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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 if the weather is nice, we've come p>>russell: when the weather is pnice, we expect bad traffic pgetting to clearwater beach. pthis weekend a construction roject, sorry, is going to make pit a whole lot worse. p>>laura: and the miami police punion is sending beyonce a pmessage as she kicks off her pworld tour. pthey're planning to boycott her pfirst tour.
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pis live in daytona. pshe's talking to the president pof the speedway before the big prace. p>>dave: good morning to you. pwe're back in the lower autos, plakeland, haines city, bartow. pfor today, very, very similar to pyesterday. pnortheast winds which run eight pto 15 miles an hour. pit will calm down a little bit pthis afternoon. psunshine will only allow us back pin the 70s. pwhat can i say, vanessa? panother nice one. p>>vanessa: we have nice pconditions for you on the road pso we're not complaining about pthat, either. preally light. phere is the latest crash in the pnews room. plane blockage reported. pyou might encounter sop travel planes stopped up, otherwise, you pcan see the road sensors on the pmajors. pnot too much gets in your way poverall. p>>laura: thank you.
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pmorning, it is about to get a plot harder to get to clearwater pbeach. pcrews are about to start working pon a pair of railroad crossings pin downtown clearwater. p>>russell: shayla reaves is live pin downtown. pthe only bright spot is that pit's not happening during spring pbreak. pbut for all the rest of us who pwere thinking about going to the pbeach this weekend, start today, pstart now, start this morning, pright? p>>reporter: maybe start this pmorning. pthe closures will start after pmorning rush hour so there's not ptoo much traffic out here now. pif you wanted to leave now, i'm psure you could get there with no roblem at all. pif you want to wait, you'll have pa little bit of a delay or so ptrying to get to clearwater pbeach this weekend. pthat, of course, is because of psome csx railroad improvements pthat have been scheduled. pthey were scheduled even before pwe learned of the new trip
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pbeach is the number one in the pcountry. pthere are a number of cones and pbarriers here in the distance pbehind me. pwhile it's right here in this parea, once we get to the morning prush hour where the crews are pgoing to begin work, here is pwhat you need to know. pwe're talking about csx making pimprovements and they're going pto be completing the work with psome help of closures and pdetours and impacts across court pstreet and also chestnut streets pas well. pso after rush hour, court street pis expected to close between psouth myrtle and south harrison pavenue. pthat will run through 11:00 psunday night. pthen next weekend, a similar pclosure is scheduled impacting ptravel on the next street over. pchestnut street. pand if you use the pinellas ptrail, it will be impacted, too, pduring construction meaning you pwon't be able to use the stretch pbetween cleveland street south
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paccording to the city of pclearwater, the detour routes pwill be posted. pthey'll also have some police pofficers out as well to make psure you don't have any trouble pnavigating some detours but pcertainly this weekend and next pweekend as well, heading to the pbeach, make sure you give pyourself extra time to get pthere, guys. pback to you. p>>laura: see you later. pthank you. pa lot of people are still ptalking about this. plaw enforcement officers across pthe country are speaking out pagainst beyonce. p>>laura: and that list now pincludes the miami police union. pwe've talked about it. pthere's a new music video she phas out. pher upcoming world tour starts psh papril 27. punion voted to have all law penforcement officers boycott her pconcert. pblack leather and costumes were preminiscent of the black
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pthe song "formation" includes pstop shooting us and a sinking olice cruiser. p>>russell: well, miami police punion president says he believes pbeyonce's super bowl performance pdivided americans by promoting pthe black panthers and, quote, pher anti-police message. pshe said union members wanted to psend a clear message. pmiami police chief says that phe's free to voice his opinion pbut officers will be on hand to psecure the stadium. p>> first amendment protects pbeyonce and ortiz to voice their popinions and it's really his pduty to bring forth issues such pas this and so a boycott of pvolunteers doesn't mean the pevent is not going to be oliced. p>>russell: this isn't the first ptime that ortiz made the news. pearlier this month he posted pcontroversial photos online of pthe woman who pulled over a pmiami dade police officer for pspeeding.
