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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at donald trump wins big in south carolina.. donald trump wins big in south carolina and hillary clinton takes nevada and jeb burbs drops out. plus the latest on a developing situation out of michigan this morning. at least 7 people have been killed in what appears to be random shootings. and start your engines. we are gearing up up for the start of the daytona 500.
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day tampa bay. it's 7:00 a.m on this gorgeous sunday morning. >> thank you very much for being with us. lindsy is here to tell us about our forecast. it's a carbon copy of yesterday. we have work to do. comfortable, cool this morning, warm this afternoon. and sunshine to be had. we do still have several races going on, bay shore and if you're cheering on any runners in the gaspirilla race, make sure you have a light jacket. it's 52 degrees. we have shallow moisture but all-in-all, clear skies and that is the case in st. petersburg. calm winds and 61 degrees looking over the bay looks lovely if you're voting. chilly north. 45 crystal river and 48 bartow and 51 in sarasota so cooler this morning. high pressure still in control for another day and a half and then those clouds you see outside of our area some move in starting on monday.
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comfortable this afternoon and mid 70s. just as nice in day teen? i have that forecast and rain mid-week coming up. never forget you. we will never forget you. [ cheers and applause ] we will never ever forget south carolina. >> donald trump addressing his supporters after a convincing primary. trump says his campaign has become a movement for change in the united states. he is the first candidate to win back-to-back races this political season taking the top spot in new hampshire and south carolina. here are the poll results. at a speech last night rube row proclaimed it was a three-person race for the nomination, bush, caseic and carson rounded out of the restest field. and those numbers just not good enough for jeb bush. an emotional address he spoke to
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head caught in columbia, south carolina to announce he is spending his campaign. jeb bush says the people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and rerespects their decision while still encouraging. >> i remain optimist and with the right kind of leadership, america's best daysis are ahead. >> with bush dropping out, we are do town 5 republican candidates. donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich and ben carson. the other side, hillary clinton entered nevada's democratic caucus with bernie sanders and came out on top with much slimmer than her campaign probably hoped for. clinton captured 52% of support from voters while sanders took over 47%. sanders noted he has been
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>> weeks ago, we were 25 points behind in the polls. [ applause ] and we made some real progress. >> after congratulating the former secretary of state, he says his campaign has quote, the towards super tuesday. next week the two parties switch. republicans are heading to nevada and the democrats to south carolina for their primary. developing this morning out of kalamazoo, michigan. a yean-year-old girl is the 7th person to dia 14-year-old girl. the random shooting started late last night in three different parking lots. again 7 people in total have been killed. at least three other people are hurt. police have taken one suspect into custody. >> and police in saint pete are investigating an overnight shooting at a hotel that left a 19-year-old critically injured and a 17-year-old with a gunshot
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incident took place 12:30 at the holiday inn express on 54th avenue north. 19-year-old octavuous brown was taken to a local hospital after being shot in the upper body. police are working to arrest a suspect. detectives continue to search this morning for a gunman in a deadly shooting outside of a hookah bar in tampa early saturday morning at the smoking bull hookah bar. deputies believe an argument led up to shooting. the gunman opened fire into a large crowd of people. one man was and i would 3 were hurt. it looked like he was shooting at random. one man was killed and 3 were hurt. someone opened fire at a strip club in tampa a couple weeks ago t left two people dead. 6 people were also nurt that gunfire. switching gears, some of us were snoozing, thousands were
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the gaspirilla distance classic kicked off saturday morning with thousands of runners for the 15k and 5k races. today's races include the half marathon. got underway about an hour ago and the a little k begins at 9:30. good luck to all of you f you're running or if you aren't, avoid the roads around bay shore again today and here is a look at the road closures in tampa. >> bay shore is shut down completely. we have a couple of streets brocked off part of the way in downtown area. also davis island you're seeing some lane closures. west davis island boulevard south davis islands boulevard and then see various streets are replaced columbia drive, channel
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if you want a full list, go to my facebook page and i'll post full details for you there. as always, you want to expect extra traffic both cars and pedestrians so make sure you have a safe day out there and a fun day. while on the topic of road closures, drivers may steer clear of ehrlich road near the veterans expressway. it's been shut down in both directions for a bridge expansion project. drivers can take gunn highway and shell don to the west. dale mabry to the east. ehrlich should be reopened by tomorrow. drivers in downtown tampa may notice a new traffic pattern tomorrow morning t will become a two way route all wait from ashley drive clear to franklin street. there is all part of a 7.8 million dollar project that also includes switching tyler street back to two-way traffic. a new cycle track along cast street is expected to open sometime in the summer. a lot of changes.
