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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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@ @ @. @ a republican showdown in @south carolina, and high stakes @for the democrats in nevada. @>> anjuli: plus a judicial @giant being laid to rest. @friends and family prepare to @say goodbye to antonin scalia. @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning to you @and welcome to "good day tampa @bay." @7 a.m. on another beautiful @saturday morning. @i am anjuli davis. @>> alcides: i am. @>> alcides: thank you for
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@lindsay is here @lindsay is here to talk about @our forecast. @we have the gasparilla distance @classic. @gorgeous weather. @>> lindsay: for all the events @this weekend. @you want to go. @you need the sunglasses because @we have abundant sunshine on @deck. @cool this morning but as we head @into the afternoon we will @forget all about the 40s and 50s @forget all about the 40s and @50s. @sunshine goes to work and we @have a ton of it this morning. @officially sunrise. @and you get the idea. @57. @tranquil over downtown where all @the action is under way for @anyone doing any races. @50 in brandon. @48 in brooksville and crystal @river. @you are the cool spot at 46. @if you need a light extra layer. @by 9:00, 10:00 tops, it is going @to come right off, because the @east winds around high pressure @to our east. @they are going to warm us up. @it will bring in a few more fair @weather clouds through the @afternoon as well, especially @the further inland you live at @the beach. @limited cloud cover today. @warm this afternoon with @mid-70s. @and it has been nice for a while @and it has been nice for a @while. @is it going to stick around
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@your seven-day is coming up. @ thank you, lindsay. @we begin with a developing story @the town and country area. @a man was shot and killed off @deodora way off of memorial @highway. @deputies have not released had @names but they have a suspect in @custody and they are currently @interviewing them. @very little information thought @this morning, but of course, we @will update you as soon as we @get more. @ the first in the south @primary is happening today in @the palmetto state. @the polls just opened, and @front runner. @according to the latest fox news @poll, despite criticism from the @pope, the billionaire is leading @among evangelical voters with 3% @3%. @former florida governor jeb bush @is hoping to do well to soldier @on super tuesday on march 1. @no republican nominee in the @modern primary era has won the @nam nation without winning
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@trump during a rally in @greenville. @>> trump is a new guy on the @block doing this stuff. @'s master of it. @barack obama spent a lot of his @talent doing this, pushing @people down to make people look @better ball him just like it is @for the front running candidate @for the presidency on our side. @that is not america at its best. @>> alcides: polling locations @are open until 7:00 tonight. @south carolina's primary is @slated for next saturday. @early polls place hillary @clinton ahead of sanders in that @state. @ sanders and clinton are hope @ sanders and clinton are @hoping to win the caucus in @nevada where things are shaping @up toen an old-fashioned wild @west showdown. @the first contest of the @campaign calendar held in the @western part of the country. @this now seen as a critical @battle ground for bernie sanders @and hillary clinton. @both are fighting to win over an @elector rat, more diverse than @iowa and new hampshire with
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@voter. @the votes are won and lost in @las vegas. @they are home to three quarters @of the city's population. @hillary clinton narrow won the @vote in nevada during the 2008 @caucus. @carried state in the 1992 and 19 @carried state in the 1992 and @1996 elections. @the sanders campaign hopes to @change the clinton's win streak. @spending millions of dollars in @tv ads in english and spanish @and adding 50 staffers in 11 @offices across the state. @ here at home, runners are @taking to the streets this @morning for the gasparilla @distance classic. @are you out there? @todays a event include the 5 k @and the 15-k races. @the 15 k got under by a 15 @minutes ago while the 5 k startsh @also be a stroller roll and walk @around 10:00 this morning. @of course some road closures in @downtown tampa happening all @morning long. @with more on that, fox 13's van
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@what you need to know. @>> vanessa: good morning. @we want to talk about the @gasparilla distance classic and @the road closures we are @experiencing. @you can see they were staggered @and started in the overnight @period. @they are well under way. @looking at some of the roads @affected. @little bayshore boulevard. @selmon expressway eastbound exit @to florida avenue. @and various streets partially @blocked in the area of downtown. @of course, the big closure, @bayshore boulevard, platt street @to gandy boulevard. @keep an eye out. @gandy boulevard xwlosed from @zion to bayshore. @east of macdill. @as always with an event like @this, expect higher traffic. @both cars and foot traffic. @have a fun day and a safe day. @ time is now 7:05. @in dade city this morning, a @funeral for 65-year-old eugene @fisher will be held. @he is the man who tragically @lost his life due wrong-way @driver on i-275 last thursday. @fisher's granddaughter and niece @tell us he was an air force vet