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palso put tampa in the spotlight. pearlier this week, we reported pthat zero officers had signed up pto work her upcoming concert at praymond james stadium. pnow the department says that, pquote, dozens of officers have, pin fact, signed on to work. pthey would not provide a copy of pthat list, though. pthey say phandled by several different psupervisors. p>>russell: pinellas park police parrested a 13-year-old girl for pstealing a minivan and crashing pit through a brick wall. pofficers spotted the girl pdriving the honda odyssey late pwednesday night. pthey say she was driving pwrecklessly when they tried to pstop her. pthey say she turned off the pvan's lights and kept driving. pshe eventually crashed into a pbrick wall. pofficers arrested her after pchecking to see if she's all pright. pshe's charged with grand theft pauto. p>>laura: a man who killed his pdaughter and her mother has been psentenced to life in prison. plast november, lester ross was pconvicted of killing the p3-year-old girl and keeping her pbody in a freezer.
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pross poisoned her, killing her, ptoo. pex-wife testified she drove him pto bury the bodies because she pwas afraid he would kill her, ptoo. p>>russell: bradenton woman paccused of killing her daughter pand stuffing her body in a pfreezer will not phase the death enalty. pofficers say thomas starved and pabused her daughter. pstill not clear how she died. pwith the state's death penalty plaw in limbo, state attorney's poffice has decided not to ask pfor it. pinstead, if convicted, thomas pfaces life in prison without arole. p>>laura: a fix to the state pdeath penalty system is moving pforward. pthe florida house approved a lan to allow the state to presume executions. pit would require at least 10 of p12 jurors to recommend pexecution. pthe senate is expected to vote pon the bill soon. phouse also approved a bill that pwould require elementary schools pto set aside 20 minutes every pday for play. pwhile the recess bill had nearly
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pit me never reach the senate pfloor. pthe chairman of the senate pchairman committee says he will pnot bring it up for a vote. phe wants to leave recess up to plocal school districts. p>>russell: south florida teen paccused of practicing medicine pwithout a license says he never ptold anybody he was a real pmedical doctor. p18-year-old robinson claims to phave a phd but won't say what it pis in. phe was arrested at a west palm pbeach clinic this week after he pgave medical advice to an pundercover officer and it's not pthe first time he's been in ptrouble. pa cease and desist order was pfiled in october accusing him of racticing medicine without a plicense. p>>laura: the republican primary pin south carolina is tomorrow palong with the democratic nevada pcaucuses. p>>russell: walter is here noi pwith more on all of that. p>>walter: let's start with the pdemocrats with the latest poll pshowing bernie sanders leading phillary clinton by three points
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pfocus is on nevada where they pare deadlocked. plast night in las vegas, sanders paccused clinton of supporting resident obama. p>> there is one of the two pdemocratic candidates here who pactually ran against barack pobama. pit wasn't me. p>> i have a number of pdifferences with senator sanders pand we've been laying those out pon the campaign and we'll pcontinue to do that. p>>walter: a record number of pvoters are expected to cast pballots in the south carolina rimary even though the recent oll gives ted cruz the slight pedge nationally, top ald trump phas a double digit lead in the pstate. pcandidates were asked about the pcontroversy surrounding trump pand pope francis. pthe pontiff suggested that trump pis not christian for want to go pbuild a wall between the u.s. pand mexico. p>> somehow the government of pmexico spoke with the pope, they pspent a lot of time with the ope and by the time he left, he pmade a statement. p>> you think the government of pmexico got the pope to say this? p>> i don't think they said this pway but i think they talked
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pmr. trump wants the border psecurity, et cetera, et cetera. p>> i don't think it's pappropriate to question donald ptrump's faith. phe knows what his faith is. p>>walter: trump says he's plooking ahead citing a big lead pin nevada. pof course, stay with fox 13 and pwe'll bring you results from pboth the republican and pdemocratic races tomorrow night. p>>russell: thank you. resident obama set a date for pthat historic trip to cuba and phe'll be there march 21. resident will be the first one, resident, to step foot on the pisland in seven decades. pwhile in the country, he plans pto meet with advocating a change pin cuba and meet the president pcastro but not his older brother pfidel. pcuba signed a deal to restore pair traffic and the white house papproved a first u.s. factory in pcuba. p>>laura: the f.b.i. searchs the phome of one of the san pbernardino shooters and apple ptakes the stand against the
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pcontinues into the deadly terror pattack and a jaw dropping video pas a helicopter falls out of the psky and crashes into pearl pharbor. pthis morning the investigation pinto what might have gone wrong. p>>dave: 54 degrees outside at ptampa international. pwe'll be back in the 40s but pfast warmup on the way. pas soon as the sun comes up, pviolent sunshine, winds and dew oints in the 40s. pthat all equals a stell in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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p>>dave: and top 'o the morning pto you, everybody. pi mean, as far as walking out pthe door this morning, our ptemperatures are very, very psimilar to yesterday where pyou've got 54 degrees in tampa, pbrandon. pto the 40s we go, crystal river, pinverness, dade city, pzephyrhills with a 45 degrees. pwe color coat this, too.
