway as we head into late tuesday pand into wednesday of next week. pso still plenty of time to watch pthat system for the potential of psome severe weather about. ploads of sun for today. pdaytime high 72 degrees. pthen for tonight, clear and
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pfor tomorrow, another great plooking day. pmostly sunny, pleasant afternoon pdaytime high of 73 degrees. pon water winds out north at 10 pto 15 knots. pseas two to three feet with pmoderate chop on the bay. phigh tide comes up at 1:17 this pafternoon. phere's your 7 day forecast. pthat long stretch of great plooking weather all the way pthrough the weekend. pand then those rain chances are pheading up for tuesday night and pinto early on wednesday morning. plinda. pthank you jim. pone company is tops when it pcomes to wireless.
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proad for idol (linda) weekly jobless claims fall.. and, a new survey name the tops wireless network. pweekly job jobless claims pfaultnew survey names top pwireless networks. pmarket report.
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punemployment benefits fell last pweek to lowest level since pnovember labor department weekly papplication for jobless benefits pfell to 262,000 hiring did slow pdown in january. pthe companies are keeping most pof their workers in anticipation pof steady sales. pwalmart out with fourth quarter pearning and investor are pdisappointed by a revenue of p$129 billion in the quarter as pwell its forecast for the year. pthe retailer citing a strong pdollar and impact of store pclosures. pas some reasons for lower pguidance. pwalmart has spending money to pget customers back in it's pstores and that is affecting pthem as well. pso today stream bubbling up pearning revenue is down 11 ercent profit hit $2.8 million pin the last quarter. pthey are make a home soda hired pmichelin starred chef to create pnew flavors. pcan you hear me now verizon ptopping list of a network when pit comes to quality. pindependent testing firm says pcarrier ranked first in overall
12:25 pm
psecond half of last year. ptopping in order at&t and sprint pand the t-mobile. pthat's business for more log on pto a pin new york i'm lauren psimonetti. pbut it's about to end of road pfor some idol hopefuls. pas adam housley tells us, 5 more pof them are about about to go phome. p>> wasn't a great night for psecond group top 24 idol pcontestants as the, solo erformance left the judges pwanting. pit was a tough night. pi expected everybody to applaud pright when they did because that pis was first time in song you pstarted to sing in tune. psome singer thought they did
12:26 pm
pfirst time performing for a live paudience. p p p>> you know i'm happy that they pare seeing different sides of me pa little bummed harry didn't plike it as much but hopefully pi'll get a chancey to win him pover. pi probably did sing a little psharp a lot of times when you're pnervous and nerves pumping push pa little too much you go sharp. pharry has that ear. pi don't know what up song pchoices tonight. psong choice was major factor. psong choices were really tough ptoday i think. pi think combined age for all 12 pis 40. pi mean there's a lot of young pcontestants which having to make pbig decisions which is tough. p>> and only 7 of these 12 will pmake it on to next week. pafter thursday's mentor did you pet cetera 5 hopeful will have to psay farewell to their idol pdreams. p>> i think it makes it a little ptougher we know some are so fall pincident they had didn't do well ptonight. pbecause of that they can, you pknow they can go home and they
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pit's hard. pthat makes it difficult for me. pin hollywood, adam housley, fox pnews. p>> the top 14 finalist will be prevealed tonight at 8 right here pon fox 13. pcoming up, va mess up and mix pups hurting our vets. pi wouldn't have a house, i pwouldn't have an electric i pwouldn't have gas i didn't pay pmy bills.
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phow our service members are we've uncovered more problems at the department of p we've uncovered more roblems at the department of pveteran affairs. pa new billion dollar claim psystem has glitch and may be pcosting florida vets the most.
12:30 pm
atrick reveals continue blunder pand delays and impacts impact on pthousands of bay area veterans. pthe lady informed me that my pbenefits had been suspended pbecause i was deceased. pi thought but this can't, this pjust can't happen. p>> first we discovered the va pwrongly cut off veterans pbenefits by claiming recipients pwere dead. pironically after i was dead they pcalled me up and reminded me i phave an appointment next pwednesday. pthey should have had proof pbefore they cut me off. pnow we discovered va also did it pin reverse telling the central pflorida widow that she cannot pget survivors benefits because pof her husband is still alive. pyou know, this is ridiculous. pback in october, debra explained pher husband navy veteran died pnearly 30 years ago. pone point the va insisted he had psurvived. pat another point va claimed he pnever served on top of that she preceived a letter she can't get pbenefits because she remarried. pyou have proof that i'm premarried?