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exciting changes at daytona this week. the track experience and jeff gordon is out of the car and into the broadcast booth. marisa lynn will talk about that change. >> plus harper lee was laid to rest yesterday. we'll tell you the special meaning behind her eulogiy. and it's 7:07. we had wonderful weather. what a beautiful day saturday and if you didn't enjoy it, you're working. today get out and do so. it's cooler this morning because skies are clear. 46 in wilkesville and 51 in sarasota. sunrise in st. pete. 61 at our all children's hospital cam. if you're headed to the beach, it looks spectacular. low humidity and a sea breeze will be cooler. highs in the low-to-mid 70s.
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3 in sports this morning.. today marks the first big day **at rays spring today marks the first big day in port charlotte. pitchers and catchers will hold their first work out together. the rest of the team will join them next friday. >> also taking place, it is the daytona 500 and another line in the nascar history books will be added during today's race. chase elliot is the youngest driver to start on the poll. the great american race. the 20-year-old won the poll last sunday with the fastest qualifying time of 196 mile per hour. crazy. during yesterday's exfinnity
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block off in the final laps to take the checkered flag and will look to make it a double this afternoon. elliot is also making his official debut in the 24-car jeff gordon made famous. speaking of jeff gordon, three-time daytona winner is a fox analyst. our marisa lynn caught up with daryl wall trop who understands the transition. >> we are habbing out with daryl wall trop, at the daytona 500 and you ad i new member to the team this year. how is jeff gordon fitting into your trio here? >> you know when they told us that we were going to make a change, larry, mike and i have been together for 15 years and we are like brothers. we race together. we grew up in this sport together. and so we have observed jeff as a competitor. we have been calling races he has been in for the last 15 years. so i didn't have a close personal relationship with him. i just knew him as a competitor
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i knew of him talking toic and whomever. i been impressed and happy. jeff fit right in. he is a really, really sharp kid. and what makes it really good is he wants to do this. he really wants to go good: to be good. he asks questions and we are looking at each other going -- he doesn't know. he's a rookie. and so, he's -- i think him being in the booth is actually going to be good for both of us. it's an inspiration to me to see a young guy come in fresh eyes and different perspective. and his enthusiasm is contagious. i think it's going to really play well in the broadcast. >> you know the transition is tough from the track to the booth. how tough is it for a guy who is in his rookie season in the broadcast booth? i remember first year 2001, we were down here going to dot daytona 500 at the super bowl and we never done a race together before.
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and nervous because it had been going okay. you get a lot of reps down here because of the practice and qualifying shows and everything you goat do. so we spent time together but we didn't have the flow. we didn't have that natural flow that we were looking for but the daytona 5002001 was such incredible race, we got right into it. i got into it as a driver. larry got into it as a crew chief and mike isect dr.ed traffic and it was going well. and it was a great race for us right up until the very last lap. and then we all know what happened after that. so with jeff, it's a little bit different because his car that he drove last year is on the poll so he is going to have the jitters of seeing his car come down and take the green flag from the poll with a rookie driving it. but he is really embraced this television roll. he takes great notes. he is prepared. he know what is is going on. he is in the garage. just fought for a championship.
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breath of fresh air. >> you mentioned talking about chase elliot. you mentioned the rookie on the poll. what you do see from this kid? he has gone up so fast since he started his nascar career. >> i think he's an old soul. he is so mature. and nothing seems to really rattle him. he seems to stay in his own world. he doesn't care what people say. if the pressure is bothering him, he is hiding it well. because he seems to be calm and -- his dad was the same way. bill was always a nonassuming guy. bill wasn't really crazy about the media. he just wanted to work on his car. and i think chase is obviously he come from that same mold. his dad also went fast. chase goes fast. he is going to be noon and particularly with bill right there to help him not on track thinking -ue can't really drive a car for a guy. i think more off track things are where bill will be a big help to chase. but he has his act together and he is a cool kid and will do well.