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pblueish colors here in eastern phernando, pasco and 7:05 is what pi keep saying. pthe sun keeps up and we'll look pat the fast warmup like we had pyesterday. pfrom bradenton to englewood, pnobody at 54 degrees. pwe have 54 in haines city to 54 pin sebring. pactually very close to pyesterday's temps, right? pone or two outliars but zero, pone, two, i mean, we're within a pcouple of degrees of yesterday pat 6:00 hour so however you paddressed yesterday, a jacket, pright? pwarming up, use the same jacket. pyou'll need it for a couple of phours. pnortheast winds continue to hold pthe humidity in check and most pof it high enough to get the fog pdon't worry about that. pwe have lots and lots of psunshine for today. pthe whole southeast but because pof the northeasterly wind flow, pyou see the clouds just kind of pstreaming onshore. pright along, say, i-95 we'll phave a little cloud cover mixed
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psame thing as if we had a pnorthwest wind with clouds along pthe coast, just the opposite peffect. poverall, beautiful sunshine, pdrier air and the northeast pwinds, we're going to go right pback to where we left you pyesterday afternoon which psitting in the mid 70s, i want pto show enthuse map, too. psatellite and radar, nothing pgoing on. pnot a cloud in the sky. plook how dry it is in the mid plevels of the atmosphere. pi mean, it's the whole south. pit's not just us. pyou have to go all the way back, pall the way back up to north of ptennessee before you're dealing pwith anything in the way of pcloud cover. pthat's how huge this ridge of phigh pressure is and heats how pnice i just think our weekend is pgoing to be in general. pi'm going to use the word every ponce in a while we pull it out pand i think today sdeshs it, psun-sational. pi know, the english teachers are pcringing right now. p74, cool start with a mild pfinish.
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pwe'll be back early tomorrow pmorning where we are right now. pif you have to get up in the wee phours of saturday, then mostly psunny but another pleasant day ptomorrow with temperatures pheading back up to the mid 70s. pwe are dealing with -- i was pgoing to show you that. pwe have to put daytona in there, pright? pheading over there, beautiful. pmaybe a few clouds mixed in with psunshine. p72 at race time. phere is the extended marine pforecast. pmoderate chop today but ptomorrow, light chop and looks pto be quite swimming on sunday. penjoy the boating, be safe out pthere on the waters, please. pmid 70s take you through ptuesday. pthen a front comes through. pstill looks like a little late ptuesday, early wednesday, a lot pof rain comes through. pwe'll follow that, a bigley a pcool out by thursday. phighs mid 60s but it's not all pthat bad. p>>vanessa: absolutely not. pi don't know if anyone could pcringe looking at temperatures. preally nice. pall right. pthank you, dave.
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proadways. p6:17 is your time. plooks like we have nice pconditions, nice travel times pfor folks travelling 275. pif you're coming from phillsborough county, the pinterchange to the bayway, 25 pminutes ride 275 south boun. pnorthbound drivers along 75, phillsborough county up to pasco, pthat's a five minute ride from p275 to state road 54. pheading eastbound on i-4, 75 to pminutes. p>>russell: this video is hard to pwatch. pa tour helicopter crashes in earl harbor. pthere were five people on board. pa teenage passenger was taken to pthe hospital in critical pcondition. pthe helicopter crashed near the earl harbor visitors center. opular tourist destination in poahu. pseveral people jumped in the pwater to help. pwitnesses heard a couple of loud pbangs before the helicopter fell pfrom the sky. pnational transportation safety pboard investigators are headed pthere to determine what phappened.
