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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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3 right now at six - major traffic troubles in hillsborough county! what you need to know to get around the mess - that's going to be there all weekend long.. 3 a deadly shooting.. shakes up a north tampa neighborhood... what witnesses are telling us tonight.. about the chaotic scene... 3 voters in two states.. head to the polls to make some major decisions! our political editor breaks down the impact today's voters.. could have on the final ballot!
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3 good evening, i'm lloyd sowers.. and i'm haley hinds.. thanks for being with us tonight. 3 3 developing first in hillsborough county.. there's a major backup on ehrlich road.. as cars are being forced to turn around at the veterans expressway. 3 construction crews have *shut down* the road in both directions.. for a veterans widening project.. and it's going to be closed *all weekend.* fox13's evan lambert has more on the mess - and what you can do to avoid it.
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3 a lake county teacher is in jail tonight.. accused of having sex with a former teenage student.. 3 41-year-old marshall jungreis faced a judge this morning.. investigators say he met the girl on an adult dating website.. and arranged to meet her in a classroom at east ridge high school. detectives say.. the 17 year old is still a student there. jungreis reportedly admitted to meeting the girl.. but denied that any sexual activity took place. he's being held at the lake county detention center without bond. 3 3 we have an update tonight to a deadly shooting in the town n' country area.. deputies tell us "terrance roach junior" was shot and
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memorial highway. at the time.. authorities say roach was armed with a gun.. and forced a woman into the apartment. it's believed he was trying to rob her.. deputies say another man inside the apartment surprised him.. they struggled with the gun.. and roach was shot in the upper body. the investigation continues tonight.. but so far no charges have been filed. 3 an orange county deputy is recovering at home right now.. after being run over. 3 right now -- deputies are searching for 15-year old juancarlos ortiz... who's currently wanted on an attempted murder charge.. deputies say ortiz had active custody orders, and when sergeant "marcy pearce" confronted him... ortiz hit pearce with a car and fled.. ortiz is still on the run today. 3 3 early this morning a shooting outside a hookah bar in north tampa sent 4 people to the hospital.. and claimed the life of a 29-year-old man. 3
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3 the sheriff's department has not yet released the name of the man who died this morning, but say he is a 29-year-old hispanic man ... officials say they have not made any arrests and are not yet ready to release a description of this morning's shooter.. anyone with information should call crime stoppers. 3 3 hillary clinton just won the nevada caucus!and donald trump is leading in south carolina, where voters are heading to the polls... 3 and our political editor craig
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3 let's start with the democratic caucus in nevada... hillary clinton had been leading by some 30-points-but bernie sanders has pulled nearly even... 3 craig ad libs response... 3 and how is the republcan race shaping up in south carolina? 3 though trump is leading in all the polls.. marco rubio could exceed expectations (just as he did in iowa)...our fox-13 pollsters who nailedit in iowa-- show rubio surging into second place... 3 look at this-- he's within striking distance-- just a within striking look at this-- he's within striking distance-- just a couple of points behind trump in south
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numbers form our pollster... and it suggests popular south carolina governor nikki haley gave rubio a big boost by endorsing him. rubio a big boost nikki haley gave south and it suggests pollster...and it suggests popular south carolina governor nikki haley gave rubio a big boost by endorsing him. "i think we'r egonna see a high voter turnout today. i this election and i think it's going to be a good day for marco rubio"
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3 3 thanks craig.. and be sure to tune in for much more from craig.. calling out campaigns on both sides of the aisle.. this weekend's sides of the aisle.. campaigns on both calling out more from craig.. tune in for much
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3 3 thanks craig.. and be sure to tune in for much more from craig.. calling out campaigns on both sides of the aisle.. this weekend's edition of money power politics airs sunday night at 11:30.. right here on fox 13. 3 much more to come on the fox13 six o'clock news.. including a special project.. helping homeless teens. 3 why the renovation of this former school.. will make a huge difference in their lives. we'll be right back. 3 (mike) 3 3 3 3 3 3 i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in
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3 it's not something you see every day. dozens of people turning themselves in to the pinellas county sheriff's office. 3 it was part of "operation safe surrender." those with non-violent misdemeanor warrants had the opportunity to turn themselves in and resolve their charges before they snowballed into even bigger trouble. the sheriff's office says, it's not a full-out amnesty program. however, it can lead to special consideration from the court. seeing various things like the judge reducing fines. we're seeing even the judge reducing the charges himself or dismissing cases.
