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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i'm mark wilson, i'm kelly ring for 18 months a silent killer has been at work taking a life after the next. and the death toll is staggering 77 lives taken from their communities and families. the serial killer is heroin. and kimberly kuizon said the effort to defeat it is paying off. >> it was shock. the effects of heroin. we didn't know he was using again. >> and she her son died from a overdose. she lost more loved ones. her son's girlfriend. grand son and daughter-in-law's niece within a year. >> the second time and they are looked on. they don't have a choice. the story represents a major problem in manatee county it led
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and the personal responded to 3. very sadly resulting in deaths. >> working with other agencies. >> they followed the trail from overdose victims. and 15 arrests have been made and including the county's biggest dealers. >> bradenton has seen a 65 decline in overdose calls. >> and you are rolling the dice, are you rolling the dice with your life. >> the epidemic has come to a standstill but it will take the communities and people like jerry to stop it for good. if you need to call me at 2:00 and talk i'm.
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that helps me to heal, also. >> kimberly kuizon, fox news. >> the arrestss are far from over. bradenton police and the sarasota sheriff's office will working together to combat the problem. you know florida is closer tonight to reviving the death penalty after the supreme court declared it to be unconstitutional. the house passed a bill requiring the vote 160 of 12 jurors to impose the death sentence. the senate should pass the same version and send it to the governor to sign. lawmakers debated whether florida should have a death penalty. listen to this. >> it use as power the official power to kill. that never elevated a society and brought back a life. >> at some point and give them a
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there is a line it is so heinous the answer is the ultimate cost of their life. >> and the supreme court members said it was undiscussional it allowed judges to go against the experts tell fox 13 that lawmakers are wasting their time with the new version. >> and they say that if the law passes, it will open up a can of worms. and they never addressed if the vote by the jury should be and the country florida and alabama the vote has can to be unanimous >> and and it is only going to create a slew of appeals by defendants. >> when that person is sentenced they will say it should have
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the legislature could have done that, they had the opportunity appeals. and in order to do that, it would not have been done. >> and experts say if it is law, expect the appeals to start and get all the way to the supreme court. >> and the law that will probably pass uninstitutional. and we'll follow this. back to you. >> they have lawyers in tallahassee, gloria, you think they could see this coming. >> yes. >> and roar' right. >> and everyone knows they will get it kicked back but they are rushing this through. expect this to come up with the supreme court and expect it again to be found to be unconstitutional. the hit and run driverrer who killed a worker was in court
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the judge denied her bond. allison huffman went before a judge. she is accused of leaving the scene of a crash. she hit and killed a tow truck driver on the northbound span of the howard frankland bridge. she kept on going. and she abandoned her car. right there it is. and a friend turned her in. >> and prosecutors urged the judge to deny her bond. and when the hit and run happened the judge can denied her bond. police officers want to make something clear they do not support what they see as an anti-cop message from beyonce, they will make sure the concert is staffed by officers. >> and the association urges officers to boycott buying but
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and not to work a shift. and the concert will be starved. the song and video has lyrics that some. >> officers have signed up. >> and lawmakers are getting ready to vote on a measure to ban cameras in the state a bill to repeal the law that authorized the cameras passed the committee this week. supporters say that the cameras do little for traffic safety and serve to generate revenue for governments. and it is stalled in a subcommittee and a state senator is confident it will pass if it gets a fair hearing.
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>> and i'm ready willing and able. >> they change and the cameras are located. >> they say governments should decide for themselves they want the cameras. >> and spring break and a festival. and. >> and i guess no time is a good time. how was it. >> not too nightmarish. >> and and a crossing being replaced. >> and the rain route to
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>> and it is being replaced. >> and they pointed 60,000 vehicles through a detour. adding 15 to 30 minutes to the search for sun and sand. kirks did you know about the detour, we did not. >> and there will be more sunbathers. that's the medicine. >> we don't get calls saying they are waiting. you think you would. we don't get calls. we get it from people around the area who cannot get out and go to the store. >> if you are headed for one of the downtown events. come in from the north from drew street. >> spring break traffic is not new, the railroad work is a twist. from now through april,
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to be a place that you want to get to. >> steve nichols. >> fox 13 news. >> thank you. more traffic changes are coming to downtown on monday as well. starting next week east cast street from ashley to franklin will be a two way street. it are you headed to tampa turn right. north on franklin. make a left. you have not done that before. it is part of a redesign making it a two way street. there will be a bike lane. watch out for the bikes and the work should be done this summer. >> what happened at a livestock auction last night brought the crowd to its feet. it may have brought them to tears.
