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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> let's put this thing away and let's make america great again. >> just ahead, donald trump wins south carolina primary. and hillary clinton wins nevada democratic caucus. and one candidate drops out. >> a shooting at onorth tampa hooka bar. shooter still on the run tonight. >> she could have been killed! i just -- i just thank god that she's fine.
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a tampa family has their beloved dog back, when they say she was stolen out of the backyard and tropped on the side of the road. good evening, i'm haley hinds. >> i'm lloyd sowers. thanks for being with us tonight. donald trump claims a big victory in south carolina and takes out one of his rivals along the way and hillary clinton pulls out a crucial win against bernie sanders in nevada. craig patrick is here to break it down. let's start with the republican primary in south carolina. was then surprised that donald trump won? >> not one bit. the surprise is that the rival he took out was jeb bush. 5 we're down to, jeb bush decided to pull out without thinking about it. trump with a double digit win over second place.
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you have a virtual tie, a couple of 10ths of a percent apart. no traction to show for it, jeb bush, followed by john kasich, who did not put up much of a fight, he is concentrating at michigan and the northeast. bucs' ben carson is not not pulling out. all across the state with the exception of the capital, with the exception of the southern coast, trump runs the table and wins big. first context. addressing concerns by the media and his thraivels arrivals that he has hit
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>> a number of the pundits said if you add the scores together it is going to equal trump, right? these geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. >> reporter: and keep in mind even if you took all of jeb bush's 8% today and did give it to one of the other candidates, none would reach donald trump's level of 33%. but jeb bush knowing he did as much as he did, his family's name was gond l golden in south carolina, at that point, jeb bush knew he was cooked. here is ohio how he said good-bye. >> i'm proud of the campaign we've run to unify the country and conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god given potential.
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hampshire, and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision and i'm suspending my campaign. >> not just the voters but the money that had been carrying bush. >> now to the caucus in nevada. hillary clinton needed this win. >> to breathe a sigh of re leaf, she wins, though it was close in nevada it was 53 to 47%. but keep in mind she was up some 25 points just a few weeks ago. bernie sanders had the needle moving in his favor. he could just not move it enough. so this is a very important win for hillary clinton. it's a rebound after getting blown out by some 20 points a week and a half ago in new hampshire. she wins in entrance polling,
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leaders, 56 to 43, she wins nonwhite caucus goers, and as the rays heads south into more diverse states, let's go to bernie sanders followed by hillary clinton. >> i am especially proud that here in nevada, we've seen this all over this country, we are bringing working people and young people into the political process in a way we have not seen for a very long time. >> tens of thousands of men and women with kids to raise, bill to pay, and dreams that won't die.this is your campaign! die. this is your campaign! >> reporter: so hillary clinton wins but bernie sanders will still get a number of the delegates.
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>> you'll have another money power politics tomorrow. >> blunders and gaffs, those that hurt jeb bush and drove him out of the race but we're continuing our investigation of the va here in florida and the flint water scandal. >> craig patrick reporting. we'll have reports from south carolina and nevada coming up at 10:30. craig, thanks. >> a dog abandoned near the side of the road, is back with her family. amazingly that dog was not hurt when it wandered by the road, some bystanders were able to locate the dog's owners. evan lambert, how did they locate the owners? there for whatever reason, the dog nappers left the dog alone
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tonight she's home again. lyka the german shepherd waited hours to be able to kiss her family again. brenda and her daughters had an awards ceremony to attend at school. they left like always. >> we left the dog outside like we usually do. and whether we came back home, around 10:00 in the morning, we noticed that -- >> she wasn't there! >> she wasn't there! >> after tearing through yard and the neighborhood the medinas thought they had lost their family member forever. >> she's kind of like one of my kids, i love her to death and i couldn't picture somebody doing anything cruel to her. >> but someone had. police think someone stole lyka from the medinas fenced in backyard. they saw a man in a pickup truck put her out on the side of the
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they stood with her and waited for police to arrive. they posted her photo on facebook. and police spotted her and told the medinas. >> even if it was yours, especially something like is not yours and toss it on the side of the road. >> reporter: the family picked up lyka on friday night, she was dirty and unharmed. >> she could have been hurt, i just thank god she's fine. >> all because of the reach of social media and the kindness of the strangers who called police. >> i just want to say thank you. and my family is so grateful. >> police are still looking for a man in a blue pickup truck, possibly a ford who abandoned the dog. if you are in the area of bird street and 275 and witnessed
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>> evan, thanks. police are looking for a person who opened fire outside a hooka bar last night. nerch calls started pouring in just after four -- 911 calls started pouring in after 4:00 this mortgage. four people taken to the hospital, one didn't make it, deputies say it appears it started with an argument. >> we believe there was a confrontation that led to this. the subject then retrieved a firearm and was shooting in the direction of the club striking four of those individuals. >> the shooter has not yet been arrested. anyone who knows anything can contact crime stoppers and receive a reward. >> no one has been arrested yet in the shootings at club rain, strip club on north nebraska. six people were also wounded in that gun fire.
