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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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for charity. and now time for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> and coming up backlash over a church sign. >> we wanted it to start a conversation with our community about race. >> what the church meant by white privilege and why some call it racism. >> the charges include sexual activity. >> a teacher is behind bars accused or having sex with a student. >> biocot apple until such time as they give that information, i think that is a great idea. >> first the pope and now apple. why trump is targeting the tech company. >> we begin at 11:00 with a news alert in the town and county
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killed off of diadora way. police say they have a suspect in custody, and that is about it for the information. we'll update you of course, as we get more, and then a church's message on racial justice is bringing criticism and praise. the good samaritan church put up that sign calling on white people to use their so-called privilege to fight for justice. and evan axelbank explained why they put the sign up and how people are reacting. >> the presbyterian and united church of christ says their members wanted to encourage discussion in the rest of the community, and the sign is down because because they change it every week, but if they wanted to start a conversation, they succeeded. >> 11 words in black and white brought a red-hot backlash. >> most have disagreed and called us reverse racists.
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>> we came to understand white privilege in a way we didn't before. >> to this church, white privilege is what some realize they are getting, like how one is treated in a store or by a potential employer. if you are white, use your privilege to fight for justice. >> it comes from the climate in our country and feeling like about race. >> it certainly caught attention. >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous to put race on anything especially having to do with church. >> a church putting a sign up liking that? i don't know, to each their own, it's freedom of speak. >> some approving saying it was bold but others saying you cannot call for inclusion and push off of
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to call white people privileges is racist. racism is collecting welfare checks and burning down cities. >> i think this was brought up the real need for having this conversation. >> as bitter disagreements fester over police brutality and even the quality of schools schools in st. pete. >> we are putting ourselves out there on the line to start these conversations. >> it was up for several days but they say they routinely change the message on the sign, and they were posted signs on white privilege before but this is the one that got the most attention. >> a woman in he sebring found some dirty text messages on her son's phone, only to realize they were
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stacy hook is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students. his mother consarasota countiedsarasota sarasota contacted authorities, it's unclear how long the relationship lasted or if there are other victims. >> when you're a young person in middle school and you are involved with a teacher at that level, not only is it very inappropriate but it's against the law. >> the highlands county superintendent says hooks was reprimanded earlier this year for having lunch with students and sharing a drink with the victim. she is currently in jail on 2 625,000 bond. >> and parents of children on this bus say they are about to sue the school district. fortunately all of the kids make it out of the bus but some of them say their kids have been permanently impacted by what
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this woman says two of her children were on the bus when it went into the pond, it was coming from bryant elementary. dep sis deputies say the drive was speeding and lost control and the mom says to this day, her son has panic attacks when they are in the car and the roads or slippery. >> i feel like this is going to be a life-long problem they are going to suffer. i think that my son is going need treatment long term. >> their lawyer says if the school district doesn't settle and pay for medical expenses they will sue claiming negligence. >> a woman is in critical condition after a fire in seminole.
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smoke coming from one of the apartment kitchens and they found a woman unconscious in a back bedroom, a dog died in the fire but no other apartments were impacted. and polk county detectives have arrested a mother and son who they say stole more than $122,000 from their homeowners association. they are said to have used money from the bank account to pay for food and cleeting clothing and even a cruise. martha was treasure for several years but was dismissed when board members a $27,000 deficit in payments to the lawn care provider. they say that she had falsified documents showing payments. >> perp and and an update to bloomen browndz,
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several restaurants but we have learned that none of those will be in the bay area, they say they are going to restructure the seafood change. and the city is going to start shutting down that roads in tampa in just a few hours, around 3:00 a.m., and in bayshore, this is going to be a popular race and i imagine it's going to be packed downtown. >> we are talking about thousands of ruppers runners but not many of them will be in their 70's and 80's. lynn voss will be 80 on monday and he is running in the 5k tomorrow and believe it or not he has only missed three of the races since they gak back in 1978. he says he loves runs and it's good for his health and it's become a tradition. >> every year for the last ten
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last gasparilla and this may be. we'll see. >> i am so proud, i mean, when we cross the finish line i always tear up a little bit. as a matter of fact i will probably do it now. >> if you see him out there tomorrow, make sure that you give him a high-five and if you are going out, here are things to keep in mind. the roads close at 3:00 a.m., and bayshore from flat to gandy, starts at 3:00 and him the other starts at 6:40 in the morning and the 5k starts at 9:30, and then sunday, streets close at 3:00, and the half marathon starts at 6:00 a.m. should be a lot of fun. if you need more information, you should know it but know because the race is tomorrow morning but if you need more, log on to >> if you have not picked up
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out of luck, and then a big celebration at lido high school. >> how about this, lido first opened its doors in 1955. students in grades 9-11 and today former students and staff came out for the festivities and just really enjoyed catching up with friends and sharing lido memories. >> see old friends and share some fond memories that we used to have together. and just -- just interact with them. >> the school is named in honor of atheo philip lido and i'm wondering fm wondering if our lido grad was out there.