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in nearly 200 people and $10,000 in collected fines. court costs and restitution. considered a win/win, non-violent offenders can wipe its slate clean while the sheriff's office reduces its workload. a clean-up project will make a big difference for homeless teenagers in need. an organization is starting right now at penelas school campus which they are ren nato rate ising into traditional housing. kids who be find themselves homes that are not ettlable for foster care, some of them face homelessness because one or both parents are in prison, have died or the kids escape drug abuse in the home. the founder of the program says this new facility will be life changing for these kids. >> for them, this is probably the first time they'll ever have stability, so they actually have a place to call home, know where their food is coming from, know how they're going to get to school.
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their highest education level. >> students in the program have made a commit despite their circumstances to stay in high school. starting right now has been helping homeless teens on the tampa side of the bay for several years now. still to come, it's a gorgeous weekend for a race and thousands of people are taking
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another beautiful weekend.. for a race! .
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for a race. the gasparilla distance classic kicked off this morning. thousands of runners filled the streets of downtown tampa. the 15k race began at 6:45 while the fk started at 9:15 this morning. the half marathon and 8k races will take place sound and it should be just as nice for the runners tomorrow. >> yeah, pretty much the same. this has gotta be as close to perfect for running weather, especially in the morning, the right? >> yeah. even by 9:00 or so. it was starting to get a little warmer. >> yeah. more of that is coming tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be almost a carbon koch the day today. so not too many changes, if you like today's weather, you're going to like tomorrow's weather. we do have cooler weather finally to talk about. for meteorologists, this is kind of a boring weather pattern. >> i like some changes out there. >> some people like the cooler weather, some people won't. a little something for everyone. >> yeah. a little bit of everything. check out this, though.
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sunsets the last few days and today i think will be no exception to that. the beach cam showing the sun getting ready to go down about 5 minutes or so. uss marine science showing a cloudy sky. the beach cam showing the sun going to meet the horizon coming up. brookdale bayshore camera as well and lake shore showing really nice colors out there, as well. weather headlines. the pleasant weather continues on sunday, again, pretty much the same day sunday as what we saw today. temperatures in the morning around the same, temperatures in the afternoon around the same. the one difference is maybe a little bit more in the way of clouds as we head towards the afternoon hours. couple of fronts, tuesday and wednesday bringing in a threat for showers to us. and behind that, that's the much cooler weather we're talking about. we're not done with winter just yet. we still are in february, of course. almanac for today, 78 is actually what we got up to 5 degrees above average. 56, the low this morning. right wrarnld we should be for
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current temperatures 75 degrees. dewpoint of 49 winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. temperatures around the area, it's 69 in new porveght 73 in brunswick, 62 in bartow, 73 in lake placid. most areas in the upper 60s to low 70s right now. by the time it's said and done, mid- to upper 50s for most. a little cooler to the north, upper 40s to near 50. again, right wrarnld we should be this time the year, no big, big temperature changes coming up. overnight lows at least, for the next three or four days. satellite and radar, you get high pressure squeezing in from the east, giving us a southeast flow, and again, that becomes a little bit more southeasterly during the day tomorrow. no big changes weather-wise. futurecast shows pleasant conditions into the day sound, and then monday, yeah, a few more clouds out there, still beautiful, this front here though gathers over the area. a few showers around on tuesday but it's the next system that race east ward and that will bring us a little bit more in
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storpts as we head into wednesday. tonight 57, clear skies. for the day tomorrow, 76 degrees, mostly sunny, seasonably warm. seven-day forecast shows the warmer air around for the next few days. looks pretty good for the race conserve. >> yeah, i know, all week long. gotta like that. the lightning, their defense gets tested in pittsburgh today. and it's the pray luffed the daytona five. the exfinity series heats up the track this afternoon with a three-mile race.