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@married for 44 years. @a funeral mass is set to be held @at 10:00 at sacred heart church. @ a highlands county middle @school teacher is behind bars @this morning after deputies say @she sent a student explicit text @messages. @38-year-old stacey lynn hooks @was taken into custody @yesterday. @she was a math teacher at hill @gustat middle school. @and within the last month, hooks @had a sexual relationship with a @student. @the student's mother found the @messages on her child's phone, @she contacted authorities. @they say it is unclear how long @the relationship lasted or -- @>> when our young person in @middle school and you involved @with a teacher at that level, @not only is it very @inappropriate, but it is -- it @is against the law. @>> alcides: the highlands
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@said hooks was reprimanded for @having lunch with student and @having drink with the victim. @she is on unpaid leave and kerr @rvrntly in jail on adds 625,000 @bond. @ a woman is in critical @condition this morning following @an overnight fire at an @apartment building in seminole. @fire fighters saw heavy smoke @and fire coming from the kitchen @of one of the units on garden @avenue. @they found 44-year-old woman @unconscious in the back bedroom. @no word yet what caused that @fire, but thankfully no other @units were affected. @ five months after a school @bus full of children crashed @into a retention pond, parents @say they may sue the @hillsborough county school @district. @fortunately, all of the students @made it out of the bus okay, but @some parents say their children @have been permanently affected @by that crash. @one of the families actually @spoke with fox 13. @this woman wanted to remain @anonymous but says two of her @kids were on that bus when it @crashed into the pond. @and deputies say the driver was @speeding, lost control.
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@son has panic attacks whenever @they are in the car traveling at @high speeds or when the roads @are wet. @>> the main thing for doing this @is to make sure that my children @are going to get the help that @they need, and i feel like it @is going be too life-long @problem that they are going to @suffer. @i think it is something that @especially my son is going to @need treatment long term. @>> alcides: the family's lawyer @said if the school district does @not settle and pay for the @medical expenses, they will sue @claiming negligence. @ ahead, antonin scalia is @said to be remembered today for @a final time as friends and @family lay his body to rest. @>> anjuli: we will take you @live where people are niling for @the funeral. @ a consumer alert regarding @hoverboardss. @they issued new warnings about @the popular products. @>> reporter: good morning and we @are feeling very popular in the @weather department.
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@wonderful sunrises with little @cloud cover. @sky @skies are clear in st. pete with @61 at our science cam. @a light east wind, a wonderful @boating day today. @seas running at two feet or less @with a light chop and that light @east wind. @temperatures chilly this morning @in brooksville. @by the afternoon, we will forget @ball those 40s.
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@mid-70s last and our next @ @ in washington d.c., the @body of supreme court justice @antonin scalia laid in repose @friday inside the great wall of @the united states supreme court @while hundreds of people came by @to pay their respects. @there are still questions about @what his death means for cases @in the high court. @and today, a funeral is @scheduled at the basilica of the @national shrine of the @immaculate conception. @>> anjuli: the funeral is open @to friends and family and sure @to bring together many of @washington's top officials. @joining us live from our @nation's capitol is fox's megan @dice. @we know president obama will not
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@from the white house that will @be at the funeral, correct? @>> reporter: that's correct. @we are actually told from the @white house that vice president @biden and his wife will be from @attendance today. @a little bit about today's mass. @paul scalia. @his son and a father himself @will deliver the eulogy. @holds 3500 people. @the final farewell to the @justice in a weekend-long @mourning. @the visitation yesterday, the @justice's visitation in the @supreme court, 3,000 people @including the president and the @first lady who was there @yesterday. @father paul scalia with @traditional prayers at a private @ceremony at the supreme court. @his casket laid in an area where @president lincoln @president lincoln laid before @him after his assassination. @his clerks took turns all night. @scalia and the associate justice @of the supreme court from 1986
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@away in texas at the age of 79 @away in texas at the age of 79. @he was appointed by ronald @reagan. @the service technically open to @the public on first-come, first @the public on first-come, @first-serve basis but mainly @reserved for friends and family. @send it back to you. @>> anjuli: thank you so much @megan. @>> reporter: thank you. @ in the news, the obama @administration is now saying @they will allow apple to keep @the special software that they @asked him to create. @earlier this week, a court order @requested appear toll help @decrypt the iphone of syed @farook by designing a software @to unlock the iphone. @the company responded saying it @would be too dangerous to make a @program because it would @threaten the digital privacy of @all iphone users. @ a texas judge has ruled that @the probation change of a flew @en za ethan couch will be moved @to @to adult court.
