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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pis all next at noon. pthis is the fox 13 news at noon. p>> anchor: developing out of ptampa a local high school is put punder lockdown. pgood afternoon and thank you so pmuch for joining us i'm linda phurtado. pwe start with a that developing pstory out of tampa. pofficers were called out to phillsborough high school in our paaron mesmer was out there. paaron, what happened and pimportantly is everyone okay? p>> reporter: in yeah, most pimportancely everybody linda
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pthis happened around 9:15 or so. pthis morning you might be able pto see here plenty of tampa olice cars out here at least phalf dozen students on an in psecond floor classroom. pnoticed that window had been pbroken. pand that's when they determined pthat they should tell a teacher pthat's when this lockdown began. pthat classroom is on part of the pbuilding where you can't see it pfrom where we are. pon wilder avenue over here. pright now police are calling it pa projectile. pthey are trying to determine if pa bullet came through window a prock or something else paltogether. pwe're told officers are psearching that classroom where pit happened to try to find the pobject that came through the pwindow. pthankfully. pthe school is on lockdown as recaution as officers are going pthrough the building. arents say as always this pcontinues to unfold their kids phave been sending them text pmessage trying to keep them up pto date. palso got prevenl from school psystem as well. psome of these kids were pfrightened especially a rumors pbegan to spread there was ossible shooting. pthat's why several parents were
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pschool to see what was going on. p>> it's very nerve-wracking, i pmean i immediately ran over phere. plike i just and then as i come pin there's ambulance leaving i pdon't know if that ambulance is pcoming from school or anything. pmy stomach is churning up upside pdown it's very nerve-wracking. p>> reporter: and we're told the pinvestigation right now is preally limited at this point to pthe school. olice are not currently psearching the surrounding area. pthey are just trying to figure pout what came through that pwindow, trying to figure out palso if there's anybody they pneed to be looking for. olice also say linda they did pnot kids didn't hear a gunshot, pthey didn't see anybody. pso it doesn't look like anybody pthere are any witnesses to what pmay or may not have happened. pso this is all still developing pall still unfolding of course pbring updates later on today. pglad to hear everything is okay. p>> thank you, aaron. pwe have some sad news from the pliterary world. parthur harper lee has passed paway.
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pto kill a mocking bitter story pabout racial injustice small palabama town sold more than a pten million cops and became one pa most le loved and taught pworks. pshe was 89 years old. pwith nice weather a lot of you pmay have man's to head to pclearwater beach. pgetting there may be a bit of a pchallenge. pfox 13's shayla reeves explains pwhat's happening and how you can pget around it. p>> reporter: the traffic impact pthat is described significant. phere's what you need to know. pright now near the intersection pof fourth street and south pmyrtle avenue, it's in this articular area where some lanned construction work could pmean delays or closures if pyou're trying to get to pclearwater beach. pnow clearwater beach as you may precall was just named trip padvisor's number one beach in pthe country. pit just so happens that that pannouncement came after rail proad repairs had already been pscheduled along some of thes proads traveled to reach the pbeach. pwe're told csx is making few
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pand completing the work means pclosure and detours. pit is happening along the tracks pstreets. pso here's what you need to know. ort street is expected to be a pclosed between south myrtle pavenue and a south port harrison pavenue. pthe closures started at p9 o'clock this morning and it pruns through 11 o'clock sunday pnight. pthe next weekend a similar pclosure is scheduled impacting ptravel on the next street over. pchestnut street. pa stretch of pinellas trail will palso be back anded during pconstruction meaning you won't pbe able to use stretch between pcleveland street south and pturner street at that time. paccording toot city of pclearwater the detour routes pwill be posted and police will pbe on hand as well to help pdirect traffic. pwe're already seeing a number of pthose signs up police are palready on hand to help anyone pwho needs some assistance pnavigating some of the road pclosures over the next couple of pdays. pso you're best bet, if you're ptrying to get to clearwater pbeach is to give yourself a plittle bit of extra time to get
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preporting in clearwater, shayla preeves, fox 13 news. p>> anchor: thank you, shayla. pdeveloping this afternoon phillsborough deputies were able pto stop wrong-way driver before panyone was hurt. pkenneth was arrested around p2 o'clock this morning. pofficials say he was driving pwrong way down i-75 traveling no phour. phe then made a u turn in the pmiddle interstate and started pdriving in the right direction. pwhen deputy pulled him over he psaw an open alcohol container in pcup holder deputies conducted so pbefore i too tests but refused pto take breathalyzer he was a pcharged with drying under the pinfluence. pa car chase spanned two counties pthis morning ended in arrests of pthree people. paround 1:30 this morning ta olice officers were hot on the ptails of following stolen car pwhich was seen heading across pthe bay into pinellas county. pwhen the drivers got into st. etersburg they parked behind a phouse, and ran inside. psomebody inside that house pcalled officers who took three