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pmourners, including president pobama and the first lady are pexpected to pay respects to the plate supreme court justice pscalia. phis body will lie in repose. pfellow justices will hold a rivate ceremony. pscalia's funeral is set for ptomorrow. phis son, a catholic priest, will pgive the homily. phe was found dead at a ranch in ptexas last saturday. p>>russell: bitcoins were holding pa hospital's computer network phostage. pthis is called ransom ware. pl.a. times reporting that the pransom was paid before pauthorities were called in to phelp. pcomputer security fear this pcould leez to more attacks in pthe future. p>>laura: f.b.i. agents searched pa south california home into art of the investigation of the
6:20 am
pthe home belongs to syed rizwan pfarook's brother. pauthorities will not say what pspecifically they were looking pfor. pthe brother was not arrested or pnamed a suspect. phe's actually a decorated navy pveteran. pthe f.b.i. is trying to get papple to help them break into psyed rizwan farook's cell phone. papple has refused despite a pfederal court order. pfacebook and twitter are siding pwith apple. pthey say forcing companies to pbypass their own security if you pthinks would set a chilling recedent. p>>russell: today branson will punveil a new space ship designed pfor thrill seekers and the ultra prich into orbit. pyou'll remember that space ship pone crashed during a test flight pin 2014. pone pilot was killed and the pother one seriously injured. pan investigation found one of pthe pilots unlocked the braking psystem too early. pthe tickets on space ship two pselling for up to $250,000.
6:21 am
pbuild a hotel in space. p>>laura: of course he would. p>>russell: you have to stay psomewhere when you get there, i pguess. p>>laura: that's true. pyou know he'll get it, too. p>>russell: sure at some point. p>>laura: if branson wants it, pbranson gets it. pjennifer epstein has an passignment we're all jealous of ptoday. pshe's live at the daytona speed ptrack with a behind-the-scenes plook at sunday's big race. p>>russell: we'll check in with pher and the president at 6:30.
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3 it's friday, that means it is time to pick the hot p>>russell: time to pick the hot pclick of the week. p>>laura: and taylor katz has the pbest of this week. pgood morning, taylor. p>>taylor: good morning. pwe have said it before but this pweek, i'm just telling you right pnow, i think it's going to be pvery, like so many are very ptough to call it. pokay? pnot only did we have some pamazing videos this week, but pthe stories behind them were preally amazing, too. pso let's see if we can choose.
6:25 am
psurprise from yesterday. phere we go. p>> i got you a hamster. pi paid for it. p>>taylor: i hope we have time to pget to it. pare you crying? pbecause i am. phow sweet. phow could we forget these two? pa quick recap of their story. pdaniel, the little boy in the pvideo, he'd been wanting a pet phamster since his sister abbey pgot one. ponline their mom said he started pdoing chores trying to collect palowance to do one. phe didn't have to because abbey pdecided to use all of her pbirthday money, $55, to get one pand surprise him. pand this is the moment that it pall went down. pthe reaction, the whole story is
6:26 am
pjust a little side note, i preached out to the mom pyesterday. pshe allowed us to share this pvideo on our website and on the pfox 13 news facebook page. pthis morning it's been shared pnearly 40,000 times. p40,000 in a day. p>>laura: i can see why. p>>taylor: next up we have a hot pclick more of a tutorial than a pstory. premember this? pit's how-to on making your own pdoggy or sausage as this guy pcalls it, burrito. phe has no problem being rolled pup into a little snuggle psandwich. pso cute. pall right. pand lastly, another one with a pheart warming story behind it. pit's the moment this pveterinarian decides he's going pto eat breakfast inside a cage pwith one of the newest rescues pto try to get her to eat because pshe wouldn't eat at all. pwhen she got there, she was
6:27 am
pcan, non trusting of humans and pwho could blame her? pthe doctor showed her we're all pthe same and got up and got her pto warm up. pmetal bowl just like hers, comfy pseat inside her cage. phe showed her lots of love. pthere she goes. pshe's doing much better now and pthat coming up, probably in a plittle bit of time, she'll be pwell enough to start looking for pthat forever home. pwe loved this story and also pshared it on our facebook page. pit's doing so well. pall right. pso now everyone at home, try to pchoose between those if you can. phead to our home page. pfox 13 pclick right there on taylor's pdaily hot clicks story and pyou'll see links to the video, a plink to vote. pclick there and then as we palways do, i'll be back at the pend of the show, hopeful well a pwinner. pif not a three-way tie.