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get a live report from3 3 drivers trade paint early to open the xfinity season in daytona.... but
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but it was nowhere near the fireworks that we saw a week ago in the sprint unlimited. just four cautions came out in this 120 mile lap race. mostly just minor issues. chase elliot, the number came 88 right here, makes some noise early. just 13 laps into the pole center for tomorrow's 500. nothing serious but five of the fastest cars get damaged putting their chances in the 300 mile race. we skip ahead to the end here. 13 cars in the hunt on a lead lap when they restart the race with 13 to go. la gawan no moving in front but elliot moves right past him. so the race comes down toll yot and logano, but elliot holds him off at the line to win the season opener. it's his fifth win in this series. and marissa lynn has been at daytona all week long. pretty exciting exfinity race there. the talk all week has been about
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talking about chase elliot once again after winning the pole. >> of course, i've been covering chase since i was in atlanta and really no surprise that he won the race here. got some help from his teammate, elliot sadler down the stretch there and able to hold off joey la gawan know down the stretch away. it's a actual thing, you should have butterflies for the daytona 500, he says, everybody says it's cliche , i know, but it is the super bowl of racing. chase elliot, the 20-year-old, the rookie of the sprint cup series, the poll center for tomorrow's daytona 500, he is the winner of today's exfinity race eric is the tampa native
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series and another native that will be competing in the 500. that is billy scott, danica's patrick new crew chief. this is her third crew chief within the last year. she's kind of hoping to get on a roll with him, trying to get the first top finish in the sprint cup series and trying to get to the chase for the first time during her sprint cup series career. so we will talk to him and what he thinks about his new relationship with danica patrick. he's only been with the new team since last november, so he's only had a little the bit of time to develop that relationship, so we'll see how it all pans out tomorrow in the daytona 500. kevin, back to you. >> all right, thanks, marissa. it will be amazing if elliot can pull oftn trifecta tomorrow. well, the lightning in pittsburgh, kind of get a similar start to what we saw on wednesday. did they have enough defense to hold this thing off?
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the whole last month. rips it from inside the blue line, finds a whole, bolts continue to press, alex galore, another long ranger right there hits the post, wide open for his 300th career goal. the bolts get 3 from nearly the same distance. watch tyler johnson coming in front of the net right here for a 4-1 lead. would the lightning learn from thursday's game? bishop stands up, turns away 37 on the 39 shots and the lightning sweep the penguins 4-2. south florida bulls finally
6:27 pm
head coach memphis led by 1, just 9 minutes to play. chris perry gets it going, drops in 16 points. moreo another great game. leading usf with 19 points on the game. scoring four players in double digits. usf wins its first conference game against antigua's former staff mate at kentucky. usf takes it 80-71. frank martin still looking for his first career win against the gators. usc would grab an 8 point lead in the first but the gators close it out on a 20-0 run, and the gamecocks would make a game of it. darius slams it home. coming up right here. extends to overtime, south carolina takes a 3-point lead with a minute to go. and choza going for the tie.