12:31 pm
pshe says va wrongly assumed she premarried because she did not preturn a marital update letter pthat va sent to the wrong paddress. pthat's just the start. p>> he told me he goes well we pdidn't didn't send you that pletter we sent your husband that pletter well you sent my husband pthat letter he's dead. pso how is he going to pay it? pwith that va yanked her benefits pand a sent her a bill for p$164,000 to repay 30 years of pchecks they assumed she cashed pby mistake. p>> to be honest i thought i was pgoing drop dead. p$1,200 month survivor's benefit pis her life line. pi wouldn't have house, i pwouldn't have electric i pwouldn't have gas i couldn't pay pmy bills. pcongress committed more than pbillion dollars to stop these pkinds of mix up and give pveterans benefits they earned. pva promised to eliminate backlog pin 2015. pit's now 2016, and while a pbacklog has gone down a lot of pveterans say they've cut off pdenied by mistake appeals for
12:32 pm
phave shot through the roof. pthey served and now they will pnobody wants mi part of them parmy veteran jim reid was pslammed into concrete wall in pkorea. pbusted my eye open separated my pshoulder and had to go to hysical therapy from that point puntil the end of my career. phe's been fighting for his pbenefits for the past 26 years. psomehow it got put into my file pbut not entered into the pcomputer system. pso as far as they were concerned pi didn't have an appeal pending. pwith no benefits he wound up pliving out of his truck. pi'm sleeping in my truck. pin a walmart parking lot. pafter all i've gone that you, preally? plast march his doctor said pinjuries are likely service pconnected. pthis is only a small portion of aperwork i have. pin august, judge told the va his pappeal must be expedited. pbut they just kept him waiting. pmost vets feel that they are pwaiting on us to die.
12:33 pm
pafter that billion dollar pcommitment government inspectors pfound new claim system has prepeatedly crashed. pand scanning center for veterans pin florida was a mess. peverybody can see it. pi'm sure ranking member are he alled that florida veterans may phave waited longer due to this pdelay in scanning. pjim reid thinks of all other pveterans that are suffering. pthis is why the people are fed pup with our government. pi kept calling va. pdebra thinks of her husband and phis promise that uncle sam would phave her back. phe loves serving. pbut right now, he would probably pthink it was a bunch of bs. pcongressman bill helped resolve pdebra's problems and restore her pbenefits jim reid says he's pstill in a holding pattern. pva stresses it making good rogress, it is committed to pserving our vets. pyou'll find records and the
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pglitch and delays on our pwebsite, preporting from the news room pcraig patrick, fox 13 news. pthank you, craig. resident obama's planning a phistoric trip to cuba. pit should happen in next few pweeks. pwhen it does he will the first pamerican president to step foot pon that island in nearly 90 pyears. ptrip will be brief probably mid pmarch and a watershed moments pfor relation between u.s. and pcommunist island but it comes pafter months changing policy. pfirst each nation reopened pembassies in each other capitals pthen came move to restore pcommercial air travel. pnow many wonder if president pobama will also be it i believe plift long time embargo that many psay simply hasn't worked. pbut there's a huge sentiment pespecially here in florida that pthis trip is precisely the wrong pmove. pflorida senator marco rubio the pson cuban immigrants takes pspecial issue with this. pi'll tell you problem with the pcuban government is not just a pcommunist dictatorship anti pamerican communist dictatorship.