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p tampa police officers want pto make something clear, while pthey don't support what they see pas an anti cop message from pbeyonce they will still make psure her concert is fully pstaffed by officers to keep peveryone safe. pthe tampa police benevolent passociation urges officers to a pboycott buying beyonce's music. pbut they say concert will be pfully staffed. pbeyonce's song and video for new psong formation lyric and image pthat perceive anti police. ptpd says dozens of officers have pa signed up to work the concert pin april. p the body of scalia lying in prepose see died last weekend pduring hunting trip in texas. phe was 79 years old. pfox's matt fin has more from pwashington. p>> small crowd has gathered poutside the supreme court since pthis morning as nation says pgood-bye to a giant behind the
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aul bear is discovered at pcasket u7 extensive of high pcourt he served for nearly 30 pyears. pscalia's body was had has been pinside great hall by eight premaining justice paul scalia a pcatholic priest then led ad pbrief ceremony honoring his pfather. pgod of faithfulness, in your pwisdom you have called your pservant out of this world. pfirst italian american to serve pon nation's highest court he was pbrorn in ten ton new jersey in p1936. phis father immigrant from sicily pwas a college professor and his pmother a school teacher. phe being selled academic and pgraduated from george town puniversity before pursuing plaundry. pgraduating in 1960. pa brief stint in private ractice scalia held several low rofile positions within the pexecutive and judicial branches pof government. puntil ronald reagan tapped him pin 1986 to appreciate jill wim prehnquist who had become chief pjustice.
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pyous it's very easy to know pwhere to begin, it is very hard pto know where to end. pi begin of course with president preagan. pjustice scalia's body will lie pin repose until this even in rivate funeral will be held ptomorrow. pin washington, matt fin, fox pnews. p the hillsborough county psheriff's office is trying to pfigure out how long a man's body pwas in a pool build it was pfound. pand how it got there in the pfirst place. pit happened an apartment complex pnear university of south pflorida. pinvest guards say the man's body pwas in the pool for quite some ptime. phe still has not been pidentified. p>> the world health organization pis implementing new measures to pcontrol the spread of the zika pvirus. pincluding the use could n tra psepgs in countries dealing with pthis outbreak. pvirus torn through latin america pand is now in more than 25 pcountries. pmostly spread by mosquitos main pfear it may cause birth defects pin pregnant women. pworld health organization is now pissuing new guidelines for help
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p>> so environmental source pmanagement reducing number of laces where mosquitos could pbreed. psecond, potential larvae getting prid of larvae when mosquito is pat the lafshal stage. pso far their 24 confirmed cases pof zika virus in florida all ptravel related. p>> our jen epstein found out pdaytona 500s isn't just about pracing. pit's also about food. pa chef has some ideas if you're pthrowing a party for race day. lug a pig sells a local auction pfor more than $47,000. pand there's a very touching preason why. pyou're going to like this one it pwill make you proud of your pneighbors. p>> just another gorgeous looking pday. pthat chamber of commerce pweather. pthat kind of weather when we get pto july and august, and is just pa complete steam bath, think pback on days like this. pjust gorgeous out there.
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plow humidity will last through
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palthough we've got an early morning crash has left a mess behind in lakeland. pan early morning crash has left pa mess behind in lakeland. psemitrailer haling sand was pheading westbound on dean still proad when utility truck heading peastbound crossed center line pand hit the trailer. psemiovercorrected and a flipped pdumping sand and fuel. pthe driver of semi-is okay. pbut pick up driver suffered pcritical injuries ask right now
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pdown while crews clean up all pthat mess. pa hardee county community came ptogether to help a young boy who plost so much so quickly. pa couple of days ago. ptamara henry died suddenly of a pheart attack. pshe was teacher sulfur springs, pshe was also single mom to p11-year-old heath. plast night hardee county fair psomething very special happened. pthis video was sent us to by a pviewer who wishes to remain panonymous. pheath has raising pig to sell at pthe fair. plast night it went on auction pblock. plocal rancher joined together to pbuy pig unheard of price a $170 pa pound. pthe swine weighed nearly 290 ounds. pi did the math for you. pthat's important. pmore than $47,000. pwinning bid i say announced you pcan see people in barn give the plittle boy a standing ovation. pwe're told there this wasn't a pdry eye in the house. p>> that money will go towards
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pgo to help heath with his care pwe will follow story and bring pyou more at 5. pthat makes me really proud of poffer community you all know how pmuch i love to spread good news. pso if you'd like to share that pvideo i posted this story on my pfacebook page all you have to do pis look for fox 13's linda phurtado. pit a time to rev up your engine pand get ready for a fast paced pweekend. eople from across the country pare in florida for the daytona p500. pyou can catch it right here on pfox 13. pour jen epstein caught up with a pchef who has good ideas if you lan on throwing a party. pwe are getting you geared up for pdaytona 500 this weekend on fox p13. pi know not everyone can make it pto this beautiful grand stand pthat daytona 500 international pspeedway. pbut what you can do is celebrate pthe daytona day from home and a pget the party started celebrity pchef tim love. pyou have got great ideas for the pweekend. pabsolutely. pi mean, when you think about pdaytona 500 great american race, pwhy not celebrate it like you pwould any other great american pholiday.