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pdirt on the ice of the amalie parena and the bolts are erfectly fine with that. p>>laura: plus the great american prace is this weekend. pdaytona 500. pand jennifer epstein is live at pthe speedway. p>>jennifer: good morning, guys. pwhat a surreal experience. pwe're inside the daytona pinternational speedway and no pone else is here. pquiet this morning. pthe seats are empty but that's pgoing to change in just a few phours. pthis is the weekend the nascar pfans have been waiting for. pwe have a preview inside the pbrand new stadium and we'll
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. ((russell 2shot) good friday morning.. it is six-thirty .. i'm russell rhodes..((laura)) p>>russell: good friday morning. p6:31. p>>laura: we have all your news
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pthe daytona speedway. pbut first, we need to look at pthe weather forecast which looks pabsolutely beautiful. phey, dave. p>>dave: it does. pi was outside yesterday just pthinking, wow. pthis is the reason that we all pjust love. pgrab the light jackets. pyou'll need them as you walk out pthe door. pnortheast wind is at eight. pbut you can see at 7:05, pofficial sunrise, you can see phow pretty it's going to be over pthe bayshore. pspeaking of bayshore, that's pgoing to be a busy place this pweekend as well. pyou have races both tomorrow and psunday and i've got to tell you, prunners, it doesn't get much pnicer than this. pclear skies, temperatures in the p50s as you take off on your pruns. pwe'll go mid 70s for highs ptoday. pwe'll see the weekend outlook in pa few minutes. p>>vanessa: and we want to make pmention of the road races, pthey'll be causing lane blocks. pwe'll have more on that in a pbit. pthey start early tomorrow.
6:33 am
pmeantime, check in on the dale pmabry area. pthere's a new crash at fletcher pavenue with lane blockage preported so you could see some pdelays and some emergency pvehicles blocking travel lanes. pbe courteous as you pass them pbe. p>>russell: new this morning, ursuit leads police across the pbay. ptampa police follow a car that pwas stolen from a dealership. pthey say it ended up in st. ete. eople inside the car parked it pbehind a house and ran. psomeone in the house tipped off olice, though. ptampa and st. pete police along pwith a helicopter teamed up to pfind the thieves. pthree people in custody. p>>laura: a body in a pool has pbeen found in an apartment pcomplex near the university of psouth florida. pinvestigators say that the man's pbody was in the pool for, quote, pquite some time. pthey're still trying to identify pwho it is. pstill not sure how he died, peither, but they have not ruled pout drowning. p>>russell: pasco county sheriff pwarning criminals his deputies
6:34 am
phe said a man tried to set a pdeputy's house on fire. pdaniel thomas hall hudson got pinto an argument with his sister pand told her, quote, i'm going pout tonight to get arrested and phe got his wish. pinvestigators say hall stumbled pacross the deputy's marked pvehicle and started a fire on pthe deputy's porch. phall spent the night in pasco pcounty jail where he faces a plong list of charges, including parson. p>>laura: there's a big event pgoing on in tampa this weekend. pthe engines are smaller but it's pjust as exciting as the daytona p500. p>>russell: it is. pwe're talking about the amzoil parena cross. pthey have to get some dirt in pthe amalie arena. palcides segui is there this pmorning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthe work began at 10:30 last pnight so there was a lengthy pgame last night, they were
6:35 am
pwe won that game. pwe're continuing our stride into pthe playoffs so good stuff. pthe game finished at 10:30. pcrews here started working at ly pguys off. pthey've been working since 10:32 plast night and they'll continue pworking until tonight, possibly pshift. pthese men and women will be pworking non stop. p3,000 tons of dirt will fill the pentire area for the arena cross pthat's strolling in here in the pnext couple of hours and i'm psure the guys are already here. pthank you for being with us. pthe operations guy, right? pthe guy who knows. ptell us a little bit about pwhat's going on this morning? p>> you can see behind us, we're playing the plywood over the ice. pwe have trucks beating down the pdoor here ready to dump the pfirst load of dirt. p>>reporter: so a year ago today
6:36 am
pexact thing. p>> same thing. p>>reporter: it was in one day. pdo you have bang this out in 12 phours or less. p>> usually we have two days. pyou know, last night we had the phockey game so we have one day ptoday. pwe got here early and we're pready to rock n' roll all day. p>>reporter: you have to get it pdone by today because you start ractice early tomorrow morning, pright? p>> start registering riders at p9:00 a.m., start practice at pnoon tomorrow. pwe have to have a complete pracetrack by the time we walk pout the door tonight. p>>reporter: this is like a hard pfoam. pyou called it an ice deck, pright? p>> ice decking. pthey have some blk sheet vinyl pon there and then put on 3/4 lywood on top of that and then pstart laying dirt and build a pracetrack. p>>reporter: and all the dirt pcomes in and they'll be rolling pin here in a little bit. pfirst truck is coming. pwe're getting ready for them. p>>reporter: i had a question for pyou earlier this morning. pand you gave me a great answer. pi'm thinking some dirt is going