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>> what a day. >> wrapped up the work week and it will last a while longer. >> and we'll talk about that and
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3 ((kelly--vo-)) something amazing happened at this auction at the hardee county something amazing happened at the fair last night. it is a tribute to the people who live there. they rallied to support a boy who lost his mom. 11-year-old heath hendry was adopted when he was a year old. his mom suddenly passed away. >> as we report, last night the farming community dids something very special for heath. >> it is not often you find an auctioneer at a loss for words. that's what happened when heath stood in front of a barn packed
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swine that he raised. >> the money came rolling in. >> a outpouring of support for a boy who has been left parentless for the second time in his life after his mom died of a heart attack this week. she was a popular mentor in 4-h and taught him everything about raising swine. >> my mom wanted me to finish it. >> in the wake of his mother's death no one expected to see heath at the auction. but he brought the crowd to its feet when he stepped into the ring. >> this was a project he and his mom had done, how wonderful a tribute to his mom that he completed it add he finished strong. he did. >> in the tight knit community, everyone knew tamara. the teacher of more than 20 years touched the lives of generations. when news of her death spread,
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support her son. >> we cannot heal his broken heart but this community has stepped up and is being able to provide financial support that he will still have the same lifestyle his mom was providing to him. >> when the final bid came in, the swine, which would fetch around 4 to 6-dollar as pound sold for $170 a pound, raising nearly $50,000 for the fifth grader. >> we're not a lot of rich people here but we are rich in love for each other. >> the giving here will keep on going. his record selling swine will be donated to feed kids in need at the children's home. for now reporting in hardee. that is amazing. >> don't know what to say there. >> my goodness. bravo. >> and we have a link on our web
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go to fox 13 and click on seen on tv. >> now the forecast with paul dellegatto. >> a good afternoon. a nice afternoon underway. crystal clear skies. gave way to partly cloudy skies. this will happen and the east wind will break clouds at us from the atlantic. and these are fairly frat clouds they will not produce any rain or significant rain. showers on the east coast. a great sunset. it is underway right now. 76 is the high right now. the low is 54 degrees. really just cannot get any better than that. we'll stay in the mid70s. two fronts. going by on tuesday. more significant front turns colder thursday and friday. can you see the clouds rolling in from the east coast.
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then the sun is setting. we lose the daylight. that's the trent. lots of blue skies and partly cloudy midday a few sprinkles on the east coast but no cold air around. we don't get cold when the wind is coming in off the atlantic. the wind turns to the south and heating up with lots of sunshine. can you see the jet stream here ultimately there will be a dip that will move our way to push too fronts through by the middle of the week. temperatures are nice. you have 60s inland. low 70s near the cost t is comfortable the winds continue from the east and the northeast. and kind of gusty on the east
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the dew point is 47. winds are from the east at 8 miles per hour. tonight we'll stay partly cloudy. the wind is continuing from the east. there is no front heading our way in the short term. this front here is producing rain in new mexico and more rain and snow in the pacific northwest. last week, cities like raleigh were dealing with snow and ice. they're 49 now. there was the huge outbreak. and now 36 in new york. 44 in buffalo. melting snow and 58 in columbus, we stay 50s tonight and tomorrow and similar to today. topping off in the 70s. pretty much every place you go. and the high strong enough to keep these fronts away through saturday. then into sunday. it looks good with high pressure dominating on the latitude add
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we start to see the low pressure over louisiana. that's the front that will swing our way. the jet stream is split in two. the jet is town here. the polar jet bringing cold and chill to the northeast. the trend, though between now and early march is going to be for a trough in the east and a ridge in the west. what does that mean? for the most parts we stay below average temperature wise up and down the coast with most of the heat out in the west. sunshine this weekend. 75 degrees tomorrow that's a beautiful day. more of the same on sunday with the clouds from the east. most loy clear and pleasant. 56. beautiful day sunshine. nice. 75 for a high on suz. more of the same. sunshine early. passing clouds late and a pleasant day.
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driving down and going to daytona. don't forefet the sunscreen. the race on fox 13. the forecast we stay in the 70s. and next chance of rain coming in late on tuesday into wednesday and, chip, last time i think i throw it out to you in daytona. you do a great job. let's hope this is a good race. >> it is fun to be closing in on sunday. hard to believe this is my last working daytona 500. i'm coming back as a fan.