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pand to do that you've got to the phave great food and drink pobviously. pi've created 15 recipes pavailable on all res pgo check it outset yourself up pfor success at your own home and phave great daytona today. pyou're professional. pare these recipes i could cook. pabsolutely. peven you could cook them i know pyou had ad conversation before pyou're not a great cook. pthat's not my fault. phowever these recipes are pdesigned to have lot of fun at phome. pthey are simple, four or fi step precipes you can get all pingredients local supermarket pwithout problem we designed a pcouple cocktails in this for pyou. pyou were talking one very pspecial one i might be able to pshake up in here daytona pdestroyer we call it. ptequila cucumber serrano chiles. pif i start on that will i i make pit on end of the race? pdepends on how fast you are, phoney, i don't know. p>> so day nona day you're pdeclaring it an american holiday phappening this weekend you can
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pyou know what, look we know the ptrack is sold out. pit is, it is. p101,000 seats all gone. pi don't know but you can sit and phome do it yourself not as loud. plet's just be honest. pso where can everybody find your pwebsite go to all pnascar on fox. por chef tim. pyou can intral daytona day from pthe comfort of your own preporting from daytona pinternational speedway, fox 13 pnews. pthank you jen you can see flags pwhipping in had live shot. pso kind of breezy there. pbeautiful blue sky. erfect weather for the 500. pnice steady breeze. ponce again they've done it to us pgood in. phaven't they in they lead into pus talking about food. pand i know you know, there are pstomachs churning now. pbut yeah, you know, really a pnice weekend. pnot only for us, but overon east pcoast. pa breeze there you they've had psome cold daytona 500s. pthis one will look pretty good
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plook outside right now. pand already, at the noon hour pwe're 72 degrees. pnotice those winds, they are out pof the east six miles an hour. pthat east wind means it will be pa nice mild afternoon. peast at 11, over at the beach pand temperature currently psitting a 70 degrees. pnotice, completely blue skies, pjust a gorgeous looking view pthere. pbut with that easterly wind pwe're pulling in couple clouds pacross the state. pbut still, plenty of sun as we pgo through the weekend. poutside right now, we're at 72 pdegrees. pdew points still very pcomfortable at 48. phumidity's 43 percent. pthe winds out of the east at 6 pmiles an hour. pthere you see it on visible psatellite loop. pstarting out with everybody pseeing plenty of sun first thing pthis morning with that easterly pwind pulling some clouds across pthe state. pand average out with just a few atchy clouds as we go through pthe afternoon. pmainly throughout interior. pand few of them making them over pon towards the west coast now phere you can see temperatures
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retty much everybody in fact, i pthink, we've got one exception pthere. peverybody else is sitting in the p70s. pst. petersburg is just the pinfluence of the water around pdowntown st. petersburg. pwhich is currently the water ptemperature running right around p60 to 61 degrees. pso it keeps them a little bit pcooler. potherwise you can see brandon pwarming up nicely as 75. phere in tampa that's 72. pwesley chapel 72. pbrooksville has 71 degrees. pand then mid 70s already showing pup down to our south in sarasota pat 74 degrees. p60s across the northern part of pthe state. pand then mid 70s down across the pextreme southern part of the pstate as well. pthat you see that wind over in pdaytona right now. pout of the east at 12 miles an phour. pvero winds out east northeast pthe 17. p20 miles an hour down to west alm beach as winds continue to pwork their way across state they pweaken a little bit. pbut still we'll have that nice psteady breeze out of the east as pwe go through the weekend. pbut even though the winds are pcoming from an easterly
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pexpect to see humidity coming up ponly going to inch up very pslowly as we go through the pweekend. lenty of dry air over the state pand across the much of the psouth. pso these dew points running in pthe 40s and the 50s, still feel pvery, very comfortable outside. pthat high pressure, basically pjust kind of dominating much of pthe east right now. pall the weather is really been pacross the rockies and pacific pnorthwest. pwhat we're going to be watching pas we go through the next few pdays. pthat hi meandering around across psoutheast. pwe will continue to see plenty pof sun, building bo partly pcloudy skies as we get into say psunday and monday. pthen you look to our north. pthat's that area of low pressure pwe will watching as we head ptowards tuesday. plooks like this will track a plittle bit further towards the pnorth dragging a front our way. pstill looks like best chance of prain will come late tuesday into pwednesday morning. pwith that front. lenty of sun for today. pdaytime high 75 degrees. pthen for tonight clear skies. povernight low not bad a 54
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pfor tomorrow mostly sunny. pdaytime high of 75 degrees. pnow if you're heading to the prace, mostly sunny skies. pdegrees. por at least at race time. phigh tide comesal 1:45. psustaineded range forecast preally looks pretty nice all pweekend long. pwith seas running right around 2 pfeet throughout sunday. p7 day forecast keeps ptemperatures very mild. pall the way through next 5 to 6 pdays. pand then that rain heads our way pas we get into tuesday and pwednesday. plinda.