6:28 pm
beat the gators in ot. fsu and virginia tech literally banging heads. seth alec and tom get a little bloody right here. both had to go to the locker room but would return. a close game most of the way drops in 2. 5 and a half to play. the hokies crank up. they win it by 10, 83-73. chase elliot 20 years old, wins the pole, wins the x finlt, can he do it tomorrow? we'll be watching. >> when we come back, fox news
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record turnout expected today in south carolina... record turn-out expected today in south carolina as candidates in a tight g.o.p. presidential race compete for votes in that the state's primary. >> fox's caroline shively has a look from columbia tonight. >> a strong finish here in south carolina is seen as a must for some republican candidates to keep their campaigns going. former florida governor jeb bush is fighting for last-minute votes in south carolina and possibly the future of his campaign. such a volatile time. to be able to beat expectations would be helpful, and i think we'll do that. we'll see. >> reporter: after a shaky finish in new hampshire, florida senator marco rubio made his final pitch to voters on the heels of endorsements from governor nikki haley and senator scott. >> i am concerned as anyone running for president but i feel we can ignite our party and turn america around. >> reporter: senator cruz
6:32 pm
scalia's funeral and reiterating his argument that the next selection should shrek the next justice. >> it should be a choice given to the american people. >> reporter: and front-runner donald trump is warning his supporters to not be complacent. >> the more we can do it and the more we can win by, the bigger the mandate, the better it is and the easier job we're gonna have. the republicans caucus is in nevada on tuesday and the democrats vote here on saturday. in columbia, south carolina, i'm caroline shively, fox news. >> word just came out an hour ago that hillary clinton has won the democratic caucus inside nevada. as you can imagine, she and bernie sanders pulled out all the stops in a last ditch effort to emerge on top. fox 13 political editor craig
6:33 pm
she got blown out just a week and a half ago in new hampshire so at this juncture she can breathe a bit of a sigh of relief. keep in mind, bottomline, this was a close race in nevada and she won among women, a big red flag for her in new hampshire. she won big among non-white voters by 14 points, according to the entrance polls. good news for her as you go the the to a more diverse state particularly as the race heads south, and she won among union leaders, 56-43. more than anything else i think she can make the case that possibly she may have found a way to blunt sanders within the next couple of weeks. >> big win for hillary. campaign? this is going to be a long hall battle and both sides know it because sanders still comes out
6:34 pm
delegates and sanders also, according to the polling, won among men. he won big among voters under the age -- caucus-goers under the age of 45 and you have to remember bernie sanders was down 25 points in the polls just five weeks ago, and the fact that he did make a game of it, though, he cannot close the deal, certainly keeps him in the running i would say for quite some time. >> all right, thanks for the updates. today an agent with the mississippi bureau of narcotics was killed in the line of duty. state officials say agent lee tart was killed earlier this morning and three others were wiewblgded during a shooting with a suspect who was later killed. authorities aren't releasing further details just yet. state agent a 42-year-old with 22 years in law enforcement, leaves behind a wife and two children. >> authorities say warplanes
6:35 pm
including what was said to be a terrorist training route. at least 43 islamic state fighters were killed, two serbian and deceased staffers held hostage since november are also believed to have been killed. president obama directed his national security team to help in the counter-terrorism efforts in libya last week. >> british prime minister david cameron say he and his cabinet have agreed this morning to a deal that could keep the u.k. in the european union and grant the country special status. the country will vote on a referendum on june 23rd and residents are largely split on the issue. a recent survey shows 39% to stay in the union. president of brazil says she'll provide all the developments needed to develop a vaccine to help prevent the zika virus. the company is working in a u.s. partnership to find a vaccine.
6:36 pm
says $56 million is needed to imabt the virus through june. thousands paid their respects today celebrating the life of justice antonin scalia. >> shannon breem has more tonight from washington. >> reporter: bidding farewell to anthony gregory scalia, the 103rd justice to sit on the u.s. supreme court. today's funeral mass will celebrate his son. >> in the waters of baptism, antonin died with christ and rose with him to new life, may he now share with him eternal glory. >> reporter: speaking of his father, scalia the son noted his father's belief that funerals should focus more on god and the gospel than on the deceased. scalia's high court colleagues were among those who gathered and grieve to the celebrate the
6:37 pm
believe was a powerhouse, whose for generations. >> hope does not disappoint. >> the love of god has been poured out into our hearts to the holy spirit that has been given touts. mrs. biden who long had a friendship with the scalia family represented the administration today. scalia's son also noted during the funeral mass the relationship his father saw between his commitment to christ and his country. >> when faith is banned from the public square or when we refuse to bring it there, so that he understood there is no conflict between loving god and loving one's country, between one's faith and one's public service. >> reporter: justice scalia's burial was a private event for family only, as for his colleagues, they'll be back to work monday on the bench to hear a new round of cases. in washington, fox news. >> a dog and some of her puppies
6:38 pm
from a burning apartment building. the dogs were suffering from smoke inhalation when rescuer got to them. officials say four puppies are still missing but they were able to revive the others. our crews started using the pet mask that we keep on the trucks and started administering oxygen and trying to save the puppies. >> officials say the fire may have started in the kitchen of the apartment unit. we'll explain we will explain why "blame
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be the3 making a lot of money is, for many -- the american dream. >> making a lot of money is for many the american dream, when it comes time for elections, rich people are usually demonized for having so much money. but should they be? fox's william la jeunesse reports. >> what do beyonce and jay-z and dr. zuckerberg have in common? a lot of money. >> greed, for lack of a better word, is good. >> reporter: but not on the campaign trail. >> it's dom the nateed by a billionaire class. >> the wealthy will have to pay their fair share. >> reporter: clean up a rigged economy. >> bernie, you gotta know something, buddy. you're a very nice man and mean well but you're out of reality. >> reporter: the reality is most billionaires do play by the rules.