6:37 am
peven though you've got the ice pdecking. p>> you will be surprised. pwe contain it pretty well. pwhen we scrape off this, you pbasically go around with a broom pand sweep up the crumbs, back to pice. p>>reporter: good stuff. pget back to work. pi appreciate it. parena cross begins saturday. plet's get out of the way over phere, steve. pit's 7:00 on saturday and they pcontinue racing on sunday. pwe're going to talk to folks pfrom the arena cross coming up pin the 7:00 hour. pwe have a lot more in store pcoming up on "good day." pback to you guys. p>>russell: we'll see you later. pthank you. p>>laura: all right. pnow to wa they call the great pamerican race, it's this sunday. pif you can't make it to daytona, pyou can watch it here on fox 13. p>>russell: jennifer epstein, i pkind of hate you this morning. pshe's over there having a big ptime live at the international pspeedway where just a few hours, pa few hours, somebody will be in
6:38 am
p>>jennifer: yeah. pyou're right. pyou're envious. pi got your tweet. p>>russell: completely. p>>jennifer: you got some pexplaining to do because when pthe president of the pinternational speedway, the pfirst thing he asked for is why pisn't russell here, you know you phave some explaining to do, pright? pthank you for being with us. p>> russell, where are you? pthe deal was open the new pstadium, celebrate what a great paccomplishment this is. pi'm kind of disappointed this pmorning. p>>jennifer: you have to pcelebrate with me instead. p>> i think that's probably a pbetter choice at this point but phow cool is it? pwe're in the new stadium. pnobody is here. pit's a little eery. pthe lights are on but the first pmotor sports stadium lit up at p6:30 a.m. pi haven't seen this before. pit's pretty cool. pwe had a great race last night. pgreat weekend ahead of us. pdale, junior one last night, pkyle busch, some exciting things pgoing on here at daytona. p>>jennifer: talk to me about the
6:39 am
p$400 million worth of prenovations. pwhat can a fan expect here? p>> we have wi-fi the whole way, p40 escalators, 17 elevators, p1400 tv screens. pyou name it, great sponsor pactivation with all our artners. pi took a couple of tours pyesterday, took people around. paround every corner there's psomething to do, some sponsor pengagement. pwhether you're in the seetsz, in pthe concourse or just walking paround, people are really penjoying themselves. pit's so different than a p50-year-old stand that we had pfor awhile. pit's really impressive. pso modern and new on the stadium pside with that great racetrack pwhere all the legends made their pway. p>>jennifer: seats are different. pyou have more bootie room is pwhat i was calling it this pmorning. p>> 20 and 21 inch seats. pchair back, arm rest, cup holder
6:40 am
pwas a folding chair. pbut really take it to the psidelines. pthey're phenomenal. pyou can see almost everything. pthink about it. pa lot of these new stadiums were pbuilt for billions of dollars. pwe did this for $400 million and preplaced all 101,000 seats. pyou can fit every professional psports stadium and a couple of pcollege stadiums in the daytona p500 speedway. pwe're big and bold, size and pscale here is a big deal. p>>jennifer: there's something to psay about nascar fans, race pfans. pthey're devoted whether they pwere sitting on the floor or pnot, right? p>> it's amazing the passion they phave for the sport. pthey have their colors on, pthey're rooting for a driver, prooting against a driver and pthey'll show up whether it's pcold, rainy, they want to be phere and i'll tell you, it's pamazing to hear the junior fans plast night. pwhenever junior is running up pfront, they go crazy. pthere are drivers they don't plike as much and it's a pdifferent cheer but they're so pengaged in the sport. pfor us to make this invest nment
6:41 am
pknow those fans were going to psupport us. p>>jennifer: congratulations on pthe hard work you've done. pit's a beautiful stadium and pwe'll be showing our viewers the prest of what you have to offer a plittle later on this morning. prussell, you have a couple of pseconds if you want to apologize pto him. p>>russell: tell him i owe him. p>>jennifer: at least a pmanhattan. p>>russell: that's right. pi know. pi know. pi'll come through. p>>jennifer: he's driving back phome to tampa and he's coming to pyour house. p>>russell: it's a deal. ptell him hello. lease tell him hello for me. pthank you. p>>jennifer: i will. pbye, guys. p>>laura: brings back memories pfor you. p>>russell: i'm so proud of joey. phome town boy has done so well. phe grew up with the famous pfamily and then eepz just -- pwhat he's done with daytona, i'm phappy for him. p>>laura: worked hard to raise pthe money. p>>russell: and he looks finally prelaxed. phe's been stressed for awhile. pgood for him.