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pgoing from hockey ice to at amalie arena, they're putting on the ultimate pin amalie arena they are putting pon ultimate floor show changing pfrom ice to dirt in a matter of phours.
12:23 pm
pat this cool transformation. p>> it will take 24 hours to ptransform what was the hockey phome for the tampa bay plightning, now into arena cross pwhich i posted this on social pmedia and a lot of people enjoy pit. pthey love to see those dirt pbikes flying up and down. pand you know, this is great popportunity to see them right phere in the bay area. pit starts this weekend. psaturday, 7 o'clock, and then pthere's amateur night on sunday. pthis crew, the rina crew pactually started at 10:32. pthe lightning game finished a p10:30 last night. pthey were pushing those guys off pi say so they can start doing ptheir work. pagain they start 10:32 last pnight. ptell continue into this pafternoon. pand hopefully they will be pfinished tonight. plindsay thank you for being with pus. pfor folks who are not familiar pwith the arena cross talk to me pabout it. pis most intense motorcycle pracing on planet.
12:24 pm
pouter door motor cross to arena pyou compile all that energy into pone arena it makes for ton of pexcitement and lot of energy. pwhat it is 16 riders will be pballoting for this championship pand a competing out here ptomorrow night. paway el not lot room not lot proom for air so these guys down pto science and millisecond. pthese guys have to have peverything down to make peverything happen this weekend. pi'm looking over there and i'm pseeing this crew work hard. pthey've working hard since 10:30 plast night it's exhausting to psee them. pthey know exactly what they are pdoing. pthey know they don't don't have pa lot of timeit's a 24-hour pwindow. pthey start practicing tomorrow pmorning. pthey do. pbut, i mean these guys are pawesome what they do. pthey work very well under ressure we're all very pconfident in their abilities, pand they are going to make a pgreat battle ground. pthese guys are i mean riders pwill be in store for great pracing they will have great ptrack to work off of and the
12:25 pm
plast year if you missed out on popportunity. ptickets start at $10. phonestly you'd been wasting pmoney not to come. pgoing to lot of fun. plot of excitement. pone thing that arena cross apart pfrom any other type of rofession will sports we like pto get involved with the crowd. pso we take riders up in stands a pcouple times throughout night. pwe do, bring a couple fans down punder the floor to do a couple pof fun activities during half ptime show. pand then we also go up in the pstands after the show and do a ost show autograph signing psession. plot of opportunities to meet the priders ask questions. ptake pictures. pbut then also see some intense pracing anybody has ever seen. pso, there's a will the of fun pthings about arena cross. pimpact weekend. pthank you, so again, the pro prace is saturday, 7:00. pamateur night you can come out pbring your own dirt bike for 65 pbucks you can actually race on pthat course. pwe have all the information on pour website at
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pinside amalie arena, alcides psegui. p>> a slug fest this weekend
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pstumping hard ahead of tomorrow 3 ((linda)) a new fox poll shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton nationally ahead of the nevada caucus. meanwhile, the republican slugfest in south carolina pnew fox polled shows bern psanders leading hillary clinton. pa republican slug fest in south pcarolina continues. pvoters in both states head to olls this weekend. eter doocy has more from pwashington. p republican presidential pcandidates stumping hard in psouth carolina ahead of ptomorrow's primary. pmost polls show donald trump pwith a big lead in the palmetto pstate and nationally. pthe rest of republican field now pstepping up their attacks pbillionaire business man calling pconservative credentials into pquestion.