12:35 pm
pno elections in cuba no choice pin cuba. pmy whole problem i want prelationship between u.s. and pcuba to change it has to be preciprocal. pcuba visit will be part of a plarger trip to latin america. pan official announcement should pcome today from the white house. pwoman was caught on camera probbing a bank in citrus county pdetectives don't believe it was pher first armed robbery. pinvestigators say this woman pmost recently helped up sunshine pbank in platt city then took off pin early 2000 model red acura. pthey believe she was behind ad parmed robbery in brandon bank pabout a year ago. arents of second grade boy are pdemanding answers this morning pafter police put their son in phandcuffs at school. pelementary school says the p8-year-old was teasing other pstudents during lunch. pand acting out. pthey say he was throwing lunch pstray tray asks chairs a well pkicking ask screaming. pschool resource officer tried to ut handcuffs parents josh radio plisa who didn't want to be pidentified say their son suffer
12:36 pm
pand was having a bad reaction to phis medication. p>> adhd is mental illness now pyou going to add this a trauma pon top of existing mental pillnesses is behind me. phandcuff should never have been pused school district issued a pstatement apologizing to parents pand saying that it is not their ractice to call the police on punreally elementary school pstudents. pthe incident is under pinvestigation. panother bombing in turkey kills psix soldiers one day after 28 pdied following a suicide bombing pin main syrian an opposition pgroup says it's not responsible. pbut turkey says it is proof the pkurds did it. pfox benjamin hall has more from plondon. p>> fighting is escalating pbetween turkey and the main pkurdish opposition groups in psyria and iraq following a pdeadly suicide bombing in on pwednesday that killed at least p28 people.
12:37 pm
osition along syrian iraqi pborder saying kurds are behind pthe bombing can and they can rove it. pour ragss against acts terrorism precently taking place in turkey pare seriously producing results. pkurdish leaders dew presponsibility saying attack was pwork isis militants targeted pturkey in retaliation for psupport for anti isis coalition. psome turks say they expect the pterror attacks to continue. pwe can't stay in crowds we pcannot stay in crowded places. pwe are not as comfortable as pmuch as we were in the past. pmeanwhile inside syria doctors pwithout border warning growing phumanitarian crisis brought on pby repeated attacks ander pmedical infrastructure pthroughout country. pdeliberate attacks, against pcivilian and including phospitals, struggling to provide plifesaving assistance are proutine. pat least some food and medical paid is now trickling into an pareas but un says only helping a pfraction of those in need.
12:38 pm
rogress. pwe're very happy for this pachievement. pbut we're also looking forward pto unhindered access all over, pall over syria. pun says it plans to air lift pfood and medical supplies under pietsz trucks can't get through pthe front lines. pin london bing min hall, fox pnews. p daytona 500 winner jeff pgordon is going to have a pdifferent role this go around. lus peanuts ghaniing is coming
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pwhere you can see them, next. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... but i thought it would be too expensive... who's that, jenny? no kate...turns out they have a
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my slow service. and it's 100 megs ...i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% then i thought, maybe other things could be better. i heard that. is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available. so you can send files up to 5x faster than cable, with capacity to handle all of your devices. now get something that only fios offers: 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for a price we've never offered before: just $69.99 a month online. and there isn't even an annual contract. just go to or call 1.888.get.fios. that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. ((linda)) from the track... to the booth. fox expanded its
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pfox expand ad nascar booth team pthree time daytona 500 winner pjeff gordon. psunday's race will be his debut. pfor years trio daryl wall trim pmike joy and larry mcreynolds. pnow it's a team of 4. pour marissa lynn caught up with phim that understand the ptransition from track to the pbooth very well. pwe're hanging out daryl waltrip pone fox broadcast team you've pyou hadded a new member to team pthis year. phow jeff gordon fitting into pyour trio here? p>> you know, you know when they ptold us we're going to make pchange larry, mike and i have pbeen together for 15 years. pand we're like brothers. pwe raced together we grew up in pthis sport together. pi've been in so impressed and phappy. pjeff has fit in he's really, preally sharp kid. pwhat bhaks it good he really pwants to do this and rereally pwants to go good we're all plooking at each other like, pthat's not a very, that's right phe doesn't know.
12:42 pm
pso, you know, we, he's, i think phim being in the booth is pactually going to be good for pboth of us. phe just kind of an inspiration pto me to see young guy come in pfresh ideas a little different erspective. pand his enthusiasm is pcontagious. pi think it will really play well pin the broadcast. plrl daryl season starts on psunday. pyou ready to roll? pyou got that the ready. plet's go racing boys. pback to you. pthank you. p>> here's a live look outside pright now.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
phave another check on p54 and oak grove boulevard to be pexact from dream house theater. pit is a dream come true. pi have a feeling.