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@killing four people while @driving drunk. @he took off in mexico and he put @his probation at risk by @appearing on video in at a party @appearing on video in at a @party. @the ruling raise as question @that he could have 1 20 days in @jail and go back on probation. @ over 1,000 new pages of @hillary clinton's e-mails have @been made public as of this @morning. @the state department said @documents were updated to the @confidential level, and none of @the new information was marked @classified at the time the @e-mails were sent. @the state department plans to @finish releasing all of clinton @finish releasing all of @clinton's e-mails by monday, @february 29 @february 29, just a day before @super tuesday. @ the federal government is @cracking down on hoverboard @manufacturers. @the u.s. consumer product safety @commission said it will seize @and recall any of the two-wheel @scooter it is they don't meet @federal safety standards. @the government cited 52 reports @of fires that users say were @caused by hoverboards. @those fires led to $2 million in @property damage.
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@morning in chicago as city @officials work to ensure the @safety around two construction @sites where strong winds sent @debris smashing into high rise @windows. @this is incredible. @i know it is chicago, but really @i know it is chicago, but @really. @the winds forced evacuations of @at least three city housing @complexes and caused extensive @street closures. @lindsay, you lived in chicago, @right? @>> lindsay: my family is from @chicago and my mom yesterday @kept saying, it is so nice to @see the warmth but that is @whipping. @any time we have that funneling @between the big buildings, you @can see problems and i don't @think as much wind today, but @you see some of that wild video @coming there from yesterday. @>> anjuli: crazy. @>> lindsay: crazy stuff. @here we couldn't have better @weather. @while. @this is great. @>> lindsay: we are waiting @continue to to end. @maybe just soaking up the days @while we have them. @and we have the stretch @continuing through the weekend, @even into early in the week.
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@enjoy the beautiful weather @while were working this week, @you need to get out there this @weekend. @a lot of people are out there @right now doing a run for the @gasparilla distance classic. @all kinds of events going on @this weekend in downtown, and no @weather worries this morning. @temperatures are pleasant. @i have got a shallow layer of @moisture to show you as we look @behind the buildings here, and @nonetheless not seeing any fog. @skies mostly clear. @and in some spots, running @cooler than this time yesterday @with a light northeast wind. @it is 57 degree. @our air is dry, refreshing, and @comfortable. @i wrote on facebook to give @adjectives to describe the @weather and we are running out @because it is so nice. @lake mirror in lakeland, fair @weather clouds being driven by @moisture on the east coast and @we will see a few extra clouds @inland. @if you were headed to the beach, @fewer clouds than say across @eastern portions of polk county. @53 degrees in pinellas park.
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@57 in tampa and we go into @portions of pasco county. @land o lakes at 52. @44 degrees in inverness. @a chilly spot at 43. @some of us needing a jacket or a @warmer one the further north you @live. @54 in venice. @also 54 in wauchula. @55 in haines city this morning. @it is comfy. @the dew points are in the yellow @the dew points are in the @yellows, 40s and 5s and even @with the warmth returned in the @afternoon each day, feels nice @and comfortable for us. @east winds around high pressure @that was to our north a few days @ago. @we have that cooler northeast @breeze. @a fairly pleasant east breeze. @again bringing a few extra @clouds across the interior. @a few more through the afternoon @and no rain. @in fact the icons are on for any @radar issues for the east coast @and we are too dry to see it. @can't rule out a sprinkle on the @east coast for today. @by lunchtime rebound to 72 and @we do go to work without @moderating moisture in the @atmosphere.