12:29 pm
pthey believe in supporting the pfroops, they believe in making psure veterans get care. pthat's what i'm focused on. pwe live the way you living now pwe come from a where you come pfrom and we're conservatives pbecause best thing for you it pwas best thing for us ask pconservativism is best thing for pamerica. ptrump pushing back calling pseveral of his opponents liars peven threaten to sue ted cruz pfor running an ad suggesting ptrump is pro-choice. pi like to say i'm conservative pwith common sense. pi'm oh common sense conservative pa term nobody ever heard of pbecause you just came with it pabout two days ago. pdemocrats turn their folk us to pnevada. pnew fox poll shows a big shake pup in the race. pbernie sanders ahead of hillary pclinton nationally for the first ptime. phe's got a big lead in pone-on-one match ups with donald ptrump. p>> i hope you will come out pcaucus 11 o'clock saturday
12:30 pm
pas your president. p>> nef republicans will caucus pnext tuesday and democrats and psouth carolina head to the polls pfour days later. pin washington, peter doocy fox p13 news. pcraig patrick joins us we're prespecting rlts from our fox 13 oll. pthey were dead-on last time. pcertainly nailed and drew pnational attention for polsters pcombination of polling late. pand once again our fox 13 olster wills come up with a pfinal numbers in south carolina pbefore the voters head to the olls on saturday. pright now, it is all donald ptrump as you just saw. pin an average of polls he's 32 ercent. pup 14 points on ted cruz. pbut with late movement, i don't pis manage going to happen with pdust up with pope? pwill voters move one way or pother? pwe'll certainly find out on psaturday. pyou also have to watch somebody pelse in the race, that's marco prubio. pted cruz is in second but marco prubio is right behind in third
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pif he shows a competitive third por best ted cruz for second lace bet that he's moving up pthe chain in pecking order with phis endoerment he received from pniki haley. phe could be in very good osition. pbut, we just don't know. pbecause jeb bush is also making pa little bit of a movement in pthe polls. phe has been far behind. pbut he has a strong ground game pthere with support of lindsay pgraham who popular in this pstate. phis average of around 11 percent pcombined with support of his pbrother president george w. bush pin state with bush name is pfairly solid. pand popular at least among prepublicans. pthis could give him an punexpected boost. pthose are the key factors we're pwatching certainly not just in pour polling that comes out this pafternoon but on saturday as pwell. pand we will have those brand new pnumbers, those last numbers in pour newscast a 5 o'clock today. pvery interested to hear those, pthank craig you're working on a pnew money, power and politics. pfirst all south carolina, south pcarolina and nevada where we phave a very competitive
12:32 pm
pwe also are going to continue pour investigation of the va psince our last investigation, pthe mistakes and glitches this pweek. pwe received many more calls. pwe have some interesting updates phere. pwe're also following the water pscandal in flint with charley la pduff. pand possibility that tainted pwater may have triggered deadly poutbreak legionnaire's disease. pa whole litany of blunders and pgaffs that's coming saturday p5:30 p.m. and sunday night at p11:30. psounds like a full plate. pthank you. pdeveloping this afternoon the porange county sheriff's office pis searching for are a teen they psay deliberately ran over a pdeputy. pdeliberately. pit happened around 7 this pmorning while sashth mary pierce pwas trying to serve that teen a pwarrant. olice say that when jan carlos portiz revved his engine and pinventionally ran over deputy. ierce landed on hood of white phonda hatch back. p15-year-old is still the run and pdriving that car. phe wanted for attempted murder pof law enforcement officer.