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emfamily and friends gathered in our nation's capital to say good-bye to supreme court justice antonin scalia, who died last week at the age of 79. shannon breen reports, the fitting service for the devout catholic. >> the basilica of the national shrine, to bit farewell to antonin scalia, celebrated by his son father paul scalia. >> we are gathered here because of one man. a man loved by many, scorned by others. a man known for great controversy and great compassion.that compassion.
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>> justice scalia made it clear, he thought that services should focus more on god and jesus. but among those who gathered to celebrate a life of a jurist who was a powerhouse whose impact will be felt for generations. >> hope does not appoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through holy spirit that has been given to us. >> the younger scalia noted his father firmly believed faith belongs in a public square and that he never felt a need to choose between his deep catholic faith and his obligations as a supreme court justice. >> he understood that there was no conflict between loving god and loving one's country, between one's faith and one public service. >> it is back to work for the remaining justices who will begin to hear a new slate of cases on monday, including
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of executive power. in washington, d.c, shannon breen, abc news. >> a search for a baby girl in orlando,. >> officials drained a lake looking for her body. hey mike. >> i've got details on the second half of the week and our
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in orlando.. ((lloyd 2sh)) as fox's david >> an entire lake drained in a search for a missing newborn in orlando. >> as fox's david williams reports, it's been nearly a week with no sign of the baby. >> is the baby alive? is the baby somewhere alive or is this going to end up a bad deal or a good deal? >> stefan isaac, 33, lives in the complex where the baby's mother lives. somebody said what looked like a placenta earlier in the week, he saw baby willow's father and mother, 33-year-old susan richardson. >> i've seen her back and forth, didn't know she was pregnant at all. >> investigators say she was pregnant and admitted to birthing a baby. homicide and crime scene vectors said a full term baby was born and discarded. >> how could someone do
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>> all day and evening saturday, a crew continued draining this pond near the apartments in search of baby willow at thousands of gallons a minute. >> i'm hoping, just hoping to god that the baby is somewhere alive and not even out her at this pond. >> david williams, fox 13 news. >> an extremely powerful storm slammed into fiji late saturday forcing the government to dlair nationwide declare nationwide curfew. tropical storm winston, damage winds are expected to last for several more days. winston has caused airlines to suspend flights to that island nation. the fiji broadcasting corporation reported that an elderly man was killed when a roof fell on him. >> in our area just fantastic
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>> fantastic yes but winston is a pretty nasty system out there now. you mentioned winds of 155 knots as it was making landfall now that's estimated by satellite put tends to be pretty accurate. you can imagine for a asmall island nation of fiji, that entire storm consumed the nation, we will see devastating video in the coming days. storm headed out to sea well off to the east of of fiji, came back a complete 180, should dissipate a bit when it heads off to the south, thoughts and prayers with them. viewer photos, a completely different story around here. check this out. this photo kyle ross sent in from lakeland. last night's sunset.