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drivers who are back out on the we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? pi'm gonna go with the one thatpdoesn't have the acronyms. pget that one without fillers. what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza. hey! no ingredients that you can't pronounce and no artificial flavors. and we're proud to announce pour new quality guarantee: plove your pizza, or get anotherpone, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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and the 500 on sunday. i'm counting down to the truck race. i mean to me that's my favorite series because there are so many and move up. >> and a there are so many rookie drivers in the races. the puppy bowl which is pretty good. >> you know news of the day today is business as unusual
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time and not in the cars they wanted. they were back on the track back in backup stars after the crash and the qualifying race. and jamie mc murray was loose. that takes out jimmy johnson. martin truex junior. and it was faster than even he could react to. >> there was a run. jamey came up to defend matt. i could see where it was taking us and hook bumpers and crash. i tried to get out. it didn't work. and turned around in front of everyone. >> i was trying and trying to find a hole to get out. i saw it happen before it started and slow down and ran over from behind and pushed in. so. that's -- it is beyond disappointing. >> all right.
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he was the driver. he is the driver who has been hand picked to take over his ride next year. that's next year. this year that deal is set. locked in stone. he is running for a low two budget car team that's nowhere near the size or sponsorship that boyer has a deal with h scott motor sports. he has a good chief. a veteran. which i think is a strange deal because he was fired by tony stewart and he is now with clint bowyer, the driver taking over for stewart t is an odd -- stewart. it is an ox mix. a temporary team that's pretty new to nascar. that hit home when he walked into the garage. >> they were int ting the floors
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no cars, nothing. i thought women we have cars. we need four and boom, boom, boom. everything was happening. >> and it will happen. he is a talented driver. you know if you look at the field for the 500. the 40 drivers. if you look at the field. 20 of those did not have a win last season not one. if you break it down further and take a look at the 20 drivers. most of them have one win in the career and maybe no wins in the career. that's why ajallmendinger tells us the most frustrating part of the sport. >> every sport you look at, you know you can be a bad team. look at the philadelphia 76ers, they have nine wins and 58 games. but they are still 9 wins. there is no guarantee in nascar that you wilkin win. it's not like you are playing --
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you are racing against 40 other teams. that is what is difficult putting 38 hard weekends in. you get to the end for whatever reason you know maybe you were not good enough the cars did -- cards did not line up. you didn't win. that's what is hard. are you never guaranteed that you will win a race. >> and, that is incredible to think about it. that's why they pull in on sunday. they celebrate so hard because are you never sure when the next one will come around, especially here in daytona, i tell what you. this is one of the races, you know it well. someone new comes out of nowhere and takes the flag. thattic mas the race special. we'll see what happens. >> awesome. >> the important question where is the golden honorary memorial chip carter seat at the track? [ laughter ] >> you need to get one. >> well i have not seen it. when i find it i'll let you know. >> you deserve one.
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>> thank you. >> it might be. >> the race is on in south carolina and in nevada. >> how the candidates are making their final pitch to voters. people waiting on organ transplants are trying to find donors.
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hoping to find someone to i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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((mark--bw)) we're gearing up for a political double header. today the candidates are making their final pit top voters in two states. the democrats in nevada and the republicans in south carolina. what is the latest from south carolina? >> reporter: hello, mark with
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south carolina, less than one day away it is the final campaign push t is on. and there is a scene in nevada where the democrats are preparing to caucus tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> in nevada, the race appears to be tight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> this is as polling suggests that bernie sanders has cut hillary clinton's a lead in half. >> we have to incenti vising diversity and making it clear, i'll look at it in contracts. >> hillary clinton is now trying to embrace the president as closely as she can. we know what that is about. trying to win support from the african-american community. >> in south carolina, it appears that donald trump is out front. >> i will do for the african-american people than obama has ever done. >> reporter: gut the gop field keeping up the fight.
6:32 pm
internet and looking at going up in the polls and making progress. >> this week, donald trump said in the a tv program, he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians, as president i will be unapologetically alongside the nation of israel. >> i don't know if you know why are you here, i'm running for president. you know what i could win. >> i believe the election is a referendum on your identity. the question that you will an here in south carolina is what kind of country will america be in the 21st center. >> this sis not a marco rubio town hall. we answer questions here. >> and if history is any guide, south carolina has a near perfect record of picking the gop nominee. mark, back to you. thank you very much. we have exclusive polling now just out of south carolina showing a major, major shift here are.