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you ready to role? >> let's go racing, boys! >> of course you can keep it right here on fox13 for all of your daytona 500 coverage. everything starts at 1:00 this afternoon. then actor gerald butler will instruct racers to start their engines. after the race, be sure to catch all the highlights during our 6:00 newscast. >> how about the weather? >> are you crying over there. >> i have tears in my eyes. >> we are having way too much fun this morning. >> i think the weather may be play ag a part it's been so nice and we are happy about it. and if you're headed to daytona this morning, you're happy we are not going to have a repeat of last year. remember the weather issues we had? we had tornado warnings. dangerous in daytona. no weather delays this year.
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72 degrees. and just perfect. pleasant conditions. unbelievable the stretch of weather we seen and another butte tow start out the morning. how about this? the sun breaking through the buildings overlooking downtown tampa. and early more morning, some of us were driving into work. that moon is nice and bright and our skies are nice and clear with good visibility. winds are light out of the northeast today and light and variabled this afternoon. so at the beach they may be on shore later on. 57 in tampa this hour, which is about average for this time of year. our lows 55 and average low that is f you're headed to the beach, here is a sneak peek. some people enjoy ag i stroll at 61 on our cam. no clouds, light winds and smooth seas. 47 in sun city center. good morning to you. then we go to pinellas park pop. 53 in clearwater and then zephyrhills, 44 degrees.
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one from interior pacific conorth. crystal river 55. 50 in myakka city and 48 in bartow. low humidity due points in the 40s and 50s. that's going to hang around until tomorrow afternoon and then nudge it up a bit. good visibility. hints of fog. not seeing any big trouble spotlights. high pressure to the east and breaks down finally tuesday. that means rain. but for now the rain is moving off to our north and west and we will stay dry today. you can see that on our waiter vapor imagery re. rain chances on the rise tuesday and wednesday. we will see two separate rounds. first comes in tuesday afternoon. for this afternoon more sunshine. by noon 73. we hit 76 this afternoon under you guessed it, loads of sunshine. maybe near 80 in some of our zones with more sun today. futurecast showing light wind
7:19 am
a few sprinkles away from daytona t should stay dry there into the afternoon hours. perhaps the sea breeze along the coast because of our light winds and so at the beach today, you'll notice it may be cooler than yesterday. still enjoyable. so get out there. warm and comfy for today. 76. tonight overnight, skies becoming partly cloudy but these are high clouds. so 59 tomorrow morning. dunk the day monday we are up to 76. slim rain chance inland but i think the a better chance tuesday and even only 30%. on the water smooth seas and light winds and seas at two feet or less and next tied is a low tide. that's at 7:42. seven-day forecast goes from the upper 70s strong cold front late in the day on wednesday. behind it it turns cooler and there will be embed ed storms wednesday for the time being. it looks like severe weather threat is low but we'll monitor for you.
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to rest. remembered as a man of faith, family and the law. funeral was led by his son, paul, a catholic priest. justice scalia served on the supreme court for nearly 30 years. president obama didn't attend the funeral despite criticism from the republican party. however, he did pay tribute to scalia at the supreme court on friday. scalia passed away last week at the age of 79. a beloved author, harper lee laid to rest. her good friend and history professor gave the eulogy. it was a speech he wrote back in 2006 as a twit to her. she loved the speech so much she wanted him to give it during her eulogy. she died at the age of 89. police in south carolina are looking for three people after shots were fired into the air at a mall. officers say a fist fight broke out last night between three men
7:21 am
the suspects opened fire shooting into the air before taking off. so far there are no reports of any injuries. police are going over surveillance video to identify the suspects. police in new york are searching this morning for one person who remains missing after a small plane crashed into long island sound. the plane went down 11:00 last night after the pilot reported engine trouble. both the faa and ntsb are investigating. still ahead, gaining supporters in the fight against the fbi and they are coming here to the bay area. hear what is in store this coming week. >> plus john lennon lots go to the highest bidder.