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andrew des, from the causeway, especially when you compare it to last year, last year, february 20th 59 was our high. this year, 78 was our high. so a big big difference over the span of one year. pleasant weather continues into the day on sunday. now a couple of fronts coming through. a tuesday and wednesday, wednesday looks to be a little bit of a bigger deal than tuesday's would and behind that front much cooler air. as we head to the end of next week, highs potentially not getting out of the 60s, some of us in the 50s, or low 60s. 57 wauchula, 61 in lakeland, 54 up in brooksville. tonight's lows generally getting
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inland upper 50s north. pretty close to where we should be this time of year, no extreme one way or the other. drier over us, high clouds to our north some of that may try to get in here as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. may see a little bit more in the way of cloud cover in the afternoon. here is how the futurecast plays out, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, few more clouds but still beautiful on monday. it's tuesday that we may start to see a couple of showers popping up. there's that first frontal system. it's this one back to the west though when it looks pretty far back to the west but that's going to zip eastward and that has the potential of bringing us showers and storms later on wednesday and into wednesday. behind that one, that's what we're talking about cooler air. clear skies out there. for day tomorrow 76 , mostly sunny, seasonably warm and
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pleasant weather. marine forecast, sea breeze moves through shifting to the northwest or less. light chop on the bay, next high tide in a couple of hours, low tide at 7:42. take olook at the seven-day forecast, this is a tale of two 70s here. next four days or so of just beautiful weather, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, maybe not tuesday and wednesday but not too bad. if you like the cooler air, thursday, friday, saturday, lows eventually getting into the low 40s. >> all right, mike. daytona weekend, folks have come from all over for the big race. >> we'll show you how fans get geared up for the daytona 500
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>> i'm of kevin (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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enough talk.
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((lloyd 2sh)) people come from all across america to see the great american race. >> people come from all across america to see the graik american great mairng race. american race. >> the experience that is daytona. >> i'm here with the sprint fans at the daytona national speedway. this is where the fans come to get into the action and we came here to find out how they get geared up for the big race. >> for us it's just walking and hear the sound of the cars. when they -- the first time those cars go by he just grins at me from ears to ears. >> do you have any prerace traditions?
10:25 pm
hi garage and get his froof autograph before the race. >> it hasn't changed his luck? >> so far it hasn't. >> i took off first part of february and don't go back to work until early march. so we make it a big event. >> they tell me this place is better than disneyland. >> what do you think? >> for a racer, if you like any kind of racing, you got come to this place. >> it's just an adrenalin rush to see the speed and hear the rush of being at the race track. television can't capture it. y'all do a great job but you can't beating here. >> you got to know, when one fan put it like this, this is one of the most fan-friendly places on either. at the daytona speedway. darryl nail.
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3 crucial contests in the 20-16 presidential race taking place tonight in south carolina and nevada.(lloyd 2sh) >> crucial contest in the 2016 presidential race taking place in south carolina and nevada. >> the races were tight but the results not a big surprise. fox's caroline shivley. last the story. >> head to head in nevada for the democrats while republicans duke it out in south carolina. donald trump becomes the first candidate to win back to back races this political season. stop spot in south carolina in new hampshire, south carolina. there's nothing easy about this,
10:30 pm
vicious but it's beautiful, when you win it's beautiful. >> as the wij win are of the iowa caucuses ted cruz is the only one to beat trump so far. jeb bush making the decision to suspend his campaign after the results. >> i remain optimistic and with the right kind of leadership we all need to work on to make sure things turn out right, our best days are ahead. >> democrats vote here next saturday. i'm caroline shief shively, fox news. fox's ed headrey is in las vegas. >> in the end hillary clinton
10:31 pm
the morning, the same candidates candidates were both in the cafeteria. but at different time. >> i think there's a good turnout. >> the turnout was strong, lon lines at the henderson caucus site. democratic senator harry reid lives nearby. >> orderly this morning, well over 30,000. preregistered and that's good. >> for the candidates their final pitches closely resemble their original strategize. bernie sanders had lofty rhetoric in order to seize the moment now. >> it could well be that ten, 20,fully years from now people
10:32 pm
, 30 years from now, people will look back to nevada and say, this was the beginning of the political revolution. >> clinton focused on her grind it out approach, getting more democrats over the long haul. >> i'm so grateful to each and every one of you who have been part of this campaign over these next months. >> clinton is leaving nevada quickly tonight, for a rally in texas, which is a super-tuesday state. 12 states and territories including sanders friendly places like massachusetts, minnesota and vermont, while clinton expects expects to have an edge in african american states.