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@75 for our afternoon high that @will occur 35r7bd hoe clock. @futurecast shows through the @day, cloud cover across the @interior. @that's about it the evening and @overnight, a few quick moving @clouds and moonlit skies. @and through the afternoon on @sunday, a more slightly, @southerly component to our winds @southerly component to our @winds. @not expecting rain out of this, @but we will see some extra @clouds in the afternoon tomorrow @clouds in the afternoon @tomorrow. @daytona 5 @daytona 500 looks dry tomorrow. @scattered clouds and pleasant 72 @at o'clock. @remember a couple of years ago @and last year with the active @weather. @no problems this year. @mid-60s dallas to memphis. @46 in chicago. @that ridge is bringing some @warmth to some locations. @but on the southern side, winds @whipped through fij wishtion @winds as strong as a category 5 @hurricane. @winds are 180 miles per hour. @a big deal deal. @the strongest one to ever hit it @island. @it will push south and out of
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@different situation in each @hemisphere. @cyclones are what we call @hurricanes in our hemisphere. @75 and mild with plenty of @sunshine. @if you have any boating plans @today, looks good. @night east wind. @seas running at 2 feet or less. @first one coming in on tuesday. @not a big deal. @but the one coming in wednesday @late in the day into the @evening, that is a front and @this will bring us some cooler @changes. @it will be kind of next week @when 60s return but not until @thursday, guys. @>> anjuli: not bad, thank you, @lindsay. @this is something we know actual @well and alcides that works five @days a week. @a third of americans are not @getting enough sleep. @>> alcides: no kidding, @analyzed datas for 400,000 @people all across the country @and here is what they found out, @hundreds of thousands of people @got less than the recommended -- @really? @seven hours or more of sleep? @that is what they recommend?
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@i get lucky if i get four or @five. @lack of sleep is associated with @health issues, risk of obesity, @diabetes, heart disease and @mental illness. @the cdc says the stud seth first @one to examine sleep hours on a @state level. @southeastern states and those @along the appalachian mountains @reported the least amount of @sleep; however, the state with @the single lowest reported sleep @levels -- is kind of interesting @-- was hawaii with 50 -- -- @does it say 56%? @sleep is one of our favorite @things to do, perhaps consider @moving to these states. @the study found that residents @from south dakota, colorado and @minnesota reported the highest @amount of sleep. @i wonder why? @linkedin wlinz think it is so @cold and you don't want to get @out. @>> alcides: it could be. @it if you are wonder how long @with doe in florida, 64% of us @are getting the recommended @amount of sleep.
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@average. @>> anjuli: what would you say @on average you get. @>> four to five. @>> anjuli: no. @snoozers. @>> alcides: if you have kids, @out there. @talk to me on social media and @facebook. @four and five hours is fine. @>> anjuli: you poor thing. @>> alcides: you should have @kids and be along with the @people that don't sleep. @>> anjuli: i like to catch my @zzzs. @i need my nap. @[ laughter ] @ the excitement is building @for the daytona 500 tomorrow, @but before we get to that, big @events taking place today. @i will tell you ball them. @ can you believe a driver @walked away from this?
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@ @ in sports this morning, it @is almost time to the daytona 5 @is almost time to the daytona @500. @>> alcides: i am actually @excited about this. @i am excited. @before we get to the great @american race, some events. @up and comers take to the world @as they meet and greet some of @racing biggest superstars in the @xfinit y season opener, joey @logano is out to prove that last @year was no fluke. @if he goes back to back in the @daytona 500, he will be the @first to do that since sterling
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@1995. @ last night the camping world @truck series race took place in @the speedway. @during the final lap christopher @bell and number four truck got @tumbled several times down the @track. @just scary to see. @fortunately bell was able to @walk away from this accident and @into a waiting ambulance. @he is expected to be fine. @bell finished 14 and johnny @sauter took the checkered flag. @ taking place today the tampa @bay lightning is up north to @take on the pittsburgh penguins. @heading into the team, both @games are tied at points. @vying for playoff position in @the eastern conference. @won 13 of the last 18 games @with two of those wins coming @against the penguins. @ rays pitchers and catchers @are down in port charlotte this @morning getting ready for their @first practice. @how exciting the baseball season @how exciting the baseball @season. @the rest of the team will join @them next friday is when the @first full squad workout begins.