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brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. this winter, you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin. 3 protests are being planned at two bay area apple stores this week.. the staged rallies come as a response to the f-b-i
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to unlock an encyrpted iphone.. belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters.. 3 the protests are -- the protests are organized by the internet group, fight for the future and expected to take place tuesday at 5:30 p.m. outside the apple stores in international plaza as well as the brandon town center location. similar protests will take place in 30 other cities throughout the u.s. and around the world. you can't buy love but you can buy a piece of hair from john lennon. >> so gross. >> a super fan paid 35,000 dollars for his hair. a british-based memorabilia collector paid the big price. a german hairdresser kept the loch after giving lennon a trim movie. among the other items sold that the auction include a sealed copy of the butcher album cover which wept for 125 thousand colors.
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>> what are you going to do with that? put on your mant snel. >> hang it by the dinner table. college athletes are putting their skills on display this weekend as the nfl combine gets underway. >> and the race for the white house may get interesting with big events on both sides of the aisle. tuesday for more than 330 of college football's best players, the most important job interview of their lives begins. it's the start of the nfl combine. the top college players in the nation will undergo a series of mental and physical test to evaluate how nfl ready they are before the league's draft in march. also tuesday, the gop candidates head out west for the nevada caucasus. after ranking up south carolina primary three days prior. no time wasted for the republican candidates awaiting results out of nenevada. donald trump has a commanding lead with 42% and ted cruz and
7:26 am
respectively. wednesday president obama host kim abdullah ii. to the leaders will discuss the fight against isis. resolving the syrian conflict and addressing seian and, rakee refugee crisis in thursday. thursday ooh - in jordan. a big night for the gop. those remaining will face-off at the university of houston for the final debate before march 1 super tuesday where 12 states will be holding primary election the and speaking of primaries, on is the, south carolina holds the democratic primary with 59 delegates. the palmetto state may prove to have a big influence over the rest of the race. that's a look at the week ahead. fox news. >> still to come, although the weather has calmed in fiji, authorities are keeping people off the streets this morning following that deadly cyclone. we'll bring you the latest. >> and we have beautiful weather out there. if you haven't been out there this morning, it's gorgeous. kelly cowan is in clear water
7:27 am
may not be such a good idea. that's right. we are here on the scene of the sea blues music festival. the final day of it. we'll have everything you need to know about road closures
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good morning. thank you for joining us this saturday for good day tampa bay. i'm alcides good morning. thank you for joining us on this sunday. >> we'll get your forecast with lindsay in just a minute. but first up a quick check of the headlines this half hour. another round of voting has left another candidate behind this morning. jeb bush spending his campaign following a disappointing showing in the south kalina primaries. he gained more momentum with a
7:31 am
hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders giving her campaign a needed boost. a developing story this morning, 7 people now dead and 3 hurt after a string of random shootings in kalamazoo michigan. among the victims is a 14-year-old girl. a father and son were also killed. the random shootings took place in parking lots at 3 different locations. a 45-year-old man is in custody. you may have been working on the first cup of coffee. ,000 of people are up and ready to hit the pavement. the gaspirilla distance classic continues on this morning. the half marathon kicked off just about an hour-and-a-half ago. the 8k will take place at 9:30. perfect weather for it. >> two for two with the races and for the spectators if you're cheering. light jacket right now. even by 9:30, i think it will come off. skies clear, humidity values are
7:32 am
all the way to the beach we go. look at how smooth the waves are. bradenton and beachgoers are loving it. i think i a sea breeze at the beach today so maybe a bit cooler for you this afternoon but still enjoyable. 52 in wauchula, 46 brooksville and bund ep up there. 50 in lakeland and 61 in st. pete and we still have high pressure in control for another day and then some of those high clouds to the north. those will move in tonight and tomorrow and then eventually behind that, rain. you guessed it, today no rain. not many clouds. we are pushing 80 frefrost proof to lakeland. at the beach, that sliver of green. we'll hit 76 tampa today. enjoy. because of that gorgeous weather, lindsay was just talking to us about, plenty of people may be thinking about a good day to go outside to the beach but if you're going to clearwater, you may be stuck in traffic. kelly is live at coach man park this morning. good morning.