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numbers. >> this good news for marco rubio not good for donald trump but he is in the lead. look at this, marco rubio in striking distance of donald trump. he is coming basically not out nov where but making gains just in the past few days. jumping ahead of ted cruz. and jeb bush at 11% f this is not a outlier, our pollsters nailed it in iowa when the others didn't. this is an indication that marco rubio may be turning the tide that you see a lot of establishment republicans rallying behind him perhaps the endorsement from nikki haley played a role. there is no question that marco rubio has momentum out of a bad outing in new hampshire. the question is how much will he have and where will he show and based on what we're seeing from the pollsters he will show very, very well and surprise some people and keep in mind this is
6:34 pm
movement, mark it is this poll that's likely to pick that up. >> what does it mean for donald trump? he had momentum. yet he had his bumps and going back and forth with the cope. what does that mean? >> that's part of it. and when the republicans rally behind a candidate, perhaps that can cost donald trump a little bit. you have the dust up with the pope. you combine that with a debate. going after george bush the way he did. those things may have pulled him down. he is approaching a thirst of the electorate. the good news is that if the numbers hold up he would be the winner and heading into the primary. what about sunday night and saturday. money, power and politics, we have another investigation of the va. we have more vets in distress.
6:35 pm
you to mistakes. we are investigate the water scandal in flint and outbreak of leon nair's disease that officials new about. but it is all about south carolina and nevada. where it isic ting us. what it means. saturday at 5:30. then sunday night at 11:30. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you. the body of justice scalia lies in repose in the great hall of the united states supreme court. the justice died of natural causes last weekend at 79. and matt finn has more on his legacy. >> the president obama joining thousands paying their final respects to justice scalia. his death nearly a week ago leaving a vacancy on the court that his opponents say would be
6:36 pm
>> he will be remembered as one of the servers on the supreme court. >> and he was known for his brilliant legal mind and sharp tongue. he was a strong opponent of abortion and who asked pointed questions from the bench and a stronged advocate of federalism and separation of you powers. >> i'm confident that law students will read the justice's opinions 100 years from now. >> his son who is a priest said a prayer as the justices looked on. >> it is unclear how long the court will go without an even number. because the decisions are made in secret months before announced t is possible that some future decisions could include opinions written by the justice. >> we must replace scalia with another rock solid conservative. ky not imagine that happening under this president.
6:37 pm
tight-lipped when he will name a replacement. >> they vow to block the whomny coming for a vote until after the general election in november. >> his funeral will be tomorrow. the vice president and his while which attend. and author harper lee has died. she is best known for her book to kill a mocking bird which has been taught in schools across the country for years. the novel was made into a movie the following year and won an oscar. she did not publish anything until last year 2015 when she released go set a watchmanment she was 89 years old. the battle between apple and the federal government is heating up. the giant has refused a judge's order to help the f.b.i. hack into an iphone used by one of the gunmen in the san bernardino
6:38 pm
the case said that apple has until next friday to respond to the order. the ceo of apple said the demand is a joan reach of government power. waiting for an organ transplant can take years. some are not just waiting around.
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finding a (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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enough talk. give us a plan. ((mark--bwx)) more and more people are finding more people are finding themselves in a desperate situation waiting for organs to be available for transplants.
6:41 pm
creative looking for donors on their own. >> i want to be normal again. >> normal is not possible when this is your daily routine. >> 11 hours of dialysis every night for this 28-year-old woman in connecticut who is battling end stain renal disease. >> there are days that i cannot get out of bed. >> her kidneys can no longer support her body. she will likely spend five to seven years on the transplant waiting list, i'm in limbo. i'm kind of stuck hoping tomorrow will be better. she is doing more than hoping. she submitted a post to the
6:42 pm
asking if anyone can spare a gently used kidney, i have nothing to lose. i need a kidney f there is a chance the donor will see it, okay, i'll do it. >> a man in new jersey turned his truck into a rolling advisement after doctors determined his wife's kidneys were failing. >> being on the list is a crap crapshoot. >> she gets by on three days but never get better we're told without a transplant. >> he find out how are you as a person and where your strengths are and i pray to god they help me out, several people have called in after seeing the ad but so far they're still waiting for a match.
6:43 pm
it makes me give a little bit more hope. >> what very now 22 people dying every day, 8000 people a year because an organ is not available in time. >> the gap has widened between the number of people waiting for organs and those donating them. since 1988 the number of patients on the list has risen 700%. the number of donors living and deceased is up just 155%. and experts say that's partly due to higher rates of diabetes the common cause of kidney failure. but they point out that a lot of donated organs cannot be used. >> we have 1% of the population that dies every year. that 1% of 1% die in a manor that allow them to be a donor. we have a small number of donors to begin with. >> even if ashley cannot find a
6:44 pm
past a match for his wife, they tell us they hope to find donors for someone else. this, is after all, about helping strangers. >> if nothing comes out of this other than more people become organ donors or they research how to donate to someone then i'll be grateful for that. >> yes, i'm doing this for my wife but if anyone can be helped by what i'm doing. we feel beater. and car ma is a beautiful thing; new york, shephard smith. fox news. >> if you want to learn about donation go to organ
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3 (mark from hells kitchen to master chef...americans have a fascination with food. americans have a fascination with food but tonight at 10 the most shocking reality show, wasted food. tough see and what is saving it.