12:33 pm
phospital with head injuries. pbut is expected to be okay. p>> police are looking for those presponsible for a shooting pmorning in las vegas. pfight reportedly took place on pthird floor miracle mile shops arking garage. pvehicle drove into cosmopolitan pvalet with one man and woman pinside who had both be shot the pwoman was pronounced dead and pman is in stable condition. paccording to multiple police preports they came they came out pwoman lying of woman lying in pstreet. olice do dave osterberg have pvideo of a fight confirm vehicle pthat drove into the valet was pinvolved in the fight at the pmiracle mile parking garage. pwow. p>> update in case of a so-called paffluenza teen. ptexas judge says case will be pmoved to an adult court. pnow 18-year-old could face 120 pdays in jail and all when they pcomplete ten year probation. pethan couch was 16 at the time pof 2013 crash. pthat killed 4 people near fort pworth. pa defense expert argued that
12:34 pm
pcoddled him into sense pirresponsibility. phe and his mother disappeared in pdecember as prosecutors pinvestigated whether he had pviolated his probation they were plater found in mexico. pa construction accident is rnd pinvestigation in new jersey pafter two workers were killed. pit happened yesterday more than pwhile they were lifting a large pgenerator with a crane. pofficials say one the straps psnapped, and that unit fell to pthe ground. pone worker died at the scene a psecond person died at the phospital. pthey were building a new fire phouse. ptwo georgia women are very pthankful to be alive a. their pcar veered off bridge and pcrashed right into the water. pit happened last night near patlanta. pinvestigators aren't sure pexactly what caused the crash. pthe women say they were driving pover a bridge when car suddenly pveered off the road. pthe driver overcorrected and car lummeted overside of bridge planding upside down in water pbelow. p>> all i felt was impact in my phead boom, whoa, water. pi said all right. pi felt the walter coming in i
12:35 pm
pwe're going under water. punder your seatbelt. pso we can get up out of here. pget out of here. p18th gonna die. pscary. pthe women were able to unfasten ptheir seatbelts bust out a pwindow and swim to safety. pluckily they weren't seriously pinjured. phe turned on radio in 1961 you pmight have heard the fabulous prockers. pthey were tampa group who had phit record. pwhat they really wanted to more pthan 50 years to achieve, you pmight say life got in the way. pas it often does. pband broke up and members went pin different directions. pbut as lloyd sowers shows us pthey came together again and pchased down their dream. pretired heart surgeon, but his pheart has always been with
12:36 pm
phe was in a band called the pfabulous rockers. pin early 60s, tampa teenagers pthought rockers were best panywhere. pfans like charley miranda. pthey had band stand and we had pthe rock band. pit was jam packed. pthey had a national hit record. pwon their way to stardom. pbut the world changed before ptheir dreams could come true. pwe always twoond perform in pcuba. pand we, we were right there at pthe door step when when things phappened, a revolution and then pthe vietnam war acceleration. pyou know, destroyed the band so pto speak. pdecades later the fabulous prockers came together again and layed for their fans. pthere's a few hours of magic. pwe refound magic of 50s and the p60s.
12:37 pm
peven then, there was unfinished pbusiness that unfulfilled dream. pwe never thought it would phappen, it was logistical pnightmare to take a band to pcuba. pmore than 50 years later they pfinally made it. pa local film maker capture ad as art of her documentary. pi thought it was really fulfill pa life long dream of their. pthere night was so special. pthey played on for hours. pit was crazy. pi mean it was hopping. pit was amazing. psome say you could never go pback. pbut they may also say it's never ptoo late to chase a dream. psomebody asked me when are you pgoing to stop? pmarch i guess i'll stop. pbecause i love what i do.
12:38 pm
pand a fabulous rockers live on. plloyd sowers, fox 13 news. pgreat message in that story. pwell it is so important to pay pattention to kids to be active pto be involved in their lives. pbut what if mom and dad just paren't available to make that pinvestment of time or attention? pthat's when mentors like byron pstep in. pthe big difference he's making
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
pway beyond we often hear about children in the foster system being "left behind".. not getting the one-on-one attention they need to thrive. but there's a local program helping the most vulnerable kids succeed... fox13's jennifer epstin tells us: with the help of this
12:41 pm
pwith help this week home town phero they are not only have a pmentor, they have a life-long pfriend. p>> what's that book called? p3, 2, 1. pall right. pthat's one book. pcome on. plet's go this way. ptwice a week byron and jimmy pmeet to sound it out. p>> all right. plet's go. plet's see what we can do. plet's start reading these books, pall right? pwhether pronouncing words in his pfavorite look or helping finish phis homework byron is always pthere to make sure jimmy is a psuccess. p>> what i like about mr. byron pis that he help me with my phomework and that he take me laces. pbyron and jimmy's relationship pstarted two years ago through peckerd's friends of children. pa program that pairs high risk pkids in foster system with rofessional mentor. pthey are that caring adult that pthere is to supplement whatever pthat current caregiver is doing. pbeing a mentor is long-term pcommitment that usually begins pwhen child is 5 or 6.
12:42 pm
p>> so my job is to just make psure i'm that person that will pbe with them 12 long years. pi will never not be with them. pwherever he go i go. pbyron is more than tutor and pmentor he consider jimmy and pseven other boys he helps a part pof his family. pi consider these other eight pboys as my sons as well. pso i want to make sure i give pthem the same opportunity that i pso he makes sure all of their pbasic needs are met. pif it's making sure that they phave arrived to school, make psure accommodation are fine for pthem. peven if it comes to them needing pfood or anything like that, i, i pmake sure that they have what pthey need. pit's more than just a job to pbyron, he says it's his calling. p>> i know i'm helping a child pout and helping them to become a pbetter person. pi love it.