7:33 am
it's not just the beaches attracting thousands of people today. i'm told about 10,000 came out for this sea blues music festival joined here by jason basil. with the city of clearwater. how many people are you expected today and what has traffic been like with the road closures this weekend? >> we are expecting about another 10-12 opinioned theme here today and fortunately, csx got done early so the road is now open but with this festival being an all day event, gates open at noon and goes until 9:00 tonight. we expect traffic to flow. everybody is not rushing in or out. so traffic has been sporadic but as far as we know, from people we know who are here yesterday and me being here yesterday, it was really no traffic issues. >> what are your tips for people trying to come to clearwater for the beaches or the festival? >> we are one of the number 1
7:34 am
we always tell people expect traffic especially on the weekends. the earlier you come, you'll beat the traffic. for there are detours it's only a block off the main route. just pack your patience. >> a lot of patience needed and then i guess final question. this isn't the only weekend there will be road closures out here. could you quickly tell us about next weekend? >> next weekend they will have csx, they are repairing the railroad crossing so next weekend it will be chestnut street. this weekend when you're coming into clearwater beach, that was what was affecting you getting in. next week it will be as you're exiting. it's just a detour about a block around.
7:35 am
expecting any huge events downtown clearwater so the beach is usually just packed as it always is but it will be just a small inconvenience as you go about a block around the exit or the closure. >> thank you for the info. so as you heard, pack your spacious sun scene and patience. reporting live, kelly cowan, fox13 news. >> thank you. more local news, tampa police were on the scene of a death investigation outside of the glazer children's museum. the body of a homeless man was found near the entrance on ashley drive. police believe the unidentified man died of natural causes and may have had a medical problem. the captain of the we'll farrow cargoship calls for help. they were placed saturday during the coastguard's on-going investigation during the worst u.s. maritime disastner three decades. the ship was lost after sailing
7:36 am
hurricane last october killing the captain and all 33 crewmembers. the coastguard is working to determine if misconduct, negligence or violations contributed to the accident. federal prosecutors will then decide if criminal charges should be filed. according to state t.v. reports, two car bomb blast in the central syrian city left 14 people dead this morning and 29 more injured. the capital city of the revolution seen a wave of explosions in recent moss killing scores of people. this comes as u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, proclaimed this morning a provincial agreement foresees fire has been reached in syria. fiji started to clean up the mess after the strongest storm ever recorded in southern hemisphere. the tropical cyclone slammed the pacific nation with winds near 180 mile per hour yesterday. that's the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. the storm brought heavy flooding, flattened trees and
7:37 am
the government has reported at least six deaths in that storm. battle lines are being drawn over in great britain as prime minister, david cameron argues his point that the country's interests are best served by remaining a part of the european union. as opposition forces voice their opinion, cameron will be making a number of media appearances this morning to share his views on this matter. a referendum is scheduled to be voted on sometime on june 23rd. still to come, need a way to save on groceries this week? our coupony expert will be in the studio with her best tips for you. plus this sweet and cuddly guy needs a new home. he is cute.
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week i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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good morning it's a sunday favorite. >> he likes you. and he is a pure bred pick needs. we get lots of purebreds in. he was a stray walking in tampa somewhere and a lady picked him up and brought him to us and he is three. he is 19 pounds full-grown. a perfect weight for a pekingese. he is very social. he loves car rides. he likes walks. so obviously belonged to someone but no one came looking and no tag. there was a microchip but you have to register the microchip. and there was no way to trace it. so i feel bad about that but he is just waiting for someone else to come in and love him. isn't he wonderful? >> is he trained?