6:42 pm
de joria, nike's knight did not get rich from hand-outs or a rigged system. >> these are the people giving us jobs. >> reporter: we analyzed the 400 richest americans and they employ more than 10 million workers across the country who own their livelihood, homes and kids' education to to so-called fat cats. >> right now the wealthy pay too little and the middle class pays too much. >> we look at it as stupid politics. that's what people do to try to get people to vote for them. >> reporter: stupid because tax policy can kill the golden goose when job creators leave, so does their capital. >> you're working seven or eight months out of the year just to pay taxes. what kind of an incentive is that? >> many economists agree, demonizing billionaires may be good politics but it's bad economics. >> if there's a ceo that is creating a lot of value for shareholders, wealth for the economy, the value of their grading is so much greater than
6:43 pm
>> the irony is while many young progressives want to tax the rich, they're likely using zuckerberg's facebook while using an ipad developed by another billionaire, steve jobs. william la jeunesse, fox news. businesses of dollars of race cars tomorrow at doilt and one of the most popular drivers is a female. danica patrick. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be
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3 fortunately for danica patrick, she won't have to go to a backup car after she was involved in a wreck during thursday's 2nd can am duel. >> fortunately for danica patrick she won't have to go to a back-up car, good news for the 10 team, because sunday's
6:46 pm
first race with her new crew chief billy scott, scott is from tampa bay. marissa lynn is live in daytona, scott has learned a lot quickly about his new team. >> yeah, that's right, kevin. and after the demise of michael waltrip last year, it didn't take long for orlando's native billy scott to find a new team. the two didn't have much time to develop their relationship. he joined the team back in november. but it wasn't until speed weeks here at daytona that they really got to test out their new relationship. >> enter billy scott, patrick's new right-hand man grew up three speedway. >> i remember coming here as a
6:47 pm
and spent a lot of time, short tracks around here, so it's nice to come back. >> scott joined the 10 team in november and has been on the fast track to get on the same page with everybody on the team. >> everybody making sure i know what we need to be, what information needs to be given to them and moving right along. >> as far as any movement on the track, there hasn't been any. teams can't test during the off season so daytona was the first time scott and patrick to get a real feel for each other. >> we just try to spend time together and it's evolving every week and practice session we'll keep building on it. it's been great so far. >> the two did a lot of team building in the off season and got away from talking racing,
6:48 pm
>> that was a lot of fun. >> that was a lot of fun. yeah, we were -- didn't really know what to think going into that, a lot of jokes about it but once we got out there, gotta to see what it was about, it was enjoyable and we were competitive, as always. >> a lot different thanration. >> for sure. >> and of course scott patrick will take their competitiveness to the the track this season. danica patrick still looking for the top five finish in the sprint cup series and looking for that first chase birth, as well. we are still live out here in victory lane. chase elliot just left the stage there, signing autographs and taking a lot of pictures following his big win here in the exfinity series here in daytona. >> well, who do you like? you've been out there all week, who stands out to you? it's hard not to say chase elliot, he's been a guy, like i said, i've covered him since atlanta, since insists atlanta, and he's had a lot of trouble
6:49 pm
races and obviously winning today, it's come a long ways. he's on the pole, he's a rookie, got a lot of momentum going into tomorrow, so i'd have to say chase elliot, ken. >> great story line for daytona, especially to kick off the season. >> yeah, thanks, kevin. >> the second half the weekend very similar and if you like today's weather, you're gonna love tomorrow's weather as well. water temperature start to go back up just a bit. look at the time lapse. plenty of people out there and there were adventurous people in the water.