12:45 pm
pspace community theater often pstruggle with a talented people pto put on show where to put the pshow on is often the trouble. pthat's not trouble for you any pmore. pnot any more. pwe've had our troubles. pwe looked 54 different buildings pstarted. pfor us. pwe fwounsed around a little bit pcenters for the arts and some pdpift venues but coming in here pjust opens up a whole new world pof an opportunity. phow did this group begin? pthis dream house? pwell it's a dream of all of pours. psince we got married 21 years pago always wanted to pursue pthis. pand a few years ago we just pstepped out with chris and pmelissa. pwho also have a deep love for pthe arts. pand we decided you know what plet's go for this. plet's try this. pand we left full time jobs and ptook it on with faith and saying phey we're going to do this. pwe're stepping out slowly pbuilding our audience. pbut, that's the main thing thing pwe need right now just support.
12:46 pm
pyou got into this new building pin september. pso this first full season. pright now you're doing the show. pa you're good man charley pbelcher. pone of my all time favorites. pexplain to folks at home. p>> oh my gosh you're good man pcharley brown is based on a day pin the life of charley brown. pso most of us knows what that pmeans growing up with charley pbrown. pit's all of his antics and pthings and different characters pall the characters you love. pbut, truly, it is the most heart pwarming show. pyou're going to leave here pfeeling lighter then when you pcame in. pyou will watch out a smile on pyour face. pi love how it literally brings pcomic strip to life. psome the scenes are right out of pthe story that was in the comic pstrip and snoopy and shroeder plinus and lucy and sally. pthey are all there you see them pin person. pi don't care how old you're psomething exciting about seeing pthat. pabsolutely. pwe all love those characters. pyeah snoopy, he's got his red
12:47 pm
pand lucy with her anger pmanagement. pand just a great time. p>> and but it is a show that padults will enjoy but it is fun pfor the whole family. pyou're going friday nights, psaturday at 11:00 a.m., and you preally wanted to do that to try pto get families out try to get pfamilies out on saturday more pthan withing this show since it pwill draw kids for sure, let's ptry it on a saturday morning. pit's, you know, you're not going pto waste your whole day hour and pa half in and out from p11:00 a.m. to let me do the pmath, to 12:30 you can come in pand still have your whole psaturday and then also a matinee pon sunday. pmatinee on sunday a 3:00 p.m. pyeah friday nights at 8:00 p.m. pfriday night ats 8 saturday pmorning 11. psunday at 3. pand you're running the rest of pthe month of february? prest of month of february. p5 more performances. pthere you go. pi tell you, what i saw today, pi'm sold. pso cute. pmusic's great. eople here are wonderful. pcast fantastic some up and psupport local live theater.
12:48 pm
pwe will link you to their pwebsite you can you can get ptickets information to come oh pto lutz and have a good grief pgood time. pcharley belcher not charley pbrown, charley belcher, fox 13 pnews. p>> thank you, charley. pchildhood. pso jim i'm curious when you have plike a run of this really nice erfect weather i know you're pworking bah there. pit's like sunny beautiful erfect 70s something? pand you know, this is a little pback story of it all is me and pdave we sit in office what are pwe going to talk about, what can pwe say that's different. pbecause you know there's only so pmany ways you can say great plooking weather. pit's fun to talk about. pbut hard to really show on the pmaps. pyou look outside right now. pand this is basically this sums pup right there when you look ictures like this, just a pbeautiful looking view there. pwouldn't you like to just grab a pchair, head on out there, and penjoy the nice afternoon. plight winds out of the north pwe've just continue to bring
12:49 pm
pso he did though we see daytime phighs in 70s, low dew points, plow humidity, make it feel so pcomfortable outside. pjust great to be outdoors this ptime of the year. p69 degrees, dew points at 40. phumidity is 35 percent. pthe winds they are out north, pnortheast at 7 miles an hour. pso everybody either sitting in pthe upper 60s or low 70s. laces like brandon 73 degrees. pdown in sarasota, you're 71. pvenice and southern sarasota pcounty currently sits at 72 pdegrees. peven as you head down across the pextreme southern part of the pstate you're only finding ptemperatures running in the mid p70s where west palm beach is at p75. pdown in miami, 76 degrees. pyou head up into the panhandle, pnot bad. pa bit cooler as 61. pup in pensacola and panama city. pthe winds all coming out of the pnorth and northeasterly pdirection. pa little stronger language the peast coast where vero beach the p17.
