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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 19, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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tag time. back to kanye. we've seen all sorts of sides to him, some good.
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husband and sweet son-in-law on kris jenner's short-lived talk show. remember that? then the not so good, twitter rants, snl tirades. which kanye do you prefer, sweet or cocky? >> we received a big response. 90% agreed with leasea. neither. be gone, kanye. i think he makes things more exciting for everybody. julie said he did not get where he is now by showing his sweet side, lol. then anna, who had a whole lot to say. i prefer not to see any side. there are more important people in this world making a real difference and we choose to keep talking about this. no wonder he thinks he's yeezy. i think she meant yesus, like jesus. >> yeah. >> join the conversation on facebook, twitt trump is sounding off on the pope. will this help or hurt the front
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>> well, look at this jumble of brick and mortar. it looks like a war zone, that is how a homeowner described her home after a drive blasting through a brick wall, the driver? only 13, and police say that the van was stolen. we have a closure look at the damage, josh, that is unbelievable. >> here is a view of the damage right here behind me, and it's been cleaned up but you get a sense of the impact. and if you're wondering what this sign is supposed to look like, look across the street, that is an intact sign and again it was a 13-year-old driver who caused all of that damage. explosion. >> it looks like a war zone. >> with chunking of debris. >> and this was damaged. shrapnel.
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these bricks became projectiles. >> this is what happens when a cird kid gets behind the wheel, and jade miller police say stole a van, and she is not even old enough to get her learners permit, she is 13. not long after will police tried to stop her she crashed through this brick wall at bayou pointe and look at what it did to this pillar. this one is all the kay across the yard and it landed over here and this is so heavy, i can't even begin to move it. >> i feel blessed that this tree was here because she would have just gone straight into my house. >> miller is facing grand theft auto, which is a felony. >> i hope it's something that
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is not what behavior should be and this is a change in whatever is going on with her. >> somebody really need to keep a rein on her and people need to be accountable for what they do, i don't care what your age is. >> in this case, barely a teenager. >> the hoa will pay for the ball. wall but as for the home, the homeowners insurance will cover, but him just glad no one was hurt. >> and the city of tampa is a step closer to reducing the penalties for marijuana possession. the council held al public hearing about a bill tonight that could spare young people and others from criminal charges for possession.
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and it could range depending on the number of violations a person has. >> it's really not fair to have a system in this county where we are taking an entire generation of people and giving them criminal records and large financial consequences for behavior that in many cases in other places goes either ignored or is a slap on the wrist. >> but the hillsborough county sherrif's office opposed the measure and says nothing will change with how deputies make arrested and argue that the citations could also help people with him drug treatment, after being ordered by the court follows an arrest. >> a person who thinking about building walls wherever they may be and not bridges is not christian. >> the words of pope francis today, and donald trump firing back.
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and how are they taking the pope's comments and trump's response. >> i spoke with some people just before bible study and many said they agreed with the pope's comments and said it was good to see him involving himself in the presidential race, and this came in response to a question to the pop pope on his way home from his mexico trip. he had visited the boarder and trump hit back saying it was inappropriate for the pope to question his face and called the pope's comments disgraceful. >> the pope is not just criticizing donald trump's policy. he is suggests that the policy is unchristian. that could continue to heat up and if donald trump continues to
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cost him depending on how it plays out. >> trump is leading in south carolina with cruz coming in second but the pope's comments have sparked backlash on line. this photo of vatican city, and the posting rite post poster writing amazing comments by the pope, especially considering that vatican city is surrounded by huge walls. >> and the hope also rattled the catholic community when he softened his response on birth control. when commenting about zika he had preventing pregnancy for that voan reason is not absolute evil.
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state is up to 24, and all of the cases state-wide are travel related. workers on the hot line say they have heard from more concerned people, and say they have helped more than 500 people since friday. >> and a man is amused or breaking into the sarasota meat house overt weekend and officials say george faro did it to feed his drug habit. he told them he was looking for money to buy crack, and now police are looking to see if he is responsible for other break-ins as well.
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>> i think about him every day, and always dreaming about it, seeing which him at night. >> his attorneys are expected to appeal the sentence. >> it is the music video that has some people calling beyonce antipolice, and many in law enforcement including here in tampa are considering whether or not to support him. fox 13's crystal clark is here to break it down for us. >> we told you yesterday some tampa police officers were not interested in working her upcoming concert at raymond james and they say this was in response to the formation video, and she is expected to be here in april, however it is clarified that this event will be staffed no matter what, but
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miami where the police union there says it plans to boycott the show, the first stop on her world tour. and we talked to an expert to break down the images that some find offensive, and she told us that the opening scene in a flooded new orleans postkatrina show a flooded scene, and the most controversial has police officers dressed in swat gear face to face with a young black boy. some analysts say it's actually went to empower. >> it's into the necessarily a confrontation, some as some have suggested but it is a way to say even without institutional institutional power, that you as one person are powerful. >> i went on to add is the video in fact antipolice and the
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but the opinioning seem to be more geared toward antipolice brutality when she watched it. and a spokesperson for the police say the concert will be fully staffed and said that dozens of officers have signed up to work it. >> for more than two decades, hurricane hunter planes have called hangar5 home but now the space is needed to make room for more jets and noaa has until next year to vacant. it it's still not clear if operations will move to another location on base or out of tampa entirely which would be a real shame because they do a big service.