10:33 pm
>> an agent with the mms mississippi bureau of narcotics was killed in the line of duty. during a shooting woo suspect who was later killed. authorities aren't releasing further details just yet. the state agent was killed, 44-year-old, 22-year law enforcement veterans. he leaves behind a wife and two children. in new york city two police officers are recovering after being shot. the two were injured during a car chase and shootout. the suspect reportedly crashed his car into a patrol vehicle and then stride drive away. plain clothes officers were hit. both in stable condition. the suspect is in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds. >> a syrian town has been taken back by i.s.i.l.
10:34 pm
kurdish-led force recaptured the town held in southern southern syria. the action may help to solidify the recapture ever raqqa, the
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music therapy helping
10:37 pm
many of our veterans are struggling with disabling mental >> many of our veterans are struggling with disabling mental health problems, ptsd, depression and even suicide. >> dr. joe shows us how they can be helped by therapy. >> each note you hear. >> this is jammed, same spot. ready? >> it's precisely that precision focus and coordination that makes this music therapy for veterans at bay pines hospital.
10:38 pm
that's really the only word i -- i know it's a simple word but it really helps. >> harrison joined the char choir years ago but he's been battling with depression. >> depression, isolation, low energy. so having a focus and a commitment to being involved. actually increased my motivation. to want to be a part of something creative. >> do they have to have a music background? >> no. they definitely don't. >> take that deep breath in. >> therapist erin todd says it's a natural way to help patients heal. >> it's not like teaching a person to play an instrument, that's a secondary goal. what are they trying to accomplish and then how can we
10:39 pm
>> skills used overcoming obstacles playing complex chords can be plied to applied to overcoming problems in their everyday lives. >> i just realized that i don't have to do it perfectly. i can make mistakes and be supported by those around me. i can multitask and focus and let my problems sit at the door for just a little bit so that when i'm done i'm better able to handle those problems again. >> luther says the sessions are reigniting his passion as a musician. >> it put me back in touch with some musical abilities that i'd previously discarded. >> reporter: creating harmony in these songs is translating into harmony in the relationships. >> to interact with other veterans at a really enjoyable level. >> beneficial bonds formed
10:40 pm
i'm dr. joette giovinco, fofnl 13 news. >> lighting up more areas of the mind than any other activity, increases blood flow, help memory and enhance physical rehabilitation. >> all those bill elliot fans of the '80s get a chance at a new generation. >> new generation, another elliot, you know this driver is the youngest to be sitting on the pole for tomorrow's daytona 500, he goes on top of the field again today. stephen stamkos joins some elite company in the light things
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3 the target on chase elliott's back just a lot >> the target on chase elliot's
10:44 pm
the daytona 500 poll-sitter, left no question he's the one to beat. he would youd the field for the xfinity series. a sprint to the finish, running in the number 88, elliot showed some grit for a kid just two years out of high school. takes our bobby la bonte. five of the cars got damaged, crippling their chances in the 500 race. four mild cautions. four mild cautions. 13 cars in the hunt on the lead lap. when they restart. joey logano. , he nips him out of nips nips him.
10:45 pm
the poll sitter for sunday's great american race, the x fingerprint series xfinity race now, a lot of momentum going into the daytona 500 on sunday. >> it's awesome. daytona is daytona. speaks for itself. we've come close a couple of times, had an opportunity in the summer of '14 i messed that up. now victory lane. today is different than tomorrow. fortunately today went well, but no guarantees for tomorrow. i'm sure there will be nerves, it's daytona 500, of course that's natural. if not, something answer wrong. first and foremost, i'm more looking forward to it than anything but i'm excited to get started and yes i'm sure there will be some nerves come tomorrow morning.
10:46 pm
problems with restricter races but no problem rat daytona. before heading to his home track in atlanta next week. reporting at daytona, marissa lynn, fox 13 sports. >> the start they had against winnipeg, they held that come back, there wasn't one. lightning controlled the tempo in the first, anton strawman, another long range shot, stephen stamkos is just a third bolt to reach that level. now john cooper has been preaching, shoot the puck. and good things can happen when they do. nice bounce off the board from matt carl, the bolts getting three quickly early in the game.