12:50 pm
pnortheast 21 miles an hour. pbut everybody enjoy that is very pdry air over the state. pthat's really going to be case. pnot only today and tomorrow, but pall the way through the weekend. pnot until first part of next pweek that these winds will peventually tart to turn more pdirection. pand will start to see that dew oint slowly climbing up as pfront heads in our direction. pbut as you look across the psoutheast right now. pvery quiet conditions. phigh pressure's in control. pths really hard to find a cloud panywhere across the southeast. pyou really have to go out west pto find the weather right now. pyou can see the mountain snow, psome rain along the coastline. pthis front is going to work its pway all the way across the pcountry. pso at least for weekend we're plooking a high pressure, mostly psunny, to partly cloudy skies. pnotice the front kind of psneaking in to our north. pthen that trailing end of it. pthat's going to eventually pdevelop an area of low pressure pwhich will move across the gulf pof mexico right there and then
12:51 pm
pdirection as we get into tuesday pand wednesday of next week. pso nice long stretch of pbeautiful looking weather. ploads which sun for today pdaytime high 72. pthen for tonight clear ask cool. povernight low down to 52 pdegrees. pfor tomorrow, another great day p73 under mostly sun skies. pon the water, winds are out pnorth a 10 to 15 knots. pseas two to three feet. pthere's gulf temperature pcurrently sits at 61 degrees. pso still on school side high ptide comes up 1:17. phere's 7 day forecast daytime phighs just slowly working there pway up a we head through next pseven days and rain chances pfinally return as we get into pfuse and wednesday of next week. pand a watching for potential of pmaybe severe weather on late ptuesday night into wednesday. pwe will continue to watch that pand continue to look at the pmodel and kiep you updated on pthat as we head into the pweekend. pbut first just enjoy. pthanks, jim.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. governor rick scott says a record number of tourists visited florida l pgovernor rick scott says a precord number of tourists pvisited florida last year. p105 million to be exact paccording to visit florida. pfifth consecutive record year pfour visitation in the sunshine pstays exceeds previous high of pmore 98 million in 2014. p>> 1 hot florida tourist spot is pgetting some a celebrity pattention tonight. ptoday orlando some famous pbrothers are flipping burgers. pths a vip grand opening party pfor florida first wall burgers prestaurant. pit was created by mark walhberg pand donny walhberg and their pbrother paul is the chef.
12:55 pm
pat tonight party mark and paul pdonny's been trying to change phis schedule to make an pappearance as well. arty will end with concert poutside and restaurant is on pchurch street in downtown porlando. phistorical work of art also opular tourist spot. pgamble house manatee county poldest standing building natural pbeauty is what's right with ptampa bay. pthe gamble plantation was, was psugar plantation owned by major porbit gamble. pran one most successful sugar lantation before market sell poff he came from family that pcame from virginia originally phis father also had a place near ptallahassee. p1842 i believe thirst year he pwas here and construction of the phouse began. pbut as very large cistern here pto that operates off the roof psystem to collect water. pbecause water because wells
12:56 pm
pthis close to the salt water. phouse built out tampa bay very punique. pit's maded from crushed oyster pshells. pmajor reason we don't have any pfurnishings when he left here pbounce ball and took him to his pfather's place in tallahassee pstored in a barn 48 hours later pthe barn burned to ground. pold's building left standing in pmanatee county. pit was built before the civil pwar. pit was the whole property was an pestablished that you armed poccupation act which gave him pfree property. pthe sugar market fell out only a pfew years after he got pestablished here and he went pbankrupt. pso left in 1847 or 1848. pnice piece history me sea otter up in. pshe's ten weeks old trainers say pspun key feisty and on moveshe pwas founded strand on beach in pcalifornia last month a storm
12:57 pm
pnow she's getting all sorts of plove as are you. pweather the weather is pspectacular. pthis time year everybody is phappy with weather it will pcontinue to look nice that you pweekend. plook at this seven-day forecast preally hard to complain about psomething like this. palthough, we have to watch for pstorms as we get into tuesday pand wednesday of next week. puntil then, enjoy the weather. pi'm looking forward to that pweekend. pthe news does not end here we pwill keep posting latest all day pon twitter and pfacebook. lus look for more news, weather psports beginning a 5 o'clock. paccess hollywood is next. pi hope you'll join me again ptonight at 5. phave a great afternoon everyone. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
lights, camera, access. >> i hate the new ka in. ye, the literally rude kanye. >> is the guy literally falling apart at the seams? the fights, the huge debt. the rumors that kim has had enough. how crazy it got at snl. >> ooh. that's a cool and a good question. and i do have an answer. almost kanye'd taylor swift


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