7:41 am
in his cage so i would say he is house trained. >> perfect size. possibly trained. >> possibly trained and very, very friendly. nice size. >> i love him. >> so remember if you get your dog or cat microchimed, you have to register. if you change address, you noo towed change your address as well. >> good reminder. maybe an owner will see this. >> he sarks dorable. so four weeks from today, is our bark in the park. and it's time to get your pets together so if you have a friend that will sponsor you, you can go online at bark in the park and register your pack you will be there and walter allen our mc. >> i know you put the pressure on with the weather. >> today would be awesome. really nice. >> it would be perfect. >> downtown tampa and craft beers and bands and pet costume contests. it's a lot of fun. we appreciate you doing it for us. >> and supporting you as well.
7:42 am
we have been sharing photos with our viewers and new pets. last week we had another success. >> that's eve. and the tobers came in. she say lucky puby. >> lucky owners too. she was a great girl. >> sweetheart. >> so now this is niko. next week is your chance to shine. you're doing great here this morning. he's quiet. and they need to be groomed abuse he has long fur but he is just beautiful. >> and have you grooming at the humane society i? >> i do. >> look at that face. standing by. if you love niko, get there before 10:00.
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3 time nonow is 7:xx edward snowden says, he would come back to the u-s, if he's guaranteed a fair trial. edward snowden says he would come back to the u.s. if guaranteed a fair trial. he is facing charges of leaking information a secret government eavesdropping program. st. pete police department is investigating a overnight shooting that subject a 19-year-old to the hospital with
7:46 am
the incident took place 12:30 on 54th avenue north. right now police are working to arrest the suspect. and the u.s. air force says one of their drones crashed in the southern part of afghanistan this morning. no casualties are reported. believes that this is just an accident. military officials investigating the crash say that no enemy fire was involved. time for your sunday savings. always seems like that grocery bill creeps higher and higher and this morning, we have ways to help you keep costs lower if you're a publix shopper. joining me this morning, we have katie keeper. thank you for coming in. we were talking earlier, this goes beyond the bogo. >> yes. i think that is common knowledge. so let's go beyond and see other secrets that you can save at publix. >> competitor coupons, they accept them. >> a couple weeks ago we talked
7:47 am
it was confusion that nobody knew you could bring competitor coupons to publix. you have to check when you walk in the door, you'll see a big green sign that says, what competitors they accept and so because it is basically the rule of thumb it has to be within a 5 mile radius of the store. they'll accept target and whole foods and save a lot. that you can use at publix. >> what about stock stacking coupons. >> it's where you take the store coupon and manufacturer coupon and use it on the same item. publix have two flyers, the green advantage and the purple advantage and one is for grocery and one is for health and beauty and they have store coupons in there. sometimes in our deal segment in the second 8:00 hour, we show stacking of the coupons. these are available all the time. so pay attention. >> what about bonus rebates? >> this is good. so most people don't pay attention to the fact that like
7:48 am
there will be a tiny thing that says, for a bonus 10 dollar gift card for publix, when you spend a certain amount of things. so right now, this is called the stocking spree rewards going on through the end of the year. every time you spend 50 dollars on this whole list of things, i mean for crying out loud, any downey fabric softner, it adds up. eventer your receipt into this website and then when you goat 50 dollars, they send you a 10 dollar rebate gift card. to publix. that's great. >> stuff you're already going to buy. >> then you talk about this a lot. but rain checks are good. >> yes because with the deal of the week, sometimes it gets used. everybody goes. at publix when you get a rain check, if you have your coupons there and they are going to expire so before you goat get your item because the rain check doesn't expire for 30 days, they will extend the life of your coupon. so when you get your rain
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coupness on there and you got it all together and also in case the coupon expires, it doesn't actually -- you still goat use it. that's huge. >> and real quick, your last tip is join all the special clubs and discount clubs. >> is there a paws club for parents of pets and then clubs for babies and then stocking spree and best meals upon ha at home. they send you store coupons to your e-mail. then you get extra bonus store coupons body knows about. you're saving more money. >> thank you very much. >> thank you! if you have been outside, obviously we are two for two this weekend with unbelievable starts to the day. that is if you like sunshine low humidity, cool temperatures. 61 in st. pete and if you're boating, our winds are so light that any wave heights watching this thinker month, they are a
7:50 am
this is perfect too. lakeland yesterday clouds and don't have any this morning. maybe one or two. so 50 degrees and winds are light here for you. across the bay area, we have 55 in sea bring and 53 in wauchula and 57 in tampa. and then brooksville 46. so a pocket of some cooler temperatures north of the bay and very dry airmass we know it mod rates nicely dew points in the 40s and 50s. the lower the numbers are the better it feels outside. by tomorrow afternoon, we will add a couple of degrees to these numbers. what that is going to do is make it feel not quite as crisp and we may have enough moisture to squeeze out one or two showers tomorrow. today no rain. all the way from tampa to daytona so the weather looks great for the race at 1:00 here on fox. notice high pressure still reaching in the from the east. we have added moisture as our drier air aloft breaks down.