12:43 pm
pand it's a way to give back to pthe community that once helped phim. phe was raised in this community. pcame from a you know a poor pfamily, and had good mentors. psaw the need for mentors and now phas dedicated his life to being pa mentor. phis dedication also inspiring pkids like jimmy to live a life pof service too. pwhat do you want to the do when pyou grow up? pwhat do you want to do? poh what i want to do is help pother people with their work. pdo you want to be like byron pwhen you grow up? p>> uh-huh. p>> yeah? pi know that wan jen epstein. pa live look outside right now pmeteorologist jim weber will phave another check on your pforecast.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
pwhen we and b p hey everybody i'm charley
12:46 pm
pi what a gorgeous day did is. pwe're at the oldsmar bmx super pcross track. ptrack that is been here for a plong time but was rebuilt last pyear for just under $2 million. pand it looks like they got their pmoney's worth. pmayor is here. pmayor of oldsmar. pare you, you you have tobacco roud of what you're standing in pfront ofi got to tell you couple pyears ago when we had this two pdimensional drawing it was pexciting to stand here in three pdimensional track watch it pactually come to life is just pincredible. pso see the enjoyment that peverybody having both from local pracer and international racer is phuge. pusa fwvment mx gator national pthat is happening this weekend pkicking off officially a little pover an hour from now and then plasting through the weekend, pyou're going to see the best of pbest from around the world. pbrazil, and the dutch national pteam.
12:47 pm
plafayette gold medallist is here pthree quarters of olympic gold pmedallist is here. pb m x is an olympic support. eople are trying to get to rio pthey are here hoping to do well. phere not only for weekend lot of pteams will be here for next pcouple of months train thing we ptry to emulate what track in rio pwill be like here as best as pweekend. pthey will come here and train. pthen they will be in olympics. pbmx has been in oldsmar and part pof oldsmar's history for while pnow. pabout 13 years we've doing this. puniyou know j u.s. kind of an pideaed to do something different pnot even knowing it will be in pthe olympics in 2008. pso a little vision we had. pgood are for you. pgood for you. pwell done. pand speaking politics behind it, pbig price tag came with this psome people doubted it, but you psay it's going to pay off. preturn on investment is huge. pand then, both of tdc local ptourist development council and pstate saw it as we've talking
12:48 pm
pfills the hotels, couple years pago in march it was the biggest pevent ever for that month right phere in oldsmar. pthat's fantastic. pa little combination of state pmoney and oldsmar money. pabsolutely. pand it's paying off. pwe got justify to the state it pwas good and it's turning out to pbe even better than expected. pand talk about better than pexpected, this weather, it could pnot have hit in a better little pweather pattern that we're phaving this week. pit's absolutely incredible. pwe have terrible rain on monday pbut beautiful, i've asked them pto move clouds out of way they pdid that. pmayor haves lot more power than pi realize. pgood thing i'm on your good psize. pthank you very much. pit's oldsmar bmx super cross ptrack right here on tampa ride pright next to movie theater and preal close to mcmullen booth. pusabmx gator nationals. pfree, free to come watch this p$10 to park. pthen come in and enjoy a nice
12:49 pm
pafternoon of bmx racing. pcharley belcher here. p>> thank you, charley. pit is a really a perfect weekend pfor racing. pwhether it's in oldsmar or pdaytona i heard charley the one pin oldsmar is free. pthat might appeal to lot of eople. pit's free. pi don't know if you caught other pthey were talking about, where pwe had rain at the beginning of pthe week and this is just been psuch a nice long week of pbeautiful looking weather. pit's hard to remember that. pyeah we started the week with psome rain. pmakes me happy. pthe fact that it's friday. pit's beautiful. pand it's pay day all good preasons to smile. pright there. pyou summed it up right there. pgoing to be good weekend that's pfor sure. pyou look outside right now. pwe continue to see just gorgeous plooking weather. plooking out clearwater beach, no pthe a cloud in the sky. pnow we've got some easterly pwinds for today. pso picking up clouds off the peast coast. pbringing them across the state. pbut still even though those pclouds will be heading our way, pit's still going to be a pbeautiful looking day. atchy clouds passing in or
12:50 pm