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@is march 2 against the nationals @while the regular season starts @april 3 at home against the blue @jays. @ still to come on "good day" @an amazing story out of south @florida of hue group of puppies @were saved from a large @apartment fire. @>> alcides: the gasparilla @distance classic is kicking off @and kelly will take thus live. @>> reporter: that's right. @we are out on bayshore boulevard @we are out on bayshore @boulevard. @the first runners have actually @gone by us. @the first and second place, i @think even a third-place runner. @you are seeing people go by just
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@more fro i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile
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made my day share your story.
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@ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> alcides: good morning, @thanks for joining us on this @saturday for "good day tampa bay @saturday for "good day tampa @bay." @i am. @>> alcides: @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @your forecast with lindsay in @just a minute. @and it is a gorgeous one. @a quick check of the headlines @this half hour. @ a political double header. @democratic voters in nevada will @head out to caucus and the @republicans in south carolina @have just begun voting in their @state's primary. @the latest polls show donald @trump maintains a solid lead in @the palmetto state.
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@perfect record of picking the @gop nominee. @ leto high school took time @celebrate its 50th anniversary. @the school first opened its @doors in the fall of 1965 on @west sligh avenue with just over @1600 students. @last night, more than 2,000 @students, family friends all on @hand for last night's @celebration. @the school is named in honor of @phillip leto the former @principal of jefferson and @chairman khaim er about lan high @schools. @ csx are replagues the rail @ csx are replagues the @railroad cross information @downtown clearwater. @they shut down the their led to @clearwater beach forcing @thousands of drivers to use a @detour. @court street be close the down @between south myrtle. @detours have been posted. @lindsay, a gorgeous day for the @beach and i can't imagine the @kind of traffic going down in @clearwater because that is the @main way you get down to the @beach.
7:32 am
@lot of people that is exactly @what they want to do. @the water is perfect for it. @if you were braving the roads, @pack your patience. @weather looks good. @i am going to take you inland @first to riverview where it is @50 degrees and looking east at a @little bit of shower moisture @and no fog this morning. @50. @winds are light and comfortable. @comfortable. @and sirata beach and st. pete @beach running about a foot. @no clouds and 61 degrees. @a plus in my opinion. @57 in frostproof. @48 in brooksville. @a seasonably cool 57 in tampa. @we will get to kelly in a minute @about all the races this @morning, even the people who are @out there cheering their family @on are loving it. @a few shallow clouds inland. @a light east wind. @a dry day today and the further @west you head, the further @clouds you see. @our official beach forecast @today does show 71-74 degrees. @winds are light out of the east
7:33 am
@temperatures are pleasant. @running at or slightly above @average and that will stick @around the next few days. @rain is coming by tuesday on our @futurecast coming up. @ happening today, the @gasparilla distance classic. @the 15 k is already under way. @but there are plenty more events @coming on all day today and of @course our own kelly cowan is @out there along bayshore this @morning. @kelly, do you have your running @shoes on. @>> reporter: i don't site my @running shoes on and i couldn't @keep up with some of the runners @that are crossing right now. @we are at the one mile left @mark. @nine miles into the race. @a big sign right here just @letting the runners know exactly @where they are in on this @course. @this is where you really pick up @the pace and turn on those @wheels. @the first female crosser came by @us. @if you see the car behind me -- @let's just swing it this way. @the first female racer that is @about to cross. @there is a prize for local @runners who win this race.