6:42 am
pweekend f. if you're headed to pclearwater beach, you should phave left already. p>>laura: vanessa has a road pclosure to talk about. pyou need to know before you head pover there this weekend. pdave has the weekend forecast pwhich looks beautiful. p>>russell: find out why the pope pis saying okay if some catholics puse a s the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>dave: there's your start to pthe day. pjust as pretty as yesterday and pclear skies, cool temperatures, pdry air in place, northeast pwinds. pthat will take care of temps pthis morning. panother picture over lakeland. psee the clouds? pthose are right along the east pcoast.
6:46 am
pstate if you can see the east pcoast from here. pthey have a couple of clouds pwith the northeast winds. pwe have that little sunshine. ptemps range 46 degrees in pcrystal river. plower 50s for brooksville, pwesley chapel, winter haven, pfrost proof. pas you get closer to the waters, pyou know, tampa bay is at 54. pst. petersburg 58. palso mid 50s. pbradenton southward down to pvenice, a little chillier to the pnorth along i-10 and parts of pgeorgia where we know we have psinking air. pwinds are calm. plook what that does to ptemperatures along i-10 very pearly this morning. pcontrast that, you have the pupper 60s from miami down pthrough the keys. pbut very, very dry air at the psurface. pwe have dry air at the surface pand dry air aloft. pyou get both of those levels of pdry air, that's when you get the pbeautiful blue skies and the pwall to wall sunshine. pthe past couple of days, that
6:47 am
pwe have a couple of clouds along pi-95 this morning but other than pthat, it's just going to be pquiet. pnot much to talk about. pit's okay. pi'm fine with that. plots of sunshine, 74 degrees for pa high temperature today. pa lot of people on friday night pout late, right? pgrab your jacket because we'll pstart to get cool. pwe'll bottom out tomorrow pmorning in the mid 50s and then pmostly sunny for your saturday. pa pleasant day with high ptemperature of 75 degrees. pall outdoor activities do look pfantastic this weekend. pdaytona 500, 72 as we kick off pthe race about 1:00 on sunday. pand for those going boating this pweekend, seas running two to pthree feet today and moderate pchop. pmore of a light chop, smooth pconditions on saturday and psunday. phigh tide today will be at 1:45 pthis afternoon. plate monday, the clouds are pcoming back in with a chance of prain tuesday into wednesday.
6:48 am
ptrying to bring the cool air pback in for thursday. pthursday's high temperature is p66 degrees. p>>vanessa: thank you. pright now at 6:47, we have sky pfox showing that earlier pmentioned crash, dale mabry and pfletcher pfletcher. pwe do have some northbound lanes pblocked. pwe were getting reports from sky pfox and it's probably because of pthe lower volumes on the proadways right now, we don't phave any big delays but probably pdoesn't hurt to give yourself a pfew extra minutes out the door. pof course, keep your eyes pnorthbound direction is where pyou'll see the lane blockages. pwe have travel times to show pyou, notable here. pactually they've picked up pfairly quickly since i made this pgraphic so instead of 29 minutes palong the suncoast parkway from pstate road 52 to the top of the pveterans, we're looking at close pto 36 minutes. pright now we do have some pconstruction near van dyke pthat's blocking the left lane. pyou can see that's really the psource of all those jams. pso you've got to either avoid pthe area or if you can, give pyourself plenty of extra time
6:49 am
pdelays we're seeing are pretty pnoticeable. pwe'll get the chopper to head pover there and show you exactly pwhat we're seeing and the type pof delays we're seeing. pwe've been talking throughout pthe morning, folks heading out pto clearwater beach really pshould keep an eye out. pthere's going to be main parteries closed not only this pweekend, actually starting after prush hour today and then next pweekend court street is going to pbe the one that's affected today pthrough sunday evening and then pchestnut next friday through pnext sunday. pwe'll also make note that parts pof the pinellas trail are going pto be affected due to work that pc.s.x. is doing to railroad ptracks in the area so plan lenty of time there. ptime right now is 6:49. plet's check in with charley pbelcher. pwe're looking at a fun penvironment this morning. p>>charley: yes. pi do believe we're the all pracing network this morning on pfox 13. pwe've got alcides segui at arena pcross.