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this is of the heart and for the heart. >> i can't wait to put my ear on her chest and hear my daughter's heart. >> an incredible story of how tragedy brought these two families together. >> and presidential candidate trump going after one of the largest companies in the world. that is next, and paul could we get any better for this weekend? >> low humidity and lots of sunshines, a fantastic weekend
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>> what you think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number, how do you like -- i just thought -- boycott apple. >> donald trump going after a different opponent, on the, apple because the company
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crack an apple phone left behind by one of the riverside terrorists. >> the phone is owned by the government, it's not even his phone, but tim cook is looking to do a big number, froabl probably to show how liberal he is, but apple should give up the security. >> and he added fuel to the fire, but earlier tweets showed he was using an iphone but then he posted from this -- there you see it, an android device. >> and the government called apple's refusal a marketing strategy, but apple says creating a back door to help others steal information and it should will compromise private
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rights. >> and the odds of getting picked to be among the next batch of american astronauts. this was the first space shuttle class of 1978, and this is the unity. engineering will conduct ground testing before the flight tests can begin. virgin atlantic's first fly crashed killing the copilot, but they are signing up people follow the first flight into space, and you will have to have money in the bank to do that, but they have not worked out all of the kinks.
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there, and the way that airline prices are going it's approaching that, anyway. >> if you're up in space, you are enjoying a really clear view of space. >> we have several clear days in a row, but hope you have a good weekend. this is what you are going to see both weekend days. head out in the morning and then the winds pick up from the east and the southeast, and fair weather clouds and then it may even briefly turn mostly cloudy. this is a pattern familiar to us in the winter time. and here is why, draw some arrows and you put the world mild on the map and this pretty much explains what is happening in this pattern which is not going to change much at all between now and monday.
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and wednesday and don't see a clear-cut weather threat but there will be two fronts going by, one on tuesday and one on wednesday, and it could bring a few heavier showers and then turns cooler during the second half of next week. dry air is well entrenched over the southeast, and this blocking pattern will hang around. right now temperatures are uniform, we are holding in the 50's inland. in fact, a 64 in tampa, is the warmest reading i have seen at 11:00 in a long time, and right now winds are generally from the east and northeast and they will continue that way until the front goes by on tuesday. and the accent is on the sun early in the day, the accent on he clouds late in the day, and maybe a 76, 77 near the coast
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trustees and night time lows in the mid 50's. an east wind at 6:00 and things are quiet in the east, the weather headlines today, up in chicago not only was it 60 but they had wind speeds 60 miles per hour plus. a wild day in the windy city. columbus 52, raleigh 56, and we'll stay in the 50's and tomorrow the mercury as expected will top off in the mid 70's. a nice day to be outside, and you save money on both the air-conditioning and the heat. you can go almost a couple of days in a row leaving everything off, which is a nice money saver for sure. and we get clouds coming in from the atlantic.
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bother us but will bring weather to birmingham and this would ultimately bring us showers over the weekend. we'll put the calendar in motion and go through thursday at 8:00 a.m., gemmily under a tenth of an inch, but at this point the model is not that aggressive with rainfall at all. and we'll have lindsay and mike in both weekend days. we are down to 56, and then booking partly cloudy in the mid 70's and then we stay in the 70's and your sunday forecast looks good, sunshine through monday and showers and a few thundershowers tuesday and wednesday and we end the month of meb on month on a cool note, have a good weekend. >> you enjoy it, too, paul. and coming up two families connected through a tragedy and
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. the long wait for people needing an organ >> it's a long way for people needing an organ transplant and it's getting longer. more than 5500 people are on the waiting list in florida alone. >> and fox's david martin is about to show you how critical this is. >> oh, jeepers, oh my gosh, i'm so nervous.
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>> i'm anxious, excited, a lot of emotions. >> for us it's hope and healin' and purpose. >> these three people are about to have a moment they will never forget. carol wright was close to dying two years ago and desperately need ad heart. well, she got one, the one that belongs to the daughter of chris and lar are a dawkins and today at this airport, they would meet for the very first time. >> i can't wait to hear her heart and put my ear on her chest and hear my daughter's heart. >> february 23, 2014, 19-year-old ucs sophomore crossed this trail near campus and was struck by a vehicle. brook suffered a severe
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was declared brain dead several days later. she was an organ donor and she gave several others the gift of sight and life, and no one appreciated that more than carol wright. >> i don't believe it's just an organ. i don't believe that. it has to be more than that. >> she is about to find out what "more than that" is. >> hi! oh my god, hi! >> a homecoming of the heart. >> it is your daughter. it is your daughter and i have been taking good care of her. >> do we ring the doorbell. >> the family invited her back to the house where brook grew up.
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>> they looked at her artwork and writings and pictures and discussed the mission of organ donation awareness, the cornerston of the power of life after death. >> last night was probably the easiest i have gotten to sleep in the two years that brook's been gone. >> and they have allowed us and now you to witness an otherwise private moment, a chance to listen to brook's actually heart beat with our microphone pressed against a stethoscope earpiece. >> i will always stay close with them, this is just a wonderful new beginning for all of us. >> in orlando, i'm david martin. >> what a moment. it you would like to learn more about the nonprofit honoring
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>> all right, good evening from daytona. here is the story: business at usual, the news of the day meaning that big names are back at practice but a lot of those big names were not in the cars they wanted to be.
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this crash in the last lap of the trials. in fact, jimmie johnson tells us it happens so fast he couldn't really react. >> the one had a run on 18 and that didn't pan out and allowed me to get to the outside and jamie came up to defend that and i was outside of him and i could see we were going to hook bumpers and crash and i tried to get auto of there and it didn't work and we hit the wall, and i turned around and hit everybody. >> the car got run over for behind and pushed into the wreck. it's beyond disappointing. >> it has to be a strange year for clint bowyer. the driver handpicked to take over but this year he is part of


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