7:34 am
@$2,000 for the top two @finishers. @male and female. @just a great time out here. @it is perfect weather for a race @like this. @so we will be hanging out out @here all morning long and we @will have more updates on the @race throughout the morning. @reporting live, kelly cowan, fox @13 news. @>> alcides: all right, kelley, @thanks so much. @ the time is 7:33. @a fire has left a home in @historic hyde park elevenly -- @heavily damaged this morning. @the flames broke out at the home @in the 700 block of -- of @bungalow terrace. @heavy flames were coming from @the back of the two-story house @when fire fighters arrived. @a man and a woman were home when @it all started. @they got out safely. @no word yet on the cause of the @fire. @ a dog and several of her @puppy @puppies are safe after they were @rescued from a burning apartment @building in miami. @the dogs were suffering from @smoke inhalation. @the rescuers got to them. @four of those puppy @four of those puppies are still @missing, but they were able to
7:35 am
@>> they were severe respiratory @distress. @our crews started using the pet @mask that we keep on the truck @and started administering @oxygens and trying to treat @these puppies, trying to save @them. @>> anjuli: poor little thing. @the fire may have started in the @kitchen unit of the apartment @unit. @ a lot of people looking to @get out of this world. @nasa announced this he received @18,000 applications for @astronaut class. @that number is more than double @the previous record of the first @space shuttle class of 1978. @ and in world news this @morning, dozens of deaths have @been confirmed this morning @following a u.s. led air strike @on an isis camp in the north @part of libya. @planes targeted multiple @locations including what was @said to be a terrorist training @ground. @46 islamic fires were killed. @ two embassy staffers held @hostage from november were @believed to have been killed in @this. @president obama directed his
7:36 am
@in the counterterrorism efforts @in libya last week. @ british prime minister david @cameron said he and his cabinet @agreed @agreed a deal that could keep @the uk in a european union an @grant the country special status @grant the country special @status. @the country will vote on the @referendum june 23. @residents are largely split on @this issue. @39% support an exit while 43% @prefer to stay in the union. @ the president of brazil says @she will provide all the @resources needed to develop a @vaccine to help prevent the zika @virus. @the country is currently working @with u.s. health officials in a @research partnership to find a @vaccine. @the world health organization @says 56 million dollars is @needed to combat the virus @through june. @ still to come, a young girl @with a passion for run willing @thought her chances of making @the olympics were over after she @was bitten by a shark. @>> anjuli: when we come back, @how her resilience is getting
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@ no winner either big jackpot @ no winner either big @jackpot. @mega millions up to $114 @million. @the lucky money going for $1.9 @million. @the rest of last night's winning @numbers in case you won a @smaller prize. @time is 7:36. @ @ @>> the race to the white house @has turned into a show. @[dog barking] @>> reporter: to we have a show @to put in context. @>> thank you. @>> reporter: we'll call out @campaigns on both sides and roll @out a new segment called "trail @ come seek the royal caribbean. there has to be a way.
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@ @. @ in may of last year a @13-year-old county seminole @girl's dream to run in the @summer olympics was put on hold @because of a violent shark @attack. @>> anjuli: surgery and a new @kind of treatment has that @13-year-old girl chasing her @dreams once again. @fox's dan joy has the story. @>> reporter: running in one of @her first races in months. @>> running seems -- not my whole @life, but really means a lot to @me. @>> reporter: she tends to lead @the pack. @at this cross country meet she @shaves a minute off her time. @she still has work to do. @racing is a step to getting back @to track-and-field. @she and her little sister bring @home all kinds of medals. @alyssa is especially good in @high jump. @>> before everything happened, i @was going to the meet that would @actually qualify me to go to the @junior olympics. @>> reporter: everything that
7:41 am
@deal for anyone, let alone a @young athlete like alyssa. @a shark nearly bit her foot off @after her 13th birthday and swim @hearing at cocoa beach with a @friend when she felt something @wrap around her ankle. @>> i saw that it was all bloody, @but i actually didn't know if i @had my foot. @so i was, like, really scared @because i was thinking, am i @going to be able to run. @the first concern to the dad of @this family of athlete was a bit @more basic. @>> initially just her health and @whether she would be able to @walk correctly and have all her @feet. @>> reporter: that was six months @>> reporter: that was six @months, five casts, and one new @surgical technique ago. @>> we are pretty confident that @not only will she coming be as @good @good as she was but a bionic @kid. @she has some extra snuff there. @>> reporter: a few days after @the shark bit halfway through @her achilles tendon.