6:50 am
pi'm at bmx supercross. pwe're racing. pwe're racing through friday to pget to the weekend and i could pcontinue your trip report if you plike. plooking at tampa road eastbound, pi'm seeing brake lights. pnear -- i'm a terrible driver. pnever mind. ptaillights. pidiot. p>>vanessa: when i started doing ptraffic, i was like the lingo. pthe lingo. p>>charley: what's the difference pbetween a taillight and brake plight? pit's whether the brakes are pbeing pushed. pthat's what happens when you try pto be witty. plook at this. p$1.2 million, this is the old pbmx supercross track. pguys, this is incredible. pmy point, pointing down tampa proad, literally in a week, phundreds of thousands of cars ass by here. psaw the construction and didn't
6:51 am
psee what it's all about. pit is an unbelievable, state of pthe art facility. pif you're into this bmx racing, pthis is where you want to be. pgator nationals kick off today. pit's free to come watch. pit will cost you $10 to park but pthis is going to be jam packed pwith bmx supercross fans, pracers, from all over the place pdescending on oldsmar and it's pgood for the economy. pall sorts of visitors and guests pin town this weekend for this pthis morning. pi'm going to get you ready for pthe gator nationals kicking off ptheir brand new, spectacular bmx psupercross track. p>>vanessa: we'll get our motor psports fix for sure. pinvolved here. p>>vanessa: thank you, charley. p>>russell: beautiful day and pnothing beats fun in the sun. pflorida saw a record number of ptourists last year. pgovernor scott says more than
6:52 am
pthat makes florida the first pstate ever, ever to welcome more pthan 100 million visitors from pout of state. pthe governor set a new goal for pthis year. phe hopes to attract 115 million eople. ptwo cases of the zika virus have pbeen confirmed in miami dade. pthat brings the statewide total pto 24. ope francis suggested it's okay pfor women to use contraceptives pto keep the virus from pspreading. pzika virus has been spread in 24 pcountries. pgasparilla classic takes over pthe town this weekend. pstarts today with the health and pfitness expo, 5 k and stroller proll. p15 k tomorrow. pthe 8 k and half marathon psunday. pit's a little too late to pregister. pit's too late to register. pbut it's always free to watch.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
pa new3 new this morning... it p>>russell: new this morning, it pappears disney has found a new
6:56 am
pemily blunt in talks to star the pupcoming mary poppins sequel. pshe's been the top choice to lay the nanny. pshe worked with the produ pit's set 20 years after the pclassic and logical feature a pnew generation of the banks pfamily. pi think it will work. p>>laura: the all female ghost pbusters reboot hits theaters in pjune. pecto cooler inspired by the poriginal film. pthe seller claims to have a pfriend who received the item precently. pthis fuels rumors that the pbeverage could make a comeback. pthe can is selling for more than p$160. p>>russell: another blast from pthe past.
6:57 am
pit's all leading up to a big pannouncement. pstar wars episode 7 just started pshooting in london. p>>laura: all right. pit is time for the hot click of pthe week. pwe'll check in with taylor right p>>taylor: all right. pit wasn't as close as i thought. pwe had fans torn between the psibling love surprise and that pdog but at the end of the day, pthe dog took it. p>>laura: dogs always win. p>>taylor: yes. pthe dog was a rescue and it's psad. phe was found in a caring way. p>>russell: there's something pabout this that gets to me. p>>taylor: and i spoke with him pon the phone and he told me it pwas a whim. phe said he needed a way to get pher to eat and this worked. p>>russell: very good. p>>taylor: thank you for voting. phave a great weekend. p>>laura: so glad we have people plike this in the world. p>>russell: true. phow safe are our bridges? pa new report is out and one pbridge in hillsborough county
6:58 am
p>>laura: and we have so much pmore from the daytona pexpressway. pjennifer epstein is on a mission pto find a driver. p>>russell: this hour? p>>laura: maybe. psee who she's able to track pdown.
6:59 am
pbroke through come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all
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at steak 'n shake. 3 ((russell- a **bummer getting to th p>>russell: a bummer getting to pthe sand and surf. pexpect bumper to bumper traffic. pthe issue is expected to cause a pbig headache for beach goers pthis weekend. lus -- p>> a tourist helicopter crashes pinto pearl harbor. pwe'll show you the incredible,


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