7:51 am
ridge of high pressure that has been keeping us warm and dry in the afternoon, we have some sprinkles out to the north and west and some of those will make it our way tuesday afternoon as the disturbance comes by. this bund rehasn't moved much since yesterday because high pressure is so strong. but along this boundary, we get pieces of upper-level energy and they bring rain so here is a new one that is bringing showers to the mid-atlantic this morning. we have a complex of showers in west virginia racing eastward. clouds in new york city. boston is looking good. cooler. yesterday. weather. l.a. has been fantastic. 'vegas looks good. we have a frontal system about to push on shore for places like seattle, but not much going on with that one. 63 in new orleans, 66 in memphis there is a cooler air on the backside of that front so now kansas city 33 for the morning's temp. as we take you into the
7:52 am
going to climb to 76 and here is that average line. it's 73. we'll stay above that until wednesday. but two rain chances come in. first tuesday afternoon, second stronger round will come in wednesday midday and last into the evening hours. behind that, a front. temperatures dropping to 63 thursday. friday 62 and then up coming weekend, much cooler than we are at right now. let's time out the rain. today no rain. we'll stay bright and sunny throughout the day. only a few clouds inland. at the beach sea breeze will keep us cooler. during the day on monday, winds out of the southeast. a few more clouds will be creeping in. you'll notice that and hints of a shower. here is our disturbance racing by. here we go into the afternoon tuesday. 30% chance of showers. better chance of not only showers but storms as this line develops ahead of this front. not the one that brings the cooldown but with it we'll have
7:53 am
wednesday afternoon and evening. today 76 warm comfortable and enjoy get outside and make sure you have the sun screen as well. mild tonight overnight we become partly cloudy down to 59 degrees. monday back to work and the beautiful weather and more clouds mixing in and a slim rain chance in the afternoon. most of us will not see rain. on the water today smooth seas and light winds veering oner show. next high is a high tide 2:22 or 2:25 st. pete pier. 7 be day forecast shows warmth hangs on but mid-week rain and storm chance followed by a big cooldown next weekend. some of us may wake up in the 30s north of the bay. that's of course ways away but we'll watch next saturday. thank you. when we come back, a sweet story about a terminally ill boy who got the chance to meet iron man. you don't want to miss this
7:54 am
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3 finally this hour: a great story out of orlando.. where a texas police officer made sure a terminaly ill 7 year old boy could have his dream come true of meeting iron man.. 3 "cole st. clair" has a rare brain tumor that's already taken his ara rare brain tumor taken his ability to walk. he was meant to go on a disney cruise next sunday but his family had to cancel because he
7:57 am
within less than 24 hours, an officer, the man behind hearsay and cops behind childhood cancer. he transformed himself into iron man and made a special visit dressed up as iron man to meet with coal. to the now hope that robert downey, jr., himself will send a special message to a sweet boy. very sweet. head over to a look what the is coming up at 8:00. >> thank you. still ahead, a day of fun in the sun is hitting a road block for southern clearwatery. kelly cow san live talking about consruction putting a damper on the fun in the sun. plus drivers start your engines. we are just a few hours away from the biggest races on nascar's schedule.
7:58 am
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3 3 at least six people are dead after a series of shootings in michigan. we'll bring you the latest as police arrest the gunman. 3 and the race for the white six we'll have those stories in a


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