7:42 am
@ankle clinic operated. @>> hi, how are you. @the tooth cut into a flap of the @tendon and split a part of the @tendon open and a portion of the @skin that it flapped open. @>> reporter: the wrund have to @heal just right so aslays could @return to a high level of @competition. @>> fairly stick like a we go lat @us it material. @>> reporter: used a graft made @out of @out of umbilical cord tissue. @one was put on the tendon, @another on the skin on alyssa's @ankle. @>> give me high knees back. @>> reporter: the nutrients to @help make a healthy baby make @the injury heal. @>> on these athletes those are @the things keep them down the @scar tissue and in these areas @where they are not able to get @as much mobility and want to get @them back in action as fast as @possible. @>> reporter: when this athlete @laces up her pink shoes, she @does with determination. @>> she has a heart of gold and @also stone cold, because she
7:43 am
@>> reporter: something like @being hit by a shark. @>> i didn't really want to think @of it as a horrible thing that @happen, which it kind of is. @>> reporter: just a hurdle that @alyssa witro is about to clear. @>> this year i really want to @make it to the junior olympics @and one day be in the olympics. @>> reporter: dana jay, fox news. @>> anjuli: what an incredible @girl. @>> alcides: a good stride too. @ the latest on the cyclone @hitting the shores of fiji. @>> alcides: plus a firewall. @not one that keeps hackers out @of your computers. @how photographers are snapping @these amazing images. @ 7:43. @if you were planning your day @looking for something to do. @you don't need top of do, just @get outside. @51 degrees. @it is clear and comfortable. @i was asking on facebook words @to use. @marvelous. @71 at lunchtime with a few @clouds and a few more late in @the day but not a drop of rain. @mid-70s.
7:44 am
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@recovering after being running @over. @searching for 15-year-old juan @carlos rutiz who is wanted on a @attempted murder charge. @ortiz had active orders and when @fronted him, he hit pierce with @the car and fled. @ort irk z is still on the run @this morning. @ a cyclone with winds of 180 @miles per hour was currently @hitting the pacific island @nation of fiji. @the cyclone is passing through @main populated items. @900,000 people live in that @country. @ take a look at this. @this is pretty incredible. @special treat for visitors over @at yosemite national park. @it is called firewall and @happens only this time of the @year. @the optical illusion looks like @fire flowing off of a cliff, and @park rangers say actually the @sun blowing through a waterpaul. @isn't that beautiful. @>> alcides: it is. @>> anjuli: the sun has to be @just right that happens for a @couple of weeks in february.
7:48 am
@>> alcides: looks like lava. @that's beautiful. @>> lindsay: crazy how your eyes @pay tricks on you. @but i didn't know this. @getting some fun facts. @>> anjuli: i didn't know that. @so many things to see. @add that to the bucket list. @>> alcides: talladega. @>> anjuli: and tall gay. @>> alcides: we were talking @about the daytona 500. @>> anjuli: a lot of things out @there. @>> lindsay: death. @a lot of people are heading @there from our viewing area and @wanting the weather to be as @nice as it has been this week. @looks good. @the only thing on east coast @with more of an onshore flow. @a few more clouds. @that's it and we don't have -- @the only cloud i have to show is @a little bit of shower moisture. @gasparilla distance placeics. @some of the events are currently @under way if you are up and @getting ready to head door @bayshore, and cheer on friends @and family you may need a light @jacket. @if you were headed out there @later you won't need a jacket. @you will need to lose it.