6:50 pm
perhaps, you hop in this water. i'll tell you what, opposite from what it was last year. 59, the high last year for today today 78, the high, the low 56. the low this morning was almost our high from last year. (mike) 3 3 (mike) we have winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. other temperatures around the area, 71 in sun city center. 70 in apollo beach, to the north, 73 in brooksville, 64 in crystal river. actually had a bit of a sea breeze kick in so winds switched more out the west and dropped
6:51 pm
ardadia and 71 for you in lake placid. here's the setup, satellite and radar, again, high pressure just off to our east. really wedging in, that's keeping us dry for the most part and has been keeping us sunny, as well. tomorrow, i think we at least start off on the mostly sunny end, but maybe a few more afternoon clouds. here's a look at your jetstream forecast, zonal jetstream, straight west to east and with our polar jet and subtropical jet. this will roll through the east
6:52 pm
76 for tomorrow, mostly sunny 76 degrees and still very pleasant out there. forecast for tomorrow, winds out of the east, once the sea breeze shifts in, coming out of the northwest 10 knots. gulf temperature 62 degrees right now. temperatures in the mid-70s for the next couple of days. >> all right, thanks. a little girl battling a brain tumor has her biggest wish come true. a dream vacation and a chance to live like a princess for a week. 4-year-old lily has been fighting the tumor since she was seven months old. if you watch this spunky little girl bouncing warned all of her friends, you would never know the serious health issues she's been dealt. this week lily's school in arizona and the "make a wish foundation" surprised her with a
6:53 pm
mini princess knows exactly what to say when she gets to subbed rell la's castle. >> what will you say to the prince? >> i love you. >> even better, lily has three other siblings so the whole family gets to enjoy a magical trip to disney. smart little girl. >> she's a little princess, all right. >> still ahead, an important practice session that could save lives. >> what some first responders trained for at lakeland regional
6:54 pm
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get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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3 a heartwarming reunion.. a tampa family has their beloved dog back.. after it's believed he was a tampa family has their beloved dog after it's believed he was stolen right from their yard. it's all new tonight on the fox 13 10:00 news. take a look at this video. a full emergency response at lakeland regional airport, all in the name of preparedness. an exercise took place earlier this week to give first responders some important practice on what to do if a commercial airplane crashes at the airport. >> fox 13 photo journalist lucus bogg was right in the middle of it and shows us more. >> every three years we have to do a full scale exercise that is
6:57 pm
on the airport. >> we will have a large number of victims at mass casualty incident. >> my leg. >> which leg is it, sir? both. >> reporter: the victims they'll have out there, they look like they have the real injuries that they are simulating to have and we're gonna treat them and transport them just as we would in real life. >> once the incident kicks off and they call in the exercise and the simulation begins, it starts to feel like real world. >> are they breathing? the biggest thing that always comes out of these exercises is communication, because there's always a breakdown somewhere and we do this every three years so we can always look to improve and do it better next time. >> the report currently does not
6:58 pm
service. however, airport officials say the train something important because they hope to bring back commercial airline service in the near future. >> for more news follow us on twitter. >> see you back here tonight at 10:00 and 11:00.
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evening. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz": >> we got kanye west, i don't care what this guy says. this is war going on in the kardashian family. >> do you feel betrayed that kylie it signed with puma? >> they live in the same house. they kept kim and kanye on the outside of that deal. >> you're kanye west, hey, kanye, i have to take a call for a second. i want you to take the deal. >> paul mccartney got denied


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