10:47 pm
tyler johnson, center of the ice, 4-1 lead for the bolts. lightning learned from thursday game, you bet. ben bishop, the i lightning sweep the penguins this season, reaching 300 goals for win they say graham for stammer. >> pretty special. they said first of all it means you've been around for a while and second i've been forfeit to play fortunate to be together with great players and a special dmomg coming in a great time for our team. >> power play, five and five we played pretty steady and played deep, that was pretty much it. >> happy birthday to south
10:48 pm
conference win, memphis up by 1 with nine minutes to play, 16 points, mario, 19 on the day, the bulls get some balanced scoring. four players in double digits. their bulls win their first conference game against antigua's former staff mate, 80-71. south carolina's frank marr 0 and 5, lifetime, usc, darius thornwell, slam home that bucket to send this thing to overtime. south carolina three-point lead, chris chioza going for the tie, clank off the win, south carolina beats the gate ors 76-69.
10:49 pm
boris ojanowski and seth allen get a little bloody, they tufd this thing toughed this thing out. the 'noles have a three point lead, hulkies score it up, 21-7, they win this game by 83-73. haley and lloyd. >> mike's back with the seven-day forecast whether we come back.
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couples said i do, see >> and welcome back. the beaches were the place to be today. i mean, look at this. a beach weekend. chamber of commerce weekend, wall to wall sun and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s even at the beaches, so overall, pretty close to 10 day. tomorrow morning, gasparilla running 6:00 a.m., for half marathon. depending where you fall out temperatures generally mid to
10:53 pm
race time, low 70s as you head towards noon but no weather concerns for the distance classic tomorrow. highs today, 78 in tampa was our high, brandon, 78 in lake placid, 73 in venice, many into the mid to upper 70s, tomorrow likewise pretty similar to that. current temperature 62, dew point 52, relative humidity 70%. fog a bit inland and further north you may see patchy fog developing. other temps around the area, cea cleert, 64 at apollo beach, 54 in inverness. 59 in land o' lakes, 58 in
10:54 pm
accreditation the country not across the country not a whole lot of cold air in place. none of that out there right now. where's the cold weather? it's up in canada. chesterfield, and yellow knife. that cold air not dropping too far south for now. middle of the week though it will start to drop south a bit. for the daytona 500 race tomorrow, overall pleasant conditions. 72 at 1:00 p.m, temperatures low to mid 70s for race time. jetstream forecast as we head through the following few days, you can see monday we still have more of that west to east flow in the jetstream, so not allowing a whole lot of cold air to drop south. that dhaings a changes a bit wednesday morning. chillier conditions dropping a little further south.
10:55 pm
thursday, friday, maybe on into saturday. getting into the 30s. forecast 57 , clear skies starting off clear tomorrow, maybe a few more clouds in the afternoon but overall nice, 76, monday again 76, overall pretty pleasant. east, winds, becoming northeast, 10 knots. seven-day forecast shows mid to upper 70s for the next four days. 30% rain chance on tuesday, 50% for wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening, maybe a few storms wednesday with that, cooler behind that front. 61 on friday and there friday into saturday how about lows only in the low 40s. >> all right mike. love is in the air in south
10:56 pm
>> take a look at this. thousands of couples can exchanged i do's at one time. over 60 countries, dressed in tuxedos and wedding gowns for the grant celebration and expression of love. just outside seoul, south korea, another 12,000 couples participated in the ceremony vee the internet. i didn't know you could do that! a public transit authority in australia, wants to warn people not following proper procedures around train tracks. >> and they're using this video. the narrow escape the man had around this train. >> and the el farro, and the hurricane. >> hear what she has to say all
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ba da ba ba ba he. >> it's >> it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful. >> right now, donald trump sweeps south carolina and chmura hillary clinton sweeps nevada. >> what you need to get around the traffic mess. good evening i'm lloyd sowers. >> and i'm haley hinds. thanks for being with us.


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