pinto say mid afternoon hours. olk county still plenty of sun. pbasically a pa earn it as we go pthrough weekend with eat early pwinds you can see a little pbreezy over on east coast. pso picks up clouds and moves pthem across the state. pthen as we get into mid pafternoon hours we start to see pa few clouds here on the west pcoast. poutside right now we're at 72 pdegrees. pdew points at 48. phumidity is at 43 percent. pthe winds are currently out of pthe east at six miles an hour pwith easterly winds really phelping to keep everybody very pmild, 76 already in sebring. pbartow has a 70. pbrandon 75 degrees. pcool spot that's influence of pthe water surrounding downtown pst. petersburg. pso they are currently at 67 pdegrees. pbut you can see over past 24 phours we continue that slow pwarming strend. pmost areas running between about p2 to 4 some cases about 5 to 6 pdegrees warmer than we were this ptime yesterday. phigh pressure, that's still preally dominating. pabout eastern third of the
12:51 pm
psoutheast you can see patchy pclouds out into the atlantic. pwhere you go quiet weather on pone side of country you ptypically find more active pweather on the other side. pthat's basically what we've seen pover the past several days. plot mountain snow you can see pacross the pacific northwest. pthey continue to deal with that prain right along the coastline. pyou've got this front marching pthrough middle of country. pthat's front that eventually pgoing to think before us some pweather as we head into say pabout the middle of next week. pso through the weekend, there's pthat high. pjust continues to kind of linger pacross the southeast. pfront kind of drapes across ortions of southeast. pthen that area of low pressure pforms back to our north and west pby monday. pthat's going to eventually bring pa front down over us as we get pinto the late tuesday and into pwednesday. pbut today it looks good. lenty of sun daytime high 75 pdegrees. pthen for tonight, clear skies, povernight low of fweer degrees. ptomorrow looks good. pmostly sunny. panother pleasant day, daytime phigh of 5 degrees.
12:52 pm
prace, over in daytona, looks pgood. pscattered clouds, temperatures p72 degrees. pat race time looks a okay for pthat high tide comes 1:45 this pafternoon. pboating conditions through the pweekend, look good all weekend plong. pwith those light easterly winds pand seas running two two feet or pless throughout weekend. pseven-day forecast mild ptemperatures low humidity. pdoesn't get any better than this palthough we've got that rain pwe'll watching as we get into plate tuesday and wednesday pmorning linda. pthank you, jim the way to get pthrough to students may that you
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
the "gasparilla distance classic" is taking over d p the gasparilla distance pclassic is taking over downtown ptampa this weekend. pthis is one of tampa's best pknown road race that is atracks pelite runner all over world race pwill go through down to you ptampa and bay shore boulevard. pbegins today with health and pfitness expo. ptoo late to register but free to pcome out and watch. p>> nothing has bigger impact on pstudent's learning than skipping pschool. pat hillsborough palm river pelementary, they have a new pstrategy to battle truancy. pkelly ring says their solution pis what's right with tampa bay. p>> we want to celebrate the pstudents for being able to have pvery good education by coming phere every day. pway to encourage young minds is pthrough their tummies. pit's important for us to reward pand recognize and celebrate when pthese kids are here. pwe want them to get excited pabout learning. p>> you want some help? pa free breakfast celebrates
12:56 pm
pand their parents. pwe pull ten kids' names from pdrawing every month to perfect patren dance breakfast other kids pthat aren't drawn we give them erfect attendance certificate pthat they can take home with pthem. pthe program highlights parents' presponsibility to get their kids pto school on time. pwe know these that kids are our pfutures we want to make sure pthat we're acknowledging them so pthat it encourages them to do pbetter. pso thank you very much. rogram started last year to phelp stop truancy. pand showcase the importance of peducation. pstatistics say that for every pone day a child misses it takes pthee days to make up. pthe students love it. pwe get to reward yourself by phaving a great party. pand it appreciates what you have pdone. psetting a positive course and prewarding a job well done. p>> and local businesses fund pbreakfast. pthey could use other gifts for
12:57 pm
pattendance celebration. pif i'd luke information go to p>> before we break for lunch pbecause we're both talk about phow hungry we are. pgive that is great forecast. p>> how many food stories did we phave in this newscast. pthat's what i want to know p>> it has been tough. pweather is looking fantastic pthis weekend. pyou look outside right now, and pwhat you see right there, that's pgoing to the story all weekend plong. pwith that low humidity. pmild winds coming out of the peast so daytime highs stay in pmid 70s next chance of rain on ptuesday night. plisten hard to beat that pweekend. pthank you, jim. pthe news doesn't end here we pwill keep posting latest all day pon ptwitter and facebook. plook for more news, weather and
12:58 pm
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