7:49 am
@light east winds and what has @done for voters over the bay. @and nice and smooth, nice and @picturesque. @i am sure you see the pictures @and in st. pete this morning, @dazzling sun at 61 degrees with @an east wind at 7 miles per hour @an east wind at 7 miles per @hour. @temperatures are running north @of the bay. @61 in st. petersburg. @. @54 in wauchula and frostproof. @and interior portions. @3 degrees warmer than this time @yesterday in tampa and st. pete @and you are probably not @noticing a big difference. @woman court fobl for theable. @at the surface our dew points @are low. @upstairs aloft, dry air in the @middle of the atmosphere and @that's why even if we do see @some clouds today which is some @inland, we will not see a drop @of rain. @one of the reasons we have been @so warm is what is happening @with the jet stream. @a little ridge in play. @and that is separating the nice
7:50 am
@north of the region. @and even in the midwest, a @southerly flow around this high. @sustained dry, but this ridge @slowly breaks down. @so by monday, you will notice a @the week. @a front will have moved through @and this will move through @probably wednesday night into @thursday. @so behind it, no more 70s. @mid-60s thursday and friday and @rain chances. @disturbance. @wednesday late in the day bring @in another one. @a whole lot of 70s the next @couple of days. @that surge of mild air. @62 in new orleans this morning. @62 in nashville. @and even places like chicago, @low 40s. @that is unreal for late february @to start out the day. @68 in miami with that east @68 in miami with that @east-southeast flow. @high pressure slips to the east @the next couple of days. @opens the door for those clouds @and eventually some rain tuesday @and eventually some rain @tuesday. @mild near the coastline of new @england but snowing across the @interior from that area low @pressure. @quiet. @high pressure in control across
7:51 am
@couple of disturbances. @a mixed bag in seattle. @futurecast show a few clouds @today. @very pleasant. @they melt away tonight. @check out the sunset. @should be a beauty about 6:30 @this evening. @tomorrow morning, come. @into the afternoon more clouds. @and there is the high pressure @breaking down. @so this little disturbance right @here will give us a 30% chance @of showers on tuesday. @and that kwai jet comfortable @early in the week as well. @comfortable for today for sure. @a lot of sunshine, 75. @57 overnight. @near about 50. @the further north you live. @doll seasonably cool. @on sunday, near perfection. @75 degrees under mostly sunny @skies. @if you are boating, here are the @winds, 5 to 10 knots out of the @east. @seas 2 feet or less. @low tide. @high tide at 2:7 off st. pete @pier. @two rain chances this week but a @lull in the rain early on @wednesday and then the winds @pick up and they veer northwest. @by thursday morning, we are in
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
@just @ @ fox 13 "good day" local for @you all morning long. @ look at this video. @a full emergency response at @airport. @an exercise took place earlier @this week to give first @responders important practice of @what to do if a commercial air @what to do if a commercial @airplane crashes at the airport. @fox 13's photojournalist lucas @baugh was right in the middle of @it and shows us more. @[radio transmission] @>> every three years we have to @do a full-scale intersthiz is @simulating an aircraft incident @on the airport. @>> body @>> bodies everywhere, we are @approaching the aircraft.
7:56 am
@of victims. @a mass casualty. @>> my leg. @>> which leg is it, sir? @>> both. @>> both legs, okay @>> the victims they will have, @they look like they have the @real injuries that they are @simulating to have, and we are @going to treat them and @transport them just like we will @in real life. @>> you are going to follow. @we are going to keep them out of @the scene. @y'all need this. @>> once the incident kicks off @and they -- they call in the -- @the exercise and the simulation @real world. @>> are they breathing? @>> the biggest things that @always comes out of these -- out @of these exercises communication @because always a breakdown @somewhere, about @somewhere, and you know dro this @every three years to look to @improve and do it bet they are @time. @>> identify the active fire @locations have been neutral iced @locations have been neutral @iced. @>> as realistic at they can get. @>> anjuli: the airport @currently has no airline @service, but they hope to bring
7:57 am
@future. @to alcides with what is coming @up at 8:00. @ thank you. @a lot more to come in the 8:00 @hour. @an interesting conversation @about the water contamination @crisis in flint. @a new report indicates that the @water is more toxic. @we will talk to all children's @hospital of the issue of lead @poisons and keeping our children @safe. @ a very cool event is going @on in the bay area this week. @the suncoast invitational brings @the bay area. @we are talking live with one of @them coming up. @we will be right back two @minutes and 39 seconds.
7:58 am
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@ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> alcides: all eyes on south @carolina. @republican voters head to the @polls this morning. @how it can make or break some @candidates. @ the battle over recess in @pinellas county come to an @abrupt end. @why the bill to give students @more recess time will not be @voted on. @ good saturday morning, i am @alcides segu i. @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli


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