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tell you where they end up. and coming up, a plot from a move. >> a movie. >> a hospital's computers held hostage. >> i went in for a check-up and they said our computers are down, we were hacked. >> and they were asking the hospital to pay up. >> but first, a dolphin encounter that turned deadly. >> and we'll talk about the here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time.
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>> new at 11:00 a disturbing story out of argentina, it's making the rounds on line and is ininfuriating animal lovers everywhere. that baby dolphin died after it was passed around by tourists on the beach at a beach resort town. it was a rare la prada dolphin, found only in south american waters and it shows a guy scooping up a baby doll physical
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dolphin andthen he is surrounded by a mob of people and everyone wants a selfie and so they pass it round and it was eventually left in the shallow water and in the mud and it died from dehydrate. there are these than 15,000 of those dolphins left in the wild. >> and you have very colorful comments on your facebook page. >> page. >> and then we have this bizarre story, for weeks this hospital was locked out of every medical record. >> it was not until they paid a ransom that they got their system back up and running. the hackers used ransom water to encrypt all of the hospital files and police tried to crack the code but they couldn't and
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>> a hospital depends on the computer system and on the diagnosics and the exchange of information. and so locking up that data creates a significant risk for the hospital which increases the likelihood that the hospital will pay. >> and that is exactly what the hospital did. they paid the hackers ransom, 17,000 in bitcoin a digital surgeon si digitalcurrency that is virtually untraceable and you have to hackers. >> it would be hard to do that forecast without your computers. >> flipping a coin and going to the old dart board. >> that would not be good `although our weather is really good right now. >> when the nearest cloud is in oklahoma you feel better about the forecast. >> this is sunset at englewood
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had inland, there was one by plant city and one in northeastern hillsboro county and it blew smoke offshore and this made colors in the sky. just about a typical february day, the high today, 74, one degree above the average, the low this morning, 53 degrees, two degrees degrees below the average and this is what you would expect on a midfebruary day, you still see the little trough along the east coast and new york city was 37, and d.c.39. lubbock, texas 87, and all kinds of wildfires through oklahoma and nebraska because of a south wind and dry air.
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51. for us we are going to stay with an east and northeast wind for a couple of days. the only impact from that kind of wind is that eventually it throws some fair weather or cumulus clouds our way off of the atlantic and so there could become at least a mixture of clouds and sunshine, especially east of tampa bay. the air is too dry to support any rain. the next rain chance for us is not until later tuesday, tuesday night and wednesday as a cold front begins to head our way. it's a delightful night and 82% full moon overhead, 60 in tampa, and 57 in westchase. blooksville, clear and 54, elsewhere 50's to mid 60's and inland with lighter winds and radiational cooling we are
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not a lot going on, in the east, a high here and high there, that keeps us dry. we have raip near rain near the coast up to van vancouver, and it's tonight, 40's and 50's for los and for lows and tomorrow a fantastic day, and if you finagled a long weekend, it will be great with sunshine and in the 70's. this front not going to bother us any time soon. weather looks good for the race on sunday, a couple of showers and our rain chance comes in tuesday and wednesday and then cooler after that, clear and cool night. we do a 51, and sunshine
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friday and 72 and coming up more sunshine, the seven-day, the only issue tuesday and wednesday we'll watch for the potential of severe weather. not a sur bet, we turn cooler at the end of march and february should end on a cool note with temperatures in the 60's. >> well, if you're a believer a fan or just simply curious, we have the place for you. >> we sure do. we are going to take you inside
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>> he is the harey legend of the woods, the shaggy myth and the recent star of beef jerky commercials. big foot has been around. >> and now evidence can be found under one roof, we check out aew every state except they haven't proven it's truly out there ande s still searching. >> when we left there, we thought are you kidding me?
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>> there was something down there in the woods. >> it's been in the movies and written about in newspapers and inspired sketches by those who say they were unlucky enough to have encountered one and their name is summed up in this one image, big foot. >> we started talking to folks and we realized they were seen up here, very surprising. >> dave and his wife will melinda is just one of the many big foot investigators and they use a vehicle like this one to check out reports of sasquatch sightings but now they have an even bigger thread in the big
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opened the sasquatch museum, in georgia and they say they have the biggest collection of artifacts anywhere. >> we have had a him to phenomenal reaction. >> there are so many people coming from all over the country to see this plairks and there place, there was actually a group coming from south carolina who wanted to camp in our back yard. >> it's drawings and maps of sightings and even an exhibit with purported big foot sound recordings. >> there are so many people who donated information and artifacts that it was not nearly as hard as we thought it was going to be. >> one thing i won't find in the
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there is a race of sasquat ahch out there. >> so we put a link on our website, just look under as seen on tv, and chip i know you're writing it down. >> the truth is out there so they say. well, this is what the drivers


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