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posting gains. >> and s&p losing a half a point. the government is cracking down on hover board makers. repping eye laters told retailers that any board not meeting standards will be seized. there have been 52 reports of fires in 24 states they led to 2 mill on dollars in damage. and the batteries are sparking fires and led to bans by several airlines and by college campuses, too. >> they are fun for the kids who have them. , they should be safe. >> tell us about the weather. wow. >> chamber of commerce stuff, i
6:49 pm
to the green screen. good stuff. the good stuff conditions tuesday into wednesday. you will wake up and see blew sty skies. the east wind will bring moisture from the atlantic both days. they don't get high in the sky. we become partly cloudy and that will be pretty much the weather outlook both weekend days. that's good stuff. a nice afternoon. highs. we're cooler with the wind off the atlantic. inland we had readings in the 70s. tampa hit 75 and st. pete. 77 degrees in sarasota f you stay away from the sea breeze. things will heat up. the weather map is locked in with high pressure off the
6:50 pm
you have the east and northeast wind persisting. the next feature on the way will be a couple of cold fronts to go week one on tuesday. they could bring showers. it's not a severe event but we'll watch it. tough watch it during the winters. a nice evening. tampa 72. orlando has a 67. and the east coast the dew points are low. >> and. there is the previling east and northeast wind across the peninsula. future cast has clouds. and maybe a hint of a sprinkle or a shower on the east coast. then you know things are quiet at night and clouds pop up again during the day. 72.
6:51 pm
east winds at 8:00. don't not cold and mercury in the 70s. the jet stream is split in two. there will be another trough along the coast in a couple of days. the weather map still favors chilly weather in the coast. along the coast. warm weather out in the west. some of the cool air will head our way behind the second cold front next wednesday. >> tonight. we go like this. clear and pleasant a moon lit night near full moon. sunshine and nice and 75.
6:52 pm
sunshine, passing clouds. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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6:54 pm
tonight at 11... have you seen this sign?? the a message about "white have you seen the sign the message about white privilege that has drivers doing a double take. a story about organ donation. >> he want to see it. >> and. >> the weather will be great. a lot of things to do and see this weekend. we'll start at the movies. the white flag is up.
6:55 pm
>> this should be goose. jessie owen's quest to be the best athlete. he faces off against hitler's vision of white supremacy. >> and you get that. >> risen follows the biblical story of the resurrection as told through the eyes of a non-believer. and a powerful military tribune and his aide are tasked with solving the mysteries of what happened to jesus in the weeks following the crucifixion.
6:56 pm
>> are you going to speak to me? >> the wit search about a family and 1630s new england after the youngest disappears. that he are torn apart by the forces of witch craft and possession. >> when i was born a coal miner's daughter. in a cabin in a hill in butcher holler. >> that's one of the legends that's loretta lynn. her work spaining 60 years. at 83. she is amazing. she is touring and putting on great shows. she will take the stage in st. pete. the show at 7:30. it will be good. standing on your mama's porch you said you would wait forever.
6:57 pm
hand i knew it was now or never. those were the best days of my life, he's been rocking for 30 years and brian adams will rock coachman park. it is part of the festival. the show starts in a half hour. what a night for that. >> he sounds great. this weekend arena cross roaring into amalie arena. and the best part is up and coming writers showing they can compete with the best. the they are the tightest and fastest tracks around. look at that dirt. that will be in amalie arena. they are saturday and sunday i. there is another you may have heard about it on foot. a big one. the classic. the race is saturday and sunday and all sorts of closures of course for the course. can you find the information that you need all on our home page.
6:58 pm
click on seen on tv. >> we're talking about the 500. the great american race. at 1:00. catch the action here on fox 13. >> i know where you will be on sunday. >> we're excited for chip carter. this is the final daytona. he wraps up his coverage. he promises he will come back he will, for sure for that. >> and say hello. >> we keep going owe we're on
6:59 pm
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when we're not on tv. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: this time paul mccartney did no have the trouble getting into the joint with the help of jimmy fallon, martin short, lauren michaels, paul and jimmy were actually singing some kind of a jingle. they were there for four hours. >> iffy jimmy fallon was singing across from me, i'd complain. harvey: i'm sure they would say the gentleman there with his dimple showing, you might give him a shot out. >> jennifer lawrence.


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